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Review #26, by Ink Laden Quill Wanting Him

26th March 2009:
I've decided that I love your work. I have simply fallen in love with everything I've read so far by you.
Many of the stories I have perused on this archive are driven by dialogue, whether it be witty or somber, it is what the characters say that makes the story.
You are entirely different. It's what the characters don't say. it's their actions, their thoughts, that compel us. You write the right things at exactly the right times.

"They were too close now, and it reminded her of things it shouldn't."

I very much liked this line. It was left open, as to give the reader the opportunity to use his or her own imagination, to come up with his or her own interpretation of what Hermione was thinking. We were able to substitute our own experiences and observations into the scene, not merely relying on what you have to say.

"She never thought they would win the war. But they did. She never thought she would marry Ron. But she did. And she never thought she would see Bill again. And that was undoubtedly her punishment.

Because she did."

Simply wonderful. This ship is impossible, but then it isn't. You made it work. It's entirely plausible. You kept us in suspense time after time. Twice at the burrow, one more at Shell Cottage. I wanted to see what would happen.

Well, I think I've gushed enough. Thank you for writing this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, you are an amazing reviewer and I can only apologise for the fact that it has taken me close to a year to respond to what is truly one of the most thought-provoking and delightful reviews I have ever received. So firstly thank you for that. It's really amazing as a writer to have someone engage so much and really think about your work the way you have. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and reviewed and I hope you continue to do so! :D

- Kylie

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Review #27, by tashmash Wanting Him

15th March 2009:
u have to do one where they, bill/hermioen, have another affir when hermione is married to ron & they, ron & Fleur, find out about it!!! plz???

Author's Response: To be honest, I feel like this story is pretty complete so I can't see myself continuing it. But thanks for the interest!

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Review #28, by cognizant Wanting Him

11th March 2009:
I have no words to describe how good that is.
I love Bill/Hermione, and yours is the best I've read. Sexy. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review :D

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Review #29, by Laughing in the Dark Wanting Him

7th March 2009:
Awesome. Incredibly written. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #30, by Gwendolyn Wanting Him

27th January 2009:
So I think this maybe the best one shot I have ever read,
I've never even considered Bill and Hermione together,
but you did it perfectly, it was amazing how you worked it
into the books.
Really amazing,
keep up the excellent work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D

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Review #31, by elovegood Wanting Him

11th January 2009:
I love it! Definitely need more B/Hr stories :D

Author's Response: I agree :P thank you!

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Review #32, by harryginny1 Wanting Him

9th January 2009:
Great story - I really enjoyed reading it! They are definitely an interesting couple, and Bill is a far better match for Hermione then Ron ever could be. Great job.

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