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Review #26, by DancingMooncalf epilogue

29th May 2015:
I'm terribly sorry to be one of those readers that can't wait the tome to type a review before contineuing the next chapter, but i am and thats why you only hear from me now. In all honesty i lost a lot of good sleeping hours this week because i couldn't quit reading. I was impressed in every way by thus story. The plot blew my mind. I thought it was predictable but than it wasn't and than i picked up on it again thinking it could see a few chapters ahead and things change again. I did however predict very shortly after the big breakdown that james was going to retire to start teaching. i was gkad to know at least one think that was right.
Something else that blew my mind was the incredible insight in quidditch. How do you know those thinks about set up en point and matches and stuff? You must have done sone really good research!! Quite impressive indeed.
but the most mindblowing aspect of the story is the fact that it made my belief in magic as a real thing again for a bit. Much like when i was younger and reading harry potter for the first time. Those thoughts of 'Maybe its bit even that strange a thing to assume a hidden society exsist around us'. Not many fanfics have managed to get me to think in that way again. like i said the feeling i got when i first read harry potter. The feeling of a new an hidden world opening its doors, it being more than just a story. Maybe thats just the euphoria of the last few chapters speaking, but i really did feel it throughout the story.
i want to say thank you for giving me so many enjoyable hours of reading. I laughed a lot, the sarcasm, the sass, the ridiculous situation here and there. I was lovely. I got slightly depressed reading James' breakdown bit. I just wanted to be able tp hug him you know. I think said out loud that yelling at him wouldn't help because my mom looked really weird at me after that. I couldn't put my phone(my mobile fanfic reading device, more like) down to make dinner or eat it... peole must think me a social media junky woth all the time i spend with my phone this week. How wrong they are.
anyway... i'm a huge fan of james an carloota now and will definitely read the sequel to!!
Thanks again for this awsome piece of literature and you'll probably hear from me again some time!
Xxx Maya

Author's Response: No need to apologise! I know the feeling of needing to read the next chapter, and besides I'm terrible at REPLYING to reviews, which is definitely a far bigger sin. :)

I think I signposted James taking the teaching job, not necessarily VERY blatantly, but certainly enough so that when it happened, people weren't TOO surprised. The only deterrent from that idea was that to take the teaching job he had to retire from Quidditch completely, which was a pretty big call for James to make. I still think it was the right move for him though, and you'll see in Derailed that he's happy with his life.

Oh, the Quidditch. I won't lie, I totally immersed myself into Quidditch to the point where I was determined it was a real sport and I can't stand to think about having to write another match now. I've well and truly put myself off, ha.

Hey, magic is totally real ;) On a serious note, this review has made me so happy, I'm so glad that Rails has made you feel that way, it's the best kind of compliment.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, I hope you go on to check out the sequel!

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Review #27, by LittleMissAutumn epilogue

30th April 2015:
Oh my gosh, I just sat back and read your entire story! It took all day but it was worth every minute of it. It's so creative, original, and I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time. From James' s**t show to his glory win at the World Cup, I was knawing my fingers!

You are an incredible writer and I really hope you consider writing (perhaps outside of fanfiction if you have not already) as a personal career choice because you are fantastic.

Bravo. Solid 10/10.

Author's Response: Ha, s**t show is one way to describe James' troubles! Thanks so much for reading, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #28, by Flying mandarin epilogue

5th April 2015:
Phiew, I've been reading this story nonstop for the past 48 hours, and now I've reached the end. I don't really have words for this story except that I'm very impressed. It might be because of the late hour or the fact that I've been reading with virtually no pause but I find it hard to find the words to describe the way I feel about this story. Deep love would be most accurate I think! It was so well put together, with as much humor as character depth and intrigue. I really like that all the characters were real, they all had flaws and insecurities and they made sense.
The fact that teaching is such an important factor in this story is really really cool and I thank you for making James a teacher and not just a big-headed young man.

Congratulations on the Dobby, it was well deserved

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much for reading, especially in such a short time span! I really enjoyed writing this fic so I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. :) Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #29, by TidalDragon eight

5th March 2015:
Well, well - the intrigue continues when it comes to the relationship between James and Harry. It really makes me wonder what happened and when or what's going on between them that James doesn't even like to be around him.

Lily continues to be an independent spitfire too of course, and so it's little surprise she'd like Carlotta, who has more than her fair share of spunk and attitude as well. James would probably do well to see that they don't ever join forces and gang up on him - that could get ugly and FAST.

I have to turn in for the moment, but I'm looking forward to picking up where I've left off soon!

Author's Response: The Harry/James relationship issue is a slow-burning one, and one which I hope is realistic when it finally comes to light.

Lily IS one hell of a character, definitely her mother's daughter. And - dangerously for James - similar in a number of ways to Carlotta. He'll definitely need to keep an eye out. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #30, by TidalDragon seven

5th March 2015:
Chopping the season in half?! That's downright criminal! I suppose that will give plenty more time for Carlotta and James's connection to blossom. She's certainly showing herself to be much more than just a bartender though, with the cooking skills and the helping take care of James. I wonder though, is she really going to prove that caring of a soul? I hope so - otherwise it seems awful quick for her to be cooking a freezer full of meals for him.

At any rate, I'm looking forward with interest to the next chapter - it's surprising how fast I'm able to read and enjoy this piece - KUDOS.

Author's Response: There's definitely more to Carlotta than first meets the eye. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #31, by TidalDragon six

5th March 2015:
Despite the inclusion of the more drinking, partying, and innuendo this chapter was something of a change of pace in one major regard - the reactions of James's friends and family to the situation with Carlotta. Now, I'll have to confess straight out that I'm more on James's side. Statute of Secrecy or not, there really doesn't seem to be a problem with dating a muggle for witches and wizards. It's clear that plenty have done it over the years to no ill-effects. While I grant you that none may have been as famous as James, and accordingly, perhaps not as vulnerable (at least financially, but perhaps in additional ways), I don't really see what the big deal is.

I was right before though - smitten is definitely correct. James is all about Carlotta and it's nice to see that it appears to be partially for the right reasons - a matching sensor of humor, desire for adventure, and lack of fear when it comes to standing up to or interacting with him.

Well done!

Author's Response: This fic made me think about the Statute of Secrecy more than ever before - and it really does put witches and wizards who get involved with Muggles into a terribly difficult position. The two examples that come to mind off the top of my head are McGonagall's parents and - more recently - Seamus' parents; it seems as though the magical parent doesn't even tell their muggle spouse about magic until they simply can't put it off any more. Oddly secretive when they've committed to marriage with said muggle, and also it puts the muggle in a very awkward situation when it emerges that their magical spouse has kept such an integral secret from them for so long. In fact it makes you wonder how one can keep a magical lifestyle secret for so long...

Anyway, ramble over. I guess society is very different now, with marriages far less common, and so it's even MORE awkward for a magical person to decide at what point a relationship IS the real deal and the secret can be shared. At this point in time, James certainly isn't thinking about settling down with this girl, but it's difficult to keep your entire lifestyle a secret. And I would imagine the big deal is to do with whether you can trust said Muggle to keep the wizarding world secret? And that's AFTER you've overcome the situation of whether your Muggle has taken the news well. If it ends the relationship, I'd imagine there's a risk that said Muggle could talk - but then, as the Muggle Prime Minister in HBP mused, who'd believe them?

I just rambled even more. WHOOPS. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by TidalDragon five

5th March 2015:
Carlotta has definitely had an impact on James now. It's interesting to see him at the end of this chapter sliding into awkwardness more typical of "lesser beings." To her credit she doesn't call him out on the change with even a raised eyebrow though.

It was also interesting to see that he ISN'T entirely self-centered. Between trying to help Brigid and his detailed memory of every Weasley jumper, it seems like James is actually more "decent" (to use the word he used to describe Carlotta) than he wants to let on. Is he perhaps hiding his true self for his career or is he just changing?

I can't wait to see how he develops!

Author's Response: James has got himself into a bit of a situation here - he finds Carlotta a breath of fresh air, which is very at odds with his usual outlook on women. Bless him.

And you're right, he's not all that self-centered at all. He can just be quite obtuse, and that makes him come across as not caring about other people. Development is (hopefully) oncoming in leaps and bounds.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #33, by TidalDragon four

5th March 2015:
What's really driven this story for me so far are the dynamics. You've done interesting things with each that you've addressed so far and that DEFINITELY carried on with James and Ginny and the references to issues between James and Harry that first appeared in at the end of the chapter with Lily's birthday. I think what I enjoyed about the James and Ginny dynamic (aside from you putting the spunk in Ginny's character that is so often lacking) is their bond over Quidditch and the fact that she knows her son like an open book and tells him how it is. Great.

You also created quite a personality for Carlotta. I'm interested to see how she develops throughout the piece, especially with James seeming to be -gasp- starting to get smitten.

Author's Response: Book!Ginny is one of my biggest peeves with the books. I never used to be a Harry/Ginny fan, but reading other fanfics has actually led me to see the character who JK INTENDED to create with Ginny, as opposed to the character who we actually saw - not that she necessarily got the portrayal WRONG, but that I don't think we saw ENOUGH of Ginny (and her spunk in particular) until she was suddenly shoved in our faces in HBP. But I digress. The point is, my headcanon of Ginny is splurged all over Rails, and her moments with James remain some of my favourite moments to write. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by TidalDragon three

5th March 2015:
It's nice to see your characters in a different setting and to get a more personal dimension on Brigid outside her professional responsibilities and friendly relationship with only James. You do a good job showing that agents have hearts and needs too - I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

I also liked the moments in the discussion about the Witch Weekly interview where you pulled back the curtain on what the media-side of Quidditch fame is like. Seeing it through the view of two insiders was also intriguing because it gave us a view of some of the cynicism and politicking that we know is at play in our world too, but exposes it for what it is.

One thing I did note at the beginning was some occasional repetitive phrasing, but that's about it.

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Lots of people tend to root for Brigid! Good to know you're waving a flag for her too. :)

Its been fun to delve into the professional world of Quidditch - I've tried to create the sort of media scene on a par with sports players here in Britain, partly because of familiarity - given Quidditch is evidently by far and away the wizarding world's biggest sport, it seems logical that there would be a lot of media focus on the players.

Ugh, yeah, I'm fairly guilty of repetitive phrasing, especially in the early parts of Rails. I keep meaning to re-read and edit, so I'll make a note to check this out. Thanks for the pointer, and the review! :)

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Review #35, by TidalDragon two

5th March 2015:
Hello again! It's been since last year's Golden Paws, but I'm back as host of the book club to read and review the rest of this fascinating story!

This chapter was one of the first I've read with so much dialogue that wasn't completely overwhelming. Usually I find myself rather put off by such a skewed balance, but you handled the tags and characters so well within it that everything stayed differentiable in terms of voice and structure - quite a treat.

James continues to develop as the consummate professional athlete - living a fast life, trying to stay connected with family, but ultimately encountering obstacles between his career and his lifestyle. It's telling in this regard that Lily has more obvious affection for Bridget than she does James - and that she knows he wouldn't have bought the present himself. Something tells me even if it HADN'T been a dress, she'd have had the same thought.

I'm enjoying the story still so far and I'm looking forward to continuing on throughout this month!

Author's Response: So I'm finally here to reply to these lovely reviews! Sorry for the delay. :(

I really do struggle with getting my head around the beginning of a fic, what with trying to set the scene and introduce people without it all seeming CLUTTERED. It's really nice to know that this chapter pulls that off, so thanks for that. :)

I think Lily sees Brigid as the older sister she doesn't have - especially when she's always on the scene and steering James so clearly. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by JilyBlack epilogue

5th March 2015:
I love your Story.

Author's Response: Really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #37, by Deanie epilogue

23rd February 2015:
I don't think I've ever seen such detailed quidditch but I loved it. Thank you for this amazing story I think you made me cry at some point. The way you wrote Lily was my favourite portrayal I've read of her and I loved James and Cordelia the pygmy puff:)

Author's Response: I developed the Quidditch far more than I anticipated, but I was pleased with it in the end. I'm glad you liked Lily, she's one of my favourites! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #38, by larry epilogue

15th February 2015:
Thank you for a wonderful story. Well done. I think you channeled Ginny with everything Quidditch.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed! The Quidditch kind of took over, I didn't expect it to feature as much as it did in the end, but I really enjoyed writing it so I'm glad you liked it. :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #39, by gigi thirty-seven

15th February 2015:
Just a small nitpick in an otherwise flawless story: Sinead had to have been at least 8 years older than Ginny since Harry never played Quidditch with or against her at Hogwarts and considering how good she was she would have been mentioned in his 1st 2 years, besides she was already winning a world cup before Harry's 4th year, which she couldn't have done if she'd been out of school only 1 year.

Author's Response: ... I usually spend AGES poring over births and dates and whatnot to make sure they all add up, how the hell did I miss this one?! Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make a note to fix it! :)

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Review #40, by gigi thirty-three

14th February 2015:
Intense! So sad :-( Very well done!

Author's Response: This chapter nearly broke me to write. Poor James. Luckily this is as low as things get for him, it's pretty rough though. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #41, by gigi twenty-seven

12th February 2015:
First of all, I'm not sure how I forgot about this story that I started reading last summer and dont know why I didnt finish. But I luuurve it and intend to see it to completion this weekend. Now to the chapter.

Ah James! He needs to get his head out of his derriere already. In all his 21 years, has he not heard once from his family that his dad was never big on expressing his feelings? Doesn't mean he doesn't love James or isn't proud of him. Harry never chose all the media attention associated with being the Boy who Lived, the Chosen One or the Man who defeated the Dark Lord any more than James chose that associated with being Harry Potter's son. Yes, the media follows him more than his more accomplished team mates because of his parents' achievements, but they all give him his due chops for his own success, so he needs to quit feeling underappreciated and be thankful for what the wizarding Gods and his parents' genes have given him and respect his dad for what he's done instead of resenting him for it. I don't see Al and Lily doing that. And when it comes to Carla, he needs to put himself in her shoes and realize that she has a choice in whether or not she wants to be a part of this media circus that comes with being James Potter's gal, that he and his dad did not. But this story wouldn't have the title if James didn't have these insecurities and he's obviously in love with her even if he doesn't realize it because he wouldn't fall off the rails if he wasn't.

Love the story and can't wait to finish it :-)

Author's Response: A lot of the issues with Harry and James stem from the fact that neither of them are good at discussing their feelings. But yes, James is being silly. Albus and Lily are at a different point in their lives to James ... he has a lot of growing up and realisation to come. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #42, by Lauri epilogue

3rd February 2015:
I just read this entire story and wow!! The plot was amazing and the way you described quidditch in so much detail kept making me forget it's not a real sport. So excited to read the sequel!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I got so immersed in the Quidditch side of things when writing this that sometimes I forgot it wasn't a real sport as well... And I think I'm now sick of it completely, whoops! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #43, by merlins beard thirty-three

27th January 2015:
I cried through the whole chapter... hope it gets better soon, i can't take much more of this... really well written though

Author's Response: This chapter was the hardest one to write. It was oddly enjoyable, as things had been working up to this for a long time, but at the same it was very sad to put James, Harry and Ginny through this pain. It's all up from here though! :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #44, by Matthea epilogue

18th January 2015:
This story was great! You gotten it done to tell multiple stories in one. It was not just a story about quidditch, or about falling in love with a muggle, it was more than that. It had many details and background without making it boring, they were original and had emotion.
You also had many plot twists, they made mistakes or had trouble and some twist I didnt like in the beginning, but in the end made your story better. You definitely deserve the Dobby Award youve won for that.
So thank you, Im sure gonna read the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review, I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this! Hope you enjoy the sequel, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by Syd epilogue

12th January 2015:
This was an absolute fav of mine. I wanted to post reviews on every chapter but curiosity got the better of me. I was going to go straight to Derailed but then I decided that such a wonderful story diserved a review.
I really really love this sttory. You got all the characters right.
Though it was quite hard to get used to lily being a squib I reallly loved her and Her character was lovely.
James is portrayed wonderfully. I absolutely love him.
Every one else is as Perfect as can be.
Whenever I read a fanfic I always pick up negetive aspects and edit them in my own head but this was a really delighting and wonderful story and every part was perfect.
You are an amazing writer and I will read all of the stories you have posted or will post in the future.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review! :) I'm glad you liked Lily's plotline, it was a big thing to make her a Squib but I thought it would be an interesting way to explore what it's like for Squibs in the wizarding world. Although it's now become my headcanon and I get confused in other stories when Lily's at Hogwarts.

Hope you enjoy the sequel, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by everBlazin_ epilogue

10th January 2015:
I absolutely loved this story. It's the first NextGen story I actually read. I usually keep to Marauders/PreHogwarts stories, but somehow I ended up reading your story. :)

The plot was amazing. I didn't expect it to go that way, thinking other stuff would happen. I did get the feeling that James would become the new professor.. He seemed to enjoy teaching those kids without really realising it at that point.

You're a really good writer. Your characters show a lot of depth. Your plot is really well thought out.

Can't wait to start on the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I'm honoured that Rails was the first Next Gen you read! And I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :) Hope you enjoy the sequel too, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #47, by drifting thirty-nine

14th December 2014:
This is a long overdue review.

I really like your story - my favourite characters are Ginny and Lily. I like your development of Ginny a lot more than the canon Ginny. Sad as it was, your writing of the scene/ confrontation between James and his parents when they come to his flat, was excellent. The part where James shuts the door on Ginny was really gut wrenching; very well written.

I never saw the plot twist coming. But looking back there were so many hints. That was beautifully done. Lily is a really fun and intense character.

I really like that your story goes so much beyond the standard fanfic romance genre. There is a lot more depth to the characters. This is so evident in the conflict in so many of the next gen characters. In fact it was this point, which sets your story apart from most others, that made me finally write this review after so many chapters (sorry about that - you really deserve many more reviews; but if it means anything the review count really is not an indicator of story quality most of the time). Ok I am rambling now.

Back to the story - the transition from World Cup call
-up James (where you had me as a reader in a really upbeat frame of mind) to downbeat James (where I was depressed) was very good. You really managed to move around my emotions as a reader all over the place.

I wish there was more to Carla so far. But there's many chapters to go, so fingers crossed.

And congrats on your Dobby win. You really deserved it in my opinion.

Author's Response: And this is a very long overdue response!

I dislike canon Ginny. I can see where Rowling was trying to go with her, but she didn't really show us enough of her. It's only fanfic that has brought me round, and the head-canon I have of her now is, I think, a lot more developed than the book canon. I do adore her in Rails, and I'm glad you liked her too. :)

The confrontation with James and his parents was hard to write, but oddly enjoyable at the same time; all of that angst had been building up for a long time and it was kind of fun to write the explosion. James shutting the door in Ginny's face was fairly brutal, but pretty vivid too.

And Lily. I'm so glad you like the twist, it was hard to not give it away but worth it for the payback, and it's interesting to delve into what life would be like for a Squib.

I always set out to write a story that was more than just a Next Gen romance - I'm all about that angst! I'm guessing that James' conversation with Fred in this chapter was what prompted you to review; I can't help but feel that the fame and life achievements of Harry and co really would affect their kids, although I didn't necessarily expect things to become QUITE as angsty as they did!

There is more to come on Carlotta - lots more - so hopefully you enjoy that. :)

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #48, by Rainyday epilogue

26th October 2014:
I cannot explain the way in which this story has touched my heart. This story is absolutely beautiful, in the way it's written and in the way the plot had been so thoughtfully produced. It doesn't feel like an online fan fiction, but like an award winning published book. The characters that you've made up seen like close friends because of the understanding I've gotten from your writing. It's allowed us readers to connect to the characters in a way that requires a talented author. I can't explain to you how much I adored this story. Thank you so much for taking the time to pen this art, it's actually the best story I've probably read on the Internet. x

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for your lovely words! I can't explain to YOU how much it means to pop along to find a review like this. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Rails, I certainly enjoyed writing it and it's a story with characters which are very close to my heart. I hope you pop back for the sequel! Thanks again :)

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Review #49, by Roisin one

21st September 2014:

So this story has been on my reading list for approximately FOREVER, so SotM and Dobby nominations were just the push I needed to finally jump in!

And MAN, I see why this story has been so popular! I didn't realize it before, but I haven't seen many NextGen novels from a male POV--I'm really enjoying it!

This chapter was definitely a huge amount of fun, while still setting up so many threads for the future, and overall it was pretty masterful. I also really liked how balanced your take on "playboy" was. Writing it through James' POV was really smart, because it gives the reader the space to recognize his less wonderful qualities (he's quite vain, and certainly rather inconsiderate), even if he doesn't totally recognize that himself. It was also infinitely wise to give him a female friend, and that definitely stopped me from stroppily screaming "CHAUVINIST!" at him. Because he's really not just some totally arrogant jerkface--he clearly cares about and respects Brie and he loves his family regardless of his "too cool for school" front. And really, his character is exactly reasonable with canon in mind, and he's still young!

Also, I really liked that you included all the kinds of politics involved with Sport, it really gives depth to the whole "he plays Quidditch" thing, rather than throwing that in as an obvious career choice. I'm super interested in how you visualize that in the future!

Overall, this first chapter is definitely living up to the hype, and I can't wait to read more! I'll try to stop and review, but a fair warning: I might just end up curling up and binge-reading this without stopping!


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, so this review has been in my unanswered list for about forever and I am a TERRIBLE PERSON. A very belated thanks for popping along and checking us out!

I always find it interesting to come back to the first chapter, as my James is a very different person by the end! He DOES come across as quite vain here, and he's certainly inconsiderate at times! But yes, his friendship with Brie has been a delight to write throughout.

The Quidditch. Oh the Quidditch. Lots more of that to come, it all kind of exploded into a much bigger ball of exposition than I'd ever planned on, and now I don't ever want to write about it again. But I did love it at the time, and my readers seem to enjoy it as well so it's all worthwhile. :)

Thanks so much for popping by and leaving a review, I hope you continue(d?) to read and enjoy! :)

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Review #50, by gigi thirteen

31st August 2014:
Lily a Squib, wow, you held on to that quite well, I'd never have guessed. I was wondering earlier why she couldn't apparate at 18 and thought that was a mistake, but now I see the truth. The reveal seems to be going well so far, better than I expected which makes me wonder if I should trust Carla, hope it doesn't backfire.

Author's Response: Ha, I struggled at times to keep this one quiet! I remember stumbling across a fair few issues when writing these early bits. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing!

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