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Review #26, by WishesofWeasley Chapter 4

22nd November 2012:
Adams going to propose isn't he? :)

Author's Response: Oh yeah :D

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Review #27, by DawnRain Chapter 3

12th October 2012:
I really like this!
I feel like the cat could be bad luck for the babies, though? Who knows!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you like this :-D That makes me happy.
Haha the cats not that unlucky, just evil (she's based entirely on my own cat)

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Review #28, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 3

23rd September 2012:
another awesome chapter! and Albus is in this hapter! haha he's very funny! and I loved the bits of James and Amelia, basically the whole chapter! keep writing more because I'm loving this story!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Yep Albus is in the chapter :-D There is more Albus coming in the next one I believe, and an appearance from Scorpius :-D
Thank you so much for your reviews, I've written up to chapter 9 of this story so I've got more to write.

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Review #29, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 2

14th August 2012:
great chapter as always hun! it's funny to see Fred getting all nervous because he likes a girl and it was funny too to see Lucy threatening Fred that if he didn't ask Julie out, then Lucy would do that for him. now I can't wait to read the next chapter and please have some Albus/Marah/Pedro moments in the next chapter because in this chapter I liked when Lucy said about if Albus could get someone then Fred could too!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I am so sorry it's taken me this long to respond to your review! I have no excuses that are good enough.
Thank you so much my lovely! The next chapter is half written and there should be some moments of them in it :-D Thank you once again my lovely! You're the best!

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Review #30, by Moonyxluna Chapter 2

14th August 2012:

(I really hope you've seen the Hunger Games movie or that will make absolutely no sense :p)

aw, Poor Adam! I am overjoyed to hear that he's going to propose to Lucy, and I love how he won't take Amelia, but I hope things work out in his new job! And I hope James and Amelia can find a new place!

BUT, now onto the important stuff.

Excuse me, while I fangirl excessively about the second half of this chapter.

She loves you, Freddy! I promise! GO ASK HER! She's been fangirling over you for three stories now!

(I love what she's reading!)

And Hugo is still in his band, but they won't let him go all out with his triangle solo :p I love how no one helps him out from the boxes until his dad just yanks him up by the foot.

She was staring back because she loves him!

Okay, so excessive fangirling aside, I thought it was adorable how he was looking at her through shelves. And it makes me sad how down on himself he is. But it's cute, and I am going to sit here and wait and wait for the next chapter because I want to read more :)

Fantastic work! *continues to fangirl all day*


Author's Response: Haha I have seen the Hunger Games :-D hehehe.
Yep little Adam is growing up *cries* haha yeah Amelia wouldn't be able to be trusted with a secret like that :-p Poor Adam, he'll find a job soon, hopefully :-S
Awww yay!!! I'm so glad that you liked that :-P hehe So much love! I thought I would add that book in there for you :-p
Yep Hugo managed to worm his way back into it. Haha poor Fred, yep noone seems to care about him in the shop, except for Julie :-D
I'm so glad that you liked it, Fred is a bit stalkerish at the moment, aww he's just all shy and stuff he'll see that she likes him soon enough :-D
The next chapter should be soon my lovely!! I'm so glad I made you so happy xxx

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Review #31, by Moonyxluna Chapter 1

31st July 2012:

I love giddy James. He's adorable! Through your writing, you can seriously tell how much happier he is here than he was in IOAPM when he and Amelia were separated. He's bubbly and wrapped in with Amelia's happiness they're just so perfect together.

And they're having twins! *cheers for them*

Ginny and her cleaning her perfectly clean house was really adorable, she's such a fantastic mother in law to Amelia! I loved their reactions to James telling them that it was actually two different babies! Ginny was hilarious.

O.O My boyfriends mom does the same thing to me! They always make fun of how much I freak out when they say how big of a baby he was.

Yay for Adam and Lucy! They're so adorable together. Adam is the greatest, running around his apartment like a mad person waiting for Lucy to get into the door to freak out to her. I could not stop laughing at him as I read that.

You do know that means having two babies right? - Oh Adam, how I love you.

This was seriously some adorable stuff, Tammi. I can't wait to read more of it! :D

Author's Response: I'm sorry! :-( *cries too*
I'm glad that you think so, I wanted James to be so much more happy in this story, he does need happiness both of them do :-D Awww you think they're perfect :-D
Haha yep, it's going to be twice the crazyness.
Yay I'm glad you liked that part, I was trying to think of ways for them to find out and that moment just wrote itself.
Haha I bet that's really scary! How weird! It's like you are Amelia!!
Oh Adam *loves him* He's far too exciteable, sadly that's not going to last long for him :-(
I'm so glad that you like it Julie! :-D I seriously love you and your reviews! The next chapter is in the queue and I think you might like it :-p

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Review #32, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 1

26th July 2012:
aww loved it! this chapter is absolutely awesome!!! can't wait to read more about all our favourite people aka James/Amelia, Albus/Mariah and Adam/Lucy! :P please update soon! this is awesome!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: After me promising for ages it is finally here! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, and there will be abit of everyone in this so you'll get to know what's happening with them all soon. I shall be updating after I've updated my other stories. Thank you hun!!!

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Review #33, by limwen Chapter 1

25th July 2012:

Author's Response: Why thank you :-D I'm so glad you liked it! More is coming I promise xx

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