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Review #26, by Saffron Taeu November 2, 1981

4th September 2006:
Tips? Is it her nickname cause it sounds pretty nice. I mite make morew reviews, i mite not, but i really do like where your story is heading and i would like if you update really soon. Somehow i bet sirius is gonna be caught soon, since he was caught anyway in jkr's books.....Good luck anyway and keep it up with the great work. I bet shes an animagus, if shes a marauder, than she is prob a animagus. i wonder wat she is....o well, and yet again, im sorry for any typos i made.

Author's Response: yeah, she's a fox. thanks for reviewing!! = )

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Review #27, by Saffron Taeu October 31, 1981

4th September 2006:
I really like how this story is going....Please update soon and keep writing! Its wonderful and I love your storey,., I just feel so frustrated that dumbledore believes sirius did it, but it happened in the book so i guess it'll happen here......Its cool how theres another black! I hope you will make a sequel later in Harry's time, cause this sounds really cool. Good luck and keep up the good work and long chapters. Sorry for all the typos i mite of made.

Author's Response: yeah, there's going to be a sequel.

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Review #28, by Saffron Taeu September 16, 1982

4th September 2006:
Noooo!!!! Keep Writing!!!! I'll go crazy if you stop!!!!!! Please keep updateing and im sorry i didnt update earlier!!!!!!!!! ok i'll calm down now......Sorry for all the typos i mite of made and will make and i really like your story. Good luck and keep up the goood work and nice chapters. Its nice how nymphadora really likes her... If you ever get the time, please read my story, i suck at writing, but i did write anyway so please check it out and leave a reveiw even if its just flames. Keep it up! I give you, a 10!

Author's Response: ok, i'll keep writing. thanks for the reviews! i'll be sure to read ur fics = )

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Review #29, by Me September 16, 1982

2nd September 2006:
-=Raises Hand=- Hey i read the story and i left a review! me likes this story ver very muches

Author's Response: well thanks very much

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Review #30, by Julie November 13, 1981

27th June 2006:
Yay you updated! So is this going to follow the books or is Sirius going to bet let out early? Or do have to all wait and guess?

keep up the good work

Author's Response: It's somewhat going to follow the books, but I will be changing a lot of things too.


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Review #31, by Matilda November 10, 1981

7th June 2006:
So what has the great Jasmine have planned? So is this like an alternate reality where someone is trying to shep the truth of events now instead of attemping to do so in 15 years?

Author's Response: yeah, she's planning on causing Crouch to lose what means the most to him because he took Sirius from her and she knows that she could prove him innocent, but Crouch won't allow it and she's trying to get everyone to see the truth, but with no prevail because the entire community thinks she's insane i'm trying to make her like the 'missing link' between various events

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Review #32, by SparklingAngel November 5, 1981

31st May 2006:
Its a brillant story, enjoying it keep up the fab writing. Chrissi xxx

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #33, by Julie November 5, 1981

30th May 2006:
Claps hands! good job

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #34, by MaLlOrY November 5, 1981

29th May 2006:
WONDERFUL!!!!! (As always!) Please update! I like Tonks as a little kid. And I think Tonks is a better name than Nymphrodora. UPDATE, UPDATE!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'll be updating asap. = D

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Review #35, by jedielf24 November 1, 1981

25th March 2006:
I love it! Update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks! I will!

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