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Review #26, by Haronione Making Choices

17th January 2014:
Hello m'dear, I'm back!!! Sorry it's been a while!

So, whilst reading this I kept the scene you mentioned in mind. now I've read this chapter you can tell me all about it!!! Er. Please? :)

Poor Tonks worrying about hurting Moody! I'm glad you made her worry about that though, because although she did wrong by leading him on, the fact that she realises she has done wrong and feels bad about it redeems her a bit in my eyes! But still, Moody, ewww (and in response to your authors note, it wasn't the age thing, it was the Moody thing - he's not exactly described as an attractive character [in looks or personality] but each to there own. I still have trouble picturing Moody as a passionate man (not in a characteristic sense, just a eww gross sense ;)) I'm intrigued as to how their relationship will be after this though, as previously they had quite a close and respected relationship.

I liked the little chat between Sirius and Tonks :) That was very sound advice he gave her! I was also glad that Tonks was able to cheer Sirius up a little, I hate to think of him being so miserable and lonely :( And, I liked the little bit of backstory you have about Sirius's love life, what a silly Hufflepuff girl, how could she have resisted Sirius (but then I say that 'cause I'm slightly obsessed with him ;) hence why I comment on that particular part of the scene)

Well, Remus and Tonks are certainly getting more comfortable with each other!! I really liked that Tonks felt comfortable enough with him to just chat away to him and be quite open with him (well, obviously not about recent events) I think Tonks should have told him that his kiss could not be added to the list because he pulled away - it might have spurred him into action (although not whilst in wolf form, that would not have been good!)

I loved the morning scene :) Remus's little speech was sweet and he asked her out on a date!!! Yay!! He may pretend that it is a friend date, but we know he doesn't really want it to be a friend date! So, the bit just before Tonks gets out of bed - is that where the levitation charm would have come in? Or just after she gets out of bed? That scene was a bit sexually charged! But Remus seems to be getting more comfortable with that (not completely, but more so than he was - yay, progress!!)

Another great chapter :) I look forward to seeing how their 'friend' date goes!!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Hello!!! Lovely to see you back!

I did message you about the scene! Don't blame me about it - you asked. :P

Tonks is a bit thoughtless but not completely. I like to chalk it up to her being inexperienced and not used to having someone's heart involved when, uh, adult things happen. Well, if it makes you feel better, there's hardly any reference to that after this chapter. I mean, in terms of talking about their hours of passion. Moody does take it like a grown up and is pretty decent after this.

My theory is that Sirius, after spending years in prison, got some perspective on life's problems. I mean, he's by no means completely mature or anything but he sees how people are with each other and the imacts that can make. My backstory with Sirius is the three sentence summary of the cliche Sirius/OC story I've always wanted to write. :D but, that will probably never get written.

They do slip into a good deal of comfort from here on out. Tonks just keeps talking so that Remus has something to focus his mind on (and because she's quite comfortable opening up to him). haha, while she's comfortable spilling her guts, I think she's still a bit shy about tell him that. :P I'm not sure how he'd react to it either. He never really finds out.

They're both still walking on eggshells around each other. He wants it to be a real date but then thinks she's not into it being a real date. Umm... just use your imagination regarding hte levitating spell. :D It was a bit sexually charged. They both want the same thing but don't know that it's mutual. Hooray for progress!!

I think you'll like their friend-date. A lot of progress is made there.

Thank you for such a wonderful review!

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Review #27, by Lululuna Clumsy Meeting

16th January 2014:
Hi! :D I figured it was about time I started on this story/avoided the ending in HIKML for reasons of great heartbreak. It's so cool how you wrote these two stories in parallel with each other: I actually went back to glimpse at the first chapter of HIKML to compare and I really love how you tied in the missing moments and different reactions these two have to each other!

I actually quite like how Tonks isn't immediately smitten with Remus- it's very realistic! I think I remember from HIKML how Remus was pretty infatuated on sight, especially since he hadn't been physically close to a girl in a long time or had one to crush on, but Tonks doesn't have that problem! It almost makes it more sweet when she does notice him. :) And I like how they have their cute little moment by the portrait and she thinks about him at least a little bit!

It's funny, because looking objectively at Remus he really wouldn't be all that wonderful of a catch. He's older, a little worn out and shabby, and he's a little annoying to her by calling her Nymphadora. It makes perfect sense that he wouldn't catch her eye, but like I said it just makes his inner self more beautiful and important. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and this lets Tonks and Remus fall in love with the other person's entirety.

I love how Tonks feels a little awkward and unwanted at the Order meeting at first, and your explanation of how she got involved makes a lot of sense! It's great how immediately Dumbledore knew she was a trustworthy person and wanted to bring her straight in, she's such a fantastic and colourful addition to the order. It was quite funny how she knew to lure the Dursleys away with the lawn competition as well! :P

I love how you wrote the Weasley kids and Hermione. They all seemed just perfectly in character, especially the twins when they make their first appearance. The little details, like Hedwig attacking the others, was fantastic as well. I love how you think to include all these tiny little canon things and make them relevant to the story! The fact that Tonks cringes at Voldy's name but Remus says it out loud says so much about their characters as well.

the extendable ears wriggled and writhed like worms trying to avoid a certain death. This made me laugh and cringe a little as I do have a slight phobia of worms. It was a fantastic line!

This was a fantastic chapter- I'm so excited to read more! :) I'll definitely be back soon, either for the requested review or when we do another swap! :D

Author's Response: :D I'm super glad you're over here!! I think you still had 3 or so chapters before you'd *have* to stop HIKML, but you'll know when you've caught up here at least. This will cover a lot of missing moments from HIKML. I wrote this one first so it's actually the other way in my head. You're the first person to have read most of HIKML first actually.

I couldn't see Tonks falling for Remus right away. She seemed too flighty and free-spirited to just swoon over some guy she met. Especially one who is as shy and reserved as Remus.

Between Remus and Tonks, I think they both look at love from a rather non-conventional way. Tonks doesn't get hung up on wealth or looks (I mean, she's not shallow) and Remus is just rather accepting of people. Personality and character went a long ways with each of them.

I'm on the fence as to whether Arthur and Kingsley accidentally-on purpose had a conversation in front of Tonks (on Dumbledore's orders) or if she was just that nosey. :D Tonks is one of the few new recruits (who wasn't at least around in the last Wizarding War). I could definitely see that as a bit awkward as the one newcomer to a group like this.

It's really awesome that you notice the little nods to canon in this story. :D Checking that those ties were in there was (a lot of work and) a bit essential to my idea for the story.

I'm so glad you like the start of this story!!! :D Between all of our swaps I'm sure you'll get back here soon. Thank you for another incredible review!


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Review #28, by maraudertimes Breaking of a Heart

14th January 2014:
Woah woah woah! Hold the phone! This was supposed to be a happy chapter (ish). Of course, the start was sad, what with Sirius going all disappearance and stuff, and Tonks getting hurt, but then Bill!

He said he saw Remus at a ring shop! Squeal! I was so happy. The entire chapter I was waiting for him to propose! I guess I was a little bit like Tonks in that manner.

But then you reached into my chest and tugged out my heart! Again with the 'I'm too poor, too dangerous, too old for you' from Remus. *Grumble grumble* Honestly!

Then the knowledge that he was going to go live with other werewolves almost made me cry! How could you do that to him? And to Tonks too!

Ugh, Dawlish and Scrimgeour are at it again. Bloody weirdos! Can't they just leave?

But then, oh you did a number on me. Tonks was supposed to go over to Remus's and give back the photo. Then the two of them would drink a toast to Sirius and possibly snog on the couch.


Good golly Miss Molly. As if that's not enough, I have to go out for a few hours and I can't read the next chapter for a while!

I would say amazing job, but I'm too mad right now.
Lo (note that there isn't a happy face - FOR GOOD REASON!)

Author's Response: *chocolate*
*gold stars*

*sneaks into bunker*
*raises white flag*

I had to think of something that would break her heart! So that her hair would turn all brown and she'd be all sad!! It's JKR's fault, really.

:D I'm glad you were excited for him to propose! I was too!! I really was (except I knew it wouldn't happen). It's a year too soon!

You can have your heart back! :( I didn't mean to steal it.

Dumbledore made him go live with the werewolves! You'll get to hear all about that in his side of the story. :( :( Tonks is strong! She'll pull through!!

Dawlish and Scrimegour are the real bad guys of this story. They can't leave yet! I have more for them to do. :-/

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! ...I guess that excuse doesn't work. I mean, he didn't trip and just find a woman there. *cough* o.o

HE HAS EMOTIONAL/TIME OF THE MONTH ISSUES! ...and, it was a mistake! and... he's very sorry about it.

It's okay, the next chapter will wait for you! There's a lot of arguing in it though - so, Tonks will get out some of your anger.

It's okay, I don't think this chapter deserves a smiley face.

Thank you for putting up with my heart-jerking!


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Review #29, by marauderfan Enigmatic At Best

12th January 2014:
Tag! The last chapter D: but hey, its your 300th review on this story! (Unless someone else posts first haha)

AHHH I LOVE IT IT'S SO CUTE :D:D And haha, even I can pick up the clues of what's going on - me, the Ron Weasley of Flirting - I can tell why Remus is nervous... I love that Tonks sees all the clues but doesn't put them together ;)


Seriously, I wish I could be more articulate about this chapter but it's so cute I just alksdfkjabsdhf. But the end... ahhh! :( :( So sad. Argh why?!?! What happened *runs off to read the sequel*

besides my incoherent rambling/squeeing, I really loved this fic, Rose! :D:D

Author's Response: *gold stars* yay for review 300!!! :D

When I first read this I only noticed your comments on the cute and sweet stuff and I wondered if you read the whole chapter. :P Then I got to your alksdfjabsdf bit. haha. (sorry I keep laughing at your pain.)

Well, Tonks may be the ... someone in-between Ron and Moody (Neville, maybe) of flirting. I think Tonks had her hopes up too high too many times before to want to jump to any conclusions.

wait, don't die yet! They're about to, oh wait, you read that part.

I can't tell you why until you finish the next story!

I'm so glad you loved this!! It's been my pet story for years. ^_^ I hope you'll like the sequel as much. I promise it's not just mirroring the story event for event. it's kind of like... something that's a reflection but from a different angle.

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Review #30, by maraudertimes The Sky is Falling

12th January 2014:
Good job Harry! And again, the Knight Bus could make a quick pit stop at Scrimgeour's face. I'm not saying, I'm just saying... This applies to Macnair as well. Throw Dawlish in and we've got ourselves a party!

Poor Tonks. He's not ashamed of you, doll! (Is he?)

Fudge can also join the Knight Bus party. We should get hats. With points on them. First to 50 wins.

OHMY MERLIN REMUS! NOT AGAIN! Oh thank Merlin he said I love you again. I love those moments! :) And she said it too! Squeal!


Yay! Molly/Tonks friendship! I honestly love how Arthur is always there, yet also not part of their relationship. Maybe Tonks and Arthur should go out to coffee one day. I feel like she could use a father figure that knows everything about her current predicaments. And yay! She finally learned how to wrap presents!

So she actually made good food? I'm quite proud of Tonks! ... Until she tripped. She always does that, doesn't she? OHMYMERLIN did Dumbledore seriously just interrupt them at *that* moment? Gosh, that's beautiful!

Stan Shunpike? Really Tonks? Ooh, Tonks and Charlie? Scandalous! ;)

OHMYMERLIN REMUS STOP HATING YOURSELF! I can't when you do that! She loves you, dolt! Also, Sirius is such a cute little puppy and I feel so bad for him!!! He can help me run over the Knight Bus party if it helps him feel better!

What's up with Remus? WHAT'S UP WITH REMUS???

Rose, you have to stop doing this to me. Amazing job, as usual, doll! This was really nicely written!

Author's Response: Your Knight Bus hit list is getting extremely long. It might get longer before this is over!

He's not ashamed!! I promise!!

Well, I have more experience driving and am good at running people off the road (in my imagination at least). I'd totally win.:P

SORRY! HE HAS SHAKY CONFIDENCE. *hides* They converted back to the I love yous.

I've had a lot of older female friends where their husband is always around, hears almost everything but doesn't really give input. I kind of made Molly and Arthur that way. I think Tonks and Arthur could be friends in their own right. :D

She managed to make food!!! I mean, it was a rather easy dinner. haha, DUMBLEDORE HAS AWEFUL/AWESOME TIMING.

Stan... was a mistake. Charlie was interesting and we hear more about that later. ;)

Remus will eventually stop hating himself. Maybe in the last few chapters.

IT'S A SECRET! You'll find out in a chapter or two.

I like putting you through a roller coaster each chapter. Um, I think the next one will be tough!

Thanks for an incredible review!!!


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Review #31, by maraudertimes Your Song

12th January 2014:
I don't even know how many I'm reviewing right now, but I'll do this chapter as well as the next, which should probably make up for the latest two chapters of ABAO... :)

Ooh, Tonks obsessing about Valentine's Day is so cute! Wait! Remus is planning something? Squeal! Ooh! What is she going to do? Can you spell reader-who's-excited? I can: maraudertimes/Lo. Of course she hit the charm. *face palm*

Ooh, I think I like the way Remus tries to get answers! AW that is so sweet! Rose, you've broken me with sweetness!!! So Tonks is an artist? That's really cool! Also, the her sneaking into Remus's room and him thinking its Sirius is hilarious!!

MACNAIR CAN GET HIT BY THE KNIGHT BUS AS WELL, THE INSUFFERABLE [bad words]. Poor Remus! And I guess either Sirius is a good secret keeper or he doesn't know because Remus knew he would tell Tonks. Oh, so Sirius does know! WHAT IS IT??

I think I'm part Remus... I'm going to explode with pent up romantic frustration. Being lonely isn't fun when I read a romantic story like this one... BUT I LOVE IT SO IT'S OKAY, RIGHT?

AHAHAH! Sirius doing that is hilarious! Seriously Tonks? Flannel PJs? That's your... I don't even know at this point...

"Remus wasn't the best singer, and Sirius could use some guitar lessons..." Easily my favourite part so far! I actually laughed out loud at that! Yes, having her sleep like that wouldn't have been good for Sirius's eyes...

Ooh, waiter Sirius! I like this chapter *over-exaggerated wink* All in favour of Sirius being a chimpanzee say I!


HE SAID I LOVE YOU AGAIN! Wait, why did you end it like that? Why are you doing this to me Rose?!?!

Great job, though! This was cute and fluffy and happy and I'm lonely but I love this and so many things!

Author's Response: I've lost track of where we're at too. I'll go back and review some tonight though!

Tonks has uncovered her squishy romantic side. It happens to all of us eventually. haha, she had to hit the charm. ^_^ I needed the giggle.

That is the best interrogation method ever! hehe, I've corrupted you with sweetness, you mean. haha, the Sirius room breaking in thing gets explained in the next story. :D it's kind of funny.

Macnair will eventually suffer! I mean, Hagrid beats him up in the final battle, yes? Sirius might be a good secret keeper!!

Ooor, being lonely will make you write a long romance like this. I was going through a divorce when I wrote this.

WE ALL HAVE OUR QUIRKS! and flannel pjs might me mine, I mean Tonks'. *cough*

The singing idea just seemed so cute and, well, they'll need a bit of cute to last for a while (so store it up!).

;) You're welcome for the Sirius in a waiter outfit. I'll let that one sink in for a while.

I'm sorry! I have a vindictive side that takes over when I write!!

:( Don't be lonely! be... awesome and single! :D

Thanks for an awesome review!! I love reading your comments.


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Review #32, by maraudertimes Ministry Lies and Ties

12th January 2014:

Oh. Never mind! Poor Remus, the darling! He's so sweet and cute and has so much self-loathing! Poor doll! A lifetime of rejection, eh? The poor baby!

They couldn't even walk over to the bed? Tsk tsk! Oh so it's because of sweaters? Mhmm... Sure it is! ;) Ooh, I want a vacation like that! I just need to find someone to take it with me…

Ooh! *Boyfriend!* And yes, she can definitely give in. I approve.


That's it Tonks! Stick up for your relationship! Merlin, she's awesome! Also, the photo thing was super cute! Even if Remus said that! Super cute Tonks/Remus things makes me happy!

I thought him keeping Elton John was pretty funny... :P

I like that name for Valentine's Day! And you can do it Tonks! Be romantic, darling! I believe in you!

Amazing chapter! I really liked this one!

Author's Response: HE'LL NEVER STOP WORRYING. Sorry. :(

I'm glad he can easily sway you to being back on his side. ^_^ The lifetime of rejection was sad. It might have been a slight exageration though.

The bed was over there and they were right there. See!! Ah, yes, those are the best vacations.

hehe, I'm sure Tonks is happy to have your approval.

...people are harder to hit with a bus than you'd think. *cough* but I'll let you have the keys to the Knight Bus so you can try.

Dawlish and Scrimgeour are just rancid in this story. *glare*

Tonks is good at fighting for what she wants/believes in!

Yay for V-day!! I think it will romance your pants off (figuratively).

Thanks for an amazing review!


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Review #33, by maraudertimes Grinds of Machinery

12th January 2014:
Aw! I love the marshmallow scene. Making up for lost marshmallow time as a kid seems perfectly okay to me :)

And aw poor Sirius. He and Andromeda really did have a good relationship. Also, I just love Sirius :)

That was an awkward question to ask Sirius, Tonks. Honestly, she has no tact. Apparently neither does Sirius because he just said *that*. 'Tame his wolf?' Is that the best he could come up with? Aw! Six hours for a Christmas present?

I like the meaning of that nudge! Lol at the dancing bit! I like that! Wait, wait, wait. I thought they had. Or were they just exploring? I guess it was. Darn! And are you sure they hadn't dipped into the firewhiskey? A different Remus, eh? Sounds... exciting? Also a little intriguing! ;)

There was another person in the elevator? That's awkward. Did he hear the whole conversation? OHMYMERLIN REMUS IS A DREAM! ROMANTICALLY IN EVERY SENSE! I NEED A REMUS FOR MY FIRST BOYFRIEND!

I'm just having emotions right now! And why didn't he say it??? EMOTIONS!!!

Aw! Remus is such a cute Mama Bear! AND THEN HE SAID IT!!! Also, that is the most awkward way to say I love you, but I loved it because Tonks was so Tonks and Remus was so Remus. Squeel!

My baby Sirius! No! Darling, it's okay! You have friends, doll! It'll get better! *sobs heard*

Ah the Tonks/Remus in this chapter is just amazing! I think this is the best so far. I'm in love with it!

Great job Rose!

Author's Response: I wanted a sweet scene and I went a little literal.

Sirius and Andromeda were likely quite close. I wanted to have them meet up before he died but, well... :(

Wolf taming is a very popular innuendo in certain crowds. :P Tonks and Sirius are completely awkward and awesome. ^_^

They hadn't! It was just a bit o' fun but not the full meal deal. Tonks kind of bemoaned the fact that they hadn't before.

THe person might have heard a bit of their conversation. *cough* hehe, hopefully you'll land yourself a Remus (minus the faults) for your first bf. ^_^

HE FORGOT! He was busy with other things. ;)

And I also needed their "I love you" to happen in a clumbsy, awkward atmosphere!

I'll let you go comfort Sirius now. *nudge nudge*

This is the most squee-inducing chapter so far. I'm really glad you liked it!
Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #34, by marauderfan Questioning

12th January 2014:

Please tell me Tonks is going to punch Dawlish again? Oh, she's going to get told off for being in the Order? No, I think I'd prefer the first option...

Yay McGonagall! She is a boss. Way to save the day!

Aww, fluffy fluffy :) And pink hair :) I love this, can they just stay this way forever because I know what is coming in the next chapter (the last chapter! *sob* and I don't want it to) so cute.

Ahaha, I love that Molly sent Remus a Howler. She's a sensible woman :P

Egg-pebbles haha, I'm glad that made a return. Someone's fabulous cooking.

:( ahh all the feels. I'm so happy for Tonks and Remus FINALLY together but sad because Dumbledore's dead and grrr they're firing Tonks from her job. just... ah. And I can't believe there's only one more chapter :O

Author's Response: Uh, I'm sorry, there's not more punching. :(

McGonagall kind of takes charge. :D I love it.

It's kind of like fluffy overload and then it all goes pink! hehe.

Molly is good at watching out for people she cares about. ^_^

I have a confession - I might have made egg-pebbles in the past. It was something that happened while I was camping (low heat and too much stirring).

It was a lot of feels to cram into one chapter!

I love your wonderful review!!


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Review #35, by marauderfan Lost Hope

12th January 2014:

"You know what, Dawlish?" I said balling up my fist and hitting him square on the nose. -- :D :D :D BEST DAY EVER!! If I can't punch Dawlish myself, this is the next best thing. I'm pretty much jumping around in circles right now. Or I would be if that wouldn't wake up the neighbours.

Ha, I love how Tonks is supposed to be all serious about helping out at Hogwarts while Dumbledore goes on his secret mission (..uh oh, that one with the Horcrux, I assume) but instead Tonks just wants to grope Remus in the corridor hahaha.

Oh yeah, somehow I always forget Tonks and Draco are cousins. Weird.

You did well writing the battle scene. I hadn't really thought before that Remus had watched Greyback attack Bill, but it makes sense. That must have been so awful for him :( And increased the guilt even though it's not his fault.

Despite all the "I'm too old" stuff reappearing again, he didn't seem too convinced of it at the end there. Aw, cuddle time. That was a sweet ending to a really intense chapter. Until that last line. Why must you do that to me? :p Ahh anyway, I loved it.

Author's Response: Yay for Dawlish punches!! You're welcome - that will be $10. :P

Well, she has slightly skewed priorities at the moment. I mean, they don't know that it will be *that* night.

My theory is that if it happened, Remus feels guilty for it. I do explain a bit of his interactions with Greyback in the sequel. You'll get just how horrifying it was for him. :-/

They did hit a turning point that night. He had a hard time away from her too (which you'll get to sooner or later). I'm glad this chapter was enjoyable as it will turn sad.

It really does make me happy you're enjoying this story!!!


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Review #36, by maraudertimes Gooey and Mmmmh so Good

11th January 2014:
Aw, I loved this chapter!

Did Snape actually tamper with the potion? Tell me! Grr, the little... anyways! It was funny to see Tonks get all Mama Bear protective and attack Snape. Although her choices in books is quite... risque... But go Tonks!

And then poor Remus, because of his pain, but yay Dumbledore!

Also, I loved the knitting things. It was just so sweet and funny! :) And then Christmas! I'm so glad they kissed and that he went to her parents, and his present to her was hilarious and I'm glad that he liked hers, and this chapter was just so cute and beautiful and lovely!

Also, I'm super excited for the next one! 'I love you's??? Geez! I am so there!

Oh, and the Moody thing was kinda awkward but I don't care because they snogged and there's going to be 'I love you's!

Great job! I'm on to the next one! :)

Author's Response: I'm not going to lie - I never had a concrete reason for the potion going wrong. I don't think Snape did it on purpose but he could have gotten a bad ingredient (like something rotted or was out of date) or he had NEWT students brew the potion and one of them messed it up.

I think everyone ends up with a book like that... sooner or later. Either as a gag gift or something they buy out of curiosity. *ahem*

Christmas was a lot of fun to write! I think they deserved a bit of happiness again! :D

Moody is coping okay with their relationship. He was just trying to be nice (not like Dawlish).

Thank you for another fantab review!


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Review #37, by maraudertimes Remus and his yo-yo act

11th January 2014:
But... but... but...


I totally understand why you had to do this though, considering it was an important part of their relationship in the books...

Doesn't mean I'm happy about it though.

Okay, so things I liked:

The clarity on the Farah situation. Finally! And also, I totally get why she didn't want to be with him anymore, while staying with him out of guilt. That was *very* believable, so even though it hurt me (poor Remus!), I did like that you had that, because of course that was bound to happen to Remus at one point! (Not that I like it, but now he has Tonks!)

The fact that Sirius is sticking up for the Tonks/Remus relationship. It's so cute how he just wants his best mate to be happy, and he's trying to knock some sense into Remus. Also, the fact that he would do anything for that again really hurts me. :(
Poor Sirius... *cries*

That Sirius and Tonks are great friends. I love how they can just sit around and talk about things, really casually. That leads me to my next point...

Molly and Tonks friendship. I know I pointed it out in the last review, but I just love how an older woman with seven kids and a young woman in love with a werewolf can have such a beautiful friendship. Though the relationship is slightly mother-daughter, it's the kind of mother-daughter relationship where they're best friends! I just can't with these two. I ship them as friends. Molly/Tonks friendship forever!

The cute little meteor shower moment. I just... Gosh! I can't! It's so cute! UNTIL REMUS WALKS AWAY! HOW COULD YOU???

I'm sorry.

Things I didn't like:


Again, I'm sorry. Hopefully I can get a third review in today, since you've broken me... (slight glare followed by an 'I'm sorry' and multiple cries).

Amazing job!

Author's Response: I have to admit, I laughed super hard reading this review. Maybe that's because I'm mean, haha.

You did hit it on the head, they can't do happy from the start. They needed to have something special but it needed to be angst-y.

There will be even more info on the Farah thing as the stories go on. Ooh, you're the first person to give me that feedback (most people just jump to hating her, lol). I'm really glad her reasons seemed realistic.

Sirius needed soemthing to put his thoughts/energy into - and getting his friend in a happy relationship gives him a happy distraction. and, and, :( I"m sorry Sirius doesn't have a happy life at this point.

I'm so glad you like Molly and Tonks' friendship! With their level of friendship shown in HBP, I had to set it up early. I mean, they only have a few interludes but it does indicate they're quite close.


hahaha, I agree with your counter-counter arguments quite a bit. ^_^

hehe, I'm kind of thrilled I've converted you into a raving Remus/Tonks fan.

Thank you for a wonderful review!

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Review #38, by maraudertimes They went where?

11th January 2014:
Erk! I almost skipped right past this little review box because I got so into the story!

Anyways, this is so sweet and I'm so HAPPY!
They went on a date!
And ate ice cream!
And they danced!
And Tonks socked ol' Dawlish in the jaw!
And afterwards they danced!
And then other things... ;)

This was so sweet and I'm just so happy that I can't stop!

Also, I loved Sirius's little quip about which Person Remus was (A or B), because it realize showed how close Remus and Sirius are, and how much Sirius doesn't want Remus to get hurt!

Also, I loved the girly talk at the end, with Molly and Tonks. Knitting? That's a strange pastime for Tonks to take up, but I like it! It seems... her, in a strange way! And Molly's quip about having seven children and obviously having heard about... that word... was exceptionally hilarious!

I mean, I can't say it, and I feel awkward when adults say it around me, but having Molly just blurt it out, even as proper as she keeps herself, was a nice break from her mum exterior and showed a really cool 'friend' side that could help Tonks because of her experiences. I just thought it spoke volumes to Molly's character and her relationship with Tonks!

But my favourite part was the part where Remus and Tonks are in his room and she asks him if he planned it, because that was so (SO!) cute! He is such a sweetie! I just loved that scene.

Ah, poor Kreacher, and poor Sirius! Tonks and Remus need to keep it down! ;)

Anyways, great job! I'm going on to next, okay?
Lo :)

Author's Response: :D I can't tell you how much your reviews make me grin. I'm so glad you liked their date the Dawlish punching! I thought it was overdue. *cough* and the other the things too.

I'm pretty sure Sirius knew or guessed which he was but wanted to also pester Tonks about it. I think he would have stepped in earlier if he thought Remus were the Person B.

haha, knitting does seem a bit odd for Tonks. She's just showing interst in something remus likes. Molly is probably a bit more experienced with love than she's given credit for.

The bedroom scene was a bit over the top romantic. :D I got a bit swept up in the while writing. hehe.

Remus and Tonks were just a bit exerburant. They'll keep it down in the future.

Thank you for a wonderful review!


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Review #39, by marauderfan Batting for the Other Team

11th January 2014:
Bahah, nice trick Remus. Bet that was really convincing.

Savage and Charlie! Please?! :D Hahaha omg I wish Tonks had sent that "letter" to Charlie, I laughed out loud at that part!

Soo, Dawlish's line “ ‘ello, Tonksy,” put me to mind of that creepy pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean, the one that says "'ello, poppet." Now I will forever imagine Dawlish as a stringy-haired pirate with missing teeth, and a hook for a hand, just because. It seems rather appropriate for him actually.

And Snape shows up again. He was perfectly creepy and mean in this chapter.

Arghh what happened to Remus?! Oh no :( I think you worked in that piece from HBP really well though.

I love that Tonks essentially asked Charlie just as bluntly as that letter would have been. I sympathise, I'm not good at talking about feelings either. :P

Eee, yay! Also, unless I'm mistaken, I happen to notice your author page has a story about Savage and Charlie, so I'll be reading that soon :D

great chapter!

Author's Response: Remus was... well, thinking with his John Thomas. :P

As you mention below, there is an entire story dedicated to them!!! For once, Tonks decided to try for some tact. :P

I don't know if PotC was out then but I could definitely see him as a creepy pirate. :D

I really liked writing creepy and mean Snape. ^_^

Squishy talks aren't Tonks' strength. She's about as awkward as I am. ^_^

I hope you like the Savage/Charlie story. It's a bit sad but has a lot of feels. ^_^

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Review #40, by marauderfan I tried.

10th January 2014:
Oh I love that you brought back that werewolf from OotP when the group was visiting Arthur, it was really cool that he crossed paths with them again (heh, albeit with a silly name)

Charlie appears! I enjoyed their conversation. "If I can trust John Thomas" lol, just choked on my tea a little as I was giggling.

hm, Savage and Charlie? (-:3 (that's my attempt at raised eyebrows... failing but you get the idea)

What an odd situation for Tonks to find herself in. At least she didn't trip in those heels. :P

That's a beautiful poem, btw. I think Remus should have had to explain himself better than just reading it, though. I'm still angry at him about Farah :p

Aw hugs and happiness :D The first... and last time in months? :( Uh oh, I don't think I like that. I sense sad things coming up :(

Author's Response: I thought it would be fun to incorporate the werewolf. I mean, it seemed too good a connection to ignore. the silly name, well, I don't have a good excuse for that. :D

hehe, I'm sorry you choked on your tea.

for a few minutes, I though the parenthesis were the eyebrows and I thought you had a unibrow. :P then I got it. the 3 was the eyebrows.

Tonks was unusually well coordinated that day.

He eventually explains himself! I am glad you're still angry with him for Farah!! He hasn't made up for that yet. That poem is one of my favorites.

there is some ominous coming up...

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Review #41, by maraudertimes Making Choices

9th January 2014:
Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry for so being against... well... I can't even say it. I'm still pretty freaked out, but poor Moody.

(But I'm still pretty freaked out!)

Anyways, I loved this chapter! (Apart from the Moody thing - shudder [I'm sorry I'm still not over it, no matter how much I delude myself}).

And Sirius was so sweet! I loved how he just wanted to go make everything better for Harry. No matter what he thinks, he's a great godfather! And his advice to Tonks was really good. But it sounds like poor Sirius has a broken heart! :( Poor baby!

But yeah! *They* broke up! (Yeah, I'll never be over that). And the Remus/Tonks scenes were so cute! Wolf!Remus is so sweet!

Question though: Who are Tonks' other four great kisses?

Anyways, the morning after was just so sweet and the accidental falling over onto the bed was just the icing on the cake. I'm really excited for the next chapter!

Wait! Is the next chapter their date? Because if so, I'm ten times more excited! Oh, who am I kidding? I'm excited anyways.

I just have a lot of Remus/Tonks feels right now, so I'm not really making sense... :S

Anyways, amazing job! I loved this!

Author's Response: You're in the majority with that reaction. ^_^ So, no worries. At least it's over. (Or IS it?!!!)

I should probably offer therapy after this chapter. It's on my to do list.

Sirius is quite the good godfather. :D I think it comes through more when you can see him react to things Harry goes through. Of course you liked his advice :P He's telling her to move away from Moody. (well, okay, he doesn't know it's moody but still) I bet you'll never be able to watch OotP the same way now. :P *hides*

I really like writing wolf-y remus. I have a lot of fun with him in the sequel. ^_^

Tonks never elaborates on who the list is. I didn't think of them either - I know for sure who one would be but I can't tell you (because it's something she talks about more later). I'm sure you've gathered by now that she's seen a lot of action though. ^_^ Classy action though.

Falling over tends to happen a lot when they're trying to have key relationship moments. I blame Tonks (and me for making her do it).

Their date is the next chapter! I hope you like it!

ah! I'm happy I gave you the feels. :D


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Review #42, by marauderfan Full Moon Talking

9th January 2014:
Aw, I like Savage! He seems nice. His arms seem nice too. :p But I'm really glad Tonks has him as a friend, and that he's a great cook to balance out her terrible cooking, and that he was there to spend part of Christmas with her.

Poor George. He really is almost opposite to Remus so that never would have worked :p

Haha, I could totally understand Tonks' excitement about finally getting a letter. I rarely get mail so when I do it's really exciting. Even if it's just a letter from my bank. but I can understand why she did what she did, I suppose when she's still trying to deal with her own feelings, the last thing she needs is to have to explain it all to her mum.

I'm really glad Tonks didn't go with Remus! Good for her, you stand your ground, girl! Remus has to learn that it takes more work than that after everything that's happened and his lack of communication/care.

Oops wrong name :-/ That may lead to awkwardness between Savage and Tonks. I really hope they're able to come through that and remain friends though, because I like them as friends.

DAWLISH IS BACK?!?!?! I am also back with my request to punch him. Ugh he is so creepy and disgusting. Thank goodness Savage caught him. And lol, I loved the Mad-Eye Moody wand safety line :p

A mystery follower?! Hm, suspicious... And why can't Remus come talk to her himself, if he's that worried? Oh right, maybe he's embarrassed about being a total idiot. Still.. man up, Remus!

Author's Response: Savage is nice. ^_^ And his arms are nice too. *ahem* I kind of like all of him, actually. It's nice that she has a friend in Hogsmeade.

I'm sure he would have been nice enough but not after dating someone like Remus. :D

Ugh, I get way too much mail. I get excited when I have one that's not a bill or junk. Seeing the fam would be too complicated for her at that moment. I don't think she's ready to divuldge her complicated relationship with Remus or that she really opens up to her family very much.

Girl power to the rescue!!! In Remus' defense, it was a difficult night for him. But, yeah, just showing up doesn't count as a free pass to love-ville.

Uh, yeah, that was kind of uncool of her to do. I'll let you see how it pans out. :P get ready for suspsense!!

Dawlish never left!! his creepiness just died down for a bit. Savage has quite good timing when it comes to interventions.

oh wait, this is the real suspsense of having a mystery follower!! dun dun dun! Um, I'm not sure Remus knows someone is talking to Tonks on his behalf.

Thank you for another fantab review!!


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Review #43, by marauderfan Familiar Head of Hair

9th January 2014:
Omg! This chapter was CRAZY. :D

I'm glad that thing with George didn't go anywhere, although it was amusing when they were flirting with each other (and that all of the Weasleys seem to know a little about her history!) And George sent her a "professional" letter - haha he is great.

NO WAY TONKS AND SNAPE?! I ACTUALLY LOVE IT. I sort of predicted that a few chapters ago and then I was like "nah, probably not" but, I should have known better than to assume I was wrong. I appreciate all the weird ships you have created in this story - Tonks is such a player and I kind of love it.

Aw, the end was sad though. :( Come back, Remus!!! (And Sirius, so Tonks can make inappropriate jokes with him again because they were so funny.) I hope she doesn't have a bleak Christmas. Remus needs to come back!

awesome chapter!

Author's Response: I did got a little crazy here. Just here, no where else. :P

I didn't think George could be a casual relationship and there wasn't enough time for Tonks to ramp up with him then run back to Remus. And, well, I didn't think Molly would like Tonks as much if she broke her son's heart. The Weasleys do seem a bit nosey but it's in her best interest. :D

DON'T HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME! If it floats, I will ship it. :P I needed her to test out other waters while Remus was on a hiatus. I mean, she needed something interesting in her life, right?!?!

He comes back soon!! (not Sirius though which is sad)

I think the next few chapters will be crazy in their own ways though. be prepared!


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Review #44, by maraudertimes The Unexpected

7th January 2014:
What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?! No!!! What?!


First, the dinner was super cute and everything was really well done (I especially liked the kiss part between REMUS and Tonks), and the oatmeal thing was funny too. The train platform thing was super funny, and I *was* really excited to read on...




Lo :) (there's no 'what in the world?' emoticon...)

Author's Response: I laughed so hard. I know that's not the reaction you were going for... but I laughed. Then I stopped. Then I started again.

I promise it isn't long-lived!! Just to be safe, I'm hiding in a bunker for a few days.

My short explanation for that is - when I was researching for clues that Remus and Tonks were anything more than associates after the end of HBP, I kept finding equal evidence of Moody and Tonks flirting. I COULDN'T IGNORE THE EVIDENCE!

I'm sorry for hurting you!!! I think I have some brain bleach lying around here somewhere. I promise it's only this chapter.

I am really glad you liked the chapter up to that point. :D


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Review #45, by maraudertimes Faux Relationship

7th January 2014:
So sorry I didn't get to this review swap sooner. Real life sucks sometimes!

This was sort of a strange chapter, meaning: it made me feel many different things!!!

First, Tonks is *awesome* because she stunned Dawlish and managed to get herself out of that situation. Good for Tonks!

Second, it's so sweet how the first person Tonks wants to stay with is Remus (albeit, Sirius is there too, but she obvs doesn't care about him since all she asked him is where Remus was). Aw!!!

Third, I'm going to assume that Remus took his potion so that's why he's still Remus instead of Wolf!Remus. If so, he's like a puppy! That's so cute.

Fourth, Tonks and Remus waking up together? Even more cute!

There was so much cuteness!

Fifth, Tonks definitely should have acted on that urge. It would have been funny to see Kingsley's reaction to *that*!!

Sixth, gosh darn you Dawlish!

Seventh, ugh her parents are prejudiced! Why oh why???

Eighth, dinner? He's going to dinner with her parents? Well this will be interesting!

Basically, amazing!!! Love this and I'm going to read the next because I'm super excited!

Author's Response: Hi Lo!!

I'm so glad to see you back! I've been a bit busy this last month too.

The next few chapters will be strange, which I can see you've seen already. :P

Tonks is pretty much a superwoman to me. :D I had to let her get away and try to stun Dawlish after all the crud he's put her through.

Sirius is pretty much thrown aside here. :-/ It's rather clear she's just thinking about Remus. :D

Ah, I do explain later on about his wolfsbane potion. I just couldn't imagine Dumbledore letting Remus go through his transformations without it. He's pretty much like a puppy.

haha, I don't know if Kingsley would have known what to do if Tonks had run out towards them half dressed. It's kind of making me laugh to think about.

I don't think they're super prejudiced - they're just cautious. They will warm up to him rather fast.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter!!! I know the next one won't be fun for you though. *hides*

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Review #46, by marauderfan Nice and Angular

1st January 2014:
For day 6 of the 12 Days of Reviewing. Lucky me that this story fits the bill perfectly as I was really hoping to get the time to read it again soon :D

Haha, her flirting with George :p He didn't seem particularly flirty to me, just really concerned and I thought Tonks was just over thinking it... but then again, if you're the self-titled "Mad-Eye Moody of flirting", I'm the Ron of flirting - often oblivious to it :p

AH YES she's buying a snackbox for Dawlish. Bwahaha.

I love the explanation of why Tonks disguises herself as an old woman when she goes on the Knight Bus! Haha, fabulous nod to canon because I do remember her doing that, but I love the back story :P

Tonks is in all sorts of romantic confusion right now if she's wondering whether or not to kiss SNAPE. Haha.. oh that would have been fabulous. Or horrible. Fabulously horrible?

I found Savage's chin attractive, it was nice and angular. Then I snapped out of it, it's not normal to lust over a chin. -- haha. I love Tonks, her narration is great :D

Great chapter!!! Happy new year!

Author's Response: ^_^ I got two revies from the 12 days of reviewing - I quite like that challenge. hehe

I cracked up so much at your declaration of being the Ronald Weasley of Flirting. :P I laughed so hard my husband thought I made someone cry (because he thinks that's where I get my joy from writing).

You know, I'm not sure if that snackbox ever gets put into action. :-/ darn.

We've all made mistakes in life where we wish we could disguise ourselves as old ladies to avoid awkward conversations. :D Or at least Tonks has.

*evil laugh* Fabulously horrible is a great way to put that.

Tonks' narration is quite, um, spunky. ^_^

Thank you so much for a fantabulous review my dear!!


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Review #47, by marauderfan With Love, Remus

24th December 2013:
FARAH? WHAT this has to be a misunderstanding. Remus has more class than that.

I was surprised Tonks told Molly about her fling with Moody - it seems like the sort of thing that would shock Molly. But... I suppose that after raising 7 kids, nothing shocks her anymore! But I liked how you expanded on that brief meeting Tonks had with Molly, which Harry saw when he arrived at the Burrow in the beginning of HBP.

Tripping over shoelaces is generally my go-to when I'm confronted with an uncomfortable situation in which I don't know what to do.

I do think you balanced the "relational idiocy" - neither was the stupid one. They are both stupid. If they'd stay in the same room long enough to have a conversation , they could have figured something out. And I feel like Tonks doesn't have the full story on Farah, there's something Remus hasn't told her yet.

Since you asked (ok, you didn't) I saw snogging potential in this chapter, if they'd have stayed to talk to one another. I'm looking very hard for it but I think it's there. A make-up snog is in order. Right?

Nice job on this chapter!

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I should hide or do an evil laugh. *evil laugh from a hidden bunker*

Um, he might not have more class than that.

I think she was going out on a limb telling Molly. If she weren't so distraught then she wouldn't have divuldged her relationship. Molly probably kept her shocked reaction to herself if she had one. the thing in the book that made me think Tonks told her was the fact that Molly said Remus and Moody would be over that weekend. I mean, her telling about Remus made sense but why add in Moody? (I also used that as evidence that there was more to Moody/Tonks than we heard about in the books).

If I wore shoes with shoelaces, I'd be trippin' on them all the time.

They are both stupid in this chapter. I think Remus is his usual stupid but Tonks just went off the deep end. What if there's not much more to that Farah thing than what you read? *ducks projectile* Sometimes Remus gives into his wolfish ways. *cough*

haha, I guess it's only fair that you start pointing out where I have snogging opportunities. This chapter did have quite a few. If memory serves, there's not a lot of snogging between them for quite a few chapters. I think they need more than a make-up snog if you catch my drift.

Thanks for another fantab review!!!


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Review #48, by marauderfan Breaking of a Heart

24th December 2013:
well I lied. One more chapter. :p

uh oh, I already don't like the way this chapter is going. Thanks to Tonks for throwing some sense into the conversation because Sirius and Snape could have argued for a while otherwise. Anyway, again I love seeing the other side of the OotP events here, with the Order marching in to Harry's aid.

Bellatrix! Ooh she is perfectly chilling in this, nice job. And Moody was very sweet there after Tonks came to at the end of the battle.

Ok, well, that wasn't too bad, since Tonks was unconscious, but I'm still sad :(

Remus, WHY? What he needs most now is people to help him out now that he's lost his oldest friend. And Tonks wants to help him through it. But no, typical Remus, he blames things on himself and pushes people away. Agh.

Scrimgeour was a terrible Minister, why are all these people clapping? Someone needs to make a change in the Ministry. I can't believe Dawlish got a promotion. He needs to be fired instead. I will content myself with remembering that Kingsley knocked him out when Dumbledore left Hogwarts in OotP.

WHAT? WHY ??? WHAT IS THIS ENDING? I really do have to leave to go gift shopping before all the stores close for Christmas eve but THAT? HOW CAN YOU END THE CHAPTER THAT WAY? O__O

sorry about the capslock haha. I will be back later to keep reading. As for now, happy holidays! :)

Author's Response: ^_^ Whoo for procrastination.

Tonks is the voice of reason at times. I do think they would have kept arguing for quite a while otherwise. The troops go marching in!!

Bellatrix was extremely hard to write. I'm glad she worked out! I don't know why but having Moody all lovey-dovey fit very well to me.

It wasn't as horrific as it might be from someone else' POV. Like Remus'. It's definitely worse through his eyes.

I DON'T KNOW WHY. :( It's all JKR's fault.

They're just being polite. He's the knew high man and they want to show respect. Well, someone had to lead their effort in Hogsmeade. I don't know how their reward system works for Ministry employees.

...I'm sorry!! Except I keep giggling. But behind the giggling, I'm sorry!! Sometimes when I write this evil monster comes out to play. o.o It's frightening.

Thanks for another awesome review. I'm sorry about the shout-worthy material!


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Review #49, by marauderfan The Sky is Falling

24th December 2013:
Tag! (probably the last one for now, I have to go out and buy Christmas presents. I'm a bit of a procrastinator :P )

haaa Sirius finally guessed Person B. I figured the truth would come out at some point.

Aw, Remus doesn't want to be seen with her at the Order? I mean, I can kind of understand it, a little bit, since they're supposed to be fighting a war and all that. But it's not like they'll be snogging at the meetings. I'm with Tonks on this one. Who cares if everyone knows?!

Aw, Molly taught her how to cook and other householdy things! Knowing Molly's earlier impatience with Tonks, and Tonks' prior cooking abilities I bet this was no small feat. but yay!!

Haha, of course she trips when she's trying to be all sexy in lingerie.

DUMBLEDORE SHOWED UP HAHAHA great timing. And well that couldn't have been any more awkward, could it?

Aw, seeing the other side of that fireplace conversation with Harry was sad. Remus and Sirius seemed fine from Harry's POV, but it makes sense that they'd be a lot more upset about that than they let on. Ugh, Remus, stop blaming yourself for everything! That was what 20 years ago? *eyeroll*

Hmm, people acting strange... well, I know why Kreacher is, but not the others..

Author's Response: Go shopping already!! the internet will be here when you get back!!

Sirius can put 1+1 together. He doesn't make a big deal out of it though. At least not in this story.

Remus is a bit off base wanting to hide his relationship. You'll get more of that in his side of the story though. :D I'm pretty sure almost all of the Order has figured out they're together though.

^_^ Molly is quite the kitchen hero when it comes to being patient with Tonks. I do think it was quite the on-taking.

Tripping in private moments happens more often than you'd think :P

I guess they could have not put on robes before running downstairs, haha. Just when you think it's safe to get frisky - Dumbledore shows up. O.o

It happened once and it's Remus' fault. That's pretty much my default explanation for Remus' self-blame. I do really like playing with things that happened from Harry's POV. Just because it's only one side of the narrative.

^_^ Something's happening here...

Thanks for reviewing! I hope you get your shopping done!


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Review #50, by marauderfan Your Song

24th December 2013:

I love that Tonks goes to Sirius for advice. I mean, yeah Sirius knows Remus the best, but I feel like he'd also be rubbish at advice. :D I could totally see Remus loving sentimental and sappy gifts though.

Her idea sounds appropriately sappy, exactly something Remus would like, so good thinking Tonks! ;)

Remus' tired voice came at me, "Sirius, knock it off; it's only funny the first ten times."
HAhahah that made me laugh so much! And the explanation for that later... lol. Have I mentioned that I love Sirius in this story? (yeah once or twice maybe) Sirius with a guitar?! Stop it. :P

AHH THAT WAS THE CUTEST. Especially because Remus isn't even a good singer, somehow that adds to the "aww" factor because he was willing to sing anyway! And that choice of song - how perfect!! I was giggling at the idea of the Grimmauld Place kitchen being decorated like Madam Puddifoots. I mean I'm not really one for cutesy Valentines day things but it was perfect for those two. So much squee :D

EXCEPT THE LAST PARAGRAPH WHYY. Don't remind me that Tonks and Remus are about to break up - let me live in a bubble a little longer haha.

Anwyay, great chapter!!

Author's Response: She does have limited resources when it comes to advice on cutesy stuff for Remus. Sirius might be slightly better at advice than you give him credit for. :P (not a lot better though)

oh gosh, I spent so much time thinking of a good gift. o.o I'm a horrible v-day gifter so, yeah, that was hard to write about.

Sirius has a lot of time on his hands when it comes to transforming into a dog to harass his friend. :P I laughed so loud with your comment about Sirius and the guitar. :D I'm glad someone else enjoyed that as much as I did.

I'm so glad you liked the song! It's one of my favorites and for some reason Remus knows about Muggle music. With so much sad in their relationship, they earend a mushy valentine's day. :D

I'm sorry!! I'm a mean author deep down. :( The bubble will come back eventually.


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