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Review #26, by Wicked Enchantress We Belong Together

22nd September 2007:
I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank yooh hun! =')
Yooh made me smile!
I hope to update whenever possible, but work and college is gettin on me... so they'll be less frequent tbh!

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Review #27, by so hrt core Promises

29th August 2007:
this is a very good storrry! I am mostly for draco/orignal character stories, but this is one of the best draco/hermoine stories!

Author's Response: Thank yooh ever so much! I actually wasnt a draco/hermione to begin with... however, it grew on me, so I decided to do one lol. But I'm really glad yooh like it! ^_^

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Review #28, by jaybee212 Someone Like You

25th August 2007:
the song takes away from the story.

Author's Response: Okies then.. sorry but I'm slightly confused by what ur saying. Sorry hun! But thanx anyways...

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Review #29, by Hermionie Potter Snake Charming

4th August 2007:

Author's Response: I so want to, but then I don't!
He's such a good character to work with.
But I guess you'll have to keep on reading and find out what becomes of him... dum dum derrrrr!
Happy reading! Hope yooh keep on reviewing yeah? =)

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Review #30, by Hermionie Potter Promises

4th August 2007:

Author's Response: Thanx love! =)
Love the review too! lolz!

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Review #31, by Alikat Photographic Memories

22nd June 2007:
This story is amazing. I can't wait to see what happens in the sequel, and who is involved with the prophecy. I hope you don't have Draco turn on Hermione though, that would just be really sad. I hope Harry makes it too. He has been through so much. I figure Ron is the one who dies. It has to be people Hermione loves and who love Hermione. It would seem it would have to be Draco, Harry and Ron, but maybe it is Ron, Draco and the guy from the post office who is, I think, Snape's son, Scott. I can't wait to find out!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank yooh again for reviewing, and I'm really happy that you liked it! =)
Hey! Better go and read the sequel coz it's already up and running and a lot has happened which you could be surprised about. But I'm not going to answer any of ur inquisitive points made here, because I think it'll give a lot away from the sequel, so I'd rather you go and read that and report back to me with anything that interests ya or bothers ya! Thanx for reading the first of the Kiss and Tell series... there's my sequel and then three more after that! haha! =P

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Review #32, by Alikat Past, Present And Future

21st June 2007:
It is funny you should say what you did in the a/n. To me this was one of the best chapters. It was open and heart-felt. The rest of the story is amazing, honestly. But this seemed more from the inner sanctum of your true feelings where this story is concerned!

Author's Response: You're the first to say that ya know! So I'd like to thank yooh oh so much! I just thought it was written in a different context to other chapters in the story and that's what made me think that it was different and I was off-put by it. But I like the way I make the characters think of the past, future and present, and I'm glad you agree with me! I always try and put a lot of emotion into my work, whether it be happiness, sadness, laughter, romance, etc! And I do try and put some of my own feelings within what is said and done in this story, seen as it's not from one person's perspective. Thanx for the review my dear! ^_^

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Review #33, by Mrs SiriusBlack Swords And Snake Bites

19th June 2007:
NO NO NO NO NO! you better not have killed him you meanie!!!

Author's Response: Read on and you'll surely find out what happens to Mr. Draco Malfoy... hehe! I like being a little bit mean, tis not my fault! =P
But I'm sorry anyways, coz I feel guilty now! =(
Thanx for the review tho! Hope to hear from ya again! =)

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Review #34, by kithyger Photographic Memories

6th June 2007:
great story, plz finish off the series

Author's Response: I am currently in the middle of my v.important exams! When these finish, (which is soon I can say), I will be writing like nearly all the time, so there will be more updates than probs normal maybes! I'm glad yooh like the story, the 2nd in the series has already started lol! ^_^

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Review #35, by blondie96096 Dance The Night Away…

6th May 2007:
OMG!!! i love fall out boy!!! especially pete wentz. lol. i love your story. i'm sorry that this is the first time i've reveiwed, but, i just wanted to continue reading the story. i love it! draco and hermione totally belong together.

Author's Response: Me too! Haha! They're so rockin! Oh yesh... Pete Wentz is absolutel gorgeous... phwoar! lmao! I'm glad yooh like the story, and the songs I imagine. And yes.. they do make a wonderful coupl somehow... *sighs* ;)

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Review #36, by MissGryffindor Photographic Memories

22nd April 2007:
I've finally finished reading. I've been reading all day now and enjoying it so much, i'm off for the sequel. It's alot different to what I had thought it would be like. Shocking, heart tickling and very different. The things i did not expect were great, as stories where you can totally guess what happens next, bore me sensless. Especially as Draco and Hermione are entangled in a Prophercy, at first when I saw Colin Creevy's name at the bottom of the letter, I thought that he must be one of the four, possiably along with his brother. But I was prooved wrong, it was just the photographs, I too, had forgotten about them XD .
A tinge of dissapointment hit me because there is no pictures for this fanfiction as the actors are not yet older and the picture would not move, maybe you have some fan art for this story? I am intrested in some of these scenes and was hoping if you would not mind if I drew a few scenes for practice in drawing and post them on web sites? I would of course link the story to the bottom of the pictures and credit your story lines. Also if I do draw satisfying ones, I would send them to you.
I love this story and the plots, especially because it is alot different to other fan-fictions, for one you have actually finished it and have a sequel to it, it's actually intresting and attention gripping.
Well done =)

Author's Response: The only images I have on here are in my head to be honest. I would draw them and then scan them in, but I have no scanner *sighs* so yeah, all I can do really is doodle in my head! I love ur idea and I happily except ur proposal. You will have to send me the website link so I can check out ur work, and yes you can send me the work thru msn if ya like coz my email don't let me open attachments... then again, I can save them off the website, that would be easier, lolz!
^_^ There are a lot of fanfictions that are completely finished.. if you like my story I recommend "Respect Me", "Two Wars to Fight" and "In The End..." by Hermione88... these are in a trilogy and in the right order and I think they're amazing... the plot is good and it grips you to your seat so you keep on readin until ur eyes start to fall asleep! Yes, I can't wait to finish the sequel and begin the 3rd... I have loads more to put into my writing. I'm just so happy that a lot of people have taken an interest into my work tbph! I can't wait to hear from ya in the sequel... maybe I could hear from ya more and comment on anything that appeals or is bad, etc! Thanx for ur wonderful review... I hope to see some art work soon... even though I do art for my school work, I can't possibly draw the HP characters! Tis too hard, lolz! ^_^

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Review #37, by BrookeN88 Photographic Memories

17th April 2007:
Hey I didn't reveiw each chapter as I read them. But I loved the story and look forward to reading the next one. I like the way you put the songs in the chapters it makes them even better. And I think Photograph is the best song too! Its perfect for this chapter.

Author's Response: It doesn't matter, as long as you enjoyed reading this, that's all that counts! Did you really like the songs... wow! Thank yooh so much, I appreciate that compliment! And I love the song too... it sticks out a lot from this story, coz I had it in my mind for this story ever since I began writing it, so I defo had to put it in! So thank you for reviewing this and I thank you for reading... hope you enjoy the sequel! ^_^

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Review #38, by MissGryffindor Scarred With Dirty Work

17th April 2007:
Interesting... I was beginning to think that Snape was not real because he wanted to stay hidden from the rest of the world... Great, Onto the next chapter.

Author's Response: Snape is a difficult character for me to master coz I can make him so OCish... he becomes someone different in this story, so please don't be shocked, I did wanr you, lolz! But yes... Snape is a weird kinda guy. Thanx for ur luverly reviews, hope to hear from ya again soon! ^_^

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Review #39, by MissGryffindor Shiver With Fear... He Has Returned!

17th April 2007:
I must say.. That must be the sweetest moment i've ever read... Hermione assuring Professor McGonagall that she was sure Professor Dumbledore loved her too. And then his portrait winked at her. *Sniff* Almost had me in tears then :)

Author's Response: No one actually ever commented on this point in the chapter... it's usually about who the man is, lolz! But yes, I liked this emotional touch becoz I hated the idea that Dumbledore died unexpectedly and McGonagall is left to her own devices... I admit it myself that it touched me too :)

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Review #40, by MissGryffindor Someone Like You

17th April 2007:
Quality over quantity, the rule, you seem to have followed. It's great even though they are a bit bad mouthed at times.. Draco seems to be in a spot of bother with his feelings?

Author's Response: I have a bit of an issue with how much I write... I put a limit on how many words I will put into chapters, but of course, you got me in one... I do put a lot of work into my writing, so I hope people enjoy my writing, so yeah, the quality needs to be good! Oh yes... my writing gets the better of me with characters and I let them go overboard a bit... oops! Oh and Draco is confused in the head, don't worry about him, he'll sort himself out soon enough! ;)

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Review #41, by MissGryffindor We Belong Together

17th April 2007:
Wow, not what I expected. I suppose that I didn't know what to expect because this is the first fan-fiction here that i am reading. It really is a brilliant piece of work, but it's very different to everything I have ever read. You have an excellent style of writing :)

Author's Response: Oh new blood eh? Wow! I can't believe that I'm the first fic your reading... well I hope this story won't disgruntle any thoughts on what goes on in other stories... I'm glad you think its gurd so far, and yes my writing style is slightly quirky but you'll get used to it in time. Thanx for the review! ^_^

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Review #42, by Blyieau We Belong Together

16th April 2007:
Wow...that was really good for a beginning!

Author's Response: Thank you so much luvvy! Hope you keep on reading and I hope to hear from ya again! ^_^

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Review #43, by dracos_gurl Photographic Memories

8th April 2007:

Author's Response: The sequel is entitled: When Fear Strikes.
Go on and read it, but only if you liked this one... I think the sequel is better than this one tbh!
Thanx for the review! ^_^

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Review #44, by dramionemustberillsueJKR21 Photographic Memories

6th April 2007:
wat did draco put or watever in hermiones locket?

Author's Response: Ah! That you must find out in my sequel! It is written in there for everyone! Hope you liked my story and I hope you like my sequel! Thanx for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #45, by dramionemustberillsueJKR21 Deciphering Advice

6th April 2007:
where r u from. You should think of using Avril Levigne's song,
"keep holding on. " that song really rocks!!!

Author's Response: I am from England! Oh yes, I love Avril Lavigne, she rox sox! Should I use the song in a different chapter or in this one... if in this one, I cba to change it... it'll take 4eva... in my sequels I might add it! ^_^

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Review #46, by minniemouse What I Know So Well

6th April 2007:
all i have to say to that chapter is.OH MY GOD!

Author's Response: Is that an OH MY GOD! in a good way or a bad way?! lolz!
Tis surprising isn't it? That the answer to all their problems is hidden in Hogwarts: A History... the most boring book in the whole entire skewl! lolz! ;)

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Review #47, by minniemouse Cry Of The Wolf

6th April 2007:
ok so i dont know how old this is but i just stared to read it. i think it is the best i have ever read. it is so good... i want to read more but its 1:40 A.M now and i have to go to bed.. love the story and i want to read the others you have put out (if there is any!) I love your story and you.

Author's Response: Oh yeah! That's one of the nicest reviews I've ever had... I'll treasure it 4eva! ^_^
Oh it's not that old... I finished this story just before Christmas last year. I have already got the sequel up and rolling entitled When Fear Strikes. Erm... my other stories are The Muggle Way and In Loving Memory... and I have 2 one-shots!
And I love you and ur reviews! Hope to hear from ya loads more! ^_^

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Review #48, by DarkRowen13 Dance The Night Away…

30th March 2007:
it's a raven not and egal for RAVENCLAW you moron!

Author's Response: Actually, it is an eagle... they just call it Ravenclaw because the colour for the house is blue... and raven is a deep form of blue. Who's the moron now!? :P

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Review #49, by BornBitten10 Photographic Memories

27th March 2007:
Ohh i love this...^^
it's really cool and i couldn't get enough of it..

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! ^_^
It took ages to plan everything and I had to search for the songs to go with them like nearly every night! lolz!
I'm glad you liked it so thanx for the review and I hope you check out my sequel entitled: When Fear Strikes. :)

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Review #50, by Joey Someone Like You

25th March 2007:
Your song theme sucks but the stories good.

Author's Response: At least you think the story is good, that's the man part! :)

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