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Review #26, by Ninja in Training Forbidden

5th January 2016:
Well his mummy seems like a cow...also though why could roxie not change her appearance more often and date him that way? wizards are silly...also though could there not be some kind of special dispensation from the ban for romantically involved couples as presuably the ban is only in place to stop fighting - I realise that this would rid you of a key plot device but still - silly bans!

Author's Response: She really is, and it's not the last we've seen of her either! She could, but it's a lot of effort for her to do. Hahaha, they just know that it's a ban, they don't want to test it too much (even though they totally are)

You're right! bans are silly!

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Review #27, by Ninja in Training Missing James

5th January 2016:
so i went and read Unspeakable (which by the way you should totally update :) ) so panic is over-ish although they still totally need to get back together but fine - i like jason and roxie, england team is a good plan!

Author's Response: I so need to update that, you're right!... and who's saying that they're not together... secretly? :P

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Review #28, by Ninja in Training Cody McIntyre

5th January 2016:
Woah woah woah hold on there - abigail and james split? NO! No i will not have it - they must get back together they must am i missing a story? i must be missing a story- i'm not ok with this - i am not - they were lovely this is silly why?

Author's Response: *hugs* I haven't written that yet, this story was way before I planned the sequel to Abigail and James (although the Unspeakable was planned all before any of these)

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Review #29, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Boyfriend material

31st December 2015:
I'm almost feeling a little sad because this is the last review i'm leaving you as your secret snowflake and it's the last day of the year...

This is probably the cutest chapter so far. I love that the two of them are finally really together and that they are both so comfortable with each other and also at each other's place. I love Winston - you might be right, he is the real star in the story!
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see is two big, golden eyes staring at my face, in them a look of confused musing - "should I jump on the bed or just lick her face? How does one start her?" -dogs are the absolute BEST!! ♥

I really can't wait for the next chapter!!

I wish I knew what happened to Hugo and I wish he was just back to normal - but he's alive, that's something. (I still maintain that James is alive as well!!)

All in all, you have created a marvelous story and I loved every minute of reading it. I'll add this to my favourites tomorrow (or after whenever the reveal is).

Now, I'm off to leave you some MTA Questions, i should have enough time for that before i have to go cook New Year's Eve Dinner :)

I hope you're happy with your Secret Santa presents! I really enjoyed giving them to you.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Awww I'm feeling sad too that you won't be able to review anymore chapters. I've loved seeing you around and you've brought me so much joy!

Thank you :D They are finally really together, it happened! Oh yeah, I need my own Winston spin off, he needs his own story.

Aw that sounds so adorable!

More about Hugo will be mentioned in the next chapter I believe, or the one after?

Thank you so much! and I am going to answer those questions soon, don't you worry, I don't know why it's taking me so long to do that.

Love you lots!!! You've been the best secret snowflake ever!

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Review #30, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Semi-Final

30th December 2015:
Hahahahaha omg Winston in the bathtub with them, that's got to be so much fun. I can just imagine him smack in the middle of a romantic bubble bath... with foam on his head.

I did say i loved the last chapter... but i loved this one even more. It was so great to finally read about this match... i've been imagining it ever since the first few chapters.

The closer i get to chapter 22, the more it makes me sad to see the end (for now) aoproaching. This story should go on and on forever. I want to see Jason and Roxie play quidditch, date, get married, find James again, have children, and grow old together. (So you have to keep writing quite a few more chapters!)

Of course everyone (of their friends) already knew about their relationship, how could they not? Friends can usually tell when you're in love.

*sigh* one more chapter to go... I hope you enjoyed my review at least half as much as I am enjoying this story... I might have to add it to my favourites and put it on my currentlu reading list once you know who i am...

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Oh Winston, he's so cheeky! I love him! :D He would look so adorable with foam on his head just thinking "Oh this is nice, my human made me a bath. Why is he in there? I should be in there!"

Haha I'm glad that the match didn't disappoint, It's been building up to it hasn't it? :P

Awww I'm sorry that there isn't more chapters yet. All of those things may still happen! Once I get writing haha.

Of course they did, Jason and Roxanne weren't that good at hiding things from their friends, and of course they all talk to each other haha.

Thank you so so much! I have absolutely loved your reviews so much and they're brought me so much happiness.

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Review #31, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake The Press Conference

30th December 2015:
Oh Tammi I love this chapter so much! It really helped me calm down and relax from the last few ones (all of them made me cry at some point). This one is so lovely and sweet and it almost feels like nature after a big storm - you know, just when the birds start singing again, the sky slowly turns from black to grey and then to a soft yellow of the sun behind the last remaining clouds just before it turns blue again, when the air smells really clean and you walk through the soft, wet grass barefoot and just try to take it all in... it kinda feels like that to read this chapter.

Maybe James is WITH Abigail now, maybe that's where he went after faking his death. I love Sian, i think it's really good for Roxie to have her to talk to... maybe once Roxie and Jason are ready for that, they can let Sian write an article about their love and boost her new newspaper with their publicity.

The ban has been lifted, but I agree with Roxie that it'd be best to take things slow with jason. A new relationship is best developed away from prying eyes. But it's still good that they are now not endangering their jobs just by being with each other.

Thank you for this chapter, Love!

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: *hugs* I'm glad that you've calmed down and relaxed, even though I'm mean and make horrible things happen to my characters and make you cry.

Maybe? :P I refuse to comment on that haha.

Sian is awesome, and I'm glad that Roxie talked to her as well, she needed to get away from everything and talk to someone else.

Awww that would be really nice and it'll be great for both of them.

Yes! It's finally gone! although they didn't really pay much attention to it haha :P They can be together in the open!

thank you so much! :D

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Review #32, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Never Can Say Goodbye

30th December 2015:
Oooh I'd love playlists of your stories.



OOH AND ALBUS!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT FRED DID AT THE FUNERAL BUT THIS IS EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME TO GET OVER OLD DIFFERENCES, TO BRING THE FAMILY CLOSER TOGETHER. From what I can tell, Albus isn't missing out on much with the girl Fred "stole" from him. She's a real piece of work. (Fred should get a good attorney and fight for custody of Lee, but that's a different story).
I love that fred was civil to his sister as well, that's a nice change.

This story is messing with my emotions. I haven't ever laughed and cried as much, and danced through a museum full of people like I have today just because I was reading a story...

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*


Hahaha I love your theories... as for if they're right?. I refuse to say.

They really are! Those two adorable little sweeties! They have Lee's approval and he doesn't take to anyone! Jason must stick around just because of that.

haha Jason wants a Quidditch team, they're so in love and I want to hug them!

Albus and Fred are finally attempting to fix the damage done between them, they used to be the best of friends and Leanne ruined everything. He's really not at all, so really Albus got a luck escape from it. YES! FRED SHOULD!!

Fred being polite to Roxanne probably won't last long at all. This is Fred we're talking about.

Aw *hugs* haha I can just imagine you dancing in a museum :D THe image brings me joy haha

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Review #33, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Hugo

30th December 2015:
*raises hand* I hate Richard Williams. I think I hate him almost as much as I hate a certain teacher known as Dolores Umbridge.

I hate that James is dead, I hate that Hugo is in a coma and that Scorpius and Harry almost died, and I hate that the whole family is so broken and stunned. No one even knows what to do or say. (I hope someone is taking care of Albus)

But more than all that, and most of all, I hate that Roxanne is in so much emotional pain along with the physical pain of the attack.

It's good that Violet is staying with her, she really shouldn't be alone now. Nor should Violet for that matter, for her own protection. Roxanne needs someone to help her with the potions and to make her eat and drink and to make sure she gets enough sleep and to just be there if something should happen.
I love Jason for being there and for taking her home with him, and for understanding and saying the right thing at the right time.

I love that Jason has a dog who loves Roxanne. There is nothing quite like a dog to comfort you when something terrible has happened.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: That is big hatred if it's compared to the hatred for Umbridge, but yes, he is a horrible person and needs to go away!

*hugs* I'm sorry! I've broken them so much right now and I'm a horrible person for it.

She has so much pain and I'm glad that Jason is there to help her.

I agree, Violet can help her through this and make sure she's taking care of herself, and that Jason is helping too.

Winston is the best at hugs

Thank you so much!! :D

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Review #34, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake What happened?

30th December 2015:
Oh Merlin, what are you doing to me???
Wait, that was what I said after the last chapter, wasn't it?

I kind of hate you right now (but I can't help but love you at the same time). How could you just go and kill James? What did he ever do to you??

This can't be true. Lalalalala i didn't hear you lalalalalala. James can't be dead. He is one of my favourite characters. Someone in the ministry needs to be charged with murder as well as this bad guy. It shouldn't happen that someone is killed because of a job. The Ministry needs to conduct an enquiry and then fire someone or send them to Azkaban or something. I bet Ginny agrees with me. Her baby was killed, after all.

Okay let's rewind and pretend this never happened. Let me just stop sobbing, then I'll comment on the earlier events of this chapter...

*takes deep breath*

Okay so I'm glad Roxie is okay and that her parents take care of her. I hope hugo will be okay.
I love that George put Jason's name on the list of visitors to Roxie's hospital room, and I love that Jason comes and checks up on her and that Roxie is so happy to see him. I wish she would have told him she loves him, tho.

Please let this all be a nightmare and let James be okay in the next chapter...

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: I'm sorry! I'm a horrible person! *hides*

*continues hiding from what she done to James*

I agree with you though! Ginny and Harry agree with you.

*sobs with you*

All I can do is apologise for what I just done and hope for forgiveness!

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Review #35, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Wasps v Arrows

30th December 2015:
Oh for Merlin's sake, what are you doing to me??? I can't believe you cut off this match. The one the scouts were at, the one where Roxie had to play against Jason. I wanted to see that happening, to read about it all in great detail, but no... the game is cut short and something happened to Roxie and god knows how many other people... i'm still trying to figure out whether the attack on the stadium has anything to do with Violet's stalker or the people who are chasing after James... maybe both... or maybe they're the same person...?

On the up side, I knew Jason would never ever have hurt Roxie like she had assumed (after reading that article), and he managed to make her believe that, too. And aw, he loves her!! ♥ ♥ ♥

And omg they are having sex in an empty room before the game... that almost reminds me of empty classrooms at Hogwarts.., i'm sure it was good for them both, to calm the nerves...

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: I did! Who ever thought that a story about Quidditch would have this happen? Haha

Oh don't worry, the match is coming, it'll just have to be put off until a later date. :P

Ahhh, nice bit of detective work you have going on there :D

nope, he really wouldn't hurt her, he loves her too much and yes they did! Hahaha they need to control their hormones hahah. But it was totally to calm them down for the match haha :D

Thank you!!

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Review #36, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake The Article

30th December 2015:
I think I need a happy chapter soon. These last few chapters are starting to get to me.
Roxie should know better than to believe something in a newspaper. Anyone in her position would know that more than half of the stories are made up. Jason would never do this to her. Maybe this is an old story that the paper is printing because of the upcoming match, to throw Jason off his game again. Maybe the woman they were talking about is related to him or maybe he got ina fight with her - fights can sometimes look a lot like kissing or hugging in a picture.

James is an idiot. I don't know what exactly he has gotten himself into, but I do know that he seriously needs to get out of it. Why do I get the feeling that his saying good-bye to roxie and telling her he loves her sounds a lot more permanent than him disappearing again for a while... somehow it sounds like he's close to death.

Oooh the Arrows vs. Wasps game is coming up. I can't wait to read about it. I wonder if Roxie will be able to actually hit Bludgers at Jason. Maybe he'll even spare her and not hit bludgers at her- he seems like the kind of person who'd worry about her in a match.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: A happy chapter is definitely needed I think, I've been mean for a while with this.

She really should, but I think a part of her is believing that things are just too good to be true so is letting herself believe them.

He never would, you're right.

Oh James *sniff* I wish that I could stop what's happening to him... but I can't.

Yep! It's coming and it's going to be action packed, mwahahaha Hahaha maybe Jason will? :P

Thank you so much!!

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Review #37, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake The Stalker

30th December 2015:
Okay so James' job is now putting his family at risk and I think it has gone far enough. He needs to get out of it as quickly as possible. I'm sure there's a way and I'm sure Harry will be able to step in and do something. Roxie is much too nice tho, if it were me, I would have insisted that James tell me about what was going on.

Sadly, there wasn't much Jason/Roxie in this chapter. I just realized that I kinda started shipping them a little. I might have to borrow Jason for a chapter or two of my new novel... I'll ask you (with details of my story) once the big reveal is over.
This new story of mine is going to be interesting because I have never published Next Gen before.

We get a lot more insight in Violet's story in this chapter. So she was dating the creep and now can't get rid of him... I'm sure Roxie is right and the team will help violet out and protect her, but I am just as sure that Roxie is wrong about the way the team would react if she told them about her and Jason - surely they'd comfort and protect her too, after the initial shock of the revelation?

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: He really does need to get out of it, but he's in too deep already and getting out of it would make something more permanent happen... he's stuck right now. I would have insisted too, but James would have kept quiet.

I'm sorry that there wasn't much of them in this, but I'm happy that you're shipping them! :D YAY! You can totally borrow him! I would love to see you writing him :D I can't wait to see what your new story is!

Yep, Violet kept a lot of details to herself about her stalker.

Thank you so much!

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Review #38, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake He's back

30th December 2015:
This chapter has left me feeling really sad. Roxie and Jason had their moment and now they are trying to stay away from each other again, and it's going to be sad and painful and they'll give in eventually and then feel bad about it again.

James' return wasn't the happy event I expected it to be. I'm glad he's back and alive enough to walk and talk, but the danger clearly is far from over and I think Roxie's feeling of dread is definitely justified. I am really angry with Harry and Ginny and James for not telling everyone that James was back right away. This is not something you keep to yourself for any reason. There is nothing that justifies making your family worry like this. If this had gone on for longer, Roxie could have lost her job over it, that is not okay.

I like that Jason understands why Roxie has to rush off right away and i like that he obviously loves her and how he tells her she is beautiful. oh Merlin, I wish he were real.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Awww I'm sorry! I feel like I apologise to you in every response haha. Stupid ban!

:( Oh James, I just want to hug that boy and make everything better for him, but I don't think it'll work. I'm angry with them all too, they had to have known that people would be angry, they could have at least told Roxie, they know how close her and James are. She really could have! You're right!

Jason is very understanding, he loves her a lot and I wish he were real too

Thank you so much!!

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Review #39, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake It's The Falling In Love

30th December 2015:
Well isn't that a great way to be cheered up? :)

I love Jason, you developed a really cool character here. Sometimes I wish he was real :D
He's being the responsible one yet again, telling Roxie that they should stop despite definitely not wanting to stop.

I love that Roxie doesn't stop tho, I love that she takes a chance and finally does what she wants to do. She's being very cheeky and sexy here and he doesn't really have a choice other than to follow her into the bedroom.

Can't wait to see if they get caught.

It's so cute that she realizes she's falling for him not when he's playing Quidditch and looking incredibly hot on his broom but when he's broken and sad and confused and she realizes she just wants to make it better. That's a beautiful way to realize you love someone.

I saw your status updates about wanting to know who i am so I'm thinking i might start dropping a few hints so you can start guessing who I am. so let's just say I'm not in the same time zone you are in :D

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm glad it cheered you up! :D

I wish he was real all the time, I would just stare at him and touch his arms haha. So many muscles. *swoons*

Oh no, she's not going to stop when she wants something, even if Jason is trying to be a gentleman.

She's seen a side of him that he's keeping anyone else from seeing apart from his closest friends, so it shows just how much he cares for her.

Hahaha I'm so glad that I know who you are now, because you're wonderful and I love you so much!!

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Review #40, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Forbidden

30th December 2015:
You know what? I'll risk that you might find out who i am and tell you something about what I am doing right now: I'm at one of the world's greatest museums, surrounded by the works of artists as great as Matisse and Picasso and I just want to keep reading your story.

Of course I spent quite some time admiring the artworks, but I needed a bit of a break so I decided to leave you another review.

Oh no, Roxie and Jason have been spotted - nothing even happened between them yet and they still have been seen together. I hope that the coach just believes Roxie when she tells him it isn't true - a little white lie to save her career, right?

How was it so easy for Jason to come to Roxanne's games and yet it's so difficult for her to go to his without being recognized? Was it because of him hiding out with her large family? I can't even picture Roxie with straight blond hair - I'm sure no one recognized her in her disguise.

A game of Quidditch must be good to let go of all your anger but maybe it's also a little distracting. i hope the whasps win their game despite Jason's anger.

Wow Jason's mum is really something... i wonder what's up with her to make her act like that. Somehow I don't think i like her much...

I can see that this woman might end up getting both Jason and Roxanne into trouble...

Also, no news of James yet... It has me worried. If he doesn't turn up soon, Roxie might miss out on a few games because of how distracted she is.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Awww yay!! :D I can't believe that you would rather read my story when you're in such a beautiful place! That just makes me feel so wonderful!

Yep, they've been spotted and nothing even happened between them haha.

Jason is the master of disguise, and has a lot of friends in high places to be able to hide, Roxanne is probably not the best at being sneaky haha. She tries too hard that it's noticable.

Oh yeah, being Beater must be brilliant when you're angry, I just hope that Jason never makes her angry or she'll hurt him with her beaters bat haha.

She really is, and don't worry, I haven't forgotten about her, she's coming back.

Oh James, where are you? :( *hugs him*

Thank you so much!

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Review #41, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Missing James

30th December 2015:
It's so good of Roxanne to be there for Lily and to yry to support her and Albus, that can't have been easy, much less considering that she's feeling terribly worried and upset herself. Going out to eat was a very good idea, but I'm not surprised Lily couldn't take it after a while. But that's okay, it turned out better than expected - Jason was there and now Roxie has him to talk to and to help her. She really needed someone to confide in with the whole James going missing thing. Maybe she can get most of her feelings out and manage to focus on her job a bit more. I know that's unlikely, but maybe Jason's support is exactly what she needs.

Aw I love that Jason put his family before his career and didn't play for England for his dad. When Roxie asked him how his dad was going now, there were two directions you could have taken... I'm so glad that you chose to let Jason's dad be alive and healthy instead of killing him off... I do that a lot with my characters, but I don't like reading too many deaths, especially not when expecting a romance.

I love this story so much ♥

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Yep, I haven't shown Roxanne and Lily's relationship a lot in this, but they are close to each other. Although nowhere near how close she is with James. It turned out so well for Roxanne though, she got to see Jason and avoid meeting his mother haha.

Jason would have given up Quidditch completely if his dad needed him, he's a very loyal person. I couldn't kill of Jason's dad, that would have made me so sad. He needs to meet Roxanne soon actually. I should work on that, he'll love her!

Thank you so much, hun! I love you so much!

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Review #42, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Cody McIntyre

30th December 2015:
Chapter 9
Oh wow so much happened in this chapter! I had to go back to the beginning to remember it all. I had completely forgotten that it starts with a quidditch match...

Roxanne is really distracted here, I wonder why :D
Thankfully, due to her awesome plays, the Arrows still win the game even after coming very very close to losing. I love how you focussed on the beaters again and that you make it very obvious how important they are to the team and to a game. We mostly fail to see that in how Rowling writes Quidditch.

I love that you borrowed Cody, he fits in here very well and I can see how important he could be in making Roxanne realize that maybe Jason is worth the risk and that she can try being with him without being seen for a while - of course then she'd have to be able to control herself and not kiss him any chance she gets.

I found it strange that Ron would miss Roxie's match, and I already thought something must be up, but I really didn't expect this. I'm very curious about James' job, but even more curious about what happened to him. I wonder if/how violet's creepy guy with the flowers ties into this.

Only one more day of leaving reviews for you... I hope I'll get through this story by the end of tomorrow... but if I don't, I'll come back with and review the rest with my real account.

I hope you liked the reviews from the swap i did for you - don't bother looking, I'll leave the reviews for the swap after the big reveal so you have no way of knowing who i am until then.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Yep, it was an action packed chapter definitely! So much happening.

I would so be distracted too :P

The Beaters are one of the most important I feel, they stop everyone doing anything haha, I think I just like the idea of hitting things at people and laughing afterwards haha.

Oh Cody! He needs to be in this more, I should put him randomly in the background of Jason and Roxanne scenes haha.

Yep, something has happened, he would never normally miss a match. James has a very dangerous job, and you're right, the creepy guy ties in with that.

Awww I've loved having you as my secret snowflake, you've been so awesome and I've loved it so much!

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Review #43, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake The problem with Fred

29th December 2015:
Fred is a real piece of work, isn't he? I think the quarrel between the two siblings really makes this chapter juicy and exciting. I didn't realize Fred had a son before now, and I'm also not sure if i just forgot that he and his girlfriend (Al's Ex i guess) are seperated or if that is new information.
It's really not very nice of him to tease and annoy Roxie like he does. They are both grown people, Fred should have his sister's back instead of being the one to hurt her. Hurting her like this won't do anything to protect her from what Jason could do to her either, so I really see no point besides just being mean in what Fred does here. It makes me a little sad that Roxanne is the one leaving her parents' place instead of Fred.

I'm really glad that George comes after her tho, and I love that she's honest with him and that he gives really good advice. I hope she listens to her father and tries to find out if Jason is worth it all. Worst case - she can still have George break Jason's legs, and I'm sure he'd be willing to break more than that.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: He really is, he's not a nice person at times and he really needs a punch in the face from Roxanne I think. Fred isn't allowed to see him much, only when Leanne lets him around, they're seperated I should probably write that in actually... I didn't realise that I didn't haha

Fred should, but he's still immature and needs a good poke in the eye! He's doing it to be mean, such a bad brother.

George and Roxanne are very open with each other, and George although doesn't like knowing all of these things about his children is there to help them through anything. Hahaha George would destroy him :P

Thank you hun!! Lots of love to you!

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Review #44, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake A Mistake

29th December 2015:
Aw no Roxanne really shouldn't think like that... i want them to be together and happy and i want more of that whole kissing and making out...

But okay i get it... and I am getting ahead of myself again - if i remember correctly, Roxanne is still at Jason's place in the beginning of this chapter...

I don't quite undetstand what makes her run for it right at this moment... of course she had to leave at some point, but I didn't expect it to be quite so sudden.

Poor Violet, there's a potential danger in that creepy guy. I hope nothing happens, but I'm afraid the story has paid way too much attention to this creepy guy already for that. I'm pretty sure something will happen to either Roxie or Violet because of this guy. Let's just hope that Jason is around to save the day - we all need our knight in shining (Quidditch-) armor after all, right?

I'm afraid Roxanne's plans to just stay away from Jason might not work out the way she wants them to. These two have so much chemistry, they'll need to eventually figure out a way to be together without getting in trouble with the Quidditch league.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: She really shouldn't I agree wholeheartedly with you! I want them to be together forever with so many kids they can start a Quidditch team themselves.

I think I'm the one getting ahead of myself :P

It all just hit Roxanne at that point and she panicked so ran for it.

Oh Violet, that stalker isn't a nice man at all. Ahh you may very well be able to see into the future. Oh yes we totally need a knight in shining Quidditch armour.

They are so not going to work, I think we all know that :P I don't know why Roxanne even tries haha :P

Thank you so much you lovely wonderful person!

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Review #45, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Winston

29th December 2015:
Ooooh I love love love this chapter! I thought things would be a lot more awkward between the two of them in the morning... but apparently Roxanne is very very good at staying calm and taking things as they come. I like that about her.
I also really like that Jason has a dog. I like dogs and i think pets say a lot about people, and having a dog who loves a person, shows that this person is loyal and loving and not lazy, as dogs are a lot of work and take up a lot of our time and energy.

I almost thought Sydney would catch Roxanne in Jason's appartment. That might have caused a few awkward questions...

Thank Merlin no one asked WHY Jason was so distracted in practise... I wonder what he would have said. I"m glad that Roxie is still at his place, I think they do have something to talk about (I'd like to hear what she thinks about his bruised face...), and then they could always pick up where they left off the previous night...

You've created a really cool story here.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: YAY!!! :D Surrounded by the family she has she had to learn to stay calm haha :P I like to think that she got that from George

YES! WINSTON IS MY FAVOURITE THING EVER! I WANT HIM! Jason adores him and so will Roxanne!

hahaah that would have been so awkward :P

Nope, no one asked thankfully, although he wouldn't have told them.

Thank you so much!

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Review #46, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Elixir

29th December 2015:
Ohmygodohmygodohmygod... I really didn't expect it to happen like this or so soon. These two are way too cute together!!! (I want something like that)

But let's start at the beginning. I can absolutely relate to Roxanne's dress-situation. I have found myself in front of my wardrobe - filled to the brim with clothes - and found nothing to wear. Thank Merlin Lily turns up in the right moment and helps her pick out a dress. I wonder what hair colour Roxanne has - the usual Weasley red might clash horribly with a red dress, but maybe she inherited her mum's stunning black mane.

i love the relationship troubles with Lily and Lysander, they make a very interesting side plot.

A drinking competition might not be such a good idea, especially not with the guy you're not supposed to like but kinda can't help falling for. I used to think she was falling for Jason slowly, but Roxanne surprised me and stepped up the pace a bit. Now she's drunk and making out with him in his appartment and he is 100% gentleman, stopping at the right moment (no matter how hard it is), getting her dressed and to bed. I am starting to really like this guy.

This story makes for great reading, I'm glad I found it.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Oh yes it happened! I don' think that anyone was prepared for that haha I know that I wasn't when I wrote it. :P Those two wrote that in themselves those sneaky people.

Me too! So much relate, I never know what to wear ever! Oh yes, Lily is a saviour! She has lovely black hair, I should probably mention that at some point in the story. somewhere.

That needs to be in here more, I think I forgot about those two, but I will bring it in!

So not a good idea, especially with Jason haha :P Jason is the biggest gentleman even though he doesn't seem like he is.

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #47, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Appleby Arrows v Caerphilly Catapults

29th December 2015:
Chapter 4

Oh my.. so the story is really getting exciting now, with the Quidditch game.
I think you said that you've never written Quidditch before... well done! I really enjoyed the way you wrote it, and all the moves and plays described in so much detail! I love how you stuck to Roxie more than the other players and that rather than describing the chasing and seeking as we always see in the books, you really focus on the beaters and how they contribute to the game. I love seeing the massive part they play in order to make the team successful.

Roxie's family are all just as Quidditch-crazy as they always were, I can just imagine them rushing into the stadium, chattering excitedly, waiting to watch their daughter, niece, cousin,... play. Are any of the other Weasleys on professional Quidditch teams in your story?

The banner George brings every time is such a nice touch, especially as we see how much it means to Roxanne.
I'm so glad that the move they had been practicing actually won them the game. The league ought to give Roxanne a raise for the brilliant plays she pulled off.

Ooooh the flowers are nice... and aw the feeling of butterflies... Roxie is slowly giving in... i'm so glad I chose this story.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Ooh yes, it is heating up!

Quidditch was so difficult to write haha so I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I have a new found respect for anyone who writes a Quidditch chapter.

It was so hard to try and capture what a Beater does during a match and I pretty much winged it through the entire thing haha :P

They are so Quidditch-crazy! They take up the entire stands haha. There's only Victoire who is obsessed enough to have played but she didn't want to do it professionally so just writes collumns.

Its Roxanne's good luck charm :D Oh they so should! She should be in their hall of fame!

Oh yes, Roxanne is slowly giving in to Jason hahah

Aww i'm glad that you chose it too! :D

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Review #48, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Do you want to put a bet on that?

28th December 2015:
Hi again
Just getting one more review in before bedtime. This will be a rather short one because I'm on my phone, sorry.

Aw I love all the flirting. You know, a friend told me today that he has no idea how to flirt... i might have to point him to your story.

Jason seems nice, a little too direct for me but not in a bad way. I think if they weren't on rivaling teams, Roxanne would have already given in. It's not every day you find a good looking, nice guy who is genuinely interested.

It was good of her to remove herself from the situation tho, the temptation to either give in and kiss the guy or punch him and then run off must have been overwhelming at that moment. I guess going to the shop is a good idea since it's bound to be fun there and she gets to meet family.

The side story about Fred and Albus is really sad. I hope there'll be more about that later and that they'll find a way to make up and that Fred figures out that what he did was wrong.

I'm really starting to get into this story more and more, it's really very good.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: YAY!!! *hugs*

There is so much flirting, those two need to get a room :P Ahh yes! Point him to my story haha he can get tips from Jason.

He is very direct, and doesn't normally have to try this hard but it's Roxanne, it's not going to be easy for him at all. Although I'll let you in to a little secret... he's liked her for a very long time :P

Yep, I don't know if I would have been that strong around Jason haha at least the shop can distract her enough :D

Oh Fred and Albus, there will be more about that soon, they actually have their own little side story that I need to get updating because there's only two chapter so far.

Thank you so much!

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Review #49, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake The morning after

28th December 2015:
Hello again!
I am so sorry it took me this long to come back to this story and to the whole gift giving thing. Life kinda got in the way. I had someone PM you to tell you that I might not be able to spend as much time as I'd like here this week, but that I will definitely continue reading and reviewing this story. I had a spare minute now, so I decided to stop by.

That Quidditch practice sounds quite disastrous... thank Merlin the coach let them leave early... I don't think it would have done the team any good to keep practising like that.
I think you used the quote very well, it really fit into the story naturally. Roxy is so cool, I'd love to be a little like her...

omg George and his hat! I love that he still has a sense of humour and no fashion sense whatsoever - just like at Hogwarts in the books. Angelina is right, Roxie is a grown woman, she can take care of herself - and even if she can't, I still think that guy sounds fun. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Anyaway.. I think I need some mac&cheese now, I hope I'll be back with a few more reviews later tonight

Lots of love

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Aww that's fine, it's taken me even longer to respond haha :P

I did get the PM, I just forgot to reply - story of my life right there :P

It really was, good thing the coach took pity on them :P They would have just hurt themselves if they carried on haha

Thank you :D I loved using those quotes so much.

YES! The hat needs to make a reappearance I think, it's such a George hat.

I need some too!

Thank you so much my lovely Secret Snowflake!

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Review #50, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Beat It

20th December 2015:
Hello my dear,

I finally found the time to drop by your AP and read your stories - something I have wanted to do for quite a while now...

I must say, I really love the way you write Roxy. This story is going to be so much fun to read! I like the idea of having two rivalling teams and of having the season start with a big party ♥

Hm that Jason Turner sounds delicious to look at... (even if his lines are way too cheesy and old - so old that they have grown long white beards) and I'm guessing he isn't quite as much of a player as Roxy thinks he is... all the leggy blondes can't really compete with a Weasley anyway.

Violet seems to be a great friend for Roxy. This whole setting reminds me a little bit of Romeo and Juliet - two rivaling clans, star-crossed lovers who meet at a big party... i hope this ends on a happier note than Shakespeare's masterpiece tho... but I have quite a few chapters to read until I find out how this story ends, so I'll go on to Chapter 2 now.

Merry Christmas

*your secret snowflake*

Author's Response: Yay! That makes me so happy! I've been loving your reviews, they bring me such joy!

Thank you, she's by far one of my favourite characters to write.

JAson Turner, I could swoon at him so much and I do, even those cheesy lines hahaha, oh no he's not, that's all rumours :P And could anyone compare with a Weasley? :P

Ahhh, I love that comparision. although I don't plan on the same ending haha.

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