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Review #51, by argetlam shadeslayer A Very Gryffindor Christmas

11th July 2011:
This. Was. Fantastic. I apologize for the ridiculously short and unworthy review, but I'm hankering to read the next chapter.

Amazing chapter, as always!

Author's Response: Hehehe, it's allright, I more than look forward to your upcoming reviews. ;)

Thank you so much!!


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Review #52, by argetlam shadeslayer Seasonís Grievances

11th July 2011:
Oh, this was so perfect and slightly melancholy! I loved it. Poor Sirius. Thanks to James, a perfectly lovely moment was ruined. Ah, well. And I particularly loved your characterizations of Dumbledore and McGonagall. Not only were they spot on, but the two of them - specifically Dumbledore - were so charming and...them, if that makes sense. Oh, I would write more, but I'm eager to read the next chapter, and you already know how much I adore this story!

Author's Response: James always seems to get in the way between Dollie and Sirius doesn't he? Hehe. I'm so glad that you did. Reading back now, I was a bit afraid that Dumbledore and McGonagall came off as cliche so it's a relief to hear that they kept to canon. Thank you so much!


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Review #53, by argetlam shadeslayer The Very First Time

11th July 2011:
Ugh, this is so heartbreakingly beautiful. As much as I've always adored Sirius, I swear, for the first time, I find myself crossing my fingers and hoping desperately that Remus gets the girl. (Not that Dollie is just another girl that can be gotten; oh, you know what I mean.) You've taken Sirius/OC/Remus and woven it into such a remarkably intricate and poignant plot, and unlike other stories, the emotions and thoughts of your main characters tend to leap out from the page (would you call this a page? I digress) and breathe the lives of their stories into the reader. Such a lovely chapter. 50/10.

Author's Response: *blush*

I think you give me far too much credit but thank you all the same ^_^. I have an unhealthy obsession with love traingles but who doesn't love Sirius and Remus? People with poor taste, that's who (I kid I kid ;)). Ahh, you're a Sirius/Dollie shipper then? Eeep, your praise is incredibly gratifying, thank you so much!


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Review #54, by argetlam shadeslayer Out of Reach

10th July 2011:
Oh my goodness. It's ridiculous how much I missed this story. Seriously. I feel like such a nerdy fangirl, rediscovering one of my favorite fan fictions. (By the way...I'm back! I feel like a bit of a prat for being gone for so long, but I'm quite glad to be HPFFing once more. Oh, gosh. I hope you still remember me! Eeep, I hope it hasn't been that long.) But anyway, this chapter was glorious, disarming spells, autumn remnants, and all. Truly, Misty, your writing is fabulous and vivid as ever, and you have such a beautiful way of describing things. Ugh, I can't believe I've missed out on so many chapters! I have loads of catching up to do! (But it's not like I'm complaining, because it means I get to read the rest of your fabulous updates!) Wheee!

Author's Response: Emma!! Of course I remember you, one of my favourite reviewers in DiL history! Welcome back, dear. How are you?

Eek, I seriously spazzed out when I saw these reviews. Thank you so much for coming back to HPFF and my story. I'm beyond thrilled that you're still enjoying this story thus far. I like to think that it gets better from here ;P (hopefully). Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm still in disbelief that you're back hehehe.


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Review #55, by LovelyMioneWeasley Thirty-Two Candles

11th May 2011:


It's all very exciting, Mist. And I'm so sorry for being so late to review. It's been a crazy couple of days between RL and the internet being wonky at my house. But I was really loving this chapter because of all sorts of good things.

Okay, my first favorite thing was definitely the girls with their dressing scene for the party cause you made them so not perfect. Authors always love to make the scenes so perfect and like OMGtheyalllooklikemoviestarsandaresuperhot. I know you aren't like that Misty, but I was just so grateful that you managed to exclude that anyway :).

Secondly, THERE WAS REMUS/DOLLIE. I was rather disappointed with the lack of Sirius/Dollie interaction. But, let's focus on the awesomeness of Remus. Remus is so sweet and responsible; Sirius was silly with his sugar high and I loved how Dollie and Remus pulled him down from the ceiling. I loved that you also made them interact sweetly.

And the entire scene outside!! It was so brilliant to see them dancing and enjoying; I made sure to play both verisions and read with the songs. I loved the Ronan Keating and Lulu with it; it was more haunting and intense with that verison. I think you did a splendid job on it.

AND THE CLIFFHANGER!! You are an evil, evil amazing author. Grr.I was overwhelmed by it all. My question is though why didn't Remus know ahead of time that it would be a full moon? It would seem to me that he of all people would be paying close enough attention to the calender to notice something like that. But all the same, I think its a brillinat cliffie.

I miss you, Misty and I hope that you put up that Pansy/Harry up. I think they can actually be a brilliant pairing at times and are fun to read about. I've stumbled upon a few different stories that I found were really intriguing especially with them. Love and peace to you Misty!

xoxox Lindsey

P.S. Glee has done some good songs lately. What has been your favorite? I loved Rolling in the Deep.

Author's Response: I KNOW RIGHT?! YOU LIKE??


I thought I'd celebrate the new chapter with a new banner. As much as I love my previous banner, it was years old and this new one.. GAH, there are no words to describe it *heart*. I'm sorry too for this late response. Buried under assignments and presentations. It's all done, now I have finals to look forward to x((. Anyways, how have you been? Hope all is well :).

You always seem to love the girl scenes, Linds hehe. But I'm glad you do since I can always count on you to get feedback. I don't know about other people but I distinctly remember my teenage years to be incredibly awkward so yeah, that was the direction I wanted to take hehe.

Told you the romance would be back full-swing! There were tiny hints of Sirius/Dollie but the main attraction had to be Remus/Dollie. While it would have been tempting to include more Sirius/Dollie, I thought I'd save it for later ;).

I've been looking forward to writing that scene for a long time, you have no idea. While I did write that scene to the Ronan Keating and Lulu version, I listened to the Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton version as well though I 100% agree with you, Ronan and Lulu's version is much more haunting. Kenny and Sheena is more happy/optimistic.

Hahaha!! I had to do it, it was begging for a cliffhanger xD. As for the question, the simplified answer would be that Remus was too busy thinking about and working on the co-party, it just slipped his mind. It'll be a bit clearer in the next chapter but your question fuelled an entire new scene in my head *spoiler alert* (between Remus and Dumbledore in case you were wondering) *spoiler alert over* that I might just add in a future chapter so thanks for that hehehe. It was a pretty evil cliffhanger but I'm happy you liked it regardless.

Aaaw, I missed you too, Linds, and our little chats. I've been so busy, I don't think I've even been on the forums in a while. Ah, about the Harry/Pansy, I'm still working up the nerve to post it. It was written literally agesss ago and isn't a particularly popular pairing so I'm a bit worried about the response. Oh gosh, honestly, Harry/Pansy used to be one of my favourite pairings, mostly because I liked to think of it as the anti-dramione. I will post up the one-shot soon though, some time in the coming month or something, possible after my finals.

Infinity XOXOs,

P.S: I loved the I feel pretty/unpretty mash-up, probably one of my favourites by glee. Dancing Queen's a guilty pleasure, that was on repeat for awhile hehe. Rolling in the Deep was fine, really good because it was a duet but I think I'm too attached to Adele's version to enjoy it as much as I should have.

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Review #56, by calgirl Thinking Twice

10th May 2011:
defense is spelled with a 's' not a 'c' but anyways fabulous story! :)

Author's Response: JKR spells it as 'defence'. I thought it was 'defense' at first too. Thanks though. :)

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Review #57, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Momentary Lapse of Reason

25th April 2011:
-glomps-. I am VERY excitedly over here to re-read such a lovely chapter and flatter my favorite author on HPFF :P. I hope all of this makes you blush ridiculously and makes you feel awesome. 'Cause you are awesome. Awesome that is; not ridiculous except for ridiculously talented maybe.

You're off is like my on because I think this has to be one of my favorite filler chapters ever. I love that you make the Marauders failures and dealing with the side effects of poor decisions and tough magic. So many authors seem to skim that part or just minimize it. You unapologetically make all of them human. You also include Peter which you know I love.

Also, I love Dollie and Vivian trying to sneak into the Hospital Wing. It just seems like such a Gryffindor thing to do and I think you make it really original to make them failures and to make them caught. The Maraduers slipping by was a good way to hi-light their practice and talents. You make them human but still the Marauders.

The bit with Remus' gloves. Broke. My. HEART. Because I don't want Sirius to know about them and I don't want to get ripped by Sirius albeit accidentally. Dollie must be torn over this. And I definitely think that you already tearing his heart; SPARE HIS GLOVES!

-sigh- Reign it in, Linds. My biggest compliment? That you don't update more often. Meh, there you go. Suggestion for improvement! Give me some of your plot talent please?


xx Lindsey

Author's Response: LINDSEY!
*squee*. If I were blushing, the ginormous grin is covering it for the most part. But it's there and it's because of you! Gah, you never fail in your flattery.

Hehe, however much we idealize them, there must have been more than a few failures within the course of the Marauders' lives. Add to the fact that they're a bunch of adolensents, I can't imagine they got the hang of the whole animagi thing on the first try. That's what I hoped to achieve these past few chapters, even if it means taking attention away from the romance for a bit. Don't worry, it's coming back very, very soon *winkwink*. Actually, I was afraid this might seem like me skimming the animagus transformations a bit. It would have affected the overall story's pacing if I had gone into too much detail. We really are a pair of Peter sympathizers aren't we?

I can't seem to stay away from the sneaking around, I had a case of 'Stalkers Anonymous' deja vu while I was writing that particular scene. You hit the nail there, Linds dear. The girls do look like amateurs next to the Marauders, though I couldn't bring myself to have them get detention hehe.

Irony or foreshadowing? Hmm.. But I loved that you mentioned it, that scene was my favourite. Nobody's heart is safe, remember that ^_^.

You know you have a warehouse full of plot talent, you don't need my castaways *huggles*. Ah, since you asked, after I get a chapter image for this chapter, I'll update. That's a promise, just for you. Also, I'm terribly excited for the next few chapters, you'll soon see why ;).

Thank you for another heartwarming review, Linds!

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Review #58, by Helen Shocking Revelations & Unmet Expectations

20th March 2011:
i know you already did but I just got hooked and I need more!
haha, pretty pretty please update soon!

Author's Response: Hahaha! I haven't heard the 'update' plea in so long, I was beginning to think they were out of style or something.

Anyway, hello and thank you for the review! Great to hear that I managed to hook you in ;).

I'm not sure yet when I'll be able to update. A rough estimation would probably be next month, or even May, depending on when I'm able to fine-tune chapter 15 to my liking. But it is done for the most part.

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Review #59, by LovelyMioneWeasley Shocking Revelations & Unmet Expectations

19th March 2011:

-glomps and refuses to let go- Aghhh!!! You updated; I must say that the amount of excitement I felt when I saw it. And Misty, you did not disappoint me.

I must say that I am the biggest fan of your chapter lengths; you give us readers some real meat and some real substance to your characters, to your storyline. And your storyline is getting very, very good my love.

I mean, pregnancy/! No real test-- you are so brilliant and original. First off, we aren't sure who the father is which is a bit Mama Mia but really, when you get down to it, I think you made it really original. You made it three believable guys and I gotta applaude you for having some guts to give credit and make Peter actually popular.

And then to add the fact that Vivian wasn't interested in seeing if she was actually pregnant, you took a really
fresh and intresting perspective. I'm so, SO, SO glad you made it a possibility that she isn't really pregnant. However, it does clearly communicate a believable level of lack of responsibility and youth.

My favorite, FAVORITE part was the bit with the painting; I loved that you included it and I loved that you had the portraitsengaged in conversation with Dollie and Vivian.

I also loved the food fight; it was Maraduers and so lovely and such a perfect way to break up all the tension that you had built into the chapter. I like the little breathers that authors can give because a story gets tiring and exhausting when you just slam drama after drama after issue after issue into a plot.

The subtle inclusions of Remus' jealousy were heartbreaking but definitely worthy of keeping in there. I really liked that you won't let the reader forget any part or get too attached to Dollie/whoever. As soon as I am convinced that Remus is the only fit for her, you throw in some seriously wonderful Sirius/Dollie.

And the inclusion of the Maraduer bit was good as well. Oh, this chapter was just perfect, Mist. I didn't find any typos and it didn't lag a bit for me. Well done ^_^


Author's Response: I did! I have no idea where all this inspiration and plot bunnies are coming from but I'm grateful for them nevertheless. ^_^

Oh, it's wonderful you said that you liked the length. I can't tell you how many times I read over this chapter trying to shorten it to a more reasonable length but there was just so much plot that I wanted to keep that I finally just posted it regardless. Thanks so much for your encouraging words, dearest.

Oh gosh, I didn't see the Mamma Mia resemblance til you pointed it out! I was torn between making it one person, two or three then I figured that three people were more dramatic. It was meant to convey Vivian's lack of responsibility and forethought. Interesting that you mentioned that section, didn't you catch your little shout-out ;).

Fifteen year-olds usually aren't the brightest bulbs, as much as they pretend to be ;). Not an insult, I know from experience. Vivian definitely thinks she knows best and doesn't need some silly test to prove otherwise. Too much pride and much too stubborn, Vivian shows her Gryffindor colours.

Hehehe, that was me injecting a bit of Hogwarts life and humor into a drama-filled section. I'm so happy you liked it so much =D.

One can always count on the Marauders for a good time. This would be the second disruption they've orchestrated (the other being the James-in-a-tutu incident). It was what you described it as but it also served its prupose as a plot mover.

Hehehe, that was Remus moving on to the next stage of his love for Dollie. First was guilt, then denial, then depression and now, jealousy. Personally, I was getting bored of mopey Remus so here's me trying out jealous Remus for size. For now, it's quite a nice fit. Hope you think so too =). Hehe, I quite like juggling Dollie between Remus and Sirius. That is the fun of a love triangle, figuring out who she's ultimately meant to be with. I do have an endgame in mind but for now, I'm all for readers shipping her with one or the other.

Thank you so much, Linds! Your reviews are ones I always look forward to every time I post a new chapter and means so much that you enjoy them.


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Review #60, by Savannah Thintlewood Good News for People Who Love Bad News

13th February 2011:
This chapter rocked and was an absolute shocker at the end when Vivian was pregnant

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad I managed to shock ^_^ hehe.

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Review #61, by LovelyMioneWeasley Good News for People Who Love Bad News

7th February 2011:
Dum...dum dum. I knew it! I KNEW IT! I just knew Vivian was going to get into some BIG trouble. And her emotional state in conjunction with the snappish and stand-off attitude just equated to pregnant. That eggo is prego (name the movie!)

But you did an extraordinary job on this chapter, Mist. I loved the opening with the girls because I've missed their sleepovers and talking. Remus and Sirius are amazing and I love them but I need the girl stuff too. Its just a matter of balance and all in a story.

I loved the Sirius/Dollie action! The sweet and smooth actions of Sirius were totally in character and super sweet to read about. I think he was hoping to make up for the break. I did miss the Remus/Dollie actions. Maybe there will be flashbacks... (hint hint ;])

And the Animagus part was pure genius! What a perfect place to include it and make it totally believable. I feel like the next chapters may include their struggle trying to achieve it. This is one detail that is often neglected in the Maraduer universe so well done love bug ^_^

Overall, it was an amazing chapter. I didn't see any typos/grammar issues but I wasn't on much of a hunt to find any. My best suggestion would be the cryptic and somewhat confusing beginning of Remus' section on going to meet the other boys. It was confusing and I had to read several times before it kinda made sense in my head.

I hope there is some Lily/James action/interaction in coming chapters as well as some more tutoring perhaps ^_^

Lindsey xx

Author's Response: Lindsey, you reviewed! Anyone ever told you you're awesome? Coz you are, just in case you didn't already know. ;)

Hehehe, good on you for figuring it out. It is a bit left-field but how could I possibly omit such drama? Oh oh oh! Answer: Juno!!! Took me less than a minute to think of the answer, go me xD.

The blame lies entirely with me. Like Dollie, I have been snubbing the girls as of late which isn't good at all. After all, they do represent a significant part of Dollie's life. Thus, with the preggo debacle, the girls will feature much more into the story.

Haha! I can't seem to go one chapter without something romantic happening. What can I say, this is a love story after all. But I am beyond relieved that you thought he was in character. Somehow, it occured to me I'm being way too kind with his character. I'm still thinking of ways to remedy that though *evil grin*. I'll see what I can do about the flashbacks, only if the plot bunnies decide to visit me ;).

I'm so happy you thought so! Truthfully, I'd completely forgot about the animagus thing myself and originally wasn't going to include it. Then recently, I read somewhere that they became animagus in their fifth year so it hit me that I should cover their journey in achieving that goal. Which was a relief seeing as I was struggling in coming up with decent sideplots. Not sure if you noticed but I edited the earlier chapters so that their animagus nicknames aren't created yet.

Yeah, I didn't like it either. Once I have a better way of wording it, I'll be sure to polish it up. Thank you for the suggestion. :)

I have alot in store for the coming chapters. Believe me, there'll be plenty of action. ;) Thankies for another fab review, Lindsey love!

*hugs back*

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Review #62, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Very Gryffindor Christmas

3rd February 2011:
Oh Misty, I found this to be a lovely chapter! I was not disappointed by the reminders of Christmas trees!

Remus was standing beside what could possibly qualify as the most magnificent Christmas trees she had ever seen. -- I'm curious to know if you mean Christmas tree here because the setence slightly confuses me.

I loved the whole scene with them in the tower and where exactly Dollie went when she couldn't sleep. I would probably wander the halls of Hogwarts myself to try to find somewhere to spend my time, hopefully looking up at the stars. I love astronomy and am actually a huge dork about it, but I loved how you incoporated it!!!

And I loved Remus waking up Dollie. It was a bit funny to read about but very, very sweet. They were quite the funny pair especially as they put on their jumpers. I was curious as to where Dollie got her own jumper. And I loved the present exchange. It was no cliches like necklaces or even books...but a journal and gloves are still lovely gifts.

I'm excited to see if they have any more interactions over the break! I think it'd be fun to read about and see. I loved being able to catch up on this story, Misty. It reminded me of just how wonderful of an author you are!

I hope this story gets some more attention soon because it really is an excellent story and one that is super lovely to read about. You are a great author and totally deserve to have more attention brought back to this story!

Love you always,

Author's Response: Eep, that was a typo on my part. Fixed it though, thanks for pointing it out!

Same here! Though the prospect of running into Filch, Mrs. Norris and Peeves would probably scare me, just a tiny bit. I absolutely love stargazing myself, there's something so subtly beautiful and romantic about them, I just knew I had to include them somehow.

Hehehe, it was meant as a little throwback to the first sentence in the first chapter. Really? If you really want to know, her mum just bought it from some department store, since she can't sew or knit ^_^. Funny you should mention those two examples. I did briefly consider them (Sirius to Dollie a necklace & Dollie to Remus or Remus to Dollie a book) but as you pointed out, they are quite cliche. Plus, I thought of something even better. The journal, gloves and bracelet (that Sirius gave Dollie) ultimately figure into the plot later so look out for that. I'm glad you liked the choices!

Ah, I hope you didn't mind that I skipped the break (as you read in the next chapter). For one, I didn't want anymore filler (though I did have an idea for a snowball fight but ah well) and I was excited to get to meatier plot developments, which *fingers crossed* I hope you enjoy.

Aaaw Linds, I never know what to say when you shower me with all these praises, especially when I think you're being a bit too generous with them hehehe. But thank you so very much, it means the world that you think that highly of my writing and this story.


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Review #63, by LovelyMioneWeasley Seasonís Grievances

2nd February 2011:
Don't think I didn't notice the little slip-in of Stephan Shooting-Starr. Hahah does that have to do with anyone by the name of a a_shooting_star, huh? *giggle* I definitely burst into a fit of what my best friend called "cute girl giggles." He resolved to just call them "my cute giggles." ANYWAY, I was so glad to see such a character. I miss Steffy very much :(. I haven't keep in contact with her. Have you?

Anyway, this wonderful chapter was super cute and super lovely to read about!!! I loved the private moment that Sirius and Dollie shared under the umbrella. It seemed like Dollie had let Sirius in to really help her and get to know her.

The raining seemed very typical of England but I couldn't help but wonder if it was supposed to be symbolical for something more. A sort of mood setter perhaps. And I was sad that Remus couldn't go home for the holidays. The life he has led...has been one of major misfortune.

And it wasn't your choice as the author; you were really forced to work with what Jo had already established. Poor, poor Remus :(.

I really liked the pacing and the inclusion of the holidays; its really nice to be reaching that time of the year in story! I love Christmas and since it has past I miss its influence on my life so.

The chaotic but loving nature that Christmas introduces into my life between parties, work functions, basketball season, sweets, time with loved ones, and even the lovely church services are just fantastic fun for me. I look forward to the next chapter!

Your build up in this chapter was excellent because I could feel the inner conflict and almost point of opening up between Sirius and Dollie even though it was ruined by James.


xx Lindsey

Author's Response: Our little private joke, eh Linds? *winks* I'd ask you the same question, I haven't heard from her in ages. I miss her too... Oh, sidenote, a Ravenclaw called Lindsey Lovely (or Lovett, I'm still deciding between the two. Which would you prefer? I'm sooo creative with names aren't I? xD) will be making an appearance during OWLs. Stay tuned for that. *wink wink*

Dollie just couldn't remain immune to his charms much longer ;). Sirius might just be the one to melt the ice-queen. But Remus might not stand for that. After all, where's the fun without a little conflict?

You could say that ;). Hehehe, I love reading your theories, Linds, please keep them coming!

The struggles Remus has to go through, gah, I don't know how he does it without going completely insane or depressed. Heck, even Harry had it better. At least he wasn't a poverty-stricken, bloodthirsty werewolf. *huggle squeezes Remus*

Aaaw, that all sounds lovely, Linds =). Some of my most treasured memories are my childhood christmases where all the cousins would congregate at my grandmother's house and have turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, dessert etc etc. You could say it was rather a Weasley-like gathering.

James really does have that uncanny ability to ruin every Dollie/Sirius moment. Thank you so much!



Love you,

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Review #64, by LovelyMioneWeasley The Very First Time

2nd February 2011:
Mist, I think that this was a really smashing chapter of yours! It had so many goodies in it and I just don't know where to start!!

I guess I could start with the undeniably beautiful chapter images you have in each chapter. Each one is extremely well done by the lovelies over at TDA and really sets the tone for your chapter. They are an extra addition that can really help a chapter!

I loved the opening scene with Sirius and Dollie studying together! It was really amazing to see the descriptions of the lake. I am such a big fan of nature and to see it incoporated into stories always makes me smile. I like when authors take the time to really describe and set the stage of the environments of their story. Settings, I think, are some of the most underrated pieces of stortyelling.

I loved the flashback! There is nothing like an eleven year old James and Sirius! Its so good to see that the mischief started so early. Their friendship explanation is completely believable and so easy to envision. Sirius and James playing dare sounds like the boys I tended to run around with at a young age. We'd take turns trying to see who could be the most daring; this is particularly fitting for a pair of Gryffindors.

Remus's thoughts as to why he liked/loved/had feelings for Dollie were really great to read about. I am always curious as to why certain couples get together. For you to give them support really does a splendid thing for the reader. I could totally understand Remus and his reasoning. Sirius' reasoning was hinted at but more straightforward terms would be lovely as well! In due time, I bet ;).

Your pacing and flow worked really well in this chapter. The flashback seemed to connect the two pieces and worked well as a bridge. You did a good job picking up the conversation between Sirius and Dollie as well as Remus and Dollie. They were all very natural conversations with the awkward and tension that one would expect!


Author's Response: Aaw, Linds, really? That alone is squeeworthy praise. *hugglesblush*

You said it! The credit entirely belongs to those talented TDA folk. It's an honour to have them pretty-up my story ^_^.

I agree completely although when authors get too wordy with the setting, I tend to skim through it. What can I say, I'm impatient hehehe. I always admired how JKR managed to do it so effortlessly.

A pair of little rascals, those little Gryffindor boys. Too bad we only got a glimpse of them in DH. James is such a bad influence, hehe.

I know exactly what you mean. Especially in real-life, I love hearing how couples meet and how the sparks flew. From the mundane to the extraordinary, I'm generally fascinated by love stories ;). To be honest, I wasn't too sure on how to translate that (why those feelings arose) into words, which is why I made Remus and Sirius' reasonings so vague. To get a guy's perspective, whenever I asked them why they liked a particular girl, they'd always answer, 'because she's different, she's not like other girls', which was what I tried to incorparate here.

Are these thank yous getting tedious yet? ^_^. They aren't for me, coz your reviews are lovely.


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Review #65, by LovelyMioneWeasley Out of Reach

2nd February 2011:

You said this was a rough chapter!?!/ If this has "a lot of room for improvement" then can I have those chapters of yours!?!? Because I couldn't find nearly anything wrong with this chapter!

First off, I loved Dollie's cute little nervous habits as she was preparing for her lesson with Remus last time; it was glad to see the spontaneous lesson. It seemed to go well for both of their nerves.

The nightmare was totally scary but really believable. I really liked your usage of the door as a metaphor. I think would could have taken in to a whole nother level (or in the future) is using the threshhold. This is an interesting dynamic that I am curious to how would play into the dream. An open door, an open threshhold to make some interesting choices. Just a dynamic to consider, if you even continue to add to her dream.

Remus and Dollie's scene was very fulfilling in this chapter. The playful nature you gave them as they wrestled in the leaves and grass was brilliant. I love your romantic scenes--they aren't even romantic as much as just purely satisfying.

You do an excellent job creating the scenes as well. You don't get wordy but you give the reader enough descriptions to envision what you see in your own imagination. My mind has no problem coming up with movie like pictures from your story.

Your dialogue was sweet and totally perfect. I could see the give and take during Dollie and Remus' conversation. Your imagery was also fantastic; I loved the candle right after her nightmare as well as the natural descriptions! Good job, hun.

Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Lindsey!

It totally was! I remember struggling with it quite a bit, especially with the second half. I've forgotten how many rewrites and edits this went through before I was even half-satisfied with it.

Ah, the nightmare. It was actually based on a real nightmare I had. The ending and my reaction to the dream mirrors Dollie's. I think you're the first reviewer to mention it and examine its meaning because it is a particularly important bit of foreshadowing, both metaphorically and literally. I'll definitely take into account your advise if I should ever add any more dreams though I've heard dreams can be cliche (O.o).

You really think so? Thank you so much! I was worried the scene could come across as cheesy when I was really going for something Bollywood-esque, if that makes sense. As badly as I treat them sometimes, I do like to give them cute moments to savour every now and then. ;)

Double-Yay! I have a soft spot for dialogue while description and I don't always get along so it is truly wonderful that you liked both =). A million xoxo's, Lindsey dear!


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Review #66, by LovelyMioneWeasley Encounters of the Odd Kind

2nd February 2011:
MISTY! Oh I had totally forgotten about the James and tutu scene! I love the Maraduers--creativity is too right about that. They are some funny guys with a real penchant for some good humor fun.

You did an amazing job coming up with their prank, well Sirius' prank. It was funny, amusing to read about, and unharmful. Its very difficult feat to achieve and you did it so well!

I loved the Dollie/Remus action going on in this chapter because they seemed so perfect for one another. The comfortable silence, the complimenting personalities, and the sweet shyness was a perfect young romance mix.

I also feel bad for Sirius though; its become clearer and clearer to the peanut gallery audience that his feelings aren't returned nearly as much. Dixie started with the intent of using him but its probably become clearer and clearer to her that Sirius is a lot more serious than she thought.

Your grammar and flow was amazing; you had no grammatical issues, no typos, no syntax errors. Your sentence structured was varied and approriate in the right places. You did an excellent job with the dialogue; it felt very natural and casual. It never felt forced or overly thought. You have done an excellent job with this chapter as well hunny!!

xx, Lindsey

Author's Response: Oh my, that scene has to be one of the (if not the most) silliest scenes I've ever written. Probably my earliest foray into humor, don't know how my twisted mind ever came up with that.

Maybe it's just me but over-the-top Marauder pranks are a bit hard to come by in fanfiction. But they really are a joy to write and it's always wonderful to hear when people point out that particular scene, since I've always felt my humor writing is a bit weak.

Hehehe, you'd think they were made for each other or something ;). Too bad there's a little obstacle that goes by the name of Sirius Black. The audience (and you) would be entirely correct. Sirius himself is completely oblivious though. He isn't much for taking the hint. It will hit Dollie pretty hard how much more there is to Sirius than she initially assumed.

*Squee!* What a relief! I can always rely on your sharp eye to spot any discrepancies or errors. Thank you for your incredibly kind words, darling!


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Review #67, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Rude Awakening

2nd February 2011:

Aghhh you do fluff SO. DARN. WELL. And you are always giving me a fluff master ^_^. I must have learned from you because the entire picnic was heart warming. I wish I had a Sirius or at least had the kind of guys who were morning people!

To start with the beginning of the chapter, Lily and Viv's dialogue while Dollie was still sleeping was excellent to read. It was quite humorous and I giggled to myself. I did feel bad that Dollie's lovely dream was interrupted though. Poor girl.

I really enjoyed the sunrise scene as well. It was sweet and endearing to read about; plus, I can only imagine how wonderful it'd be to watch the sunrise near Hogwarts. What an awesome thing to see!!

Your reaction of the girls to the new relationship was definitely believable and funny. I really liked Abs and Cass--they were so sweet to do that. Sue was a real character to read about as well; her forwardness was pretty silly! I loved your entire dialgoue and really enjoyed your plot development.

The forwardness of Sirius was totally believable because I could totally envision his attitude being like that. A Maraduer through and through wanting to jump in and just experience.


Author's Response: Please, you've got a PH.D in fluff, missy. If anything, I probably picked up a few tricks from you ;D. I don't, I like my sleep thanks. Sirius is like a little energizer bunny or something, don't know where he gets all that energy.

They meant well, really. How else were they going to get rid of that owl? Dollie does seem to have bad luck, doesn't she? But she did get a nice little picnic for it so it wasn't all bad. ;)

I know exactly what you mean! I'm too much of a night owl to ever catch a sunrise (living in the suburbs doesn't help much). I've only ever seen one sunrise and believe me, it was gorgeous. I based the scene on that one real-life experience.

Girls can be incredibly catty when they want to be but a select few are able to rise above, the examples being Abs and Cass. Oh gosh, Sue is a piece of work isn't she? She's supposed to be a parody of Mary-Sue and Paris Hilton, her very name being a homage to that ;).

As always, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and that everything is believeable. Believeability is one of the best compliments you can give me because it's what I strive for in my writing. Thank you so much!!


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Review #68, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Date with Dollie Kent/Sirius Black

2nd February 2011:

Aw poor Sirius :(. He didn't know about her fear of heights! But still, poor Dollie, too, and stupid, immature fifteen year old James for catalising it all! I really enjoyed the build up to the date and the way you incoporated the fan girls.

James' interaction and the fan girls definitely made for amazing reading and some giggles. I think you do a really good job reminding the reader that James was not always the endearing and somewhat mature man we assume him to be once he and Lily married. There was once a Maraduer that insulted Snape, that had a big ego, but was still the amazing friend and supportive brother figure for others. You create the dynamic character that is a joy to read.

You do a really good job of making the plot interesting and totally believable. I love the excitement and pushing Dottie that Vivian did. Vivian was a very sweet reminscint of a friend I think we all have. She is the friend that is always excited and supportive of what her friends are doing.

I really loved this chapter because you made a very typical 15 year old date with such diastrous results for a date. I really enjoyed it even though I felt so horrible for Dollie.

Lindsey xx


Sorry, that was mostly your fault, for making me giddy with all these wonderful reviews. But I'm not complaining at all. ;)

I do give Sirius a rough time, don't I? Same goes for Dollie but hey, she's got two studs who love her so she shouldn't complain too much, hehehe.

Ergh, James is a bit of a jerk in this story. After all, this story does take place in the year he humiliated Snape and played a strong part in destroying Lily and Snape's friendship. You've hit the nail on his character. He had his good and awful character traits but did eventually redeem himself somewhat. I'm so happy you liked what I did to his character. Oh, and this isn't the last you'll see of the fangirls. They'll make their presence felt in much, much later chapters. I'm aiming for just before OWLs start for them to make their reappearance and do some serious damage.

Vivian was inspired by my high-school best friend so she does feel very real to me, even if I do sometimes make her over-the-top. At the end of the day, as boy-crazy as she is, she cares deeply about her friends.

I am quite partial to this chapter, if I do say so myself hehe. Action-packed scenes are always a treat I enjoy giving to readers. Thank you so much, Lindsey.


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Review #69, by LovelyMioneWeasley And So It Begins

2nd February 2011:
Hellero Misty,

I hope all is well with you. I actually got a free night because RL fell through so my nights opened up. I decided to stay in and take a night to catch up on my T.V. shows and eat some ice cream ^_^. Your story joined the ranks as well :).

I really liked this chapter; I found it SO realistic and yet so perfectly filled with Sirius and Remus and Dollie that I could help but squee and sigh at certain parts.

Sirius is quite the smooth talker but he's just so darn genuine and nice. He's funny thought too and you make him just a great guy. I think that some authors use the "playboy" description and freedom given to us by JKR too much...they abuse it and make him seem like he isn't a real dynamic character. You make him endearing and clearly visible as to why he is James' best friend.

Remus is heartbreaking though too. His thoughts about Dollie and how he swears he has to stay away make me sad :(. I just want Remus and Sirius to both have a Dollie! Could we clone her, please, Mist? They could both get one and they could rock,paper,scissor who gets the original if they even knew?!?

Sorry, I'm in a perkily happy mood because Darren Criss is currently filling my iTunes with his Glee adventures! He is so smashin' fantastic!

Anyway, your plot development and pacing goes very well. You keep the flow of the story realtively short but it works; some parts seem too short but more often than not, I bet its cause I'd love to read more myself! My only other suggestion would be character development; you make them realistic but as you continue, I know they get more dimension. You introduce the dimension slowly (I'm recalling all this from memory) and that could curb some appeal for readers. Too slow doesn't suit some people. I don't mind.

Those are all the suggestions I got; you do a great job of proofing your chapter before you usually put them up so I can't make much comment on that.

xx, Lindsey

Author's Response: Olla Lindsey,

I'm great, everything's fine. I hope the same goes for you =). Ooo, that sounds like a nice little night in, I'm beyond thrilled my little story manage to squeeze into that schedule.

That was exactly what I wanted to keep in mind, that while I'm sure he was very cocky thanks to his looks, I don't think he was as obsessed with girls as a lot of authors make him out to be. I just keep remembering how JKR describes him, that his one big trait is how strong his affection can be for certain people, which are the Marauders. If he ever had liked a girl, I think he would have stuck with her.

Dearest Remus, don't you just want to huggle the emo-ness out of him? I know I do ;). Linds, I literally LOL when I read the rock, paper, scissors part! You crack me up. In a perfect world, we could do just that. Or, you know, shove her aside and I can have Remus and you get Sirius. I kid, i kid, *huggles Dollie and Lindsey*.

I LOVE his cover of Teenage Dream! Is it wrong that I think his version is far more superior to Katy Perry's? *Has to listen to it now*

Really? How odd. I always felt I was going too fast with the plot (I tend to get antsy if the plot doesn't take shape fast enough) but I think you're right about character development. I do like to take my time with them, make the reader get to know them slowly much like they would if these characters were real. But hopefully potential readers won't be too put off by it.

I've actually just recently edited all the chapters in this story, polishing them up a bit for grammar purposes but also for plot purposes ;). Thank you for noticing, m'dear!


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Review #70, by LovelyMioneWeasley Vivian's Plan, Sirius' Musings and Remus' Decision

2nd February 2011:

*tackles because it is oh-so-fun* I was very excited to go back and reread this because I remembered it fairly well from the first time I read it through. I don't read Maraduers much these days...(mostly cause I usually ball my eyes out. They're all dead!) but I always will make an exception for you. Besides, I already had mad love for this story.

Your friendship scene between the girls makes me miss the slumber party days because me and my closest friends. Discussing boys, painting nails, being generally difficult---oh the the good days. You do a great job of creating what I think is a great friendship. Its very believable and very relateable as well.

I loved the boys' scene. You were always good at keeping everyone, I think, in character. Sirius is secretly serious but outwardly, very hysterical. James is adorable and sweet; Zoom-Zoom really cracks me up every time. Poor Remus is overlooked and slightly lonely but always self-deprecating. It makes me want to huggle poor Remus. And you include Peter, even making him "cute little-brother-type." You were always good at standing out amongst a slew of Maraduer fics.

I really, really loved rereading this chapter. It warmed my heart and slowly gave away what happened on the "walk" without you every having to hash out a play-by-play for the reader. You do an amazing job hunny! Plus, your format, grammar, and syntax is always flawless. You never put up a bad product :).


Author's Response: ZOMG LINDSEY!!!

*tackles back!*

I just read all the reviews at once and I'm just overwhelmed by your sheer amazingness (as if I needed any reminding). I really don't know how to thank you for doing this but I'll try my best ;). I know what you mean, it IS super depressing. I always held hope that Remus would survive the war. Teddy Lupin is a nice addition but NO substitution ;'( . I'm almost dreading getting to later chapters when I have to incorparate their deaths. I had to rethink the final chapter to keep it canon to DH but believe me, I do have an end in mind ;).

Ah, I know what you mean. Makes me feel old thinking about it though, hehe. Their friendship is alot of fun to write but I noticed I've neglected it in later chapters. Not to worry, the latest chapter (chapter 13) addresses and gets back to it.

Writing the Marauders as a group is always a bit daunting but funny enough, once I get into it, it's like the characters are writing themselves, they're all so distinct. *blush*, you are terribly sweet to say that though I don't know how true it is, hahaha.

And I really, really love this review (and you!). Hehe, truth be told, at the time, I thought the walk was too mundane in itself to write so instead, I wanted to focus on the reprecussions, which were far more interesting. I don't think I did this review justice (which doesn't give me much hope for the other oustanding reviews) but you're brilliant, Linds, thank you so much!

*huge hugs*

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Review #71, by Ellen Vivian's Plan, Sirius' Musings and Remus' Decision

1st February 2011:
I love this story so much (:

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing. =)

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Review #72, by CalinajolieBX A Very Gryffindor Christmas

29th January 2011:
I really liked this chapter. I hope the next one would come sooner. I want more sirius/dollie and remus/dollie!

Author's Response: I'm about halfway done with the next chapter ;). If all goes well, it should be out sometime in February. It'll be more Sirius/Dollie-centric though. Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #73, by calina Seasonís Grievances

5th January 2010:
wowo holy shit i can't believe you actually updated... when i saw the date i was like YEAH RIGHT but its true.
Really good chapter i like the chapter image ... but i kinda wish sirius would have stayed for christmas and there was more "flirting" going on between remus and dollie.
please update soon im not joking:p

Author's Response: I know! Damn, I don't even want to think about how embarrassingly long it took me to update x(. But I really do appreciate that you've stuck around to read and even review DiL, it means so much.

I know, isn't it lovely? niika is amazingly talented.

But if he had, how would Remus and Dollie be able to flirt? :O The next chapter is still being written/fine-tuned, it isn't going as well as I'd hoped, unfortunately. But rest assured, there will be an update in the near future, promise!


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Review #74, by Ginny953 The Very First Time

1st April 2008:
He couldnt recall the very first time but whenever it had been, it endured till now and he couldnt tell when the feelings will go away, if they ever even do. I alsolutely LOVE that! It's so sad they're not together.. you NEED to update VERY soon!


Author's Response: Heheh, glad you liked that line, kinda emo but oh well, Remus is adorable ^_^. Well, who knows what will happen in later chapters ;). I'll try as soon as I can, am still arranging the ideas in my head.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review the chapters, I appreciate it alot!


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Review #75, by Ginny953 Out of Reach

1st April 2008:
You say that needs improvement? I really like it! Especially when you zoomed out, a boy and a girl rolling down the hillside. It was all so very, very, very awesome!!! (and sweet). WHY oh WHY did Sirius have to come back???!

humph. How evil.


P.S. glad I can review after the scary HPSU :P

Author's Response: LoL, thank you for your kind words but I'm still rather iffy about it. Maybe it's my self-esteem that needs work... ^_^ Sirius has such bad timing you wanna hit him ;).


I'm glad to have your reviews to read and same here, HPSU was rather... *cough* yeah...

Thank you for your review!

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