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Review #26, by HeyMrsPotter The One With The Chocolate Of Forgiveness

11th September 2015:
OMG Chocolates of forgiveness♥

Call me Abigail Higgs, because I am officially in love with James Potter. I love how you write him, he's not this impossibly cool quidditch star and womaniser to boot. He is just a teenage boy. He is awkward and uncomfortable but also sweet and funny and I just adore him. His apology was the most awkward thing ever but totally perfect at the same time. I was shouting at Abigail in my head to take him up on his offer to eat the chocolate so that they could sit there together and eat it♥

My favourite chapter so far!


Author's Response: I love chocolate of forgiveness, I want some myself.

Aw yay! Hello Abigail Higgs! :P I am so glad that you love my James Potter, he is so much fun to write, and I wanted to make him so different to how I've seen him portrayed in other stories. Now I love him too :P

He is just a big ball of awkwardness.


Thank you so much Dee! :D Love you!

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Review #27, by HeyMrsPotter The One With The Love Potion

11th September 2015:
Another brilliant chapter, Tammi!

I have such mixed feelings about the love potion thing. James under the influence was hilarious, I can just imagine him all glassy-eyed promising to get Abigail a present and telling her he wants to grow old with her. But then poor Abigail! I honestly felt like I'd been punched in the stomach when she started thinking about the only way James would ever say he loved her would be under a love potion. I just wanted to hug her♥

Moving on to the next!


Author's Response: Thank you, Dee!

Poor James, being put under that potion and making Abigail all embarrassed and upset without meaning too. Aw *hugs you* we need to make Abigail see that James likes her

Thanks hun! I am loving what you think of this!

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Review #28, by HeyMrsPotter The One With The 'Supportive' Best Friend

11th September 2015:
Who doesn’t love to nap after eating a lot of food? Abigail is SO relatable. Love that she's a Hufflepuff.

One thing I'm loving about this story so far is how brilliantly you have the 'teenage girl' voice totally on point. Abigail feels very on point and she's so easy to get. Her boy worries and confidence worries are things that any teenage girl could go through, and I like the subtle melodramatic woe is me edge to them.

Another great chapter!


Author's Response: I do love a good nap! I think that Abigail is definitely all of us :D She's totally a Hufflepuff.

Aww thank you, I was worried about how believable it would be to write her, so I'm glad that she's believable.

Thank you once again! :D You're the best!

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Review #29, by HeyMrsPotter The One Where James Knocks Me Down

11th September 2015:
Hi, Tammi! I'm here working my way through the Dobby nominees. Congratulations on your nomination!

I think this is a really good opening chapter. Hands down, snowball is my favourite character so far. Fat, fluffy and lazy is my kind of cat :p I like that you've given me a good idea of who your characters are already, and I'm looking forward to reading more about them. James and Abigail's bumping into each other was great, and I loved that ending line of the chapter :D


Author's Response: Thank you so much! AND YAY! I'm so excited!!

Oh Snowball, he's a brilliant cat, I just want to snuggle him and stroke him! Wooo, I'm glad!

Thank you so much, Dee!!!

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Review #30, by StarFeather The One With The Morning After

11th September 2015:
Hi, Tammy. I came here for Dobbys!

I like your Abigail. She’s so modest, shy and humble. I’d like to ask her like Isabella, “How could you not have kissed?” after they spent under the Invisibility Cloak like that! Since I’ve read your story from the first chapter, I think the idea that you set her a daughter of a famous comic book author and her dream is to be cartoonist, is very interesting. Your story itself is like comics here in my country which is full of romance.

The last parts of this chapter contains two big elements. : 1. James is going to confess his real feeling towards Abigail but he worries what she feels about him.
2. Barry and Elijah will definitely be up to something and James and Abigail will be involved greatly.


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Review #31, by MuggleMaybe The One With The Plans To Elope

9th September 2015:
Hi Tammi!

I told you I'd leave a longer review, and here I am!

This story is so much fun to read! Seriously, I am enjoying it so much!

I think your characterizations are spot on, particularly of Abigail and James. I can relate to Abigail very well, so I may be a little biased, but she is just so likable, and I truly prefer a likable protagonist in a longer piece. I love that you have made this a coming of age story, with her learning to stand up for herself and be confident and comfortable with who she is. And I love that she likes comics, because it's something I haven't seen in fic before.

Your James is such a dorky, lovable heartthrob. I often read portrayals of James II where he's a complete joker/prankster, and he can often seem like a jerk, an idiot, or both. But you've managed to make him silly and mischievous while also being kind and reasonably intelligent. That is an impressive feat - plus, it makes him 10 times more desirable in my eyes. (Seriously. *swoon*)

I haven't read a non-angsty romance for a while, and it is honestly such a nice change! You've done a fantastic job of maintaining the tension and making this a TOTAL page turner (er... clicker?).

Even though she isn't in this chapter, I wanted to mention Michelle, too. I am hoping for a little mote depth from her in upcoming chapters, but I still think she's an excellent OC. I think I said this in my first review, but friendships and the drama they carry is an often overlooked topic in fanfiction, and you've done a great job of capturing the stress that comes from that, and how trapped people (especially teens) can feel in their social web.

As far as any other comments go - your writing is overall very clean and easy to read, and I love how jam-packed it is with Abigail's unique storytelling voice. :D Your dialogue is also excellent - it all sounds exactly how I imagine the characters would speak.

Also, this story is quite funny!!
"If I dared act that way when I was that age, my mother would hex me into next week, and then my Grandmother would hex me into the week afterwards, then when I recovered from that my father would just look at me in disappointment and tell me that I’ve let him down.”
^^^I laughed out loud! That is Ginny and Harry to a tee!
Apart from the occasional typo here and there - and typos are little devils, aren't they? Always hiding! - I don't see much of anything for CC.

Last and, in this case, least: This story reminds me just the tiniest bit of my long-standing favorite on the archives, "How to Tame a Marauder" by Melian. If you haven't read that, you might enjoy reading it once you're finished with this story :)

Wonderful job, Tammi, dear! I can't wait to read more!

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Review #32, by MuggleMaybe The One With The Chewed Quill

9th September 2015:
I LOVE ISABELLA! She finally said what we were all thinking! And Michelle is the WORST BFF ever!!!

Better review coming later, I swear!


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Review #33, by nott theodore The One With The Change In Friendship

31st August 2015:
Hi again, Tammi! Ah, it's been far too long since I read this story, and it looks like I have so much to catch up with now!

It was so nice to get back into Abigail's perspective - and kind of nice to get back to a happier story after you broke my heart with your one-shot and had me on edge with The Unspeakables :P I really like Abigail's voice - I think she comes through really strongly and she's the sort of person I think that I'd want to have been friends with at school, too. She just seems so nice and likeable, although quite quiet, and it's great to read from her perspective.

I'm excited to read about the change in her friendship with James - or the development of an actual friendship, I suppose, because they didn't really talk very much before. It's interesting to see that he hasn't just abandoned her after what happened and instead seems to be trying to make amends for it, even though it wasn't really his fault. He seems really sweet and likeable here, so I hope that he doesn't have any mean ulterior motives behind singling her out and actually talking to her and approaching something like friendship.

Michelle is really mean. I can understand her being jealous, in a way, but a true friend should be happy for Abigail because she's liked James for such a long time and at least now he's paying her some attention. The comment about how friendship can become a habit at times, and you continue it just because of that instead of because the friendship is actually good for you, is so accurate and true - I've definitely experienced that myself! I hope that Michelle's behaviour gets a bit better soon, or that Abigail manages to find some new friends who treat her better - although it's understandable she doesn't want to be left alone, either.

Hmm, I'm intrigued by the idea that James might have already had feelings for Abigail and that's why the love potion made him act that way! Wouldn't it be cute if it was true? I'm really enjoying the change in their friendship and getting to see the two of them interact more here - I'll look forward to seeing more of it in future chapters, too!

Sian :)

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Review #34, by MuggleMaybe The One Where James Knocks Me Down

30th August 2015:
Hi Tammi!

I thought it was amazing of you to do your reviewing spree, so I stopped by your profile to return the favor :)

I have a hunch that I'm going to LOVE this story.

The idea of Wizarding comics is so cool! I don't know why I've never thought of that before! I don't actually read comics, but I have a lot of respect for them. (My big brother would disown me otherwise ;)) It's fun to read about a character with that interest.

And James Potter = YES PLEASE. I don't know your James well enough to say more than that yet. But I like him already.

I think romance stories sometimes forget about how important platonic relationships are. Having a fight with your BFF is the WORST, and I'm thrilled to see that as a prominent issue in this story.

Looking forward to reading more!

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Review #35, by looneylizzie The One With The Talent Show

27th August 2015:
Okay Tammi, this is the last one before I must sleep. But I’m going to do some more tomorrow. PROMISE. I must read more and see what happens, ‘cause I haven’t read this far yet. It’s getting exciting!!

I like this whole talent show thing, but I totally get Abbie’s (I’m calling her Abbie now, instead of Abigail, FYI. I can’t help it, it just feels better to type…) aversion to it. But what was she gonna do? You don’t say, and I’m curious…

But James is so sweet for understanding and letting her take a step back because she’s uncomfortable. I like that, while he’s pretty awkward, he’s got a lot of self-confidence, at least, in regard to his talents and performing in front of others.

I wonder what these many talents are. They must be circus related, considering the stories he’s told her.

HE’S ON A UNICYCLE! I WANT A UNICYCLE! THAT’S SO COOL! AND HE’S JUGGLING! He should totally be a circus performer when he grows up. I found his job. If I were him, I’d have no other plans than to run off and join the circus after school is over.

But James is probably smarter than that.

“Joe Muggle” — I DIED. Wow, that’s SO creative Abbie.

Wow, James is excellent at improv. Maybe he should be a stand up comedian instead of a circus performer.

I love Mr. Sock. If I could have one request for future chapters, it’s that you should bring Mr. Sock back. *puppy dog eyes* Pleaaassse?

No pressure or anything. ;)

Okay, he should definitely be a circus performer. Between the unicycle, the juggling, the handstand and walking on his hands, it MUST be his calling in life.

Ha! Even he wanted it as a kid! He’s just denying it now because it’s “unrealistic” or something like that that parents might say…


Second request. Tell us her talent.

Yes, I’m with James. Abbie, you should get drunk and sing for him. This is an excellent plan. This will inevitably end up with you two having a drunken one-night stand, a teenage pregnancy, a shotgun wedding and a lifetime of bliss.

On second thought. Save yourself the heartache of a teen pregnancy and do the wedding first. Either way, you’ll still get the lifetime of bliss. I’m sure of it!

Hmmm, William. The better friend to James than those other jerks we met before. Even though we’ve only really met him once or twice, I like him. A lot. I’d love to know a bit more about him…

He kinda reminds me of Isabella.

Wait a second…maybe…no…but…hmmm…

Opinions will not be shared yet. I dare not get my hopes up. For I know that you know how to toss everything out of the window and take things in a totally different direction *cough* I’ll Love Her Enough for the Both Of Us *cough*

Hehehehehe. Does James realize he’s still got the ink mustache on?

William has smirked and snorted and coughed and given far too many pointed looks at James whenever Abbie is around. He knows something.

James flips. YES. Okay, even if he doesn’t end up working for the circus for the rest of his life, he should totally spend a summer doing it. It’d be hilarious.

Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! FLIP!

Oh, so NOW James is embarrassed. As opposed to earlier when he was performing in front of a whole classroom. Now it’s just William and Abbie. How could he be embarrassed? - ‘Cause he likes Abbie. OBVIOUSLY. - Geez internal monologuing Lizzie, you should know better by now!

Yes Abbie. You’ve missed something. You’ve missed the obvious. Something that EVERYONE already knows. Kinda like everyone knowing about Michelle’s crush on what’s his face - Ethan? - Except WAAY cuter.

Even Isabella knows!

William is the best wingman in the world. Look at him, bragging to her about everything James has done… James should be grateful, not embarrassed! Abbie is clearly impressed!

William DEFINITELY knows something. Probably about the fact that James is in love with Abbie. I wonder how long it’s been. I bet William is getting tired of it and wants to do something about it. It’s the only explanation.

You’ve just got to SEE it Abbie! It’s right in front of you!

I like the fact that her dad keeps things separate. It makes sense. It also means that Abbie isn’t known as the daughter of a famous comic book writer, which can make a huge impact on a teenager (as I’m sure James knows all too well).

Wow. I’d expected something to go down between Michelle and Isabella, but it went pretty smoothly. Except for that part when James waved at her.

That was actually just hilarious. All of his friends know that he likes her, and her friends know that she likes him… and they’re all like, “JUST GO OUT ALREADY!”

That’s SO typical high school.

ZOMG!! LOUIS! HORATIO! FREYA! EEEKKK! I love it when characters cross over from story to story! Now I want to reread ILHEFTBOU - is there a better way to shorten that? Probably not.

Anyway, I want to go reread that now! ‘Cause this takes place, what, a year before that does?


Oh Tammi. Keep up the amazing writing! I absolutely adore this story and I’m going to be back with some more reviews tomorrow! I’m determined to R&R every chapter of this story.


Because I can. ;)

P.S. I had to cut stuff out 'cause I hit the character limit. This is the longest review I've ever written. Oops.

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Review #36, by looneylizzie The One With The Chewed Quill

27th August 2015:
Hi Tammi!

The chapter title in and of itself means that this will be a great chapter. I can see only funny things coming up.

“…we could come up with an idea about following a Muggle around all day. Letting everyone see the boring things that they do, such as eating their toast or brushing their teeth.”

…Uh… you mean reality TV? Seriously James? WHY?!

Re-enacting things sounds like both an awesome idea and a terrible idea. Awesome for James, terrible for Abigail. 10 sickles says she doesn’t like presentations.

I win. :)

James, you definitely wouldn’t make a very good Muggle. I’m with Abigail on this one.

Ah, there’s the chewed quill!

Okay, that’s one part adorable, one part creepy, I’ll admit. I’m not totally sure I’d want to keep a quill that’s been chewed on by the guy I like. Much less frame it. Sorry Abigail, but I think a shrine might be going just a bit TOO far.

It’s okay, you’re still adorable, and definitely not full on creepy.

James has many talents. Don’t think inappropriately Lizzie, don’t think inappropriately… Too late.

Hehehe… James has many TALENTS.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


(Have you noticed that I can’t go a chapter without putting several words in all caps? Tammi, this story makes me feel too many feels. How do you do that? Teach me sensei!)

D’awww. James’ smile made it all better! It’s so cute!

Snowball is my favorite cat in the history of all cats. I want a real life version of him. He’s much cuddlier than my cat. Can Abigail and I switch? Or does the internet not work like that?

OF COURSE JAMES IS INTO HER! I don’t think he could play games with a girl’s emotions if he tried! Michelle on the other hand… the little manipulative… ugh.

Yes, hate her Abigail. Hold onto that feeling.

Oh, look! Isabella is here to save the day! She should get her own superpower in the comic book of Abigail and James’ romance. I love her, she’s the bestest. I want her for a friend. :)

Tammi, keep writing, because this story has easily become one of my absolute favorites on this site. It’s absolutely fantastic. And I’m not even ten chapters in!

Keep writing my dear!

Author's Response: Lizzie!

Aww yay!

Haha oh yes, James is a sucker for reality TV, he tries to hide it, but he loves it.

I agree! Totally awesome for James, becuase he's a show off. You have won those 10 sickles!

He really wouldn't haha.

Yes! The chewed quill is there :P It is a part creepy, but we've all been there... right? :P

Hahaha don't worry, I was thinking inappropriate too haha.


I have noticed :P and I love it! I shall teach you all of my ways!

He is a brilliant cat, just so lazy and fluffy. He needs to be written in more. *tries to ignore the urge to write a one shot spin off just using Snowballs pov* Haha you can switch, but I'm not sure she'll give up Snowball.

Oh yes, Michelle is very manipulative, we should all hate her!

Yes! She would be the best superhero! Although, I'm not sure what her power would be? I think we should all be her friend *hugs her*

Awww thank you so much! I am going to keep writing this! Don't you worry! I love this story too much to give up writing it.

Thank you so much!

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Review #37, by looneylizzie The One Where James Is Up All Night

26th August 2015:

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a phenomenal day, because you certainly deserve it.

Also, sorry that these reviews are coming a bit late, but I was waiting for the right time to just binge read and review this story.

Binge read and review?? Is that a thing? Like binge watching Netflix?

Sorry, I’m rambling. I blame my weirdness.

ANYWAY, onto this chapter!

Oh Abigail, I totally understand not wanting to be the center of attention. Especially when you’re incurring the wrath of a teenage boy’s group of fangirls. You’re right, you definitely shouldn’t let it affect you - people will move on soon.

Hopefully onto something gossipy related to Michelle. (Am I bad person for wanting bad stuff to happen to her? It probably does, but I regret nothing.)

Umbrellas attached to Bicycles… that IS a cool idea! That should be a thing. Tammi, you should totally make this a thing… :) I know I would use it (if I rode a bicycle, but that is neither here nor there.)

I love how excited Abigail is over the littlest of things. It totally reminds me of the first time I started seeing someone. Actually, it reminds me of the first time I’ve ever begun a relationship of some kind. It’s totally adorable. And very realistic. It makes sense that she’d get really excited that his leg is close to hers or that he mentions the tiniest of things… I know I did that.

*blushes* I’m not the only one who does that right? Abigail and I aren’t THAT weird…

GODRIC, Abigail said something MEAN!?!?! WHAT!?!?! I didn’t know that was possible! Are you SURE she’s a Hufflepuff? ;)

Ooooh, coconut shampoo huh? Like from the love potion. I see what you did there…

Oh! I know why he was up all night! I know! Pick me! Pick me!

He was totally reading a comic book.

AWWE!! IT’S SO ADORABLE! How do I write such adorableness into my stories? Teach me your ways Tammi!!

Also, he’s hilariously awkward. Have I mentioned that before? Because it’s true.

Hmmm, so instead of watching him sleep (because that’s creepy for some reason…I don’t agree with this, but okay), you choose to doodle? Okay, I like this option.

A flower, a tree, a house… my, my, Abigail, are you drawing out your future home with James? I bet you are.

Oh, and James is adding to it! I think he likes it.

HE KEPT IT! He totally likes it. Just like he likes Abigail!

Don’t be afraid to flirt Abigail. It’s healthy. James flirts. It’s good.

Hehehehe, “nightly rituals.” My brain did not go to an appropriate place there. And so did James’! That’s hilarious.

Of course James is worried that she’ll think he’s a loser. It’s cause he’s IN LOVE WITH HER!

I like Isabella. She’s a better best friend than Michelle. ‘Cause she’s excited about this budding relationship. I sure am. Plus, Isabella and I have similar feelings about Michelle. I like her even more.

Although I could see some potential issues with Michelle and Isabella spending part of the day together at Hogsmeade. I know that Isabella can hold back a bit, but still - I would totally snap at Michelle in five seconds flat.

There’s a reason why I’m not a ‘Puff.

Another phenomenal chapter Tammi! See you on the next one!

Author's Response: LIZZIE!


That's fine, I don't mind the binge reviewing. That's totally a thing! If not you should make it a thing.

I love your rambling!


I agree with you.

Nope, not a bad person at all, Michelle needs to go away!

I agree that should be a thing! James is quite intelligent! I shall have to make this happen!

She is so excited bless her! Aww I'm glad that you can relate to her, I did as well :P

Nope you're totally not the only one who does that.

SHE DID! I KNOW! GASP!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? Haha she is definitely a Hufflepuff :P

Oh yes! Coconut shampoo :P You see what I did there..



Awww what you do is, you think of James being all cute and blushing and adorable and geeky and it all writes itself! haha

She IS! She should have watched him sleep though... maybe one day she shall?

He is! He likes it too!


Oh yes! It's totally natural to flirt.

Hahaha my brain went there too :P hehe

She is such a better best friend! She's so loyal! And she's so excited about James and Abigail, she's a Jabigail shipper!

Thank you so much, Lizzie! You're the best!

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Review #38, by BellaLestrange87 The One With The Chewed Quill

25th August 2015:
Hi Tammi!

I'm really bad about leaving reviews. I'm sorry.

I really don't like Michelle. At all. She shouldn't be acting this way towards Abigail, especially if she's claiming to be her friend and watching out for her. To me, she's more of a bully than a friend, and the fact that she's pretending to be watching out for Abigail makes it even worse. I do love the way you wrote Abigail's hesitation in confronting her, as it's a very teenager-like reaction. Wanting to confront her, but not wanting to lose any friends or start any drama. I'm happy that Abigail has other friends, though, even if she doesn't seem to acknowledge it. Isabella is the kind of friend I would definitely want to have.

I really love the Abigail/James interaction here (and in earlier chapters, which I forgot to review in my eagerness to keep going...). James is definitely being a good friend to her (much better than Michelle, although that isn't hard *glares* I hope Abigail can find the courage and finally get rid of Michelle - she deserves so much better.)

I loved this chapter - and all the others - and I'll keep reading (and hopefully reviewing)!


Author's Response: Hey Olivia!

Aww that's fine, I don't mind :D

Michelle is quite a nasty piece of work, you're right, she shouldn't be acting that way towards Abigail. She is definitely a bully, and she likes the control that she has over Abigail. Poor Abigail doesn't feel like she has many other options when it comes to friends, so doesn't have the confidence to say that enough is enough.

Awww yay! I love writing the James/Abigail moments so much, they're just so adorable and shy haha.

Thank you so much!

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Review #39, by Edith The One With The End Of A Friendship

23rd August 2015:
AWW Abigail and James :D

so happy that Abigail finally got rid of Michelle. she was such a horrible "friend"

Author's Response: They're so adorable!

Haha yes she was a terrible and horrible 'friend'

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Review #40, by sarah The One Where I Engage In Gossip

23rd August 2015:
love the character cross overs :D

Author's Response: Thank you! There's going to be a lot!

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Review #41, by bethanex The One Where James is a Loser

31st July 2015:
Very very very cute. I love this

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D

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Review #42, by 800 words of heaven The One With The Love Potion

27th July 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! Here to shower you in Slytherin HC 2k15 love!

So I thought I'd read more of this than I actually had. The good thing is that I have lots of story. The bad thing is that I have been very neglectful in reading this :(

Ah, I forgot how much I missed Abigail until I started reading this chapter. Her insecurities and shyness are so relatable. Everyone feels a little out of place during their adolescence, but it seems all the much worse for Abigail.

Yeah, I still don't like Michelle. Sounds like a horrible, manipulative person who keeps Abigail around because it's easy. I really hope that Abigail makes some new friends, soon! Especially nicer ones than Michelle. Of course, making new friends is easier said than done.

And oh! Poor James and Abigail! I'm actually really curious to see how James will react once he gets an antidote. His friends sound like right [insert a series of M words here]. At least he has William around, who made sure things didn't escalate too out of hand. But oh no! This has had a such a horrible effect on Abigail's self confidence. Curse you Barry and Elijah! A plague on both your houses!

A stellar chapter, as usual :)

Author's Response: Awww yay!! HI!

:O It's okay, I forgive you :D You're here now!

I love writing Abigail, I wanted to make her like most teenage girls are (or at least what I remember being like :P) She needs a very big confidence boost.

Michelle isn't a nice person at all, she is very manipulative, and I agree, Abigail needs better friends.

Ah yes, I agree his 'friends' aren't that great. Except William, who is epically awesome! I curse Barry and Elijah too! So many plagues!

Thank you hun! :D

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Review #43, by xoxo_jpotter The One Where We Go Back to Hogwarts

26th July 2015:
Abigail and James are seriously the cutest thing ever! I love this story! How many more chapters do you think it's going to be?
I'm so excited that you are going to have a sequel because I'm not ready for this to end anytime soon!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I'm so glad that you're enjoying it so much :D I love you for reviewing! There's going to be 45 chapters in total with this story before going straight into the sequel. :D I don't want this to end either. I feel like I could write it forever! xx

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Review #44, by mykk47 The One Where We Go Back to Hogwarts

25th July 2015:
Have you ever considered writing a companion fic to this piece but centered around Isabella and William? I just love their relationship and their personalities. I feel like you've developed them so well, to the point that I want to know so much more about them and I would definitely read a story with Isabella and William as the main characters! That way we could see a bit more of them, not that I don't love Abigail and James. It would be fantastic if you wrote a fic about Isabella and William maybe after you finish this, or possibly outtakes about them!

Author's Response: You know, it's funny you should say that... I am planning a Isabella and William fic set after Hogwarts :D and they're going to have chapters from their PoV in the sequel :D I love them both so much that they definitely need their own story!

I'm so glad that you like them so much, they're so much fun to write. Thank you for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #45, by Leanan The One Where We Go Back to Hogwarts

25th July 2015:
Amazing as always. love this sotry.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #46, by RavenclawFTW The One Where We Go Back to Hogwarts

25th July 2015:
Hey Tammi! So I'm late to the game on reading and reviewing this story and for that I deeply apologize. I found this story when you posted the last chapter and I binge read it in like a day and then I had to sleep and I never reviewed and I feel bad. But! I'm here now to amend past mistakes.

I love Abigail and how well and consistently you've characterized her. You can see how she's grown as a character with her new supportive friends/boyfriend, but it's still so hard for her to be around Michelle without reverting to old Abi. You've consistently depicted the internal struggle of somebody so used to a poor friendship and apologizing all the time as they realize they deserve more. It doesn't happen overnight or suddenly or anything like that. It's a gradual process.

Then I love her and James and how awesome James is for her, and how jealous he got for a minute there and their little walk and how supportive he is of her and how he tries to understand her problems with Michelle...that was a huge ramble-y sentence but I have a great deal of love/feelings about James and Abigail haha.

Then there's William and Isabelle...I love their joking/flirting and how Isabelle actually fancies him! I imagine it's reciprocated so I'm excited to see where they're going. :D

Roxanne seems really funny! It's nice to meet more Wotters. And it's so sad that Abi is surprised by James being nice and checking if he can go on a run, but she'll get used to having actually nice friends over time. :)

Okay that was enough rambling for now...great chapter as ever! :D


Author's Response: Awww that's perfectly fine! You're here now and that's all that matters! *squishes*

Wow! That's a lot of reading in one day haha, aww don't feel bad! You're reviewing now :D

I'm so glad that you like Abigail, I wanted to try and make her really relatable to people, and her and Michelle are based off of an old friendship I had. So I used my own thoughts and feelings around the time and made those Abigails, so drawing on my own experiences really helped me write those scenes. Michelle has really manipulated Abigail and it's not going to go away over night, but she's got James to help her through it, and of course Isabella, William and Sian. :D

Oh James! I could say so many things about him. He is so much fun to write, he's my little adorkable nerd and I love him. Ramble all you want! Rambling is good!

William and Isabella... those two are my favourite thing right now haha. I have a lot planned for them in the future.

More Wotters are coming! Now that James and Abigail are official they won't have to keep their distance.

It's going to take Abigail quite some time to get used to having nice people around her.

Thank you so so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #47, by StarFeather The One Where We Talk About The Future

15th July 2015:
Hi, Tammi.

I really like this chapter the best so far. I can imagine how brilliantly their faces shine when they talk about their future.

James was going to confess his secret feeling towards Abigail, wasn't he? The whole story you set is super. We're crazy about your plot, can't stop reading next. I shouted in my mind again and again,"James, say the words! Now!"

Another words attracted me, "Auror", "Inferi" and "Unspeakable". I expect you won't end the story about only a love affair but also action and adventure, will you?


Author's Response: Hey Kenny!!

Awww thank you! I'm so glad that you like it :D They're all so excited about the future bless 'em.

Oh you totally know that he was :P Aww thank you so much! Haha yep! The entire time I was writing this I kept screaming the same in my head haha

Oh no, there shall be action in this, don't you worry! :P

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Review #48, by Manda95 The One Where We Visit Ethan Richards

15th July 2015:
So its 4:00 am and i just finished reading all of your chapters. This story is amazing and I cannot wait to read more. Even though i have to be up in 3 hours. This made my whole entire night. James and Abigail how could I not love them. Such a beautiful relationship they have. I'm done now. Happy Writing :)

Author's Response: :O Wow! You stayed up that late reading! *hugs you tightly and gives you chocolate and cookies* Thank you so much! You honestly have no idea how happy that has made me, you have made my entire week!

Thank you so so much!

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Review #49, by StarFeather The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

15th July 2015:

I've read through your story,chapter 1 to here. I decided to leave my first review now.

You set Abigail as the main character who thinks herself has no remarkable talent. So readers feel the same inferiority complex together at each moment. Perhaps the relationship between her and James will be developed more from here, readers will expect that James will ask her to be his girlfriend, I think the scene of Love Potion in the Potions class predicted the development of their relationship. The smell of the parchment and ink. I wondered at that time, why James was attracted by the smell, then the question was solved in this chapter. He loved to read the same comick books as she did. It's very unique that you set James as an enthusiastic comic reader, 'cause it's natural to think he looks after their parents, good at Quidditch and at other lots of things. But the episode that Ron led him into the comic world is quite understandable.

But still the biggest question remained. I'm wondering about the title, "The Adventures of Abigail and Potter Boy". Does it mean they will go adventure later? The name of her last name is hooked in my mind. Slughorn mentioned that Berite Higgs went hunting for Nogtails in the J.K.Rowling books.

I enjoyed the movement of their feeling. I'll keep reading your story.


Author's Response: KENNY!!
I am so excited to see what you think of this story :D

I wanted to have her as someone that people could relate to. The love potion plays a small part in the next chapter.

Haha oh those smells! :D

Yep, he did, he's a comic book reader, he does like Quidditch but not to the extent of the rest of his family.

Haha the adventure of love! :P

Did she? Huh, I've never noticed that she had a Higgs in the stories, how strange :P

Thank you so much!

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Review #50, by La_Tua_Cantante The One Where We Visit Ethan Richards

14th July 2015:
This was a wonderful chapter. It had a lot of James and Abigail, but it continued to move the plot!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! and thank you for your review :D

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