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Review #26, by crestwood Kid A

11th July 2014:
I can barely even begin to fathom that English isn't your native language. I wonder how you've created such realistic characters and gripping storylines in a language that isn't even your first. That revelation makes all of this even more impressive. I'm so relieved to get all of this new information about Cassandra's past, this is a beautifully well thought out plot. I can't wait for what happens next!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! Another unbelievably great compliment I don't know if I deserve!

Whenever I write a chapter I am not sure about where the story will go... I don't have a plan, I have to confess, this is a WIP in every sense! I let my writing being influenced by what I learn, hear and see in my RL, I write on the bus, while I study...I think it's better this way, because if I had written a plan before beginning the story, I would have probably been stuck with the plot line after a couple of chapters. When I wrote this chapter I was beginning to study microbiology, a subject which I adore. All those viruses and experiments lead to this.

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Review #27, by crestwood Give Up The Ghost part 2

11th July 2014:
From now on, I'm going to find it hard to imagine the Marauders' story without Cassandra being a part of it. She just fits in so well and makes so much sense. It gives a bit of a reason for everyone thinking Remus is the traitor and even more fuel to add to the fire of his tortured personality. It even helps me gain perspective of why he thinks of himself as so toxic to be around. He lost his daughter and when he found her, he thought she seemed happy to be rid of him. Absolutely amazing writing

Author's Response: Will I ever have to stop thanking you for your amazing reviews? I certainly hope not, they are incredible boost for my self-esteem!
I'm glad you like way the character of Cassandra interacts with the original story. Some may say that my Remus is darker than in the originals, and they are right, to a certain extent. In the books, we only get to catch a glimpse of Remus' life and personality. We see him as the nice guy, with a difficult life, confidence issues and a smile ready for everyone. I just thought that there could have been so much more to write about him, for the most part not fluffy or cheesy, and certainly a lost daughter is none of the two. It will get better for him here too, though. ;)

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Review #28, by crestwood Give Up The Ghost

11th July 2014:
So it isn't Remus who attacked her and Remus seems to differentiate between himself and "Moony." I wonder who the werewolf is that attacked Cassandra when she was younger. I expect that to be addressed eventually. I do enjoy this method of an entire chapter length flashback a lot. Captivating chapter!

Author's Response: Well... originally this was only the first half of a 9600 words chapter, but the website has a maximum word limit, so I had to split it in two! Fortunately enough, the general effect wasn't ruined by the separation! Thank you for the review! And don't worry, the attack won't be just an accident in which Cassandra lost a leg...

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Review #29, by crestwood 15 Steps

11th July 2014:
Cassandra's first time back to Diagn Alley was purely magical. (no pun intended) Her first real experience with the Wizarding World was great and I loved that she kept having to force herself to not look quite as excited as she was feeling. Sirius' feelings toward her are really great to read as well. Wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Again, this was a difficult chapter to write, especially for Sirius' part... So yay, you liked it!! ;D

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Review #30, by crestwood Jigsaw Falling Into Place

11th July 2014:
The flashbacks are incredible. You could comb through them for hours finding new information each time. I feel as though my reviews can't even begin to tackle all of the serious literary questions I wish I could find a way to word. The scene in which Cassandra finally meets Sirius in his human form is so powerful. These things could've really happened for all the emotion you ellicit. Everything is wonderful so far. And I love the Sirius/serious joke at the end haha

Author's Response: Hi again!

As usual, thank you so much for your review...I wrote and re-wrote the scene of Cass and Sirius meeting so many times, because I wanted to make it "powerful", as you said, but not too... fluffy. I actually wrote a version of this chapter which was all tears and hugs... But Cassandra isn't one for hugs, and it would have ended up quite in contrast with the general mood of the story... So yeah. I'm glad you liked it!
(I had also decided not to insert that pun, but well.. It happened :D)

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Review #31, by crestwood Go to Sleep

11th July 2014:
I find it sad that Remus overheard Cassandra talking about going to America, since I know that she was lying and he could have saved her from going off to war and getting her leg bit off and generally eased a lot of her suffering. I hate that he thinks everyone is better off without him because of his condition, but that's exactly how he was in the HP series of course. This story is going far more in depth into the events of Prisoner of Azkaban than I thought it would. It's almost filling missing moments from the book, even. I am really enjoying your ideas and the way you've chosen to share them with the reader. It seems like it'll all come together soon in an amazing way!

Author's Response: Thank you for your great review, again! As I specified in the notes, this is and will always be an AU, but as you noticed, it will follow the books quite closely... I actually keep consulting my copy of the PoA every time I write a chapter, afraid that I could leave out something!

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Review #32, by crestwood A Reminder

11th July 2014:
So Cassandra is the girl that decided to take Sirius in! It's going to be quite the shock when he eventually reveals himself to be human, especially since she saw him on the news. You've written a really natural character in Cassandra. Her interactions and thoughts all suggest that there is more beneath the surface than there appears to be. This feels like a story that I'd pick up at a bookstore, written by a professional. The pacing is so natural. I'm completely drawn in now.

Author's Response: When I read this review, I actually spent two hours running around and showing it to my relatives, my cats, the mosquito that keeps tormenting me... Well, anyone! I was a bit moved by it too. Yeah. Because, as I said before, I would really like to see my story published one day, so... You gave me the greatest encouragement a young writer could ask for. Thank you.

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Review #33, by crestwood Street Spirit

11th July 2014:
I was really hoping you'd have a chapter like this. I love that you've switched to Sirius' point of view in order to show us what he's up to during the time period of the story. I can't wait until Cassandra and him finally meet. You've written his character very well here. I'm impressed with how you've managed to place this new story right in the middle of the one we all know and love. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again! Ah, Sirius. My absolutely favorite character EVER. I loved writing this chapter, and I'm really glad you liked it too.
Thank you for you review!

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Review #34, by crestwood In Limbo

10th July 2014:
Okay, now I have a frame of reference for when all of this is taking place. It's happening in the midst of the events in Prisoner of Azkaban (one of my favorites of the series!!) and Cassandra may or may not be related to Remus Lupin. She definitely associates his name with Sirius and I believe she was bitten by a werewolf. You're very good at letting bits of information slip without simply telling us in a list what's going on. I much prefer this method of letting the reader figure out what they believe is happening at any given time. Awesome chapter here!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm happy you don't find the slow pace of this story too frustrating... I'm just a great fan of realism in fantasy (If this makes sense...) and good fantasy films. So, when I started reading fan fictions I was a bit let down by some stories which had such a GREAT potential, but were ruined by an excessive. speed which made them look more like a cartoon rather than a good movie. So I thought: let's make an extra long story that looks like an extended version of the longest and most detailed fantasy films! I don't know if my ramble makes any sense, or if I actually reached my goal... But your review lets me hope that I did at least come near it! ;)

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Review #35, by crestwood A Wolf at the Door

10th July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

I apologize for taking such a long time to begin your reviews. My real life became kind of busy for a while there, unfortunately.

This chapter is very, very well written. It was so realistic and if not for the mention of The Great Hall it would have seemed like original fiction. I assume that Cassandra is going to spend the story finding out more and more about her past. The flashbacks/dreams are a great tool to use in order to show us the small bits of things she remembers from her past, if they end up being real memories. The Colonel is a really terrible man, but it seems as though we wont be seeing much more of him from here. I'm left wondering how you're planning on connecting this story of a Muggle war with the Wizarding World. I can only hope you keep up this kind of quality moving forward!

By the way, I'm a gigantic Radiohead fan, so these chapter titles are brilliant in my opinion :)

Author's Response: Hi!


Sorry If it took me so much time to answer to your fantastic reviews, really. Wifi absence can be a horrible enemy to fight.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! I was actually thinking of building an OF out of it, so I'm really happy you viewed it as a possible original fiction.

The Colonel... I am actually writing the new chapters and... well, you'll see! ;)

Wohooo, a Radiohead fan! I swear, I'm gathering all the Radiohead fans in the HPFF, which is a GREAT thing! I thought I was the only one to like Radiohead AND Harry Potter at the same time :D. I am running out of songs with which to call my chapters after, though... I'll soon have to change artist (or start inventing them on my own... Naaah).

Anyway, thank you so much for the review!

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Review #36, by Iellwen Sommersi e Salvati

9th July 2014:
In the name, House Cup 2014, review, blah!

And understand such strange circumstances, too!!

Okay, so this chapter brought forth new questions like; what the heck did Cassandra let Bill (whom I presume is the Mr Thompson I didn't recognize in the previous chapter^^) do to her?! And so regularly, too, even though her body was under such critical conditions?!
And what's going to happen now that Sirius morphed back into a human form in front of Muggles?! (lemme think... Bill is a Muggle, right??!!)
And who was that ghost-like girl Harry saw - young Cassie while she stayed at Hogwarts? (would make sense, since her dad was a Griffie)

Also, my little grey cells finally managed to come up with a logical explanation to why Remus got bits of Cassie and Sirius' conversation!
I mean, it's only logical (look at me, Spock-ing around *sigh*) - it's the pack connection, right?
Ugh. I can't believe it took me so long to get there (please tell me I'm right, it's been driving me nuts for days! ^^') since you've left clues all over the place! :D

You forgot to finish that sentence ^^ "light leaked through the keyhole and the ." but judging by the context, I'm thinking you meant the crack underneath the door? :/
Also, I love the lucky coincidence that a typo had you call the caretaker 'Mr. Flinch', because the name really fits xD

Also, I love that you had McGonagall doubt Sirius being a mass murderer a little, because I often thought her attitude towards her previous student was a bit weird and cold, considering just how much she knew the Marauders and the consequences of the Potter's death. I mean, yeah, of course, Pettigrew is weak and no one would suspect him and he disappeared and everyone though he was dead, but heck, Sirius was innocent and had she bothered to actually talk to him during his imprisonment, like it seems she has done here, would definitely have brought doubt in her heart like that!

I positively adore your use of the drowned and the saved, Minerva's regret towards the young souls she couldn't save no matter how hard she tried!

Okay, enough rambling, I have to read on!!!


Author's Response: Hi again! Thank you for the review!

The exact nature of what happened to Cassandra because of Bill will come out in the later chapters, I am afraid, but the clues are all here. It's probably just to... horrible to think about it. Oh, and Bill is a muggle, don't worry! My plot is twisted enough as it is, I don't... think he will bother us in the future. Sirius should have taken care of that.

Answering your question... Professor Lupin knows what is going on, and Harry will know too, soon enough. :D

Ehr... You guessed right, sorry! I meant the crack underneath the door, but I wasn't sure how to say it in English, BUT I was in a "I have to write this NOW" mode, so I left a space in order to go and look it up in a dictionary later. Then, when I went to find the space... I didn't see it. Bravo, maryhead.

AND Flinch. I mean, Filch. Yeah, him. I keep spelling him wrong, but I think I'll adopt this typo as sort of signature... It really fits him! I am joking, of course ;). I'll go and fix everything as soon as I can.

I've always seen McGonagall as the stern but secretly kind aunt of the Gryffindor students. I simply can't believe she would have accepted that one of her Lions had been able to commit such a crime without even wanting to ask him why. I love writing about her, and her behavior will surely be analyzed in great detail!

Thank you again for the review, dear :)


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Review #37, by Iellwen  Last Flowers

6th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story!

Aaah, my eyes love that the font in this chapter is back to normal! ;)

Okay, so I love that you skipped the talk between Sirius and Cassie to have her be where she'd hear McGonagall and Dumbledore and that slime-ball talk, because you didn't forget to let the reader know about what Cassandra and Sirius talked about.
And that Cassie's Wolf now has a name - Amal, that's pretty!!

I love that Sirius sat around, giddy at the prospect of getting revenge on Snape, on the thought of having fun with Remus, making things right!

Cassandra is so resigned, so broken and insecure (who could blame her?) that she easily accepts being branded as a monster, seeing herself as a robot... Created for a purpose she did not fulfill, rejected as a failure, saved by the kindness of her father (though even that, she twists around) yet still ending up alone and tortured.
Then came Sirius Black. He is her hope (hehe, I'm paraphrasing your summary ^^) and I love that she only worries about him, about his safety when she understands Snape knows and is dead set against her...

A little thing that Dumbledore said bothered me "I swear, Minerva" because I simply can't picture him saying a thing like that since he doesn't need to reinforce the credibility or accuracy of his thoughts and remarks. Personally, I think he'd rather simply say this is the first time he saw her so frazzled and maybe tease her a little with a twinkle in his eyes behind his glasses. But that's just me and I really wouldn't dream of telling you how to write (I mean, the snake doesn't tell the lion how to roar, doesn't it^^)

Aah... Poor Remus... I can't wait for him to meet her, for their misunderstanding to clear up, for their family to finally reunite even if broken... For the Pack to run together again.
But knowing you, it'll probably take a while and for some reason, I'm expecting one of the good guys will die some time soon ^^'

I wonder where Cassie and Sirius will be off to and who that Mr Thompson is!

And that flower crown! I just know the story behind it is heart-breakingly cute!


Author's Response: Hi!
God, I love your reviews. Really, they make me smile every time I read them! And I read them all at least twice, so we can easily say you make my day with each comment you write!

I'm glad you liked my choice to not include the dialogue between Cass and Sirius... I had already given so much space to dialogue in the past chapters, so I thought another update like that would have turned boring :).

Yeah, Cassandra is a tiny bit depressed here... But in the next chapters you won't see her moping around, I swear!

I assure you, that "I swear" in the chapter was meant to be a bit teasing. I think I sort of translated an Italian term, which maybe doesn't exist in English. Thank you for pointing it out!

And who knows... Maybe the encounter won't be so far away, after all...

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Review #38, by Iellwen Feral

6th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story!

Okay, so I really dig the Wolf and Grim voices (I also have a plot with voices and second personalities ^^).
I wonder what Cassie's wolf's name is going to be! :D

I LOVE how you keep the Alpha, pack and Beta relationship.
There's a lot of raw, animal instincts in this chapter and I love it!

The new moon incident was really interesting. Earth Nymph and werewolf, that's a rare and original combination!
I wonder if Cassie can only summon brambles or if there's more? This is so exciting! :D

I wonder what Shackelbolt was doing with a computer and trying to have it repaired in a Muggle shop?! Was he spying on Cassie for some reason?

Snivellus dared?! Moony isn't going to kill Paddy. He's going to kill Sevy. Slowly. Painfully. With pleasure.

I love Cassie's sass xD And kudos to her in managing to control herself from ripping Snape's throat to shreds.
And good Doggie didn't do it either ^^

Oooh, they need to talk indeed!
I'm hurrying off to the next chapter, I'm so pissed at Snape right now, I want to, nay, need to know what happens next!

You evil genius, you.


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your review!

Yeah... Snape here is maybe even worse than in the first books... And he won't improve, I fear!

Shackelbolt. You'll see. I can't say too much, but...Keep that computer in mind!

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Review #39, by Iellwen Kid A

6th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story! (This is becoming my HC catch phrase ^^)

This chapter started really cute and innocent! Cassie has a wolfs tattoo on her back (love the irony, btw ^^), she and Sirius enjoy a relaxed morning, companionship and he even laughs!

I love that spell he used (that's some really ancient German you dug up here!) and the realistic after effects!
And how you vary from the flashback to the present?! Your writing is pure genius, I tell you, pure genius!

Also, I didn't know hot salt (heck, I didn't even understand the term until Cassandra acted) was good for the joints! That is awesome!!

I ADORE Sirius' reaction at Cassie's telling of the Colonel.
The whole Alpha aspect you don't sway from, being a dog person myself, I find incredibly appealing and simply wonderful. ♥

Kid A?! That is so sick. Even for Voldy, that is so sick.
I guess it'll be difficult to find out who her mum is... If she's even alive...
So horrifying. Beyond anything I could have ever expected. Just wow.

I love that 'neither Remus nor Moony/the Wolf' could remember and the terribly wonderful reaction as he 'heard' his daughter's voice.

Spotted a little typo: "belive" when you mean 'believe' :)

Oooh, I do hope Cassie is angry because of what Voldy dared do to her family, her kind and herself! Not angry at poor Sirius for telling the (hard, shocking) truth!

But the mysteries surrounding Cassandra Lupin are not yet entirely lifted!
Who was the wolf that attacked her?
And what was that moment when Remus smelled cinnamon and oranges, mint and lemon as well as hearing Cassie's voice?

AWESOME CHAPTER! I'm off to the next! :D


Author's Response: Hi Gee! Thank you for the review!

Being a medicine student myself, I tend to put lots of "medical" descriptions in the story... Hot salt is a home-made remedy particularly effective whenever there is an excessive production of liquid, typical of irritated joints or backaches. I'm glad you found it interesting!

Oops! Sorry for the typo! Writing at two O'clock in a foreign language doesn't help the least ;)

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Review #40, by Iellwen Give Up The Ghost part 2

6th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story!

Okay, so how much do I love that you ended this chapter with the same sentence you ended the previous AND had both Sirius and Cassie say it to each other?! VERY MUCH!

I love Sirius' automatic answer "I'm innocent" straight from his tortured soul!
Also, I love your mention of Italian cheese xD and the talk about the wizarding world and it's weaknesses, the political aspects and lack of army! AND THE YETI MENTION!!! XD

And wow, Remus, so young! That would mean his Third Year hence a bit before the Marauders learned to be Animagus but already after they've learned of his... furry little problem ;)

I absolutely adore Cassie's reaction! Your description as her brain assimilates what she's just been told and as her feelings bubble up! I couldn't help but smile with her!

Sirius' feelings!! His point of view from the War, October 31st and Pettigrew! You pinpointed his personality, his feelings so perfectly!

You had a tiny mistake there "who was her by the way?" as you mean "she" and another adorable one at "Who was him?" (sorry if 'adorable' offends you, but face it, it is xD) as you mean "he". ;)

I love the character you've created so much! Cassandra is such a wonderful, warm soul that did not let the horrors of her life stop her from thinking freely.
Honestly, she's probably the best OC I've ever encountered.
You've given her such a rich, complex and credible background, giving her perspective a completely different approach on the wizarding world and it's history and traditions!

I think what I love most about your story is that the characters suffer, suffer and suffer some more, yet keep holding on and now that they've found each other, neither having lost their kindness, they'll start healing. Bits by bits. Together.
It's a very warm, loving approach to life.
I love it :D


Author's Response: Hi! And again, I come to answer your review with a shameful delay. Sorry, really. I have a book in front of me that I should study. And two kittens that meow me not to study, and beg me to give them permission to use the tablet. I am not joking. They play with my tablet. And are even better than me.


Thank you so much for the review! I am glad you like the way characters are developing, and I hope the angst that will come next won't make you change idea ;).

Urgh... Grammar mistakes... Grammar mistakes EVERYWHERE. Thank you for pointing them out so kindly, and believe me if I say that "adorable" does not offend me, at all. On the contrary, I quite like it :D. You are actually one of the most helpful reviewers, this story will soon undergo a major edit and I'll use all your suggestions. Again, thank you.

Oh, and I think congratulations are in order! You'll be a great Prefect!


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Review #41, by Iellwen Give Up The Ghost

6th July 2014:
For the House Cup of 2014.
And because I love your story ;)

Okay, the goosebumps this chapter gave me... You have no idea. *shiver*
The description of Cassie's attack?! SO AWESOME!

Her chanting her oath, to strengthen her resolve, to remind herself of her duty as a nurse/doctor while she faces the beast (the sounds! It reminded me of a horror-story I was told when I was a kid of the no-legged psycho that escaped with two knives, I don't know if you know which one I mean, with the "boum-boum-tchak" sounds... ARGH! THE SHIVERS!) and does all it takes to protect the patients!

I adore the way you keep bringing up the smells, true to the animal nose Remus, Sirius and Cassie have! Cinnamon, orange, mint and lemon!
I KNOW WHO SMELLS OF CINNAMON AND ORANGES (and here, quoting your 3rd chapter, a touch of jasmine and honey :D ) and I love the way you bring citrus smells into the story, since I'm a citrus lover and can identify the smell as I read.
It's a joy to my nose :)

AND HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THE REMUS/MOONY DIFFERENCE?! So much I want to scream! Slightly deranged schizophrenia, the Wolf and the Man, possessed by his demon yet trying to reconcile, reunite their strength!? SO AWESOME!

You had typos here and there (I got so sucked in by this chapter I forgot to type them down before reading on and the font is so tiny it's really killing my eyes even with my glasses on, sorry ^^') so I'd recommend a beta-reader from the forums simply because they are great crutches and crutches are great ;)

The main questions remain: who attacked you, Cassie Lupin? And who the heck is your mommy?!
Also, why couldn't Remus move? Was it his consciousness while the Wolf attacked?
Ahhh, I love the mysterious shroud!

Another great chapter for a great story ♥


Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you again for your reviews, they are always amazing!

I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! Well, actually the first half of a chapter, but I have to stop pointing this our and start writing shorter updates... ANYWAY, I was afraid this chapter would have been too... Graphic for this website, as a reader pointed out. I joined this website months ago and I still don't know if this level of darkness is appreciated here or not... But, hey, you liked it, that's the important thing!!!

Again, typos/format is my damnation. For the format I was able to sort it out in other chapters, but as I said, I still have to revise everything. For the typos is a bit more complicated. My computer doesn't correct English language, my phone does, but it is incredibly annoying to write on it, my thumbs are way too big for those tiny letters... Moreover in these last months I had time to write only on the bus, or in other not-too-comfortable places, surrounded by people speaking (loudly) another language , and then editing everything at two o'clock in the morning...I re-read the first chapters and found out so many mistakes... But I can correct everything! I swear! I just need a time-turner...

Anyway, thank you again for your review!

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Review #42, by Iellwen 15 Steps

6th July 2014:
I'm review-bombing you again and this time, it's even for a good cause! :D
This is my first review for the fifth event of the HOUSE CUP OF 2014 (Go Slytherin! hehe) and since I've been meaning to catch up on Cassandra's mysterious past, I'm hitting two birds with one stones (and feeding them to my pet snake ;) )

I LOVE that Cassandra was worried about her appearance and that Sirius couldn't help, since, well, he's been out of the 'real' world for so long as you didn't forget to point out!

I love that she was nervous at Sirius' lack of/frozen reaction at the mention of Obliviate! And that she asked if it was a bad word - really cute and credible!

Oh, Merlin! How I adore your description of Cassie's first impressions of Diagon Alley! A man with scales and tetacles, a mermaid in an aquarium?! SO AWESOME! And confusing and shocking for poor Cassie xD

Really tiny typo spotted: "Anger filled the escaped convict heart" - it should be the convict's heart ;)
Also, "Cassandra lied on the ground for a few minutes" I have the same problems with the verb, lying on the ground and telling a lie xD
The correct form is "laid" on the ground :)

This chapter also suffers from the archives' formatting, huge gaps of space and tiny script, but even if it's tough on the eyes, your writing and plot still stays wonderfully amazing!

Sirius' POV filled me with warmth and happiness ♥
He is so filled with love, beyond his shame and anguish, so good-natured and truly wants to help her "regain her wings"!
He is definitely the best wizard Cassie could've run into, the best man to re-introduce her to her world, to bring back her joy for life.
Two broken individuals, leaning on each other for support as they take baby steps towards happiness.

Another great chapter for a great story ♥


Author's Response: MARYHEAD LIVES.

Sorry for the tiny little bit of drama here, but phew, it really took me A LOT of time to answer... I am so ashamed of myself, really!

Anyway, thank you SO much for your wonderful review bombing! I happened to view these reviews a few days before a nasty exam, and they really gave me the energy to face that quiz!

I'm glad you liked my description of Diagon Alley! I wanted to describe it with much more detail, but then I would have had to fill at least three chapters of shops and odd wizards, so... I had to ignore most of the ideas that kept appearing in my mind!

Ugh, those typos... I'll soon have a huge edit of this story. And that verb... I've always had problems with it, even at school. I should have checked on a dictionary before writing it, but I opted to check it on the net... And I didn't understand a thing, so I just went for the version which sounded better... Obviously I was wrong! I'm glad you pointed those mistakes out, though. Otherwise I would never get better!

Thank you again!

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Review #43, by lexiatel Go to Sleep

2nd July 2014:
Here, I am here for the review you requested at my topic.

I am in the middle of this chapter, and I'll tell you, I can't stop reading this. I LOVE this story, you have done such a fantastic job on this so far. I am LOVING Sirius' view as a dog, I wanted to do something sort of like this myself, so it's useful to me. Thank you.

So is C4ssi and Siruis going to hook up? Would seem weird (not that I am against it) but I could see Lupin having a fit...

Also, Lupin becoming a father at 14? Seems not Lupin like, I hope this is explained more. I would have thought Sirius to be the father first, hehehe :)

Please continue to write more. A job well done!

10/10 rating btw :)

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for your review! I'm really glad you liked the story so far, and I'm happy you liked my Sirius: he's my favourite character, so I am trying to depict him as accurately as I can!

Regarding your questions about Remus' parenthood, don't worry: I know it is strange, but there will be an explanation, although it will be a peculiar one. My Remus is a bit different than canon, but not SO much :).

Sirius and Cassie... We'll see. ;)

Thank you again, and stay tuned :)

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Review #44, by Hannah Separator part 2

2nd July 2014:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is certainly a review that made my day :). Unfortunately not many people review my story, and it's easy to lose the inspiration... However, don't worry! I am already working on the next chapter, and it should be ready for the end of next week :)

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Review #45, by Chazzie Separator part 2

1st July 2014:
Tonks has now met Cassie! They'll get on like a house on fire. Or they will once she wakes up anyway. The flashback to Cassandra's past was really descriptive, I like it a lot. It was sad, but as always you wrote it brilliantly. Cassie is very real in my head by this point. She's had a terrible childhood. Harry has had a really messed up childhood too, its quite a shame.

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you for the review!

I'm really looking forward to writing some Tonks-Cassandra interaction. They're about the same age, and they are both... Peculiar, so... I certainly agree with you, their relationship will be interesting.

I'm glad you liked the flashback scene! In the future I'll focus on Harry's past too... Bad childhood, as you said.

Thank you again and stay tuned, the next chapter should be posted in a couple of weeks ;) I'm sorry for the lack of regular updates, I am not at home and it's difficult to write without a computer :(

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Review #46, by Chazzie Separator part 1

25th June 2014:
That was awesome! Aw poor Remus :( it was so sad, and I really don't get Dumbledore. He always does things 'for the greater good' but never seems to help those who need it. A two parter? No ;) I like Cass and Harry's connection, it seems pretty interesting. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi! thank you for your review :).

I'm being pretty bad with Remus, aren't I ? Eheh... Things get darker before dawn :).

I'm glad you like Harry and Cassie's connection! The next part should be really interesting for you then. I'll post it in the queue tomorrow morning!

Thank you again!


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Review #47, by Chazzie I Might Be Wrong

23rd June 2014:
Hi again!
I love the story still, and I'm really excited to see where it goes. I adore Tonks (she is one of my favourite characters) and I quite like your version of Sirius. The Sanctuary was a really cool idea, and it works well. Poor Severus, he always ends up being the bad guy despite his best intentions. I hope you update soon :P

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for your review!
I'm glad you liked Tonks, she was a really fun character to write, and she'll play an important role in the story.
As for Snape... Well, he has good intentions here, at least ;)! I originally thought of depicting him as one of the villains of the story, but then I changed my mind, partially because the only real character I have some issues with is...not him, and also because I didn't want to be hexed by Snape's fans! :) Sooo... There won't be real bashing, but of course, as you've surely understood from this chapter, Severus won't be uncharacteristically friendly or a particularly happy guy. He'll be bitter and regretful and a bit envious, just as JK depicted him. And Sirius won't be the bully he appeared as in the books. Not too much, at least ;)
Thank you for keeping up with me, even if I don't update as regularly as before. I promise I'll try to be quicker, even though I'll be deprived of my dear internet for more than a month! Thinking about it, I may or may not have an update ready for the queue... Stay tuned!

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Review #48, by Iellwen Jigsaw Falling Into Place

21st June 2014:
There's something incredibly satisfying in this puzzle (that is Cassie's mind) slowly falling into place!
Yet even though this chapter answered one question or two, it raised ten or eleven. Again.
Shame on you. ;)
Honestly though, I'm a sucker for a good mystery and I love the way you've been pulling me along so far! :D

Her flashbacks are really credible and scary!!
Especially that one when she's a kid and is looking for Sirius, following the scent - and the blood, its smell and the sound... Lemons, mint and blood...
I really love the connection you make with the scents!

Who was the one that erased her memories and why?
Who's her brother?
And who's Mama Wolf, mmmh?
So many questions! It's like being in Cassandra's head and it's confusing but she's really holding onto her sanity and her logic!

Sirius is so adorable, nervous and awkward like a dad meeting his estranged daughter for the first time!
I'm really looking forward to him showing Cassie more of the magical world!
And her reaction to Diagon Alley :D


Author's Response: Thank you again for your review!

I'm glad you like the mistery, because this story is quite full of questions that will be answered reeeally slowly. There will be a point in which you'll surely tell: "alright, they solved everything, the story is over", but that will be only the beginning!

Cassandra is a real no nonsense girl. She had to become like this. But she's not perfect. And her rational side is not so strong as it seems!

... Eheh... I think I'm exceeding with the suspance ;). But I can't tell you everything here, can I?

Thank you again


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Review #49, by Iellwen Go to Sleep

21st June 2014:
Darn, not Lily green.

I LOVE the way you bring out Sirius' thoughts. First with the 'I'm sleeping. Sleeeping' bit. xD
Then with the overjoyed recognition of her eyes!
Though it's good Sirius resisted the want of transforming back into a human - not only is he a wanted 'mass murderer' but it'd be creepy as hell if I brought in a stray and it changed into a naked human grinning gleefully and trying to hug me, happy to see me. xD
Man, I love Sirius!

My love for Miverva makes me want to point out two things, if you don't mind (I'm not trying to tell you how to write, those are just thoughts I had^^).
First, she really isn't that old so Remus opening the door for 'the old woman' had me chuckle. Maybe calling her 'older' would be more respectful and accurate? ^^
Second, her outburst: even though she's really angry and annoyed for understandable reasons, her yelling the entire sentences really seems unlike her, maybe you could use less CAPS and play with some italics to show her intonations? :)

You have a spacing issue in this chapter again, but nothing a quick preview won't fix ;)
And your script font is really tiny again, did you use a different one while typing your chapter in word? :)

I love the way you portray Remus, so changed and cold and tortured... His time underground really changed him.
A true alpha, as you put it so accurately :D

I really, really, really love your comparison to his tear to a dying star. ♥

Did he see her get attacked by that wolf?

The mystery shrouding Cassandra is so exciting!
Who's your daddy, who's your mommy and who attacked you, Cassie?

PS: I have to say it again; that teacher of yours that told you your writing style was off? Moron teacher. Moronic moron of the first Class of Morons.
Your writing is brilliant.

Author's Response: A REVIEW... No, wait ... THREE REVIEWS! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your feedback. I know I have been a horrible author, and I know I haven't answered to your first review, and believe me, I am incredibly sorry for that! I just went through a particularly nasty exam which took me almost a month and a half of constantly repeating names of pretty disgusting worms and bacteria, and... Well, I don't think you want to know.

ANYWAY... Have I said that I love your reviews? All of them. Your enthusiasm made me want to dance around the room and sing "SHE LIKED IT, SHE LIKED IT!". I am particularly happy with the fact that you like my darker version of Remus, because, well... You may be the first one! He will eventually show his calm nature... in the future. Right now he is an incredibly broken man who can't accept the loss of his daughter.

Regarding McGonagall.. Oops :) ! I'm sorry if she seemed out of character, I promise she will be... calmer in the future. Yes, because she'll play a quite important role in the story, although obviously I can't tell you much yet.

Regarding Cassandra's mother... Well, she's not Lily, and that you understood... She is. I can't tell you! Not now at least ;)

Damn spacing issue. I fixed it in the first and last chapters... I have a problem with those in the middle now... -.-" And the font... I really don't know what the hell happened there. I'll work on it :)

Again, thank you so much for your comments, my friend. My confidence in writing is barely above zero, and, although some professors tried to make up for what that "Moronic moron of the first Class of Morons" (I quite like this title!) did, I'm still not over it. It doesn't help that this story is not getting the feedback I hoped... Just today I lost a follower because of my last chapter, and I actually don't know why! You can say that you are the reason why I am not sulking over a huge bowl of ice cream. ;)

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Review #50, by Iellwen A Reminder

21st June 2014:
Ok, OH MY GOD. This chapter kinda cleared up some mystery but then again, made me ask myself new questions.

Right now, following the hints here and there in this chapter, I'm thinking Cassie is Remus' kid. Which is WOW.

But then, who's the mother?
It can't be Marlene (whoever that is, but I don't like her because she didn't want to play with Cassie) so I thought it through... And Cassie's icy green eyes popped back into my head... And wait, didn't you say she had flaming hair?
Wait, why is she saying 'Auntie Lily' but calls James 'Prongs' (here, I'm overlooking the fact that Lily just doesn't have a nickname like the Marauders just for my theory to make sense) IS CASSIE REMUS AND LILY'S CHILD?! Okay, I'm getting carried away here ^^

Oh, and why is a child in a Common Room in Hogwarts... If not because she's the product of a teenage pregnancy?! OMG, I'm getting carried away again!

I love the way you switch POVs from Cassie to Sirius!
And I laughed at Cassandra's yelling for Bill to open the door xD

Bill seems like a really interesting character - I wonder what his connection to Cassie is like. She did apologize to him for disappearing for two years so they must've been pretty tight before that.
Yet he didn't know the vile Colonel has thrown her out and disowned her, so he's probably not connected to the military...
He's a vet so maybe she just constantly brought him strays, like she talked about...

Mmmh. More mystery... Have. To. Read. On.
I'll be moving on to the next chapter, drinking in your wonderful story and plot.

Oh, I don't know if this is my laptop bugging me, but the font for this chapter was really small compared to the previous...
And you have a little spacing issue going on here, but nothing alarming ;)


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