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Review #26, by oldershouldknowbetter The One With The Muggle Studies Project

23rd January 2015:
Review #7: the review which remembers shared assignments at school not being so much fun.

Ah the shared school assignment – a device beloved of authors to force two characters together. If only my school assignments had led me along the path of love *sighs*

Abigail doesn’t even cross her fingers and hope for James. No, she has brow beaten herself so much that she wonders if whoever is stuck with her will dislike it too much. She doesn’t even dare to dream for James which makes it all the more special when he selects her.

A bit of the outside world creeps in. I always like to see which type of wizarding world we have in a next gen story. So you have not gone for the ‘wizarding TV’ version of the next gen reality.

Making a program together could lead to interesting times ahead.

James’ rambling is a neat device to inform of so much of his family and back-story it was wonderfully done. I am suddenly reminded that this is the same author who penned the spoilt and pampered James of ‘A Long Summer’. This is fantastic stuff – you can write such disparate characterisations of the same person and have them both believable and apt for the stories they are in.

Abigail is reveling in the return of her ‘crush’ – I do not mean the object of the crush but the crush itself – but she almost won’t let herself enjoy it.

Author's Response: Who doesn't love a good shared assignment at school? What better way to get people closer? :P All of my old school assignments just led to me getting annoyed at the other people I was forced to work with. *sighs as well*

Poor Abigail, doesn't even realise that James is the one happy to work with her. :D And that he chose her! It's a happy day for all concerned! And us!

I don't understand the wizarding tv version of next gen... if magic can't work around them... how do they have it?

James is adorable when he rambles, aw! Haha I'm glad that it reminds you of me writing 'A Long Summer' :P Thank you so so much! And I'm so glad that you think that. :D

Abigail needs to learn to let herself enjoy the moments when they arrive!

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Review #27, by oldershouldknowbetter The One With The Four Hour Nap

23rd January 2015:
Review #6: the review which has a nap critique

Michelle and Quidditch; is the captain having more practices to just give people a second chance or is it more a second chance to see if there is someone who could replace you?

Michelle has a crush herself – bet Abigail never made her feel bad about Ethan.

Abigail has some options for friends it is good to see. If only she could see it too.

If I may humbly make one small criticism: the nap seems to draw out the chapter and there is nothing much to advance the plot here. Michelle and the Quidditch stuff and the conversation after the nap could have easily been added to the next chapter without much harm done. Her having the nap and still feeling so tired afterwards really seems to have no bearing upon the plot (unless in a subsequent chapter we find out she is sick or something). But then again a reader will pass through this chapter with ease and go on to the twenty (and counting) chapters to come. So I am
probably making too much of it all. Ah, I often have an afternoon nap – so what on earth am I complaining about?

Abigail has a tiny bit of joy when she catches James’ eye at the dinner table, but yet again Michelle has to dump condescension and then spitefulness all over it

Quote: “What would you do if this all happened with Ethan?” I asked her, letting my annoyance and tiredness take over my mouth before I could rein it in and stop it.

Abigail has the temerity to point out to Michelle what would she do if the situation were reversed. Michelle shrugs it off but I don’t know how much to believe her – I tend not to believe anything which comes out of her mouth. This reader thinks that if the situation were reversed, Michelle would not only be a gooey mess, but also want her friend’s support and congratulations.

Abigail nearly, nearly broke out of her self-imposed shell and said what she means, but all that came out was the small counterpoint. Abigail dreads that Michelle may be correct and that James is doing all of this as part of some elaborate trick, but Abigail shouldn’t doubt herself so much (aint that the truth) – she is a far better judge of character than she gives herself credit for.

Though, if in the remote possibility that it is some sort of cruel joke, Abigail knows that she will be devastated.

Author's Response: Abigail would never make Michelle feel bad about Ethan. She needs to see that there are other and better friends out there for her, much like Isabella!

Haha I probably shouldn't have included the nap and the tiredness, I may have been napping or tired whilst I was writing it, so just decided to include it. Sadly she's not sick (Although why am I sad that she's not sick? I'm a mean person!)

Michelle is always around to dump her spitefullness on people, it's the only thing we can rely on her for! Of course you're right, we can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Michelle would definitely want Abigails support 100% if it was the other way around.

She very nearly did! It was so close but it was there, she's growing up! *wipes away proud tear* You're right, she really shouldn't doubt herself so much.

Will it be a cruel joke? We shall see!

Thank you!! *Squishes you with the biggest hugs*

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Review #28, by oldershouldknowbetter The One With The Change In Friendship

23rd January 2015:
Review #5: the review which has the smell of honey about it.

James has kept being polite and unstalkerish – I like your James he seems like a good guy.

Michelle just keeps putting in digs to Abigail and doesn’t realise that what she’s doing is digging her own grave.

Then James again and his proximity for once makes the normally shy and reserved girl open up and let a small skerrick of information slip out about her toxic relationship with Michelle. It is the first real chink in the armour of habit she has encased herself in – apart from the silent whispers she does to herself which the reader knows she has been doing so long that they are devoid of power.

Honey lip balm, must go back and check … yep! Honey is one of James’ ‘love smells’, Oh it’s just made me feel all warm inside.

Author's Response: Oh James' rambles, it's a good thing that we know he's not a stalker. :P I'm glad that you like my James and think that he's a good guy.

Michelle really does need to realise that she is digging her own grave by being mean, you're totally right. But she's so blinded by thinking about herself, she doesn't really care about how Abigail is feeling or what she's being put through by the behaviour. It's sad. :(

James is going to be a good thing for her confidence.

Yep! It's one of the 'love smells' I had so much fun with those! :D Awww yay for the warm feeling!! :D

Your reviews give me the biggest warm feelings! :D

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Review #29, by oldershouldknowbetter The One With The Chocolate Of Forgiveness

23rd January 2015:
Review #4: The review which has chocolate in it

Abigail is still beating herself up over what was not her fault.

James arrives.

The eponymous chocolate of forgiveness – such a wonderful phrase to have in the back of my mind as I read this - oh, it’s actually written on the chocolate itself, how absolutely delightful.

James is again brave in coming up to Abigail to apologise.

Abigail is such an emotional mess deep down to her core that James’ presence and presents and politeness cause her poor fragile ego to flip and flop about so heart-wrenchingly.

The Chocolate of Forgiveness has unfortunately done little to dowse the flames of gossip.

One thing we learn is how truly friendless Abigail feels herself to be – it is saddening.

She retreats, to eat her chocolate in solitude, still not trusting the confection, let alone her encounter with James. We the readers know she should trust that chocolate to the ends of the Earth.

Author's Response: Who doesn't want chocolate of forgiveness? I would forgive anyone that brings me some... well, within reason. Although I would be so suspicious of it! Oh James! being adorable in his writing on the piece of chocolate wrapping paper.

James is definitely brave in coming to her after the disaster of previous chapters.

We do know she should trust the chocolate! :D

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Review #30, by oldershouldknowbetter The One With The Love Potion

23rd January 2015:
Review #3: The review which is longer because there is so much in the chapter.

A long chapter warrants a longer review.

On again, off again Michelle is back to being Abigail’s friend – as if she needs it. She feels she does – Abigail is just a little bit insecure and I suppose it fits with her Hufflepufness. I like it when people write stories about the Puffers or the Claws; it show that their stories have value too, not just the Slytherins or the Gryffindors.

Michelle is happier, but she cannot resist another dig at Abigail about James. If she’s not careful she’s going to drive them together.

Ah the love potion: such a good plot device and ‘story’ generator.

James is funny – good – but he’s smart too – even better. It is wonderful your characterisation of James; it is very brave of him, and hence true Gryffindor, to tell his ‘love smells’ out loud to the whole class (remember not even Hermione was brave enough to do that). I like it when authors remember to actually make their Gryffindors brave.

Good, Abigail has at least one ‘love smell’ the same as James, but rain? That seems to me to be some foreshadowing of some delicious rainy rendezvous with James to come – well at least one hopes so.

Quote: “Grass, soap and polish.” Michelle told me, she seemed almost smug about something. “That’s clearly a sign that I’ll love a Quidditch player.”

She’s a Quidditch player herself, isn’t she? So maybe that means she just loves herself.

Ah stolen love potion – even better to drive the story along and I note that Abigail wasn’t paying attention to Michelle when the latter was packing up – I wonder what she missed …

But the love potion is used so soon – no long and protracted build up. Obviously you must have more planned to fill the, what, twenty or so chapters after this one that you don’t need to drag out this plot device.

The whole ‘love scene’ is done well: sad and bittersweet and everything.

Abigail is gutted and what’s more is she cannot tell anyone why and will probably have to laugh it off in the future if someone mentions when James professed his love for her.

It is good to see James does have some good friends – one tends to be judged by the company you keep and if those two idiots were it, then …

Hmm, I wonder how Abigail is judged because of Michelle.

I wonder who the potion was actually meant for, Michelle? Why?

Author's Response: Wooo! Long review! :D

Abigail is really insecure and Michelle knows how to play on those insecurities to her advantage. She knows that Abigail won't go anywhere, because she's made Abigail see that she's her only friend.

I love writing about Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws!

Yep, the love potion is being used! Mwahahaha. :P

I'm so glad that you think that way about James and my characterisation of him. He's definitely a Gryffindor, it takes a lot to scare him.

Haha a delicious rendezvous in the rain? Maybe maybe! :D

She is a Quidditch player herself so it's definitely about her! Hahaha she does love herself!

Nope, no prolonged build up of whn it'll be used, Elijah and Barry jump right in there. I'm happy you thought that the scene was done well.

Poor Abigail and James, at least William was there to sort things out. He's a good friend.

Barry and Elijah originally planned to use the potion with Michelles hair and on James , so that he would fall for her instead. They just managed to get poor Abigail instead.

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Review #31, by oldershouldknowbetter The One With The 'Supportive' Best Friend

23rd January 2015:
Review #2: The review which explores the relationship with a biatch.

We now explore the relationship between the two friends. I called Michelle a ‘so called friend’ in the last review because we had some fore-shadowing of how this ‘friendship’ might develop in the future. We will see whether the relationship is as we suspect as we see them interact more in this chapter.

Well, our suspicions are soon confirmed because the relationship is a toxic one and it may become fully poisonous as the series progresses. Michelle is not nice to her at all and Abigail just rolls over and takes it. Michele is controlling; Abigail doesn’t have other friends due to Michelle’s influence; and sometimes she is just plain nasty
I do believe Abagail, that she has foresworn her crush on James – It was just a young girl’s fancy, but now with her coming to his notice … she finds that it might not be so easy to put it completely behind her. And do we blame her, James sounds dishy.

We have a very believable and sympathetic heroine in Abigail. She has some flaws but they are understandable and we hope that over the course of the story she will overcome them.

Michelle is that sort of person that most of us have encountered at one point of time or another. She treats her few (one?) friend so poorly because she knows that someday the friend will get up the courage to call them on their (can’t swear) nonsense. They have to be mean for so long, almost pre-emptively, for when the friend finally has had enough and gives it all up as too awful to endure and then Michelle can say ‘well, I knew you would turn out to be a biatch all along.’

Author's Response: I love how your reviews are based off of my chapter titles! That's a lovely touch! :D

Oh Michelle, she makes me want to hurt someone or something! Mainly her! She's sadly based off of me and my old best friend from high school, I'm glad she's not in my life any more that's for sure!

Yep, sadly the relationship between the two is toxic and it'll get worse. Poor Abigail, she needs to grow a backbone.

I don't blame her at all for her crush on James, he is dishy. :P

Michelle is very controlling, and she only has the one friend which is Abigail, she'll learn one day what she's doing.

Thank you once again!

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Review #32, by oldershouldknowbetter The One Where James Knocks Me Down

23rd January 2015:
So far I have selected an older story and a one shot. I wanted to review something that was probably closer to your heart at this moment; something more recently updated.

Looking around for something of yours to review and I find this – a girl who likes comics. Cool, I like comics so I think I’ll give this a go. I shall review as I go through it and not read ahead; so as to give my reviews the spontaneity of the first reading and not have subsequent knowledge spoiling them. Also I shall be forgoing my usual completely and utterly in-depth reviews for ones which are shorter but still pithy, to see if I can prove the old adage wrong that I must sacrifice quality for quantity.

I saw your little profile update singing my praises and it warmed the cockles of this old Santa’s heart, let me tell you. And with that clue and the multiple ones I left in the review of ‘What’s Up, Hugo’ you should no doubt divine my identity.

OK then: flexes fingers; cricks neck; let us begin:-

Review #1: the review which is the first one.

Abigail seems a nice, average sort of person. I love Rose (because of course Rose/Scorpius is the One True Pairing!), but she quite often seems to be written on some variation of the ‘super person’ her mother was. Abigail seems normal and it’s good to see that as a change from my usual fare.

The brother is a solid addition and the relationship between them is neither good nor bad – just the normal sort of relationship between siblings. The gentle teasing of the older brother is a nice touch of characterisation.

A Quidditch obsessed supposed best friend.

I like the comic book conceit; I’d really like to read some Wizard comic books they sound like a far more convenient version of the motion comics you can get on DVD, but even better.

The clash with James was done well. You have a free and easy writing style which is a pleasure to read, I’d only read your humour titles before so it is good you can write something more serious (though so far the drama is leavened with a healthy dose of light heartedness).

I like how friendly and nice you have made James – his character is usually friendly enough, but he’s sometimes not so nice and usually totally impressed with himself.

The use of first names is well done too. Unless they have a nick-name, quite often one will only call another person by their last names if they are a friend or an enemy – the use of a last name without an honorific can be more personal sometimes. It is obvious that they know of each other, as would anyone having spent the last five years in the same school together, but otherwise are virtual strangers.

We knew the last line was coming from the setup earlier, but it was superbly done and a delight to read.

Author's Response: Hello! I'm finally getting around to answering this amazing and lovely reviews from you!

Awww this story is my baby! I love it so much and I have so many plans, so I'm really happy that you decided to review it (I still can't believe that you reviewed so much of it! You're amazing for doing so)

I must write a longer Rose story one day, or at least feature her more in this story. I should add that to my notes.

Abigail and her brother get on a lot better now then when they were younger, but that's mainly because they barely spend any time together and have less time to bicker with each other. Of course he still teases her, he wouldn't be a good brother if he didn't. :P

They do sound more convenient! Less time reading, more time watching!

Awww thank you! I wanted to have James being a decent guy and not come off as a jerk or rude person who thinks he's the best thing in the world. I don't imagine Harry would have raised him that way, as for Albus... well, he's a totally different story in my stories. But we'll get to him later!

Thank you so much for the awesome review! Now to answer your next one! :D

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Review #33, by Jaye14 The One Where I Learn More About William

21st January 2015:
Love.. Love.. Love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #34, by burli The One Where I Learn More About William

19th January 2015:
You're still there! Hooray! Thank you for the update. It always is a pleasure to read this story, because at the moment (and I sure hope it stays that way) it is really fluffy and chases away the bad weather and the cold, like (and please don't be mad for this bad analogy) a cup of hot cocoa after a dementor attack.
Anyway, great chap, as always :) I hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response: I am still here! Awww thank you so much! You are wonderful for saying such amazing things :D Don't you worry! Fluffyness is staying! Aw I love that analogy! That is a superawesome analogy!
Thank you so much! I'm working on the next update :D

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Review #35, by Guest The One With The End Of A Friendship

19th January 2015:
I NEED more Abigail and James. They are literally the cutest couple the world of fanfiction has seen. And the worst part is it's been two months since we got a new taste of them. Two months, of withdrawal from the beautiful friendship and love story that is Abigail and James. Therefore I asl (more beg of you) to please update soon. I've seen youre working on other stories but none of them have quite caught my attention like this one. Anyway please please please update soon because the longer o got with Abi and James the harder it is.

Author's Response: I am so so sorry for how long it's been! I will never let it get that long again. I'm so glad that you love this story so much and I love your review! I will update quicker this time! *hugs you*

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Review #36, by tesophia The One With The End Of A Friendship

30th December 2014:
Omg I love your story! I hope the next chapter soon will be up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter as we speak! :D

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Review #37, by ReeBee The One Where James Is A Dragon For The Day

12th December 2014:
Okay fine i wasn't expecting Michelle's apology :P But I'm still suspicious… she isn't that nice and doesn't seem like the type to change herself that quickly… though I may be wrong! only the coming chapters can tell ;)

Oh my god though the felsss!!! I feel like a more upbeat version of an Ed Sheeran song! And I think the monster is Rebecca :P Abigail is too cute, even with the jealousy! And she didnt do anything about the jealousy unlike Rebecca and the stupid grin at the end.

AND THE DRAGON THING IS SO CUTE!!! Like his childish yet amazing self confidence is to die for!!! And Abigail obviously really really loves that kind of stuff especially since there are hints that she wishes that she could have confidence like that!!! And maybe she will after hanging out some more (sque) with James!!!

THAT SHAMPOO BIT KILLED ME!!! I could picture it so vividly and the close proximity of him and his SMELL!!! And his warm breath on her skin it was all too much to handle!!! Ah!!! Man do you know how to write to get all readers feelings all up and excited and dying :P Like honestly its amazing!!! As a side night, i really cant imagine coconut shampoo and how it would smell.. like idk why but my imagination does not reach those lengths…

Cant wait for the next one!!!

Stay perfect and fabulous,
Curie :)

Author's Response: Fun fact: Always be suspicious of Michelle! She normally does things for a reason.

Awww that is quite a lot of feels to be compared with an Ed Sheeran song! Oh yes, the monster is so Rebecca. Oh Abigail! She keeps her feelings inside.

Haha would James be any other way? James is really good for Abigail's confidence.

:P hehehehe thank you!! *squishes you with all the hugs* You can't imagine coconut shampoo? I love that stuff so much! Smells like holidays in the sun haha

Thank you so much you are so amazing and perfect!

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Review #38, by ReeBee The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

12th December 2014:

First of all, again i really really want to slap Michelle in the face with a huge and preferably extremely heavy chair!!! But then it makes me question the logistics of the situation as i wouldn't be able to life an extremely heavy chair :P

AND JAMES! Like how he knows that Abigail and Michelle's friendship is uber unhealthy maybe he'll have a chat with Abigail or confront her!!! Ah!! okay I'm predicting too much whoops :P AND THE HOLDING HAND!!! I squealed so bad!!! Like actually!!! I feel so excited and stupid at the same time :P I'm shipping them so bad its not even funny okay :P

COMICS OMG! JAMES!!! I LOVE HIM!!! AND SO DOES ABIGAIL!!! But i cant compare with Abigail on this one!! i love how much he obviously likes her and its really obvious even though its first person Abigail's POV and thats really really cute how he's willing to show his affection for her!! ahhh!!!

And Abigail is really easily walked over I'm scared that someone's going to take advantage of her!! How happy i was when she made that sarcastic snip at Michelle I died :))) Like go her!! I hope to see many many more of those!!!

AND HOW HE GOES 'UNLESS…' I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO BE LIKE 'UNLESS YOU HAVE A POSITION FOR BOYFRIEND' OMG I DIED WITH ANTICIPATION!!! But the hint! the overprotective boyfriend hint was so good! and i love how confused Abigail is and how that confusion is mostly because she herself is sure that James can never like her BUT HE DOES HE DOES ABIGAIL. OMG. IM SO HAPPY FOR EHR AND THIS RELATIONSHIP OMG.

ANYWAY. On to the next chapter.

Stay über perfect,
Curie :)

Author's Response: *Prepares for the rant*

YES! She does need the biggest slap Haha and yes with the chair!! Mmmm maybe we could use two light chairs?

James should have a chat, but he feels that it's not his place to make Abigail pick and choose her friends, he'll just be there to help her.

Damn right they held hands! :P Hahaha

They're both so oblivious to the others feelings! Or too scared to act on them.

She is, poor her :( Awww she is confused haha, she needs to realise that James likes her!

Thank you!! :D Stay wonderful and amazing!

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Review #39, by ReeBee The One With The Talent Show

12th December 2014:

okay i forgot how good this was??? like after reading so many stories (even mine) about ideal characters with flaws that happen to ideal too, its so nice!!! ABIGAIL. AND MAIN PART OK JAMES. OMG. I FORGOT HOW AMAZING HE WAS. HE CAN FLIP!!! FLIP!!! THATS SO CUTE!!! And the way he treats Abigail is like death you had me fangirling through the WHOLE CHAPTER!!!LIKE IM NOT KIDDING. The way he treats her icanthandle.

And I'm still doubtful about Michelle… because she was sort of nice to Abigail when it comes to activities and stuff before too. but then she's really really witchy…

okay can we get back to James? I'm sorry this must be really really repetitive for you but I like really really cant deal because he is literally perfect!!! how he didnt force her to do the talent show!!! he's so considerate and i want them to get together so bad but i want you to drag it out so there are many more Jabigail moments!! Like seriously I'm so conflicted!!!

And the actual talent show sounds like heaps of fun!! Like i loved the Mr Sock and the muggle and ah. and i hope we see James' talent soon? More flips in the following chapters maybe?? Omg I'm excited!!!

I cant wait to get back into this story!!! So expect more reviews soon and sorry for being a terrible friend!! missed you heaps Tammi xx


Author's Response: Of course I forgive you! *hugs* I understand and you're here now! :D

Aw thank you! Haha how could you forget all about James? Oh yes, James has many skills and hidden talents. Aw fangirling is good! :D

Oh Michelle... there are times I want to hurt her... which is all of the time. She is being very witchy!

We can get back to James :D It's never repetitive, I love hearing it! James really cares for Abigail, bless him. I just want to hug them both so tightly!

James' talents will have to make more of an appearance definitely!

Aww you could never be a terrible friend! *squishes yo uever so tightly*

Thank you so much Curie!

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Review #40, by potterfan310 The One With The End Of A Friendship

3rd December 2014:

The chapter title :O

I LOVE Abi and her comic book, I kind of hope that maybe she does show it to James one day.

Isabella I just love her, she is such a great character and friend to Abi. To me she needs to shove Michelle out of the way and become Abi's best friend because the two of them are great! She is just brilliant and I love that she went and shouted at James (and William) for Abi, haha.

Wait what!?


Ahhh I'm so proud of Abi for kicking Michelle to the kerb and giving her a good old telling off. I seriously thought the chapter title was to do with James, not her :O But I'm glad.

William and Isabella, do I spy a relationship of some sorts forming between them. Hmmm...?

JAMES BABY ♥♥ I knew he wouldn't hurt Abi and that he likes her *Happy Dance* He is so cute and adorkable ♥




I Cannot wait for the next because oh my god James and Abi happened, am I dreaming??

THIS CHAPTER JUST, I CAN'T. SO exciting, I think this is my new favourite chapter :)

Sophie x ♥

Author's Response: Hey! I know! The chapter title could have been shown as being evil :P

She's going to show James her comic, don't you worry :P

I'm glad that Abigail has Isabella too, she's going to tell Michelle exactly what she thinks soon enough, so stay tuned!

Haha yes, yes I am sneaky :P And Michelle has finally got what she deserves! She's so evil and mean.

Oh William and Isabella, I have so many plans for them. :

Nope, James would never hurt her *joins happy dance*


Thank you so much Sophie!!

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Review #41, by Joanna The One With The End Of A Friendship

16th November 2014:
YAYAYAY!!! Eeep! I'm so happy right now! That was perfect!!!

Author's Response: YAY!!! I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU'RE HAPPY! YOU'RE PERFECT!!! *hugs you tightly*

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Review #42, by marauderfan The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

16th November 2014:
Hi Tammi :) I must admit I clicked on this fic because I liked the banner :p (and actually all the CI's are brilliant as well, in the comic book theme!) And I'm so glad I did, because this is such a fun story so far! I love your OC Abigail, she's shy but not horribly so - as in she'll still talk to people who talk to her - and mostly the fact that you've created a world of Wizarding comic books - that's so great! I was so happy for Abigail when James said that he liked them too :D

Abigail's antics also crack me up, how she stares at James every 5 seconds and gets lost in her head in daydreams. I cant deny that I was any different when I was a teenager :p So I can relate.

Abigail should be best friends with Isabella instead of Michelle. Michelle is such a bad influence on her. But I was SO PROUD of Abigail for saying her feelings to Michelle for once! I knew she could do it!

Also, I love the way you've written James in this - he's not super arrogant, just a little bit of a clown. I like that he's into sock puppet acting XD

Anyway, really enjoying this fic! I'm sure I'll be back to gush more about it later.

Author's Response: Heya!

I am so glad that you clicked on my story, that makes me happy and I'm glad that you like my banner and chapter images. I need to make more! Aww yay! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it. I wanted to try and make her as relatable as possible, so she may not really talk to James in the beginning but they know who the other is. And she's shy but can talk to people.

Oh Abigail! She's not hiding her crush very well, if only James noticed as well haha :P

She should be! I hate Michelle, she is a terrible influence and Isabella is so much better for her. She stood up to her though, which is a very big improvement with Abigail.

Thank you! I wanted to have James as a bit of a joker, not arrogant and egotistical. And he loves sock puppet acting a lot! haha

Thank you so much! I can't wait to hear more about what you think of the rest of the story :D

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Review #43, by TheGoldenGirl The One With The End Of A Friendship

16th November 2014:
FINALLY I'VE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR THIS ;-; thank you this story best not be finished

Author's Response: You're welcome! And nope it's not finished, we have a while to go before that happens :P I'm so glad that you loved it! :D

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Review #44, by HarryGinnyLove88 The One With The End Of A Friendship

16th November 2014:
:) you have some text here double :)

But amazing chapter, finally michelle got what she deserves...

How many chapters you have left?

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out, I have hopefully fixed the issue.

Yes! She did get what she deserved! She's a waste of space.

There are going to be around 40 chapters, that's my goal at least :P

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Review #45, by Joanna The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

6th November 2014:
Oh I hope you update soon! I need to know!! I love this story! Great job!

Author's Response: I've updated! I hope that you enjoy it! :D Thank you so much!!

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Review #46, by potterfan310 The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

5th November 2014:
Me again.

I feel like I need to do an Isabella and hug Abi *hugs*. I can't tell if Michelle feels really bad and wants to be there/nice to Abi but on the other hand I kind of feel she's up to something, maybe with Rebecca?

Aww, the comic. I'm glad she's channelled her pain into a comic, about her and James I'm guessing, even if they weren't actually dating.

Abi needs all the chocolate and hugs. I'm glad she stood him up if he was planning on something mean (which I still refuse to believe) but if he wasn't then I'm not so sure :/ You know I love theories :p but I'm thinking what if Rebecca has some sort of dirt on James and he's had to go along with this plan of hers. I kind of think James feels genuinely bad about things but another part of me hates him too. Ahhh!!!

*Hugs for Abi*

The truth better come out soon, I'm dying to know if James is who he says he is or not and whether my Jabi dreams have been crushed.

Can't wait for the next one!!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: YAY!!!

*squishes you with the biggest hug ever*

She is very thankful for the hugs, she does need them. It is hard to tell with Michelle what exactly she's up to, whether she's telling the truth or she's lying. You shall find out soon!

It's how Abigail channels her emotions, and yep, it's about her and James, even though they weren't dating.

I want to give her all the chocolate and hugs too! There's a lot of theories and I love hearing yours! It's hard to decide how to feel about James right now (I totally know how to feel because I have the inside scoop of what's happening)

*joins the hug*

It will come out soon! I promise!

Thanks Sophie you amazingly wonderful person! :D

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Review #47, by potterfan310 The One Where My Heart Tore To Pieces

5th November 2014:
Haha, I'm back.

Hello NaNo Mammy!

Ahh it's their date, yay! But I have such a bad feeling about the chapter title :(

Aww Abi's idea about making him a comic is so adorable.

Uh-oh, I'm starting to think Rebecca has set up a 'Lets make Abigail Higgs life a misery' club. I swear it's her in the toilets.

Oh Abi, nooo. Those girls better be wrong, James would NOT do anything like that. Please don't let him do that. His big secret that William keeps going on about is that he likes Aib, not something mean! I refuse to believe this. JABI HAS TO HAPPEN! ♥

WHAT!? JAMES IS DATING REBECCA, WHAT!? NO, NO, NO! Why do you do this to me?

Off to the next one.

Author's Response: Hello NaNo child! :D

Yes! The day of the date is finally here and I'm worried about your reaction *hides*

It's not just Abigail that's setting up that club, it may not be her, but it's people connected to her.

:( all I can say is you'll find out in the next chapter! I feel mean for doing this to you :(

Next one is up and I can't wait to see your reaction to it.

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Review #48, by Ravenclawcandy The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

27th October 2014:
Gahhh! I can't believe James.but I don't think he did that. He couldn't of oooh. But what if Michelle was the one to spread this rumor, but why would you do that to your "best-friend" ugh I can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon!!!~

Author's Response: I know! But all is not what it seems! Ahhh you may be onto something with that :D Michelle isn't exactly the nicest of people.

The next chapter is up now! :D

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Review #49, by Asia The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

26th October 2014:
I'm really hoping it's not true. maybe Rebecca forced herself on james? Idk... James is so nice and I think he really cares about her.
I'm so sad about Abigail though. Nobody should feel like their nothing.
Update really soon!
I love your writing!

Author's Response: *hugs you* It's all come out. James is a nice guy, is it all a misunderstanding? You can find out!

Thank you so much, I love your reviews!!

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Review #50, by lightthecandle The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

26th October 2014:
I desperately wanted to climb into Abigail's bed like Isabel did and give her a massive hug! I feel so bad for her and I'm really (deep down) hoping that James really didn't do it and that Michelle made the whole thing (because, to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised) but then again, I couldn't imagine what would make Michelle want to do that!

It's so sad! :(
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: I want to as well, Abigail needs good friends around her. *hugs her too* Your feelings may be right, Michelle isn't a good person, we all need to remember this.

The next chapter is up! :D

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