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Review #26, by yourstruely Where Loyalties Lie . . .

27th August 2007:, parvati and seamus, odd pairing, but who am i to say?

i loved it as always :)

Author's Response: Yep, odd pairing. Haha, but it will hopefully all make sense in the end.

Thanks hun. xx

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Review #27, by yourstruely Meeting Hermione

27th August 2007:
i love how you write blaise. he's always either an adorable emo kid, or he's like this, gorgeous and arrogant.

looking forward to the rest, 10!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I do so adore Blaise, I can't resist causing him to be either very emo or simply an arogant git.

Hehe, thanks very much, yourstruely.

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Review #28, by alexandria1124 Chapter Three

27th August 2007:
this story is really great! i hope you keep adding more chapters.
i was reading Improbable Angle. i was so mad that it got deleted! i wish it would come back. do you think your going to re-post it?
well no matter what, your a great writer!


Author's Response: Ha, I'm having fun on this one, so rest assured another chapter will be up soon!!

Oh, I'm so sorry about that hun. I thought that Improbable Angel might begin to stray out of the TOS, and therefore decided to take it down. I'll re-write it though, or re-post everything but add in some minor edits, just to make sure the plot goes an acceptable way. I'll try and do that as soon as possible for you. :)

Thanks loads and loads, Lex.

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Review #29, by stargazer Where Loyalties Lie . . .

22nd August 2007:
What another wonderful chapter Dracana. I was actually happy that Draco asked Pansy to marry him at the beginning, but by the time I finished reading it had me feel very suspicious, thinking that the engagement might not be all it's cracked up to be. The info you gave out on Lavender was very interesting. I had forgotten about Paravti so I was surprised to see her in the story. At first as I was reading I was thinking that Lavender had been with to find out it had been And oh my goodness to find out that Draco had just been with Lavender not that long ago before she died...holy moley. This was a great chapter, I look forward to the next. ^_^

Author's Response: Ah, you're too kind, stargazer. :) Well, I like to throw around suspects, to make my readers suspicious, because I'm evil like that. But who knows who the murderer could be . . . there's a lot more suspects left to consider in the future of this story. Poor Blaise. His small little mind is going to get very tangled up in confusion.

Yeah, I have this thing where I love to put all the small, minor characters of HP into my fanfic, because it means that more than likely, JK didn't flesh them out completely, which leaves me to do the job.

Anyway, thank you very, very much.

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Review #30, by EmmaJayMalfoy Where Loyalties Lie . . .

18th August 2007:
Another great chapter. Please update soon
I cant wait to read the next chapter .xx. Emma .xx.

Author's Response: Thanks loads and loads, Emma. And I'm working on the next chapter.

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Review #31, by EmmaJayMalfoy Meeting Hermione

18th August 2007:
What an amazing first chapter. It really has me captivated, I can't wait to read more .xx. Emma .xx.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #32, by GangstaliciousBabyGurl Where Loyalties Lie . . .

17th August 2007:
This is pretty good.
So far I'm liking it;it's really descriptive. I love how you ended it with a question;it's got me wanting to know what happens next.
Awesome job;upate soon.


Author's Response: Thanks!! Yep, entirely descriptive, especially when it comes to Blaise's thoughts, because I want to show how much he rambels. Obviously this means we're going to get a whole of a lot of rubbish from the boy's head. I just hope I don't annoy or bore my readers whilst in the process!! :D

Thanks very much.

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Review #33, by MajiKat Where Loyalties Lie . . .

13th August 2007:
i LOVED this chapter!! again, wonderful writing of blaise - you own him darling. beautiful stuff. his character is perfect, and i loved his reaction to draco and pansy's engagement xD

wow. nice plot twist. now you're going to have me wondering about draco the whole way through. very nice.

sorry this isn't longer hun - i'm way behind on my reviews and i needs to go and catch up!!

Maji xx

Author's Response: Aw, thanks Maji.

Basically, I'm really enjoying writing this fic, but when I do so, it just seems like a waffle, lol. I suppose that's intentional because in this, my version of Blaise thinks a lot, and obviously travelling inside his thoughts is going to be something that includes both useful information and pointless. :)

Anyway, owning Blaise? *dances* Thanks!! I do SO love him. Ha, glad you liked his reaction. Blaise is such a git, but I do adore him.

Yep, plot is swiftly on the move, I'm working on the next chapter and hey - there's no need to apologise!! I should be the one apologising for not having read and reviewed all your stories yet. :( I need kicking, seriously I do.

Thanks loads. xx

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Review #34, by LovelyMioneWeasley Where Loyalties Lie . . .

9th August 2007:
Oh! Oh! Oh! What a twist! It was an amazing chapter that held my attention beginning ot end. Seriously amazing job, sweetie. I'd write more, but its late and early morning wake-up call. Just wanted to sneak this in before bed time ;-).

Author's Response: Ha, thanks once again Lindsey. A twist maybe, but is it one that's true . . . ;) Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #35, by HollowGrace Where Loyalties Lie . . .

9th August 2007:
Wow. Poor Blaise. Having to choose between his friend or what is right. That'll be very interesting. Love the way he's so full of himself. Such a Slytherin! Even though Pansy is rude in here. It's sad to see Draco use her as a cover up. Well Great job again! Can't wait to see more interaction between Hermione and Blaise!

Author's Response: Ah, but the murderer might not be Draco. Its only the second chapter in, of course. Ah, the true murderer will be revealed at the end, be it Draco or not. ;) Oh and yes, I love him being full of himself - it makes him so much easier to write.

Yep, interaction will come soon, HollowGrace. I pretty much made this chapter more about the investigation and Blaise rather than a pairing, which may have been disappointing. Anyhow, there will be a lot more of the pair, I promise you.

Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #36, by Snitchsista Where Loyalties Lie . . .

9th August 2007:
**Shouts, and takes a running leap!** This was amazing, Helen. I loved it, everything about it. All of the little details were perfect, and I especially enjoyed the humour aspects of it. (Particulary Blaise's fascination with the telephone, and what buttons to press.) Very Muggle oblivious, it was wanderful.

This bit made me laugh: What happened to the Draco who I used to laugh with, slamming hands together in triumph when he knocked up a girl but got away with the responsibility of it? They're both such cluts, sluts, sorry it's funny!! (And yet ironically, bad boy attractive because of it.) The description of the laboratory and the woman was spot on, and what a cool name for an Enzyme: Antr . . . . oppho um, yeah. You get my drift!!

Oh yeah!! Ah-boo, ah-ya! I am first in line for the review of chapter two. Anyway, I really really enjoyed it, and I'm curious to know about Draco's part in this. I can see him there, being questoned, cigarette dangling from his lips, and a sneer set upon his pale features. They're both so cool!! I love them. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but Blaise sounds as though he's mocking the reader as well. It's so cool and imaginative. I can't find an example, but sometimes it's like, he's talking to us, going, yeah I know- daring us to laugh at him!! Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about!!

Oh, I can't resist!! I have to put the phone section in: I pull the piece of Muggle technology from my pocket, glancing down at it and frowning before flicking the flap open, searching for the correct button to press.' Oh, and I also loved how you described it like a brick!!

Also, you sound like such a Science wiz, Dracana! All those terms- and just- spot on! Spot on!

Anyway, got to get back to writing, so thanks for the new chapter and I think I'll mark this-

Is a million enough?





Author's Response: Hey Rachel!!

Wow, what a long review. Right, let me work through this in a structured order . . . *tries to be organised*

Right, firstly - when taking that running leap, please refrain from running into me at the same time. Stop, halt, and then I'll be happy. *grins* I had to enforce that he has absolutely NO idea about Muggles, which is also really helpful for me in the forensics area, because I'm as hopeless in that section as Blaise is in working out how to answer a telephone.

Yep, complete sluts are what they are, but we all love it. Somehow boys can just get away with that image. I mean, I know its sexist, but on males its impressive I suppose, whilst for girls that kind of image is just . . . well, disdainful.

The questioning of Draco will more than likely just be Blaise prodding a few questions in his direction whilst living in the house, unless suspicions really become firm and so forth. Then Draco would have to be arrested. But hey, who says its him in the first place? ;) I'm going to lead everyone on a wild and rough trail, because its so much more fun that way. But then again it might be Draco, and I might disguise that, and then I'll make it as if - *pause, stop, breathe* Ok. No comment.

Yes, that was the approach I was going for. Blaise is entirely rude and egocentric as a basic person, and I want that to be driven into the reader, and so I have him talking to my readers basically - the observes, and ridiculing them. Its so much more fun that way.

Ha, well some phone's DO look like a brick, and doubtless the Ministry would have provided him with a really rubbish one, seeing as they don't know whats "in" these modern days. Not that it matters - so long as it works style doesn't matter, haha. Likely it would to Blaise though, if he knew.

Thanks SO much for your help and encouragement on this story Rach. I sat down today, took a deep breath and wrote. Your efforts and aid will of course be credited at the end. Without you, this chapter would still be waiting impatiently to be written.

Thnaks so much, Rach.

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Review #37, by Judith Meeting Hermione

5th August 2007:
I was impressed. I enjoy the character portrayal immensely and hope that you update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks very much Judith, and I'll try.

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Review #38, by stargazer Meeting Hermione

2nd August 2007:
Oh my gosh hunny, this is absolutly wonderful. I swear I just love your stories. I love Blaise and Hermione together and it's even more wonderful that you've added some mystery and murder into it, I love these types of stories. I was really surprised to see that Lavender had died, I tend to forget about her...alot. lol. The idea that Blaise used to date Lavender is interesting, I never saw that one coming. I really like how you portray Blaise in this story, he's arragant but cool and sexy at the same time. I love that. I just love the that last little paragraph at the beginning where Pansy faints..that was too funny. You know I adore your descriptions and the way you write, so I'm not going to ellaborate on that. I look forward to reading more on this since Beauty and the Beast is on haitus. *sad face* But this is definitly going in my favorites. :]]

Always, star

Author's Response: Hey you!! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

Aw, I couldn't resist to make another Blaise/Hermione, especially as my other one has now gone on hiatus, possibly abandoned. Yes, I'm including a lot more of the smaller characters in this, just to add to the effect and the web of confusion that I'm trying to lead my readers into. I'm glad you like Blaise's character in this - I always prefer writing him as egocentric, it makes him a lot more fun and also someone simply must tame him by the end.

Thanks very, very much, Stargazer.

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Review #39, by MajiKat Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
send a request over to TDA if you wish - I already have a pic in mind for blaise xD just so i know what mood to make it and such...

you could never be annoying hun :)
Maji xx

Author's Response: Mood? I really, honest to Merlin, don't mind. Seriously, I am hopeless when it comes to graphics, so I shall hand the power over to you entirely.

Thanks Maj, you rock of course. :D

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Review #40, by SkinAndBones_ Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
I'm going to attempt at a review, because you left me one, but I apoligize in advance if it is bad, because it is really hot here, and I'm currently loopy from the heat.

First: I like your Blaise in this one. I always saw him as a cocky type, with his mother so well know for her beauty and being friends with Malfoy, and you really played that off really well. He cocky, but not too cocky, which is something that other's can tend to overexagerate sometimes. you pretty well have his character written prefect.

I like the whole, Auror being a crime sceen investigator type thing. We don't hear a lot about what Aurors do except that they 'hunt' bad witches and wizard, so it was good the way you thought it out.

and I love! Hermione. She's so like herself, a little stuck up, a little controlling, she's prefect!!

I really look forward to seeing were this goes. it looks like it could turn into a really good story


Author's Response: Ah, thank you. Seriously though, don't feel indebted to me :p I reviewed your story because it was nothing less than bloody brilliant!! I'm going to review again but its really late here so I'll read the rest of your story when I'm a little more awake and it will sink in.

Its hot over there? All it does here is rain. Bloody England . . . *insert grumpy face*

Anyway, I am pleased you like Blaise in this. I adore Blaise, and the best thing about him is that JK left him open to interpretation, meaning we all get a chance at developing him to our own purposes, which is irresistable, of course.

Ah, Hermione was right? I was sometimes afraid I was straying out of character with her, but if you think she was Hermionish (lol), then that's perfect, thanks. :)

Anyway, thanks so much for your time SkinandBones_, and I really hope it gets a little cooller over there for you. I for one can't stand the heat.

Thank you!! xx

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Review #41, by MajiKat (not logged in) Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
OMG!!! Hunny, this rocks! *squeee* i don't know what to say.i' brilliant and going in favs when i log in xD. I love the narrative voice - you write such an amazingly conceited Blaise, but you make him so darn smooth and hot and .Blaise Zabini - god of all things beautiful. Amen.

this is going to be awesome Dracana. you have such a wonderful handle on both these characters, and you have truly, through numerous fics, made Blaise your own. this blaise reminds me of Beauty and the Beast Blaise...and i LOVE it!!

loved Draco, loved Pansy , adored is this waht you have been cooking up? its wonderful, it is!!

can i make your banner? please please please??? (its okay if you have someone on it, but i'd love to!)

*hugs* marvellous!!
Maji xx

Author's Response: You like it?! I'm so pleased. It sat there for a while with reviews on a flat zero, so I had to think that it was a flat-out failure, but I was going to continue anyway. But some people like it, and they are the important people who I love to write for (not to mention the fact that you have some stories that are simply adore-worthy), so I'll continue with a grin.

Oh, I do so love having Blaise conceited. He's the type of arrogant man most females hate, but can't help but drool over . . . hopefully Hermione will tame him a little. :)

Made Blaise my own? *grins* I love that!! Nah, there's so many people out there who write brilliant Blaises . . . you being a prime example.

Cooking up? Ha, I wrote this last night because I was bored, and I want to abandon Beauty and the Beast but come up with a different Blaise story so that I might not anger my reviewers so much. ;) Hopefully it will work!!

You know I was going to ask you to make me a banner? :) I was gazing over the forums and thought I'd let you have a break first before annoying you by asking, because I know you have work, as well as all your stories and such . . . But yes please, certainly!! I would love it if you made me a banner. I simply can't ask anyone else to make me a banner with Blaise in it other than yourself because you are fantastic when it comes to him . . . You choose the best char faces, the best everything. *dreamy sigh*

Would you like me to request at the Dark Arts? All I have to say is just go for it - I trust your judgement on HOT Blaise, and I know I'll love whatever you come up with. I do love this - for Hermione, but that's just if you have no one else in mind. Tell me to get over to the Dark Arts if I'm being lazy, but seriously, I would love it if you made me a banner, and do whatever you wish with it.

Thanks Maj, you rock, as usual.

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Review #42, by LovelyMioneWeasley Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
Wow...what a lovely first chapter and a great way to place to begin an action filled chapter. It had me sucked in from the beginning and you had the perfect balance of action, dialogue, descripation, and emotion. Can not wait to see how the plot plays out in this one, Helen! Simply wonderful.
Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Lindsey!!

*attacks* with hugs mind, nothing violent. ;)

Anyway, I do love to start with something pivitol in a character's life and then turn them from there - that way the story hopefully absorbs readers more rapidly. I'm so thrilled this had an affect on you. I will seriously try to update as soon as I can - I'll start writing tonight, I think, and then we'll see what happens from there.

Thanks so very much, Lindsey. :)

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Review #43, by HollowGrace Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
Wow. That was really good. Poor Lavender though. Can't wait to read more! I love Blaise Zabini stories.

Author's Response: Thanks so very much. Ah, I'm a huge fan of our dear Blaise Zabini. I love him to pieces. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #44, by Snitchsista Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
Its crammed full, people packed into the sandwich of walls like a moving blob of colourful butter. In fact, if you ask me, I’d venture to say that there is mould in that butter. I can almost smell the stench that rises from a number of armpits and man, I’m telling you, its worse than both onions and garlic put together. Talk about keeping away the vampires . . . These people have the odour to keep away a thousand Muggles if they continue like this, or anyone with any sense - aka - moi.

;) That was so amazing, Helen!! You have created such a character in Mr. Blaise Zabini. It kind of reminds me of your 'Beauty and the Beast' one but in this, he has a humoured case of extreme vanity. Brilliant! I love the title too. It has a real sense of mystery about it, and I found myself wondering, 'Who are these strange angels? Are they the victims? Or is it the detectives?' Who is tainted? Anyway, I am intrigued. I am going to hazard a guess as to who the murderer is . . . . Could it be Pansy Parkinson perhaps? Maybe Lavender Brown and Draco Malfoy had been having an affair and she wanted to end it, by cutting her life?

Your description . . . . words cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading it. The depth and emotion of it is just astounding and I am telling you something. When, not (if) you are published, I will be first in line with a smile and my money! You've come a long way too since you first wrote 'The Book Of Shadows', but as I have said before, to me, you have never needed to improve, not really. The colourful blob of people like butter just made me go, 'woww' as I was reading it. Merlin Merlin. What would this site do without your wanderful writing?

Moving on, lol. I really liked the impact that Hermione obviously had on Blaise, and I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling these two are going to have a love/hate relationship. (Though admittedly, maybe after a couple of Firewhiskeys!)

Keep up the writing, Dracana.

It's what you were born to do.



Author's Response: Ah, Rach, you're so sweet. Thank you so, so much for my first review (you're always first hun, and I love you for it :) ), I appreciate it loads, as ever. Ha, you liked that description, huh? I thought it was a little wierd at first, but then Blaise is a bit of a slob so I supposed it would be ok.

Oh yes, this is certainly the type of Blaise from Beauty and the Beast. I'm thinking of abandoning that story and just moving on completely with this one. I prefer this one somehow - the humour is not so numerous, after all, which makes it less hard to write. But hey, I always love a challenge.

Could it be indeed . . . ? Ha, hun, as if I'm going to tell you who the murderer is. I've only just got it figured out in my head and its going to have to be veeeeeeery complicated to decieve the reader several times and work my way around it.

Ah, glad I've improved. I look back on the Book of Shadows and simply cringe. Its awful, but its an example of how rubbish I truly used to be.

Ah, thanks so much for this, Rach. It means millions - this story stood with 0 reviews for a few hours and I just had to pout and sulk, but you my hero always come along and shave me from that shame.

Thank you!!
*hugs very tightly*

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