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Review #26, by Christine_Nighting A Most Enchanting Tale

7th May 2011:

You are a writing genius! I tried this challenge between a romance between Tom Riddle and Moaning Myrtle in a bathtub, but it failed horribly.

This is very genius. You combined all the elements of bad writing with cliches, but then you wrote the bad parts good, so it wasn't annoying, but quite entertaining. Bravado!

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Review #27, by Kestral14 A Most Enchanting Tale

10th April 2011:

sorry, had to do it.

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Review #28, by Dark Whisper A Most Enchanting Tale

9th April 2011:
Oh... this is so funny... I LOVED the staring back and forth! Wow... you did such an outstanding job telling a very bad story!

"Genetic source.." LOL.
"Gryffiehuffaslytheravendor!" Hilarious!
Darco... so clever!

Thanks for making me laugh so much! Good luck on your challenge...

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hahaha thank you! The rest of this review response will consist of me staring at your orbs in gratitude.


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Review #29, by Sara_Sj A Most Enchanting Tale

5th April 2011:

I'm NOT kidding. That was bloody BRILLIANT!

I enjoy reading worst stories ever (and parodies) but I think this is the first one I'm ever going to favorite.

I laughed. SO HARD.

My two favorite parts (yes, I have to copy-paste even though you are the one who wrote it :PP):

She wept. He wept. Madame Pince wept, but only because Draco was kneeling on a first-edition. And then she threw back her head, and shouted to the heavens:

"Draco Malfoy, of course I cannot marry you!"

For a moment there was stunned silence. Then Draco let out a whimper.

"But why? Why, my love?"

She cradled his delicate face in her hands. "Because if I did, there would not be enough angst and improbable personal drama to keep this story going. The author might actually have to develop a plot, and that just sounds like so much effort. Besides, I haven't had my completely unrealistic romantic tryst with Harry yet."

"No," Dumbledore said, shaking his head, his beard swaying in the wind. "This is important. It is time you knew. Your mother... was Grindlewald."

There was a stunned silence, interrupted only by Harry splashing enthusiastically in the water behind her. "Dad," Ursa said gently, "I don't think that's possible."

"DO NOT QUESTION OUR LOVE," Dumbledore roared, shaking his head violently. "Love can conquer all things, even basic anatomy."


Oh my gosh I hate using all caps and everything but this was so.so amazing. I was cringing throughout the entire thing. The Myspace messages, the dance, the...oh my gosh Gryffiehuffaslytheravendor! :)))

I absolutely adore this fic.

And I adore Draco. Can't believe he had to die :( Couldn't HE have come back as a vampire? hahaha. Naw, I'm kidding.

But, honestly, I don't know what to say.

This was SO FREAKING BAD it was amazing.

Really. And that's the first time I've said that to stories like these.

Brilliant job.

Author's Response: Hahahah, thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I worked really, really hard on it, and I did like, no research, and I've never read Harry Potter! But I've totally seen the movies so I know what's happened! I can't wait till Harry and Hermione get together!


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Review #30, by Mei A Most Enchanting Tale

24th March 2011:
Yeah, that's about it. This is just brilliant.
I thumping love parody!

Author's Response: Who doesn't love some Darpo in their lives :]?
Thank you!!!

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Review #31, by Pepper Finn A Most Enchanting Tale

23rd March 2011:
Oh my goodness.

This is really non-sensical, overly descriptive and way too long.


Definitely a strong contender for the "Worst Story Ever" title.

Good Luck!

Love Pepper

Author's Response: Hahah thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it for sure :]

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Review #32, by nextgenoration A Most Enchanting Tale

19th March 2011:



Oh my God.

Author's Response: Should I call a paramedi?!
haha thank you!

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Review #33, by Mintleaf A Most Enchanting Tale

11th March 2011:
This actually is the best story ever written.

Author's Response: I think so too. I am basically the Mozart of fanfiction.


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Review #34, by Lolasaurus Rex A Most Enchanting Tale

9th March 2011:
The funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. You hit every fanfic-cliche on the head and destroyed it. I've never laughed so hard. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Lucious Lucius kept dodging my fanhammer, but I got him eventually. :]

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Review #35, by fuzzylogic A Most Enchanting Tale

7th March 2011:
Hilarious. Absolutely hysterical. This was my favourite part:

"No," Dumbledore said, shaking his head, his beard swaying in the wind. "This is important. It is time you knew. Your mother... was Grindlewald."

There was a stunned silence, interrupted only by Harry splashing enthusiastically in the water behind her. "Dad," Ursa said gently, "I don't think that's possible."

"DO NOT QUESTION OUR LOVE," Dumbledore roared, shaking his head violently. "Love can conquer all things, even basic anatomy."

"But Dad-"

"Love!" he interrupted stubbornly.

"No but seriously-"


"Okay, Dad, I get it, but-"


God, I don't know how you came up with that. Genius. Made me literally ROFL. Anyway, you did very well on this challenge and I hope you win!

Author's Response: Oh Dumbledore. He just wants everyone to love one another. You know what actually I came up with it watching Glee. Haha, Rachel Berry: "I have two dads."

Ursa Major has two dads :P

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Review #36, by Ravenclaw333 A Most Enchanting Tale

7th March 2011:
You are amazing. Be my new best friend?

Author's Response: Okay, only if you like slushies and old movies too :]

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Review #37, by slytherangoddess A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
my gut has been split out of pure joy! ciara, you REALLY know how to write some hilarous narratives!!! FANTASTIC JOB!!!


Author's Response: Oh snap! Someone put it back together, STAT! -hands scotch tape-

Thanks hon!

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Review #38, by Jenna822 A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
This was great. Seriously, just romantic and all sorts of wonderful. I was deeply moved by the realistic motivations behind all the characters. And your OC, she was gorgeous. I too love the band My Synthetic Mixture of Basic Elements Romance so it's awesome that she likes them! You should make a sequel.

Seriously though, this was great. Very funny! Good job being bad. :) --Jenna

Author's Response: It took me a really long time to write it because I wanted to make sure I got her outfit just right. All of the characters are based on me anyway so I hope I got the characterization right. I was listening to Complicated Plan when I wrote it, their lyrics are just so inspiring.

Thanks hon :]

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Review #39, by thegirlwholived17 A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
Oh my gosh, this is HILARIOUS! I don't think I've ever laughed this hard! The best parts were definitely:
"The night hung over the manor like a dark hanging thing. Like black curtains, or perhaps navy blue, but really a dark navy blue, the kind that looks black unless you hold it up to something that is black in direct sunlight."
And, the bands.
"My Synthetic Mixture of Basic Elements Romance, Complicated Plan, Three Hours Grace, Linkin Pork, April Ravine, and Blink 265."
And the background music.
'"Dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun, dunn," Harrimoine sang obediently.'
10/10 stars!!!

Author's Response: Well have you ever noticed how sometimes you buy a shirt thinking it is black but then you get it home and its really dark blue, and you can't wear it to work anymore because you can only wear black, but if you wear it with some kind of faded pants it can pass as black?
Well, I guess that's where I got the inspiration for this whole story, really. :P Thanks!!!

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Review #40, by ashie1324 A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
This has to be the best thing I've ever read. Thank you for writing it. :) You just made my day.

Author's Response: Haha thank you! It's important to make days, you know, you always want to have some backups :]

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Review #41, by TenthWeasley A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:

Pure epic. I am proud to call you one of my House, because this might just be the most epic fic to ever occur in the history of HPFF. I adored every single gosh-darn word. You hear me? EVERY ONE.

I do think my favorite part was the part about getting Dumbledore off the root, though. ^^ You, my friend, are nothing short of a horrible-story genius. I am a full proponet of you abandoning your more-serious stories and writing these full-time.


OPERATION: Green With Envy

Author's Response: I think maybe I'll just turn my stories into parodies. And I won't change what's already posted, either, I'll let it be really serious and angsty and suddenly turn into sort of a joke, without warning, so people will have to wonder if I'm serious.

Hahah thanks hon! Also every time you write the word EPIC I hear eighties rock songs in my head.

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Review #42, by Aly Delacour A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
Oh wow this was hilarious. I think this might be the best parody I've read. I think I'll just list some of my favourite parts since I'm rubbish at reviewing and I'm sure you're not expecting constructive criticism (oh, you were? Okay. Draco's orbs could have been two shades stormier...)

So, yes. Favourite bits:

The multiple multiple synonyms. Harry's minions. Draco's orbs (obviously). Everyone's hair (but Luscious Lucius's ankle length mane most of all). Genetic source. My Synthetic Mixture of Basic Elements Romance. Sirius appearing from behind a curtain (actually, that whole paragraph was complete genius!) The photosensitive ganglion cells.

I howled with laughter at some points. It wasn't pretty!

Author's Response: Excuse me I was absolutely expecting a serious literary analysis here. What was my motivation behind the violet eyes? What did they mean symbolically?

Do you know how long it took to find that many words for the word eye? I'll give you a hint, if you put it in a thesaurus, you don't get any results.

Thanks hon :] I'm really glad it gave you a laugh!

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Review #43, by SilentConfession A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
"Ursa, my love, why have you not replied to my MySpace message!" Bahahaha! i love you. This is hilarious. In a cringing, want to gag kind of way. For a story that is supposed to be the worst, ever, it's actually fairly well written, considering. Minus all the horrible cliches and horrible metaphors and scanning other people's retina's, and having random balls, or ... and so on . So much of this is so familiarly terrible so great job for capturing that and... trails off muttering how impossible it is to be serious in reviewing this story...
to sum up... you're awesome :D -Zay

Author's Response: Draco is so outdated! No one uses Myspace anymore. I just couldn't bring myself to spell everything wrong and use horrid grammar, it goes so against my every instinct. But those metaphors are from the heart, okay.

Try picturing somber corn farmers in the Midwest, it will help you stay serious. Like those montages they do on Kellogg's commercials.

Thank you!

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Review #44, by marinahill A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
I just laughed so hard! Absolutely amazing, spot on and so many things were TOO familiar. Tears of laughter were leaking slowly from my orbs... too much? Well, anyway, thanks for a good laugh and a great fic :D


Author's Response: I would be afraid to hang around the queue if those things were familiar. Seriously, I've seen Quizilla. It's a dirty, ugly world out there.

Thanks hon! Go dry your orbs now.

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Review #45, by Rosadora  A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
HAHAHAHA this is hilarious. For a bad story, it's fairly well written. But seriously this is SO funny. My favorite part is probably:

She hid behind her flimsy mask that no one could possibly hope to glean her identity through and swept around, dancing with every young man in the hall. She had a great time, except for once, when Voldemort popped his head in, and everyone screamed, but Voldemort just said "Oh, sorry, I was looking for the Gryffindor Common Room? My bad," and skipped off.

Because everyone loves those classic: "Hogwarts is throwing yet another random ball (because hey, they always do that!) which leads to a poorly written, random hook-up (I mean seriously, they're wearing a MASK! It's not like they'd know who their making out with!)"

Author's Response: Yeah I am always wondering when I read those fics, like, who are all these people who can't recognize one another behind some eye mask? It's like oh, here, let me slap some lace on my eyebrows, NOW I AM MYSTERIOUS AND ANONYMOUS. And I shall make out with all.

If that happens anywhere in real life, I have to go there sometime. Maybe I should have given her a random masked hookup and then have the guy turn out really unattractive.

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Review #46, by ProffesorBealette A Most Enchanting Tale

6th March 2011:
Oh my god I am rolling on the floor laughing

Author's Response: Be careful not to roll into anything sharp :P!

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