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Review #26, by AlexFan Muggle Magic

8th September 2014:
I liked how Isobel wondered whether Dumbledore was gay, it just goes to show that even though Harry didnít wonder about Dumbledoreís sexuality, it didnít mean that no one else had. I thought it was interesting that you made Elphais gay but it brings a whole other meaning to his devotion and praise of Albus when you really think about it. Oh, if she only knew who Albus really had a thing for.

This was something really small but I liked your title for the article about Myron Wagtail (and I also thought that it was really awesome how you named what I gather to be his girlfriend Circe because of the role she played in Greek Mythology. Sorry, back to the review).

Oh my God, I canít believe that Isobelís parents actually suggested that she tone up. She was so young when they started on her case as well. What kind of parent tells their child, indirectly, that theyíre gaining too much weight. As long as your kid is healthy, nothing else should matter. I am just so angry right now, if you cannot accept and love your child for who they are, then you shouldnít be having children. Breeder does not always equal parent.

I donít know how Emily kept quiet about so much magical stuff to her family. If I was in her place, I would never shut up about everything that Iíd learned and knew existed. How are people so chill about magic, like come on, ITíS MAGIC. But I guess you donít notice privilege when you grow up with it.

I was so sure that something would happen between Isobel and Lucas in this chapter and I was fully prepared to begin rolling my eyes so you have no idea how relieved I am that nothing but friendship came from the two of them.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you liked that! Dumbledore/Elphias is total headcanon for me :)

And yee, I was really proud of that title myself and Circe myself! I looked into canon, and aside from the mythology, there was no one else named Circe. It was just too perfect for a first-name-only popstar, so I nabbed it!

Ugh, I definitely seen parents treat their children like that, and it's just awful. It always makes me really angry. And way too often, girls who develop early get quite a complex about it :(

You make a really good point about magic stuff! The fact that IT'S MAGIC was what I sort of wanted to play up here, through Isobel talking about it with them.

And OH NO. Well... I hope you don't get really bummed out by the next chapter!

It's taking me a minute to get to your review, because I want to read all the chapters, and not just the fourth, but I'm making my way through!


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Review #27, by Gabriella Hunter Troll in the Dungeons!

8th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums and you know what the deal is! I'm right on time for this chapter since its about three days instead of say, a week like the last few times. Hahahha.

So, I'm really starting to worry about our group of Hex Heads. I had a feeling that their constant Cheering would get them into some trouble but now I'm starting to see that the side effects are taking their toll and it was an interesting contrast for Tristan to be the one to notice. Before, he seemed up to Cheering and general Hex Headedness but now, I can see that he's tired and floundering a bit. I wonder what would happen if he straightened up a little? Its stretching it a bit I think but Tristan's feeling ungrateful and a bit angry with himself and I wonder how that's going to translate into his life later on in this story.

The popularity boost from the birthday bash didn't really make Tristan happy, I could tell and while he went through the motions of his classes without really being there. I did like that little bit when he was in Transfiguration though, he has the talent but I don't think that he's reaching for it, it sometimes seems like he's a bit afraid to but maybe that's just me? The fact that he was even worrying about his OWLs for even a minute suggests that he's not at as apathetic towards his studies as he thought.

Anyway, Laurel. What on earth is going on with that girl? I've been worried about her for the past three chapters or so and I'm really scared now, I think her drug habit is getting a little out of control and I'm with Tristan, I don't really like her new batch of friends either. That last little bit with the girls and Tristan had me worried though, they're really running wild right now (Good Hermione reference in there as well, don't think I didn't notice!). The consequences are not going to be pleasant.

As usual, I liked that you added in canon but didn't stray away from your actual plot. The entire thing with the troll was mentioned but not spoken of excessively, which I could appreciate and I'm actually happy that Harry hasn't even said two words in this story. Hahahaha.

Anyway, another great chapter and can't wait to hear from you again!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello!

Oh man, yes! they have been running absolutely wild, wearing themselves ragged, and pushing too hard against the boundaries. They aren't, as they believe, indestructible, and cracks are beginning to manifest.

Your comment about the popularity boost not *really* making him happy was so on point! And yeah, Tristan really does have a lot of natural talent and cleverness, but as his teachers would say, he just doesn't *apply* himself.

hah, you know Laurel had a problem when even TRISTAN has his reservations!

Writing them running wild at the Quidditch match was really interesting to me, because *they* had a lot of fun--but I also wanted the reader to feel something that they didn't, and give the whole thing a little bit of a foreboding feel/make the reader feel uncomfortable with their behavior. But at the same time, I'm locked into their POVs, so they had to express that without themselves consciously realizing it. I'm SO glad that worked!

Thinking about it, I don't think Harry even says ONE word in this story ;) Since the gang are all OCs, I would be breaking canon if Harry knew who they were, or ever interacted with them.

OK, let me scurry over and give you your review!


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Review #28, by mymischiefmanaged The Hex Head Express

8th September 2014:
Back for chapter two :)

Love the switch in POV, and LOVE Isobel! More than I like Tristan so far I think, although admittedly I haven't yet seen enough of either of them to make that judgement.

The idea of drug charms is a really interesting one, and raises some fascinating morality questions. Doing a charm for someone else is like dealing I guess? But it kind of seems a lot worse. I'm interested to see what Laurel's like when she's sober.

You include such wonderful details, like Tristan listening to muggle music for the last time before Hogwarts makes it impossible. I love that extra level of thought you put into meeting canon, and it gives extra depth to Tristan's character as well.

I was shocked that Isobel suggested charming each other again, but then it makes so much sense that it's cheering charms. I was originally thinking it must be something more serious. Hmm I don't know what the policy would be about casual use of cheering charms? I guess I'll find out later? Again, SUCH a clever and original idea.

I LOVE FRED AND GEORGE OHMYGOSH YOU WRITE THEM SO PERFECTLY AND THEY'RE AMAZING AND YOU'RE AMAZING. Them describing Ron as 'probable embarrassment' to Gryffindor is fantastic, and the whole discussion about prefect Percy is spot on. Also I love how Fred and George are combining their rudeness about Ron with the absolute assumption that he'll be a Gryffindor, showing they do think a lot of him despite their comments. It's the kind of thing that would probably mean a lot to Ron. It's so interesting seeing them through the eyes of people that are older than Harry.

And then the introduction to Harry! I don't know if he's going to feature much in this story but I loved hearing absolute strangers discussing him. And Tristan's interested? I'm thinking Harry somehow links into his story? Oo, I don't know, but you've got me very excited about it.

Isobel talks a lot about Emily's looks, which I'm trying to figure out. I'm wondering if she has a crush on her? Or maybe just admires her and aspires to be like her? I"m unsure, but either way you've set it up to be an interesting storyline.

And the toad! I just love that you've included the toad. It's wonderful seeing all these little moments from canon through different eyes.

The idea of Arthur Weasley smoking hash with his thirteen year old sons is a fabulous one. I'm so glad you wrote it in. And you can so imagine Molly's outrage if she ever found out.

And the reference to Tonks made me smile. It's utterly believable that she'd be a little idolised by younger Hufflepuffs. I hope Charlie was part of her group.

You've set up such interesting characters. I love the House crossover and the inclusion of the Weasley twins and just everything. I'll definitely be back for chapter three in the near future :)

Much love,

Emma xx

Author's Response: AH, Emma! You picked up on ALL OF THE THINGS!

This story definitely does a LOT of examining recreational magic. Implications, risks, culture, stigma, and a lot of it has RL parallels. I'm SO excited to see what you make of it!

Music was so conspicuously absent in canon--which I understand, because it opens up all sorts of other things. But, for that reason, I really wanted to focus on it. Gah! It would be so terrible to be 15/16, and not be able to listen to your favorite music for months on end!

And thankyouthankyouthankyou re: the twins! You are the first person to point out the "probable embarrassment" line (one of my prouder moments), and YES! The implication is actually a little sweet! (daw)

I couldn't really bring Harry in too much without breaking canon--but he's the subject of so many widespread rumours, that he definitely runs around in the background (you know, battling evil while Tristan and his mates get blazed).

Oh thank MERLIN Trevor was funny! I thought the idea was hilarious, but it was a very *visual* kind of comedy, and I really struggled while writing it!

Ah! I knew that writing about Arthur's little hobby might be a risk, but HE JUST SO WOULD. The especially funny thing to me is how he really doesn't know what it means in the muggle world, or what the implications are, and just thinks of it like this quaint muggle novelty. And of COURSE the twins would prey on that, and would love getting their dad stoned. And I'm certain Molly would have the world's most epic strop if she ever found out!

I was SO STOKED while researching this that they would have overlapped with Tonks, so I was super excited to bring in as much of her life as a student as I could!

Ah! Thank you SO much for this review! I'm SO glad all this stuff came across!


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Review #29, by mymischiefmanaged Dozens of Little Televisions (1991)

8th September 2014:
Hi Roisin! I'm reviewing this as I read so hopefully it's coherent...

Okay, I adore Sophie. I don't know if she's going to stay a big character in this story, given that she won't be at Hogwarts, but you've done a wonderful job of characterising her. The whole one night stand with an underage wizard idea is so so original and gives you a great opportunity to show us Tristan through somebody else's eyes.

Hmm, Tristan's parents seemed very ready with an explanation for why their house is like that? Has this happened before? I kind of get the impression that it hasn't, so maybe they've just made sure to have a story ready in case they ever need it. I suppose it's the kind of thing wizards have to consider. The confidential research idea is a brilliant one.

Tristan's stress when he realises what he's done is wonderfully written. I get the impression he hasn't had many girls show an interest in him before? It totally makes sense that it would be hard for him to properly consider the statute when somebody's interested in him and he's been drinking, and his struggle to come to terms with what he's done is very convincing and real.

Noo, obliviators? I guess that was inevitable but it seems so cruel. I think I remember Peasegood as an obliviator in Goblet of Fire? If so that's fantastic use of canon. I'm very impressed :)

I love that Tristan thinks Peasegood is punishing him by making Sophie forget some of what happened. It's a great detail. But poor Sophie, losing her story. I guess it won't get back to Stuart now.

It's so sad that Tristan lets what happened affect him so much, but I suppose his history of depression combined with his kindness has that affect. The fact he feels guilty says something good about his character, but he's definitely more affected by the experience than is healthy. I'm interested to see how this character trait develops.

The tree falling in a forest metaphor is an interesting one. I wasn't quite sure where you were going with it but once I understood it was absolutely perfect. For Tristan, the night was special and it was important to him that he shared it with somebody else. Now that Sophie doesn't remember it doesn't feel the same.

Overall, this is a wonderful first chapter. I can totally see why it's been nominated for the Gryffie story of the month, and you should be really proud of it. You've very much caught my interest and I expect I'll be back for chapter two soon. PM me if you ever want to swap again!

Much love,

Emma x

Author's Response: Hello!

Man, I am SO surprised by how positive the reaction has been to Sophie! She was rather a throw-away introduction device/mcguffin/prop for the story, but I still wanted her to be realistic and.. Ah! Also, if she lacked any charm, I doubted people would keep reading. She doesn't ever show up again, not directly, so hopefully you like the other characters!

And THANK YOU for that! I wasn't sure if the one-night-stand wizarding/muggle complication was done before, but you know, KIDS. It MUST happen from time to time (especially if the wizard in question has one foot awkwardly in each world).

Tristan's parents' quick thinking, I now realize, is actually kind of a *thing.* I never thought about it so specifically before, but it does play a larger part in the story ;)

GOOD JOB recognizing Arnold Peasegood! I'm super impressed! And you are the FIRST person to point out that, by getting Obliviated, Sophie loses the entire *reason* she hooked up with Tristan in the first place. Oh, the angst!

Yeah, the forest metaphor was interesting to me--because this is a situation that could ONLY happen with obliviation, and doesn't have a real world equivalent. Sophie was AWARE and consenting when it happened, remembered when she woke up, THEN forgot--but he still remembers. So, does it *count* as his first time? Or does that take it away from him? The whole point of a "first time," for a boy, is that it's shared with someone else. Angstangstangst!

I really can't even believe I've been nominated for SotM! The other nominees are such popular and amazing authors, I'm just thrilled to be included in the same sentence as them!

Thank you for this review! I *definitely* want to swap again!


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Review #30, by crestwood Recreational Magic Abuse Recovery

8th September 2014:
Back for a bit of this story again!

I did think that Isobel and Lucas were certainly hitting it off in the last chapter. Right when Emily noticed that Isobel wasn't there I knew just were she was. I'm glad that it wasn't a source of conflict between them though, I think their group has enough going on without a fight between these two.

Their laughing at the pamphlet was especially funny because I know the type of thing you were writing about. Those pamphlets are always so corny and pandering, rather than being honest and straightforward. I suppose they aren't exactly written to be controversial though, in any case.

Neville's there. Nice little reference to his mysterious connection to Tristan. And I LOVE this ten year old Luna. It was such an excellent little cameo and her 'sick in her heart' comment really pulled at my heartstrings. Her father being in for magic abuse as well gives his character a little bit more depth than we saw in canon, but it actually makes so much sense to me. We saw in Deathly Hallows how much he cares about his family when he was wiling to turn in the Trio in exchange for Luna. The loss of his wife must have been devastating.

Laurel was proper sad in this one. I didn't even know how to react to her so dejected and defeated. I can see why her mother would blame Tristan, but I don't think it's his fault really. None of them knew it'd get to this point. And 'waiting for when you stop screaming inside because you can't turn a wand on yourself' is probably the darkest moment of this story so far and very well said.

Tristan not having any baby pictures is definitely another piece in the puzzle on the way to the reveal of the Big Thing. I can't wait until we get to know, it'll be so cathartic. Another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yay! Hello!

I definitely wanted to introduce that developmental time in each of their lives differently, since it's usually different for different people (but "while on Holday" is a pretty common story!)

Right?! I've seen soOoOooOo many pamphlets like that in my life--and they always seemed like they were made in the 80s :P

I'm SO GLAD you liked Luna! She's a really special character, and really difficult to get right I think. Plus, I knew it was a bit of a risk giving her this backstory--but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It's not uncommon for unpopular kids to be going through something like this, and Luna spending time in and out of foster care seemed to suit her. Plus, she *would* be the kind of person to forgive her father once he recovered, and not mention it to anyone straight out. And I have some headcanon about Magical drug culture (shows up soon), and Xeno Lovegood definitely fit the type I'd envisioned.

I really didn't want to underplay how terrible the experience would be for Laurel--it was actually pretty painful for me to write that line. But, as always, my desire for accuracy made me push through.

Haha, the chapter where ALL IS REVEALED was described as "cathartic" by another reviewer! Good guess! (But I wouldn't be surprised if you figure it out sooner--you definitely have a knack for picking up on the subtleties in this story!)


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Review #31, by CambAngst Interrupted

7th September 2014:
Hi! First off, let me say that working for money is a horrible, debilitating thing. If you can possibly avoid growing up and living like an adult, I strongly suggest it.

"You really should tell them." Emily knew her eyebrows were arching at the middle beseechingly. -- Sometimes I think you should subtitle this story, "If they'd only listen to Emily..." In all seriousness, she's usually the one with the best perspective on matters. I don't think Tristan is anywhere near ready to deal with this situation yet, but she's definitely on the right track.

You know, for someone who prefers the muggle way and engages in so much self-loathing over his magical side, Tristan is actually a very powerful wizard. Not in the sense of excelling in his classes, although I'm sure that's only because of lack of effort, but when he wants to he seems capable of some really advanced things like this bubble he's summoned. I really wish I knew how to summon one of those when I was in college...

Oh, boy. So that's where Fred and George got the bottle of potion they gave Laurel. One thing I love about this story is how you can never take anything for granted, no matter how small. These little items and conversations and details weave in and out of the story and they always seem to come back at some really pivotal moment. You are an amazing storyteller!

Speaking of, the pictures! And here I thought those were only going to haunt Tristan directly. Seems as though the indirect damage will be problematic, as well.

Emily couldnít tell if Tristan was pivoting away from a difficult subject out of cowardice, or toward a difficult subject out of courage. He evaded as he breathed. -- Easily the most meaningful line of the entire chapter, if not the story to date. A huge part of this story, at least for me, is being amazed at just how hard Laurel, Isobel and especially Emily work at being Tristan's friend. In one sense he makes it easy, but in another he makes it so very difficult. It's incredibly hard being friends with somebody you don't really know.

Oh, no. This makes, I think, the third time that Laurel has left Tristan in a very, very difficult and/or dangerous position. First she kept getting hexed with him, then she slept with him, now this. If Laurel survives, the poor guy deserves some sort of medal. Gah! And to top it all off, she ruins his perfect moment with Emily! OK, that wasn't even the topper. Then she nearly tells Isobel that he's some sort of junior Death Eater and to try to recover from that blunder, she makes up something about him snagging Emily. And the coup de grace is going to the bathroom to get hexed by herself. I think it's going to be a while before I can completely forgive her for this chapter's performance.

Wow. The harder Isobel tries to "fix" things, the worse she seems to make them. I hate how much worse it all makes Emily feel.

In less than a year, Laurel had become a mess, Isobel had become a skeleton, and Tristan had become a tosser. It seemed logical that Emily should be allowed to change roles as well. -- At least she hasn't lost perspective, though.

Aww, she wrote to Tonks for advice! And it seems that Tonks had some pretty good perspective to share with her. As much as I want Emily and Tristan to, I don't know, launch themselves at one another, it would be wise for Emily to take things slow. If Tristan gets involved before he's really ready, things will get messy.

I loved this chapter, but when haven't I? Good luck in the Story of the Month competition!

Author's Response: WHAT? SotM COMPETITION???

OH MY GOD! Just checked out the forum-- *cries* THANK YOU!

Everything you and Kevin wrote--I can't. AH! It was so perfect, and flattering, and amazing!

Ok, after calming down a little bit, the review:
THANK YOU, AH. (must calm down again). It's so heartening to me that you really seem to *get* this story. I knew, writing it, that it wouldn't be for everyone, but I suspected it would be for some people. It means so much to me all the care and insight you put into these reviews!

I love your comment about subtext! There is actually one moment of omniscient narrator in this chapter ("he should of chucked in the lake right then"--followed by an audible "DUN DUN DUN"), and I think it was the first in the story.

It was super important to me to kind of introduce all of this information without comment, and from the differing perspectives of the kids themselves. But I really hoped that readers would sort of interpret the stuff, and I definitely hoped people would come to certain conclusions themselves, so I'm SO GLAD that's working!

And yes! Tristan really is quite clever and talented, he just resents the magical world so much that he puts in minimal effort, if any.

Having a tightly plotted narrative was definitely the benefit of writing and editing it all before uploading--I have NO IDEA how you and other authors manage such careful stories while writing in a serialized way. That other authors can track all the subplots and details is amazing to me!

And yee, that line! I was really proud of it myself, and it might be my favorite too!

I definitely learned, when I was this age, that sometimes when friends are being the most difficult and unlikable, it's when they need you the most. Someone would start being just awful, but it didn't take too much thought to see that something was going on with them. I'm really glad for your comment about their "working" to be his friend.

Speaking of which--Laurel really does behave pretty badly. I feel like all of her own problems have taken up all her available emotional space, so she's has very little left to consider how her actions affect others :(

And yeah, Isobel is something of a meddler. But then again, the longer Emily would go on not knowing, the worse she would feel later. Knowing these kinds of secrets is terrible, because there is no right way to go about it.

And YES about things getting messy if they started a relationship! Plus, things can't get to good for either of them too soon, or the story would be rather dull. And I just couldn't help bringing Tonks back :) And she looks up to Tonks, so it seemed the best course of action.

Thank you SO MUCH for nominating this for Story of the Month! I can't even deal with the flattery!

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Review #32, by crestwood Muggle Magic

7th September 2014:
You know you've found a good story when you legitimately miss the characters during your day. Coming back to 'Nothing compares to soup!' was probably the most endearing thing that could have happened. I had forgotten that Isobel was related to Elphias Doge. It's interesting that you've written him as gay and had Isobel contemplate if he ever had something with Dumbledore. I've always pictured him as having a strong unrequited love towards him myself, so it's funny seeing someone else was the same or similar headcanon.

This cabbage soup diet doesn't sound even reasonably healthy and the taste MUST get old after a while. I'm not entirely shocked that some of her issues with her weight started with some small disparaging comments. I'm just a little surprised that they came from her parents. That definitely would hurt a bit more.

I love that Emily's parents are hippies. I love their entire backstory; Deadheads who settled down and had children only to find that one (two now, it seems) is a witch. How very extraordinary. Their applause for Isobel and her father's Apparition was adorable. Jim's comment about government tyranny gave me quite a laugh. I can just picture him saying that with a chuckle.

When Ahmad mentioned the potion, Emily once again displayed her inability to sneak things and/or lie. I can understand the weirdness though since she's already tested something apparently wholly unapproved. For all she knows, it could have been dangerous and we've already seen the effects of messing around with magic.

I enjoy Lucas' presence in this chapter and I share his enthusiasm for numbers being magic. I am so here for Isobel realizing the magic of Muggles and for Emily's family finding out that dragons and unicorns are real. I wonder if Tristan will end up coming to deliver some medicinal biscuits with these two after all.

I really did enjoy this little excursion into Emily's home life. Her family seems really cool and they'd be ones to be incredibly proud of a witch in the family. I like that you can take us away from the character that we started the story from and take us away from the main setting of the story and have it still feel indisputably like the same story. Another astounding chapter!

Author's Response: Yee! Thank you!

I may or may not have actually sang that while cooking soup!

But yeah, I heard about the "Cabbage Soup Diet" a few years back--definitely bad news. It was a huge trend in the late 80s, when people used to chain-fax things (kind of like viral content now). And ugh, I have very unfortunately known of parents who disparaged their children in precisely the way Isobel's did, and it's just such a horrible thing to do. What's weird is that they weren't really evil parents otherwise, just so very insensitive to how hurtful it might be! And I've known many a girl to develop early, and feel a lot of self-consciousness for it :(

As for Elphias/Dumbledore--I suspect that might be real canon! I BET JK Rowling thought the same thing! Either way, I'm convinced! (A would LOVE to read a young Dumbledore/Elphias story)

As for Emily's parents, they are definitely the reason why she is generally the most chipper of the bunch. And I think living in such an open/supportive/liberal family, Emily would never have really developed much skill at lying ;)

Heehee! Lucas and Isobel sharing information was very much a fun way for me to show cultural acceptance. And since the Dursleys were so anti-magic, we never really got to see how a more accepting family might be interested, or adapt to the situation.

Thank you for what you said about this chapter still feeling like the same story! I think, in a lot of ways, Tristan is sort of the main character. But I still really think of it as an "ensemble."

Yee! I find myself so looking forward to your reviews! Thank you so much!


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Review #33, by Midnight spark Three Times Charmed

7th September 2014:
Finally, I'm here!

As usual, another great chapter!

I was laughing so hard when I read about Penelope. It was a nice change to read her like that. In most of the Penelope Clearwater stories I've read (which is, not many), she is portrayed as a sweet, innocent perfect girl. And the Penelope shown here is anything but that.

This story is living up to what I've expected: Fifteen year olds addicted to tobacco and what-not.

Sorry if the review is too short, I'm really tired right now, but I didn't want to delay your review anymore.


Author's Response: No worries! I DEFINITELY understand getting held up with reviews.

Heehee, I figured Penelope might be a little pompous at times--I mean, she went out with Percy Weasley after all. Then again, she might not be that bad, just that she would hardly get along with the likes of Laurel or Isobel ;)

Thank you again for the review!


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Review #34, by Gabriella Hunter Behind the Mirror

6th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums once again leaving you a review and I'm here a lot sooner than usual so that just makes me feel fantastic!

Ah, I see you are taking a bit of a break from our groups drama with this chapter and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. A change of pace is never a bad thing and I thought that this was a great little bit before we delve back into the story and I'm curious to see what might happen next, considering that all of the booze mysteriously disappeared. Or perhaps was drunk? I'm not sure but there's something about that that's got me thinking that things aren't going to go as simply as I think. Hm...

Anyway, I was glad to see that the gang had such a good time and I really loved the idea of the party for Tristan. The idea was really touching and I think that you're really good at adding in the slightest bits of canon from the actual books in the story--I noticed everything from that caved in secret passageway to the Weasley twins sudden knowledge of the kitchens--and it really makes your story come alive. I've always liked that you never put so much emphasis on those little details and they never take away from your plot, which is something that's very hard to do so great job as usual! :D

I really thought that, since this was generally fluff and awesomeness that there was going to be a moment between Emily and Tristan. They really did seem to get a bit closer and he seemed to appreciate all the work that she put into organizing the party and her gifts (I counted all of those tight hugs) so I'm wondering if anything is going to come from that? Perhaps that's just the flicker of a romantic heart that's getting excited but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

Also, I approve of using Blondie's "Atomic" but that's just because I am a music lover.

Now, I really enjoyed the last little scenes before the chapter ended with the Weasley twins. They're always a delight and I've never said this before I don't think but you write them so wonderfully! They feel very fluid and real, I can tell when some authors (Such as myself) have trouble keeping them in synch while also giving them life of their own so its just fantastic what you've done there. Also, they can't hold their booze. Hahaha.

I was happy to see the gang all together again and having a good time but Laurel's behavior is starting to worry me. I have a slight hunch on what might be troubling her and it might be a bit far out but I'll just keep that to myself right now! Hehehehe.

Well, I adored this chapter as you can see and everything was flawless as always! I hope to see you again soon! I, of course will leave a much gushier review for the next chapter.

Much love,


Author's Response: Yay, Gabbie!

I definitely tried to write at least one pleasant/fun/fluffy chapter per act in this story, to keep the story dynamic. And so I really indulged with the fun here. Hence: DANCE OFF!

I'll reference Occam's Razor/the principle of parsimony here: the simplest answer is usually the right answer :) So glad you noticed the booze got drunk! I introduced all these different boozes and bottles over the course of the chapter, and was hoping readers would keep an eye on what went where.

And YEE! I'm so glad you liked how I did canon here! I basically figured that I didn't need to make too much stuff up, since there was already so much to go on in canon. Need a place for a party? Go look through the wiki and find the most suitable secret room! And since the Twins didn't know about the RoR yet, that was out.

I'm SO happy that the reaction to the Twins has been good! They are SUCH great characters, and it's quite a challenge to rise to Rowling levels of humor. I decided since they are younger than the others, that I could give a slightly different, and also more personal perspective on them (plus: dramatic irony. Fred kind of emerges as the more responsible one, a little). And yeah, since they are only 13(!), I figured that if they *were* drinking, they would hardly be perfectly graceful and mature about it.

You have a hunch about Laurel??? What is it?? I wanna know!


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Review #35, by crestwood War Children

6th September 2014:
A helpful Snape is always an uncomfortable Snape. I love that he asks Tristan if he wants tea and then gave him some even though he said no. Tristan's stomach dropping at the sound of the name Longbottom just reminded me of how he freaked out when Neville was sorted!! This is bringing us really, really close to the Big Thing. You really allow no slight reaction to exist in a vacuum in this story.

Emily writing to Tristan's mom is the sweetest thing I've ever heard of. How in the world could you not absolutely love that girl. She even helped his mother with his Christmas gifts. What an amazing, thoughtful friend.

Of course his name means Child of Sorrow, it's only fitting.

I'm even more sure that Mary is not his biological mother now. It seems a lot like she took an orphaned/abandoned child home more than anything.

It's so sad that Tristan had to pick up and go off to Hogwarts right when he was beginning to develop more normally. Luckily he found his group of friends fairly early on.

Eddie seems to really be trying to help and I noticed that Tristan was very upfront and honest with him. Possibly because of the fact that he's a Muggle and Tristan obviously holds much stock by non-magical folk.

The run-in with Stuart was super awkward and kind of added insult to injury.

I love the correspondence between Tristan and Emily. Even through written word, they have this way about them.

I think the moment at which he finally signs his full name is a very important moment for him. Possibly it means he's accepting whatever it is he's been hiding. At least in the presence of Emily, who already knows, thanks to Peruvian potion ;D

Author's Response: Hahaha--this is Snape kind of trying to be Dumbledore. And, well, he's *trying* at least :)

Yeehee, Emily is a very Hufflepuffy kind of Hufflepuff. Therefore: best. friend. EVER.

There's this song called "Tristan" by Patrick Wolf, and I liked that it referenced the meaning of the name (lyric: "Sorrow by name and sorrow by nature.") After writing this, I went back and listened to the song for the first time in a long time--and OH MAN, it was such a subconscious inspiration for him! Every lyric suits this story with *weird* perfection! I'd say check it out, but it almost has SPOILERS.

And yeah, Eddie is a good guy. I really like both of his parents. I feel like the parents of teenagers are just as confused as their kids are, and are kind of making it all up/not sure what to do. And yeah, Tristan was *mostly* honest with his dad. MAN, I love the dialogue tag "lied." It manages so much in such a simple, short word!

Bringing the situation with Sophie back in some way was really important to me, so that people would remember what a bad foot Tristan started his school year on. But I didn't want to bring her back specifically, so Stuart was the perfect way to do that!

One reviewer noticed that Tristan's first correspondence with Emily is Ch3 was the most he'd talked so far. I definitely think they were right, and that Tristan is a lot more honest when he's sending letters to Emily.


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Review #36, by crestwood The Big Thing

6th September 2014:
The way you wrote the Peruvian potion was truly masterful. I love the idea of the shape of reality to be comparable to a fractal. The fact that they appear again and again in nature supports that beautiful sentence. This line, "Sometimes moments that seemed to be separated by years were in fact pushed up right next to one another" IS EVERYTHING. I hope you know I could write an entire essay about the implications of that line. The connection with the world that Emily felt in that moment gave me chills and left me contemplating and analyzing everything.

Then you lead into the Big Thing. This thing is apparently too big to see all at once, which makes a lot of sense because of the way you've been slowly revealing information about it to the reader. Brilliant. Everything is falling so perfectly into place.

The Wizards don't have souls line was so poignant. Emily's idea that there are a lot of truths that simultaneously exist is sneakily inserting principles of relativism into a story that I thought would be a fun little teenage dramedy. I want you to know that, with this chapter, you have officially written something so much more than that.

The fact that you describe Kurt Cobain's voice as sounding like the inside of Tristan merely means that he is only becoming closer and closer to a perfect picture of what I was like in high school. Connecting with Kurt Cobain on a deeper level, with a Vonnegut quote on his mind to boot. This story doesn't just feel like it was written for me; but about me.

The things Emily finds out about Marcus while they're mentally connected are kind of startling. He hates her because he is attracted to her and believes that she is worthless because she is stealing magic and influence from his family line. This takes the childhood 'if he's mean to you, he likes you' thing to a whole new level. I know that Umbridge said that muggleborns must have stolen their magic, but I didn't realize that anyone actually believed that. If anything, purebloods should realize that their efforts to continue the purity of such a small population will end up nothing but disastrous. Them stomping on his stereo was incredibly low of them. I can't even believe that happened.

So, Emily now knows the full extent of The Big Thing. I can't wait to find out what it is. Flipping the quote to be 'nothing was beautiful and everything hurt' was hauntingly beautiful and made my stomach do this strange lurching thing. More Bowie never hurts. Isobel's troubles only seem to be getting worse and worse. I'm afraid she may be the next to crash. The flashback of Emily and Tristan's first conversation was both touching and telling. I have a feeling the Big Thing is going to explain more than even I expect. This chapter was absolutely flawless.

Author's Response: !1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!I have no idea how to properly respond to this amazing review!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!

That potion was something that, looking at it, I've kind of been writing in my head for *years.* It was sort of a way to combine so many trippy philosophical ideas I've had into one thing. There's a touch of physics, biology, mysticism, and general psychedelia!

That Nirvana sounds like the inside of Tristan is based on a time when I was 17 when the Pixies sounded like my own interior! I'd had a terrible injury, and was hospitalized for over a month (all better now). I had a lot of *feelings,* and they weren't good. But the Pixies sounded like how I felt, but in a fun and exciting way. Music was really a wonderful tool for taking all this energy and transmuting it into something that felt good again. And I think that's why teenagers are *especially* sensitive to music, and *need* it so much--because their feelings are so much more immediate and scary.

Really, SO much of this story was inspired by my life, or the lives of people I know.

And I really pushed myself to be realistic in this story, even when it was hard or uncomfortable, and it's SUCH a huge payoff to hear that it resonates with you!

Ah! Marcus! So the whole blood-purity argument is so OBVIOUSLY stupid and flawed--but then again, so is so much prejudice in the real world! I have a hard time wrapping my head around racism, antisemitism, homophobia, etc. To think that people ACTUALLY have such absurd ideas, and feel them STRONGLY is crazy to me! So I really wanted to draw out Marcus' hatreds here. Also, that he's privately attracted to her has a lot to do with my own (overwhelmingly validated) suspicions about hateful people. (Headcanon: Death Eaters covertly purchase muggle nudie mags).

I can't REALLY take credit for inverting the Vonnegut quote. A very brilliant friend of mine once said that during study week at college (when I asked how he was doing), and it stuck with me. He was also massively hungover at the time.

Also, inverted, it has a more symmetrical rhythm!

Just: !


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Review #37, by crestwood Self-Spelling

6th September 2014:
So many things went wrong in this chapter! (in-story I mean. Not your writing. That's still beautiful) Isobel has now progressed from anorexia to bulimia and it's getting unbelievably bad for her. You write her eating disorders so well. You handle the thoughts of someone going through that with such care. You don't glorify it, but you don't condemn it. You treat it like what it is: a serious disorder and a mental illness. This is all SO realistic.

Seriously, I can't even begin to explain how well thought out this is. The plot points are all connected and slowly build, until one or more of them explodes and then they're replaced by a new set of things and there's just always something. All of the kids seem so real, like I could know someone just like them. Their personalities are more than complex. These very well could be real people with hopes and dreams and everything else that makes a fictional character seem not so fictional.

I knew Laurel's crash was coming, but that did not make it any less terrifying. I didn't realize just how terrible self-spelling could really be. I could just imagine the breathing and then finding her staring ahead, glassy eyed. That must have been traumatizing for Isobel to have to find her like that. The description of it all sounded a lot like a heroin overdose. I wasn't expecting it to get so serious, so fast.

I love that when they do schoolwork, they actually talk about the things that they are learning. It's refreshing to see someone really write about the magic they're supposed to be learning, even if it's not all wandwork.

Flitwick is a really nice guy for always trying to help, even if the main group doesn't necessarily want to accept it. I appreciate that he didn't point them out specifically, even though the entire class had no problems doing so themselves. I wonder if the rest of them will feel like enthusiastic about recreational magic after what happened to Laurel. This is getting even better now.

Author's Response: Aand that's the sound of those levies breaking!

Thank you SO MUCH for your comments about how I wrote Isobel's issues. Not romanticizing it was really important to me, but I also didn't want to make it seem frivolous or dumb. Like you said, a very serious mental illness! And I'd read an article about how eating disorders are *always* written wrong, by someone who suffered from one, and took as many points from that as possible.

And YEE, you noticed all the stuff! I'm doing a little jig right now. *I* could see how everything built and intricately connected, and I am SO SO glad that it came across! I was worried that, since there's no specific villain, or thing the characters want to achieve (succeeding in a quest, solving a mystery, landing a dream-boy), that it might just seem like a random series of events. But I guess one could say, the villain is "being a teenager blows" and the quest is "survive."

Aha, well spotted! I did indeed look up symptoms of a heroin overdose while researching for that scene, and then magicked it up with some canon for adverse spell reactions.

And the schoolwork: as a GIANT nerd, I couldn't help but have all sorts of philosophical curiosities, and really personally enjoyed writing their discussions about their homework :) Also, it is true in the real world, that sometimes the wildest/most out of control students at a school are also the cleverest. It is, I think, a combination of being under-stimulated, having a deeply carved sense of curiosity, and I predisposition towards open-mindedness and free thinking. As a result, these sorts of kids don't really listen when someone says 'drugs are bad,' are curious to try them and make up their own minds, and are bored enough to push it too far. Anyway, just something I wanted to explore!

And I'm so glad you liked Flitwick! I definitely wanted the adults to be dimensional--rather than antagonists *that just don't understand* and *are trying to keep them down, man.* At the same time, I wanted to write the realistic resentment that the kids would have, and then leave it up to the reader to interpret.



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Review #38, by crestwood Troll in the Dungeons!

6th September 2014:
Hello again!

This story can become quite sad, really. Even some of the lighthearted parts of this chapter have some pretty depressing undertones if you think about it. The group is getting pretty into those charms aren't they? Laurel especially, doing two charms to balance out her mood and then doing another Cheering charm to fool the others..that doesn't seem very safe, if you take into account the real world parallels. I wonder if you can build up a tolerance for charms and begin needing stronger ones to affect you. I feel that, in Laurel's case, we're soon to find out.

Tristan's sorting was unfortunate, especially since we know that he probably could have just asked the sorting hat to place him in another house and it probably would have bend to his will. I'm glad that he doesn't get around with the stereotypical Slytherins in this story, but at the same time I do wish that he had at least one friend in his own house.

For some reason, your face claims are really working for me. I love having that mental picture of the characters and they all look so great.

About your making sure that none of their schedules conflict with Harry's, that's so impressive! I mean, I have the Harry Potter wiki bookmarked myself, but you've gone above and beyond.

Funny that the main group is good in Charms class, because of course they are. Tristan actually seems to be reasonably good at most of his classes, although he doesn't really care. Also, I really enjoy a character who doesn't care if his house gets docked points. There must be someone with no house spirit in all of Hogwarts, but they never seem to get their own story. This IS that story.

Author's Response: Hello!!!

Yes and most definitely. They've been kind of pushing so many things--boundaries, their own tolerance--that something's gotta give. This chapter is very much the levies starting to get to stressed before they crack.

I definitely did a lot of research into real-world substance abuse to create parallels here, and Laurel's mix is kind of like a speedball (although the ultimate effect is supposed to be a sensation like opiates). I definitely think tolerance would become an issue (and there's canon for magical toxicity/tolerance: felix felicis!)

Ah! Thank you! You are the FIRST person to point out that Tristan could have just *asked* to be in a different house! That dramatic irony is what was supposed to make that memory so tragic! Then again, it might be a uniquely Gryffindor quality to argue with the hat in the first place. Either way, Tristan wouldn't have. He surrenders too easily :(

And I am SO VERY STOKED you liked the faceclaims! I spent about six months looking into different possibilities, and was quite pleased with the ones I chose! (Then I went back and revised the story, with those faceclaims in mind). I definitely wanted people who realistically looked like teenagers, so I chose actors who came to prominence as teenagers doing indie films. That way, they had enough moody/artful photoshoots to choose from--rather than all high fashion modeling and glamour. (I also made it a million times harder on myself, because I wanted them to wear ROBES, so they had to be photos that involved black or dark coloured sleeves). I'm just gonna go ahead and facepalm right now for being so obsessive.

Speaking of which--THEIR CLASS SCHEDULES. Making schedules for them actually made plotting out the story WAY easier, because I knew where they'd be and when :) (Also, just in CASE some reader pointed out that I'd previously said they had some class at some time, and then changed it).

And YES, Tristan is actually very bright--just massively unmotivated. He has so much resentment for the wizarding world that he doesn't even want to excel at school, since he doesn't like having to be there in the first place. :(((

Eeeh--I definitely think you really *get* this story, and it's so amazingly heartening to see you pick up on and appreciate all these things!

There are not enough Xs or Os in the world!

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Review #39, by marauderfan After

5th September 2014:
Omg, the line about he pin that used to say --- Slytherin and now only says --- ... how perfect, in a really dark way. Of course it says that.

Frank Bryce! Ahh, how did I not make that connection before now?! Mind blown. But at the same time I really shouldn't be surprised because you have a tendency to use surnames from the books. Also, seeing Frank's story in this light is so sad, because as the reader we know he was innocent, but everyone thouht he was guilty. :( Just so you know for editing purposes, there was a typo in the section where Eddie was talking about Frank, it said "you're" instead of "your". Otherwise it was flawless ;)

I also love that you included that conversation between McGonagall and Dumbledore. Obviously Dumbledore knew what was going on, and I appreciated that you (through McGonagall) pointed out the obvious flaws in that plan.

"That one,Ē Tristan pointed out the youngest Weasley. ďPlayed some chess. And that one,Ē he indicated to a manic little witch with a lot of hair, ďdid something clever with potions. The rest has a lot to do with some special rock.Ē -- Hahaha! You are too good at this. Best summary ever.

Rabastan - I knew that's what the R was! One of many guesses, I think, but it was in there somewhere :p Anyway, I just loved thst scene when Tristan finally tells his friends the truth and they all hug him. That was a long time coming. Aw

Wow, this whole chapter was full of catharsis and letting go of problems onto other people's helping shoulders, and it was nice to see Emily and Isobel talk things out. Even if Isobel didn't voice all of her concerns, and she'll probably still have some latent self esteem issues, but I think that conversation was a huge turning point for her - for both of them, really.

Definitely got chills while reading that scene in Azkaban. It was so dark and terrifying yet illuminating, and I think one of my favourite scenes in the story thus far. I'm glad Tristan visited his real father -sure it was by no means a pleasant experience, but it gave him some much-needed perspective, and confront his angst I suppose, and to see that he is not his father. When he came back and was actually HAPPY it was just so great, I'm so relieved things are taking an upward turn for him.

Stories have meaning; they are real whether or not they are true.†-- love it. You are a fantastic author and I love these little nuggets of wisdom you drop sometimes as an endnote, or in the story itself. Amazing chapter and I can't believe we're so close to the end! I hope you have a sequel in mind or at least another novel ;)

Author's Response: Hello!

Ahh! Thank you! The pin was one of my favorite parts too!

Heeheehee about Frank Bryce :) I dropped a few hints when Isobel visited Tristan. I know people probably figured out the big "R" reveal ages ago (man, when I first wrote this, I had NO IDEA everyone would be up on canon as much as me). I'm glad there was at least one "AHA" moment! But, like I mentioned on my MTA, I'm sort of OK with people figuring out about "R", since it was originally revealed in Chapter 10 (and then mostly the story was the same from there, just a few more specific references).

Yee--I'm so glad you liked the McGonnagall and Dumbledore conversation! A lot of people (less on this site, but elsewhere in the world) have pointed out the futility of a lot of Harry's quests (if he'd just left things alone, the stone woulda been fine). BUT a careful reader knows that Dumbledore really did set it all up to kind of train Harry. Which does, I think, make a big argument for Dumbledore's Machiavellian-ness--which is fine by me.

Hah--this story is, I realize, VERY DEFENSIVE of the Potter story! (It's sort of like, NUH UH THAT'S NOT A PLOT HOLE!)

"Catharsis" is such a great way to describe this chapter! I'm so stoked it came off like that, and that it worked!

!Azkaban! That scene ALMOST didn't make it into the story--that it's your favorite makes me feel SO RELIEVED that I made the right call! I felt really challenged to write Azkaban well, and was worried I wouldn't do it dark/terrifying/chilling justice. It was just such a big scene, and I would rather just cut it then not get it right. So YAY I'm so glad that what I tried to do worked out!

Man--as for a sequel, there are SO MANY options, and I just DON'T KNOW which one to do! I will probably ask people what they think after the story is all up.

Anyway, it's now time to post the last chapter and cry my eyes out! I can't believe it's almost over!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! That you've read and reviewed this whole thing means the world to me!


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Review #40, by Gabriella Hunter Three Times Charmed

5th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums dumping this review on you and man, you won't believe how upset I was about not being able to read/review this a lot sooner. I was actually pretty sick these past two days and while that was a really gross bit of suffering that I shall not get into, I'm glad to be back!

So, we're at Isobel now! I really love that each chapter as a different POV from the gang and so far, this one might just be my favorite (Next to Tristan's, I have a thing for him). Isobel seems really more blunt than the others with some of her views and I enjoyed reading about how she saw the others, there were some perceptive details that had me really curious. What I really liked about the beginning of this chapter is that Isobel didn't make any excuses for her companions or her own vanity, which is a bit refreshing, its nice to see a character that owns up to something everyone else would call a 'fault'. And this has nothing at all to do with anything but my goodness is she short! 5'2''? I'm about 5'8'' without heels so I was really surprised by that, I tend to think everyone else around me is tiny but anyway, moving on!

I was really surprised by the information about Emily's past relationships and I'm wondering what might happen if she ends up dating Tristan. I can understand why Isobel would be a bit annoyed, I don't want this to be solely for a sex thing but Emily seems to really like him so I'm just going to see how that goes for now. You've got me curious about Laurel as well, there's something going on with her that's got me a bit worried. I'd been wondering if she was a bit addicted to being Charmed and that also makes me a bit concerned about what she's trying not to think about. Hm...I'd like to know more about that, it might be something essential to the plot later and that is always a good thing.

Anyhoo, I really liked their adventure in Hogsmeade and Isobel's narration was hilarious on some points. Now, I'm a Percy enthusiast so I sort of squealed about seeing him in a scene with Penelope, even though it was a tad awkward...(Also, what exactly happened between Tristan and Angelina? I'm an Angelina/George enthusiast as well so that was something that sparked my curiosity) and I wonder, why didn't Laurel want to go into the Hogs Head? So many questions...

Anyhoo, I really enjoy the awesome bands that you introduce and talk about in this story. I know some people might not be all that interested but seeing as how I love music, I think that the contrast between Muggle/Wizard life is really brought into clearer focus. It sets up both worlds better in my opinion and its a great way to understand characters and the way they interact with one another (Isobel's thoughts on Tristan harping about Muggle discrimination was pretty interesting, I think.) so I hope that you show more of that in the future.

I hope the gang will be able to make it through their OWLs in one piece but I wonder if their smoking and Charm sessions will be a problem? I'm sort of not really sure right now but I hope you follow up on that later!

Another great chapter, no CC's that I could spot and your pacing was great as always.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello!!

Ah! I'm sorry to hear you were ill! Hope you're feeling better!

It's really exciting to me that different readers have their favorites :D I was hoping for that when I chose to write a cast of four very different characters!

And YEAH, Isobel is tiny! It's funny, because she comes off as the most mature of the group/is the most serious. But she's also the youngest and the smallest (she's almost a year younger than Tristan, since the cut-off age thing for Hogwarts is kinda weird).

For Emily, I really liked the idea of writing a highly sexually active character who doesn't fit the stereotype (because I've noticed in real life, that's usually the case). Definitely more on that later!

A lot of people have expressed curiosity about the Hog's Head thing, so I think I should go back and work on that. Laurel suggested it for precisely the reasons she outlined (they would probably serve them booze), and only walked out because it was so sketchy looking inside. I never meant for it to seem important or mysterious, so that is FOR SURE a fault of the writing. I'm really glad you've pointed it out, though, so I know how to go back and revise!

YAY for your comments about the music stuff! That was EXACTLY what I was trying to do! I definitely didn't want the music to be TOO gratuitous, but I wanted it to have a heavy presence, since this story is about expanding on what was absent from canon. I would say I like all the stuff mentioned, but I didn't want to just rattle off all of my favorite music in the story. Instead, I thought a lot about what was era and character appropriate, and what sort of worked as an exposition device (the lyrics were all VERY intentionally chosen!)

Whether or not the gang get through their OWLs in one piece is definitely the CENTRAL crux of this story!

Yee--thank you so much for this review! I'm so glad that this story is resonating, and that all the little things I tried to do are coming across! I really appreciate the thought and time you put into reviewing!


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Review #41, by crestwood Behind the Mirror

5th September 2014:
Okay, continuing my reviewing from last night. I wish I had more time so I could binge read this, but real life is too busy existing!! Nonetheless, I am here now, so I'll give you at least one tonight.

I really enjoyed this little piece of fluff here in the middle of a pretty angsty story. I liked to see the main group being a bit more social outside of themselves. The scene with Sir Cadogan was great, especially because we got some more Emily and Tristan time.

This is the most musically inclined fic I have ever read on this site. The party was one of my favorite party scenes ever. It's not that you didn't write that everyone was drinking and doing drugs/spells, but it didn't feel like it was all about that. It felt genuinely *fun* even without all of the substances. The music requests and their dancing and everyone getting along was a perfect birthday party for Tristan. Also, speaking of people getting along, I now ship Oliver/Tristan. I know that it isn't going to happen in this story, but I'm telling myself that in the future it might.

I love that Fred and George know all of this stuff about the castle thanks to the map, but they still had something to learn with the kitchens. It gives us a bit of what you where getting at in the summary about them teaching the twins everything they know.

Oh, and the gifts suited him so well. I mean, A Brief History of Time is like one of the most Muggle things there is (and actually showed up in the films) and I wish I could go back in time and listen to Nevermind for the first time again.

The study spells were a bit of genius. I didn't consider other reasons for abusing spells, but that's a great one. Also, the 'self-spelling' line reminded me of the stigma against drinking alone since that is also supposed to be the point at which you have stopped doing it for fun and begun a dependence. It's so interesting seeing all of these parallels to real life in this story. I'm so glad I skipped to this story in my review thread because I have been in desperate need of a long story to get obsessed with lately. I just love everything about this and I don't know if I'll ever have any CC for you because so far I'm afraid I am just admiring this amazing piece of work.

Author's Response: Hello again!!

Looking back at the way this story unfolds, it definitely has a three act structure--so there's at least one fluffier chapter per act to break up the angst. AND OH MAN, they were all so fun to write! I definitely debated with myself whether or not to go super self-indulgent here, and then said screw it and wrote an honest-to-god dance off :D (definitely listened to Billie Jean on repeat while I did that scene)

The music was all really fun here too, because I didn't want to just throw in a bunch of stuff I personally like. Instead, I focused on what worked best with the story, what was era appropriate, and tried to use it like an exposition device. That said, I feel like Tristan would probably be the kind of guy to go through a NIN phase at some point, and I just don't know that band super well, so they didn't make the cut.

YAY! I am SO STOKED that you are shipping Oliver/Tristan!!! It is, indeed, doomed--but it makes me SO happy anyway!

Haha, I put a WEIRD amount of thought into birthday presents in this story--and I totally forgot that Brief History of Time showed up in the films! And as a GREAT cameo, no less!

And yeah, "study spells"--definitely some real world parallels there. And you are super bang on about self-spelling! I sort of pictured is as holding similar stigma as drinking alone and shooting up, and having similar implications.

Your amazing kind words leave me at such a loss for what to say! THANK YOU!


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Review #42, by crestwood Three Times Charmed

4th September 2014:
You have really hit the teenage experience on the head. I don't know if you're a teenager yourself or just remember being one, but this is as accurate as I've seen depicted on this site. They have that 'nothing can harm me' mentality that comes with the age. I just love it. Burnouts are awesome in the Wizarding World. (there's some 90's terminology for you)

Isobel is a bit obsessed with her looks and it doesn't seem to be in a healthy way. Her comments about eating too much and how hard she was on her body kind of made me sad. I just hope she doesn't take it too far. It seems like Emily may be the most well adjusted in the group.

I found it funny that Isobel thinks that Emily has stopped seeing boys in order to wait for Tristan, I wonder if that's true. Her trip into town with Laurel was great to read. They made shopkeepers mad and lifted some things for free and I'd expect no less of Hogwart's resident Hex Heads. I actually also had a few thoughts about whether Tristan was gay but it was just a general feeling he gave me, not exactly based on fact and now we know that he had a thing with Angelina Johnson, however short lived. That isn't definite proof that he isn't gay though and I can still hope ;D

I wonder why Laurel left the Hog's Head so quickly. That was actually very strange, but Isobel didn't question it because of her charm, I'm sure.

I love the music scenes. Partially because I have an interest in the kind of music they listen to - but also because you just write them really well. You give a feel for the song and their reactions to it that even those readers who don't know the references can read along and comprehend.

I love Tristan's love for the non-magical population going past a fascination from a distance and that he really believes that their culture and people are just as important and valid. His hypothetical speech about 'othering' the Muggle world had quite a few real life parallels that I refuse to believe were accidental.

Also, Emily can get tea between meals because the Hufflepuff common room is near the kitchens!! You really did your research. I enjoy this so much. The time spent on exposition is perfectly fine in my opinion. It's amazing to sit back and watch the way you unveil these characters' traits and quirks. I just admire your work so much.

Author's Response: !!1!!11!!! I just CAN'T, Crestwood--you are a BEAST! Thank you so SO SO much!

I'm a little bummed because I wrote out a whole response to this, but it vanished. Probably for the best because it was WAY too long ;)

I'm almost a decade older than these kids now, and so I'm REALLY stoked that you find the teenagers accurate! I was really worried, when I started writing, that I was just too distant from that mindset. But once I got into it, tons and tons of memories came flooding back, and it became a lot easier to recall!

And speaking of nitty gritty teenage realism: Isobel's body image issues are just too common of a reality for me to ignore it in this story. I really wanted to touch on as many teen drama tropes as possible, in the context of the wizarding world. It was super important for me to write about the more sensitive topics accurately, rather than be reductionist, out of respect for people who have been through them. I hope you think I was successful!

And YEAH, one of the reasons I wrote about the "Tristan is straight" thing is because I started to reconsider him myself. Functionally, and for the purposes of the story, he's straight. BUT, I think that Tristan (like most people) isn't exactly 100%. He has, I imagine, the potential within himself for a more fluid sexuality, it's just that he hasn't explored it.


Hm, so the Hog's Head thing was really just supposed to be kind of funny. Like, Laurel walks in and then immediately turns around. It's sort of a visual moment, and I think I should go back and work on how that's paced. Ultimately, she leaves just because it's SUPER sketchy.

Yee--music! I *adore* the song "Hey" by the Pixies, so it was really interesting for me to think about why someone else wouldn't care for it :D

And YEAH, Tristan's ruminations on prejudice were heavily inspired by conversations I had in college!

Thank you SOSO much for your amazing, wonderful, insightful, BOUNTIFUL reviews! You are owed my first born!


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Review #43, by crestwood Loose Lips

4th September 2014:
There was a number of things I loved about this chapter. I keep writing these extremely long lists of things that I related to or thought clever or just want to discuss. This story really reviews itself.

Tristan's assertion that most Wizarding jobs are 'in the Ministry, or tangential to the Ministry' is something that I've done a lot of thinking about in the past. To a large extent it really is true, at least in canon. There isn't much mention of career paths that the Trio isn't interested in because we see it from their point of view, so I like to think of new and exciting jobs in the Wizarding world whenever I get a chance so I really did love that you had a similar thought. I adore the fact that he's having issues thinking of a career path that suits him.

THIS WHOLE SENTENCE 'It seemed like the worst kind of curse to Tristan, as portraits lived a kind of half-life, confined to two dimensions, watching the world pass around them' IS BRILLIANT IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. You just made me truly think about the extent of the sentience portraits have in the Wizarding world and whether they are content with never truly existing in the same realm as the one they can witness and interact with.

Also, I have ALWAYS wondered about non-Western magic. I'd love to know if it's different and if so, how?

The line about Emily attempting to 'rationalize him into being happy' was interesting. It made me consider if anyone has ever given a nuanced argument as to why my sadness or fear is unfounded and thus alleviated my unhappiness. I somehow doubt it.

It makes sense to me that Fred and George wouldn't want to smoke tobacco for some reason. Love the subtle reference to the twins having the Mauraders Map and the Ďa magic beyond all we do here' line was genius!!

I can definitely relate to the lengths he went to listen to Bowie because I'd be pulling my hair out if I had to go an entire term of school without any music at all.

Your end notes are almost as interesting to read as the chapters themselves. I love the effort you put into this. You even took the time to think about their wands in relation to their personalities, this is perfect. Thank you for all of this.

Author's Response: AH! Thank you so much!!! I'm so stoked that you're picking up on/interested in all these little ideas. This story is very much a teen dramedy in terms of stuff that actually happens, but it was also a way to explore these different curiosities I had and analyze the wizarding world!

I read somewhere that JK Rowling came up with the character of Harry Potter as an adult first, and reverse engineered him into a child/created the Potterverse as the place that shaped him. So, and I wonder if this comes across, I wrote Tristan to be a sort of anti-Potter. Whereas the wizarding world suits Harry, it doesn't suit Tristan.

YES--the sentience of paintings (and possibly, to a lesser extent, photographs) is a super duper big can of worms for me! Just HAD to address it!

My headcanon about nonwestern magic: so HP magic is largely coming from British/Western European mythology (Arthurian and the suchlike), plus some historical stuff (witch-burnings/alchemy). Potter magic is basically IT IS ALL LITERALLY REAL! So non-western magic would be LITERALLY REAL folk-magic and spiritual traditions. In this story, I sort of posit subtly that non-western magic is often more subtle/less wand-centric, and largely rejected by the British magical community.

And yeah, you can rarely debate someone into changing their feelings and emotions, but that never stops people from trying!

And totally about the Twins: sure, they might go through a spliff-smoking phase when they're teenagers, but I feel like they would still be kind of responsible/grounded about it. I wanted to point out here how experimental behaviors aren't exactly an "all or nothing" thing--and that there are degrees of substance use.

Yeah, I totally would have wandered around outside Hogsmeade with a stereo too :)

Aha, yes I researched their wands, gave them all birthdays/astrological signs, figured out their Myers-Briggs types, and even looked into what day of the week they were born on (to check against the "Monday's Child" poem. Was super bummed that Tristan wasn't born on a Wednesday, but his birthday has to be when it was. Emily was Sunday, though! Making her "Bonnie and blithe and good and gay!" Perfect!)

Thank you SOsoSosoSO much for your amazing reviews!


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Review #44, by crestwood R

4th September 2014:
I had to take notes while reading this because I don't want to miss something when I am explaining just how much I loved about this. This story feels like it was written for me. Tristan and I officially have ridiculous amounts of things in common. I mean he is reading Slaughterhouse 5 and hanging a poster of The Smiths. I didn't think I'd ever say that on this site. I also really loved the references to pre-Nevermind Nirvana and Tristan forgetting the Pixies' name!

I am going to fall more and more in love with this because Tristan truly reminds me of myself. We are certainly both fans of the subversive. It's so cool to read about a Slytherin in this time period who isn't terrible. That kind of character usually isn't written about until the Next-Gen. Also, I endlessly wonder what his middle name is and why he wants to hide it. It must be terrible.

Emily is definitely a Hufflepuff. I loved the peak into her past, especially since Tonks was there being amazing! Emily seems to be the closest to Tristan out of the group. And speaking of him again, I wonder what was up with his reaction to Neville being sorted.

We're seeing a bit more of the addictive side of cheering in this chapter. I wasn't sure if you would explore that aspect, but clearly you're headed there, which is great and could lead to some really interesting storylines. Your Snape was perfectly in character, as was Dumbledore. I can tell you've done a ridiculous amount of research before writing this. This is shaping up to be getting more and more mindblowing each chapter, really.

Author's Response: THIS WAS MY 100th REVIEW! Thank you SO MUCH!

Haha, being stoked on muggle music and culture seemed precisely the right way for a reluctant Slytherin to rebel ;) I am so very very relieved that you actually liked all these references! I don't think readers really have to already know the books or bands intimately to enjoy the story, but I do think that if you do, the story has a bit more depth (there is even some foreshadowing done entirely through music!)

Yay! I'm so glad that you like Tristan, and feel like he resonates! He definitely has a number of really great qualities, but I worry that some readers get really frustrated with him, because he gets very angsty as the story progresses. Hopefully, by feeling some kinship with him, it'll help you power through all the bummery bits with sympathy :)

Spoiler: "R" stands for "Rumpelstiltskin." Okay, not really :P (but another reader did jokingly guess that!)

I am a HUGE Hufflepuff fan, and I definitely wanted to write an awesome Puff character, since the whole House tends to get kind of overshadowed or written off. Same way I wanted to write a Hogwarts era Slytherin who wasn't evil :)

As for cheering--they learn that in their third year, but it never showed up again in canon. Seems like if you CAN make yourself cheerful whenever, people would do it a lot. But then again, like anything mind-altering, it must have its downsides, or some level of social stigma. I wanted my story about wizards to be realistic, after all ;)

Thank you so much for the amazing kind words, I am so flattered and giddy right now! Ah! Your reviews absolutely made my day, thank you sososo much for taking the time!


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Review #45, by crestwood The Hex Head Express

4th September 2014:
Tristan's group is really amazingly introduced here. We get this perfect feel for each of their personalities within this one chapter. It's really rare to read about a group of friends with three girls and one guy, but for some reason I just really love it. These kids are just kind of awesome. The Skins comparison is making a whole lot of sense to me now. Tristan doesn't seem to be very much like Tony though. In a way, he seems more like Sid so far. He doesn't seem to be a terribly outgoing person, although that could just be the result of his current mindstate after the Sophie incident.

You have really separated all of the characters so quickly. They're all friends and have their points at which they are similar, but each still has a very distinct personality of their own. It was awesome to see Fred and George before they became friends with Harry. They seem like they enjoy the main group and find them cool, but don't necessarily take part in everything they do. They just exist on the outskirts almost.

I love your rotating point of views. It'll give us a good idea of the events of the story from multiple different viewpoints and the narration will certainly stay fresh. The Muggle references were so great, especially the Velvet Underground!! I'm starting to think Tristan and I have the exact same taste.

The humor in this was just so funny. It was just enough that I could laugh, but not so much that I'd call this a comedy fic. You just slipped hilarious moments into an awesome teen drama. Hufflepuff being Ganja house and Isobel's happy intense look stood out to me as especially funny. Your use of canon is incredible. Little passing remarks and references that ground this in the Harry Potter universe. They're all perfect. I have a feeling this story is going to get really incredibly good as it continues. I am already in love with the characters, I have to say. Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Haha--I definitely always hang out with the kinds of guys who mostly hang out with girls (good people, them). But you're right, friend-groups in fiction are usually equally mixed, or one girl/more guys. I hadn't really thought of that before! I guess since I know this kind of group so well, it was easiest for me to write. And I feel like Tristan is the kind of Dude who wouldn't get along with other guys super well (he'd feel easily intimidated, or uncomfortable).

Oh no, Tristan is no Tony. I used Cassie as a faceclaim for Emily, but mostly just because she fit the best and had the right kinds of photos. Emily is definitely more psychologically stable. None of them were really directly inspired by the Skins characters, BUT AS A FUN THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Tristan might be Sid mixed with a little bit of Freddie and Effy; Isobel is sort of Jal+Naomi; Laurel is Chris+Michelle; and Emily is Maxxie, with just a dollop of Cassie and, hah, EMILY (Fitch) :)

And yeah, the Twins definitely don't take part in everything they do. While they might be trouble makers, I think they are a little more solid than Tristan and his friends :)

I'm glad you're ok with the musical references, I know some people might feel like it's too much, but music was so conspicuously absent in canon that I wanted to do it up here. Imagine being 15/16 and not being able to listen to your favorite music for months on end! Terrible! And it was especially fun to really play with the era, and think of what sorts of music someone like them in 1991/92 would listen to!

You are absolutely right, and comedy isn't the main focus of this story, but I wanted it to have moments anyway (to break up all the ANGST). I'm so glad you thought it was funny, and that all the little jokes came off!!

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Review #46, by crestwood Dozens of Little Televisions (1991)

3rd September 2014:
Hi Roisin!

I apologize for the ridiculous amount of time it has taken me to get around to leaving these reviews. I usually handle my review thread from shortest story to longest, but lately I've just been getting an overflow of posts and this kept being pushed back, so I decided to break my little rule to come check this out.

The idea of this story is kind of right up my alley. Maybe because I love Skins, maybe because I wanted to see how you handle all of the minor characters you mentioned, maybe because you used the phrase 'meta-analysis of the implications of the Potterverse.' Whatever it was, I have been DYING to read this story.

Recreational magic is an idea that I've never thought about at all but I really think it is so clever. I can't imagine that teens wouldn't use it in that way now that I think about it.

Sophie is a pretty well-drawn out character for someone who isn't even central to the story. (I assume) Her thoughts are an interesting start to the chapter and more importantly, they give us that wonderful, inventive scene in which she thinks of Wizarding photographs as 'dozens of little televisions.' The way Tristan's father explained away the photographs was a bit of quick thinking. It's almost a shame that they had to Obliviate her, considering that she fully bought that excuse anyway. I also enjoyed Tristan's philosophical musings about whether he and Sophie's night had 'counted.' This really is so good and the best part is that it's only the beginning! I can't wait to see what kinds of things Tristan gets up to at Hogwarts. Great start!

Author's Response: Oh my god, Crestwood, you RULE!!! Thank you so much!

I was so surprised that recreational magic isn't really a thing on this site! It seemed so obvious to me, because you know, *teenagers.* If they can, at least some will.

And I'm glad you thought Sophie was well-drawn out! She was definitely sort of a throw-away introduction device, but I still wanted her to be realistic, and a full person (also, having her guide the inro would be very boring, I think, if she didn't have ANY depth).

And THANK YOU for commenting on Tristan's philosophical musings! You're the first person to mention it, and it was very much the point of the chapter! Magic opens up all these little possibilities, and I wanted to see how they influenced the teenage experience :)/:(


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Review #47, by AlexFan War Children

2nd September 2014:
Iím in a much better mood today so I wonít be as pessimistic. With the way that Tristan is smoking, the boy is going to get lung cancer before he even hits thirty. He needs to slow down and watch himself (but seriously, is no one learning from what went on with Laurel?) Also I thought it was kind of cute how Tristan actually considers running from Snape, thatís cute sweetie, you think you can actually run from Snape? The man invented Sectumsempra, he can stop a teenage boy from bolting from trouble.

I liked how Snape offered tea and then gave Tristan tea even though heíd refused. ďYou donít want tea, have some tea, I donít care.Ē Snape isnít even being a warm person, but him showing any concern for any student is probably the warmest that he would ever get but yes, itís definitely weird. I think you still kept him in character however despite that so I applaud you. Severus Snape isnít an easy character to write.

I like how you showed that Tristanís parents were in fact worried about him. I didnít really get that impression the first time around but taking a look at his home life now, I can see that Mary and Eddie really do care but they just donít know how to show it. Tristan isnít a little boy anymore, Mary canít coddle him like she used to and Tristan seems to like being touched even less than before. Add on the fact that no one in the family seems to talk much and itís like Tristanís parents donít even know who their child really is anymore.

Every time I read your story, I realise exactly why I donít want to have kids when Iím older, but Iím still enjoying reading this! Also, I thought Iíd let you know that now that schoolís started, Iíll be taking longer to leave my reviews!

Author's Response: Hah, no, I don't think anyone *is* learning from what happened to Laurel--because teenagers are immortal ;)

And yeah, good thing Tristan didn't bother running! Then again, Snape just wanted to give him tea--and awkwardly try and solicit a conversation about Tristan's *feelings.* I thought there was something VERY cute about Snape trying to do that, as he was so out-of-his-element. I'm so glad you thought I kept him in character!

Yeah, I definitely think that Mary and Eddie are also rather out-of-their-element when it comes to their son. Parenting a child is very different, I imagine, than parenting a teenager--and no one strategy works on every kid. All the parents are kind of making it up as they go, and just as lost as their kids are.

Haha, writing this story, I wanted to give all of my friends' parents BIG OL' HUGS :)

Don't worry about taking longer on reviews, school is more important!


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Review #48, by Gabriella Hunter Loose Lips

1st September 2014:

This is Gabbie with your requested review and I'm a tad late but I was battling with writer's block and it was not pretty.

Anyway, on to this! I was really happy to get back to Tristan's POV, I really think that he's an interesting characters. He's very hard to understand on some levels but on others, I can really follow his train of thought--I especially liked how conflicted he was about muggle society versus the wizarding world while also acknowledging how far behind wizards were in terms of simple things. I'm curious about what Tristan will end up doing with himself though and I can tell that he's a bit panicked about where his life will take him, he doesn't seem particularly interested in being in the wizarding world and I wonder how that will play a part later for his character. I do wonder why he's so withdrawn though and even with his friends, he admitted that he was more of an observer rather than a participant and I'd like to know more about him.

Now, I don't blame him for hexing Wood (Also nice job of having Wood being kind of a prat, that's a side to him we don't see often) and I liked that you showed a different side to the Gryffindors. Usually in stories they're portrayed as being very good natured or, God help me, nice and that gets a bit old. I personally think that Gryffindors have the tendency to be a bit smug and you showed that when Tristan was ambushed by Wood and his friends. I've said this before but this story makes me think of Hogwarts in a more realistic way and while there's magic and whatnot, I can see that it IS a school and has more than its share of issues. Tristan towards the end earned even more of my love, I can understand why he wouldn't want to be anywhere near his fellow Slyherins (Well, the stuck up ones anyway) and his snappy comment towards Reece and his cronies was perfection. I feel like Tristan belongs in one place, wants to be in another but is forced to be somewhere he despises but I might be wrong but I think its really great to read. A complex character for sure is more interesting to men than one who is so hopelessly perfect and happy. Anyway, thanks so much for the read (I wonder what's going on with Laurel? I didn't forget about that scene, I'm sure you'll follow up on it soon) and feel free to re-request!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello again!
Bah, what is lateness? There is not lateness!

Man, I'm still so surprised I wrote Tristan! I kind of had to reverse engineer him :) Like, I wrote out the whole first draft of this story, and only THEN did I get to know him. After that, I went back and rewrote the story so that he was that person. I hope by the end, you feel like you know him too!

Thank you! I was so worried about people's reaction to Wood at first, since most other Hogwarts stories in this era ship him--but so far it's been really good! I feel like in canon, he had a few wee flaws. He could be loud, Quidditch obsessed, and a little over-aggressive. Since he's only fifteen here, I really wanted to draw out those qualities, and see how they would bristle Tristan. They were definitely both in the wrong at some point--Tristan totally didn't need to hex Wood (or his geranium!), and then Wood totally pre-judged Tristan and resorted to mild violence.

I kind of picture Tristan as being self-sabotaging. He resents being a Slytherin so much that he avoids ever engaging in his (positive) Slytherin characteristics. Like, he would be much less frustrated if he just let himself be ambitious :(

AH, it is SUCH a big compliment that you think this story makes Hogwarts more realistic! Thank you!!! I feel like Harry only really missed all this stuff because he and his friends were too busy battling evil!

Thank you SO MUCH for the review, and I'm glad to hear you vanquished your writers block! Your thread looks like it has a lot of demands on it right now, so I'll wait until you have a proper spot open, and mind your sanity!


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Review #49, by teh tarik Loose Lips

31st August 2014:
Hey hey!

Ah, I've been wanting to get back to this story and read about the Hex Heads with all their teen angst and ganja smoke since like, forever! So yay! And hello again, Tristan. I love how downbeat and downtrodden and downcast you've written him, and what a complete contrast he is to cheerful Emily Sunshine Madley (I can't get over her brilliant name :P ). Interactions between her and Tristan are so amusing to read about, how Emily gets a tad impatient and almost indignant whenever Tristan is feeling so miserable with himself. He's such an individualistic and non-conformist character, and I appreciate how much trouble you took to researching the type of wand he should wield in order to have some match with his personality.

One of my favourite things was seeing him hex Wood. Wow, Wood is such a jerk. :P Definitely a very refreshing portrayal of Wood! You've accentuated some of his worst characteristics, which are only very briefly touched upon in the books (e.g. his Quidditch mania, bullishness and loudness etc.) and I really love this angle of his portrayal! And I was a bit startled to see him and his other Gryffindor mates threaten Tristan, who's all by his lonesome. They're such a contrast to Fred and George.

Speaking of Fred and George, am loving the way they pop up here and there, spliffing away with the Hex Heads time to time. They're kind of like news-bringers from other parts of the school, especially since these Hex Heads are so absorbed in their own selves and their own mind altering activities to care too much about other things going on in school.

And I love Tristan's Loose LIps jinx by the way. That would have been hilarious to see!

I'm wondering about Laurel and Isobel, though. There's something clearly going on with Laurel. Isobel was hardly present in this chapter; I don't know how difficult it is to ensure the characters maintain strong individual presences and characterisation each time they appear as a group, especially since these are all OCs, but I think sometimes characters can get overshadowed? Generally, though, you do a great job at writing and depicting your OCs as unique individual characters!

Great chapter; I'll be on to the next one soon!


Author's Response: OH MAN, the research. I also did the Myers-Briggs types for each of them, and figured out what day of the week they were all born on (SO disappointed that Tristan wasn't a Wednesday, as in "Wednesday's child is full of woe" from the Nursery Rhyme). BUT, Emily was "born on the Sabbath day"--making her "bonnie and blithe and good and gay." Score 1!

I'm definitely no Wood hater, but YES--I figured those qualities alluded to in canon would definitely bristle Tristan. And as a Gryffindor, no shade, BUT the characteristics for every House ('cept maybe Hufflepuff) could be either bad or good. So Slytherin doesn't *have* to be evil, just like Gryffs might totally be loudmouthed and needlessly aggressive. Gryffindor was so glamorized in canon, I definitely wanted to look at it another way.

AH! The twins--I really like that analysis actually. I sort of went to High School with a guy like that. He always knew what was going on, and had managed to steal keys to EVERY room. Plus, he had a similar sense of humor. Now that I think about it--I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH FRED WEASLEY. This TOTALLY supports my "the twins would definitely smoke spliff" claim, as that guy for sure did!!!

Laurel and Isobel will each have their hour. Over the course of the story, the characters take turns getting pulled up to the front, at other times, they are definitely over-shadowed. Or at least, I was going for that--definitely let me know how you think I balance them all out over the course of the story!


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Review #50, by TidalDragon Behind the Mirror

31st August 2014:
I enjoyed this chapter with the increased interaction between the core group and other individuals. It hearkened back to the idea of house unity that you brought up as one of their goals, and I thought having that be addressed the context of Tristan's birthday party with everyone contributing (even Oliver, who buried the hatchet) and dancing to Muggle music was a nice touch.

Still, you managed to sprinkle in some nice clues about Laurel's ongoing issues and demonstrate some of what you mentioned in the summary about the group teaching Fred and George things about Hogwarts. I missed the booze clue personally, but perhaps it will pop into my head later if it's going to become a thing.

My only bone to pick was how quickly Fred sobered up. I suppose strictly speaking he wasn't as drunk as George, but he was still drunk enough to throw up, which makes his return to relative sobriety a little hurried to me, but oh well.

See you next chapter (though I don't think I'll make it all the way through by the end of the day, I've added this to my reading list to finish up and follow as much as I'm able. It's very unique and enjoyable so far)!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you! I'm really happy that themes that got introduced earlier, and later get further examined or resolved, is coming through! I'd never written long-form fiction like this before, and the distance between "have idea in head, put down words, words make idea in other people's heads"--while BASIC, is fascinating to me! That it's working is amazing!

The booze clue isn't a huge deal--the answer is: compare the amount of booze left when Emily leaves the room for the kitchens, with the amount left when she returns the next day. But the story will get there anyway :)

Good point about Fred--I guess he puked out of solidarity, and sometimes people sober up rapidly after vomiting, but overall I think you're right. I'll try to clarify that when I revise.

Thank you so much for reviewing! Because of you, this story is creeping up to 100 reviews, which is a MAJOR milestone for me :)

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