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Review #26, by Darkest_Days I Write Sins Not Tragedies

1st December 2006:
Ooooh, I disagree, that was one of the best Song-Fics I've ever read. Panic! At the Disco have created a fabulous song, and you have definitely done it justice xD

Author's Response: Are you serious? Wow, thank you!!

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Review #27, by fallenstarr I Write Sins Not Tragedies

30th November 2006:
I thought this was fine. Though I'm not a big fan of an unfaithful spouse (or spouse to be, like in this) I thought this was well written, and I just love the song! The only thing I would suggest is putting the lyrics in italics or bold for some people who might not have heard this song before. I thought you did great though!

Author's Response: It was good fun to write, but a bit of a challenge, as you can see with my writing not being a strong as it usually is. But I like challenges, and was proud that I completed this, even if it's not the best fic I ever wrote, lol. Yeah, good suggestion, I may go back and change that, or if not, make sure I do but it in bold AND itallics in the future song-fic, just to clarify to those people who don't know that it is the song. Thanks for your kind comments, fallenstarr!!

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Review #28, by Megan Hogan I Write Sins Not Tragedies

20th November 2006:
it was quite good but does not some of the grammer checking! Argh...that's n unusual take on Ginny!

Author's Response: hmmmm, thanks for reviewing

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Review #29, by Amor Vedalitas I Write Sins Not Tragedies

14th November 2006:
I love Panic! At the disco. Dude. Your are seriously like my hero. I swear. I'm listening to 'I write sins not tradgedies', and I think your story fits well with the whole plot line. I don't usually like Draco/Ginny, but this was amazing. Loved it. Great.

Author's Response: Lol, I'm not good enough to be anyone's hero. Ryan is my hero. Hmmmm . . . Yeah, this story is just a complete copy of the video though, it was one of the laziest pieces of work I've ever done, so hell knows why everyone likes it so much. Lol. It was great fun to write though, and although yeah, I don't generally write draco/ginny fics, this has been more sucessful than I thought. Thank you.

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Review #30, by circinusphoenix I Write Sins Not Tragedies

11th November 2006:
Finally, I have a chance to come over here and review one of your many stories. I like Panic! Their music videos are always . . . well, interesting, that's for sure. Plus you have to love the titles of their songs.

This story plays exactly like the music video. I think it's a great story, don't get me wrong, but I would have liked if you maybe diverted maybe a little and made it a little more creative. It just seemed as I read it that it was just the video, put onto paper (or in this case, computer type), with hp characters.

Still, leaving that aside, I liked the story. I wonder why there were tables in the church (you describe tables in the church, of which I think of tables like at a reception). Hmm . . . oh well, that's a small detail.

But I like how you describe the atmosphere and Draco's feelings. Though I find the idea of Draco and Ginny beyond out there, I can keep an open mind and read through believing in it temporarily.

Of course as the song, you have to have someone break into the wedding. Interesting choice for Blaise. You never hear anything from him in the actual books, but he is Slytherin. And yes, having Ginny's boy-toy being Harry, well, it had to be someone, and Harry makes the most sense. Of course the idea of Ginny getting around like that, well, it's OoC for her, but it's about the closest hp character to fill that role.

So, for the first story of yours I've read, it's not bad. A song fic, but a good one. My score, only doc'd really for following the music video so so much, 8 / 10.

Author's Response: Wow!! Hey Chris, you've come over to the dark side!! lol. You will not believe how excited and scared I was to see you reviewing my stories!! I know from other peoples experience that you are quite critical, but truthful, which is always good, but a scary prospect, because you never know what you're going to find . . .

So, yes, I LOVE Panic! too. They are amazing, and this was my first ever song-fic, I was bored, finished it in an hour, and wanted to basically put the video to paper but in an HP style, so I see you picked up on that, even if you weren't overly impressed. lol. Oh my god, yes, their videos are weird and cool, like with "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off", when they all have fishtanks on their heads and Panic! turn up as paramedics. Ha, that's hilarious. Be asured that, as I plan to use a song-fic out of that, I will NOT follow the story line of the vid, lol.

You're right about creativity and the lack of it on my part. It's just a copy. I admit though, that to be frank - I was bored, and it just had to be written, but I never expected so many reviews on it. It's one of my laziest pieces of work and funnily enough people seem to enjoy it.

To be honest, Chris, the only point to the tables was because the song says "Pour the champagne" and I thought I'd put champagne on the tables. lol.

I'm glad you could believe in it, even if it was completly foolish. Description is my main priority in writing, as well as keeping people in character, even if Ginny wasn't in this, but you can't write something without description.

No, you're right, Blaise is hardly in the books at all, which is why I enjoy using him in quite a few of my fics. I had my own fantasy of him thougjh before the sixth book came out and J.K. described him, which is why I always stick to that part of the imagination without following her leed. Hmmm, some people suggested that I should have used Pansy as the bride, and I think it would have been wisest, but this was just for fun, nothing serious at all, just a following of the video.

Well, thanks for high-scoring me anyway. I feel like I don't deserve it, there's such a lack of effort within this work. lol. Thanks again for reviewing!!

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Review #31, by Unicorn Girl I Write Sins Not Tragedies

10th November 2006:
well, the fic was actually great. I just didn't like the ending. It seemed rushed and unrealistic.But except that I simply loved it. :D

8/10 (because of the ending)

Author's Response: Well, thanks for being honest about that!! :-) Glad you liked it, to be honest the whole-fic was a little rushed. I was just bored and wrote it in less than an hour because, lol, when I'm bored, that's what I do!! thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #32, by jessie I Write Sins Not Tragedies

2nd November 2006:
I thought you did really good. keep writing more chapters. I like the Harry Ginny thing. You're doing really good.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. Unfortunately though, this is a one-shot song-fic, meaning its already completed, but I like the idea of having more. Someone else suggested I do a sequal to "But it's better if you do", which I may quite possibly do at a future date. Thanks so much for reviewing and your kind comments.

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Review #33, by Dee I Write Sins Not Tragedies

1st November 2006:
Great Love PATD and this ficci! Spencer and Brendon R HOT! canu do a sequel with it's better if you do?

Author's Response: Spencer? Hot? God, I've never found a Spencer fan before! Wow! I'm in love with Ryan . . . lol, *goes off into litle daydream.* Yeah, Brendon's really cool. I was thinking of doing But it's better if yoiu do, but have little ideas as to put a story to the words. Do you have any? I'm going to do Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, because that's just a great song, lol. Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #34, by Dee I Write Sins Not Tragedies

1st November 2006:
Great Love PATD and this ficci! Spencer and Brendon R HOT! canu do a sequel with it's better if you do?

Author's Response: Hmmmm . . . good idea. Spencer and Brendon? Brendon perhaps, but Spencer's drumsticks are really breadsticks, he just eats them when he thinks no one is looking. Ryan is the hot one, hmmmmmmm.

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Review #35, by boston_girl_94 I Write Sins Not Tragedies

30th October 2006:
i hated it ginny would never do that but i get you were trying to capture a story with a song sorry but it just didnt work......=(

Author's Response: Well enough people have told me it did work so I feel confident that their reviews are truthful, and I liked it so really together that's all that matters.

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Review #36, by qwertyelf I Write Sins Not Tragedies

30th October 2006:
lol that was hillarious!! i luv it,blaise is way way way way an idiot.

Author's Response: Blaise an idiot? No, lol, he's the hot hero of the day, he made Draco realise he was making a BIG mistake. Glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #37, by Harriet T Cauldron I Write Sins Not Tragedies

28th October 2006:
Wow! I feel sympathy for Draco malfoy. Cool. I LOVE this song to death (don't ask how that's possible). Great job! It puts everything in a different light. Though I almost cried (I'm such a softy, I finished wirting one of my fanfics today, it's 13 chappies total, I nearly cried at my keyboard, I couldn't believe I'd never right it anymore, I should consider therapy). Sorry! got off track there! Great job!

Author's Response: Ah, yeah, I feel bad for portraying Ginny as mean, some people didn't like that, but I felt sorry for Draco none-the-less. Ah, cheer up. You nearly cried? Ah, that's cute, lol. I wasn't expecting anyone to cry!! Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #38, by smile2006 I Write Sins Not Tragedies

27th October 2006:
Excellent! I love it and i adore the song! I actually listedend to the song while reading. Also a little a message to one of your reviews called haha.

Back off buddy!! I'd like to see you your taste in music. Everyone has there own type. Dont be so prejudiced! How would you like it i came and said to you that your taste in music was weird or whatever. I think you should think about what your goona type, becuase on HPFF, we dont like people who give nasty reviews! We only like those who give either nice complimentary reivews or constructiv critism reviewds! SO BACK OFF!

Anyway, you have great grammar and spelling. I really enjoyed this the characters were alittle out of character but quite frankly i think it went well with the chater, make sense?

10/10! Without a doubt!

P/S - Id like to see that jerk try writing a something. Its not wasy to come up with something is it? Anyway, i think you are a fantastic writer!

Author's Response: Lol sweetie, you're so cool. I'm glad you liked it, as well as the song. I LOVE the song, but you're right, the characters are a little out, but I think they worked for this fic. So thanks for being truthful.

lol!! You're against that idiot haha too!! Did you see my response? I got a er, *little* angry about it, cos I hate it when people waste reviews and are so against others idea of good music!! Oh well, whoever it was isn't worth bothering with, they're either an author too scared to leave thier penname, or soemone who can't write in the first pace so has no place in critisicing others in such a nasty way.

Lol, hun, you made me laugh. And thanks so much for that banner, I love it!! xx

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Review #39, by PATDxXxicecoldrocker I Write Sins Not Tragedies

26th October 2006:
I LUV THEM TO!!! HENCE MY NAME! you have some great stories and i already told you about writing a sequel to Lovers to the Bitter End. please write one. some thing like the two daughters meeting up at hogwarts or some thing.

Author's Response: Yey!! That's brilliant!! Ha ha, Panic! rock the world!! lol, I may write one, but at a later date. I have so much waiting to be validated right now that there's no time really, and November is my month off for a 50,000 word competition. If I did write one, it won't be until like, sometime next year, but if I do I'll notify you. Thanks for reviewing, Raven. xx

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Review #40, by Misty_Rey I Write Sins Not Tragedies

25th October 2006:
That was pretty cool. I admit, it was simplistic but it was effective as well so no biggie. The characters were a bit AU but I still surprisingly enjoyed it. I like the earlier description of the surroundings. I love this song too ^_^.

Good Job!

Author's Response: That's brillaint, thanks Misty. I know it wsa simplistic, it was just a quick write, you know? I LOVE the song to, and Panic! are amazing . . . Yeah, characters weren't perfect, I certainly agree there. If anything Ginny was out of character. But thank you for your positive review and truthful remarks. xx

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Review #41, by Snitchsista I Write Sins Not Tragedies

25th October 2006:
What are you talking about, Helen? Lol!

It was absolutely amazing- not absolutely awful! I thought it was really clever how you incorporated everything into the song-fic. I loved the part where Ginny snogged Harry, and the bit with the smudged lippie. It was so cool, cause it was exactyl like the video! Well done indeed!

Blaise was perfect as always, and everything about his character just drew me in. Draco was so well written too, excellent stuff- and Ginny was great, really great! Um, well, here's that time again . . .

Right. I'll select something from the story-

'She froze and pulled her lips away, smudged now horrendously with lip-stick. Mouth hanging open, she stared in horror and watched the recoil of Draco’s love as it left his eyes and shattered into a million pieces of hurt and instant hate.'

That was soooo amazing!

Sorry this review was short, but I'll write a longer one for future fics. I didn't really know what else to say.

If I talked about how much I loved it, I might just as well have pasted the whole thing in here! Lol.

Well done again, and happy writing!

x :) x

PS- How is Mr. Snuggles?

Author's Response: Lol, yeah, I just copied the video. The video is great, so I based it on Brendon storming in, lol. Unfortunately, Draco isn't as hot as the guy who plays the groom in the video, but oh well . . .

Lol, nobody likes Ginny being a bitch. I think they feel a little protective towards her, but personally I think she could do that, you know, have an affair - look at all the boys she's been out with at Hogwarts. And hey, this was my song fic, so I can do whatever the hell I want, lol.

Ah, wow, thank you. It took me one night to write this - I just sat in bed on my laptop and was like, ah, what shall I write? Listening to I Write Sins Not Tragedies, I knew I had to write a song-fic on it sometime or another, and this was it.

This? Short? This was long and great!! No worries!! Ha ha, thank you. Yes, happy writing to you too, can't wait til November starts and I can do some serious fantasy work for that 50, 000 words in a month thing. You better be doing it too!! At least try, hun.

Ha ha, Mr Snuggles is coming on nicely. Ok, so I lie - I haven't actually written much of that fan fic since I got back from yours on Monday. I've been concentrating on Lost and Stranded - I've writen a new bit for Rhys and Hermione for us, and my new fic Infatuation, chapter three. By-the-way, did that banner request response for Mr Snuggles come back? If not, I'll ask someone else who's kind enough to bother to reply . . . smile2006 is great!!

So thank you again!! xx

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Review #42, by D/G Shipper I Write Sins Not Tragedies

25th October 2006:
Ginny wouldn't cheat on him. She's not really the type. Draco cheating seems more likely than the toher way around. But good story none-the-less.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know, everyone has been saying that, but Ginny is a little fiesty. I shoulda used Pansy instead to make it more believeable. Thanks for your comments.

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Review #43, by thechosenone I Write Sins Not Tragedies

25th October 2006:
I think it was wonderful! Even though I can't really believe Ginny would do that, it was a great interpretation of the song. I was thinking of doing something similar with this song... great job!

Author's Response: Yeah, Ginny was really out of character, but I haven't written a draco/ginny fic in ages so I wanted to try it again. Someone suggested I should have used Pansy in her place, which is probably a much better idea, lol. My brain didn't think of that!!
Oh, that's great that I interpreted the song right, because I do love Panic! soooooo much. I watched their video a lot and considered their words to help me. That would be wicked if you wrote something similar - it would probably be better than mine, lol - I'd come and read it. So let me know if you do. Thanks for the great review!!

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Review #44, by Laine Lufkins I Write Sins Not Tragedies

25th October 2006:
I love Panic! at the Disco too. This was not absolutely awful!

Author's Response: Fantastic. I've found a Panic! fan on fanfiction. I'm loving you hunny!! All Panic! fans are more than welcome to review my stories, good or bad. I'm glad it wasn't totally awful. Thank you!!

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