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Review #26, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The One With All The Lies

11th December 2012:
So. Many. Lies... *brain goes bang*

I just don't know what to make of Al and Pippa, it's like I said before - one minute it's like they get each other and there's a moment, and the next they hate each other and I wonder if I'll get to see their own, twisted version of a happy ever after... I have hope. :P

As for Pippa and Damien, I have no words. I keep expecting them to be okay again, because they're family, and then they argue and I wonder if it's too damaged, irreparable. I hope not. It would be sad for her to lose her family.

Harsh. Id hate to be James or Fred right now. And Cassie? I really hope Pippa doesn't lose her friend and her brother.

This was so amazing, I've missed reading this story. I can't believe I'm behind again, but at least it's only two chapters and not almost all like last time. I'll be reading the next one soon.

Loved this!


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Review #27, by Serendipity1234 The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

10th December 2012:
I love this story!! It's very different and I really enjoy how you explore everyone's issues and inner demons. I like all your poetic analogies and descriptions. I also really like your characters, especially Pippa.
I like seeing how Pippa slowly changes and I find her incredibly endearing. She puts on a cold, detached attitude to protect herself but she's really strong even ignoring that. But interestingly she's strong because she's weak. (That makes no sense..) I mean she feels emotions very strongly and though she likes to act like she's one step ahead of everyone, she's frequently surprised and doesn't see things clearly right away. But because she feels so much, she has to work really hard to move on and stay strong and not crumble into a crying mess like she did in the astronomy tower. I like how she's independent and sticks up for herself. She may make bad decisions sometimes and hurt people, but she doesn't take anything lying down. And I believe that she will eventually become strong again and learn to let people in (a little more) and hurt her loved ones a little less.
I love Cassie and Scorpius and all her friends. I feel like Albus is very similar to Pippa but he sees things sooner than she does. I think he likes her, despite hating their similar bad attitudes and harsh fronts. Damien admittedly isn't high on my list. I'm sure he does care about Pippa but he's so annoyingly selfish and thinks of himself as superior in all rights. That just annoys me and I don't think I'll ever be fond of him like I am of Scorpius.
I'd really like to HIS name...even though I guess it doesn't really make much of a difference. I'm just curious. I find Pippa endearing for loving him so much and I definitely understand how she sort of idolized him and why she loved him. Though I don't find him particularly special at all in spite of that. Obviously he's a unique and dynamic character with flaws and attributes and all that, but he feels vague, if that makes sense. He's more of an idea than a concrete person, though he's obviously a concrete person. I think it's because Pippa rarely sees him in person, he exits ts I. The story more as a memory.
I'm also dying to know what the Pippa/Emilie/Cassie fallout was about. And who's sending Pippa creepy notes. I don't know why, but the only person I feel suspicious of is HIM. even though that's ridiculous. But I'm guessing it's probably a new character or a random once-mentioned character since I can't really imagine anyone she knows being to blame. I don't think it's Nathan (but what did ever happen with him?? I'd nearly forgotten.) I'm also kind of surprised Pippa hasn't reacted more dramatically to the notes. It seems like she hasn't told anyone (or has she?) and while I didn't expect her to be worried or frightened, I kind of expected her to be angry about it all. I guess she probably has too much going on in her life though to spend time complaining about that. And if Albus knows who it is and hasn't told anyone, I'm guessing it's not a dangerous threat. I know he 'hates' her and pretends he doesn't care and wouldn't want to seem like he cares, but I think he does like her. And he doesn't want her to get hurt (unless perhaps it's because of him.) And if it was really serious he would probably tell her in a way that would freak her out and tease her about it like a jerk to cover up the fact that he actually cares. At least that my guess.
Anyway, this is awesome so please update soon!! (I've just read it all in one go and spent quite a few hours so I fear I will soon be feeling withdrawal. Keep my suffering short, yeah?)

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Review #28, by fayeswonderland The One Where It All Begins

10th December 2012:
This first chapter is every little thing it should be. It's fantastic, flawless and perfect. I'm in love with Pippa and I adore her quirks and weirdness - it kind of reminds me of myself because I often tipped into awkward and embarrassing situations like Pippa does. I fell head over heals into your story, being dragged into another world, filling me with envy. You're a fantastic writer and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
If I hadn't read all the other chapters already, this would be the place where I'd tell you that I'm truly excited to see what happens next and that this one chapter got me totally hooked already.
Well done on that, not everyone achieves that this fast.
So, I think I'm done rambling (aka. fangirling) now and will wait eagerly for the new chapter to arrive.
Lots of love,

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Review #29, by CambAngst The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

9th December 2012:
How did I miss another update? I seriously need to pay more attention. Well, at least the timing is good. Without further ado, here is your Holiday Review Swap Extravaganza Thingee review:

Wow. I probably haven't made much of a secret about how much I like this story. I write long reviews and I pull quotes out of it and I gush about it and I make up half-baked theories about what's going to happen and I live in eager anticipation of Pippa and Albus finally having that moment where they drop the masks and connect. But this chapter, especially the ending, was more powerful than anything I've read in a long time. You bored so deep into Pippa's heart in this. You found new levels of pain and disaffection and even, I think, a little bit of hope. I know it hasn't been beta read and it was definitely rough around the edges, but once I got past that, it was really amazing.

There's something about your Lily that's fundamentally different from any other version of her I've ever read. Yes, she's pure and sheltered and nothing much seems to touch her. That part you find in most stories. But the flaws you've gifted her with are what really make her unique. She's naive, yet insightful in a way. She's sloppy; she pops bubblegum and gets her sticky fingers stuck in her unbrushed hair. She doesn't want to be treated any particular way because of her parents and she actually likes the fact that Pippa is obnoxious to her.

Something has definitely changed in Pippa since Damien, James and Fred's betrayal. She seemed drawn to Lily for all of the reasons that she would normally be annoyed by her. The same qualities that would usually leave her feeling disaffected and angry suddenly seem to pull the two of them together. She feels something toward Lily. Pity? Compassion? A desire to not see somebody destroyed by heartbreak who lives in this state of grace that she desperately wishes she could have? Whatever it is, she actually seems to take Lily's best interests to heart, and it isn't just because of her bargain with Albus.

Pippa finds hope, and it was one of the most beautiful things I've seen you write in this story. Of course, it's written in Pippa's usual self-flagellating inner voice, but I've really grown to like that voice, so I found it really moving. She is finally coming to grips with the fact that the person she was in love with was sort of an illusion. Something that she made up to suit her own needs, not the real person who was flawed and ultimately driven away by her behavior. Now she knows that she needs to find somebody who will embrace her for all of her snark and bitterness and insanity. Somebody who will love her for who she is. It's a really lovely sentiment.

ďIíve never known any cats that are into cannibalism.Ē Lily giggled and I frowned at her. ďAnd anyway, you meet them cause of destiny.Ē - Oh, Lily. You are truly a magnificent creation!

The scene when she puts her hand on Lily's shoulder and actually attempts to comfort another person who isn't Scorpius was heart-warming. I'm not sure who this new person is and what they've done with old, self-centered, uncaring Pippa but, you know, she can stick around for a while. I guess she'll have to learn to hug another time, though.

The ending was the icing on the cake for this amazing chapter. Pippa came so far, so fast in this one. She actually manages to imagine a future where she casts off the chains of her broken heart, and then James and Fred come along with one last bucket of cold water to pour on the dying embers. And on Pippa, for that matter. I honestly never would have guessed that her relationship with the ex was so abusive. In her mind, it was always cast in such glowing, soft focus. Everything was wonderful between the two of them until her mental instability drove him away. This revelation really changes everything. Perhaps Pippa isn't inherently broken? Perhaps the damage had an external source.

I'm still sort of in awe of how great this chapter was. Like I said, there's a lot of spelling / grammar / typo stuff that needs to be cleaned up, but the brilliance shone through it all. I love this story more with every chapter. Now let's see what we can do about Pippa and Albus, eh? ;)

Great job! Happy Holidays!

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Review #30, by firebolt_31 The One Where Pippa Can't Sleep

9th December 2012:
So does Pippa clean the common room? I just didn't get that bit but it is an amazing chapter!!!

Author's Response: Yes :) She cleans anything, her stuff, Cassie's stuff, cleaning helps focus her mind, so when everyones asleep, she cleans the common room :) And thank you so much for the review and I hope you have an amazing day! Xx

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Review #31, by firebolt_31 The One Where It All Begins

9th December 2012:
OMG THIS IS REALLY GOOD! YOU'RE A REALLY TALENTED WRITER!! I really want a cute scene between Albus and Pippa!!! GOOD JOB!!! :)

Author's Response: Hey :) Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I hope you enjoy the chapter! Aha! You might not get a cute scene, but you'll get scenes of them together :P thanks a lot for the review and I hope you have a great day! Xxx

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Review #32, by Serendipity1234 The One Where It All Begins

9th December 2012:
I like Pippa a lot, though she kind of reminds me of a 10-year-old. I'm guessing she's a bit older than that, though I am wondering what year she's in. Her thoughts are what make her seem so young and also endearing. It's sort of funny how she seems to want to be a sort of ice queen sometimes, though her thoughts reveal that she really isn't mean-spirited. Albus intrigues me and I'm not quite sure what to make of Damien just yet, though he seems pretty nice.
Great first chapter, by the way! I like how you jumped right into action, I hate being bogged down with tons of background information all at once in the beginning. A lot of stories do that. But I like getting a sense of the character's personality and thoughts and such first. And the action pulls me in :)

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Review #33, by SilentConfession The One Where It All Begins

9th December 2012:
I really like how you've begun this! This is absolutely lovely! I'd read this chapter ages ago and favourited the story but I haven't had the time to properly review or read much more. However, this will have to change soon!

Pippa seems like such a great character and she's so distinctive already even though there is only this first chapter. I'm really interested to see where you take her because I have this feeling like there are many layers to this story. Whatever the case is, Pippa has a strong voice that will do an excellent job at carrying the story forward.

Albus also piqued my interest with his sarcasm and his dead looks. It seems like there is something under the surface there because most people aren't described as having 'dead' looks without it actually meaning something.

Your description so far is absolutely wonderful without it being overly flowery. I think this matches Pippa character well too. She's just... i don't know a little out there at this point. Trying to be tough and scary but the things she says or her actions (like mindlessly going into the cupboard for instance) makes it hard to take her seriously. Though, i like these different ideas we're getting from her because it makes it seem like she has depth and layered.

Anyway, really lovely job with this chapter!

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Review #34, by Hedwig_Pie The One With The Quidditch Match

8th December 2012:
is this progress? i think it's progress. LOVE your story ofc, that's why im reading it, and i can't wait for pippa to kill her demons. her and albus have a lot to work through, but you're doing a terrific job :)

Author's Response: Hello! Yes! I would totally agree with you, this is progress! It's the start of something. And thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It means a lot to me! Me neither but it's going to take a lot of work on her part! And yes, they really do! Separately and together! Thanks for the review, I hope you have a wonderful day! Xx

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Review #35, by eternallyconfuzzled The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

8th December 2012:
Hi! I really like this story. Pippa is really mysterious, I keep reading to find out more on her. I'm not usually one for stories like this with dark undertones. But I adore this one! I used to think that this was a love story between her and Al. Sometimes I still think it is, but it's really something deeper. It's a story about Pippa herself and how deep of a character she is. You did a really good job! Keep updating :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you:) And yes, you are constantly learning about her, but I think that's the same with any person, I learn new things about people i could write a book on all the time. I know what you mean, I personally don't read angst all that much, yet I'm writing quite an angsty story! It's weird but I'm glad you like it anyway! It's still a love story, mixed in with a lot of things like self redemption, I kind of see it as at the start, it's all broken and it's the path to becoming hopefully whole again, and everything that happens while on that path. Romance is kinda slowly burning at the moment but it gets hotter :) haha, that sounded cheesy! Thanks so much, hopefully an update should be coming before the new year :) I have lots of ideas for it! Thanks a lot for the review, it's made my day and I hope that you have a great day! Xxx

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Review #36, by Akussa The One With All The Anger

8th December 2012:
Wow, I've really fallen behind on this story and I have no idea why! It feels good to be back to it though; I really missed Pippa and Scorpius!

First off, the flashback was brilliant. Poor Pippa, she was really destroyed... The way you presented her, broken and lost was really perfect and it explains so much how she became what she is now. The continuation was clear between the hearbroken Pippa and the, erm, hidden behind a wall Pippa (sorry, we have a word for that in French and I can't express it as clearly in English right now for some reason...).

Second, Rose? I really like that development! Has she got feelings afterall? I don't think they will really go further in this and become BFFs but I think they might have (or at least Pippa) gained a bit more respect toward one another. My only problem with that scene is that it seems clear that Rose saw Albus push Pippa and yet, she didn't say anything about it. If she'd have wanted to protect her cousin, she wouldn't have told Pippa that she knew so, that is a bit weird to me.

Finally, the confrontation between Albus and Pippa was once again brilliant. I love how these two seem to live for those moments and become energized by the fury they feel for the other. I am becoming more and more obsessed with what happened to Albus though, I must admit.

Great chapter, I really liked it and I'm glad I can get back to this story!

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Review #37, by Ms X The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

8th December 2012:
Oh my god that was unexpected. Great work, although you might want to check your grammar here and there ('I faked coughed', things like that). And I hope you get better soon!


Author's Response: Hey :) Thanks! I'm glad you thought so. Thank you so much for pointing that out, I knew it didn't sound right yesterday but in my sleepy state, I couldn't figure it out :) I've changed it now so I appreciate it :) And thanks so much! Thanks for the review, it means a lot and I hope you have a great day! xx

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Review #38, by Hedwig_Pie The One Where Everyone Is Sort Of Civilized

8th December 2012:
this story is so unlike many other's i've read, BUT I LOVE IT! seriously, i love pippa's character and I've been too into reading that i forgot to review! seriously, you're a great author and I can't wait to watch Pippa and Albus develop. well done :)

Author's Response: Hello :) Welcome! It's nice to meet you! And yeah, the story is kinda weird at times and I'm glad you find it different from the others. And wow! You like the story! That's even better! Thank you :D Haha, there are lots of development, little steps, I admit, but it's there :) thanks so much for the review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! And I hope you have an amazing day! Xxx

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Review #39, by Mae The One With Rose Lollipop Weasley

3rd December 2012:
I've just started reading this and it's brilliant! I have OCD myself and usually I hate it when people only talk about the typical 'I hate everything dirty, I always have to wash' but Pippa's mindset is very realistic and relatable! You're doing a fantastic job of this and I can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: Hello :) It's nice to meet you! I'm glad you find her realistic and relatable, as i don't have OCD myself and am one of the most messy person I know :) so it's nice to know it's not ott and I'm sorta getting it right :) thanks so much for your review, it's made my day! I hope you like the rest of the story! I hope you have a great day. Xx

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Review #40, by Emandem The One With All The Lies

20th October 2012:
So my brain's not functioning well right now (remember that conversation we had about 4 am last time? It's kind of happening to me right now). I didn't want to not leave a review, though, so here I am.

"We can't all be made of glass, itíd be a bloody catastrophe." Brilliant line. I'd forgotten just how much I liked Albus. What's wrong with him, by the way? I think I'd assumed he had a bitter personality, you know, he hated the world as a whole just because, but know I suspect there's something more.

I get excited every time we get information about the elusive Him. This particular bit surprised me a lot; for some reason I'd thought he had betrayed Pippa, not that it was her doing the rejecting. Or was it both? I distinctly recall Pippa saying something about being betrayed by him. I might be switching up stories, though. Or just in a sleep-induced delusional state.

Also, what's this about Cassie not wanting to know about Albus and Pippa? I do remember that moment, but I'm starting to think I didn't read enough into it. Or am I reading to much into Pippa's comment at the end of this chapter? She was being quite a bit melodramatic, come to think of it.

I don't know. I'm just confused about everything, if you hadn't noticed. I'll head to bed now before I keep writing inconsistencies.

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Review #41, by shadowcat2 The One With All The Lies

14th October 2012:
I read this chapter a while ago. Then I forgot to review it. Now I am back because I felt guilty for not reviewing the story I adore so much.
Anyway, I can't really explain how much I love Pippa. Everything about her pain is so real that I feel like I can touch Pippa for real if i close my eyes. When she gets hurt, it hurts. I know it seems like i am exaggerating. But I am not. Your writing is beautiful.
Albus is another character that always blows me away. I love the way Albus and Pippa is connecting. I hope they can help each other out and hopefully one day feel something resembling to happiness.

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Review #42, by Loving_Sirius_4eva The One Where It All Begins

11th October 2012:
Oh wow! I'm in love with this amazing story. It flows really well and is such a humorous delight.


Author's Response: Hello:) Thanks for choosing to read my story, I hope you like the rest of it! Tell me what you think if you have time:) Thank you for your kind words! They make me happy. Thanks for the review and I hope you have a great day! Xx

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Review #43, by LittleWelshGirl99 The One Where Damien Isnít The Favourite

7th October 2012:
Aww I loved this chapter! I was quite sad to discover the dynamics of Pippa and Damien's relationship though - Pippa could've done without her brother abandoning her I have to say. Poor girl.

Cassie's description of Harper was just brilliant. "She's a hufflepuff and she has hair." Oh, wow. The thing that make this such a great story is the mixture of humour and angst - it's so fab. And, of course, Pippa's character.

Scorpius is indeed Awesome.

Loved it!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! Yes! But Damien will never see it like that, he just saw it as growing up, and you know how older siblings can be, having their youngest siblings around them can seem uncool. Haha, yes, description is a skill that Cassie doesn't really have. Thank you, I do try to mix it up a little :) and I'm glad you like her character :) and I love Scorpius, how could you not :P thanks so much for the review, I hope you like the rest of the story and I hope you have an amazing day! Xx

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Review #44, by ohmymerlin The One Where It All Begins

4th October 2012:
Oh my gosh! This seems HILARIOUS! I would read more, but I'm currently deciding which character to vote for the Dobby's, but I'm definitely going to be adding this to favourites and I will be reading more! :D
I love Pippa, she seems so funny! :D
10/10! :)

Author's Response: Hello :) I'm glad you decided to check out my story, it makes me really happy! And thank you! I hope that if you read it, you like it! And Pippa has a lot of layers to her :) We learn something new about her in each chapter really as she develops :) Thanks so much for the review, it's made my day and I hope you have a wonderful day! Xx

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Review #45, by CambAngst The One With All The Lies

2nd October 2012:
Woo-hoo! Pippa is back! And she's as tormented and bitter and sarcastic as ever! You have no idea how happy I was to find this lurking in my Favorites. I want to dig right in, but first, congratulations on your Dobby nomination. You deserve it so richly! Also, for a chapter that hasn't been beta read, this was really good. I could hardly find any typos, and it all read very smoothly. Well, maybe "smoothly" isn't the right word for Pippa's wandering, disjointed inner monologue, but it was definitely a very enjoyable read.

I really like the peek into how her relationship with the mysterious him fell apart. It was a very telling look into her character, as well. The poor girl has some really deep-seated problems that she is nowhere close to getting over. "I was unhappy because I just was." Such a heart-breaking line when it's applied to somebody so young. It seems to be no mystery as to why he left. She pushed him away. No doubt about it. And she hated herself every moment that she was doing it, yet she couldn't stop. I want to give her a hug so badly except, you know, she would hate that. And I probably have germs.

And then the unrelenting battle of wills with Albus resumes. Something about the idea of her punching him in the ribs to pull him out of his nightmares made me giggle. It's so much like her. My god, how these two need each other. Or maybe they would ultimately kill one another. I have no doubt that it's worth the risk.

As always, he knows just how to cut through her defenses and wound her effortlessly. He has gotten past her walls and now he is inside her head, seemingly to stay. But then she manages to strike back at him and the way she goes about it is so telling. I absolutely love the way that she dangles a moment of connection in front of him. I love the way that neither one can can quite conceal the base, physical attraction that exists between these two kindred spirits. Hopefully, this is foreshadowing. And as soon as he's ready to buy, she yanks it all away. "I was made of awesome." Yes, my dear, you were!

Ugh. She was so close to fooling Damien, until her clothes betray her. Wait a minute, do I want her to be able to fool her brother or not? So hard to actually figure out who's on her side and who isn't sometimes. I tend to think that her brother has her best interests at least somewhat at heart, albeit colored by his own apparent need to restore the hero-worship he once enjoyed from her. Fred seems genuinely interested in her well-being. But it matters not, she slams the emotional door on both of them. The lies pile up so fast in this chapter!

I'm still working to figure out exactly what the deal is with Cassie. Part of me feels like there's another big betrayal lurking somewhere in Pippa's future. The girl just seems to have a really pronounced amoral streak running through her. I'm going to put on my prognosticating hat and take a wild guess that it will either involve the mysterious him or Fred. Either way, I see this driving Pippa closer to Albus, so I can't be 100% unhappy about it. Or maybe you're just messing with me. So very hard to tell...

Thank you for another terrific chapter! I sincerely enjoyed reading it and I hope you're able to find your rhythm with monthly updates. Sometimes it feels like it's been far too long!

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Review #46, by WeAreAllMadeOfStars The One With All The Lies

1st October 2012:
oh nice! Just finished reading all these in one go, couldn't stop! aghh if pippa and albus don't get together soon i'm actually going to explode :p Really good thanks for uploading!

Author's Response: Wow, all in one go? Must have been quite the angst fest! Haha. I'm glad you liked it enough to do that and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Haha, lots of things are coming up for Albus and Pippa;) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. Xx

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Review #47, by Indecisive The One With All The Lies

30th September 2012:
Amazing Chapter!

Despite the fact that she keeps pushing everyone away, I really do like Pippa. She's different from other character I've read about. She's really interesting to read.

I kinda got a thrill when she told off her brother. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the way she stood up against his betrayal or something.

*sigh* Pippa and Albus got into yet another fight. They're so alike that they can't get along for very long. Their reactions to the other is amazing to read.

You have written yet another excellent chapter.

Author's Response: Hello :) Thanks so much, I'm so glad you liked it. I'm glad you like Pippa, even though she's a bit thick and makes things worse for herself. Thank you:) I'm glad you find her different, I didn't plan for her to be this way, she kind of just developed all on her own in a way. And yes, she never really done that before, even before, she's never really not done what Damien wanted, so it was a big surprise and Damien usually gets what he wants, so he didn't like that either :) Exactly :) pretty alike, yet Pippa hatea that :) And I'm glad you like the way I write them together! It's just so much fun! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! XxX

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Review #48, by DraculoraMalfoy11 The One With All The Lies

30th September 2012:
Yay!I love Pippa/Albus moments! Can't wait to see the next chapter up! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks:) I'm glad you like those moments, they're so much fun to write! Thanks! I'm hoping it'll be out soon! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. Xx

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Review #49, by Maddie The One With All The Lies

30th September 2012:
Hiya :) I'm so glad to see a new chapter up!

*Groan* oh Pips, she's so self-destructive, it's painful to watch! I absolutely loved the moment between Pal in the tower, it was as intense and emotional as usual :) I'm guessing Damien knew because of the Marauder's Map maybe?

It's sad to see how Pips just pushes everything and everyone that's good for her away, I really really hope things can start looking up for her again, and of course, I'm especially looking forward to more juicy encounters between Pal in the coming chapters!

~Maddie x

Author's Response: Hey Maddie! How are you? I hope you're okay! And yes! It is painful to watch at times, she never really realizes the damage she causes herself. And yes, Damien knows where she is because of the Marauders Map but obviously Pippa has yet to discover that this even exists :) And haha! Pal! I love it! And Pippa has to realize a few things before she can move on, she needs to accept it's over. Basically she needs to confront him, in her head, like actually say his name, when she does, it'll be a huge step :) And next chapter focuses on Lily and see's a friendship forming between the two, even more :) Thanks for the review! It means a lot to me! I hope you have a great day! Xx

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Review #50, by Imwalkingonsunshine The One With The Quidditch Match

22nd September 2012:
Love this story. Update soon. I just wanted to ask, has Pippa got OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) because all the neat freakness and fear of germs are part of the symptoms.

Author's Response: Hi :) I'm so glad you like the story, this always makes me happy! And I don't particularly write it that way, like it's not set in my head, but if she was to attend a doctors appointment, yes, she would be diagnosed with ocd, along with depression probably. If that makes any sense :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. Xx

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