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Review #26, by Marie Of Knights in Filthy Armour

2nd October 2017:
Yayyy love the new chapter! Thank you. :) This is by far my favorite story... You are a fantastic author!

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Review #27, by Katie Of Knights in Filthy Armour

1st October 2017:
Hello and welcome back! Thank you SO much for updating the story! It really made my day!
I was checking this site everyday to see whether you have prosecuted Seth's amazing story. So I was really excited for the new chapter. Poor Seth though! Surely, it's terrible for her to endure the distrust concerning her innocence in the poisoning of Albus. Speaking of Albus: He totally ruined a beautiful Seth/James moment! The ending of the chapter completely compensates this though. James saving Seth but loosing the captain ship of the Quidditch team (which obviously meant something to him) clearly shows that he really likes her (or am I wrong?).
The chapter also made me wonder who might be plotting against Seth. I've got two/three suspicions but, hopefully, you will enlighten me further about it in the following chapters.
I wish you the best for the new job and flat and hope that your boyfriend gets well soon!
Looking forward to more Woodley-ishness (and waiting patiently)! (I greatly apologize for any grammatical errors in this comment. English is (unfortunately) not my mother-tongue.)

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Review #28, by Ernie_the_Dino Of Knights in Filthy Armour

28th September 2017:
Oh, Seth, my heart goes out to you.

This is great, I love this story. Please update soon.

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Review #29, by Cam doowteelf Of Knights in Filthy Armour

21st September 2017:
Well. it took me a couple of reads and a couple of days... but I think my heart no longer splits in two every time I read about Elizabeth (Seth) and James. I love this story more than life itself, and I would like to begin by wanting to say how much I appreciate this story and how much it lifts my spirits. Thank you for bringing this story to life. I'm sorry that you've had some really stressful months. I hope you are hanging in and that your boyfriend gets healthy soon. You deserve a little peace and love so consider this my gift to you.
That being said, that is some major crap James and Seth have to deal with. Hopefully teachers can remember that Seth was also poisoned and that she's good. As for james, trying to be a hero. No good deed goes unpunished and my heart just aches.
Katie is wonderful and I wish she was real. She sticks up for friends and tries to be the best person she can be. Adore her.
Really am irritated at Albus and I'm starting to think that he has something to do with all of this and now it's his guilt that's making him be a brat. Really hate felicity though.

I can't wait for the next chapter to maybe lessen this pain I feel and maybe some Freddie. but alas YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST. Take as much time as you possible need but if you need someone to proofread or provide feedback hit me up. I seriously love this story!!

Ps I'm a a little sad at the teachers. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. I hope flitqick and slug horn tell her they are rooting for her and that she becomes the baddest non prefect prefect ever (of that makes sense)

But yea, lots of love from Canada

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Review #30, by Potterhead57 Of Knights in Filthy Armour

21st September 2017:
Thanks for updating your amazing story!
I really love it

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Review #31, by Corrie Of Knights in Filthy Armour

21st September 2017:
Yayyy Im so happy youre back! Congrats on all the new life changes but im sorry about the accident! So excited for you to continue the story!! I literally have no idea who is behind it all and its so well written that im literally like yelling at my computer screen.

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Review #32, by my_voice_rising Of Knights in Filthy Armour

20th September 2017:
I'm sure I'm not the first to say how exciting it is that you've updated! I wanted to be sure to leave a review because it can be frustrating to be badgered for an update, only to finally post a new chapter and receive little to no feedback--but it looks like this chapter is getting its due reviews, which makes me happy!

This story is *very* good and your characters really stand out. In fact it would hold up well on its own as OF, since the characters (except Slughorn, McGonagall and others in the books) are completely of your own imagination. I think I've said this before, but I love that things don't always go Seth's way, and not in an over-the-top, Bridget Jones, "oops I made a huge hilarious mistake" way. It's very realistic and keeps the story going--32 chapters in, and despite this not feeling close to the ending, you've got us all hooked! You should be really proud of your storytelling.

As for constructive criticism, one thing I've noticed is that you could use some trimming of sentences, and removing unnecessary words, particularly adverbs or words like "slightly" or "simply." Also, there are a few phrases that appear often, like "dipping the room into a glow," or "knotting my arms." These are lovely phrases but since they're so unique, and image-based, their overuse is a bit distracting. Honestly this is pretty much my only critique for this story, and could be easily adjusted with some quick edits. I just wanted to leave you something more than gushing over your characters, plot, etc.

I'm intrigued by Albus's role in the story, and how he went from approaching Seth to detesting her, and believing the lies about the poisoning. I have my own theories about who *did* do the poisoning, but I don't feel like I have enough evidence and honestly I'm just so curious! This is one of those stories that I think about when I'm not on HPFF--after reading this chapter this morning, it kept popping up here and there, and kept me wondering who did what.

Brilliant, brilliant work! So excited to see an update. And I hope that all is well for you and for your boyfriend. Congrats on the new job and apartment!


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Review #33, by MarieBlack Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
I'm's fine. I'm not like.crying in my bed.

First, congratulations on all the awards your story has gotten in the time I haven't been able to read it. It's seriously deserves it.

BUT, to the matters at hand. SETH. JAMES. SACRIFICE. I'm excited because I think we're finally getting to see some resolve to the weirdness between them through Al's comments. But also, I really deeply need to know WHO the HECK is HECKING up Seth's life and putting her in these positions. Because so help me.I want to kill them myself for Seth, which just speaks to your ability as a writer over these chapters.

Also, sorry for the life crazies! I hope it's all settling again and that we get to revel in more of these chapters soon!

Happy writing, xx

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Review #34, by Pat Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
Absolutely worth the wait !
Keep on writing and take your own time. You never have to apologize for taking a bit longer to update the story. I understand working the details does require a lot of attention.
I do hope your boyfriend is feeling better now.

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Review #35, by astoryending Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
This was almost a bit freaky, but I decided last week to read this again from the beginning (because I just missed your little corner of the magical world) and then when I was half way through it I noticed a new chapter!! Iím not kidding you, I actually Ďholy shtí-ed out loud, complete with a dance and everything! This made my week for sure :)

Now, JK is like the queen of naming characters. But what stood out to me in your story from the very beginning was that youíve obviously put thought and effort into naming yours in a way that makes it Ďfit intoí the magical world just that bit better. Names has always been something that I get a bit hung up on when Iím reading books and stories, often being a bit annoyed that it doesnít fit properly, so this is a big thing for me haha!

I canít believe James would do that for her. WellÖ I kind of do. But the fact that he just risked everything for her speaks volumes of his character and I love him even more, which I didnít even think I could ;) but poor Seth. So many feelings and trying to separate them and identify them (at sixteen as well) is not the easiestÖ I get that feeling of wanting to do it by yourself and not wanting to be saved, so I understand why it upsets her to realise that maybe she actually needed just that.

Their whole relationship is so dynamic but still thereís those teenage issues and insecurities at the core that make it even more real and believable.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the gravitas potion would come back in some shape or form, it was all just so fishy to begin with. But the question is still WHY and WHO and WHY!?! Every chapter just keeps bringing it, and I truly think every time that youíre so talented, both with your storyline and your writing. So eager to see where this whole thing ends up!

Lastly, Iím hoping that your boyfriend is recuperating nicely at home (having to stay for an elongated period of time at the hospital is just the worst, for everyone) and Iím sending you a bear hug through my screen! xo

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Review #36, by Giu9_RedandGold Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
Hi! I'm so glad you're back! I hope things get better for you ;)

I loved the new chapter. Very intense. What James did was very brave and selfless and it cost him so much. I think Seth did realize that, and that's why she is so upset.

I'll have to go back and read this story again, as soon as I have the time. I have sh** memory and I barely remember anything 😩 sorry!!!

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Review #37, by blackzero Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
Thanks for the update. The story has became awesome to the superlative degree possible. Long delay arises fear story being abandoned. Peace and health to you and your boyfriend. Again thank you very much for continue to write this amazing and wonderful piece of work

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Review #38, by BBHP Of Knights in Filthy Armour

17th September 2017:
It was the best surprise getting online tonight and seeing an update of this story. I might have actually done a little happy dance, complete with excited fan-girl squeal. And it definitely didn't disappoint. I hadn't realised how much I had missed Seth and Katie and James and everyone. (Also, have I mentioned how much I love that she's called "Seth"? I love that you used a unique and pretty nickname for "Elizabeth", instead of the usuals. It's perfect for her.)

Everything just seemed to get so much crazier in this chapter. I'm dying to know what exactly went down with that potion! I have a few theories, ranging from someone in Seth's family plotting something, to a fellow classmate trying to get Seth kicked out of school. Something so simple has turned into something much more intense. Why would Sam and whats-her-name need the potion if she wasn't even going to use it? Like, why even risk having that in your possession unless it's somehow going to be worth it in some way.

Anyway, I'm so excited to read more of this story. And I'm glad things seem to be calming down a bit for you after such a busy time. Congrats on the new job and apartment! I hope it's a good change. And I hope your boyfriend is recovering well. Those things can be really scary.

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Review #39, by HPFantasticks Of Knights in Filthy Armour

17th September 2017:
sooo glad that you are back with your story, and with such a great chapter to boot! You are doing an amazing job with both Seth and James and all the others.
I hope that you are settling well with your job, apartment and that your boyfriend is recovering. Best of luck and keep on writing!

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Review #40, by Cam doowtleef Of Knights in Filthy Armour

17th September 2017:
Just tear my heart a little more will you. I feel so heartbroken right now don't know where to begin

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Review #41, by mxxx Of Knights in Filthy Armour

17th September 2017:
Loved it. Please update soon!! Really really wanna see what happens with Seth and James.

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Review #42, by gemmygem19 Of Knights in Filthy Armour

17th September 2017:
awww!!! leaving us hanging. thanks for the chapter

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Review #43, by CharmAurorG Of Knights in Filthy Armour

17th September 2017:
Oh my God! You just made my day. :) I thought you gave up on the story and then you resurface again and give us this! A*M*A*Z*I*N*G! Thank you for not giving up. Oh, James... I love your James; he is just the way I always imagined him. Oh boy, the drama is just perfect in this chapter! I kinda have idea what is going on and who is doing this to Seth, but I might just be completely off, so I am not gonna say anything yet. :D On the other note, congratulations on the new job! I hope you love it. I am really sorry about your boyfriend. :( Is he doing better now? I hope he is fine.
So glad to have you back! Keep up great story.


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Review #44, by Gem Of Rebels and Romantics

15th September 2017:
Love wins! This story is the bees knees

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Review #45, by Shera Of Rebels and Romantics

13th September 2017:
Is this the ending? We didn't get to find out who's framing Seth! :(

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Review #46, by Shera A Pocket full of Secrets

10th September 2017:
Can you just write "I'll" or "I will" instead of just "I"? It's really irritating

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Review #47, by HarryGinnyLove88 Of Rebels and Romantics

7th September 2017:
I hope you write soon wanna know how its

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Review #48, by Katie Of Rebels and Romantics

27th August 2017:
Hello! This is my first review on this site. Your story is (or was) the only one I've been reading because, honestly, every other plotline was boring compared to Seth's.
I really like this story - it is well-conceived and also well-written.
The only thing that kind of worries me is that there has been no update for quite a while now. Don't get me wrong: I absolutely understand that real life is far more important than a fanfiction about Harry Potter. I was just wondering if you could maybe(in some way)anticipate (?) whether there could be an update of the story in future or if this is just the ending of it (which would be really sad...).
James and Seth are finally closing up on each other. Wouldn't it be sad to end their (kind of) "blooming" relationship that suddenly?

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Review #49, by Kimi Of Rebels and Romantics

24th August 2017:
I wish this story was longer!

It was brilliant, well thought out, great concepts, and extremely well written.

The only flaw is that it ended!

Thank you :)

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Review #50, by G Of Rebels and Romantics

24th August 2017:
Please completing this story, i've been waiting for months and this story really captivated...

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