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Review #26, by RiddleGirl The Secret

2nd December 2006:
Does that mean that Harry was supposed to have a brother or sister? Or am I just confused. Lovely story.

Author's Response: Yes harry was supposed to have a brother or sister and no you are NOT confused :)

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Review #27, by RiddleGirl Half-Blood

2nd December 2006:
I don't get the red eye-green eye thing. Don't tell me it has something to do with X-Mas because I don't think it does.

Author's Response: It has nothing to do with xmas, but i thought that because harry wasd so deep in voldemort's mind, that dear old voldy poo's eyes should change to green to let Ginny know that harry was watching over her, and voldemorts reaction to her words confirmed that. are wwe talking about the same bit in that story here?

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Review #28, by RiddleGirl Memories and visions

2nd December 2006:
Fantastic story

Author's Response: thanks, but try and think of another word to praise me with... lol...

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Review #29, by RiddleGirl Surprise attack

2nd December 2006:
Gred and Forge? LOL. I can't stop only saying nice story because I don't know a better word than that. How about Fantastic story.

Author's Response: Yeh, gred and forge... it's in book 3 i think, they are talking about the jumpers molly knitted them for xmas 'we're not stupid, we know we're called Gred and Forge' you get the idea?. and fantastic is a wonderful word, how about fabulous? magnificent? amazing? wonderful? stupendous? or am i going a bit overboard here?!?! lol...

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Review #30, by RiddleGirl At the Burrow

2nd December 2006:
Ginny and Harry seem like the perfect couple to me besides Harry and Hermione or Harry and Cho. What do you think?

-Nice story.I'd hate to have to peel carrots and potatoes enough to get a rythmn.

Author's Response: I think there have been enough anvil sized hints for every reader to have worked out that harry and ginny are the perfect couple, and that ron and hermione will probably end up together too... it's just what i see...

i hate peeling potatoes, carrots are easy though, lol. but ginny is the only girl in the house and mrs weasley is a rather old fashioned woman, so she would of course make ginny help her in the kitchen and (in theory) leave the boys for arthur to sort out...

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Review #31, by RiddleGirl Unfinished Business

2nd December 2006:
What do you mean by better reader? Nice story by the way.

Author's Response: A beta reader is someone who reads over your story before you submit it for vaildation, they check for grammar and spelling mistakes, and other stuff...

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Review #32, by ILoveLost1888 Faith, Hope and Love.

2nd December 2006:
So Harry dead??? 10-10!

Author's Response: No harry's not dead... where did you get that from?!?! don't remember putting anything about him dying in the last chapter... how else could he say i love you and hug ginny at the and of the chapter?... anyways glad u liked it...

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Review #33, by brittany♥ Thursday

6th November 2006:
aw this is really good.i feel really bad 4 willow...but i cant wait until the wedding carashers 2 update soon!

Author's Response: YAY A Review! But yeh, ur supposed to feel bad for willow! but i cant wait either! Glad u liked it, shouldn't be too long till the next one!

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Review #34, by jai Wednesday

8th October 2006:
Make it fast. We can't wait for long.

Author's Response: my computer is being gay atm. so could be a while, but dont give up, my computer is like a teenager, if it is having a good day it will let me post my next chapter, if not, it wont, (once again i am at school)

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Review #35, by jai Tuesday

6th October 2006:
excellent. The story takes amazing turns. Well done buddy.

Author's Response: Thanks, I like to ad major twists i keeps the readers on their toes, will post nextr chapter soon!

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Review #36, by windwhistler69 Tuesday

5th October 2006:
I'm loving the story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter. Rating not perfect as you have a few spelling and grammer mistakes. Doesn't anyone use a spell checker anymore??

Author's Response: Yes i do use a spell checker, and sorry if there are any grammer or spelloing mistakes, but if my compy doesnt pick them up, wont know, if i you could tell me the major ones next time that would be great, thankls for the review, nice to know i am appreciated, next chapter should be up tonight, if i can stop my computer being all crappy (i am at skl atm) glad to know you like it. (sorry if i spelt anything wrong in here, i dont think i have :-S)

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Review #37, by brittany♥ The Truth Hurts

16th September 2006:
wow great chappies update soon!

Author's Response: yep, dont worry i will!

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Review #38, by ILoveLost1888 The Truth Hurts

5th September 2006:
Hi. Wow. Harryas a sister? What is her name???? How doens she look like Lily or James? Putt in a 11 chapter??? ~_~

Author's Response: it says her name is Willow, but it says it in the chapter, and you'll have to wait and see what she looks like, htta comes in a later chapter, and i will submit chapter 11 as soon, as the first chapter of my marayders fic is validated

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Review #39, by mrsjhp Ownership

13th August 2006:
I love your story. Keep going!!

Author's Response: don't worry i'll keep going, then I'll finish Silver Glass!

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Review #40, by brittany Ownership

21st July 2006:
wow great story! hurry up and review......its a really good story....but u stole my idea lol...not reallly...the site wont snd me a password 4 an account and i already started thinking out a story and ginny getting kiddnapped was my fave idea...o well AWESOME story...upd8 soon!

Author's Response: I'll be uodating asap, i had to do something drastic to get the story started, and to give Harry a reason to have a go on the mind enhancer thing

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Review #41, by stranded light Ownership

20th July 2006:
I thought it good, I was really sad, because I totally thought Ginny was turned to the darkside with all that My lord stuff, but I read the reviews and you said she wasnt, so thats good. keep up the great work.

Author's Response: She doing what she has to, so that she doesn't get killed.

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Review #42, by hptrump Half-Blood

21st June 2006:
sorry hard to accept Ginny going to the dark side.

Author's Response: Since when did i say Ginny was going to the dark sude, she's just calling him master because she knows it's in her best interests to stay alive. I know why you thought she was though, but she's not, don't panic. Why would she go over to the dark side when our dear Voldy-poo killed her ex(kinda)boyfriends parents, that's just stupid. She's only oding what she has to to keep herself alive till harry can rescue her... she's not turning don't worry. but if she's not respectful to Voldemort, he'll kill her, but in truth she want's to kill him for making Harry's life a misery

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Review #43, by Blueflamme Memories and visions

14th May 2006:
At one point you say "...He knocked Bill unconnscious..." Be the Deatheater had knocked Charlie unconscious. It's just a typo.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know, dunno why i put Bill,

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Review #44, by Ed At the Burrow

17th March 2006:
This wasa tremendous. I cant believe how you wrote such a great story. This would have taken me years to have done. The language was exceptional. Thanks

Author's Response: Ed you're not that bad at english lol, it wouldn't have taken you years and you know it... (glad you can't see my face, i haven't blushed so much since last time you complimented me... lol)

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Review #45, by Ed Memories and Tears

17th March 2006:
This story was very emotional and showed many different feelings. The way you wrote it was amazing and I feel you are the best author on the site. Keep it up. Thanks

Author's Response: Ed the only reason you think that i'm the best author is coz u haven't read anyone else's stories yet, read more stories and i'm sure u'll change ur mind, there are alot of talented authors on this site, and from what i've read I am NOT one of the best! (I know you may think i'm being modest but I HATE to blow my own trumpet) see ya *~Lilli~*

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Review #46, by Ed Unfinished Business

17th March 2006:
This story was pure quality. I have never read such journey of a book. I will read it againn and I still I am not going to get bored of reading it. You are a genius. Thanks

Author's Response: Well i don't see you reading lately Ed do I lol. (for people who don't know Ed is a school friend who i have a go at alot, it's a p.j so if you don't know bout it don't worry)

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Review #47, by T Surprise attack

13th March 2006:
NOT A CLIFFHANGER!!! Great story!

Author's Response: I love cliffhangers, they keep all my readers hooked, that's the whole point of writing a fan fic, J.K does it alot with her chapters, but it doesn't always work coz the book comes out all at once, but hey, i like suspense

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Review #48, by nikki Unfinished Business

10th March 2006:
very good story, please continue it

Author's Response: Don't worry i'm not planning to stop anytime soon, when I start a job I like to finish it

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