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Review #26, by InnocentBeginning Kissing in the Rain

15th August 2007:
This is bringing the love sick puppy out of me.

Author's Response: Hehe, dunno if that means good or bad.

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Review #27, by InnocentBeginning Love Is Beautiful

15th August 2007:
ah *jumps up and down excitedly*

Author's Response: Hah, glad you like it.

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Review #28, by InnocentBeginning Why doesn't he notice me?

15th August 2007:
man this is great.
You know your retelling my life basically except I don't know if the guys like me. But he is exactly like Draco! ARGH!
I love this chapter, so beautiful.

Author's Response: Aw, really? :D

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #29, by LovelyMioneWeasley Epilogue

29th July 2007:
Ah, Helen, it was great-so heart-wrenching and wonderfully romantic all together. You did a great job with a typical D/Hr and turning it out to not be cliqiush. You should be terribly proud of this-I imagine this is some of your earlier work, but you had it all-conflict, plotline, characters, drama, action, romance, and beautiful, flawless descripations. I applaude you for another great story and I continue on my quest to read every last word you've written.
Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Oh, this was my first ever romance, and I wanted to combine quite a few genres into it, so I'm really pleased of course that you enjoyed it.

Aw, that is so wonderful, I adore you - the whole "I continue on my quest to read every last word you've written."

Haha, hopefully my original work will be on the bookshelves one day and I'll challenge you into reading all of that. Trust me, they go on forever . . . :p

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Review #30, by MidnightAwakening Epilogue

12th July 2007:
Brilliant absolutely brilliant. yes, some bit were a tad bit confusing but after a few read throughs understandable. i am a little mad that draco and hermione didn't stay together and i really want to know what his letter said, but that will hopefully become clear later on. anyways, great job and i hope to read more or your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your time spent reading my story, and for your review on your thoughts and opinions. Thanks once again, much appreciated.

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Review #31, by darksolider Epilogue

15th June 2007:
This was awesome but i hate a ron/hermione fic. anyway i already knew that she was pregnant once she told him of the suprise that was after the final battle and wat bout all that horcux stuff from the sixth book. doesn't harry have to destroy all of them first.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #32, by Ofelia Epilogue

14th June 2007:
oh god.that is so sad..I actually cried! How could she do that, and I think what is worse is the fact that even though Ron knows he will never have Hermione's heart he is still willing to stay with her and raise a child that isn't his. And he will forever have to look at their child and know that her heart never really belonged to him.oh I love a good tragedy!
thanks for a great story

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #33, by Ofelia The Last Battle

14th June 2007:
that was freakin intense! WHOA!

Author's Response: :D Thanks for revieiwng.

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Review #34, by Ofelia Confessions

14th June 2007:
Hermione actually forgave him? What!!! "so hunny, um I'm sorta kinda betrothed, oh and I am death eater, oh and I slept with my betrothed, oh and I sold your best friend to the dark lord, still love me?"
"yes of course!" what!

Author's Response: Whatever, my story, my plot. There's a button that is marked as a cross at the top of your screen, and I suggest you use it. If you don't like my story, either review politely with comments I can use to help improve, or simply click that button and don't bother.

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Review #35, by hermohninny The chill of the Dark side

16th May 2007:
i love how descriptive your writing is...i feel like i can see, hear and feel everything that is going on. and it is so dark...i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I do love using emotive descriptions, and I'm glad that's poured through. Thanks, sweetie.

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Review #36, by neenaw Invisible Feelings

6th May 2007:
i liked it! thumbs up! D/H gets boring after a while but you did it very well!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!! Hmm, I do know what you mean. Draco/Hermione was an amazing pairing at the start, but I have done so much now, I am beginning to lack enthusiasm for it. *_*

Thanks anyway!! xx

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Review #37, by yourstruely Epilogue

4th March 2007:
i honestly have to say im a little disappointed, not in the writing, but in how it ended.i wanted them to get together!! lol, but it was an awesome story. good job! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you. I didn't put them together because I wanted to make it more of a reality. Thanks for reviewing. xx

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Review #38, by yourstruely Confessions

1st March 2007:
“I used to obsess over living, now I only obsess over you.”

and another fob line, lol. im excited! i've been sitting here for like an hour reading this, and i cant sit still, im starting to skim it a little cuz i want to know what happens! lol

Author's Response: Well done again!! *giggles* You're good at this game, aren't you?

Ha ha, well, I'm glad you are enjoying this. Thanks for reviewing. xx

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Review #39, by yourstruely Suspicion

28th February 2007:
"This has been said so many times that I’m not sure if it matters."
yep, i caught that fall out boy line in there, lol. i love it. 10/10

Author's Response: He he, well done. Fall Out Boy rock!! Thanks for reviewing!! :-)

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Review #40, by LostintheNight Epilogue

20th February 2007:
Amazing. Beautifully written, as with all of your stories. This is a wonderful example of a bittersweet ending. Although I do wish Draco and Hermione ended up together. Great job, this is an absolutely stunning story. 10/10
LostintheNight ^.^

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. This was my first romace and so feedback was really useful. I had fun writing it anyway, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, some people want me to write a sequel but I can't be bothered!! I started it and it was just really boring.

Thanks for you lovely comments and takling the time to read and review.

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Review #41, by GrayFlower Epilogue

27th January 2007:
SOOO SAD! I cant believe they parted ways!

Author's Response: There's a sequel coming soon. :-)

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Review #42, by nads Epilogue

21st January 2007:
oh no they didnt end up together thats sucks they should have ended up together they were destined to be together "snif" "sob"

Author's Response: There might be a sequel. I have started one, it just depends how well it goes. Thanks so much for reviewing, it means a lot. xx

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Review #43, by nads The Last Battle

21st January 2007:
yay Voldemort is dead "dancing around, singing and screaming" yayayayayayayayso very cool

Author's Response: Ha ha to old Voldy, but he was very beautiful as his younger self. Hmmmm, Tom Riddle. *drools*

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Review #44, by nads Dealing with Fate

21st January 2007:
something is niggling at the back of my mind telling me that all is not right damn it

Author's Response: Nope, it's going terribly wrong. You like the word damn it,. don't you? :-)

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Review #45, by nads The Final Night

21st January 2007:
damn it this is not good Emstilla is pregnant and if my guess is right so is Hermione damn it

Author's Response: Good guess, and as you've already finished I can feel free to say that yes, you're right.

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Review #46, by nads Confessions

21st January 2007:
nah its cool i like that part in the film neways where she punches him in the face its funny

Author's Response: Yeah, although I'm sure Tom Felton didn't think so!! :-)

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Review #47, by nads The Fading of Love

21st January 2007:
aw poor Hermione damn you Draco Malfoy you suck

Author's Response: Yes, poor Hermione, but, well, Draco . . . *whipers* He's lovely, just a bit of a coward. He's burying himself deeper into trouble, certainly.

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Review #48, by nads The chill of the Dark side

21st January 2007:
damn you Draco why are you such a coward you suck damn you

Author's Response: Lol, he's not that bad . . . :-)

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Review #49, by nads Falling in and out of grace

19th January 2007:
oh my gosh he didnt do what i think he just did, did he? bad Draco

Author's Response: He did. He's very naughty, giving into lust. This chapter and the sixth one are the major turning points of the story. It all goes downhill from here.

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Review #50, by nads Suspicion

19th January 2007:
aw im figuring they had sex if so thats funny right in the middle of a classroom lol

Author's Response: Yes, in the use of subtle language. *grins* On a table . . .

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