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Reading Reviews for Reason Free From Passion
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Review #26, by anavaleria Chapter One

17th August 2007:
who is the girl in your banner as ginny?

Author's Response: Isla Fisher. I'm going to delete this review in 2 days (so you have time to read your answer) as this is not what the review system is for, please do not spam up people's reviews.

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Review #27, by BlackQuill Chapter Two

8th August 2007:
This fanfic looks very promising! Nice, even pace. Characters are nicely pieced together... reading over your reviews, for not ever having characterized Dean before, pretty good. His emotions for Ginny still seem slightly existent. The question is, will they play a part later? And what will become of the Boy Who Lived? Ron, Hermione... will they come into play? I'm sure that the end result, whatever it may be, will not disappoint.
And yes, you do still need to finish your Marauder fic; that one is really good too.
Suspenseful... I can't wait until the third chapter is up. Don't let me down!

- Black Quill

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the pace, I was worried it was going too fast to be plausible see. I have grown to love writing Dean in this, and you'll have to see how that plays out ;) . I'm hoping the end will not disappoint, and since this is only a short story it shouldn't be too long until we do get to the end lol. Will try to get an update up for both my WIPs soon! Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #28, by BlackQuill Chapter Two

8th August 2007:
This fanfic looks very promising! And yes, you do still need to finish your Marauder fic! That one is really good too.
Suspenseful... I can't wait until the third chapter is up. Don't let me down!

Author's Response: lol, yeah I will finish them both :D . I'm glad you liked the opening chapter of this one too, I tried to make it so it grabbed people. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #29, by purewings Chapter Two

30th July 2007:
Well, I like the pace of the story. :)
I can hardly wait to read what happens next.
I don't want to write a long review yet, I don't want to influence you, by criticizing or worshipping :D.
But I'm giving you a promise, I will be waiting for the next chapters and in the end, you"ll get a nice long review. Agreed? :D

Author's Response: Glad you mentioned the pace. It's a difficult thing to balance, I need it to be fast-paced because this was only ever meant to be a short story of a few chapters, not an epic novel or anything. On the other hand, I don't want to go so fast that it's implausible and I do worry about that, but I have no way of slowing it down without putting in a lot of filler and making this story lengthy.

lol, I'll agree with that, I'm sure you'll pick out a lot of interesting points and I like all your reviews anyway :D . I'll try to update soon, though things are busy at the moment and I have AWU to update too. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #30, by purewings Chapter One

30th July 2007:

I'm glad you started a new story! I think it's ok writing two fics at one time, a little distraction might help you with the marauder story. :)
I was very interested in this fic, mostly because of your choice of characters.

To tell the truth Ginny is my least favourite character, maybe because I found the Ginny in the movies very "pale", uninteresting and shallow. She is a lot better in the books, but still her character is not as deep and diverse as I would like it.
I was very much interested how you would deal with that.
And I loved what you did to her. The war has changed her into something completely different, an obsessed auror. You gave her a lot more possibilities than JKR. (It's so interesting, some of her characters are just genious, like Snape, Lupin, Sirius, Fred and George, Ron etc. and there a few characters, who look like they were written by someone else. Ginny should be an important character, yet, I find her poor. Sorry in advance, dear Ginny fans! :D )

So it was hight time to give her some depth, where she's not just a cute redhead, who learned excellent jinxes from her brothers, but a real human being where good and bad is mixed.

I haven't read the second chapter yet, but I liked the first one, it has great possibilities.

It sounds as the beginning of a very interesting action and love story.
Well, the 2nd chappie is waiting for me. So, bye! :)

Author's Response: Oooo, hey!!! It's so good to see you here again! Though now I'm nervous as you're so perceptive about my stories ;) . This story had one chapter written for over a year before I have now picked it back up, the idea wouldn't leave me alone! So I'm glad I got it posted up and started too, I'm finding it very fun to write :) . And if it helps with my marauder fic, all the better!! That badly needs to get finished.

I hated Ginny's character for a long time, she bored me and I agree with everything you've said. But then she seemed to develop a personality in one of the later books and I started taking much more interest. I liked that she could be fiery and fun and she showed she could be strong (I didn't like her in the 7th book mind, but we're ignoring that as it turns my fic completely AU anyway ;) ). I hoped that people could find it plausible that she becomes the character I made her into in this story, but I felt she was always the best choice for this role when I first had this idea. It's good to hear you find her intriguing here at least :) . The thing about being good and bad is also important, and I'll hopefully explore that more later.

Thanks for the great review; I'm happy you liked the first chapter and I hope you continue to enjoy the story! :)

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Review #31, by Haronione Chapter Two

26th July 2007:
Yay, an update so quickly!! Well, it was another great chapter. I love your characterisations in this, I could really see Ginny and Malfoy being like that after the war :) The interaction between Ginny and Dean is great. I love the way he stays so calm when Ginny is so furious :) She really is obsessed with catching Malfoy! The interaction in the last scene was brilliant too, and I'm interested to see exactly what Ginny will do to get justice! I'm looking forward to the next chapter it sounds like it will be very interesting!!

Author's Response: I know, isn't it shocking how quickly this got put up?? But I had to sow off the banner lol. Glad you like the characterisations, and especially the bit about Ginny and Dean's interaction as Dean's is an utterly unfamiliar character for me. He's fun though, and his role is getting more important, I needed someone for Ginny to talk with at work. I'm hoping I can stick to my 5 chaptersish thing, but will see exactly how twisty I want to make this in Ginny's quest for justice :D . Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #32, by Tinkfreak Chapter Two

25th July 2007:
I like it so far, there were some grammer problems here and there but other than that it's very good. Keep up the great work and i can't wait to read the next installment :)

Author's Response: Yeah, it's unbeta'd, and I tend to work that way until I've finished it up so I'm sorry about any grammar problems, I've not even re-read through it *rolls eyes*. Glad you're enjoying it though, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #33, by njkecique Chapter Two

25th July 2007:
! What a cliffhanger!!! Hahaha. do update soon! :D Love it!

Author's Response: lol, glad you like it :D . Will try to update soon, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #34, by Lilli Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
CONTINUE! Please? Ten out of ten.

Author's Response: lol, glad you like it! :D It will be continued, may be a couple of weeks until update though, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #35, by Queen Shamama Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
very good. ah but such a cliffy! can't wait to see what happens


Author's Response: lol, it was a bit, wasn't it? But that was always where I was gonna end this chapter :p Will hopefully update relatively soon, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #36, by Queen Shamama Chapter One

24th July 2007:
i am intrigued.. i'll read on

Author's Response: Good to know, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #37, by njhill22 Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
Very nice new banner you have =) This chapter has a nice build up to it, albeit short. Interesting to see how you're using Pansy in this...I'm really interested to see how you play this out.

Author's Response: Isn't it gorgeous??? I cant stop coming back to my page to look at it lol. It was a short chapter but it was more a setting things in motion chapter than anything truly happening really, had to be done. I am glad you're enjoying it anyhow, and thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #38, by alternativerocker Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
keet it up :]

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you like it! :)

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Review #39, by Ydnas Odell Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
For your first angst story this is really good. I've added it to my favorites, One of the better Ginny/Draco I've read, it's got an interesting tone.

Author's Response: Very pleased you think so :D . I was wary of a ship with Draco as it's been done so much and often badly, but I thought it would be fun to try at least and I am having fun :D . Glad you're enjoying it, thanks for the review and favouriting! :D

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Review #40, by Elena Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
Ahhh...I love it...I knew Draco was there when Pansy gave that lame story..LOL...But I do love Ginny when she's angry!!

The dinner was fantastic, I bet Ginny was fuming the entire time, but then they danced...*sigh*...I can see the sparks fly already...I think I'm more excited by your A/N though..lol..

Author's Response: lol, that story was not lame! :p was very important there was a reason Draco had not tried this before so Pansy supplied it. Ginny very fun to write when she's angry :D .

Glad you liked the dinner, that was really difficult actually, I was like argh, what do they say to each other?? and lol, I won't say more about the AN, but you'll probably like next chapter :p . THanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #41, by Elena Chapter One

24th July 2007:
I like it :) Poor Harry though, no magic and has to get a Muggle job!! That would be hard on him, but a good way to get him out of the picture.

I love Ginny being an Auror and tracking down Draco, this has that dark/mysterious feel, cat and mouse chase and its very intriguing to read. I thought this was a really great first chapter and can't was to read more :)

Author's Response: I know, I was mean to Harry. But I also think it made sense, if I was going for dark and gloomy, which I was, then I thought it was kinder to take him from the world that hurt him so much anyway. And yes, conveniently take him out of the picture too, he will come into it some though, i think.

I have come to love Draco and Ginny already lol, and glad you got that feel as that was what I was going for. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #42, by KatieScarletOHara Chapter Two

24th July 2007:
This is a good story you have started. You will have to update soon. You said that your other stories are Mauraders? Hmm will have to go check them out. Well done for this story!!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you :D . The next update will have to be As Wings Unfold (my marauder WIP), because it's been a while, again. If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it, but in any case thanks for this review! :)

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Review #43, by Underworld Chapter One

23rd July 2007:
Wow, very well written! I enjoyed it and will definitely be keeping my eye out for updates!

Author's Response: Thanks! Good to hear it's starting out well, and will hopefully have an update out in a couple of days or so :D .

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Review #44, by BitterSweetFlames Chapter One

22nd July 2007:
Hey PhoenixStorm! SkitsandBits from the forums here.. I say, continue this because it has lots of potential. Yes, I am not a fan of dark fics but my impartiality demands that I tell you that you must continue this.. Go you!:D

Author's Response: Thank you :D . I like reading well written angst, like forsakenphoenix's stuff, but have never really set out to write it myself so I'm glad that in spite of you not being a fan you still enjoyed this fic. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #45, by njhill22 Chapter One

20th July 2007:
Well, I had a review all nice and written out and then my internet decided to stop working as I submitted it ::glares:: Let's see if I can remember the gist of it...
I'm really glad that you decided to begin writing this story again, you have quite a good start here. I absolutely love how you had Harry lose his power after killing Voldemort...I don't think I've read that before. I also love how you're portraying Ginny, er Ginerva in this, cold and bitter. Definitely plausible after the war. Dean is a nicet touch in here as well as through his POV you can see there's still some of the old Ginny left in there. Can't wait to see where you take this, as this story have a lot of potential

Author's Response: Thank you :D . Tough it is annoying when that happens isn't it, has happened to me a fair few times. I'm glad you think the Harry thing was good, I was a little unsure about it but it made sense to me at the time and I needed him more or less out of the picture. lol, Ginny's fun, and very happy to hear is plausible as she is. I needed a character who would give Ginny some perspective, or try to, and I settled on Dean as being best so I'm happy you liked that :D . Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #46, by njkecique Chapter One

20th July 2007:
oh wow. this is good! *two thumbs up!* can't wait to see what happens next! Do update sonn! :D

Author's Response: Thank you :D . I will try to get another update up soon but I am trying to pace myself around my marauder fic. Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #47, by Haronione Chapter One

19th July 2007:
Hey PhoenixStorm! I know I said I was going to read and review tomorrow but I decided I couldn't wait ;) Wow, I really like the start of this story! I love the way you have characterised Ginny now that she is older. It's hard to tell how some of the characters from the books would be like after the war, afterall they could be completely different from the people they are in their school days, but I can really see Ginny being as you have portrayed her. I really love your writing style in this story (not that I don't in any of your other fics :)) it has been written brilliantly. I can't wait to read the next chapter :D Hope you update soon (I will be nagging you if you don't ;) lol)

Author's Response: Ooo hey! I did not notice this before you went to sleep! Yay though, I'm so glad you like Ginny and find her to be believable. That was something I was particularly concerned about, whether people could still see how I write her as having grown from the character she was or if they'd just think I was totally OOC with her lol. Happy you enjoyed it anyway, and that you like how I've written it, prodding for updates is allowed because I need it ;) . Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #48, by LisaMacKay Chapter One

19th July 2007:
So I finally got around to read something that you've written. I'm quite impressed I must say. :) I don't think I ever told you about how picky I am when it comes to dialogue but yours was perfect! Absolutely in character and every single word was believable and realistic! I am not so fond of Ginny (excuse me, "Ginevra"), but that has nothing to do with your writing, and I also don't think you intended her to be too sympathetic in this either. Draco is a blast though, I loved his first scene and his general behavior. What you did to Harry was absolutely great and believable. Actually it's one of the best solutions for this that i've read so far. Dean is a real cutie as well! great job! *favorites* deffo!

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Yay, hey Flissy. I'm happy you're impressed :D . Dialogue is what I know best, I've had to work on my narrative and particularly my description quite hard, but I've always enjoyed dialogue. I actually quite like Ginny's character, and I think she is a match for Draco, or at least I hope I can write her to be. I only liked her since HBP though I think, or it might've been OotP, when she stopped being droopy and got a personality basically. Draco is just fun though, I really liked writing him in this chapter. Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #49, by Spritz Chapter One

19th July 2007:
Well Phoenix, not bad, it's got me interested so far. lol. Up to your usual standard as usual. One thing though WIPs??

Author's Response: lol, sorry my non-fandom-savvy friend :p . WIP=Work In Progress. And yay, glad you liked it, I'm having a lot of fun with this story, wait until you see some of the chapters :p . Thanks for reviewing! (and you got to be the first one, yay!! :D )

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