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Review #26, by Skizzy Epilogue

14th July 2009:
Tut-Tut-Tut. That was so god. But you took to long to update. Pfft and don't worry about how long it is. I think it was a good length. So tell me are you going to write a new HG/SS? Please

Author's Response: Hi Skizzy,
my next story? SS/HG, of course. lol
what else could it be? It will be the sequel of VaP.
That you so much! wings

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Review #27, by pinks Epilogue

13th July 2009:
Great story! I could hardly keep pace with all the twists and turns in the last few chapters :).

Author's Response: I hope you understood it though! Thank you very much! wings

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Review #28, by pinks Back to where it started

13th July 2009:
Great chapter--lots of twists and turns!

Author's Response: I love twists! I\\\'m glad you liked them. Thanks, wings

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Review #29, by pinks Lust and Damnation

13th July 2009:
haha, lovely chapter!

Author's Response: thanks! wings

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Review #30, by mazureau Prologue

13th July 2009:
That was a very compelling beginning! I just now came across your story (I see that you have completed it.)

I promise to read it over the next few days and give you a complete and honest review.

Excellent beginning. I give it a 10/10.

Author's Response: Dear mazureau!

Thank you very much! I hope you willlike the story. The beginning needs a little work on it. I will update it soon. Thank you for reviewing! wings

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Review #31, by essenni Epilogue

13th July 2009:
Dear Purewings,

At first I have to ask you whether you really realized that you were killing your readers by postponing epilogue for half a year? Do not do this ever again!

I read the chapter through carefully and I think that now everything is crystal-clear. I cannot find anything to nit-pick at so I will talk about what I especially liked in the chapter.

I loved the idea of bringing Fawkes into the story. I could not stop grinning when Snape was calling Fawkes names. I guess that the fat chicken wanted a change in its life, if it chose someone who would not worship and love the bird. And it was so amusing that Severus was so occupied with despising the bird that he did not notice the significance of the fact that Fawkes had come exactly to him. Although I understand him fairly well. Dumbledore was such a manipulator, no doubt Severus was angry at him and did not want to be constantly reminded of the old man.

It was also so much of Snape not to want a trial. He wanted to be finally left in peace and have no obligations, but Hermione could not leave him alone. She could not leave something unresolved and stand that people do not know the truth about the man she loves. I guess he would be boiling in anger for what she did if he did not love her, but actually I think he is anyway, he just cannot let the anger overwhelm him when he has an opportunity to be overwhelmed by passion. I doubt that he wants to return to Hogwarts, but I think he will, because he is such a cutie somewhere very deep inside.

When I read the last words Snape said I was very amused and started thinking that you have a great talent for writing a partly romantic fic without the main character ever being romantic. I think you did a great job throughout the whole story by describing the Snape-ish affection which is in no way ordinary and easily understandable yet so deep. He should have really cared deeply for Hermione if he gave her three long years to change her mind.

Alright, with this I am saying goodbye to my favorite story. It will be very strange when the first place in my bookmarks will be occupied with something else after more than a year. However, a change is always welcome. I cannot wait to see what else you will be able to come up with. You have truly surprisingly great imagination. I am very lucky to have started reading this story from the first time it was published. Not only I could foster my imagination by trying to figure out what you will come up with next, but also form a relationship with you which has proved to be very useful for me.

Thank you!


Author's Response: Dear Essenni,

Yes, you\\\'re right. It\\\'s a nasty to keep you waiting for so long. I can\\\'t say how sorry I am!

I\\\'m so glad that everything became \\\'crystal clear\\\'; it is mostly due to your help, your apt suggestions, remarks. Believe me, it counts a LOT to receive useful criticism.

Fawkes: yes, I first I thought that Snape would perhaps understand what the bird wanted, but then I realized that he would hate Dumbledore and his tricks so much by then that he would no longer care; he would only want to get rid of every memory.

Whether Snape returns to Hogwarts or not is still a mystery. Knowing how unpredictable Snape was, we cannot be sure about his decision.

About the romantic side of the story: that\\\'s why I love Snape, he is so deep. He\\\'s a man of deeds and not words, so his love would never show in words. He considers them redundant. But it\\\'s stronger than the surface affections of other people.

I\\\'m so glad that you always get my point so correctly and you describe the invisible motives with such precision: yes, Snape disappeared to let Hermione find her own feet. He loved her too much to bind her.

I\\\'m also glad, I could help. You have brilliant ideas, and I would hate to let them be wasted.

So the same goes to me, your reviews helped me a lot!

Thank\\\'s for this wonderful review! wings

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Review #32, by Skizzy Sentenced to death II.

16th May 2009:
Its actually been 5 or so months since I last read this chapter. And I couldn't remeber it so I re-read it. They had actually only just kissed like what 2, 3 chapter ago then you go and make both of them nearly die. Whats that about? You should write another one.Not hat I didn't absolutely LOVE this story. But It would be great if you wrote another one. Great job. Update soon please, like I said it been at least 5 months your driving me crazy.



Author's Response: Hi!
My response has vanished, so here it comes again. Thank you very much! You can\\\'t imagine how much your comments mean to me! Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, SORRY! I\\\'ve finished my degree so now I\\\'m back again!
Thank you Skizzy for reviewing!!

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Review #33, by deep Lust and Damnation

30th April 2009:
i dont know how many times have i read this particular chapter.. i like it... more like love it so much
good job

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Thank you Deep!

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Review #34, by angel of death 666 Sentenced to death II.

14th April 2009:
next chapter please it was a good story

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is posted!

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Review #35, by deeps85 Sentenced to death II.

23rd March 2009:
a great story
and i must say those few kissing scenes you had in the story they made me feel so real ... very good

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! It has always worried me a lot whether those scenes were good enough! Thank you!

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Review #36, by Skizzy Deep Down

26th February 2009:
Wow shes got a big mouth. I wonder if her mouth was dry lmao.

I knew i was Dumbledore painting, but i wasn't to sure on the Hermione must find the book. I thought it was for her?

Great chappie!

Author's Response: thank you so much! wings

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Review #37, by Skizzy Back to where it started

26th February 2009:
Well I thought Lucis was Hermione, but I don't know if im worng so yeah.

Author's Response: Lol! Twisted, isn't it? thanks, wings

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Review #38, by Skizzy Desperation

26th February 2009:
My O My. You have definatly twisted it.! I definatly don't know what to believe? Either Snape is following Dumbledores orders, but I can't imagine him scarficing Hermione if she weren't going to be brought back to life, like Harry in DH, or he in love with but keeps his promise.??

Author's Response: Well, that's exactly the question! You will find out soon. Thank you for your review! wings

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Review #39, by Skizzy Lust and Damnation

26th February 2009:
*Appluades* Well done.

I so soo did not want that to end.! You are definatly talented.!!

Fav story at the moment! and i read 24/7 (not litrally)

Author's Response: lol! That's great! Thanks! wings

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Review #40, by Skizzy Cold Dawn

26th February 2009:
Woops, The have done it. Cracked the Hermione code.
Wonder how long Remus knew? Mhmm

Great Chappie!!

Author's Response: lol, well, no one can guess, but Remus is pretty sharp when it's not his own life he has to solve. thanks, wings

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Review #41, by Skizzy At the New Burrow

26th February 2009:
Uhm.? Im litrally paralyzed.? I dont know what to say.


Actully, does she get with Snape again.?

Author's Response: You will find out soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #42, by Skizzy The underworld II - Slytherin's chambers

26th February 2009:
Lol, im lyk ahrd out expecting something to happen very soon but it dont look lyk it.

Author's Response: lol, well, it happens sometimes. lol

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Review #43, by XharrysdarlingX Sentenced to death II.

17th January 2009:
I loved it! It was a fab chapter!! lots of action, mystery and emotion. Great stuff!!

Looking forward to the epilogue!! 10/10 as always

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know I have been keeping everyone waiting for so long, but I hope the epilogue will be there soon. Thanks, wings

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Review #44, by antiquus Sentenced to death II.

5th January 2009:
i have never been a supporter of hermione and snape but you have captured their essence so well, hermiones bright enthusiasm torn apart and Severus' heavy soul, existing purely for his promise and find a new hope...

it is impossible not to picture myself being in their with severus and hermione, and watch it all unfold first hand.

thankyou for a wonderful novel as truely magical ones like this are hard to find.

Author's Response: Wow, antiguus! I really hardly know what to say! It's wonderful to hear opinions like yours about my work (which is in fact the work of a long and laborous year)!

Thank you! You make one feel like writing and writing!

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Review #45, by EchoLynn Prologue

7th December 2008:
Interesting... A bit confuseing... but you've caught my attention. *HUGS*

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you EchoLynn! Thank you!

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Review #46, by Cfm887 Sentenced to death II.

6th December 2008:
Wow, I never would have thought to use a patronus against the killing curse and I have never read a story that has. Really brillant! I am dying to know how Harry survived and what the fate of our two stars will be. I really thought Snape was going to die, but it looks as if you will keep him alive. Though I am curious, why Rowena Ravenclaw's power matched Slytherin's, I thought the only power that would match Slytherin's would be Griffyndor's? Hmm, I hope you explain that, I am interested. Great second half of the last chapter!!

Author's Response: Hello Cfm!
sorry for not responding for so long! I haven't been around for at least three months due to some work and study issues, but now I'm back! Thank you very much for your review. As for Slytherin's power: in my view Rowena was quite as powerful as Slytherin, but being a woman she was never regarded as an equal, while there was more in her than the male society would have liked to admit. Maybe its the woman in me that believes so, but I hold to that opinion. lol
Thank you very much!

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Review #47, by gocnocturna Sentenced to death II.

2nd December 2008:
Ah! I love this chapter! I was amazing! 10/10 for the whole story and I'm very excited for the epilogue!

Author's Response: Hello dear! Nice to see you here again! The Epilogue is still being worked on, but I hope to finish it by the next week. Thank you so much! wings

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Review #48, by Katastrophe Sentenced to death II.

2nd December 2008:
good chapter! i really like it :)

Author's Response: Thank you! That was exactly what I wanted to hear! :D Thanks!

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Review #49, by essenni Sentenced to death II.

2nd December 2008:
Dear Purewings!

This is a very full chapter. You managed to place a battle, fake character deaths, love and friendship into the chapter, moreover introducing it all nicely and describing everything so that it does not feel insufficient.

I like how you play around the villain theme. Voldemort will never do what is easier. He does what makes him look more powerful and supports it with pathetic speeches, like you said. He thinks that he can deal with everyone and overestimates himself, which leads to destruction. I even wonder whether he died from the loss of blood when Hermione injured him or his heart could not stand the shock that he is killed with a simple sharp wand, not by the most powerful curse that had ever been cast. It made me wonder because he let his wand drop immediately after Hermione injured him. I do not believe that this injury could be so fatal. However, from the sock he was likely to let his wand go.
In context with these self assured villains, I wonder whether it is not similar with Harry. Won't he be disappointed deep in the heart that he was not the one who killed Voldemort? He had lived so many years thinking that he is the only one, who is able to kill Voldemort, but now Hermione does it and Harry is not the hero. I guess that he will think that Hermione risked unnecessary and he was more suitable to do it.

I also liked how you described moments when Harry tried to save everyone with his hero bravery and could not accept that Hermione thought that Harry was not the one to save her. Poor guy probably thought that she is out of her mind, but I guess that he really was more getting in the way then helping that day.

Turning Hermione into a raven was very imaginative. I love the idea and I am jealous again that you can come up with such things. The same applies to Harry's blood. I think that you came up with a wonderful way to bring them alive. It is not shallow and just pure luck, but really deep thinking. I really loved this.

How did Snape suspect at the beginning of the chapter that they have to hide quickly? Was it men's intuition :D or his analytic thinking?

There is a thing I find unlikely in the chapter. At first Snape was holding Hermione so strongly that she could not move and breathe, but later after one very short Cruciatus Curse he was barely alive. I'm not sure that it could have drained his energy so strongly.
Also I didn't really get it about the Avada Kedavra that was cast on Ron before Voldemort died. I guess that the spell missed, but what was this about later: "Someone shrieked. A deadly spell was cast. Something fell on the floor"?

When Harry is saving Snape, he means as an argument: "But my father would save him, I know." I'm not sure that this fits in there. At first Harry cannot know that. From the books I understand that Harry is much purer and better at the heart than his father was. I believe that he did it for Hermione, not because he believed that it was the right thing to do. Will Snape hate his for that? I doubt that. Snape didn't seem willing to die, especially if Hermione lived.

I wanted to ask you whether Harry is immortal if even Voldemort could not kill him, but you wrote that you will explain it later as well as how Hermione managed to save Snape. I'll look forward to the explanation.

I think that I have written too much. I hope that you understand that, because I had more time for writing this review and finally spotted some things to pick at, it doesn't mean that I liked the chapter less than all other times.

Hope to read the final chapter soon!

Yours, essenni

Author's Response: Dearest Essenni,
OMG - where to start? First: THANK YOU! You can't imagine how much you1ve helped me with these ideas and remarks! You've lighted some other aspects of the story, which I had'nt thought of in the fever of creating this chapter.
It's exactly what I like about you so much and what I've been talking about in my previous responses; you pinpoint most accurately those emotional things (motivations, disturbances), which I wanted to depict or wchich NEED to be depicted.
I can't quite explain why it's so important to me; it's like having a third eye opened, because I delve into the story too deep to realize that there're things I haven't shown or explained; there're things which are so obvious in my mind that I don't even realize that I've forgotten to show it.
When the story is created I see it like a movie; it kind of writes itself automatically, and though the main plot is ready, there are some things the characters change. They live a life of their own to a certain degree, and it is quite hard to emerge from this point of view to the surface and see the whole picture.
It sounds like a mess - all I've scribbled down - but I know you'll understand my meaning.
Eg: Voldie's death - it was exactly my intention to kill him by a simple and a very prosaic way without any magic. That must be most devastating for him, both phisically and morally. His magic was powerless against a cracked wand. I wanted to show the irony of life, and you caught the point with excellent intuition - he was destroyed fully before he died.
What I have missed to explain, and you were right about that, was why he died so quickly. Yeah, I forgot to tell the main point - Hermione stabbed him in the heart. That's why he couldn't fire his last curse at Ron, which I had forgotten to explain either. I owe you, you know!
The blast and the thud after Voldemort's death was Bella, Ron killed her. Yep, one more point I'll have to work on, when I revise this chappie. :D
As for Harry, yes, those things will have to be explained in the Epilogue. :)
How Snape suspected that they have to hide quickly? That is a thing which needs to stay unclear, for if I explained how Snape's sensitive senses, deep intuitions and sharp logic worked, well, I would unravel him to fullest, and what would be left of the good-old unpredicable and undecipherable Snape? lol
You're right about Snape holding Hermy and the Crucio, which drained him of his strenght; I'll see to that as well. Thanks. :)
The same goes to Harry and his father. Yes, he did it for her, and because he inherited his mother's noble heart.
But I would disagree with you; though snape wants to live, BUT he would hate to owe his lie to Harry, just as he could never forgive James for saving his life. I think that this emotion is most likely to resurface again. What do you think?

I'm incredibly grateful that you took the time to write such a useful and detailed review!
Thank you! I wish I could return it to you! Love, wings

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Review #50, by snapeluvr Sentenced to death II.

1st December 2008:
ahhmazing i loved it i can't wait for the eilogue I hope u have some passion between snape and hermione in there!!! Great job with this whole story and I can't wait to read your future snape/hermione stories!!!

Author's Response: Oh, I was so anxious whether the last chapter will meet the expectations! I'm glad to see that you liked it! Thank you very much! wings

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