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Review #26, by whyareyoucrying <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

13th June 2006:
Fantabulously disturbing! Voldemort does have a sick way of doing things, and this story definetly showed that. I have always wondered what happened after Voldemort and Bella left the Ministry. Very interesting though, this one! I really liked it, you are a fabulous writer, and I will definetly be reading more of your work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much -- it's what I was trying to portray . . . the sick, twisted psyches that make up Bellatrix and Voldemort. You were kind to leave a review -- thanks!!

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Review #27, by Gilded Sorcerer <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

6th June 2006:
Well, shoot!, I don't exactly know what to say! This is what I shall aspire to when I write my next dark/horror story!! =)) I believe you have created Bella's character in a manner that is particularly hard to get at, and it's because of all the unknowns that have been alluded to in JKR's work. There are enigmas in her writing that we have no true understanding of, but I think reading your work now has delivered to me a new interpretation of the Bellatrix/Lestrange relationship not previously seen before. I most definitely congratulate you for crafting this scaringly dark and mystical account of characters only described in passing. I think you have the bold and unflinching nerve to write about things that are both dark and gossamer in nature, and I refer to the ideas used in this piece conveying the "grayness of evil." Sure, you point out all the terribly dark (or perhaps "Black" is best) attributes of Voldemort's evil, but what about Bella? Isn't she now in that transient phase *between* the dark and white, the grayness nestled deep in her sundered heart? Arriving at good character analyses is something not accomplished easily, but yours are simply extraordinary, and that is a feat I openly respect you for!! =)) Apart from that, (and I know I said I was speechless, but oh well), this piece of work is most certainly your hallmark of one-shots!! I have only one final word, but it's well deserved: I was struck by your ending, and I think somehow it enlightened me to the entire storyline, (to the entire theme, if you will), that you were trying to nab at. And your dialogue, absolutely amazing: never seen characters interact so vividly before!! Good luck with all your future endeavors, Matt

Author's Response: Let me give a quick aside; I wouldn't recommend reading my multi-chaptered fic. It's really in answer a lot of the HP fanfic themes I've seen around; I just wanted to see if I could 'write them correctly'. It's a bit fluffy and silly, and I don't believe you would really care for it.

That said, I just loved your review. I sense some kindred spirit thingy goin' on here. We both like to pry up the old rotten log and see the creepy-crawlies underneath without batting an eyelash, don't we? The nature of evil has always fascinated me. Not the cartoon-y, slasher-movie kind, but as you said, the shades of gray inbetween. What really motivates the serial-killer, the sadist, the mutilator? They look like you and me; how did they lose their soul and how did we keep ours?? And what's more profound -- the older I get, the more shades of gray I see. It's an unbelievably fascinating thing to ponder.

I'm deeply gratified that this spoke to you that way. Most folks reading felt and enjoyed the 'creepiness' of this story. Few felt it's underlying exploration of the nature of evil. Thank you for the lovely review.

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Review #28, by Dandy_Weasley <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

2nd June 2006:
wow. wow. wow. that was the most convincing Bella fic I have ever read. It was AMAZING! The way you prtrayed Bella and Rodolphus's relationship was absolutely perfect. I had always wondered about them, and that...that was so canon! Everything Voldemort says to her sounds exactly like something he'd say to her...this was so incredibly. I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!

Author's Response: I thought you might like this one. Hopefully she was baaaad enough for you!! Thanks for your lovely comments!!

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Review #29, by Fish and Bird <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

1st June 2006:
This is a dark piece of writing and no mistake!

I think one of the things I dislike the most in fan fiction is the 'Scooby Doo' villain: a man or woman so one-dimensional that they make you laugh more than anything else. Sure, we may like the moustache-twirling baddie, but we don't take them seriously.

Here you have shown us layer upon layer of history and motivation for an almost-Scooby villain. Both her and her husband's suave demeanour and urbane manners make the all the more chilling. Add that to her relationship with Voldemort and you have a person who is truly to be feared! A cracker of a story.

Author's Response: Ahh, you've hit the ol' nail on the head there. I think because this site has so many young readers, they still tend to look at the world as being black or white, good or evil. There are so many shades in between that can be much more satisfying to explore. I blame this in part on the proliferation of 'slasher' movies, where the villian has a big neon sign above them saying "bad guy". Meh. The truely creepy evil guy (or gal) is one who's subtle and sly, and who could be living next door.

Thanks for your understanding and insight. It was extraordinarily refreshing!

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Review #30, by purewings <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

30th May 2006:
Congratulations! One of the best written stories on this site. You described the deepest dungeons of human nature with very much understanding and talent for psychology. The task was hard, I believe, for passions and obsessions of Bellatrix and her Master are not ordinary forces, they are hidden and denied in most people; the intensity of their hellfire is rarely matched.
The story was breathtaking, it was very well structured; the descriptions were kept simple but with much essence of the feeling and I loved conversations. There were no redundant elements, everything said had its purpose which made the effect of your story a lot stronger.
Congratulations once more! You should spice your story about Claire and Harry with this kind of passion and depth. :)
Your fan. wings

Author's Response: Thank you -- your review just made my day!! I feel rather guilty about taking credit for this story. Bellatrix and even Voldemort seemed to write themselves in this thing. Her twisted spirit just became so clear to me after OotP, that it was almost a relief to get her down on paper (or laptop as the case may be). I'm glad you seemed to like this!!

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Review #31, by Arithmancy_wiz <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

28th May 2006:
*Applause Applause*

Very high quality work here. Really well done. The part about the second nanny was perfect. It really helps make sense of how three sisters grew up together but turned out so different. A chance meeting of psychopathic minds…

And the ending sealed the deal for me. If he hadn’t given her the wand in the end, my whole impression of the story would have been different. Forcing her to respect the power he was giving her, now that is just good writing!!

I love Bella as a character. She is just so hard to figure out. But you did a lot with her, especially for a one-shot. Again, well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your kind comments. I did want to separate Bellatrix from her sisters, make her a separate entitiy, so I decided to not even mention them. It always seemed to me that the higher born, hauty families were not particularly close to each other.

Wow, you nailed the feelings I wanted to portray in the end. But you worded it much better than I could -- I just felt it at a gut level. Respect the power -- very nice!

I, too, am really drawn to the lesser known characters. Perhaps because there is more to 'play with' there for an author than one whose every motivation is accounted for. We seem to be alike minds!!

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Review #32, by WildRoses <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

27th May 2006:
Very awesome story and it was your title and banner that drew me to it. No, I'm not GOthic as everyone at school always asks me b/c of my black jacket, but I do have a fasination with the mysterious and dark fictions and theories. I'm a strange, curious thing and this had my interest to the end.


Author's Response: If you liked the banner, check out my credit at the end of the story, about the artist and check out her website. She has some absolutetly incredible work -- will blow you away! Thanks for your kind words -- I too, am a bit drawn to the 'dark side'. ;-)

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Review #33, by MissDitzy <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

24th May 2006:
Wow. Just wow.

There are no better words to describe this story. It was just absolutely brilliant. I catch Bellatrix so well. I just love it. Keep up the good work. :)

Author's Response: You're so sweet!! Thanks for stopping by to read, and for leaving your nice review!

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Review #34, by ss10009 <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

21st May 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!!

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Review #35, by Jessi_Rose (Not Logged In) <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

16th May 2006:
If I type that I'm speechless, will you believe me? That has got to be one of the best pieces of writing I have read here at HPFF. I think you did remarkably - capturing Bellatrix and everything. I don't think there are words to express....WOW. ~Jessi

Author's Response: Hi Jessi -- yeah, this was a dark little thing, wasn't it? And the speechless effect was one I was trying for -- just wanted to creep the reader out on this one. Because that's what I feel about the tale of Bella and the Longbottoms from the books, just plain creeped out. Thanks for your lovely review!

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Review #36, by SarahLupin <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

16th May 2006:
Lovely fic!! Dark, disturbing, and creative. Definitely a great read! Thanks :)

Author's Response: No-- thank you!! It was just lovely to open the account and see your kind words. I greatly appreciate that you took time to leave a review. Thanks so much!!

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Review #37, by Misty_Rey (not signed in) <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

16th May 2006:
That was AMAZING!! Yes it was violent, graphic and surreal but considering it's Bellatrix Lestrange, that is to be expected. I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I'm so thrilled you liked this -- I don't think a lot of people did. Your words meant the world to me today -- just the right kind of pick-me-up I needed. Thank You!!

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Review #38, by JacoIII <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

5th May 2006:
You used Dahmer? The homosexual-necrophiliac-serial-killer? Hmmm... interesting idea... I'm sure you would agree that a story like... 1984, for example, shows a high level of depth? It has different layers that you can peel back, making allusions to the time it was written in. Just because you're writing in the Harry Potter universe you shouldn't let that stop you from using metaphors. What I mean is that there is no reason for me to read this story a second time. But I stand by my 10/10 rating. One of the better stories on this website.

Author's Response: okay

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Review #39, by JacoIII <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

4th May 2006:
Response to review request:
Very good, I've always enjoyed descriptive writing such as this. I just have one problem, it seems hollow. This is not a complaint, some of the best story tellers of all time have had hollow stories. My question is, did you write this to tell a story or to give a lesson? What is the purpose of this story? Did you write it for fun, or did you want to teach us something? While the writing is superb, I can't shake that feeling that I'm just reading the product of teenage(?) angst...

P.S. Still good though.

Author's Response: Fascinating review -- obviously a lot of thought went into this. Interesting that you commented on the hollowness. One of the images I used as a source for this story was that of the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. I remember the news clips of his trial and how empty he looked; not cold, not stiff but blank -- hollow. No, there was no lesson intended, no 'moral to the story'. Just a character study; my take on why she acts the way she does.

As for the teenage angst comment, that's even more fascinating -- considering I am in my mid 40's. ;-) Thanks for the review.

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Review #40, by Houlestar <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

30th April 2006:
This was excellent and enthralling... i just couldn't believe it. And the ending was so ambigious in a way.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your nice comments -- I'm glad you found it exciting. 'Ambiguous'? I'm not sure if you liked the ending or not, but thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #41, by Valerie <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

28th April 2006:
WOW... That is AWESOME....... HOw did you do that? Writing such A GREAT story?? 100 Points to you madam!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much -- I'm glad you liked it! How do I do it?? Probably started out reading too much Stephen King ;-)

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Review #42, by daqu <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

27th April 2006:
oh...my...god! THIS STORY WAS AWESOME!! That was so cool how you had the memories and the present-day and how well you transitioned from one to the other. I also liked how...real the story seemed. I mean, the way Bella and Voldemort related to each other was incredible. That was cool, too, how Voldemort gave her the wand at the end. I feel like she really deserved it, but at the same time it felt like she shouldn't have it because... (well, let's just say that Bella is dangerous enough with only the Cruciatus Curse.) In any event, though, I'm glad she got it. Bellatrix is by far my favorite character in hp, so thanks for taking up the challenge and writing such an awesome Bella story!! -daqu

Author's Response: Oh, your enthusiasm made me feel sooo good! Made me feel as if I'd reached someone with this dark, little tale. How rare -- to find someone who really likes Bella -- she's usually villinized (is that a word??) because of what she did to Sirius. Thank you so much for your very kind words -- makes me feel all warm 'n fuzzy!!

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Review #43, by hermione006 <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

26th April 2006:
The beginning really grasped my attention and made me read on to discover who this woman was and why she was shackled. It was very descriptive and flowed very nicely. Your transitions between Bellatrix in the chamber and her memories were very good but I think that you could have left out the asterisks. I liked how you repeated ‘DRIP. . .*silence*. . . DRIP. . .*silence*. . .’ because it connected the two parts between the memories. You described Bellatrix’s emotions very well and made us feel her pain and understand all of her memories even more.

The ‘CLAP. . . CLAP. . . CLAP. . . CLAP’ confused me because I wasn’t quite sure who was clapping and was confused throughout the memory until you made it clear afterwards. You mentioned how Voldemort appeared from the shadows but adding a bit more would make it clearer. Also, near the end when you said ‘It was the Wand.’ I don’t think wand should be capitalized. If you wanted to add meaning to the word then you could put it in italics or if you want it to seem important you could put ‘the’ in italics.

I loved the ending and it was great to see Bellatrix back to herself and happy. The ending left my mind to wonder what would happen to Bellatrix next but still had a finished feeling which I thought was very good. Great story-Hermione006

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review! It is much appreciated -- and your all you comments really have me thinking of ways to edit. I have some other folks' edit requests also, so I will probably wait about a week then submit an edited version. You observations are very insightful and I am very grateful you took the time to review! You words mean a great deal to me. Thanks again!!

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Review #44, by Dark Princess 06 <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

26th April 2006:
you should do a part 2 because you leave me at a cliff hanger and i dont like those, im trying not to be mean or anything but im just stating my opinion.

Author's Response: Aww, aren't cliffhangers good for the soul? Keep the blood pumping and all that? Anyway, sorry you had a difficult time with this. There probably won't be a Part 2, but thanks for reading anyway!

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Review #45, by Nephele de Tourmalin <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

25th April 2006:
Wow, this is a really amazing delve into the character of Bellatrix! I've never seen something this well-written about her. I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding her, especially her childhood, but everything you wrote about had a very specific importance to it. And it was so believable! You have truly met the challenge, and this is dark and beautiful and really strong work. I love the way you folded in the flashbacks to the torture scenes. And Rodolphus is really brilliantly done. Their relationship seems very real and natural. I don't usually read things like this, but I could tell by the summary it was going to be good. And it was brilliant! Even Lord Voldemort was done well. I usually give CC but I can't think of anything I would change. Good work!

Author's Response: Oh, this review means so much to me!! Thank you very much for taking the time to respond -- Bella was a very strange character to write about. I guess I just kept in mind some of the worst of histories notorious socio-paths, and tried to impart some of their characteristics to her. I felt it important to show her childhood a tad -- people do not simply wake up one day and become evil. There must be a motivation or history behind their actions. You have caught that from this story beautifully. Again, thanks so much for your kind words -- they made my day!

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Review #46, by Harrypottergirl4eva <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

25th April 2006:
Ok, firstly, you are an extremely talented write and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that your work is very moving and powerful.

Bellatrix Lestrange as a character I think is particulaly hard to understand - what are her motives? Why has she remained faithful to a Lord who brings her so much pain? You've obviously given this thought and explained it well - her childhood nanny began the hunger for other people's suffering and power and it developed into something she can no longer control.

I also absolutely loved your ending. It cuoldn't have been better.
"She was back." short. simple. effective and brilliant. well done.

A few things to tip the scaled just that bit more towards perfection:

"It was that which made the sound." & "the child that was Bellatrix" - these two sentences seem a bit wordy to me if you knwo what i mean, for example you could have just said "Bellatrix"or "the child" instead of "the child that was Bellatrix". It's just extra words for no reason.

"wannabes." - i don't think this is an actual word and having it in there almost demotes the quality of your volcabulary, try finding a synonym that sounds more mature.

"And how thinks your new bride of the order of the day?" - i had to read this sentence several times before i understood it and had to again just now. Try a different word order that way, it won't stop the flow of Comprehension.

"She longer" - just add the missing "no" inbetween those words.

Ok so that's abotu it I think - i hope i didn't offend you but it's just some constructive criticism so you can make it even better! one of the best one shots ive read in a long time and a pleasure to review!


Author's Response: Thank you SO MUCH for taking so much time and thought for your review. I so very much appreciate it; I have a difficult time getting people to leave reviews, and how can I improve without feedback? ;-) In some ways Bella was both easy and hard to write. Hard because we haven’t been given a lot of insight into her character yet by JWK; and easy because she does seem to be a one-track-mind kind of gal. Once she has a direction, she does not waver from it.

Thank you for your suggestions on some of the grammar issues. They are my weakest part, I believe. I do tend to get a bit wordy and sometimes my syntax can get a little archaic (I blame this on reading too many classics). ‘Wannabes’ made me squirm a bit too; think I spend a bit of time combing the online thesaurus’s to find a better word.

I never, NEVER get offended at criticism! And yours were, as you said, constructive, and how else can we improve?? Again, thank you for taking so much time out of your day to give me this lovely review. I meant the world to me!

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Review #47, by Bibbs <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

25th April 2006:
Holy cow. That was pretty freaky! And the banner is disturbing also!!!

You did capture Bellatrix perfectly. PERFECTLY! I loved the way, even though she was half dead from pain, she still used herself as an example, she STILL remained loyal to Voldemort when the other Death Eaters didn't want to look at her. Its absolutely ridiculous. She's an idiot. Great characterization!

Your descriptions were sublime. I could see the whole thing in my head like it was some sort of movie. I loved the invention of the wand, and I really liked the way he gave it to her in the end. He does reward them, I'll give him that. But he's so cruel about it. You were right on with his character also. I really liked the way you did flashbacks. It added so much to the story. Rodolphus was great. I like the "oddness" that you added to him. It makes him seem that much more dark.

One of my favorite things was the way everything was so fancy and orderly. You would hardly think that Voldemort is the most wanted wizard in the world rather than royalty. I've never pictured it that way and I've never seen anybody else write it like that either, but I really loved it. It was so...right... The way they get dressed up. It fit. And the dialogue was phenominal. The way they worded the things they said... blows my mind.

Author's Response: Oh good, you liked it! I was worried a bit -- it's kind of a dark little thing. I'm glad you got my message about Bella; I see her as a true socio-path from birth, someone truely sick in the head.

Your observation about Voldemort was interesting, something I hadn't really consciously thought of, but it just came out that way in the writing. I guess I DO see him as somewhat urbane; twisted, volatile, megalomaniac -- yes, but because of his bottom-tier upbringing, always wanting the 'niceties' to be observed.

Thanks so much, Bibbs, for your continued support. It means a great deal to me!!

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