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Review #26, by wolf gang A Momentary Lapse of Reason

3rd October 2011:
Oh poor gloves :( Good chapter except what happened to gloves :)

Just kidding, you're doing so well :D

Author's Response: Hahaha, don't worry, those gloves will make a reappearance. ;)

Thank you!

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Review #27, by wolf gang Shocking Revelations & Unmet Expectations

3rd October 2011:
I wonder why Vivian didn't want Lily to hear? Anyway I liked this chapter too, as usual :D

Author's Response: It's a silly girl pride thing, I guess. Vivian and Dollie are BFFs while Lily is BFFs (for now) with Snape.


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Review #28, by wolf gang Good News for People Who Love Bad News

3rd October 2011:
She is pregnant? You gotta be kidding? I mean, wow! It's a dangerous cliffhanger, which makes me wonder about the rest of story like a mad! Can't wait to read, so I'm done with this review :D

Author's Response: The pregnancy works out in the grand scheme of things. It's a good idea to take into account that she's just a teenage girl.

Thank you! So excited to hear what you think about the rest of the story.

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Review #29, by wolf gang A Very Gryffindor Christmas

3rd October 2011:
Another wonderful chapter! Like that story, yay!

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you!

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Review #30, by wolf gang Seasonís Grievances

3rd October 2011:
Why nothing happened with that mistletoes? I waited for this impatiently while I was reading. I dissappointed a little, though. But still I have to say that it was a good chapter :D

Author's Response: Patience, my dear. Having them kiss so soon would ruin my ultimate grand master plan ;).

Glad to hear that you still thought it was good!

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Review #31, by wolf gang The Very First Time

3rd October 2011:
That punch was good. But wish she did one more for James. He deserves either, anyway...

Like always, it was great :D

Author's Response: Ah well, she had no inkling of what James would eventually do to her.

Thank you!

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Review #32, by wolf gang Out of Reach

3rd October 2011:
Another good one :D I'm moving on, then :)))

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!

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Review #33, by wolf gang Nothing Will Come Out Of It

3rd October 2011:
I really do like that private lesson thing. Especially while they were working on wand movements, I enjoyed a lot :)

And Sue deserves what she gets, doesn't she?

Author's Response: Sue's a nasty piece of work and she'll get exactly what she deserves. ;)

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Review #34, by wolf gang Thinking Twice

3rd October 2011:
He he he, Dollie is really funny :D All that damage she has done :D

You're really good at desciribing people's thoughts, I mean it's good to know what Remus thinks about both Sirius and Dollie.

It was an amazing chapter, like always you do :D

Want a suggestion? Well chapters could be much longer :) I'd be delighted as a fan of this fic :D

Author's Response: I'm so happy you think so! I do worry that Dollie tends to be very morbid and angsty most of the time. In my defence, I wrote this back when I was a teenager myself.

Remus seems like the type who would put others' happiness before his own, which was what I wanted to showcase. Thank you for the compliment!

Hahaha, a fair suggestion. If I could, I would make the chapters much longer but I worry about boring my readers. Thank you so much!

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Review #35, by wolf gang Encounters of the Odd Kind

3rd October 2011:
Professor Dumbledore is the best ever! His soul is still young even he looks so old :D

I liked the song. And the way you changed the lyrics :D

Great and enjoyable chapter, like usual :)

Author's Response: Another ridiculously cheesy moment for me, hehe. I love that song to bits, I had to include it somehow, even if the eras aren't in sync.

Thank you for the review(s)!

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Review #36, by wolf gang A Rude Awakening

3rd October 2011:
Yeah, he worths everyting :D I mean Remus :)

"Dollie, will you let me be your boyfriend?" This was the best part of the chapter, I think. It's so romantic :)

Author's Response: Oh gosh, re-reading that line makes it sound really cheesy, hahaha! What can I say, I was a hopelessly romantic teen when I came up with that. But glad you liked it.

Thank you for the review(s)!

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Review #37, by wolf gang A Date with Dollie Kent/Sirius Black

3rd October 2011:
James is a fool! But a fool who is a cute one :D Things are getting weird I wonder how Sirius'll fix it?

Awesome chapter again, I enjoyed a loy :D

Author's Response: James is rather an arse, I wanted to keep as closely to him as he is in the books. Sirius will find a way. ;)

Thank you for the review(s)!

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Review #38, by wolf gang And So It Begins

3rd October 2011:
Oh, does she really have to do that to Remus? Can't she see that Remus loves her either? Yeah, I love Sirius as much as I love Remus. So Sirius doesn't deserve to be fooled!

Story goes like a book which you can't just make yourself stop reading. I can't even go to kitchen to get some snacks :D

Author's Response: Well, love is blind after all and Dollie's got it bad. Unfortunately, she isn't terribly perceptive. Hehe, so happy to hear that this story managed to engage you. :)

Thank you for the review(s)!

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Review #39, by wolf gang Vivian's Plan, Sirius' Musings and Remus' Decision

3rd October 2011:
Poor Remus :( He is a good friend, even too much good.

I have to say "zoom-zoom" made me laugh so hard! It was really funny :)

Author's Response: Silly Remus and his silly self-sacrifices.. James is ridiculous as well, hehe.

Thank you for the review(s)!

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Review #40, by wolf gang Start of Something?

3rd October 2011:
It seems like an awesome story. I liked that girl Dollie, anyway. She's not just an ordinary girl. Yeah, what I wanna say is this story is great :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're getting into both the story and the main character. I'll be the first to admit that the first chapter isn't the strongest but I hope you'll stick with this, regardless. :)

Thank you for the review(s)!

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Review #41, by missmalfoy Monster Unleashed

25th September 2011:
please please update quickly! love this story, just spent a couple of hours reading all 17 chapters and woah you've got a liot of talent! this is amazing, how old are you if you dont mind me asking?

Author's Response: Hahaha! Really? Woah, thank you so much!! I started this story while I was still in my teens and now I'm in my early twenties. No updates until November, unfortunately. Stay tuned though ;)


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Review #42, by LovelyMioneWeasley Monster Unleashed

23rd September 2011:

YOU UPDATED! Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic because this was my break from studying and doing way too many homework assignments so thank you for that firstly. I think that you did a great job on this chapter and setting up the drama for it. I had to go back and review last chapter to just see where it left off and then I realized the cliffie you had left me on!!

Thank you for not leaving another cliffe. I have to start there haha; now, I was very excited about the Sirius part in the beginning especially when you referred to hot chocolate and Remus over coffee :D. It was a cute moment and very original line. I loved it. Remus, I too, would prefer hot chocolate because I love it too. Does that mean we could be soulmates? Remus and I, I mean?

Dollie scared the GOODNESS GRACIOUS out of me!! I was so terrified and it was so brave and RECKLESS of Sirius to go and distract the Wolf. Ah writing that just gave me goosebumps.the Wolf. It was so creepy and so well done, Mist. I often forget how much I enjoy angst because I search out fluff so much because my textbooks depress me enough haha. But I may have to do some angsty writing tonight because the Wolf inspired me for sure.

It was brilliant, Mist; your creepiness and your action scenes were wonderfully done. You are a great writer and I was heart broken by the last scene. I am so sad to see where the story is going now. Bring some fluff into the next chapter maybe ;).

Love you!

Author's Response: CHECK YOUR INBOX.


Hello Linds, how are you? :D

After the last cliffie, I wasn't going to have another one so soon, hehe. Everyone knows choice of beverage is a crucial point of soulmate selection so yes, I'm quite sure Remus will be pleased.

I KNOW RIGHT?! Gah, writing that scene made me sorta love Sirius. Who doesn't love a black knight after all. Don't tell Remus though, he still holds my heart *hugglesRemus*. I'm so glad you liked it! I've always envisioned Remus and the Werewolf as two separate entities forced to share the same body and it was great fun to further explore that aspect of Remus' character. Ohhh, you definitely should write something! I'll keep an eye out for it ;).

Thank you so much, Linds! Don't worry, there's still a few more twists and bumps to the story before we reach the end, which is still quite far off. As for fluff, ehhh, 'fraid not. The next few chapters will definitely be more angsty though I'll try my hardest to sneak some fluff in.

Love you too!!

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Review #43, by argetlam shadeslayer Good News for People Who Love Bad News

13th July 2011:
Aaahhh, I knew it! I totally knew it! Oh, poor Vivian. I wondered, with the hysterical crying. Poor dear. But hey, most girls have babies -- some just have them sooner than others, you know? Anyway...

It's incredible how wonderfully canon yet original you make everything, did you know? I mean, I love the way even Lily is characterized, and how she mentions she might just go hang out with Mary McDonald (canon alert! Canon alert!) or Sev, and it's just so...undeniably cool how you keep things canon to the books while also turning the story into something very much your own. (Even with Peeves and his cries of "Shan't tell, shan't tell!" So. Good. I really do appreciate your clever canon-writing.) I particularly loved this bit: "...while Dollie could only assume that Suzanna Milton was combing the brimstone out of her hair or whatever it was she did after her annual holidaying in the depths of Hell." I giggled quite a bit. That was hilarious! I adore your witty remarks throughout the narrative in each chapter, which is a difficult feat for most authors who write in third-person (but not for you, you star, you! Ugh, I'm so cheesy). Also, I had totally forgotten about the Abbey-Emma Slayer thing! Oh, she's so cool, that girl. I like her a lot. Funny, she reminds me of me just a little. Heh heh.

And as for Sirius...le sigh. He's just so wonderful, and you write him beautifully. He's so understated, compared to the other over the top Siriuses in fan fiction out there, but the way you write him makes him an even more remarkable character, since he's not resorting to unctuous smirks, hair flips, or manwhore-ery to garner interest. Instead, he's sweet, loyal, clever, and slightly proud, and your Sirius beats the other Siriuses by miles any day.

Anyway, this'll be my only review and chapter read today, since I have two massive exams coming up tonight and tomorrow (and then the Deathly Hallows at midnight!), but once I'm free again, I shall continue to catch up! Wonderful, wonderful chapter, dear. (:

Author's Response: Huge apologies for this embarressingly late response! Work then Uni kept me busy.

Hahaha, thank you! I love keeping things as canon as possible. Eventhough this was written waaay before DH came out, I've adjusted the plot and ending to be as canon as possible so yeah, keep an eye out for that ;). This certainly won't be the last you see of Mary and Sev.. Aaaw, I love your cheesiness, it's cheese-rific! (who's cheesy now?) That Abbey-Emma chick is pretty cool, the resemblance is uncanny ain't it?

Eeep, thank you! It means so much that you like my characterisation of Sirius. He's one of those characters I'm not sure of, I'm afraid I've idealized him a bit too much. But I'll remedy that soon enough *insert mysterious evil laugh*.

All the best in your exams and enjoy DH! I saw an advanced 3D screening and it blew me away. I could watch the epilogue on a loop for the rest of my life. Thank you for this wonderful review, it made my week =))).


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Review #44, by argetlam shadeslayer A Very Gryffindor Christmas

11th July 2011:
This. Was. Fantastic. I apologize for the ridiculously short and unworthy review, but I'm hankering to read the next chapter.

Amazing chapter, as always!

Author's Response: Hehehe, it's allright, I more than look forward to your upcoming reviews. ;)

Thank you so much!!


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Review #45, by argetlam shadeslayer Seasonís Grievances

11th July 2011:
Oh, this was so perfect and slightly melancholy! I loved it. Poor Sirius. Thanks to James, a perfectly lovely moment was ruined. Ah, well. And I particularly loved your characterizations of Dumbledore and McGonagall. Not only were they spot on, but the two of them - specifically Dumbledore - were so charming and...them, if that makes sense. Oh, I would write more, but I'm eager to read the next chapter, and you already know how much I adore this story!

Author's Response: James always seems to get in the way between Dollie and Sirius doesn't he? Hehe. I'm so glad that you did. Reading back now, I was a bit afraid that Dumbledore and McGonagall came off as cliche so it's a relief to hear that they kept to canon. Thank you so much!


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Review #46, by argetlam shadeslayer The Very First Time

11th July 2011:
Ugh, this is so heartbreakingly beautiful. As much as I've always adored Sirius, I swear, for the first time, I find myself crossing my fingers and hoping desperately that Remus gets the girl. (Not that Dollie is just another girl that can be gotten; oh, you know what I mean.) You've taken Sirius/OC/Remus and woven it into such a remarkably intricate and poignant plot, and unlike other stories, the emotions and thoughts of your main characters tend to leap out from the page (would you call this a page? I digress) and breathe the lives of their stories into the reader. Such a lovely chapter. 50/10.

Author's Response: *blush*

I think you give me far too much credit but thank you all the same ^_^. I have an unhealthy obsession with love traingles but who doesn't love Sirius and Remus? People with poor taste, that's who (I kid I kid ;)). Ahh, you're a Sirius/Dollie shipper then? Eeep, your praise is incredibly gratifying, thank you so much!


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Review #47, by argetlam shadeslayer Out of Reach

10th July 2011:
Oh my goodness. It's ridiculous how much I missed this story. Seriously. I feel like such a nerdy fangirl, rediscovering one of my favorite fan fictions. (By the way...I'm back! I feel like a bit of a prat for being gone for so long, but I'm quite glad to be HPFFing once more. Oh, gosh. I hope you still remember me! Eeep, I hope it hasn't been that long.) But anyway, this chapter was glorious, disarming spells, autumn remnants, and all. Truly, Misty, your writing is fabulous and vivid as ever, and you have such a beautiful way of describing things. Ugh, I can't believe I've missed out on so many chapters! I have loads of catching up to do! (But it's not like I'm complaining, because it means I get to read the rest of your fabulous updates!) Wheee!

Author's Response: Emma!! Of course I remember you, one of my favourite reviewers in DiL history! Welcome back, dear. How are you?

Eek, I seriously spazzed out when I saw these reviews. Thank you so much for coming back to HPFF and my story. I'm beyond thrilled that you're still enjoying this story thus far. I like to think that it gets better from here ;P (hopefully). Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm still in disbelief that you're back hehehe.


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Review #48, by LovelyMioneWeasley Thirty-Two Candles

11th May 2011:


It's all very exciting, Mist. And I'm so sorry for being so late to review. It's been a crazy couple of days between RL and the internet being wonky at my house. But I was really loving this chapter because of all sorts of good things.

Okay, my first favorite thing was definitely the girls with their dressing scene for the party cause you made them so not perfect. Authors always love to make the scenes so perfect and like OMGtheyalllooklikemoviestarsandaresuperhot. I know you aren't like that Misty, but I was just so grateful that you managed to exclude that anyway :).

Secondly, THERE WAS REMUS/DOLLIE. I was rather disappointed with the lack of Sirius/Dollie interaction. But, let's focus on the awesomeness of Remus. Remus is so sweet and responsible; Sirius was silly with his sugar high and I loved how Dollie and Remus pulled him down from the ceiling. I loved that you also made them interact sweetly.

And the entire scene outside!! It was so brilliant to see them dancing and enjoying; I made sure to play both verisions and read with the songs. I loved the Ronan Keating and Lulu with it; it was more haunting and intense with that verison. I think you did a splendid job on it.

AND THE CLIFFHANGER!! You are an evil, evil amazing author. Grr.I was overwhelmed by it all. My question is though why didn't Remus know ahead of time that it would be a full moon? It would seem to me that he of all people would be paying close enough attention to the calender to notice something like that. But all the same, I think its a brillinat cliffie.

I miss you, Misty and I hope that you put up that Pansy/Harry up. I think they can actually be a brilliant pairing at times and are fun to read about. I've stumbled upon a few different stories that I found were really intriguing especially with them. Love and peace to you Misty!

xoxox Lindsey

P.S. Glee has done some good songs lately. What has been your favorite? I loved Rolling in the Deep.

Author's Response: I KNOW RIGHT?! YOU LIKE??


I thought I'd celebrate the new chapter with a new banner. As much as I love my previous banner, it was years old and this new one.. GAH, there are no words to describe it *heart*. I'm sorry too for this late response. Buried under assignments and presentations. It's all done, now I have finals to look forward to x((. Anyways, how have you been? Hope all is well :).

You always seem to love the girl scenes, Linds hehe. But I'm glad you do since I can always count on you to get feedback. I don't know about other people but I distinctly remember my teenage years to be incredibly awkward so yeah, that was the direction I wanted to take hehe.

Told you the romance would be back full-swing! There were tiny hints of Sirius/Dollie but the main attraction had to be Remus/Dollie. While it would have been tempting to include more Sirius/Dollie, I thought I'd save it for later ;).

I've been looking forward to writing that scene for a long time, you have no idea. While I did write that scene to the Ronan Keating and Lulu version, I listened to the Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton version as well though I 100% agree with you, Ronan and Lulu's version is much more haunting. Kenny and Sheena is more happy/optimistic.

Hahaha!! I had to do it, it was begging for a cliffhanger xD. As for the question, the simplified answer would be that Remus was too busy thinking about and working on the co-party, it just slipped his mind. It'll be a bit clearer in the next chapter but your question fuelled an entire new scene in my head *spoiler alert* (between Remus and Dumbledore in case you were wondering) *spoiler alert over* that I might just add in a future chapter so thanks for that hehehe. It was a pretty evil cliffhanger but I'm happy you liked it regardless.

Aaaw, I missed you too, Linds, and our little chats. I've been so busy, I don't think I've even been on the forums in a while. Ah, about the Harry/Pansy, I'm still working up the nerve to post it. It was written literally agesss ago and isn't a particularly popular pairing so I'm a bit worried about the response. Oh gosh, honestly, Harry/Pansy used to be one of my favourite pairings, mostly because I liked to think of it as the anti-dramione. I will post up the one-shot soon though, some time in the coming month or something, possible after my finals.

Infinity XOXOs,

P.S: I loved the I feel pretty/unpretty mash-up, probably one of my favourites by glee. Dancing Queen's a guilty pleasure, that was on repeat for awhile hehe. Rolling in the Deep was fine, really good because it was a duet but I think I'm too attached to Adele's version to enjoy it as much as I should have.

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Review #49, by calgirl Thinking Twice

10th May 2011:
defense is spelled with a 's' not a 'c' but anyways fabulous story! :)

Author's Response: JKR spells it as 'defence'. I thought it was 'defense' at first too. Thanks though. :)

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Review #50, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Momentary Lapse of Reason

25th April 2011:
-glomps-. I am VERY excitedly over here to re-read such a lovely chapter and flatter my favorite author on HPFF :P. I hope all of this makes you blush ridiculously and makes you feel awesome. 'Cause you are awesome. Awesome that is; not ridiculous except for ridiculously talented maybe.

You're off is like my on because I think this has to be one of my favorite filler chapters ever. I love that you make the Marauders failures and dealing with the side effects of poor decisions and tough magic. So many authors seem to skim that part or just minimize it. You unapologetically make all of them human. You also include Peter which you know I love.

Also, I love Dollie and Vivian trying to sneak into the Hospital Wing. It just seems like such a Gryffindor thing to do and I think you make it really original to make them failures and to make them caught. The Maraduers slipping by was a good way to hi-light their practice and talents. You make them human but still the Marauders.

The bit with Remus' gloves. Broke. My. HEART. Because I don't want Sirius to know about them and I don't want to get ripped by Sirius albeit accidentally. Dollie must be torn over this. And I definitely think that you already tearing his heart; SPARE HIS GLOVES!

-sigh- Reign it in, Linds. My biggest compliment? That you don't update more often. Meh, there you go. Suggestion for improvement! Give me some of your plot talent please?


xx Lindsey

Author's Response: LINDSEY!
*squee*. If I were blushing, the ginormous grin is covering it for the most part. But it's there and it's because of you! Gah, you never fail in your flattery.

Hehe, however much we idealize them, there must have been more than a few failures within the course of the Marauders' lives. Add to the fact that they're a bunch of adolensents, I can't imagine they got the hang of the whole animagi thing on the first try. That's what I hoped to achieve these past few chapters, even if it means taking attention away from the romance for a bit. Don't worry, it's coming back very, very soon *winkwink*. Actually, I was afraid this might seem like me skimming the animagus transformations a bit. It would have affected the overall story's pacing if I had gone into too much detail. We really are a pair of Peter sympathizers aren't we?

I can't seem to stay away from the sneaking around, I had a case of 'Stalkers Anonymous' deja vu while I was writing that particular scene. You hit the nail there, Linds dear. The girls do look like amateurs next to the Marauders, though I couldn't bring myself to have them get detention hehe.

Irony or foreshadowing? Hmm.. But I loved that you mentioned it, that scene was my favourite. Nobody's heart is safe, remember that ^_^.

You know you have a warehouse full of plot talent, you don't need my castaways *huggles*. Ah, since you asked, after I get a chapter image for this chapter, I'll update. That's a promise, just for you. Also, I'm terribly excited for the next few chapters, you'll soon see why ;).

Thank you for another heartwarming review, Linds!

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