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Review #26, by ayling When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

25th September 2017:
'What the fuck was I thinking—as if I could live without you—' His lips were on mine again, and it was like the first time all over again, his kiss rewriting my future, telling me: I am finished, and so are you. - i love this so much, i have literally been waiting for someone to write a slightly jealous, possessive james for so long and finally i have found it. i ship these two so hard I feel so blessed i found this story, i can't believe it doesnt have hundreds of reviews like this is literally one of my favourite things I've ever read on here. you're so funny you write so well and the idea is so original - the deep stuff with them facing their fears, the quotes, the dom mystery - its all connected and you're just marvellous for creating this. literally cannot wait to read more I'm so happy this has come into my life p.s. where can i get my own james

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you!! I liked that part too - it was just the perfect kind of drunken melodrama that feels completely normal and right to think at the time for Jen. Hahaha yes! If you're looking for a slightly jealous, slightly possessive James - here he is! And we'll see more of that later on too, so something to look forward to haha.

I'm so happy you still ship them!!! It feels like so much bad has happened people are almost like, god maybe they ARE better off without each other ... but we'll see ;) and THANK YOU!! That just put a big fat grin on my face. You're way too lovely!!! I actually can't stop smiling like a loon!!! Also, I've found that quality is definitely better than quantity in terms of reviews and I - clearly - have THE BEST REVIEWERS!!!

p.s. this make of James is currently out of stock

Thank you so so much for this review (also probably best to keep words like f**k out of them because I think they're meant to be 12+ lol). Love always, P x

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Review #27, by astoryending When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

21st September 2017:
Um, you need to warn a sister before unleashing all of that hotness and sexual tension and Merlin above. I think my heart stopped for a beat there. But may I just say f i n a l l y. Now, one could probably give a whole speech about making decisions when p*ss drunk, but I am not going to because most of us (I hope, please God I hope so haha) have been there in some shape or form. Which ties in again with it being so well anchored in reality and real teenage issues and dramas. Like, sometimes I miss those proper, teenage parties where the night was forever young and you had zero regards for consequences and literally anything could happen. Because, man do things happen at the parties thrown by these guys!!

Okay now I’m going to sound like a broken record, but when you describe emotions and moments it’s just so darn beautiful.

One thing I keep thinking about is if Dom is actually this oblivious to Jenny (and others) finding out what actually happened, or bits of it at least, or is she aware that the truth has been seeping out and she’s just acting like nothing is wrong? I really struggle to think of why on earth she would do it, what would be in it for her. I mean, had she and James not been cousins it could've easily been a 'I'm gonna steal yo man' thing, but I DON'T KNOW and it's frustrating the heck out of me, haha!!

And James. There he is! I love that more of who he actually is came through, because now I get why she fell for him in the first place. It’s great that she finally acknowledged that she is in fact in love with him, and I do get the way she feels about teenage love not being “the real thing” (but then I went and found my soulmate at 18, so I’m one to talk.) Then James (finally) saying out loud that she’s it, tugged at my heart strings. I still want to give him a swift kick though for not GETTING how bloody important THE WORDS are!1!!1

And yes. Sht did go down. Like everyone knew it would, but that still didn’t stop me from catching my breath haha :)

It’s just so lovely to have you reply to these (slightly unfiltered; soz about that) comments, thank you endlessly for taking time to do that! With the risk of maybe sounding creepy and sad (great combo) it’s just like talking a bit of rubbish with a friend while adding another dimension to the story :)


Author's Response: LOL sorry, I love no-warning, full throttle, totally insane hotness and sexual tension - but joking aside, your heart stopped for a beat?! Yay! Hahaha. And yes, one definitely could a give a whole speech about how many terrible decisions and mistakes are made when drunk - and I feel like people might be getting the sense that Jen's quite a reckless drunk? Fifth year Jenny was no joke - she wasn't just racoon eyes and ripped tights. There's a reason why she was once known as the life of the party ... but anyways, I'm so so happy it still managed to stay realistic and teeanger-y in the midst of the insanity. Because as wild as this story gets and as much as accidents purposely happen, I want the characters to be real people and not 2D representations of 'types' - as in, Jenny the Stubborn Heartbroken Girl in Love, James the Arrogant but Brave and Heroic and Hot and Also Sometimes a D**k, Dom the Evil and Malicious, Luke the Laid Back Guy and Freddie the Funny Guy ... because they're all those things but so much more.

Thank you! You don't sound like a broken record at all. I'm dead chuffed you think so, it just makes me love writing even more haha.

Very interesting questions. VERY interesting thoughts. Very interesting ;)

Welcome back James!!! After TEN whole chapters of Jenny vaguely suggesting that the James in front of her was not the James she knew, that the James she thought she knew would've never treated her like this, he's FINALLY shown up. And yeah, Jenny finally, begrudgingly admitting to herself that she may be in love with him comes from a place of terror and fear (not great, I know) and one source is the fact that she thinks he could hurt her even more now that she's somewhat certain about her feelings and the other source ... well, you'll find out. But it has to do with her parents. And to her "the real thing" at the age of 16 (also very cool and amazing that you found your soulmate at 18!!! Love that so much - Jenny could learn a thing or two from you haha) is just not good. But for James, clearly, when it comes to Jenny, he has no problem admitting it ... or at least it looks like it. HAHAHAHA he just can't say it! Loser.

Oh my god, replying to your reviews - to everyone's reviews - is one of my favourite things to do in the entire world. My whole body lights up I swear and I have a big fat grin on my face when a review pops up because - after ten chapters - I have received some of the most amazing, in-depth and insightful reviews that have absolutely blown me away in their analysis and thoughts. I really do feel like I'm talking to a friend!! All of your thoughts are so important to me - I'm just blown away constantly that YOU guys care enough to write me such thoughtful reviews and take the time to do that! So thank you so so so much for your lovely review. I genuinely look forward to each and every one - everyone brings such new and different perspectives, it really helps me take a second look at my story as I edit chapters and write.

P x

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Review #28, by BBHP When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

20th September 2017:
SO MUCH IS HAPPENING. It took me a full day (after rereading twice) to really get a handle on it, and I'm still not sure I actually have a handle on it all. WOW. I'm still all over the place. I have so many thoughts that I can't even make sense of it all!

Jenny and Fred really need to work on their telepathy/unspoken language/whatever it is they do that probably works for them the majority of the time, but absolutely failed tonight. Poor Flora. I kind of suspected that might happen, with her not realising that the plan was off...POOR FLORA. She's really getting such crap lately and she might be the last person who deserves it out of everyone in the story. And her walking in on Jenny and James RIGHT THEN. I about died!

I love how Jenny and Luke laughed together like two idiotic best friends. It was excellent. And Jenny's insults are just classic -- "You scoundrel!" She's just perfect. And actually COUNTING the seconds that "that thing!" was stuck down her throat was SO Jenny.

Aaaand I'm still absolutely dying to find out what went down with Dom. I feel like Dom sort of has a clue that Jenny sort of has a clue, and she's just playing dumb(er?) to prolong the inevitable argument.

It was so perfect and teenager and realistic that Jenny and James just took off and got lost in each other. Jenny's (your) description of what she was thinking and feeling during those moments were so perfect. She's just a girl in love and she's "not that drunk" and she's in the moment and not thinking of tomorrow and nothing else matters. And then all sense comes rushing back to her as soon as Flora walks in on them. "I wasn't even on birth control!" THERE WE GO. I was hoping that would be one of the things she thought about.

Need I say that I'm just desperate to read more? It's all exploding even worse than before, and worse than I thought it could, and I have a feeling it's not done. You have a talent for keeping things insane and confusing while keeping it real, and also keeping the story moving fast enough that I'm completely addicted.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry this story is doing that to you!!! I promise it will become less intense and crazy ... at some point hahaha. But things WILL become clearer.

HAHAHA, I'm just going to put it out there that their telepathy/unspoken/whatever has never worked and never will. You suspected it and you were right - Jen and Freddie, as teenagers do, got so caught up in their own worlds, vaguely trusting the other to tell Flora, then getting to drunk to remember to care so ... here we are. I KNOW! Flora really is getting the sh** end of the stick :/

HAHAHA, I'm so happy you loved that! It was so nice to write them just being stupid friends instead of embroiled in drama.

Hmm...interesting thoughts...

Thank you!! I wanted to get that exactly right and struggled so much with it because I knew that if it went wrong, it would go absolutely pear shaped. I had to get Jenny to express the right level of reluctance but also insane want. Being drunk completely alters your confidence, your mood, and brings to surface feelings you've buried deep. So yeah, I'm happy you liked that! And oh god - I'd written the scene with Flora bursting in and after reading it for the 10th time I was like "why isn't Jenny freaking out about birth control?!" which is a VERY important thing to remember!!

AHHH thank you!!! This story is genuinely crazy and nothing has chilled out but I am SO HAPPY you're addicted. Also, if you're desperate to read more then you should know you won't have to wait long for the next update. I'm started my masters next week :'( so I have a feeling updates will be coming less frequently. And let me tell you ... the next chapter has been a highly anticipated one ;)

Thank you so much for this lovely review!! P xxx

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Review #29, by TheTenthWeasley When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

20th September 2017:
Oh that title ... sneaky good one.

Such a good chapter as usual, there was a really good mix of humour, drama, romance - which is what your chapters always contain but the mention of Commes des Garçons and the political climate as well was such a good touch, because of course Fred wears it and of course Jenny thinks about politics - regardless of what old people believe teenagers think about. I also love that you mentioned anecdotes about things that have happened outside of this trip, i.e. with Quidditch; the whole 'Dom's Doom' thing was funny, and very apt. Also I really enjoyed all the self-deprecation Jenny was doing. Well I don't ENJOY it obviously, that's a bit sadistic. I enjoyed your inclusion of it.

I feel like your writing just gets better and better. Your grasp on metaphorical language is so great, I especially loved this; "Swathed in a blanket of light pink joy, mouthwatering, sour and sweet. I wanted to melt into him, to fuse our bones, to knit our souls."

You just write teenagers so well, and this chapter is such a perfect example of it: Jenny's self-criticism, Dom's confidence, Ella's gossiping, Jenny and James sneaking away, and their brilliant argument at the end. Jenny and James are such a wonderfully stubborn, high tempered, terrible at communicating couple.

And Flora at the end ! Ahhh!!! For all I was declaring I knew something bad was going to happen, I genuinely didn't expect that. Jenny is an idiot for not telling her, her and Freddy are idiots for not sorting this out (it's so funny that they found the figuring out the logistics of the actual plan easier than just telling Flora it wasn't on anymore), and James is just an idiot fullstop.

In conclusion; they're all idiots and I love it

Author's Response: LOL, thank you, I'm glad you think so!! I wanted that to trick some people and have them not know what it might mean hahaha.

Thank you so much!! Yeah, I've always wanted to make Jenny as real as possible. She's honestly a very average person, average marks, average tastes, pretty average looking, as in pretty to people who really consider her, and people do consider her, though there are girls obviously prettier (as there are in real life and everywhere in the world) and she battles the same insecurities as anyone else. So I definitely wanted to include her thoughts on her body, her self-image, and make her someone who acknowledges that she's imperfect and maybe wishes she was perfect, but is happy with the way she is. But I'm also glad you enjoyed the anecdotes! They were so much fun to write - especially Dom's Doom, which is a detail I've had in the archives for AGES and finally had the chance to mention haha.

Ugh, thank you. That seriously means a lot to me. I feel like you've been a part of this journey with me since the start, your reviews becoming a necessary, vital thing in my writing process. So if it's getting better, it's because you've given me insight into my own characters and made me think about them in different lights. But omg, that's one of my favourite lines as well!

Thank you!!! (Again - can't say it enough, you're too sweet) But I'm genuinely taken aback that I get that feedback! I really didn't know if I'd be able to capture teenagers well and it' strange to put yourself back there and try to remember how you acted to channel it lol. Sometimes though, it is VERY easy. Cringe memories come back so fast hahaha.

YAY. I'm glad you didn't expect it hahaha. Jenny IS an idiot for not telling her, she and Freddie ARE idiots for not completing the simplest of tasks and trusting each other to do it - but really, they got drunk and were having too much fun and plain forgot about caring if one of them told Flora ... and James has always been a bit of an idiot. P x

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Review #30, by HarryGinnyLove88 When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

20th September 2017:
Its stupid. One minut they almost have sex and when Flora interrupts then shes mad at James again. I think Janelle got anger issues...
Fix them already please.

Author's Response: Aw I know :( Jenny's seems to be very hot and cold and doesn't know what to do when her heart is telling her one thing and her mind is telling her another. I think her anger also comes from a place of a sudden realisation of a few things: she's not on birth control, she's not actually ready to have sex despite the fact her sober mind tells her YES YES YES! and this is not how she wanted to feel when she did it with James. So it's that combined with the fact that her nerves are already frayed because she doesn't know what to do about Dom - she takes it out on james, who doesn't know all of this.

But, and I PROMISE, things will change.

Thank you for your review love! Xxx P

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Review #31, by Mags Plan A Party Then Plan The Escape

17th September 2017:
I've got such a bad feeling about this party. Freddie and Jenny not immediately going out telling everyone it's cancelled, Jenny not wanting to leave until she's heard the thruth from Dom, Flora on the war path and the danger of James being caught and therefore missing the last quidditch game. Something tells me that Flora is going to do everything in her power to have him there, believing it's what Jenny wants too and it giving James a legitimate reason to be pissed off.

I'm really interested in the dynamic of this group, you have three cousins who've been friends since they were born I assume, with James and Freddie just naturally becoming best friends-- now, since Jenny's mother is who she is, has she known the Potters since before school or did they get to know each other at Hogwarts? And where does Luke fit in? He and Freddie don't seem to be really close going by Fred's comments last chapter and Luke has some really harsh words about James this chapter that makes me a little wary about their relationship.
It's obvious Jenny and Freddie are friends and Jenny and Luke... but Jenny and Dom didn't start hanging out until fourth year? It's like they're two groups who's melded into one and the only one I'm not getting a really good grasp on is Luke, is he a "true" friend to the boys or is he a dormmate turned friend because of circumstances? Maybe all this doesn't really matter, but it's interesting because they seem to kind of think about themselves as a well functioning group, but that is not the case.

I enjoyed both conversations between Jenny and Luke, and finally we've gotten past his stupid crush-that-wasn't-a-crush. But I do want to say that even though there was a possibility of their friends getting caught in the middle, James and Jenny taking a chance and trying to being happy with each other could be seen as selfish, but sometimes you have to chose yourself over others, because how else are you going to find that happiness? They are allowed to think about themselves, and sure, Luke can be bitter in hindsight but he sounds jealous that he wasn't the one who was allowed to be happy, if that makes sense?

Dom is really something, pulling a long con? How long has she planned this if she talked to Luke a couple of months ago? And WHY is she doing this?

I really did think that James and Flora had some sort of ~understanding~, that both of them wanted to make someone else jealous so they figured they could help each other out. But she really liked him? Honestly, I do feel bad for her but can't help but cringe a bit because of her being so oblivious. If he hasn't shown any sort of interest before, but wants to become girlfriend-boyfriend just days after breaking off a year long relationship some sort of warning bell should ring. Of course Flora doesn't deserve to get treated badly because of it, but what did she think James' aim was? And is James oblivious to her feelings? He's said several times that Flora doesn't really care for him, so what is the truth, lol

What's interesting is that Jenny's been going on and on about how James only cares for his own feelings, yet Luke clearly tells her that James was willing to put his own happiness aside so that Jenny and Luke could be happy together. It's still misguided for sure, but it's a counterpoint to what she's been thinking about him. Jenny doesn't stop and reflect on it but it's understandable, she gets hit with confession after confession and all signs point to her best friend deliberately and maliciously tying to destroy both Jenny's romantic and platonic relationships in the group. I'm just surprised Jenny is able to keep herself together at all.

And yeah, this party... I've got a bad feeling about it. But can't wait to read about it, I'm sure you'll pull if off marvelously as usual!

Author's Response: Okay, first of all, can I just say how speechless I am that you have written reviews for these chapters so quickly and with so much depth and insight and you've cared enough about this story and its characters to really understand them? Because I am totally speechless. Like, it makes no sense that you'd want to talk about this story as much as I want to (I did write it after all haha) but you DO. It's just overwhelming and I can't even process it.

But okay - the review.

Yeah ... not sure if you've read the latest chapter yet (and I hope you don't read this before you read that) but the party does NOT end well at all. Lol.

Oh my god I love that you've taken an interest in understanding the group dynamic because, like you so perfectly put it, they think they're a full functional, loving friend group, but it's completely not the case. And - like you've so astutely pieced together - they really are two groups merging together, or more like one person and a group. Dom has always been a kind of social butterfly with no close friends in the sense that she intimidated and slightly scared the other girls, but she got on well with the boys. And while she was close to her cousins - especially James and Fred - she didn't really hang out with them until, as we know, fourth year when she became friends with Jenny (because of Luke). So she's the new addition in a way, despite the fact that she's cousins with 2/5ths of the group. Honestly, James and Fred like Jenny more. And Luke ... Luke is one of my favourite characters and you'll find out why. Or maybe you won't but you'll get to know so much more about him and why he is the way he is. His relationship with James and with Fred. Lets just say he has a chip on his shoulder - kind of like how most James Potter characters are in NextGen fics, but still sweet.

This is getting repetitive, but you are just so spot on. You just get these characters and I'm in awe haha. He does sound a little jealous and a little bitter that he wasn't the one who was allowed to be happy. That statement kills me because it's, like, the core of his personality and character and mindset.

Great questions! ;)

I know - it's cringe. Teenage feelings are cringe and even the brightest amongst us can be blinded by good looks and the chance to date someone hot. Even they can think they care deeply about someone when, maybe, the reason they're crying is because they can't have something they wanted. And James wasn't oblivious to her feelings - he genuinely didn't care. He was only thinking of how to hurt Jenny. He was a real a**hole. His way of making up for it is to say she doesn't really care, that she'll get over it. But like I said, I've seen girls confuse desire for a real emotional connection and Flora's no different. And she's hurt in the moment - because she's been humiliated - but will she continue to wallow? This girl DOES go through a lot of abuse (a strong word and not precisely what I mean, but you get it).

YUP. I've said it so many times before, but Jenny's only seeing her point of view. She doesn't - and doesn't want to - see the real machinations behind all of this. James wasn't just being malicious for no reason. Granted, it's no excuse, but he actually thinks of nothing besides her.

HAHA, can't wait for you to read it!!!

Once again, for the bajillionth time I'm sure, thank you so so much for this wonderful, brilliant and illuminating review. You touched on so many important things and picked up hints about characters that are so deeply hidden - this was such a pleasure to read and respond to.

All my love, P x

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Review #32, by Mags The Truth Bubble And The Needle

17th September 2017:
...and we start with James apologizing yet they're still so far from each other that it ends up in a screaming match, lol. But I get Jenny, I do. James *has* been treating her horrible and that's not something you forget just because you've found out the truth. And James isn't stupid, he gets it, but him just flipping his moods is a bit unnerving.

Luke being like that, quoting poetry, sending meaningful glances towards Jenny and Jenny admitting that she does think about him in maybe more than in a friendly way brings me back to James' feelings. Maybe it's not all that unfounded and he's been seeing things, interpretating them wrong and instead of talking with Jenny about it, Dom comes up and confirms his thoughts. It's not an excuse for him acting horrible, but maybe an explanation of sorts?

A++ for those Scooby Doo and Sherlock references, ha! Now I'm imagining Harry Potter reading Sherlock Holmes to his children (I have A LOT of feelings about Harry as a father, especially to his first child and not one of them is compliant with the cursed child but I don't care).

I did think Freddie's sexuality was an open secret, but Jenny and him talking about it is so great. And his fear! I love Freddie, I know I've said it before but I truly love him.

Oliver Gamble, where did that temper come from?! I like getting to see Jenny and James from an outside perspective, even though he's jealous and angry on Flora's behalf so ooh boy take it back a couple of notches.

This plan is not going to end up great is it? But I'd like to see Jenny get to go back to Hogwarts, she's simmering close to a panic attack or an explosion of epic proportions with everyone around her, so for her own health it's better to go back.

Author's Response: Yup, James' mood flip is one of the many reasons Jenny's like what the F***! She can hardly adapt to her own shifting emotions let alone his sudden and abrupt one. But - since we'll never get a James POV chapter - I guess it's fine to say that James is so relieved and the only reason he was acting the way he was (seeing no problem in it because he thinks cheating is the worst, especially if HE'S being cheated on and he was deeply hurt that it's okay to lash out in pain, that he's justified and vindicated) was because he thought Jen cheated on him with one of his best friends, Luke. To hear it didn't happen, that none of it was true, it's like the past three weeks and month or so never happened at all. He thinks they'll get back together, problems solved. It's very ideal thinking haha.

Okay so this is the third review I think I'm responding to and can I just say how BLOWN FREAKING AWAY I am that you can deduce certain implication and catch subtle suggestions that I'm thinking in MY head as I write, but not aware that it maybe seeping into the story? Because you are ABSOLUTELY spot on!!! So we know so far that Dom told Luke and James similar things about Jen fancying Luke. We roughly know the timeline (though it's still not totally clear), which is that Dom told Luke in February, a few weeks or days before their trip in March. And a week before they leave for the trip, James says he confronted Jen about Luke (which means Dom told him the same thing - we don't know exactly when, but it's safe to assume it's after Luke). Conclusion, it's not impossible that James has caught Luke staring at Jen or saying strange things and assumed the worst but not saying anything. And sorry, I've just given the LONGEST responses to two short but apt statements haha.

LOL, I imagine that Harry's inundated his kids with all kinds of Muggle literature!

I KNOW. God I love Freddie. He really is the only redeemable one out of the whole lot. Not a bad bone in his body. Well, not really.

It's like the characters in my story don't ever know how to just CHILL with the people they fancy .

True ... but WILL she go back to Hogwarts? :O DUN DUN DUN!

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Review #33, by Mags Many Happy Returns, Judas!

17th September 2017:
Oh, train wreck was putting it lightly, wasn't it? It's just so many emotions, Jenny and Flora being drunkenly bffs, Jenny flirting with both Oliver and Luke, Flora being sneaky (?) and Dom being clumsy about what she says or just downright shady again. And on top of that FINALLY a confrontation with James. But it's also a typical teenage party, where basically everything can happen.

Jenny's anguish over kissing Luke because it'd hurt Dom is just so tragic. We've heard several times from different people that he's not interested in Dom and I know what Dom has done to Jenny! It's heartbreaking and Dom doesn't deserve Jenny's tears.

That argument, whooosh. James needs to get himself together both when it comes to Jenny and Flora. It's obvious that he's hurt but taking it out on others is not cool. But I like that while we've heard about a lot of his flaws as a boyfriend, Jenny can still reflect that he has never raised his voice like that before at her. Guessing James is a bit like his father-- bottling in the anger until it explodes?

And I LOVE that Jenny goes all out, being angry with James and how he acts and that she's thought about what she can do to make things better - which is great because it is James' issues - but at the same time she's doesn't really reflect on her own behavior. And that is totally realistic! Like, in this situation I get it, we're all confused a f, but stomping up to Flora, deliberately hurting her it's not okay. Which she realizes later, but still.
And I am a bit curious about how Jenny has acted around Luke since just a word from Dom was enough to make James suspicious. It's still James' problem that he didn't bring it up and said "I am uncomfortable with you flirting with Luke/whoever" but idk... there's different pov's for every story, right?

And so the thruth is out-- but it feels like it just brought Jenny more trouble with James' personality change and Dom's actions. I can't wait for them to confront her, I don't remember if we ever reached that in TWY, if we did I don't remember what Dom's reasoning were...

Author's Response: It was my fear that definitely too much was happening, but I felt like some of it was so insignificant, only would matter if someone pointed it out later. But then I thought, literally nights like these have happened to me (with WAY less drama of course haha and no shouting matches) so if it's real enough for me, it could be real enough for Jenelle.

I knooow!!! :( She genuinely feels so so bad for what she did and just wants to shut the memory down and drown it away and make it like it never happened. But you're right, Dom doesn't deserve her tears.

Yup! James is super easy going and quite mild-tempered but definitely bottles things in. He's never raised his voice at anyone - no even in Quidditch! - let alone Jenny, ever. The most he's done is probably yell at his parents or shout at Albus. But definitely I'd say Lily has Ginny's temper ... lol.

I mean that's the thing about these guys! They're all so inherently flawed and they have their good moments and they have their terrible moments where they lose judgement and forget about other people's feelings. But oh my GOD it was great to have Jenny really scream at James - such a relief, even for me.

And oooh, yeah that's so interesting that you brought that up! We'll definitely get more insight on that in later chapters ... but yes, this is Jenny's story - and there are four other pov's that we'll never TRULY know - which is frustrating, but also the way it goes haha.

Omg yeah I have no idea at this point where TWY left off lol so it's all up in the air. But yeah, the truth, while it brought clarity, hasn't just magically untangled the pain that everyone has felt. It seems to've for James - he seems suddenly lighter, giddy, relieved and it's understandable. The only reason he was so angry is because he thought Jenny had cheated on him with Luke.

On to the next review! xxx P

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Review #34, by Mags Kiss And Don't Tell

17th September 2017:
The fact that you manage to put out 8000+ words in basically EVERY chapter is very impressing and like, it's substantial, even when it seems like it could be a moment where nothing really happens, a lot still happens! It's just amazing.

Inter-House bonding but only with one Hufflepuff? Sounds like classic Gryffindor, lol. But I do love the more shallow talk about parties and who's-done-it-with-who even though they put Jenny in a bit of a though spot, ugh talking about loving someone you might not like so much at the moment. And the moment of maturity from Jenny, that yeah it's kinda hot in the beginning when a guy is jealous but after a while it's annoying. I would like to see a conversation between Jenny and James as to why he was that with her, he seems laid back with other girls so what was the difference with Jenny? (Except the fact that his feelings for her were more real than with others.) Freddie better lock those two up, forcing them to talk it all out sometime soon.

It's a shame that Jenny's got that instilled attitude that if you don't achieve something in school, you're setting yourself up for failure. It's a mentality that I think a lot of us have and while it makes things easier when applying for other schools or jobs or if you don't know what you want to do - Jenny has got a clear goal in mind and that is to become a professional quidditch player. She shouldn't have to give that up or doubt her ability to reach her goal when she's 16 just so she can get better marks. Of course it's not bad to do well in school since it's a competitive field she wants to get into, but I refuse to believe that the wizarding world haven't progressed and can't offer an adult to take their final exams, or do them over again if they don't get the right marks the first time. But I fully believe Jenny is going to be a quidditch player (hopefully with a private personal Healer at home hehee).

Dom is so shady, I don't know what her motive for all this mess is, but it's nice to see these glimpses of her where you see why she and Jenny became friends in the first place. But what is this ~drama~ between Dom, James and Luke? Spill the tea Fredster!

Please let fifth year Jenny make a comeback, she sounds like she was the bomb! Not that sixth year Jenny isn't, but you know.

"He's not over you". Not sh't, Freddie, pretty sure we all could see that. What has it been, not even three weeks since the breakup? Even if James hadn't been trying to kiss Jenny so much, I'd still side eye him moving on so fast. It's not believable, unless he were cheating and we all know he wasn't, right? By the way, your tipsy/drunken teenage dialogue is so good, the run on sentences and the language... totally believable that this is teens talking.

Heee, love James being annoyingly protective over his cloak (as he should be!) and that it's a secret. I don't think Harry would like people to know just what his invisibility cloak really is, so I like that you went with that.

Oh, the cliffhangers of cliffhangers! Flora Morgan finally makes a real appearance...

Author's Response: Oh my god thank you! When I started off this fic and the first chapter was around 8000, I was like *DEEP BREATH* okay, be consistent, you've got to try to make every chapter around that length. And it's actually worked out for me so well?? Because I don't have to cut myself off anywhere awkward and I feel like since every chapter is almost like a mini story contained in itself, it's honestly the perfect length.

But also, the fact that you've written me such long and wonderful and in depth reviews for so many chapters is mind-blowing and amazing and I just can't believe it!!! They were all such a pleasure to read and I can't wait to respond to them all (because if you didn't know by now responding to reviews is my favourite thing besides actually writing the story lol).

"Freddie better lock those two up, forcing them to talk it all out sometimes soon" ... do you have some magical ability to predict what's going to happen in the future??? Very curious now ... LOL, just kidding. But no - this is alarmingly accurate to the kind of behaviour Freddie would resort to to make those two work things out hahaha so I thought that was super interesting. But I will say that I agree about a conversation between Jenny and James. They have so much to talk about - they just need a clear moment.

Hahahahaha wouldn't we all love a private personal Healer at home if it was James. But yeah, Jenny's definitely feeling the pressure from her overly ambitious, over-achieving friends. Even Freddie has his talents and while he's not particularly ostentatious about it, you can just tell he's going somewhere. Luke may be the only one as in the dark as Jenny - but he's rich and, well, she's not lol. The Wotter definitely make up for the legacy they have to live up to with excellent marks and future careers pinned down.

Dom needs to have a chapter of her own. I wish I could do that - and I would if it would fit into the story somehow - but for now she remains as enigmatic as Jenny finds her behaviour and actions to be :(

LOL. Jenny REALLY needs someone like Freddie to physically spell it out for her, but yeah, it is SO obvious James isn't over her. And yeah it's literally not even 3 weeks! Hahhahaha, yeah no it's confirmed he wasn't cheating so James' lightning fast pace is so side-eye worthy. THANK YOU! That drunken conversation, in that bathroom, is an almost IDENTICAL thing that happened to me and one of my best friends (and she's no Dom, trust me).

Omg that was so much fun to write into his character. Like yeah he's brooding and serious, but he's also really annoying with his things - they're priceless and his dad will kill him if he loses it! He also hates that all his friends are so careless with it. And yeah - considering their lives at Hogwarts, his invisibility cloak being a secret is so vital.

I know ... ;) Thank you so much for your reviews! On to the next one while I still have some time to respond! xxx P

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Review #35, by Mags Don't Tear Down My Walls, I Just Decorated Them

6th September 2017:
Oh my god, I've been in a reading hiatus because of work and now I'm back and have so many chapters to read!! Oh, can't wait! I also had to reread a couple to get back in the story and I just want to say that your writing is amazing

Love the chapter images, really, really beautiful

oh, Jenny, judging people by their talent in the quidditch pitch, never change

I remember I thought James was going to be cranky after he woke up from the dream and here we are! Cranky McBroodpants. Can't wait to hear what he truly dreamt of, except being a Healer (which is such a great career choice, now during my reread I was amazed at his ”oh, just invented a new potion, no biggie” and Jenny was so surprised which means James is a bit sneaky about his talents, is he?)

God, while I do enjoy how the cousins always seems get of track or starts bickering, it must be irritating for Jenny and Luke, lol. Not that they're not a part of that too, but James, Freddie and Dom are probably the next level only because they've known each other since birth.

Your Freddie is honestly one of the best secondary/supporting characters I've read. He's fantastic and I admire how he's able to be both Jenny's and James' best friend during this. He's the one that's keeping them all together as a group and while he's got his own teenage problems and angst, he manages to be the calm in the storm and I just really really love him.

And uugh James, why are you with Flora?? You obviously have feelings for Jenny! You're only torturing yourself, Jenny and probably Flora too. I know why he broke up with Jenny in the first place, but it could all be fixed if they just had an honest conversation with each other! Sigh, teenagers.

”Son of the Chosen One... The Chosen Son... If I don't find a Dark Lord to kill, I'll be blasted of the family tapestry...”
Such a great line and insight into James's character. We haven't seen him interact with strangers who thinks he's different because of who his father is, but the fact that he can joke around about his legacy with his friends shows that he's handling the pressure of being Harry's firstborn quite well.

And Jenny's having conflicted feelings about Luke! As if she doesn't have enough on her plate already. But I'm solidly on the J & J train, so idk, maybe Ella or Marisa is a good fit for Luke, lol? And a party with teenagers that's been isolated together for two weeks? I'm sure that's not going to be dramatic AT ALL! Off to read about that train wreck lmao

Author's Response: Oh my god I have missed your reviews so much!! I'm so glad your back! Yay!! And already with the kind words - *heart*

I know right! Milominderbinder and scintilla @ tda are supremely talented, brilliant beings.

Oh god I don't even know if I want to say what he dreamt the uproar about be bad haha. It was just NOT good … but we may get more detail at some point, I promise lol. And actually no! Everyone in Potions, including Jenny, knows how insanely talented he is in the subject - like, expert, prodigy level. But it's still very shocking to invent potions on the fly lol.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously thank you. Freddie is a character that grew on me every moment that I wrote him. It was impossible to leave him on the sidelines - he demanded to be a fully-fleshed, 3-dimensional character with as much depth as Jenny. I love that you love Freddie because I love him so much!

I know!! No seriously - you are 100% right. If they just sat down and had a clear and honest conversation, they could probably work things out … but alas, Jenny is angry and beyond hurt and filled with rage she's barely tapped into and it's going to complicate a LOT.

Yeah, for some reason I always saw James as a kind of rolling with the punches guy. He genuinely loves his dad and is proud of him. Not to say he's just a goofy, silly, funny guy - which he's all those things (or was) - but he's layered and complicated too. He has his issues - just not with his dad or his legacy. I mean, he's also super popular, sorted into Gryffindor no problem, easy on the eyes and pretty much good at everything so he doesn't have a lot to complain about, and he's aware of it. Sometimes, he even kind of enjoys the perks of the fame lol.

It's so fun to read reviews on previous chapters because I literally CANNOT wait to hear your thoughts on the rest!! AHHH! It's going to be good :D

Thank you for this review! I'm so glad you're done with your hiatus! Really looking forward to your reviews!! x P

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Review #36, by HarryGinnyLove88 Plan A Party Then Plan The Escape

6th September 2017:
Well all this is so...i dont even know how to say it... dont worry i still like it 🖒

Next one please 🤗🤗🤗

Author's Response: That's good to hear!!! I hope you keep reading and letting me know what you think!! x P

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Review #37, by TheTenthWeasley Plan A Party Then Plan The Escape

4th September 2017:
I'm reviewing as I read btw, so prepare for disorganisation and incoherence.

Ack I can't help but cringe at Luke being all cute with Jenny. I don't know what it is that makes me uncomfortable exactly, I think possibly I'm just so averse to any sort of cheesiness.

"Luke looked at me like he didn't understand how the two statements correlated. In fact, I wasn't even sure how they did, I just—it just—it was all I could stand to think about it right now." - You know I'm glad you actually included this introspection, because so often the idea of teenagers - or young people in general - being in love is something either scorned at or overindulged in in fiction. The way you write James and Jenny's relationship is so realistic (how many times can I say that word for it still to retain meaning) that the idea of them being in love is totally plausible and not something I - a seasoned pessimist - would scoff at.

"he babbled about how perfect and ironic all of it was. Then he'd babbled earnestly about story arcs and character development" - yo this is literally me about this storyline hahaha I'm actually laughing rn.

The Jenny and Flora part in the woods was very well written. I love it when they interact, and even more when it exposes how childishly selfish they are. I cackled internally at Jenny not only plotting to keep James out of trouble, but for the sake of Quidditch as well and not for his own sake. Other 16-year-old characters would be written to be worrying about the far-reaching effects of their misdeeds, but yours roll with them and don't think too much about the consequences and I am living for it.

Okay so the Jenny/Flora convo got real very quickly and I wasn't prepared for it lol. What Flora said about James being finished looking for someone else, and then Jenny saying that sometimes love isn't enough... y am I getting emotional over fanfiction? Even though this is a story about kid wizards I can't help but relate it to my own life and that's really a testament to your wonderful writing.

You're not going to believe me but I genuinely just made a strangled noise of astonishment when Luke kissed Jenny. aAjfhugsih what !! Omg I can't really process anything line by line but what an exceptional scene that was !! SO much drama in such a short amount of time I'm actually flabbergasted. It's such an obvious thing to say but your dramatic scenes are always so exciting and thrilling to read, you build everything up from the beginning of the chapter (and earlier in some instances) and everything just blows up spectacularly. Also I KNEW there was something weird and off about Luke's gross attitude to Jenny!! Vindication is sweet.

It's so typical of Jenny and Fred to cut off their insane plan at the last minute and realise what they were going to do was unnecessary, although I feel like it's not going to be as easy as this and that something, of course, is about to go drastically wrong.

I really don't know how Jenny hasn't attacked Dom yet, seriously. The more I think about it, the more sociopathic Dom's behaviour is seeming to me. I cannot wait for more of it ;) Your chapters are just getting more and more witty and dramatic and I can't thank you enough for entertaining me over this boring summer. (Also I love reading your replies to my reviews, I appreciate that you reply to everything I say even when it's a crazy long review like this one lol soz) x

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry my response is so late - I just moved back to London so life has been rather hectic, not to mention the WEIRDNESS of everything that's happened with this story and our review/response - but anyways, on to the review!

I know, urgh, god. It's very cringe and and cheesy but also (accidentally on) purposely written that way because it's almost painful how obvious Luke is being and now we know why hahaha. He seriously didn't understand what Jenny was playing at especially after Dom and James somewhat intimated that she fancied him so he turned his flirtation to an unbearable level.

Right!! I mean, most of us are looking for love and Jenny is no exception! She doesn't have a conscious aversion to it (although, who knows, she maybe her problems with the idea of commitment - especially at 16) but nor does she think it's the be all and end all of everything to be in love with someone (she has no idea about any of that lol). But THANK YOU! No - every time you say it still fills me to the brim with confidence and assurance that I'm doing what I've set out to do!! I want them to be realistic! I want them to be crazy and stupid and witches and wizards at Hogwarts but also real people!

But WOW. Highest praise right there. I feel like so often I scoff at fanfic couples (pairings that I love and characters that I love) being in love because I just can't fathom how they got to where they got so THANK YOU. Wow.

You have no idea how much I was kind of dreading posting this chapter because of the woods scene!! (Especially the way it got so real very quickly) Because I knew it had to happen but was struggling so hard to make it happen - so yay!! I'm glad you think so! And yeah - Jenny's got a one track mind hahaha her life is constant battle between James and Quidditch.

You are so flipping sweet and kind - AHHH!! In a twisted way I'm so happy you're getting emotional?! That means I'm doing something right?! AH. Can't get over that. I don't even know what to say - and now I'm emotional over you being emotional.

HAHAHAH YES! The exact reaction that I wanted. I truly do love it when readers have the same reaction as Jenny hahaha. But omg no it's not an obvious thing to say! I genuinely don't know what I'm doing half that time and only after it's written do I see like - oh, that's the climax of this chapter, this is rising action, blah blah so when I was writing this whole thing it was barely a half conscious thing so thank you so much. Your compliments are seriously making me speechless lol - truly don't even know what to say. But yes hahahaha vindication is sweet.

I truly love everyone's dreadful anticipation of the party lol.

Unbelievable self control. Just kidding - she's terrified and hates confrontation and one day we'll see how bad it is (if her procrastination and ability to force a friendship isn't bad enough). But awww!! Writing this story has entertained me throughout this boring summer so I'm so happy to be able to spread that someone else!! (It makes me feel very happy to know that you love reading my replies because I love writing them and I wouldn't even know how to stop replying to everything even if I tried!!) x P

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Review #38, by BBHP Plan A Party Then Plan The Escape

4th September 2017:
EVERYTHING IS SO CONFUSING. It's great, don't get me wrong, but even I would pay 500 Galleons to the person who figures out what the H is happening. Poor Jenny. She's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The drama is just building up and I feel like even though she's had these little angry bursts, it's nowhere near how it will be when she actually explodes.

And what the #$%, Luke! They told him Jenny fancies him!? Why even would they do that? It seems like Dom invented this elaborate plan/test and it just blew up. I won't even get started on Dom because right now I just want to scream at her. Ha.

It's easy to say, "oh, teenage drama, it's so trivial," but your story reminds me that it's still real. These poor teens being tricked and lied to and feeling desperate and confused and scared. I just feel so bad for Jenny. She can't even catch a break.

Anyway, you've done an excellent job with this. Conveying all these different emotions, while keeping everything so confusing and crazy is just amazing. I'm so impressed. Every chapter has me reeling from some new revelation.

Author's Response: I KNOW I'M SORRY!! Everything WILL be cleared up in like the next two chapter I promise!!! Oh god, the predictions do not bode well hahaha. But yeah, she truly is on the verge of a nervous breakdown - I just said this in a previous review but Jenny absolutely loathes lying and all of the lying from her closest friends is doing her head in.

I KNOW. I KNOW. I DON'T KNOW! No - I'm kidding, I do know lol I write the story after all. And LOL, Dom deserves a bit of screaming at.

That's so encouraging to hear because sometimes I do feel like I'm losing the thread of reality and toeing the cringey and cheesy lol so even though I feel bad that you feel so bad for Jenny, it actually makes me also feel good? Because that at least means I'm doing my job as a writer haha.

Thank you so much - seriously, thank you. I don't feel like I deserve this praise but I'm going to continue work hard on this and hope that I do!

Can't wait to see what you think of the next two chapters!! x P

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Review #39, by astoryending Plan A Party Then Plan The Escape

4th September 2017:
I was getting more and more anxious as the idea/party loomed closer, and even though Freddie and Jenny agreed to call it off on account of it being UTTERLY INSANE and LITERALLY THE WORST IDEA EVER I am still not convinced that sh*t isn't about to go down :( my poor, poor nerves.

And Jenny, hun, sometimes love is all those things; confusing, painful, sudden, complicated and suffocating but also butterflies, happy dances and surging through your veins like lightning. The scene were Flora is telling Jenny about James' feelings was beautifully written. The way you manage to convey the utter mess that is a sixteen year old girl almost makes you think you've been one yourself ;) (and I still think James is a bit of a dolt)

Can we just talk about how we're still in the dark as to what the f happened??? I've said it before but it's such a unique plot/storyline that draws you in. However, I'm glad to see the whole Lenny situation getting a bit clearer, and even though I looove Luke, I like them better as friends I think.

And then Freds confession to Jenelle in the last chapter. The fact that his biggest fear was Jenny not accepting him?? Heart. Broke. It gave such insight into their relationship and how much she means to him (and vice versa) and I so want to see more of that! And I (not so) secretly want him as MY best friend. Please can I have him?

I always have so many thoughts swimming around after reading your chapters but I just can't put them all into words, haha! But in cause you haven't been able to guess from my comments yet, I think you are brilliant and this is so my favourite fic!!!


Author's Response: Oh no, your poor nerves!! I would say something to calm them down but maybe it's better to stay on edge - because, you know, parties and lies and ex-boyfriends and hastily made plans that were just as hastily unmade is a terrible combination.

You said it girl. Jenny's still in that unrealistic, idyllic phase of thinking that love has to be perfect, that love IS perfect and her thoughts about it don't, obviously, match up with the reality. But oh my god, thank you so much - when I was writing that scene, I knew it had to be in there, just because I knew Flora would want to tell Jenny those things, not particularly knowing if it would hurt her or embolden her, but BY GOD it was difficult! It was so hard to write that without sounding cheesy or cliched or forced so that makes me so beyond chuffed and happy and urgh, thank you!!

I know! poor Freddie - but he is so loved. He was just so afraid his friends would get mad at him for not telling them sooner about an important part of him - which seems so unlike him, but that's the thing about people, they tend to hide emotions they think make them weak. But Jenny's realised that Freddie's genuinely the only one she can completely confide in - feel comfortable and be herself around. It used to be that she felt that way about all three of them but, of course, the circumstances (immediate and past) have changed and Freddie's the only one who hasn't lied to her. And yes, you can definitely have Freddie as your best friend hahaha.

LOL, honestly me when I write responses to such wonderful and lovely reviews!! That's why they end up being twice as long as the review when they have no need to be. BUT THANK YOU!!! I think YOU'RE brilliant and I am still trying to get over the shock that this is your favourite fic! AHHH! x P

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Review #40, by putitonpaper Don't Tear Down My Walls, I Just Decorated Them

19th August 2017:
I’m back!! Work was slayinggg me but I’m back! And so excited to read MULTIPLE chapters!! Like FOUR chapters?!?! I’m so jazzed cause Christmas came early! Like honestly, I’m like curling up my toes with a hot cup of tea and reading this before answering my reviews cause I’m stoked!

I don’t know why but I absolutely love, love “skin the colour of tea with just a skim of milk, and freckles that mapped a thousand constellations all over her face.” Such a cool description and a great picture in my head.

Umm. James. Chill. She got a new slip! What was his dream?! How are you able to make me feel annoyed with him and feel bad for him at the same time??

“I saw Luke sit beside me” - He likes her!! Was this obvious in your first write? Or are you playing up the connection now? Either way, I’m quite the fan of Jenny having options :P!

Wow! Sixteen days! I don’t know why that surprises me so much. It makes so much sense that her feelings are so raw at this point. I have a newfound and heightened appreciation for how much pain she’s feeling.

'What?' Freddie cried out suddenly, rounding on me. 'Jenny hates something? Inform the press! Where's the Prophet with the real news when you need them!' FREDDIE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I adore how much he calls Jenny on her stuff!

“…Your mum read me three chapters of We Should All Be Feminists.’” LOVE LOVE Jenny’s mom. YAS.

:( - ugh. This makes me feel for her so much! - “Of course he didn't want to talk about the past … Idiot … I just sounded like a clingy, stalkerish ex-girlfriend.”

You are so good! SO GOOD. “but who would cater to mine?” Then BOOM! Luke shows up!! Love. This makes me so very happy. AND THEY WENT ON A DATE! YAY! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH? WHY? I don’t know! But I do! He loves her hair in plaits! True love. Obviously.

(Hmm. I need to go back and figure out the timeline but did Luke like Jenny and then Dom tell James that Jenny liked James so that Luke and Jenny wouldn’t get together?)

Even knowing what I know, I remember now why I thought James was still problematic. This - “James had been possessive, jealous and a maybe a little controlling in our relationship” - ugh. Such an issue and I’m wondering/ trying to remember if Dom’s actions had anything to do with this. (I keep saying this but every time I think about your story, I find Dom so, so fascinating. Like she’s not my “favorite” but I think about her motives all. the. time.)

I love this description! - “violent rush of adoration went through me, a starburst of gold, pink and blue.” It reminds me of your story description - which you know I love!

I REMEMBER THIS SCENE (the shopping together scene) - And you probably assume I remember this scene because of the kiss but it actually wasn’t about this kiss!!! For some reason, (and I swear to you I am not lying) when I think about your story, this quote from James rings in my head - 'We were one of those supremely weird couples.' I don’t know why! I have no idea why this quote hit me so hard when I first read it! Maybe it was Jenny’s reaction? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s two immature teens having to reflect on their relationship in the most painful/unforgiving way possible?

AND THEN I ALSO REMEMBER THIS BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY!! - Acting like a wounded animal when you're the one who * things up. - I feel like this is when I was like “STOP EVERYTHING! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?” HA, girl, this is bringing back all of the memories of the emotional rollercoaster you put me through!! LOL

I LOVE THE PAINT FIGHT FOR 2 REASONS! (1) I feel like we are peeking into the foundation of their relationships - like what it would really be like if their friendships were purely platonic UNTIL (2) my new best friend, LUKE, comes through with the flirtatiousness. LIKE YAS, Jenny does look very good ;). I’m so hardcore shipping Lenny right now. Was their tension this apparent in your first write??

'Tyra Mail!' HAHAHA I love Freddie.

Wait. Time out. Do Fig and Newton know ALL of the convos these crazy kids are having in this house lol. If so, what an invasion of privacy! lolol.

And the Alena Fight makes you my favorite writer ever right now hahahah

Marisa and Dom are friends?? LOL I don’t know why that surprises me so much.

Anyways, wonderful chapter as always. EVERYTHING happened and it was amazing. I can’t wait to read the rest of your updates!! Hopefully that happens BEFORE work kills me (*rolls eyes*)

Author's Response:
AHHH!! I'm so glad you're back!!! I'm sorry work's been slaying you but yay - you're back!! I am so excited to read this review - I'm just going to be responding while I read it :D

Eek! That makes me heart glow omg!! I'm now SO in the mood for a curling up with a cup of tea and reading a good fic (my unsubtle way of saying I can't wait for your update lol). But yes, I've updated soo much in your absence I cannot WAIT to hear your thoughts on it all!!

I have been absolutely itching to find a way to put in that tea-skin-colour imagery in a story for about a gajillion years so I'm so happy you liked that hahaha

I genuinely sometimes feel your inner monologue about james is exactly Jenny's lmao. Like she is 100% annoyed with him but also feels bad for him all the time haha. And o no I was definitely developing Jenny and Luke last time around as well!! But you're right it's a little juicer his time around hahaha

16 days is almost unbelievable probably because I've dragged them out for 100 lmao. But yeah!! It's why she genuinely cannot shut up about it! It's so raw and present for her and it makes what james did just a thousand times worse.

HAHHAHAHA I'm going to have to know your thoughts on Jenny and Luke in the rest of the chapters.

Also the fact that you've written this sentence: "did Luke like Jenny and then Dom tell James that Jenny liked James so that Luke and Jenny wouldn’t get together?" makes me lol because this kind of thinking is so inherent to this fic, like all of the characters are constantly running around this loop. On another less divergent note, it's a very interesting thought .VERY interesting .

Your words on Dom are so lovely to hear!! Because hating a character is such an easy emotion to develop and, like, I hate her too at times but finding someone fascinating - that's so much harder to cultivate because I had to make her relatable but alien, familiar and yet utterly unfriendly and it just makes me happy that that's what Dom is to you!

Ahhh!! Thank you!! That's one of my favourite lines too!!!

Omg I did completely think it was because of the kiss hahahaha but oh wow that's so interesting!!! I love that though!! James and Jenny's physical connection is probably obvious and expected but considering james' behaviour, Jenny's pain and her general ambivalence towards James at the moment, finding real moments of truth about how she felt about him is so rare and splendid.

HAHAHAHA I'm so sorry I put you through this emotional rollercoaster!! This new one is way crazier LOL.

Omg no Fig and Newton do NOT know all the conversations they're having. That would be so awful.

HAHAHHA watch this fic take a dark turn and have Alena actually murder them all. But stop im blushing.

LOL yes, they are and even more surprisingly they're a lot more alike than you probably think haha.

MY GOD. Well thank you SO SO much for reading and reviewing this chapter because I know you must so bloody busy with your own reviews and, of course, work ( :( ) and I hope you got through this absolute behemoth wall of text all right.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the other chapters!!! Here's to hoping work doesn't slay you!!!

Much love as always!! Xxx P

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Review #41, by TheTenthWeasley The Truth Bubble And The Needle

9th August 2017:
"Every nerve and atom in his body seemed to be bouncing off each other, buzzing with alacrity. His eyes were almost amber, glinting with chips of gold, and they were wide, exhilarated, his cheeks flushed with colour. Even my anger didn't put a dent to his thrill. He was a boy, reborn." - Ugh, this is just such a wonderfully descriptive paragraph, I can picture it so well in my head.

I'm so glad Jenny is being sensible (well, I'm reviewing as I'm reading so she could possibly do something moronic by the time I get to the end, so sensible for now) and isn't forgetting how James treated Flora and herself. I felt uneasy at James's feverish change of mind, so it's encouraging to see Jenny not totally lose her head.

AGH I'm going to cyber punch Dom, she is really grating on me right now. You're writing her really well at the moment; she's being a terrible friend (unless she's obliviated herself and genuinely doesn't know why James broke up with Jenny), but I still like her as a character and find her funny. She's fascinating and it's so fun that your protagonist's best friend isn't one-dimenionsal and merely "sassy", she is quite a morally grey person and it's interesting to read.

Omg the bit when they're discussing their plans for the quote made me cringe - not because of the cheesiness or anything, you just put me so squarely in Jenny's shoes that I actually felt uncomfortable about Luke's suggestion that was essentially a declaration of love for Jenny. "My body burned with a tumultuous flurry of hot and cold; doused in self-conscious irritation." This is such a good line, it's legit how I'm feeling right now hahaha. I don't know why I'm so against Luke/Jenny - I love Luke, I just feel weird about it idk.

I love that Freddie is genuinely intelligent and inventive, he's not just comedic relief. And he's trustworthy and wise - ugh your characters are just all so well thought out and as I said before, so the opposite of one-dimensional. "'Is this a case of repressed memories? Because that is too angsty, even for us.'" hahahahaha.

Woaahah what the hell where did that come from?! That was so intense. Even though I love Jenny and James it's so refreshing to have someone outside of their group tell them that they're /both/ being pretty hurtful to other people, and they're both guilty of being a bit self-centred. ("The wand in my wand", I know you'll catch this anyway but just thought I'd point it out).

Aw I hope this undoubtedly crazy plan of Fred's will end up with Jenny and Flora being friends, I get a weird enjoyment out of unusual friendships forming between people. I'm really nervous about this plan - all I can think of right now is that it'll be something like they try and do in Wild Child lol. Jenny is playing a very dangerous game here, and I can practically see this blowing up in everyone's faces already. So I was totally wrong earlier, Jenny is definitely not being sensible. Oh well, there'd be no plot without her being a bit of an idiot :)

Wow my reviews are just getting longer and longer and more and more rambly. Anyway - what an exciting and dramatic chapter. So many things happened but it was well paced and there was a perfect amount of exposition on everything. Looking forward to next one already, see u soon x

Author's Response: Omg, first of all, apologies because this has definitely been the longest it's taken me to respond to a review and I'm sorry! My life has abruptly gotten rather hectic lol. But anyways, on to the review!

Wait, I'm laughing - "I'm going to cyber punch Dom" - LOL. But thank you!! I've found that, whilst writing, I've inadvertently (or maybe it was my plan all along? Who knows at this point) taken a common trope of James Next-Gen fics, i.e. the Freddie-James-Dom-OC square, and made it this twisted, unfriendly thing. I mean, the best friend is slowly turning out to be the antagonist? And that demands that she's impossibly complicated with flaws and redeemable qualities (even if we haven't seen much of the latter).

HAHAHAHA omg no it was so cringe!! Like imagine someone actually saying all that in real life ... generally very awkward haha and even more if you think that person is saying all those things directly at you. But LOL, you have every right to be against Luke/Jenny, even if you like Luke!!

Trust me, I wouldn't even know how to begin with making Freddie solely the comedic relief haha so I'm so glad you think so!! Makes my heart glow because I love Freddie and he's easily my fav person to write.

I know! Jenny has no idea how other people see her relationship with James or even just her at times so I feel like she needed that wake up call (also thank you for pointing out that silly error! It's all fixed!!).

Omg me too!! I love unlikely friendships and who knows ... perhaps Flora and Jenny will find a way to come together despite their personal hatreds ;) ... Oh no you shouldn't be nervous!! ... Or should you be? Sorry, that's an annoying response but also OH MY GOD the fact that you just mentioned Wild Child I just ... you are absolutely on the right track of messy, ill-planned ideas that are outlandish and stupid hahaha. And yes, lmao, you were wrong about Jenny being sensible hahaha. I read that part at the beginning and I was like oh no ... such high expectations of maturity ... lmao

Well it's about time!! My responses have always been ridiculously long and rambly!! But just kidding haha, I absolutely adore your reviews and look forward to them every time I post a chapter so please continue to ramble!! I love and appreciate it all so much so thank you very, very much once again for this wonderful review! As always, you are too kind and I can't wait for you to read the next chapter! xx

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Review #42, by HarryGinnyLove88 The Truth Bubble And The Needle

9th August 2017:
I'm not even know what to say about JamesJenelle situation anymore..."sigh"
I just keep reading and hope everything gets better in the end :)
Confusing i know. Keep writing :)

Author's Response: Aww I'm sorry!!! I'm feeling quite guilty now for making them suffer so much now haha. But yes, have faith!! Jen's just as confused and frustrated as you I feel and she's going to find a way to clear it all up.

Thank you so much for reviewing!! Love that you're still sticking with this story! It means so much to me! xx

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Review #43, by AccioTeddyLupin The Truth Bubble And The Needle

8th August 2017:
This was so long and so great!!! Can't wait for the next chapter, doll.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try to update quickly but I'm going away this weekend so it might be a little while longer than usual!!

Thank you for reviewing!! xx

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Review #44, by BBHP The Truth Bubble And The Needle

8th August 2017:
This was so intense and I have so many thoughts and feelings after reading this chapter that I actually had to step away for a bit to gather my thoughts before leaving a review. And then I had to go reread the chapter WHILE writing this, so forgive me if it's long and sort of all over the place!

I'm still so confused over this whole breakup thing! Like, is Polyjuice involved somehow? Because I can't even understand how any of this went about. How on earth is James SO sure that Jenny said she kissed Luke, and Jenny is SO sure she didn't even see James until later? Also, Jenny's indignation and sarcasm during that fight was on point. I loved it. (I even had to stop and read it aloud so I could make sure I got the emotion and tone exactly right.)

I don't blame Jenelle at all for having a sort of panic attack. Everything in her life has been turned upside down and she can't seem to grasp anything steady or that makes sense. I'm very curious to see how (and if) she gets out. I'm glad she went to Freddie instead of Dom (although Dom was clearly very put out when Jenny chose Freddie). Dom was already getting on my nerves and now it's easy to completely hate her, but I'm trying to think of some way that this is still a huge misunderstanding. If she really did mess up Jenny and James's relationship somehow, WHAT was she even trying to do?! Was she trying to manipulate things to see how Luke felt about Jenny, or if Jenny would go for him once she and James broke up? Dom seems every bit the vapid, airheaded blonde Veela that people expect her to be, but I think she has a lot of underlying issues. And she's seeming to be quite a conniving, manipulative, attention-seeking you-know-what. I'm looking forward to their confrontation, and hopefully it'll shed some light on why Dom is the way she is.

Freddie's conversation with Jenny was actually hilarious and sad at the same time. Of course Jenny knew -- we all knew! But the fact that Freddie's fear was that he wouldn't be accepted by his closest friends just makes my heart hurt.

Jenny seems to be changing a LOT over the weeks that she's spent in the bubble. She's more assertive and direct than she was at the beginning, and I think it's a good change. The Jenny who snapped at Ollie is a different Jenny who was heartbroken in the beginning.

I feel bad for Flora, but at the same time (speaking from experience) a girl's gotta know if her boyfriend is kissing someone else, no matter who is the one to tell her. I did suspect that their mutual current disdain for James would forge a sort of truce between them. They'll both want out of there after all this drama, and I'm dying to know how they do it.

Author's Response: AHH omg!! I'm reading this review and responding at the same time so forgive me if I'M all over the place, but GAH, I can't believe it was that intense?! I didn't even mean to write it that way at all?? But I'm strangely pleased? I feel like I'm such a cruel author haha. But honestly it's so crazy that everything feels so intense for readers!

Cruel authoring again, but good! I wanted people to be as confused as Jenny is because that makes her actions a little easier to understand (I hope lol). But omg haha, I do that too when I'm writing!!

Yeah Jenelle's having a crisis of faith, if you can call it that. She has no idea why her perfect world is being so terrifically torn apart and why her god is so cruel. Yeah it's going to be QUITE interesting how stupidly simple and flawed Freddie's plan to get them out turns out to be lmao. But yes, as for now, Dom's reasoning is so incomprehensible if it's true and not a misunderstanding that if and when Jen confronts her, it will definitely provide some insight on her character.

I know!!! Freddie you dolt your friends love you!

OMG YES. I'm so glad you've noticed this!!! And definitely, one hundred percent she's changing because it's being forced on her in a way. She can't just wallow in her heartbreak anymore and there's even the sense that the Jenny that snapped at Ollie is the real Jenny resurfacing after weeks of wallowing in self-pity.

Yeah, Flora's been handed a sorry card these past few chapters but she's quite resilient and despite fancying James, he wasn't that great a of a boyfriend to begin with and so you'll get to see her kind of just get on with it lol. But yesss, the next chapter you'll know exactly how they plan on getting out--in fact the chapter title will be a dead giveaway.

Thank you for this long, wonderful review! Can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter!

Love always P xx

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Review #45, by astoryending Many Happy Returns, Judas!

3rd August 2017:
I may have read this on my phone while at work (shh) so this will be kinda rushed but I need to comment!

Holy mother of ALL! Mini-dance ‘cause I had an inkling James believed Jenny had cheated, but dude. At first I was like yeah! now we know, but then plot twist, eh no we don’t! Still confused as to what exactly went down which is BRILLIANT! I love that it leaves the reader still in the dark and not totally able to guess, so BIG CLAP ON THE BACK! And poor, poor Flora for getting caught up in their mess. A bit stunned over Dom and she’s pssing me of to no end so let’s just leave that for now (have a feeling that she won’t be getting back into my good books…)

I hope James untangles himself from his twisted knickers soon and we get to see why Jenny fell for him in the first place, ‘cause I don’t believe for a second that he’s usually this moody af gitface. :D


Author's Response: HAHAHA yesss I do that all the time.

Omg my worst fear was like is this confusion just an absolute mess and terrible storytelling/annoying because god even I'M like okay wtf is going on lol. So YAY that the confusion is working!! Because there will, of course, come a point of pure clarity which will make all this confusion and wait worth it hahaha.

And yayayay! I live for clean resolutions and concrete answers so we WILL have that, but I do want to be a cruel author for a bit longer and confuse readers just a little longer LOL.

And god yes, James DEFINITELY needs to realise how he's been acting and find a way to redeem himself.


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Review #46, by TheTenthWeasley Many Happy Returns, Judas!

2nd August 2017:
AH ugh the tension you created in this chapter was just so perfect. I could feel disaster coming from the very first line - nothing good could come from Jenny and Flora being extremely drunk and friendly. I feel so bad for her: James cheated on her, ignores her in favour of Jenny, is a generally s*itty person... and when she said " 'I would never … No", ugh :( It's a shame that she's getting caught up in the story of James and Jenelle, and she's not even fully involved, just stuck on the periphery. I'm glad Jenny actually stood up for her, even while she was blaming James for the situation at the same time... another example of the reality you bring to these characters; they're not plainly written teenagers with a black and white sense of morality.

I only saw this coming because of TWY but nevertheless it was still exciting to read. The whole last scene was sooo frustrating because even while they're finally being forthcoming they're still communicating terribly. "'You're a f*cking moron,' I hissed back." So funny, so typical of Jenny to do - seeing a chance to insult James even if it isn't the wittiest. The whole argument in general was well written. I feel like if I was reading this for the first time, without any prior knowledge of TWY, it'd be as if I was there as a fly on the wall, watching it unfold in real time, on the edge of my proverbial seat (which I still kind of was anyway), shocked at what you were revealing.

Dom is irritating me - she's so invasive and problematic. I love her as a character and I know she isn't a bad person really, but I don't think I could deal with being friends with her. You can sense that she knows she's messed up and is scrambling to do something about it, I'm unsure if this something is to fix the situation or to cover her own skin so James and Jenny don't hate her.

If I was going to say anything not entirely positive, it would be that this chapter is maybe a little too full? There's a lot going on here, what with Flora and Jenny's first proper interaction, the fallout of Jenny and Oliver, Jenny kissing Luke, Jenny shouting at Dom, Jamelle argument number one, Jenny telling Flora about James, Jamelle argument number two. I suppose that this is reminiscent of how a night drinking as a teenager would go - so much stuff happens and there's not much time to deal with it. But still, it felt a tiny tiny bit rushed. Omg pls don't hate me.

Another suggestion; have you ever listened to Julia Michaels? Her new stuff is good for inspiration - for me anyway - and I thought about her song 'Worst in Me' while reading this.

Anyway, v good exhilarating and dramatic chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next, especially because I feel like this is nearly all new material! xoxo

Author's Response: Urgh yeah Flora so does not deserve any of what's happening to her. James and Jenelle are so volatile with each other when they're not together, all they do is cause destruction to so many people. I feel terrible for Flora too!! But she's going to prove to be resilient and a lot stronger than any of them realise. I mean I think it's still crazy that they still manage to be realistic in such heightened and crazy situations LOL but it's what I'm trying to achieve so THANK YOU!!

Hahaha yes, that question was more for non-TWY readers but I'm so happy it was still tense and exciting! And omg YES, that's exactly what I wanted it to come across as--a frustrating clash that feels like it's going nowhere. Like they're both FINALLY talking to each other but they just cannot get past the points they want to make so it's like they might as well not be communicating at all.

Dom is someone I just constantly feel bad about writing. Like (and I hope this doesn't give stuff away, though I'm not sure how it would lol) it's almost how I imagine Rowling would feel, in a way, writing Peter Pettigrew as he turned traitor. You just feel bad about making someone you want to be good be the person they honestly are. Dom IS loveable and does have redeeming qualities, but if what James says she's done is true -- and Jenny can't think of why James would lie about that even if she has no idea why Dom WOULD do something like that -- then she's set herself on a path that's going to be hard to come back from.

OMG, please don't think I'd ever hate you?!! One of the purposes of reviews is to receive constructive criticism so i genuinely LOVE to read this. And the thing is I agree with you completely! This chapter is absolutely CHOCKED with significant things that are almost written in a very insignificant way. Kind of tossed in there with the expectation that we'd have more time to mull on things but I can say the rush WAS intentional and somewhat needed. All of this was intended to finally PUSH Jenny into action and stop sulking about. I mean I wish I could've written this in the course of several chapters but the story needs to plunge on. And while we do finally slow the pace down again, it's still going to rush forward lol.

Okay ... I just listened to that song and I'm freaking CONVINCED I wrote it about Jamelle and gave it to her to sing lmao. It's impossible and not true but I'm ... shook. It's been added to my playlist, done and DONE. Loved it. I EFFING love song suggestions. idk why but when people say this fic/the characters remind them of a song I lose my mind LOL.

Truly!!! The next few chapters are COMPLETELY new and while they have a few familiar bits, I can confirm like 98% of it is new stuff.

LOVED THIS REVIEW AS ALWAYS. And as always my responses are too much and I'll be shocked if u manage to get through this wall of text lol. But I just love your reviews!! Thank you!!! Can't wait for you read the next chapter. P xx

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Review #47, by Ksb  Many Happy Returns, Judas!

2nd August 2017:
FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE QUICK UPDATES. You're literally the only author I know that updates so frequently and responds to every reviewer. This story has had me hooked from the beginning and I can't wait to see how it all pans out.

Author's Response: YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WELCOME!! I have so much written I see no reason to delay uploading everything?! But AW, yeah I'm so determined with story I just want it out there!!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading reviews and I can't NOT respond to them. Everyone writes such insightful incredible things and I love having conversations about the characters and the story lol.

I can't wait for you to read the rest!!! I have this insane notion I can finish this by the end of the summer so lets see how it goes ... :O

Thank you so much for reviewing!! P xxx

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Review #48, by Rosie_Posie Many Happy Returns, Judas!

2nd August 2017:
WHAT THE F*** DOM? How is this real (fan fic) life? Did she seriously tell James that Jenny Liked/Kissed Luke (ignoring the party kiss I will get to later I mean the pre-break up alleged situation)? Why does Jenny not remember him asking? Did Dom do something even more sneaky to make her confess? How is any benefit to her to have James think Jenny likes Luke? Luke is way too good for her at this point OH MY.

Ok so back to the top; Flora and Jenny hanging out you continue to humanise Flora to me and I hate it. I wish she could be a sneaky home wrecker but instead she is a nice girl who has her first boyfriend and a beautiful moody heartbroken James Potter? Flora went through so much this chapter and to then just be abruptly told (while likely hungover) that James cheated on her? Cruel! And I even feel a bit bad for Jenny - I mean yeah she thought James had cheated on her with Flora so didn't think so I feel bad. BUT ALSO Jenny should definitely use her head to think a bit more.

The Luke Incident: wow. Not exactly a romantic "first kiss" but still that is going to cause a shi*storm when Dom and James find out.

Also has James always been this moody? I genuinely second Flora's question. Was he more lighthearted before? More flashbacks to how J&J were pre-breakup and even pre-relationship would give good insight!

You did NOT disappoint with your promises of drama in the party and following it is exciting to see the development continue. I just love that I was right DOM HAS BEEN BEING SO SHADY. I definitley believe James, he has no incentive to lie at this point? Also oh my so cruel to have Jenny drunkenly "confess" to something she doesn't know only to find out it is something she for sure does not want to confess to and (as far as we know) was not true at the time!

At a guess to Dom's motive; Luke had a crush on Jenny or Dom suspected he did. Dom in a jealous move decided that she wanted Luke but if she couldn't have him she wanted to end all happy couples so plotted to have Jen and James break up by lying to James. She then somehow used polyjuice potion to turn into Jenny and "confess" to James. Not sure how Dom's evil plan leads to her getting Luke though...

Can't wait for more!
RP x

Author's Response: All of these questions that . I just can't answer here hahaha. But honestly, every one of them will be answered in due course!!! This chapter ends in such mayhem and the next chapter is going to cause even MORE mayhem it honestly ... does not get better (SORRY!).

I KNOW. Flora could've been so easy to hate and to Jenny she WAS, like she was a cheater!!! Until, of course, she wasn't ... But yeah, god, this chapter goes from 0 to 60 for both Flora and Jenelle. And part of that is because Jenny's anger with James, something she rarely experienced (like real, true anger that results in proper shouting) snaps all rational thinking and she acts on pure impulse, no explanations necessary. She definitely NEEDS to use her head but I can confirm this most likely won't happen LMAO.

NOPE! Again, pure impulse and not knowing how to handle liquor and just thinking with her proverbial d**k lol. Not great for our girl though.

Oh he was DEFINITELY not like this otherwise Jenny and James would've never gotten together I think. We'll definitely get a taste of what he used to be like as things progress from the fall out!

HAHAHAHAH, yup, you were right! Dom was acting shady because she IS shady. And no you're right, he has no incentive to lie. He's never wanted to address it out of pure stubbornness and the perception that Jenny was okay with everything and so he would be to, but now that they're finally yelling about it, there is absolutely no reason to lie. I KNOW ... Dream Jasper was an idiot lol.

Interesting theory, VERY interesting . LOL. And that's all I'll say on that ;)

Always SUCH a pleasure reading your reviews!!! Can't wait for you to read the next chapter, it only speeds ahead at full throttle without any chance of a breather LOL. I'm such a cruel author.

Love always, P xx

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Review #49, by Rosie_Posie Kiss And Don't Tell

2nd August 2017:
Ok so I am so sorry and have a confession to make, I read this chapter a few days ago but was too busy to give you a review and thought I would come back and review before the next chapter but alas I forgot and I was reminded by the new chapter coming out!! So please forgive me I promise I am still reading and loving.

Firstly I LOVE that you liked my Harry Styles reference his new album is so good and honestly half the songs could be an anthem for this fic. Another relevant song could be Selena's new song Fetish because honestly J&J cannot avoid each other!

It was nice to hear Jenny admitting at the start a bit more that wasn't perfect with her and James to show she is realising that just because you are blindly happy doesn't mean you aren't being blind.

THE PARTY OH MY! Kissing Gamble? The whole flirty Luke situation continuing and Flora & Gamble liking each other? SO MUCH and also so little like the whole thing was such a whirlwind I really felt like I was Jenny.

Freddie continues to be my favourite and such a gem! Jenny should confide in him more often - his advice and real talk is much better than Dom's!

Ok 1000 apologies again for the delay and I am now onto chapter 8 which I promise to review immediately.

RP x

Author's Response: OMG please don't worry about forgetting to review!!! There's nothing to forgive; you're the best and knowing you're still reading and loving is just as good as a review!

Oh TRUST me you made my whole month for even suggesting that it reminded you of Two Ghosts haha. I even added it to my playlist for this fic thinking what the hell HOW could I forget! And OMG Fetish is on there too because THAT IS SO TRUE! They cannot keep their hands off each other! One of my fav songs watch by Billie Eilish is also such a cornerstone to Jen and James, and Supercut by Lorde and omg ofc Dua Lipa (New Rules particularly).

"just because you are blindly happy doesn't mean you aren't being blind" . I need have Jenny think this EXACT thought because um, YES? This was entirely her in her relationship and I think her dream triggered this acknowledgement and now she's struggling to come to terms with it.

HAHAHAHA biggest compliment I can receive!!! Jenny's is as bombarded with all these things as you are, seriously. Like too much has happened in the span of so little time it's like WAIT WHAT WHAT WHAT? I remember the parties back in high school used to be so insane and like everyone was getting drunk for the first time and did NOT know how to handle their liquor so it's so fun to finally write the madness out in a story, like this situation (kissing Ollie and then Luke) is horribly reminiscent of something that's happened to me I'm like okay ... time for Jen to suffer what I did lmao.


Love you! Love this review!!! Always always thankful for them! P xxx

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Review #50, by HarryGinnyLove88 Many Happy Returns, Judas!

2nd August 2017:
Its all so confusing wright now. They only yell at each other. They should talk calmly :)
Write soon :)

Author's Response: HAHAHA, so true. And omg there's more yelling to come but there is definitely a calm talk in store that will set a few things straight so there's a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward too loool

Will do love!! Thank you for reviewing!! xx

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