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Review #26, by marauderin_around Back at Hogwarts

31st December 2005:
Aw, aren't the two of them just hopeless! Peter's a good creation, possibily too perfect, but I'm probaly just jealous and need a Lobo nisista spell. Will read again tomorrow and try to get my reviews signed, my comps playing up at the mo. Good stuff so far:)

Author's Response: Peter's supposed to be perfect, way too perfect... Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #27, by marauderin_around Peter Hanson

31st December 2005:
Very good start full stop, not just for your first fanfic! Enjoyable will read on

Author's Response: Read on, m'dear...

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Review #28, by Trustno1 A Girl's Night (Part Two)

23rd December 2005:
so happy to see another chapter!! hope to see more of ron and hermione but htis was a good chapter! xox

Author's Response: It's Ron's pov next, so... And if you look at Draco's idea..? Definitely R/Hr in next!

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Review #29, by Shii and Nel Peter Hanson

22nd December 2005:
I would chant 'more' over and over again but I dunt want to rush writers... neway, im adding to favorites, i love it... For Pete's Wake, ron!!

Author's Response: Thanks! (oh my, I have to make up something more orginal to say)

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Review #30, by angel A Girl's Night (Part One)

19th December 2005:
brill story... hope you didn't lose interest in it coz its taking an awfully long time for you update... but besides that i love this story great job and keep it up! oxx

Author's Response: Chapter six is submitted!

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Review #31, by bella A Girl's Night (Part One)

15th December 2005:
hey, i love your story! i know you got a life and can't always be on the web but please put more chapters up! like this is the 50th time i checked.... i love your story, great work. xox

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm writing at next chapter right now, and it goes really well! So I don't think it'll take too long now.

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Review #32, by the downfall of the rising A Girl's Night (Part One)

12th December 2005:
HAHA, I loved it, how you got Draco into this whole thing so smoothly, sorry for the late review, still trying to adjust to high school, I hope all goes well in planning to hook up Ron and Hermione, oooo they're such the perfect couple! I liked this one, worth the wait. Can't wait till chapter 6, take your time. ~Valerie

Author's Response: Oh, you shouldn't have said that last thing. Now you'll have to wait for a year! *grins evil grin* Well, hopefully you'll get it before that time...

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Review #33, by trustno1 A Girl's Night (Part One)

10th December 2005:
great story! so ron and hermione.... write more!!!!

Author's Response: I will! Sometime...

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Review #34, by trustno1 Completely in Love with His Best Friend

4th December 2005:
awww i love this story its great.... so sweet keep it posted

Author's Response: I won't post a new chapter for a looong time, but thanks anyway. :)

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Review #35, by Shii and Nel A Girl's Night (Part One)

20th October 2005:
*notice that the guys eyes are glowing int he banner...* *gasp!* hes posessed! we knew it! muhahahha! .... neway have a cookie! great story! ^^D

Author's Response: *grins* I won't tell you anything about that. I won't tell if he's posessed or not. Thanks!

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Review #36, by gabzi27 A Girl's Night (Part One)

20th October 2005:
MORE MORE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Sorry, but you'll have to wait a little bit!

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Review #37, by drinkinchocmilk Back at Hogwarts

20th October 2005:
is hermione crazy duh hanzum hanson or dull ron go peter woohoo go ol'blu eyes *cough(wid gawgz brown hair* oh yeah good story

Author's Response: Thanks...

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Review #38, by lolaweasley Hogwarts, the Circus

19th October 2005:
are you gonna update any of your stories soon? i really miss reading them!

Author's Response: Oh I will. I would have done much faster if it wasn't for all my homework. *glares*

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Review #39, by the downfall of the rising Hogwarts, the Circus

9th October 2005:
I've read the 4 chapters that you have written before and find that I really truly do like it, a lot. It seems to be different than the other Ron/Hermione romances, which are just too simple and predictable, I like this one, drama's good. It says on your author's note that you're half done with chapter 5, I would like to adventually see it up. Update soon, and don't give up, they were all magnificent chapters and if you had to diss a story, diss one of my horrible ones. Hoping you complete and type and post chapter 5.~Valerie

Author's Response: It's great to hear this! You really inspire me to write, you know. But I have way too much homework! :( I'll try to write, but it'll probably take some time before next chapter is up. I have a feeling that it's going to be too long, but... I guess it's gonna be okay. Thank you for a long review. =)

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Review #40, by lolaweasley Peter Hanson

7th October 2005:
hey! thank you for liking the banner and yeah, i didn't know whether you had wanted him to look weird or not.. cos he seemed so in your last banner! but do tell me if you don't like it, i'll change it for you! and thanks so much for you reviews! i love it! you're too kind!! =)

Author's Response: I'm absolutely NOT too kind! =) You deserve everything I've said! I really liked the banner and I want it that way. I don't think there's any need for a new banner. And thank you for YOUR reviews, by the way!

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Review #41, by lolaweasley Peter Hanson

6th October 2005:
hahaha! ur last one was funny, and i've already sent u an email! check it out alright, chat soon!

Author's Response: Thank u, thank u, thank u! It was great! Peter looks really creepy but that was just what I wanted! Thanks once again! =)

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Review #42, by HermioneG Peter Hanson

6th October 2005:
Hi again! I'd LOVE to have a banner! Or... well, I have a banner here (it got up today), but I don't like it at all, really. Over e-mail is okay, just go in at my author page and contact me there! :)

Author's Response: Oh my god, am I stupid or what? I was supposed to answer a review from lolaweasley and then I automatically hit the 'Would you like to submit a review?' link. And I didn't even think it over. *mutters "stupidstupidstupidstupid"* Sorry if that confused everyone, I don't usually review my own story. :p

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Review #43, by lolaweasley Peter Hanson

6th October 2005:
hey babe! guess what, i've already limbo-ed in my 2nd chapter of the fic... and so keep checking, alright? sad to say, it's still a bit short because i'm balancing the good humor i have in my head. haha. i dun even know what that means. ANYWAY, do u want me to do a banner for u? i would.. but you must tell me how do i pass it to u? by email, is that alright? let me know please.. thank you!

Author's Response: Hi again! I'd LOVE to have a banner! Or... well, I have a banner here (it got up today), but I don't like it at all, really. Over e-mail is okay, just go in at my author page and contact me there! :)

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Review #44, by lolaweasley Hogwarts, the Circus

6th October 2005:
i'm a bit confused in this one.. but good try! and update!!!!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry it confused you. I will update soon!

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Review #45, by lolaweasley Completely in Love with His Best Friend

6th October 2005:
I WANNA GO FIND A BF LIKE RON! *lol* he's bloody funny and bloody CUTE! awww... nice chapter!

Author's Response: I want a boy like him. I would just be sooo happy with him! Unfortunately he really doesn't exist and that he is Hermione's. :p

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Review #46, by lolaweasley Back at Hogwarts

6th October 2005:
along the way, i went, "HERMIONE? FICKLE?" so it shocked me quite a fair bit! but nevertheless i love it! it's interesting for one, and TWO, because its so different! ps: Ron is DEFINITELY cute!! *gives HermioneG a hi five*

Author's Response: Oh, I love Ron! Thanks for loving it!

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Review #47, by lolaweasley Peter Hanson

6th October 2005:
hey!!! peter is so much like LOCKHART! haha!! i can imagine his face already... lol. but great start! i'm going for more!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by latina witch Hogwarts, the Circus

6th October 2005:
hi! its me again! good chapter! i dont mean to sound rude or anything but... plz update!!!

Author's Response: Hi! This chapter has been up for weeks and this is the first review I get. *shakes head* Well, thank you! =) I'm doing good at the next chappie!

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Review #49, by yanessa Completely in Love with His Best Friend

28th August 2005:
I love it.It is really interesting but I want to read the next chapter

Author's Response: You'll have to wait a bit more...

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Review #50, by snoopy Completely in Love with His Best Friend

2nd August 2005:
it was great

Author's Response: thanks

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