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Review #26, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Seven days

14th March 2014:

Louis is so... gah... I wanna hug him and I wanna hit him and I wanna hug him for hitting him. He knows! He can see it happening before his eyes! He just needs to put two and two together.

Horatio is so cool. Louis wants him. The love is there, give in to it. :P

It's so sad, though. I don't want him or Nikolos to be sad. It makes me sad. That's a lot of sad. I wish Nik would listen to them and stop. ;(

Horatio would so lose that fight, but I'd pay to see it. You can't beat Bill. :D

This was so awesome! I love it! I need more!


Author's Response: Hey!

I know! I want to hug him too and just never let him go. He needs to have more back bone around her *sigh*

Horatio is totally awesome! Loratio all the way!!! :D

Nikolos being sad makes me sad as well ;( Sadly he's in too deep to listen or manage to get himself out of trouble, this is the only way.

Oh yeah, he would lose that fight, noone would win against Bill.

More will be soon, Sam! It's nearly finished! ;(

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Review #27, by potterfan310 Seven days

14th March 2014:
Oh no, I got a bad feeling the second I saw the first line. Whilst it may be a good thing Freya's seeing her parents there just has to be something bad out of it. I know there is.

Loration = best bromance/possible romance ♥

At this moment in time I would have Horatio be baby Sam's mum rather than Freya as she annoys me so bad and plus it'd be adorable even if I am smitten with Horatio/Molly. ♥

They need all the hugs! *squishy hugs* ♥

I know, it I just know that something bad is going to happen and that poor Louis isn't going to be as happy as he is for much longer. ASDFGHJKL - me right now, the feels all over the place and so are my bad feelings.

Can't wait for the next one

Soph x

Author's Response: Awww it's okay, this story is bringing a lot of bad feelings with Freya.

Haha Loratio are so much fun to write! Their romance/relationship just writes itself. I blame Horatio entirely.

I would too! Horatio would make such a great mum! I'm so torn though between Loratio and Moratio! Which do I choose?! Both? Both seem good to me. :D

Awww they love the hugs!

It's okay *hugs you* It'll be alright.

Thank you so much for the review Soph! :D

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Review #28, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Meeting the family

7th March 2014:
Bill is so awesome and sweet and caring. I want to hug him. If be so, like, honored if he was my granddad. I really would.

James and Abigail!!! And the job, I know what that is! So sad that they broke up, at least I know the story. I wish she wasn't leaving. ;( *hugs James*

The end... it's totally going to blow up somehow, I can tell. It's a gift. Something is coming.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Bill is pretty awesome! I love him. He needs all the hugs!

Yes! James and Abigail! And we all know what that job is. :P Well me and you do. :P Oh they won't be broken up for long. :P

Haha you do have a gift! You are psychic!

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #29, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Koukla

7th March 2014:
That is such an adorable nickname. I just had to say it first, Horatio has given her the most adorable nickname. I think because it's in Greek, it sounds way better in Greek than it does in English.

Bill would be the most jealous. It's always the strong, silent types who end up being the most sappy when children are involved, don't you think? I think it's awesome. Bill will be the best granddad ever.

That was such a precious moment between Louis, Molly and Horatio. Although, I totally need Loratio now. I think I'm having Loratio withdrawal... It's a thing.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Haha Horatio is awesome, that's why! :D Oh yeah, everything sounds better in another language. I'm jealous I don't have a nickname like that.

Haha Bill is very protective of his Granddaughter and always wants to be around her. :D Oh yeah, I definitely agree.

Haha Loratio is on everyone's mind isn't it?

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #30, by TheHeirOfSlytherin What kind of dad will you be?

7th March 2014:
Aww, Louis holding Sam was just as adorable as I thought it would be. I'm just so excited. I wanna hug them and never let them go. Gah, I love it.

I know I say it a lot, but I don't care - I love Horatio. He's just such a good friend. I love when they're together.

Oooh, more to the story. I wonder what her parents said to her. If I don't find out in the next few chapters on here, I'm texting you. :P

Spill the secrets!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Haha I'm glad! :D The moment finally arrived where he can hold her for the first time. :D HAha you can hug them, they'd be cool with that. :D

Haha You must always say how much you love Horatio! He's awesome!

Ahh, the conversation with the parents haha I'll have to hold you to that threat. :P

Thanks Sam! Secrets shall be spilled soon!

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Review #31, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Next day delivery

6th March 2014:

I knew it from the title, then I knew it when Louis held her stomach and it had hardened. I knew it. I've never been more excited... you know, for Louis. :P

Aww, sleepy Louis. He has such an awesome family, even Mr. Kieron Nott. They all deserve hugs, I think. *hugs*

And she's here! Sam is here! Louis is a daddy. I'm so happy. I can't wait to read him holding her, I wouldn't be surprised if he never let her go. :D

Amazing chapter!

Sam, the proud namesake. ;)

Author's Response: YES! YES IT'S THE CHAPTER! *Yells in excitement*

Haha, you are quite a detective! Haha, I'm pretty excited too. :D

Kieron is part of their family now :P

Yep! Sam is here!! She's finally here and Louis is a daddy! Hehe he would never let her go. :P

Haha :D

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Review #32, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Anger

6th March 2014:
Sorry? Don't say sorry. Gah, I hate her. Sorry, I know I shouldn't because it's probably normal in pregnancy, but I know things... :P

Aww, Loratio love. Now I feel better.

And... I hate her again. So angry, I want to hurt her so badly. First of all, to say something like that to Molly was, ugh, and then to Horatio about Nik... I can't like her at all.

I'm so glad Louis yelled at her, she needs to be yelled at.

Great chapter.


Author's Response: It's okay, you can say it, I don't mind. :P

Yes, Loratio love will always make people feel better! :D

Haha that was a quick back to hatred. :P But yes, we should. She was being mean to Molly and Horatio and Nik. You can never be mean to my Nik! :(

Oh yes, she needed to be told!

Thanks for the review Sam!!! :D

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Review #33, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Almost single digits

6th March 2014:
We're getting closer. Ah, it's all so exciting. I can't wait to meet baby Sam.

I'm really craving beans on toast right now. Seriously, I need it. I want to go out and buy it, and I never want to do that. Maybe because I haven't had it in ages. :P

No, Louis isn't going to go away. He'll fight for that baby... I have a feeling.

Aww, that's so sweet, talking about baby kicking. I agree, Bill will be an awesome granddad. :D

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Oh yes! We're so close now I can almost see it! Sam will be here soon! *dances*

Haha I am too actually... although I've just eaten a huge roast dinner I cooked... but we'll ignore that. Haha. This story makes you feel feels and hunger!

He will fight! We know he will!

Yep, Bill will be a totally awesome granddad.

Thank you twin! :D

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Review #34, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The one where Horatio makes Freya cry

6th March 2014:
Louis seriously needs to stop blaming himself. It's not his fault she's uncomfortable, it takes two to make a kid. She's just evil. Gah... I'm done (I may be trying to get rid of the sympathy I felt for her).


I kid... mostly. :P

I know he says the wrong things, but everyone should want to hug Horatio. Then he can say no to her. Mwahaha!

Damn, Vic. Way to ruin their alone time.

So... Nik has a thing for Russians, does he? What should we do about that? *ponders this* ;)

It's official. I hate her.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: He really does, but sadly Louis can't. That's just all he can think of at the moment, how it's entirely his fault (in his own mind)

Hahaha I'm sorry! I'm sorry, alright! But I need Molly and Horatio to happen! As much as I love Loratio and it'll happen eventually. I need Moratio!

Haha you're not kidding :P

Yes! We should all want to hug Horatio, it's not his fault that he speaks his mind!... although it totally is.


Oh yes! Nik has a thing for Russians... I wonder who that is too... :P

Hahaha such strong emotions for Freya! :P

Thanks twin!! :D

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Review #35, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Final scan

6th March 2014:
Aww! The ultrasound was so adorable. Louis is just adorable, I just want to hug him and never let go. Never ever ever.

And Nik! Teaching them to juggle. See, he can be awesome. He's a good brother!

"So if Freya sneezes she could just shoot out?" Horatio asked he seemed to be in shock.

Louis turned to look at him. "I was scared of that as well, but apparently that won't happen. I've heard that it could take hours or days for the baby to be born once Freya goes into labour."

"So the baby won't fall out when Freya's walking around?"

"No, thank god. I was worried about that as well." Louis admitted.
- Boys. Seriously. Boys... *shakes head*

Feeling the love, boys. Just get together already, preferably before the Sam is born so she definitely has two daddys. You know you want to.

JASON!!! I love you, Jason! Connections, I like it.

"Oh, it's Jason Turner." Horatio said slowly as he nodded knowingly, before he shook his head and shrugged again. "That means absolutely nothing to me." - Horatio is awesome. Though everyone should know Jason.

Okay, okay, I'll say it, but only because it's something I imagine lots of young mums might go through - *takes a deep breath* Poor Freya.

Gosh, that was so hard to say.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Louis finally got to see an ultrasound of his baby! Something which he missed the last few times.

Yes, Nik can be a good brother, there's just times where he's severely lacking in being a good one.

Haha boy logic is funny!

Yes! The love is there! Succumb to it! :D

Yay! Jason! Haha Horatio will know who Jason is soon enough, after all they will all be family one day.

:O I'm in shock that you said that about Freya! Are you feeling ill? :P

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #36, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Preparing

6th March 2014:
But I prefer waking up to her face, then I do waking up to Horatio's. - Liar.

I love Fleur. She seems to be the one who would dote on her children, no matter what. Even if it means she has to be the overprotective one, getting into their business to keep them safe and happy (I'm talking Seize the Day here, but I can't wait to see her in later chapters...).

Ugh, Freya... Sorry. Poor Louis, not able to understand why she's not opening up. I just want to hug him, I really do.

Ha! Kieron carrying bags - only for Nicky. :P

Aww, look at Louis working for his baby. He's going to be such an amazing daddy.

Samantha Kimberly. Cool. Sam is an awesome name, you're welcome. :D

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Oh yeah, he's totally lying!

Aww I'm glad that you love Fleur, I didn't want her to come across as someone to hate, so I'm happy that you like her :D Hahaha :P

I know! Freya needs to open up to Louis, he's not a mind reader!... :O he should be a mind reader!

:P haha Kieron does a lot for Dom :P

Louis is going to be the best dad! :D

Thanks twin! For the review and for your first name :P

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Review #37, by Maelody Meeting the family

4th March 2014:
Hey! Sorry it took a bit to get this read and reviewed! I read it yesterday but got really sleepy afterword and had to sleep! Other than that, blackout has had me going everywhere haha.

I worry so much about Freya! I can tell she's just not feeling this. You're foreshadowing, I just know you are! I'm so worried! With the whole talk of never leaving the country and such, I can't help but feel that that's exactly what she does. Either that, or she goes to Hogwarts without him knowing, forcing him to stay behind and not get to go to school, because he wouldn't want to put that sort of burden on his parents. :( Louis! I love you so! Just leave Freya and join Horatio and I forever and ever! We'll raise Samantha and teach her to speak wolf! :D

Of course Bill wouldn't want to pass up Sammy! Such a proud grand daddy! :D And Molly! Just... SQUEA! You wrote her so perfectly! Her first great grand child! She must feel old haha ;).

Freya is still caught up in just being with Louis. I understand depression after giving birth, but it doesn't seem like she's willing to accept help. She just wants her boyfriend. I feel bad for being angry at her, and I know it's a real thing, and real people go through it, but it's sad for sure. :( At least Samantha will have Daddy Louis, Momma Horation/Victoire/Dominique, Aunty Molly, Uncle James (it's cool you connect all your stories, by the way! I've always wanted to do something like that, but I have too many stories now xD), and grandpa Bill and great nana Weasley! Heck! Samantha will be the most loved baby ever! Louis doesn't have anything to worry about! Except, you know, Freya realizing this too and ditching him with her. :( I just really get that feeling she's going to do that to him! :'(

As always, this was wonderful, and you're just amazing, mah dear! :) I'm so sad and yet excited to see the end of this! A sequel will definitely be awesome, too! :D Really can't wait to read what you have in store for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Aww that's alright, I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to reply to them.

The foreshadowing! There's a lot of it in this story. :P Whether she leaves the country or not... that's a different story all together. But with the other thing... you have no idea how spot on you actually are. :P Yes! He should leave Freya and join the awesome Maetio! :D Hahaha teach her to speak wolf? Haha I love it! That's brilliant! :D

Oh no, Bill would follow you to be near his Granddaughter. Aw thank you for your kind words :D *blushes*

Yep, her whole mind set is just Louis at the moment, nothing else matters to her but Louis and she hates that she can't just have Louis. I feel bad for her too, but we can't help but be angry at her. Yeah, it's a good thing that Samantha will have her family there to look after her, the Weasleys are awesome. :P

Haha thank you :D It's so much fun to try and do, it's just hard trying to work out the ages of everyone in the seperate stories. I have so many notebooks and folders filled up with information haha. You can still do that! There's still time :P

Thank you so very much my lovely! Aw I'm sad too, but we do have the sequel to look forward to. :D And the last chapter shall be soon! *cries*

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Review #38, by potterfan310 Meeting the family

28th February 2014:
I just don't know what it is, but Freya irks me (is that even a word?) I do feel sorry for her and at times she really does need a hug but other I just want to shake her and tell her this is now her reality and for her to snap out of it.

Aww Molly is great! I love her and I think you've got her characterisation spot on! All I can say is aw that has got to be the sweetest thing, Molly and Arthur with baby Samantha. ♥

OH MY GOD, WHAT!! Is this linked to Abigail and Potter Boy?? (I did see the A/N at the end, eventually after I stopped freaking out) because I think my jaw just dropped and I just freaked out a little. Aww it makes me sad they split but very happy they got together because it means I can read it from Abigail's POV!

James does still have feelings for her just like he did from the very start. I still don't think I'm processing this information because SQUEEE they did get together.

And now I'm just getting distracted by that but onwards;

No, no, no. My bad feeling is back (once again) Louis saying he would feel like a part of him would be missing if Freya moved to another country has made me think. I'm either reading between the lines or something but I mean what if she does? Are her parents secretly planning to take her away?? I have so many theories it's killing me.

"I hope you'll always feel like that."

"I will, Freya. There's nothing you can do to make me stop loving you." He told her, kissing the side of her head.

That sentence is going to be the death of me, OH MY GOD FREYA YOU CAN'T JUST SAY THAT AND NOT EXPLAIN! It's this very sentence which worries me so, so much.

I am going to burst with excitement/nervous that is to come with every chapter.

I love, love this and I can't wait for the next one!
Soph x

Author's Response: That's alright, she irks a lot of people, I don't know if I've actually had anyone like her yet? Huh, that's strange. :P She does need to snap out of what she's doing, but she needs help but refuses to ask for it.

:D Thank you so much! I always get so worried writing about Canon characters.

YES!!! YES IT IS! It's also linked to Beat It and my Albus story. :P I am creating everything in the same little timeframe :D hahhaah I'm actually so happy that you were that excited! :D The split won't be for long! Don't you worry! That story is part of a trilogy. :P

Aw you have so many feelings about what Freya might be up to, but I'm glad that you now know what's happening. :P

She does need to explain! Poor Louis is so oblivious the poor guy, he really thinks that she wants to be around and is just having trouble adjusting. ;(

Thank you so so much Soph! You are one of my favourite people! :D

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Review #39, by Maelody Koukla

10th February 2014:
OMG! 8 chapters left? A sequel? I can't wait!

Again, can I just awe at Uncle Horatio and Molly? In all, he has to be my favorite reaction and affection! My favorite character! Can I have him to keep forever? I love him! :3

Why do I have this sinking suspicion that Freya isn't really in her room sleeping? Idk why, but I feel she's left. Maybe it's cause I don't trust her with the whole new baby bit. But how sad that would be for Louis! Louisio to the rescue!! :D

Samantha! I wanna see the baby! I love babies! Baby baby baby! :3 I bet she's the cutest little girl ever. She's gotta be, like, one eighth Veela, so she's gotta be the best!

Bill is the most attached? How sweet! :D Papa Weasley is the bestest! I want to be a Weasley!

I'm so glad to be caught up now! I totally can't wait for updates now! And for a sequel! You've stayed so committed and done so well! This story is amazing, and you're awesome for writing it! :D it's so good to be caught up with everyone else! I love everything. Mainly and mostly Horatio, but everything nonetheless ;)

Can't wait until the next update! It'll suck having to actually wait now! Haha but I can do it.


Author's Response: Yep, only 8 chapters left of this one, which are all planned out so just need me to write them. I'm so excited for the Sequel too! So I hope that you love it!

Yes you can awe at Uncle Horatio and Molly. :D You can keep him forever! :D Horatio is so awesome, I love him. :D

She is in her room sleeping, don't worry, she's just tired. Louisio to the rescue definitely!

Haha, she's Louis's baby, of course she's cute! :D and like you said she's 1/8 Veela, so she has got to be the best.

Bill is the most attatched, she shall be very spoilt by him. I want to be a Weasley too!

I'm so glad that you've caught up too! I have honestly loved getting your reviews! It's made me so happy! And I couldn't not finish this story, I really enjoy writing it and I have so many ideas for the sequel.

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing all of the chapters, you seriously have made my whole life! I'm so happy and I have loved reading every single one of your reviews! :D

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Review #40, by Maelody What kind of dad will you be?

10th February 2014:
Besides the depression Freya seems to be going through, I'm loving this chapter! The conversation on wha sort of dad Louis will be was the best. Horatio never stops amazing me. :3

Though, how come he couldn't stay longer than visiting hours? I figured that since he is the daddy, and the fact Sam was early, he'd get the right to stay. My friend's husband did with my godson. Horatio, on the other hand, was sweet for staying to take Louis home! He's the best friend ever for everyone!

Ok, one last chapter and I'm caught up! See you in just a few!

Author's Response: Poor Freya, she has a lot of emotions running through her, which she isn't dealing with very well at the moment.

I know where I am, they don't have enough room for fathers to stay in the hospital with them, especially if they get moved to a ward with the other mothers. So I was just basing it off of that. :D

Horatio is totally the best friend that Louis could ever have!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! You're the best!

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Review #41, by Maelody Next day delivery

10th February 2014:
She had Samantha! She had the baby! Oh my goodness! She did so great! And she apologized, and everything was great! Awww! I'm happy again! And Horatio and Molly kissed! Such a lovely chapter! But her parents weren't there! D: how sad!

I got really nervous when he said the room was quiet, but seeing as how he said Freya was well, I grew less worried haha. Ah! I'm just so happy! I have to move on now! I'm so almost caught up, too! :D

Author's Response: YES!!! SHE HAD THE BABY! :D Happiness all around! And she did apologise! And Horatio and Molly kissed! That one was planned for a while now. :P That was always going to be when they first kissed, hehe.

Nope, sadly her parents weren't there to see her.

I'm so happy that you're happy! :D

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Review #42, by Maelody Anger

10th February 2014:
Oh, Freya! You upset my Horatio! If I didn't have a thing against you before, now I do! No one hurts my Horatio!

Spoiled little girl -.- and to think, poor Louis doesn't know about the money her parents ARE sending. Tired or not, Louis had a right to snap at her. Being pregnant does not give you liberty to say whatever you want. Poor Molly! I like her blanket! :(

Anger is certainly the feeling I got from this chapter. Anger toward Freya. Gr.

Otherwise, you did a great job portraying the emotions in this chapter! I read it during my work break. Now that I'm done with my workout, I can read to the end! :D

Author's Response: There's a lot of angry feelings towards Freya for hurting poor Horatio, it made me angry at her too. I am particularly fond of Horatio.

Yes, she is a very spoiled girl, poor Louis not knowing about the money though. She's very sneaky.

Louis had been keeping his feelings bottled up very well, so he was entitled to snap, and you're right, she doesn't have the right to do whatever she wants.

I like her blanket too! Freya needed to be more grateful.

Haha I had a lot of anger towards her too in this chapter.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you're enjoying this story so much. :D

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Review #43, by Maelody The one where Horatio makes Freya cry

10th February 2014:
I know it's probably well past your birthday now, but can I have a stale piece that is left ? :D

So I couldn't sleep with my phone right next to me and your story being brought up on it. So here I am. Again.

Still not really liking Freya's attitude. Actually, it's starting to sound like she's in this entirely for Louis. She doesn't like his friends, she feels like a burden to his family, she's keeping a secret from him to keep him happy and avoiding her parents, and she can't say she loves him. I think she needs a wake up call. One from my beloved Horatio.

Haha, sorry, but all I could think about Nikolos having a thing for Russians is that he must be really enjoying the Olympics right now xD. But it's good that they must be getting somewhat along.

So either Horatio is in denial of his feelings, or he really doesn't technically want to like anyone. OR! Maybe my love for Louisio is real and he's holding out for Louis!? I like that plan! :3

Vic is so sweet! I swear, I could only wish to be the big sis she is. She would be a great role model for any family member!

Ok, well I think I'll keep reading til I'm either caught up or too exhausted! See you when I see you! :)

Author's Response: It just so happens that I saved some slices! *gives cake*

Haha I hope you didn't stay up too late and get tired, but thank you for continuing to read and review! :D I appreciate it.

Freya is very Louis orientated, she just wants to be around Louis and nothing more at the moment. She definitely needs a wake up call, maybe Horatio will make her see how selfish she's being?

Haha, that is a very lucky coincidence! He is definitely enjoying the Olympics! :P Yes, Horatio and Nikolos are actually talking to each other, which is very good for them. No fights yet.

Ah, Horatio is in denial definitely but he can't let go of his love for Louis! :D LOUISIO 5EVA! :D I like that plan too.

Yes! She really would be! I wanted her to be a lot different to how she's normally portrayed in stories, she loves her siblings.

Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews! :D

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Review #44, by Maelody Final scan

10th February 2014:
OK, I had to do one more just to leave it off even!

Oh no! I knew she wasn't into this! And she even resents Louis a little! How sad! :( Though I figured she was just into it for him.

So her parents are writing her and giving her money? I guess they're not that bad, but I don't see why she wouldn't return to them. Especially since she can't even mutter the words "I love you, too" to Louis anymore.

The scan was really cool! I loved Louis' excitement! That's what I was like when I saw my godson's final scan (when I could actually tell he was looking like a human baby xD). So cute!

Horatio is back! Yay! And he knows how to juggle! Double bonus!

What's the big deal with the Turner guy? Sheesh, those girls and their crushes on famous people. And how funny that Horatio gets stuck having to help out anyway! I love that kid. Seriously. Mabe I should start shipping Maecio! Nah. I'd miss my Louisio too much! :3

OK, now I'm going to bed. I'll continue on when I get home from work! Hopefully I'll be caught up today! Whoo! :D


Author's Response: Haha :D I'm glad, I love reading your reviews!

I know! I just want to hug Louis, it's not his fault entirely that this happened. She needs to learn to take responsibility for it as well. And yes, she was entirely in it for Louis.

Yep, they may not agree with what she's doing but they would never kick her out of the house and disown her. They don't want her to keep the baby as they think she'll be throwing her life away, so that's why she's at Louis's house, because he said he wants the baby.

I know! It's so exciting isn't it? I was like that with my nieces and nephews. :D

Haha oh Jason Turner! :D He's actually from my story Beat It. :P

Haha You can ship whichever ship you want! A lot of people want Louisio to happen!

Thank you once again! You're so brilliantly awesome!

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Review #45, by Maelody Preparing

10th February 2014:
Awww! They've come up with a name! I'm so excited! It's a little weird saying it together, but I think that's just cause I don't know many people with the middle name being full on Kimberly. Samantha Kimberly Weasley though! How cute! :D I can't wait!

It's so sad to see that Freya still isn't into this whole thing. I just wish that some part of her would realize she decided to be with the man she loves and have the baby with him, but sometimes it feels like she just wants to be with Louis, and forget the whole baby fact. I get where she's coming from though, it's just sad. Like, I wish she'd realize that she can't turn back, and what is done is done. Everyone loves her, and they've super accepted her! It's also sad though that she's not really ever happy with Louis. As we've learned from Horatio in previous chapters, she's not a generally happy person. That sucks!

Speaking of Horatio, I miss him! And Molly! When is Louis going to invite them over to make them get together? Even if Molly doesn't come, at least I can dive into my full Louisio daydream! :D

Author's Response: Yep, they've come up with a name! :D Haha it does sound a bit weird doesn't it? I've never noticed it before.

Oh, Freya, she is a very strange character, just when you think she might be alright and along the same lines as Louis, she does something that makes you think differently.

Yes! She does need to realise what's done is done! She's just not a very happy person in any situation I think? Poor Louis.

Awww Horatio will be back soon! He can never stay away from Louis for long. Haha Louisio is so going to happen!

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Review #46, by Maelody Going home

10th February 2014:
Ooooh! They're going to do a no-no! ;) Well, at least they can't do much more than what they've already done haha.

So it sounds to me that whatever happened between Dom, Kieron (is that how it was spelled?) and Nikolos happened on a drunk night. I'm sort of playing it out in my head already. I'll have to wait and see if I am right.

Alyssa is cute, and I love the relationship she has with both brothers. It's good to know that Nik is trying with one of his siblings at least. I mean, I know he is trying with Horatio, but some things can be just too late.

Awww, Molly and Horatio on the train was just too cute! And poor Steven! He just got totally friend-zoned! Either that, or they're secretly dating. I wonder where they snuck off to. Maybe to have a good snog?

Can't wait to read more! Sorry that these reviews are so short! I just want to make sure I let you know everything that is just awesome, but I also want to catch up as quickly as I can! I'm addicted! :D

Author's Response: Haha yes, yes they are.

Ah, Kieron, Nik and Dom are complicated definitely, but Nikolos will talk about it soon and tell Horatio and Louis what is going on between them all.

Alyssa is so cute! Her brother love and protect her a lot, so they won't ever let their fights with each other be seen that much in front of Alyssa. Horatio and Nikolos clash a lot and Horatio can't forgive Nikolos for some of the things that have happened in the past, which shall be explained.

Horatio and Molly are the cutest! I love them! :D Haha oh Steven! Steven and Lucy are close friends, possibly more. :P

Your reviews are pure awesomeness! They make me so happy! :D I'm so glad that you're addicted to this story. :D

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Review #47, by Maelody Sleepless

10th February 2014:
Awww! See, I really think Louisio should be a thing! I'm shipping them so hard right now! That's weird, too, cause I don't normally do that sort of thing.

I don't like Leanne. And the fact Albus didn't really say anything to stick up for his cousin sort of upset me. They must not be terribly close. Though I feel his exhaustion pain. I do that to myself all the time. It's an awful idea to sit outside, too! You sleep no matter where you are and then BOOM insta-sunburn! Haha

Are those creatures real in the books? I don't remember them, but they sound so cute! I imagine them being sloth-like, but fluffier and maybe different colors.

I don't like Port either.

Yay Hagrid for jumping in! :D

I like the tid-bits we learn in your writing without having to be downright told. Like how Nikolos must be incredibly smart. I really want to know more about him. I don't think Horatio is giving him the chance he deserves.

OK, moving on! You're doing so great! I'm so hooked! :D

Author's Response: I ship Horatio/Louis so much too! They would be a perfect couple and you have no idea how hard it is to not put them together! Maybe one day? (in my mind)

Oh Leanne, she isn't that nice a person. And Albus isn't that great a person in this either, they're not that close, but Albus is only really close with Fred. (I'm going to write about them in a different story)

Haha Poor Louis getting sunburn on his face.

Yes! They are! I found them in fantastic beasts and where to find them, I thought that they sounded awesome! That's how I imagine them too! *highfives*

I hate Port!

Hagrid will always stick up for the Potters/Weasley families.

Aww I'm so glad that you like those, Nikolos is quite smart, he just doesn't use it how he should, he uses it in ways that will get him in trouble. Horatio and Nikolos have a lot of issues that need sorting out.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #48, by Maelody The trouble with letters

10th February 2014:
I laughed so hard at Horatio! Oh my goodness! "That bird was sent to kill!" Best thing ever! Easily my favorite character in any fan fiction ever ;).

Oh no! Freya sent a sad letter! I can see where she is coming from, but if she's beginning to think that her parents are right, then I really do feel that she's thinking for them more than she is for herself! I hope Louis can get to her before she has anything else to say abou tit!

So Nikolos has a job at Gringots? Doing what? Guarding something underground? I agree with the boys. He's been in Azkaban. I'm sure the've done background checks, though. Something else is going on there. Heck, Bill was probably the one who hired him!

OK, moving on now! :)

Author's Response: Haha he really doesn't like birds at all! Poor guy. Aw wow! That makes me and Horatio very very happy to hear! :D

Yep, poor Freya, she misses Louis a lot and she has her parents around to keep putting their opinions on her, so she's not having a good time. :(

Yes, Nikolos has a job at Gringotts, he'll be guarding a few vaults. And he used a lot of leverage to get around that fact, he had a lot of help from outside to get that job. But that will all come out soon.

Thank you once again for being an amazing reviewer! :D

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Review #49, by Maelody The name game

10th February 2014:
Yay me for already knowing the Greek words! :D

Molly and Horatio were just too cute in this chapter! I think I shall call them. Moltio! Not the best, but I like it ;). Anyway, the cooking, future kid name, and the many good dinners in the future were just all too cute!

I wonder why Horatio doesn't like quidditch? Or was that mentioned a long time ago and I've forgotten? If so, could you please re-enlighten me? :)

Samantha Weasley. I like that! Simple, but very fitting.

I'm worried about Freya. She seems really complain-y. I know pregnant women have discomfort and such, but she seems to be pretty unhappy. And the fact she doesn't want to talk about names. It really makes me think more and more that Louis definitely will be doing this on his own.

I think this is one of my favorite chapters so far! :) This story is getting more and more cute/funny the more it goes! I'm having so much fun reading and reviewing it! You're doing a great job!

Time to keep on a goin'!


Author's Response: Wooo! Go you! I had to google them. :P

I absolutely love Molly and Horatio, Moltio is a good ship name. I love it! Haha they're totally going to be married! :P

I'm not sure if I did mention it? He just finds it boring and he's not a great flier either. So he doesn't follow it.


Awww it's alright to be worried about her, she's going through some things that she needs to work on. :(

Awww I'm glad this is your favourite, there are quite a few good moments in this one, that I loved writing. :D

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #50, by Maelody Apparation lessons

10th February 2014:
I think I forgot to review the last chapter. Oops! Well, really, I just feel bad for the relationship between Horatio and his brother. And to get in a fight because Nikolos just wanted to tell him about a new job? That's not letter worthy? Hmmm. Something tells me Horatio needs to give him another chance.

I like Rob. He seems like a pretty cool dude. And pretty honest. It's funny that technically the school year is almost over and were just now meeting him though ;).

Oh dear! Molly lost her foot! And Lucy has a close male friend! No more Horacy :(.

Alright! Moving on! :)

Author's Response: Awww that's alright :P

Yep, the Demarcus brothers have a lot of tension between them. There's always something going on between the two and more often than not it escalates into violence. They're both very hot headed. But they'll work on it. one day.

Rob is kinda cool, haha that is funny. But Louis and Horatio are just mainly focused on their own little group more than anything else. They're pretty oblivious to others around them.

I know! Poor Molly. And you shipped Horatio and Lucy? They would be an awesome ship! :D

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