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Review #26, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 9

28th December 2007:
I'm sure Draco doesn't need a shirt. He looks just fine without one. ;-)

Author's Response: Wink wink

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Review #27, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 8

28th December 2007:
its cute that ginny has to teach draco about having a girlfriend.

Author's Response: He hasn't done it well before.

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Review #28, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 7

28th December 2007:
yay Draco isn't being an idiot anymore!

Author's Response: It just takes him a while sometimes

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Review #29, by AussieAnatomy627 Antlers for Everyone

28th December 2007:
argh draco is being such an idiot!

Author's Response: he is male

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Review #30, by AussieAnatomy627 Green is not your color.

28th December 2007:
I can see why pansy acts the way she does now. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks:)

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Review #31, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 4

28th December 2007:
oh gosh! I love blaise!

Author's Response: me too

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Review #32, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 3

28th December 2007:
Wow, this is going to get interesting!

Author's Response: I hope so : )

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Review #33, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 2

28th December 2007:
Well, their relationship developed quite quickly. LOL

Author's Response: In fiction we can afford to jump right in. wink*

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Review #34, by AussieAnatomy627 Murder on Her Mind

28th December 2007:
I am so excited to read this story. I know it's going to be hilarious!

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.

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Review #35, by peewee2 Chapter 4

10th December 2007:
sooo good, i laugh every time!

Author's Response: Thank you. I love to make people laugh.

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Review #36, by dancer_chick546 Chapter 24 Epilogue

25th November 2007:
I love it! this story was amazing! You're a wonderful author and I can't wait to see more from you in the future!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)

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Review #37, by BabyGurl4Lyfe Chapter 24 Epilogue

23rd November 2007:
omg i loved this story so much...I can't wait for the sequel! I have read this story almost 2 times! Please hurry with the sequel.I bet it will be just as good as this one! Keep up da awesome work! 100/10

Author's Response: I hate to tell you, but I haven't had time to write a sequel. My plot bunnies keep running off in other directions. Thank you for the lovely review.

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Review #38, by Emerald_eyez Chapter 24 Epilogue

13th November 2007:
I LOVED this fic! It was such a fun little teen drama!!! It was nice to read a HP story where the mood wasn't dominated by extreme sadness and fear (as much as I like that, this was a welcome change!) You have a great sence of humor, and you wrote it in seamlessly. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I remember my teen years. They were filled with angst. I don't really need any more angst in my life. I'm much more fond of happy fluff.

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Review #39, by becca Chapter 24 Epilogue

8th November 2007:
i no the story has been coplete for some time but i felt that i should tell you this was a great fan fic it was sweet but i found it to be filled with witty humor

Author's Response: Thank you so much. : )

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Review #40, by ammmyyyy Chapter 24 Epilogue

7th November 2007:
great story, whats the sequal called?

Author's Response: Sorry, I haven't done a sequel yet. I hope to, but it hasn't hopped into my brain yet.

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Review #41, by supernova Murder on Her Mind

14th October 2007:
Dear CCC, I love this story!!! Your humor is unbelievable and your writing is fatastic! I really ment that, but maybe I have picked the wrong problem is: I am german, so I hope...uhm... you will excuse my language...^^
I have a request.
I have told some of my German friends of this story and they would like to read it, but they dont read english as well as I do, so I have started to translate it. But of course I can't update your story in German at a German fanfiction archive without your permission.
It would be veeery kind, if you allow me to post your story on the german Harry Potter Fanfiction Archiv (www/dot/hpffa/dot/de).
Needless to say, that I would sign the story with your name and give a link to this site.
I dont know, how you could contact me or a better way for me to contact you then through this review, so here is my e-mail adresse:
I would truly appreciate your permission, Supernova.

Author's Response: Thank you. I think that either you emailed me, or someone else emailed me and this fic is in the process of being translated to German. If you can't find it, leave me another review and we'll work something out. : )

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Review #42, by imcute410 Chapter 24 Epilogue

22nd September 2007:
I love it. I might have said that before, but i still do! It's awesome! Draco and Ginny are my favorite couple! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you. I will try. : )

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Review #43, by Chapter 24 Epilogue

17th August 2007:
omg i love this story it is so amazing im like so speechless right now. my fave part was the cat pimp.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. : )

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Review #44, by Harry Potter lover_12 Chapter 23

14th August 2007:
*GIGGLES*aw.i busted up laughing and i loved that story so much!

Author's Response: Thank you. I love to make people laugh.

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Review #45, by girlygirl4eva Chapter 24 Epilogue

13th August 2007:
yay! i loved this story please put the sequel up soon!!!

Author's Response: I'm afraid that I haven't come up with an idea for the sequel yet.

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Review #46, by Risha_xo Chapter 24 Epilogue

7th August 2007:
That was amzing. The pairings were odd, and you wrote superbly!
I will definately read the Sequel when you write it!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #47, by brownxeyedxgurl18 Green is not your color.

24th July 2007:
I thought it was so adorable about the thing with neville and pansy.

Author's Response: Thank you. I think they both deserve something nice for a change.

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Review #48, by thebfsgf Chapter 24 Epilogue

15th July 2007:
That was so cute! Well, not cute, but that's what I felt like typing. I enjoyed this story immensely! I must read the sequel now!

Rebecka M.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hate to admit I haven't started on the sequel yet.

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Review #49, by thebfsgf Chapter 17

14th July 2007:
I love the way that Ginny made him jealous! He deserved it, and now he understands! I love this story!

Rebecka M.

Author's Response: Thank you. I like it when she makes him see the error of his ways.

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Review #50, by thebfsgf Chapter 8

14th July 2007:
This is awesome! Unfortunately, I must go to bed, so I will read this tomorrow if I get the chance! Love it!

Rebecka M.

Author's Response: Thank you again. I love repeat reviewers.

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