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Review #26, by Brown Eyed Leo ~*~ Chapter 2 ~*~

23rd March 2007:
From reading chapter 2, I have concluded that Bill Weasley is her father and the person from her dream and that her mum is Fleur, by the way, you did a good job so far on this story, now I just need to find out what happoned to the other J.K. Rowling characters, such as Ron. You have a very interesting plot.

Author's Response: J.K Rowling's characters come into the story more in their 2nd year because of their lesson changes to defensive magic, so you'll find out soon enough! ^_^
And about Bill... you think so do you? Well, you could be wrong, or you could be right, I'm not saying either. But yes, Fleur is defo their mother... she could've gone with any bloke to get her daughters. I'm glad you like the plot... I have help from my two friends/dedicatees on everything, so it's also down to them... but yeah, I like the way its going so far! ^_^
Thanx for reviewing anyways, and I hope I hear from ya again. Ur reviews are really interesting to read! :)

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Review #27, by Kyrra ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

23rd March 2007:
Aww poor Harry and Ginny i'm guessing they had a miscarriage right? When Remus said the others was he refering to the other Weasleys? are they still alive? Do you mind my asking which country your from? anyway great chapter as always 10/10

Author's Response: Yeah, but you didn't find that out from me, just pretend you haven't read this... as it's all going to be explained in the next chapter anyways, lolz! Yes, he means people like Hermione & Ron, as Harry trusts them... but he's also going with Ginny to a Healer of some sort. And I'm from England up in the North East somewhere, lolz! Why are you from, if you don't mind me asking (answer in ur next review if you want)? And thanx for the fab rating! :D

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Review #28, by WilowTree ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

22nd March 2007:
Really great chapter update ASAP!

Author's Response: Thank yooh so much! ^_^
More work is being done at the moment, so all I can say is thanx for the review and just keep ur eyes peeled for the next part! :)

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Review #29, by CutieBritty31 ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

22nd March 2007:
OMG! What happened to Ginny? Though I sort of know I just want to know for sure. This was a really good chapter and I mean I really good. Post soon!

Author's Response: Everything will be explained in the next chapter hopefully, I really don't like explaining over responses to reviews, just in case someone comes and reads reviews b4 they read the story and finds out what actually happens. I'm glad you like it anayways, hope to hear from ya again! :)

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Review #30, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

22nd March 2007:
Really good. It was nice to have a chapter that didn't take place at Hogwarts. This chapter is sad. I feel bad for Harry and Devlin now. I have a feeling we're going to learn something more about Harry... or possibly Sirius (Harry's godfather). Update soon!

Author's Response: Wow! Ur so close! I'm going to be doing two more outta Hogwarts in this Easter holiday and then two more marking the end of their last days of their first year. Can't wait to end it really.. has gone on for too long and I can't wait for Summer to begin! All will be revealed in the next chapters about Harry.. dunno bout Sirius (godfather wise) yet. Tar for the review! :D

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Review #31, by CutieBritty31 ~*~ Chapter 15 ~*~

22nd March 2007:
I think I read this twice and I didn't even post the last time. I'm dredfully sorry about that. I must tell you it was teriffic.

Author's Response: Awww, it don't matter if you didn't post. As long as you liked it! That's all that matters to me! Thanx anyways! :)

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Review #32, by Kyrra ~*~ Chapter 13 ~*~

20th March 2007:
Hey, i'm a new reader to your story but I love it so far; except for a few things that are confusing me: isn't Delvin and Todd their cousins? oh and their mum at the start Fiona that was Fleur in disguise? Anyway good story. can't wait to read more! 10\10

Author's Response: Oh yay! Thanx yooh! I have a new reader *smiles* Anyway... yes, they are their cousins, just don't say that I told yooh... tis a secret... no1 has found out that part yet! ;) And yerps, Fleur was in disguise... and had been for 11 years... bless her! Currently working on chappy 21 so I would love to hear from ya again! Tar for reading so far, and the questioning review, which I love to answer! :)

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Review #33, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~

18th March 2007:
Excellent as always! Can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon! 100-100

Author's Response: Wow! I didn't know they gave out 100/100 as a review state! Haha! *bows*
Currently working on chappy 21, which I think is the best chappy so far in this story! Hope to hear from ya again soon! :)

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Review #34, by Lions_Rule8065 ~*~ Chapter 19 ~*~

7th March 2007:
This is actually from Michelle seen as you actually read this aloud to me... aren't I special?! LoLz!
First i would like to congratulate you on using the best word ever! FAB! Teehee! lolz.
Emo snape! haha! He crys and pushes away his fringe! Teehee!
Getting fab! love the chappies! can't wait until the next chappie! Whoo!
Btw have i read the second of the series of kiss and tell yet? If not tell me and i'll read them! Because they're fab! and scott rox sox! (and is sexy, teehee!) SEXY SCOTT! WHOO! lol!


Author's Response: Teehee! Snape is not emo, that's his son, Sirius... but yes, thanx for congratulating me, however it is yooh who needs congratulating as you say the word all the time and therefore left me no choice but to add to something you say in the story... you'll probs be using it a lot now seen as it's become famous! :P
Anyway... currently doing chapter 20... do you think I should do audio tapes of my stories seen as I'm such a good story teller? :P Coz I'm F.A.B! And, no you havent read the second in the kiss and tell series... bad Michelle... well at least you read my stories unlike one of my dedicatees! Look forward to hearing from ya soon when I add another chappy up!
Tootles! :)

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Review #35, by drakenleigh ~*~ Chapter 19 ~*~

2nd March 2007:
Very Good! can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank yooh! I'm glad yooh liked it! I hope to do a bit more work on this story soon, coz I like the way its going at the mo. So, stay tuned is all I have to say! Hope to hear from ya more! Cheers! :)

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Review #36, by xx_Michelle_xx ~*~ Chapter 18 ~*~

2nd March 2007:
YOUR FAB! Haha! Told u i would say your fab! Teehee!
Aw... ending was so sweet! aw... Hehe!
Will go to nxt chappie now! :)

Author's Response: First I thought... wow, Michelle is reading again... yay! coz I thought this was a review for chappy whatever number is next... but nooooooo! Ur stoopid comp had to be gay && retarded and send ur review thru twice... again as well! Jeez... it made me upset :(
Oh well, had a laught too! Please read and review more for me hun! Thanx! :) xx

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Review #37, by xx_Michelle_xx ~*~ Chapter 18 ~*~

2nd March 2007:
YOUR FAB! Haha! Told u i would say your fab! Teehee!
Aw... ending was so sweet! aw... Hehe!
Will go to nxt chappie now! :)

Author's Response: Yesh! I'm fab and I rox sox... especially when I write fabby songs for ya, lolz! I'm glad you liked the ending, I really wanted April to feel loved, seen as everything is being pushed on her...
Hope you will carry on reading, otherwise, I will have to sit next to ya again and force you to read... :P

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Review #38, by xx_Michelle_xx ~*~ Chapter 17 ~*~

2nd March 2007:
Ooo... banana enlarged! Teehee! Oopsie! WHE! haha! love this chappie! 10/10! even though i wish you could give infinity/infinty! Haha! I love it! It rox! lol!
Ok... next chappie roll on! lol!

Author's Response: Teehee! I'm glad you liked the comedy... I try to put my funny and witty mind into context where means neccessary. LoLz! And tis not my fault I have a dirty mind, teehee! *giggles*
Can't wait to read ur next review... and hey! This review hasn't come in agen twice... is ur comp being nice to ya now? Bad computer! Only jking! :P

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Review #39, by xx_Michelle_xx ~*~ Chapter 16 ~*~

2nd March 2007:
Oo. lol! HALDEN GERMS! OOO! lol! haha! Harry is a perve! lol! Haha!
Peeps! I kno something u don't know! Haha! And it rox! lol! Great chappie Kez! Whoo! 10/10!
P.S: few months till we see the mauraders for real! Hehe! Take That rock sox! lol! Fabbie! Hehe! Ok random. lol adios!1

Author's Response: Why has this review come to me twice? Michelle, is ur comp acting like a spaz again... or is it just yooh? Haha! Only jkin, lurv u really!
*So c'mon, get it on... I dunno what ur waiting 4... da-da!*

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Review #40, by xx_Michelle_xx ~*~ Chapter 16 ~*~

2nd March 2007:
Oo. lol! HALDEN GERMS! OOO! lol! haha! Harry is a perve! lol! Haha!
Peeps! I kno something u don't know! Haha! And it rox! lol! Great chappie Kez! Whoo! 10/10!
P.S: few months till we see the mauraders for real! Hehe! Take That rock sox! lol! Fabbie! Hehe! Ok random. lol adios!1

Author's Response: Ye know too much... haha! lolz! I'm so happy that ur reviewing again, I've missed ur reviews, they're so funny lolz! Well, glad you likes it, and Halden isn't contagious don't yooh worry, he won't go to Madison I don't think... hmmmmmm *twist* haha, only jking! Cnt wait to see Gary Barlow fall off stage when I shot a bullet of potato at his rat-of-a-forehead! Too-sweet! :)

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Review #41, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 19 ~*~

27th February 2007:
Okay, before I get to my review of this amazingly awesome chapter, I need to address some issues. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. ^_^ Devlin, Todd, Sirius and Kenny were all absent from lessons today owing it to be there second Quidditch match, this time against Hufflepuff.
I was unfortunate to miss it. It would have been the first time I would’ve seen Kenny truly perform on her broom because throughout her training, she was still finding it difficult to cope with her height problem. Now she seemed comfortable with being up in the air.
No more of that. If you don’t write about the Quidditch matches, how in the WORLD am I supposed to imagine Mr. Wood? Hm? He looks too much like his dad for me to miss him playing. Lol Okay, that’s my issue. See, told you it wasn’t anything bad. Now, on to more serious matters…
This chapter was the most powerful I’ve EVER read. And not just in your story. I will admit that you might want to work out the lessons a tad, but NOT this chapter! It’s SO GOOD! First, having April vulnerable during the first part of the lesson was good; proves to people who didn’t already realize it, that April is NOT a perfect Mary-Sue character. Grr…can’t stand Mary-Sues. But anyway…
I heard Snape yell and fall to the floor. I didn’t know if I had defeated him or not, but I knew he was weak, but I wanted to carry on. I delved into his mind and my power let me wander around it. I saw flashes of his childhood; a man slapping a child hard across the face; a teenager being suspended from the ankles by other boys of his age; a lonely boy sitting in a library reading until a girl joined him
A beast cowering over him, its muscles quivering as it smelt blood and flesh, ready to pounce with his long fangs bared and his long, bony arm ready to swipe at Snape’s face… A tall, black house and a room full of clustered people… him being on the floor, like at this present time, as a young boy with round glasses, jet-black hair and electric-green eyes pointed his wand down at him…
Just reading these brought tears to my eyes.
I kept still, my arms wrapped around my knees which were tucked under my chin; close to my chest, protectively; protecting me. I lifted my head and I watched Snape’s chest move up and down as he breathed. He was trying to steady his breathing before doing anything else. And then, his eyes opened slowly; they stared up at the ceiling.
As did that part. Those parts were VERY powerful, and for me as a reader, very real. I could really feel Snape and April’s pain, remembering things, and April’s yearning to see the battlefield. When Snape said the prophecy again, some things started to make sense to me. One, now that I read it more carefully, the it says She will die at the gun’s loud trigger. Which means that now of the guys die, which I know you already told me, but still. Lol Also, my blondeness has stopped, and I realize that…Bill is their father. DUH! Hehe. And I think that Fluer dies. Just because.
“I can not sorry, and I sincerely mean that. She is the one to tell you that, not I or even Harry or Remus… it’s her own fault she has lost your trust, and only she can amend that bound between daughter and mother. But she is an extraordinary woman of many talents and highly well-known throughout the magic world…” Snape’s cheeks flushed madly, but he coughed quickly to regain his composure.
Snape SO wants fluer. But he’s gonna die. =( And I think Fluer is too. =( Wait…if they BOTH die, then they can be happily together in death… =S Goodness Golly. THEY WON! *insert happy dance*
Then her eyes looked over me again just as Halden appeared through the door, his eyes scanning the room. I averted my eyes, not wanting him to spot me. I felt so embarrassed around him now, but pushing him away like this made it all the worse. “What’s wrong, April?” Kenny asked of me, an etch of worry in her tone.
I wish April would just talk more to Halden. I mean they DO talk, but I don’t like her avoiding him. It bites. And now, my ideas for the future.
1) You think that you need to work a bit on lessons, and it could help. They aren’t really boring, just…repeating. I mean, it seems that in almost every lesson, April is the main focus. I know that the story is mainly about her, but it would be nice to see someone else striving during lessons.
2) More April/Devlin. I want April to be with Halden, but even if April DOES like him, she can’t pretend that she didn’t like Devlin, and he doesn’t adore her. They need to talk.
3) April and Fluer. Just the two of them need to talk. Make April suck up her pride, and just talk to her. And then…
4) All four sisters, and Fluer. Mainly a heart to heart, mushy gushy. Lol
There ya be, my thoughts on the chapter, and future ones! Hope I helped!

Author's Response:'m.Really.Am.Gunna.Be.On.Here.All.Night/What.Can.I.Say? Erm.... well, I'll start off with ur future ideas and then I'll go on from there.
1. Right... the lessons are seriously just working on the points of Legilimens and Occulimens for now becoz all them seriously need to learn it and protect their minds... they will change becoz of the introduction of Lupin and defensive magic. April has to be the main focus but now that you mention it, I think I'm gunna not put her forward as the guinea pig coz Snape probs now fears her and he wants someone else to pick on who isn't so strong as her... lolz!
2. I'm not too sure about the April/Halden thing anymore... she's pushing him away I think so maybe a bit more of Devlin is in order... but I am gunna have to make Kenny aware of the matter seen as she is totally smitten with him. Maybe April could break Halden apart and go with Devlin... hmmmm.
3. Yeps, the April and Fleur convo is defo gunna happen! It needs to happen before the Summer hols anyway but again, I can't promise a happy talk between them... and I suppose the conflict will get worse when they go home...
4. I can't have the mushy gushy talk with the sisters and Fleur. For one reason: Kenny, Eleora and Madison are not so sure about how Fleur comes into their lives apart from having the same last name. So when they arrive home for the summer, I think there's gunna be ciaos between the family... and then maybe the talk, just to keep you quiet, lolz! ;)
Now where do I start now... there's so much to talk about that I can't pick anywhere to begin... erm... I'm happy that April has become a bit more powerful which in some way has made her become a bit more weary of what she can and can't do... I feel for Snape; and Lupin of course, really I do, becoz they shouldn't be denied of rest, it's nature! And I really don't know if I should keep this age-matter in the story; however, it needs to be because of a good twist which I hope doesn't get me kicked off the site... *whistles innocently*
Teehee! I dunno if I can make Snape actually have Fleur... it's too horrible to think about the four girlies to have a step-dad like Snape... then again, Eleora might be happy to have Sirius as a step-bro... nah, I just think its gunna be a small crush on Snapes behalf, after all, Fleur is god-knows-what part Veela!
I had to bring in the prophecy again, just to reming readers of the consiquences that might befall the ones that're involved and I told ya it was obv. that the guys don't die! Jeez! But I dunno who to kill off yet... actually, yer I do, but tis a secret!
Erm... I dunno what else to say now, but I gots to go now anyways. If I'm on msn anytime soon we can talk about anything I've missed answering and ur future ideas! Ta for the review, luff yooh, lolz! :)

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Review #42, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 19 ~*~

26th February 2007:
This is great as usual! But the story seems to be moving along kind of slow, if that makes any sense at all. Anyway, really good chapter and if I have any ideas then I'll review again later on.

Author's Response: Yesh, it is moving on kinda slow and this is because of a number of things:
1. The first year is always slow with me... there's nothing for them to do really apart from attend lessons, go to Quidditch matches and so forth.
2. There is better stuff in years after this one. But yes I see where ur coming from... it is moving on kinda slow, but I'm hoping it'll get better.
But I'm hoping to get lots of ideas from readers and reviewers, but at the moment, I'm just trying to cut back on writing coz my stuides are getting in the way a bit. Thanx for the review though :)

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Review #43, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 18 ~*~

14th February 2007:
I FREAKING LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!! ^_^ I ADORED it! Gosh it was so...sweet! I don't even know where to start. Oh I know...I don't like V-Day either. =( It's no fun. So who's this Michael guy? ~_^ lol It's pretty late here, and my mom is yelling at me to go to bed, but I gotta leave you this review. ^_^
Having April dislike Valentines day was a nice touch. It's refreshing to see a main character who isn't all ga-ga on the holiday. Kenny's card was cute, and I think that Devlin sent it, b/c...
All my love… from your secret Valentine. Two kisses were also added to the end of the poem
From Devlin (two kisses were added to end of this)
Both had two kisses. hehe I'm so awesome! Sucks that April had to get mad at Kenny. But in a way, she might have had it coming. I'd get annoyed too. lol The moment with Remus was AMAZING! loved the little message connection with the pebbles. It was really cool. The poem and notes the guys sent to April were SO FLIPPING CUTE! lol It was such an "AW" moment. And Halden admitted his feelings! That was SO SO SO Romantic! I need a guy like that. Heck, EVERY girl needs a guy like that. Can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked yooh... I wish I could've planned it out better, but that's just the way it goes. I really can't stand Valentine's Day... it's a total waste of money and time... totally pointless! That's why I wrote this chapter, so to display my emotions through April... coz like her, I can tell how it's so annoying coz like this year it's just been pointless and time-wasting and; for one thing... oh yeah POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael is this guy at school who I seriously like and doesn't like me at all... and I can seriously tell this... I can tell it in his eyes... he cares for me and I for him, but I can't tell him how I feel, coz I think he'll just recoil from me! Oh well - can't win at everything.
Anyway... getting off my sad and depressing love life (oh yeah... that's why I write this chappy... just dedicated to him coz I'm nice like that... can you tell I'm in a bad mood?!) The Devlin thing was a good catch, and yes it was from him... I just didn't think that it was neccessary for Kenny to go screaming and jumping about that she got a card off Devlin Potter of all peeps... and he still likes April... deep down inside.
I've said soooooooo many times b4 that Remus is my fav character to work with, so I have to put him in nearly all of my stories and something will happen with Remus in later chapters or maybe in a cuple of yrs or soooooooo!
And I want Halden to be mine... I need a guy like him soooooooo much! Anyway... thanx for the review hun, and I dunno when the next will be up. Just keep ur eyes peeled yeah? :) xx

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Review #44, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 18 ~*~

14th February 2007:
I really liked this chapter! Ok, now I understand why Lupin's age was different. Very clever. I like it. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: LoL! Don't say I'm clever, it's not right. I needed him to say that for my plot, but I suppose it can work... hopefully! :)
I'm glad you liked this chappy! It made me really think that Valentine's can be something good seen as their secret last name is "Valentine". I dunno when I'll be updating, probs sumtime next week! So keep an eye out! Thanx again! :)

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Review #45, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 17 ~*~

7th February 2007:
You owe me 10,000 galleons! Mwahahhahaa! I actually did think it was going to be Lupin. Why? No clue. lol He's a nice addition though. Can't wait to see exactly what role he plays through out the whole story. Harry and Ginny...oh lord. Too funny for words. I was laughing so hard when I read it! And then the Transfiguration lesson...too funny! I did catch the little April/Halden moments, and I loved them! Write more soon! 10/10! ^_^

Author's Response: Damn! I am now broke! *hands over money :( * Anyways... I always have Lupin in my stories as he is; in fact, my favourite character out of the enitre crew and I can work with him well, coz he reminds me of so many people in my actual life.
He has a very important role to play my friend, with his own twists and turns added to my entire plot, so yeah! It's going to be a more bumpier ride in the 2nd year.
Teehee! I had to add a bit of humour... and I suppose a bit of romantic/erotic humour was neccessary, and Harry is supposed to be an idol... yeah right!! I actually started crying tears of laughter when I re-read it... and yes, the Transfiguration lesson... obv. it would be me laughing at a banana enlarging magically... I would probs do that in normal circumstances, even if I hadnt seen the act between Ginny and Harry!!!
Chapter 18 is currently in the making, can't give a precise date of when I'm going to add it though. Thanx for ur reviews my darling! :)

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Review #46, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 16 ~*~

7th February 2007:
Aww was no problem ^_^ Brilliant chapter! This review is going to have to be short though, b/c I'm going to my grandma's house. Halden and April had a moment! YES! *Insert crazy happy dance* Such a romantic chapter. I lurved it! Except April's worst's TERRIBLE! scary too. If Harry dies i'm gonna cry. Well i'll cry if anyone dies, but that's besides the point! lol Can't wait to see more Halden and April! 10/10! I'll read chapter 17 when I get home! ^_^

Author's Response: Yay! I was dying to hear ur review, and I don't mind if its short, long or any kind of length!
I was struggling between Halden and Devlin, as to whether or not they should be the one comforting April. As it happens, I have a soft-spot for Halden now, as I am hoping to bring his background into the story more through convos with April. And of course, April wants to know why Halden doesn't want to lose her "again".
Harry defo doesn't cry and I swear that by Almighty God that he doesn't! That would be tragic for the whole entire story!! I will, personally, cry if any of my OC characters die... which might happen, but I can't help myself!
I dunno where the whole Halden and April situation is going, but as for now, they're not a couple! Oh, happy reading, can't wait to answer ur next review! :)

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Review #47, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 17 ~*~

6th February 2007:
This is REALLY good. It has a great story line and it is very well written. I kinda had a hunch that it was Lupin but I wasn't for sure. Wouldn't he be older than forty though? Anyway, it's awesome keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I dunno about his age really. But even if its wrong, I'd rather him be this age or even younger if it were possible, becoz of the plot.
I'm glad yooh think its good anyways, and I was hoping for Lupin to be a surprise, even if I do use him a lot in my stories. He's my favourite character out of the whole crew!
Thanx for the review, chap 18 is currently in working mode! :)

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Review #48, by DracoS_girl674 ~*~ Chapter 17 ~*~

4th February 2007:
wow! i love this story! please validate again soon, i can't wait. I had no idea who the stanger was, but like, i havent read the books, yet i'm still allowed to be a hp freak right? well i am anyways. Ok, now i'm just rambling. Ya, it's really good and the plot is really good!


Author's Response: Teehee! I don't need to validate!! I'm a trusted author so I can easily add a chap once its done and it doesn't have to go thru all the que and everything! I like it like this as it keeps all my readers up to date, but I have made a commitment to add a new chap to any of my stories once a week, even if I am ill (like at this present time) LoLz!
Yes, its absolutely fine to be a hp fan even if you havent read the books, thought it does help. I must admit, I watched the first film and then I gots into the books, which isn't something I would normally do as I think any kinda book which has a film based upon it holds more of the info and detail.
Well, I'm glad you like my story and I hope to hear more from ya! Thanx again! :)

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Review #49, by AzureSkye ~*~ Chapter 17 ~*~

4th February 2007:
I loved this it was brilliant! Your writing style is beautiful and flows excellently. I was wondering if maybe I could request that you read some of my work and give me some critique I would be honourd if you would do so as your writing is so wonderful :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so, so I thank you for them fabby compliments. At the moment; however, I am currently revising for an English exam I have this Thursday, but after that I should be free to read a bit, so I could pop over and have a look at ur work, no probs! Hey, if ur stories are really gud, they could end up in my favs list!!
Anyways, thank you for the review and I always keep my promises! :)

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Review #50, by DracoS_girl674 ~*~ Chapter 16 ~*~

30th January 2007:
oh.this story is so good! as for your question, the misteriouse face i think will turn out to be the girl's father, who actualy didint die, who is the red haired man in her dreams, and i know now that the one who dies will not be one of the girls, but one of the guys-Halden, Serius, Devlin or todd (is that his name?). i personaly think the one who dies will be Devlin or Todd (once again, is that his name?) Please continue to submit quickly, i will be waiting!


Author's Response: It isn't any of the lads... on the grave during April's dreams... it has a signifcant date on it and that describes who might die... and the mysterious face isn't going to be their father... he really is dead, LoLz! And I'm nearly finsihed chappy 17 too, so no need to be worred. And yes, Todd is his name.
Thanx for the review! :)

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