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Review #26, by Singularity As If By Magic

9th December 2012:
I apologize in advance for how disjointed this review is. I'm kind of writing it as I go through, so bare with me.

I just loved Ron's reflections at the beginning of this chapter about how he had never had close family and friends, and how it doesn't seem strange to him since he was an only child. It was pretty heartbreaking. Of course you miss them, Ron. You have the world's best friends and family!

Can I just say, that little tidbit about George seeing a therapist after bouts of wandering around naked was pure gold. I laughed out loud. Priceless :D

I love how tidbits of their old relationship are slipping back in without them really understanding or even being aware of what is happening. Hermione scolding Ron about his table manners, Ron goading Hermione about always being in the library. It's so great to watch them get to know each other and (hopefully) fall in love again.

Gah! It kills me that Harry was right there and didn't see them! Dang stubborn Harry, if you would have just given in to your weird feeling for three seconds you could have found them! I am glad that Hermione had a twinge of familiarity when she saw him. It would have broken my heart if she hadn't felt anything upon seeing him.

The scene of Ron and Hermione in the Leaky Cauldron was so fantastically written. You really captured what it would be like for two "ordinary muggles" to accidentally stumble into the Leaky Cauldron. Leave it to Hermione to be so logical about the entire situation. I loved what you wrote about Hermione feeling like denying magic is a lie. Especially the part about how it's the same type of lie as her life with Jonathan. She's denying who she truly is, even though she isn't aware of that yet. It was a really great, touching, well-written moment.

And then you threw in a foul-mouthed Jarvey. Hysterical. This story is just getting better and better.

Ah, Harry and Ginny. I really like the way you are writing their relationship. You really get a feel for the depth of their feelings for one another and for Ron and Hermione. I found it a bit surprising at first that Harry had moved on from looking for them, but the more I read this story, the more sense it makes. Harry is used to loss. His whole life had been a series of losing the people he cares for the most, so he knows how to push it aside and move on. It's the only way he could still be functioning at this point. That being said, I'm so glad that Ginny is keeping up the search. And now that Crookshanks is involved I sense a very confusing, but hopefully happy reunion in the future! *fingers crossed*

This was an absolutely fabulous chapter. Definitely my favorite so far, which is saying something since I'm kind of in love with this story :D

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Review #27, by Roots in Water Loneliness

9th December 2012:
Well- I'm back for another chapter in another installment in the Review Swap!

Wow- you've certainly move the story along quite nicely in this chapter! To begin, I really enjoyed the first scene in the story because it showed that there were more cracks in Hermione's relationship with Jonathan than just her missing past. It's not that he's a bad person... But he seems rather uncompromising and he doesn't seem to realize that Hermione doesn't enjoy the parties. He's stiff and rule-bound... And now I truly am making him seem like a bad guy. Ah well- at least Hermione has good reasons to give when she breaks up with him. Because she will. To return to Ron. And her proper life.

Ron's section was also very well done. It's nice to know for sure that the connection was felt on both sides and that he wants to figure out what's missing from his past as well. The nurse was mean, but I do understand why she wouldn't give him the information. Ron had no legal reason to be asking for it and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want my private information to be given out willy nilly.

And then here I thought Ron was going to have to wait for two weeks before he would be able to track Hermione down at the hospital... You've certainly made their lives a lot easier with this accidental bumping-into. Something tells me that Hermione may end up cancelling the trip she's taken with Jonathan (or at least be a lot less enthousiastic about going on it).

I liked Ginny's section in this chapter as well, especially since it means that Ginny's found a link to Ron! They're all coming together, slowly but surely, and she also has a hint about how Ron and Hermione forgot their past! Yay!

However, I do have one small piece of critique. I suggest that you include more emotional detail during the part where Ginny discovers the Memory Dust because it seems a little odd that she would go straight to the cupboard. I think that a little description about how she found the glow very curious and she couldn't deny her curiosity would really help to explain why she approached the cupboard.

All in all, I think that you're continuing to do a great job with this story! It's very interesting and definitely fast-paced, which is great because it means that we're getting much closer to Hermione and Ron's reunion! Great work! :D

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Review #28, by LovlyRita Living in a Lie

8th December 2012:
Hello there!

Well, this is you 96th review on this story, so my guess is I will say absolutely nothing in here that you have not already heard.

I absolutely loved this. What a unique idea. I really don't even want to write this review, I just want to keep reading what you have here, but I shall refrain :)

First of all, one thing I really liked about the characters of Ron and Hermione was that even though they were living completely separate and seemingly Muggle lives, they both felt this component that was missing, something that wasn't entirely right. This of course could be due to the fact that they are missing all their memories, but it serves just as well to say that they miss each other. The void in their life is large.

Believe it or not, I also really like that they have moved on with their lives, gotten jobs, perhaps relationships. They are making it on their own, despite their family looking for them this whole time.

You build suspense so very well, and this is such a shocking beginning to the story, what with Ron's car accident and all. I felt completely captivated throughout the entire thing. The writing was smooth and the transitions between each POV was flawless. Sometimes that transition can feel clunky but I didn't get that feeling here at all.

I also think you have good transitions between dialogue and narrative. The dialogue feels natural, and again, adds to the overall flow of the story

I thought this was brilliantly done, excellent job :)

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Review #29, by teh tarik Sleep Don't Weep

7th December 2012:
Hellloo there Liz! Returning a review for the Holiday Review Swap thing :D Thanks for your lovely review; I'll get down to replying soon! I was initially undecided on whether I should review the first chapter or whether I should carry on reading from where I left off with this fic :) In the end I was really curious about where your story was heading to, so I went right on to this chapter.! The tension and the drama and the conflict and everything are really building up here. You've managed to do a lot of things with this chapter; the pacing is wonderful and very controlled, and even with all the emotional highs and lows, you also managed to reveal new information! So the Malfoys are coming into the picture now; this just gets more and more intriguing. The scene in the shop was done very well; the exchange between Arthur and Harry was convincing, and at the same time, I think Arthur reacted very realistically. You've managed to portray his anger as well as his grief at Fred's death and Ron's memory loss very nicely. And I especially love the sense of umm...'partnership' (for lack of a better word) between Harry and Arthur! It was an interesting combination, and I think it worked really well and certainly did give your story variation in character interactions and dynamics (I haven't read the earlier chapters so this might be a recurring thing, apologies!).

And that bit with Ron and Hermione was so lovely :) I was sort of grinning like an idiot! Their high and low moments with each other are handled so well. Such lovely contrasts :) And that final scene was just too painful - Ron telling Hermione to leave when she's in such a vulnerable moment. It's really sudden, but not unrealistic, given Ron's very strong sense of family and that inherent Weasley protectiveness toward family.

All in all - a great chapter! I love the drama of this chapter and all the unresolved tension...and the characterisation as usual was really strong. Great work - I hope to read more soon :D


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Review #30, by CambAngst Sleep Don't Weep

7th December 2012:
Ho, ho, ho, and Happy Holidays! This is your Holiday Review Swap Extravanganza Thingee review! Also, frankly, a good chance for me to get back into your story.

For Arthur and Harry's section in the demolished shop in Knockturn Alley, I was of two minds. First off, I really liked what you had. I don't know why more fan fic writers don't think of Arthur as a wizard who's very capable of stepping up and being part of solving a mystery. He's a high Ministry official and a very experienced member of the Order. His contribution to exploring the shop seemed very valuable. Hold on one second while I say something to Harry...


Sorry, where was I? Right, back to Arthur. I thought his reaction to finding the Malfoy signet ring in the shop made perfect sense. He's probably never going to forgive Draco's family for all of the horrible things that Lucius tried to do to him over the years. It would be one thing if it all just affected Arthur, but it also had an effect on his family, and I don't see Arthur ever completely getting over that.

I really wished that the scene in the shop had been longer and more involved. Harry and Arthur were going into a potentially very dangerous situation. Also, any little thing -- a scrap of paper, a footprint, a curse burn -- could have been a clue to Ron and Hermione's disappearance and memory loss. I would have expected both of them to be on high alert. Lots of tension and small details and making their way very slowly and gradually through the shop. Harry should have been using all of his super-groovy Auror crime scene analysis spells. I realize the main point of the scene was for them to find the ring, but I felt like you could have added a lot more drama and made it all much more real.

Sigh. And then comes the aftermath of the phone conversation between Hermione and Jonas that poor Ron overheard. You brought a lot of powerful emotion to this scene. I loved Ron's desperate need to keep her near and Hermione's heart-breaking confusion and internal conflict. He makes every argument -- passionately -- that she's already having with herself. The loss of her parents, one of her anchors in her old life, weighed really heavily on her, but Ron isn't letting her off that easily. Then comes...

THE KISS! Yesss! And this time it's him! And she knows it's right. She feels it and if there was any doubt, I think what happens next removes it:

"The sudden loss of Ron from beside her felt like a giant glitch in gravity, and her head was spinning" - I'm a physics geek by training, but I don't think that has anything to do with why I love this line so much. It was brilliant!

The way their scene ends is just amazing, too. He puts her to bed. It's so sweet! When she snuggles up to him and falls asleep, everything feels right in the world.

But everything is not right. Oh, no. Far from it. Pacing, pacing, pacing. Three steps forward and two steps back. Ordinarily, I think I would have had a hard time buying into the idea of Hermione snapping at Molly the way that she did. It seemed so far out of character. But you sold it so well, playing up all of her internal conflict and how disgusted she feels with herself for not having the courage to be honest with Ron. It all turns into venom and Molly is unfortunately the closest available target. I wonder whether she was telling Hermione to be careful with Ron for Ron's benefit or Hermione's benefit? We'll never find out, I suppose.

Poor Ron. His reaction was brilliantly in character for him. This is the Ron I remember from his younger days in the books. The Ron who doesn't handly adversity well at all. The Ron who's paranoid about finding himself on the outside looking in. And he lashes out with all of the hurt and insecurity he's been feeling. It's sad, but it makes sense.

So many highs and lows in this chapter! You're killing me, you know that? Absolutely killing me! But I love it and I wouldn't trade it for all the premature happy endings in the world. Very nicely done!

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Review #31, by Roots in Water Risky Business

7th December 2012:
Hello! I decided that I couldn't resist seeing what happened when Ron and Hermione met for the first time since the incident that separates them.

And oooh- it looks like they will be soon working closely together, now that Hermione's determined to learn the truth of her past! I wonder if their memories will start coming back as they spend time together or if there's some barrier between them and their memories that they have to unlock...

I really like how you're writing their perspectives. It's really fascinating to see how they almost remember each other... It's also frustrating. Ron almost remembers Hermione; Hermione almost remembers Ron. In particular I really enjoyed Ron's thoughts about how Hermione's name sounds familiar- "as though he had heard it hundreds of times"! I'm really looking forward to the moment where they do regain their memories (though I know I'm jumping ahead of myself here).

However, I do feel sorry for the people they will have to leave behind. I can already see Hermione breaking off her engagement with Jonathan (that was his name, right?) and it's sad because he probably feels better about their relationship than she does. He proposed to her, after all. At least Ron's friend in the store doesn't have too many romantic expectations.

I do wonder, though, how Hermione is a doctor. Even though she has the knowledge (I don't doubt that) I'm curious to know if she has the correct degrees. I know that, at least in my country, the process to becoming a doctor takes many years- much longer than just three years (about ten, I believe). Where did she get her qualifications from?

All in all, I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm really curious to see how Hermione will seek to learn the truth about her path. Great work! :D

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Review #32, by Singularity Loneliness

7th December 2012:
I read the first couple chapters of this story a long time ago, so I am so excited that you posted on my review page and led me to rediscover it! I absolutely love the concept and am looking forward to seeing where you take it!

You write Ron and Hermione very well. You've taken them out of the context that we're used to seeing them in, but they are still completely recognizable as themselves. The details about how they each are handling the fact that they have lost their memories are especially telling. You've nailed their characters...of course Ron would just not think about it too much, and of course Hermione would completely overthink it :P

Ron/Hermione is my favorite ship, so I absolutely love that they can feel the connection between each other, even if they can't remember one another. It's so sweet and romantic and I just love it. :D You've also done a really great job with writing their other relationships and how they both feel that something is a little off. I'm such a hopeless romantic, so that just makes me feel all fuzzy inside :P

You also just write really well. The section where Ron is reflecting on loneliness is especially well done.

I look forward to reading more of this story!

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Review #33, by Roots in Water Living in a Lie

6th December 2012:
Hello! I'm here in response to your lovely review and I'm so glad that I chose this story to read. I think that you have a very interesting premise here. I find it curious that you didn't start the story at the moment of the incident that caused their memory loss- will you be exploring this later on in the story? If so, I look forward to understanding the origin of this problem.

I do think that this was a very interesting way to start the story. Immediately you've introduced us to not only one problem but two (at the very least); one, that Hermione and Ron have lost their memory and two, that they've started lives of their own and thus can't melt easily back into a relationship. The loss they both feel will probably make it easier for them to regain their emotional connection but I can't imagine that they'll abandon their new significant others easily, if from a sense of guilt if nothing else.

I really liked how you ended this chapter with the possibility of a reunion (I am correct in my guess that that was Ron being wheeled into the emergency room?) It certainly made me very intrigued and curious about the next chapter! I do imagine that if it is Ron that their lives will be colliding permanently now.

One thing I did notice, though, was that in the first paragraph of a section you tended to include a lot of details in a short space. Though the details were fantastic, I would try and spread them out- perhaps increase the amount of description even more- so that the paragraph doesn't sound crowded. However, it's a small thing in an otherwise great chapter!

I did like the opening scene, though it was disheartening to learn that Harry had given up hope. It was a great way to explain the situation without going into awkward and out-of-place detail in the scenes with Hermione and Ron. I wonder if Ginny will start another search for Hermione and Ron and if she'll find them and help them regain their memories... But I guess I'll have to read on to find that out!

All in all, I think that you did a great job with your first chapter. Everything flowed very smoothly and you have a very intriguing hook into the next chapter. Great work! :D

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Review #34, by Arithmancy_Wiz Living in a Lie

6th December 2012:
Hello, shadow! I'm here returning the favor for the holiday review swap.

First, I have to say, what an interesting idea for a story. When I read the summary in your thread, I just had to check it out. I love when authors create or use new magical elements. I can't help but wonder how Ron and Hermione got exposed to the Memory Dust, and who might have had a hand in it.

On to the chapter itself. It was really nice to get a glimpse into the lives of the characters straight away. The idea of Ginny with that scrapbook was very touching. I can absolutely imagine her collecting clues that might lead to her missing brother and friend. I would expect someone in her shoes to feel a little desperate, like she needs to do *something* to bring them home. I also like how you hinted at the toll it's all taking on her and Harry's relationship Ė the way tragedy sometimes pulls couples apart. I can't help but wonder though why Harry has given up on his friends. Knowing his character, I'd expect him to be out there looking for them, no matter how long they'd been gone.

It was fun to see Ron and Hermione portrayed this way, living separate. lives (until the end, of course!) Even though they don't remember who they are, they still have a lot of their personalities intact. Ron is still a little goofy, perhaps contented to live below his potential, and Hermione is still the studious, hard-worker she always was, unable to pass up the chance to get some paperwork done.

If you don't mind a little CC, I'd suggest looking for opportunities to punch up your descriptions by being a little more specific at times. I'm thinking, for example, in this section, "A young girl hummed to herself her favourite song from Bryan Adams, placing various groceries on shelves in a grocery store." You could have said what exactly she was unloading (canned beets, fresh loaves of bread, milk cartons that were nearing their expiration date). Each of these (or any item you liked), conjure up something just a little different. The bread would bring to mind a specific smell, the nearly-expired milk might suggest she doesn't work in the most reputable of establishments, etc. (Also, don't forget, you aren't supposed to use the names of actual living people in your stories. For legal reasons, it's against the site rules ;))

Thanks for picking me as one of your swaps for the review exchange and sharing your story with me. It's a lot of fun getting to read all these new stories. Happy Holidays!

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Review #35, by Beeezie Living in a Lie

6th December 2012:
Hey, here to return a review for the holiday swap! :)

I'm really intrigued! This was a great way to start the story, and I feel like you balanced establishing the premise and leaving a lot of questions open really well, which can be hard to do. I'm still left wondering how exactly they lost their memories, how Ron and Hermione have gotten to the points in their lives they are right now, how Ginny and Harry's relationship has been going despite the tension from losing them... I could go on and on.

However, within that, you did give me enough information that I could fill in some of the blanks. Ginny and Harry are clearly having some issues with their relationship, probably in a large part because she's so preoccupied by something he sees as hopeless. Ron seems to be trying to just get on with it (as much as he can, anyway), where Hermione is clearly distracted and disconnected from her life.

Speaking of Hermione, I especially liked the way you depicted her relationship with her fiancť - there was just enough affection that the relationship felt genuine, but I also definitely didn't feel like her heart was completely in it. She's certainly not madly, wildly in love - which I guess is kind of the same problem Ron is having with Chelsea.

I do have a little crit, though - hopefully you don't mind and will not end up regretting swapping with me. :P

First: Your writing style is really crisp and readable, and you definitely pull the reader (or at least, this reader) into the story. However, I do feel like you sometimes go a bit overboard with the adverbs and adjectives when it's either unnecessary or there are better ways to get the sentiment across. For example, in the beginning of the chapter, I felt like you spent more time than you really needed to talking about the owl. A little more detail than "the owl flew to the window" can be a nice touch, but writing out every action can make it drag a little, and there are a few points in the chapter where that happens.

There are also a few points where I feel like you rush things, especially when Ron gets hit by the car. It was just all stated very plainly and without any real narration, and that was especially jarring because your narration in general was really solid. Off the top of my head (and I hope you'll forgive me for how awful this is - I'm a bit tired), something along the lines of, "Ron was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the gravel beneath his feet until it was too late. He heard the screech of the car's brakes and looked up just as it hit him, and everything went black." Does that make sense?

All in all, though, great start, and I really enjoyed reading it! :)

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Review #36, by AC_rules Living in a Lie

6th December 2012:
Hullo there! :)

So, I've seen this story floating around for a really long time and have actually been meaning to read it, because the whole thing seemed so intriguing! But for the past year I seem to have hardly read any fanfiction at all and so it just keeps slipping past my radar. But, I'm really glad that I'm here now, especially as this is a radar and one rarely finds a really good radar!

So, I really love the premise of it all. This is a very introductory chapter but as introductory chapters go it's a really interesting and well written one. For one I'm really thrilled that Ron is the one who hasn't properly moved on, as there's so much Ron bashing in fanfiction so it's nice that Hermione is well.. not portrayed badly, or anything, but that she's the one who's taken steps.

In terms of characterisation, I really liked how Hermione had obviously thought about and questioned her lack of memories a lot more than Ron had, as I can imagine something like that would have irked Hermione continually until she had some form of answers... and I really want to know more about that. I sort of want to hear more about Harry, because I find the idea of him giving up on them really really sad, but I guess... three years is a long time.

But yeah, this is a really interesting story and I'm glad to finally get a chance to read it!

Happy writing :)


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Review #37, by Jchrissy We Are Legends

5th December 2012:
First of all. The chapter title to this. Per-freaking-fect. I can't even get over how awesome it fit the entire chapter.

The first section with Hermione's dream, the thoughts about Ron, the confusion surrounding those thoughts... is one of the most identifying features of their relationship. Friends, more than friends, dating.. it's all been surrounded by so much of their personality that even the two of them being together is somewhat of a legend. Now, I know the title was geared more toward the heroes, they are, but I think it still fits perfectly with their entire relationship. Their fights, their miscommunications, then the care they feel for one another has always been legendary and in your story you show that no matter what, where they went, where they ended up, they would always find one another and bahhh. You're just stuffing me full of Ron Hermione feels and I want to blubber.

Oh God, and you don't stop with the R/H feels. NOW we have Ron Harry bromance feels and bah. I'm not going to make it! These two were meant to be friends just as much as Ron and Hermione were meant to end up together, weren't they? I think so, and through the Hogwarts journey you demonstrate that beautifully.

And of course Hermione would be in the library... where else? AND SHE KNOWS. SHE FINALLY KNOWS. Why don't you tell Ron, Hermione??! I swear, she just wants to give me heart palpitations. But I am so happy that she finally figured it out, now we can lose Johnathan and skip off into the sunset, right?... no.. oh :(. Well, I'll wait (semi) patiently then :P. You handled everything from her feels about finding out, to needing to take the book but promising to return it PERFECTLY. You really know these characters.. and that's what has captured me so completely with this story. So many people ruin Ron and Hermione, but you've reminded me of every single reason I love them so much. Gah.

Amazing, amazing chapter darling ♥

Author's Response: Chapter titles hate me and I hate them and we hate each other, but this one, this one worked out pretty nice, I guess. Thanks for mentioning it. :)

Of course their romance is legendary, they've been driving me crazy since book three. :D I guess the intensity between them is never-ending, and I just love that. And well at least we're even now that you blubber, I have to sweep myself up after every single chapter of BTF, so there! :P :D

Like you said, Ron and Harry were meant to meet in that compartment and become best bros forever, because otherwise the universe wouldn't work properly. Oh and thank you, I really enjoyed writing the visit to Hogwarts. :)

YES, Hermione had to go to the library, there was never any other choice. Library is her safe haven, and she really needs to feel some real safety and familiarity. Oh and she did find answers there, because it's the Hogwarts library. I think I know these characters because I love them so much and they've stayed with me since I was a kid all the way until now that I'm so much older. I am thrilled beyond words to explain when you say I made you love Ron and Hermione again. √ʬô¬• Thank you so much, dear. This review just made my day!

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Review #38, by Anon Searching, Finding, Running

5th December 2012:
Amazing story! I love it and it keeps getting more and more interesting. I read the whole thing in two days. Great writing. Please update soon, I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm so happy you're enjoying it. I'm also thrilled you read this so fast, that's so nice of you. I'll try to update as soon as possible. :)

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Review #39, by CambAngst Trials of Hermione Granger

4th December 2012:
Hi, there! I am so back again for more! And writing like a Valley Girl talks for some reason. Are there still Valley Girls or am I hopelessly stuck in the 80's? Enough pointless nonsense, though. On with the review.

The first section with Hermione was sad in a lot of different ways. Poor Hermione is so conflicted. On the one hand, she has this wonderful life she's discovered, the first time that she can remember when she truly feels as though she belongs. But she's unable to do the one thing that defines "belonging" to this world. And then there's Ron. Everything about being with him feels right to her, but how will be feel about her if she can't manage to reintegrate into this world that he's already decided that he truly belongs in? On the other hand, there's Jonathan and her "old" life. It's safe, it's a known commodity and she's good at it. That last part is probably very under-rated for a person like Hermione, who needs to feel like she's in control of her destiny and making the most of herself. No matter how wrong her old life now feels to her, things work there.

Moving along to Ron's section inside WWW, I'll point out one sentence that read pretty awkwardly before we move along to matters of substance: "He was placing it in the shelves, daring to levitate them with his wand occasionally when George wasnít looking." - Since the previous sentence refers to "products", I think the first part of this one should read, "He was placing them on the shelves..."

I thought Ron's section was also sad in a way, but also very positive and hopeful. Things are really stating to come together for him. He seems to know, at some level, that Hermione doesn't belong with Jonathan. He just hasn't quite figured out where she really does belong, or what he should do about it. I love that George was so conflicted over what to say or whether to try to help things along. Out of all of Ron's brothers, he strikes me as the one who's most likely to throw caution to the wind and just tell Ron what he thinks that Ron deserves to know. Oh, by the way, I think I'm going to call Jonathan 'Jonas' from now on.

The picture of Fred and George that Ron gives to his brother was a really heart-warming touch. Having Bill be there to straighten the old photo was nice, too. A great moment shared among brothers. And at the end, George does the right thing. Bless him!

Sigh. Ginny, Ginny, Ginny... Once again, she's keeping things from Hermione. Out of all of the characters in this story -- let's leave Jonas aside for a moment -- her behavior has been bothering me the most. I don't know whether it's nerves or some need to take charge, but I'm starting to feel like this lone wolf thing she's doing with her investigation of the memory dust is really hindering progress. I would think that she would remember that Hermione was always their best asset when it came to unraveling mysteries.

Grrr! The girl just gets more and more frustrating. Even with Hermione telling her about how she doesn't feel like she belongs, even with Hermione confessing all of her frustrations and anxieties, Ginny still won't bend. It's so vexing. Honestly, she's rapidly becoming my second-least-favorite character in the story, behind only Jonas.

The phone conversation with Jonas was really well done. It was so stunted and awkward. I think it really helped to clarify a thing or two for Hermione. I know it sure did for me. The way that his concern seems to be mixed with so much anger. I suppose it's understandable that he'd be angry, but why hasn't he been looking for her if he's so worried? And it seems to take a huge effort for her to tell him that she loves him. Yes!

But Ron was listening in. Booo! I knew that this wasn't going to be easy for the two of them. Once again, I have to stop and laud you on your pacing. Just when Ron was feeling so very close to her, another moment arises which drives them further apart.

Obviously this chapter didn't have huge amounts of action, but the character development was really impressive. Both Ron and Hermione spent some quality time absorbing and reflecting upon recent events, and it helped to advance our understanding of both of them.

Augh, I'm running out of chapters! Please rectify this as soon as possible. ;) Great job. Until next time!

Author's Response: Sometimes I get the feeling you understand these characters better than I do. You're so great at describing what I imagine the characters are feeling. It's so flattering and lovely for the writer to know that the reader understands the characters and what I'm trying to convey about them. The Hermione issues, yes, THAT exactly.

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it after this reply :) George is not the one to tip-toe if it's not absolutely necessary, especially since people have been tip-toeing around him for a very long time. If Bill hadn't interrupted, George would definitely tell Ron the truth. But I'm bad like that and not yet, sorry! :D But at least I could put in a nice moment of brotherly love. They really need to stick together, and I guess it's a great opportunity to have Ron and George help out each other. They both feel needed by the other.

Ah, the Ginny thing, I'm so sorry you're not liking her anymore because you mentioned you did like her in the beginning. I totally understand, though. I guess Ginny just doesn't know what to do. She's never been a part of the trio and doesn't understand how things work: ALWAYS TELL HERMIONE, SHE'LL KNOW! She's channeling Molly and her worries, at least that's what I was going for. I thought of Molly and how strictly she was against the kids knowing details about the Order's work and such. I hope that as the story progresses she'll somehow redeem herself for you. :)

Yes, Jonathan hasn't exactly been searching for her. He knows she's capable, and so he's just angry with her instead of trying to work out why exactly is she gone. And Ron just had to hear her forced 'I love you', didn't he? Now there'll be stuff to discuss!

I'm glad you weren't upset by the lack of action, I needed to give more insight into what was going on inside the characters.

THANK YOU!!! Once again, I'm just bouncing and grinning over here. Thank you for being such a fantastic reader and reviewer, and for pointing little things to me and being honest. I'm so thankful, you have no idea. :)

As for the next update, I'm now planning to find some time during the weekend and finish the next chapter so I can update the story before the submitting closes. I'm not promising anything, but I'll really try! :)

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Review #40, by Calypso  Risky Business

29th November 2012:
Hello! I'm back (finally) with your requested review!

I really love the way you're portraying Ron and Hermione's quiet but pervasive dissatisfaction with their lives. I was quite curious about how you'd go about explaining their former years, but in both these chapters you've done a really good job of it. They're both different but definitely not unrecognisably so- you've managed wonderfully well to bring through their personality traits, whilst still highlighting what they're missing.

I must admit I was close to screaming at the hospital scene when they were so close, and yet couldn't remember each other! The bit where he said her name... ! It's great to see them connecting already, if rather ironic that they were finding common ground in their memory loss: the thing that drove them apart in the first place.

Another this you do a brilliant job with is the flow- the events moved from one to the next pretty much seamlessly and I you wrote their emotions so well that I could really identify with the characters!

And oh I'm so curious to find out what has happened to their memories! So many questions- I will have to read on and find out!

It was a pleasure to review this! Anytime you feel like re-requesting, please do so!


PS. I loved the chapter image!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for this lovely review. I really tried to portray that even though they don't remember anything, they're still sort of the same people underneath. I loved writing Ron saying again. HBP moment inspired me, I have to admit, and I wanted to add it as a parallel to really ignite some sense of recognition within them both.

I'd love to re-request, thank you. :) I'm very happy you enjoyed it so far.

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Review #41, by CambAngst We Are Legends

29th November 2012:
Back again!

So I absolutely love what youíve done with Hermione in the first part of this story. The tension between the pragmatic, curious, intellectual woman who wants to find a cure for her memory loss and the shy girl who refuses to tell even her best friends that she has dreams about THAT is just awesome! And then Ron comes along and inspires all the wrong feelings in her, followed by saying all the wrong things. ďĎIt was nothing inappropriate, that I can tell you!í she exclaimed...Ē Ha! That line sums it all up pretty well.

ďRonís composure was growing weaker by the second. He had spent all morning preparing himself for meeting Hermione, staring at himself stupidly in the mirror for nearly an hour to rehearse a casual expression.Ē Ha. OK, good. For a minute there, I was afraid it was just her. These two are just brilliant together!

ďHarry stumbled out of the bedroom too, bumping into Ginny with his glasses askew, slightly out of breath.Ē

ďHermione almost moaned, thinking the situation couldnít get any more awkward.Ē

Now really, Iím actually going to write a review here instead of just pulling quotes out of your chapter, but I couldnít let that one get away. Youíve created a masterpiece of awkward, humiliating tension between the two couples. In the last chapter, Ron was feeling somewhat abandoned because the rest of his family had gone back to their day-to-day lives and he still hadnít remembered who he was. It seems that Harry and Ginny are continuing to live the lives of a newly-engaged couple, as well. Although Hermione is definitely dealing with it better.

I loved the way that you described Harry as he was telling Ron and Hermione about their past lives and the war. The mechanical delivery and suppressed emotions actually made perfect sense to me. So many of the stories would have to be so unpleasant and emotional for him to remember. Telling them about people who were no longer alive must have been terribly painful. And in spite of all of the heroic things the three of them did, Harry never liked to think of himself as a hero.

I do wish you had expanded this section with more dialog and detail, to be honest. I know the chapter is pretty long already, but there are so many great moments in the trioís past that must have inspired such feelings of fear, pride, loss, anger and other emotions in each of them. Especially with this being told from the omniscient point of view, the reactions would have been amazing to read.

And thereís going to be a penseive scene? I am literally on the edge of my seat! You havenít gotten to the sections of CoB with memory magic yet, but itís one of my absolute favorite magical things to write about.

All of your descriptions of Hogwarts and the feelings that it inspires in Ron and Hermione were beautifully done. Ron, in particular, had a lot of small touches that made it all really easy to relate to, like the way that he kept looking for spiders in the forest and when he immediately knew which house they had belonged to and that they didnít get on with the Slytherins. The moment of reassurance and friendship that Ron and Harry share was heart-warming.

I loved Hermioneís trip to the library. The sense of belonging and familiarity were perfect for her. The way that she scoops up book after book and submerges herself in what she knows and does best was great. And then she finds the book full of pictures from their years at Hogwarts...

Gah! So she knows now! It probably wasnít the best way for her to find out, but at least she knows. The obvious question is what will she do with the information?

The atmosphere you created when the trio find their way to the great tower full of moving staircases read like a very solemn, reverential parade. I donít know whether that makes any sense at all, but with the ghosts trailing slowly behind and all of the portraits bowing in respect, that was what I saw in my mind. I guess it was unavoidable that Ron and Hermione would eventually learn about their celebrity in their old lives. Of all the ways you could have chosen to make them away, this one seemed particularly kind.

Oh, no! I was so in hopes that Ginny was going to come back with a sample of Memory Dust or better still drag back the old shopkeeper and make him spill on his customers. This development introduces a menacing new tone to things. Somebody doesnít want Ron and Hermione to remember.

Another absolutely wonderful chapter! I feel both happy and sad to be slowly closing in on the last one youíve written. :-/

Author's Response: Hello! Here I am for some replying time!

Haha, I love Ron and Hermione being awkward around each other, it's such lovely tension. Adding Harry and Ginny into the mix was funny, too, these situations happen all the time, I guess.

That's one of the reasons I was so afraid of writing Harry telling them in actual words what happened, because I myself just didn't know how to make it sound right. But I'm working on it, as you know :) I guess he tries hard to distance himself from it a little, say it mechanically, not get teared up because he cannot dwell in those dark places forever. Still, he needs to tell them the truth and therefore revisit those memories, because they can't.

Pensieve scene is coming, and it was supposed to come earlier, but once again my chapter planning just keeps betraying me, grr and then some things get jumbled up, but I hope it'll still be okay. Oh and there's memory magic in CoB? YAY!!! I love memory things, and I have an obsession with memory loss, I'm even working on another R/Hr that's very different but has memory issues in it again, which is kind of lame that I can't come up with anything else, but I really want to write it! Memory stuff, mwahaha, so fascinating.

Writing Hogwarts was scary as hell, because it's, well, Hogwarts! But I enjoyed it immensely in the end. I kind of like the result, it was also a way for me to visit that place again, because it will forever be a home to us! -tear-

The friendship. The friendship between these three people is, for me, by far the best thing ever about the entire series. Just, too much for me to handle every time. I love the Marauders, and the Order, and the little things, but THEM THREE I'm really trying to focus not only on the romance between R/Hr, but also the relationships between Harry and Ron, and then Hermione. I realize there's not so much space for that in the story, but slipping in these little moments cheers me up. Thank you so much for appreciating that. I know you understand, because your trio is brilliant in CoB so far.

Hermione HAD TO go to the library. It's her home more than the Gryffindor tower. She always finds answers there, even now.

Thank you so much for this review. It was some cool and lovely happy time reading it again and replying to it. You just...ah!! THANK YOU!! :)

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Review #42, by Monisse Searching, Finding, Running

27th November 2012:
I found this story because someone recommended it, and after I saw what the plot was about I was reticent. I don't usually read stories that diverge greatly from the original story, but I decided to give it a shot. I have to say that it was the best decision, because as soon as I started reading I couldn't stop. I read well into the night and finished all available chapters in a few hours! I absolutely loved it. It's a divergence from the original plot, but it's plausible, well written and makes the reader want more. You also wrote insights into the characters keeping them as in character as possible. I'm eager to read more, and I hope you update this soon.

Author's Response: Hi! You have no idea how much this review cheered me up. It's such an amazing feeling to find new readers and I'm thrilled you enjoyed all the chapters. I'm a canon person, so I wanted to take a time that we didn't know much about and twist it my own way, but staying true to the story and its characters. I'm glad you think I succeeded.

Thanks so much. I hope you'll like the next chapters. :)

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Review #43, by Tori Searching, Finding, Running

26th November 2012:
Hey! As I said last time, I never post until the end. But! Yet again, I'm left without an ending. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep writing and posting more chapters! You're such a GOOD writer and I'm addicted to this story! I can't read another yet because I so badly want to know how this ends. Please finish it, you're really talented!!!

Author's Response: I will keep writing, I promise. I'm just in the middle of exams so I'll probably update in December with more chapters. :) Thanks for all your kind words. I'm thrilled you're still reading and enjoying it. :)

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Review #44, by Jchrissy Dream On

26th November 2012:
Yay finally back to review the next chapter! Sorry for my absence!!

I am often not impressed with how dreams are done. They usually seem too understandable or too concrete and aren't fuzzy enough. This though, was absolutely amazing. I wanted to strangle Ron for usually forgetting more concrete parts of them that could have connected before he was able to jot them down, but that is usually the way it works. And his part about dancing naked in front of Jonathan , loved it!

You are tangling together so many feels in this! Frustration at no being able to do anything, the memories of Fred brought up by Ron's thoughts surrounding George and the shop, Ron's simple but painful thoughts around the fact that he just kisses Hermione. That was my favorite part, because even though he has no clue how close they really were and how much they shared, he still had that built in need to just he close to her. Ahh it made me gooey.

AN GINNY FINALLY remembered! Now she can get the memory dust!! Except I've read ahead and now that doesn't happen.. But I can at least hope :P

You have no idea how much your story had enthralled me, m'dear. I am so hooked and invested in every chapter, I love being this into it.

Be back soon to review the next ♥

Author's Response: Hii! It's no problem, I'm glad you had a great time while celebrating! :) Dreams are so hard to write (which is why it baffles me that I started a new fic centered hugely around dreams, lol). I wanted to make the dreams feel real, random and strange, yet significant at the same time. Ron could come up with a lot if he weren't so unwilling to do his homework! :D

Ron and Hermione kiss wasn't even supposed to be in this chapter, it just somehow happened as I as writing, because the characters are so alive, and I'm very fond of the moment. So I'm hugely happy you and Dan both liked it. It's one of those things that the writer is so eager about and prays other will like it as well as he does. Thank you!

Yes, the moment you've been waiting for, Ginny did finally remember! It won't be as easy and circumstances won't allow a closer inspection for some time, but it will be dealt with. And...and I don't know what else to say. I cherish your reviews, and I was so glad to see you back with this review. YOU GIVE ME FEELS. I'm just sitting here, my heart swelling and being so happy you're actually enjoying this. It's a blessing. Thank you so much! :)

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Review #45, by CambAngst Dream On

26th November 2012:
Hello, again!

Iím going to start writing this review tonight and more likely than not Iím going to have to go to bed partway through it because my eyes are aching and the words on the screen are doing funny things. But thanks to the magic of the cloud, Iíll be able to pick up where I left off after I get to work tomorrow morning. All hail the cloud!

I really liked the way you wove together the various elements of Ronís dreams. To categorize them loosely, there were the things that resemble events that we know happened during his ďoldĒ life, the things that seem to relate to his and Hermioneís abduction and lastly the things that are just plain goofy. I think we can all agree on where the part about dancing naked with a seal on a leash fits into the list, so letís focus on the more interesting things. Bellatrix Lestrangeís vault was an interesting place to take him back to. I wonder whether the feeling of being trapped and crushed by the objects multiplying under the gemino curse has any relation to his feelings of being trapped in his ďnewĒ life? Then there is the scene where heís playing Quidditch and then being mocked by a group of Slytherins. It seems to tie into the events of HBP, but I wonder whether it might also be a clue to the identity of his abductors...

The really interesting parts of his dreams are the scene where heís trying to save Hermione only to get pulled away by a feeling resembling a portkey and the feeling of being smothered by dust. Again, we see memories of dust emerging. I sense a pattern here. And was he trying to save Hermione while he was being abducted? What were the strange objects she was holding in her hands? I feel like you just handed me a treasure trove of puzzle pieces, although Iím not at all sure where they fit.

Ronís waking life seems to be hitting a bumpy stretch, as well. Everything you wrote about that made lots of sense. Sooner or later, the rest of the Weasleys are going to need to go back to their normal lives, meaning that heís going to be left with a lot of time to do nothing but brood over whatís been taken from him. And I have to imagine that George still has a lot of residual issues from Fredís death. He canít be fun to be around all the time. Throw in the fact that Ron isnít sleeping well at all and Iím sure things were very trying for him.

I really liked the way that you took his thoughts on Hermione full circle. From being powerfully frustrated and annoyed with her to admitting to himself that he misses her desperately to convincing himself that she canít possibly feel the same love for him that he feels for her and then right back to feeling madly, uncontrollably in love with her. When Hermione once told him that he had the emotional range of a teaspoon, we knew that it wasnít true. But in this one section, youíve done a lot of justice to the true emotional range of his character. He isnít just a goofy shmuck. Ron is a deep guy who happens to wear his heart on his sleeve. I love the way that you manage to avoid so many of the fan fiction cliches that plague his character.

I wonít dwell on it because itís a small thing, but Ron and Victoire are absolutely adorable together! Like Harry says -- sort of -- two kids together.

Aha! I knew the dust was important somehow. Thinking way back to Ginnyís trip to the dodgy shop in Knockturn Alley, I have to believe thatís where sheís headed. I sort of wish that she would at least give the others a hint what sheís thinking about, but for some reason she seems very intent on doing this herself. Regardless, Iím feeling very hopeful.

Two lines I just have to highlight because they were amazing:

ďYou have a wonderful family,Ē Hermione said quietly, looking down at her hands.

Ronís heartbeat quickened when he heard her speak to him calmly. ďItís your family, too, you know.Ē

The moment that Ron and Hermione share just melted me. I absolutely loved everything about it. All of the descriptions of how the close contact affects each of them were lovely. I am normally not a fan of the ďomniscient point of viewĒ, i.e. when the reader is privy to the thoughts of all of the characters at the same time. But in this scene it works so beautifully! And then they kiss again! Gah! Theyíre getting so close to figuring it out for themselves. But then Harry returns, and they have to put their appearances back on. Itís still great pacing, but part of me wants to kill Harry. ;)

[OK, going to bed now. Donít worry, the time warp will be imperceptible to you...]

Iím back! Itís a whole new day. Letís finish this review strong!

Hermioneís dream felt very telling, just like Ronís dreams earlier in the chapter. I think the moment that she and Ron share in the familiar kitchen was fairly obvious. Beautifully written and tantalizingly close to the ending weíre all hoping for. The darkness that always comes but she can never quite remember, with its dusty qualities and feelings of being torn away from Ron, seems to parallel the imagery in Ronís dreams. Something terrible happened to the two of them when they were abducted, Iím sure of it. They were together and then someone or something tore them apart. Gr... I want Harry to find them and make them suffer.

Yay for Hermione figuring out the difference between Ron and Jonathan. Obviously sheís going to have to see him again at some point. I am seriously rooting for an ugly breakup. Maybe her magic will come back at just the right moment to hex him!

Oh, the feelings this story inspires! I love just immersing myself in Ron and Hermioneís quest to find themselves. Wonderful job, as always. Until next time...

Author's Response: So I actually had to copy this review to my word and look at it so I wouldn't forget to address anything. Did you know it's two pages in Word Document. Wow, that's just incredible. Long reviews like this are a writer's dream and you made it come true, thank you!!

I admit I'm kind of undecided about whether I like to write dreams or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I'm worried about the content, especially in this case. I didn't want everything within the dream seem overly significant, because dreams don't work that way. There are bits and pieces scattered across lots of random stuff. You really got where I was going with it, so I'm very giddy about that. I wanted to put him into a familiar place from his past while also adding something that might flicker some light on what happened to him, mixed with random silly images. The mocking group really were meant to be Slytherins, but I like the double parallel about it being also his abductors, so yay! Why not, everything's possible with dreams. :D I wrote his waking life from a personal experience. I was once away from my family for a very long time when I was a kid. When I came back, everyone was so happy and with me, but then they had to go back to their real life and responsibilities while I was still adjusting. Things with George are tough, but they will be a little better.

It was so refreshing writing Ron's thought about Hermione. For some reason it's much easier than writing Hermione's side of things. Ron has so much potential and so much depth, like you said, I love bringing it up. Victoire is lovely to write as a kid. She's the first Weasley child/grandchild so I imagine that she was a real sweetie. And Ron is exactly that kind of uncle that will be silly with his nephews and nieces. :) Ginny didn't tell the others because she was in a rush and wasn't sure whether it would even be relevant. There was also the awkwardness and perhaps even guilt of the situation she wanted to escape from.

Again, I have to admit, Ron and Hermione were never meant to have this moment in my original plan. But that's what I love about writing, because some of the random, spontaneous decisions can lead to nice scenes. I'm quite fond of that one, so I'm very happy you didn't see it as awkward or over the top. Oh and yes, the omniscient POV is my obsession, I write almost all my stories like that. I really have to try out sticking to one character's point of view for once :D I really, really like your idea of Hermione breaking through her magic barrier by hexing Jonathan :D If that scene hadn't been already done and posted, I would seriously consider it. It's so rewarding when you say this story inspires all these feelings. That's what I love to do with my writing, to write, for me, and also to invoke something within the reader. It has to be one of the best things I've ever heard in all these reviews, and I will say it again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I just want to print this review out and hug it all the time. I really can't wait to finish exams and start writing new chapters for this story. Readers like you really inspire me.

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Review #46, by Ginger Lust Searching, Finding, Running

25th November 2012:
I'm BACK, I'm here! What happened? DID I miss anything?!? ... I lost internet for about 2 weeks there. :-)
Yay!! Another chapter. I'm so excited.

Oh no... Ron's been kidnapped? And with Chelsea? Oh my! Poor Chelsea. I can't wait to see what you have planned for her. I mean, a muggle thrusted into the Wizard world... so rudely!
OK! So... now we have Hermione back and Ron gone. Wow... go away for 2 weeks and see what happens?
I'm so on the line about Draco. Is he trying to help? I would think so but it could be a trap. But I'm sure he knows that even after all this time, the Ministry would still be watching him.

Great chapter.. eagerly awaiting more.

Author's Response: Hi! Welcome back, I'm so glad you read another chapter. I know what it's like to lose internet for so long, must've been frustrating. Yeah, I wanted to give Chelsea more of a closure than Jonathan got because she was such a better character than him, so she'll stick around for a little while. Draco is a tricky one, so we'll see, but your guesses are all on the right track. :)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, made me really happy! -huggles-

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Review #47, by Sundowner Searching, Finding, Running

25th November 2012:

I started the story yesterday and I read 18 chapters out of 20, and now I finished them. I'm quite sad that I ran out of chapters to read and I'm anxious for the next one! I thought I should really the whole story first, so I could leave a review on the whole story, not just one chapter.

First of all, your writing is incredible. You have such a way with words that pulls you and keeps your attention until the end. Some authors overdo it sometimes but you don't. There's perfect amount of everything in your story and that's what makes it so great!

Your characterisation is just amazing, I have no words for it. I'm so envious of the way you've managed to capture Ron and Hermione and keep them just as they were in canon and even improve them and add more depth, in Ron's case. They are both so lovable and infuriating. You write their emotions in way that makes me relate to them, and hug them out of sheer sympathy and sadness or just smack them for being stubborn prats! As Harry said, who knows how many years it'll take them to get back together.

Okay, I simultaneously love mystery and loathe it because I just want to know everything from the start. I'm going crazy with my assumptions of who had done this to Hermione and Ron, and just like the popular opinion, I think it's Blaise and Pansy. Although I have a feeling it might be someone else. I don't know. I'm just going to stop before my imagination goes on an overdrive again and I run out of characters with my theories.

I love, love Ginny and Harry, and the Weasley's! You're just magnificent. Really, I have nothing else to tell you except that I kind of worship you now for writing this amazing story.

I just really can't wait for the next update, now that I've read everything, I have to wait anxiously and especially after this cliff-hanger.. you're kind of evil.

Anyway, I'm sorry if my review is a bit chaotic but it's really early and I still haven't drank my coffee. Keep writing amazing stuff like that and I might make you a shrine, or something. Don't be alarmed, though. I mean well. ;d

Well, this is all I had to say. Until the next update :) (which I hope is soon)

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so happy you gave this story a chance and read it all so fast. You have no idea how thrilled I am that you liked the story so much. :) It's so great to get new readers, especially since this story lost so many. So thank you for this amazing review. It made me ecstatic when I read it.

All these characters mean so much to me and I try really hard to do them justice. With Ron more than with anyone else because he's always so under-appreciated in fanfiction. Thank you for noticing. You're great.

I'll try to update as soon as possible, but I'm swamped with school and exams right now, so it'll probably sometime in December. :) Harry and Ginny were great for me to write in this story. I was worried at first because I didn't really know how to write them, but they seemed to start just living through the words and so they have a much bigger role in the story than I originally planned for them.

Your review is absolutely wonderful and believe me when I say that it made my day and made me a very happy and bouncy person. Thanks so much once again. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #48, by CambAngst Magic in The Making

23rd November 2012:
Hello, again!

Wow. This chapter had such huge ups and downs for me. It was truly amazing to see Ron eagerly reintegrating with magic and horribly sad to see Hermione trying and failing. To me, it all comes back to one of the things I admire most about your story: the pacing. For every thing you do that pulls Ron and Hermione closer together, there seems to be something else pushing a wedge of some sort in between them. The result is that they don't just fall into one another's arms -- not that I wouldn't cheer for that, mind you -- but they're also both in constant need of one another's support. It's a lovely way to keep the story moving forward at a nice, gradual rate. And even though it makes me want to scream sometimes, the story is much better for it.

Oh, my! It seems that Ron is trashing Molly's kitchen, not that she seems overly put out by it. I love how he can't get past his giddy excitement at being able to do little bits of magic again while she seems to be channeling all of her frustration into sniping at him for not listening to Harry and the others. It's cute and instantly recognizable.

Awesome! Professor McGonagall is here! I really enjoyed her attempt to teach them. Having Teddy and Victoire trying to take part was just precious. I love those two, especially together! But it all sounds so horribly difficult for Hermione. The part of her that just knows how things are supposed to be must be in a complete tizzy over the fact that Ron is picking up things at an incredibly fast rate while she can't even do the basic things. I feel terrible for her.

I need to take a moment here to stop and speculate just a bit. Whatever caused Ron and Hermione to lose their memories -- or lose access to their memories I guess is a better way to put it. It seems as though their memories still exist subconsciously -- has obviously affected each of them differently. The effects on Hermione seem much stronger for some reason. I've been pondering this in relation to one other detail: the fact that her wand was found intact while Ron's was destroyed. It makes me wonder whether perhaps Ron fought very hard against their abductors while Hermione gave up willingly. That certainly doesn't sound like her, unless maybe she did it to keep them from hurting Ron after he was already incapacitated? If he fought against this "memory dust" while she accepted her fate willingly, perhaps the effects are stronger on her? Just guessing out loud here.

I absolutely adore the little quote of Flitwick's that you popped out in here, by the way. All these little touches of canon add so much to the story for me!

Wow! Ron and Hermione have finally had a proper row! And the subject matter was classic Ron and Hermione. You did a truly awesome job with the fight. As usual, he was being an insensitive jerk, but there was more than just a grain of truth to what he was saying to her. And she was being overly defensive to compensate for something that she felt very insecure about. Like I said, perfect characterization for both of them! And after Ron walks away, he can't help but realize that his feelings for her are getting even stronger. I love how every fight they have eventually brings them closer together!

Ron is going to work with George? That's awesome! I have to imagine that the arrangement is going to be good for both of them. The relentless way that George ribs Ron, and the way that Ron knows how to take it and dish a little back out, was really great.

Oops! Ginny nearly spills the beans... again. I'm really impressed with how well you've managed to engineer the circumstances to keep Ron and Hermione from finding out. It would have been easy to put them into so many situations where it would have been well-nigh impossible for their engagement not to have come up. Instead, you've carefully kept them out of those sorts of situations so it doesn't really feel all that out of place. "'Do we share a friendship vault with Ron, too?' Hermione asked briskly..." All that said, it seems like she's getting pretty close to working things out on her own. Oh, and did you mean to say "I share a friendship vault with Ron" there?

The argument in Ludwig's office was beautifully written. I love how Ludwig has to work to get a word in to restore order! And when Ron spills the glass of water all over Hermione because he's trying to show off... genius!

OK, I know I gush far too much where this story is concerned, but I'm going to do it just a bit more. You're crafting a masterpiece here. I enjoy each and every chapter for the strong feelings it's able to evoke inside my head, and it just gets better and better. Can't wait to see what the two of them dream about!

Author's Response: Your comments on my pacing send me to the moon and back. This is one of my topmost worries. When I write a story, I'm so confused as to what to add and when and how. I never really figure it out, too. I guess it just comes as I write. My chapter plans almost never work out, and the pacing is usually totally different than I initially plan, so than God for that instinct, hah. I was worried a few times whether it wasn't moving too slow, so I'm glad you don't think so. I would love to have them jump into each other's arms, too, but it wouldn't be as natural and they need their development and drama. And it's so much fun, I'll be really sad when this ends.

As for the magic, I really wanted to give Ron an ability that was usually overlooked in books. Hermione was the smartest witch of her age, Harry was very powerful from the beginning, and Ron was just Ron. He's gone through a lot alongside the both of them, so I believe he can do some great magic, too, and I wanted to show that he's really capable. Hermione is blocked and I like your theory and we've talked about it in PMs, so I won't say more. :) But it's great you noticed how she tends to take out her frustration on Ron with her bossiness. Hermione can be very difficult once she's really annoyed, but no's as if she can feel the greatness but cannot reach it and it really depresses her. Aaand it built up the way for their true bickering! That was one of those 'can't wait to write it' points of the story, so yay!

Having Ron work with George seems really natural. Even JKR said he helped him out a great lot after the war. I'm sure he moved on to become an Auror, but hanging around the joke shop, helping George run it before he got back on his feet seems like a thing Ron would do.

Yeah, Ludwig's not used to them as others, so he's a bit frightened and has to step in. Ginny keeps almost spilling the beans because subconsciously she really wants them to know, but something holds her back. Hermione is really close to finding out, though, so watch out for that. :)

Your words mean so much to me, all these reviews, they're unlike any others I've ever received. I never know what to say and I'm sorry about my lousy replies. I just grin stupidly when I read these reviews and I cherish them so much! Thank you a thousand times and I really hope you'll like the rest of the story. :)

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Review #49, by CambAngst Ludwig Steiner

23rd November 2012:
Hello, again! Progressing through this story is so bittersweet. On the one hand, I love it, and every chapter brings new, interesting developments and brilliantly written sentimental moments. On the other hand, I love it, and pretty soon I'm going to run out of chapters to read. So conflicted... ;)

I'm excited that they're going to see Ludwig. I feel really optimistic that a Legilimens might be able to find ways around their memory block that a regular Obliviator could not. Maybe he could peek around it, for instance, and find out some things that lie just on the other side. It seems that if they could figure out what happened just before Ron and Hermione were dumped into their "new" lives, it would give them a better chance of undoing the damage.

Ron's depression is really sad. It makes sense that he would be more upset by the failure of the un-Obliviate spell to work than Hermione. He feels so much more "at home" in their old life than she does and there's really nothing in his "new" life that he wants to go back to. Plus, he seems plagued by the loss of any memory of Fred, which is a terrible thing because he'll never have the chance to make any new ones. Very sad, but completely logical and nicely done.

Gah! Ron leaves and for once in her life, Hermione actually follows him! I love the subtle contrast to what happened in Deathly Hallows. She doesn't even know why, but she knows that she can help him and she really wants to. It was heart-warming! Ginny's subtle change in mood at the end of the section was also a really clever little touch. I think her reaction spoke for all of us!

"Ronald Weasley, stop and turn around this instance!" she yelled in the bossiest voice she could muster. -- Ha! That was brilliant! You brought "old Hermione" back to us in a moment. And Ron reacts perfectly in character. I love all the small things that tell us that both of them are still themselves, and it's all just lurking under the surface somewhere.

"Hermione herself wished he hadn't said it. For all she knew, it didnít mean anything. For all she felt, she knew it meant everything. And did she really wish he hadn't said it? This doubt was the reason for the guilt that was growing with each new day." - Another absolutely stunning line. It captured everything I've been hoping that she feels about him. This is the sort of thing that keeps the hope alive even in their worst moments.

Uh oh, I think I just spotted a small typo: "These guys just keep saying useless rubbis in the non-magical world, why should they be any different in this one?" - rubbish.

Everything about the scene in Diagon Alley was lovely. Seeing them gradually find places and things that make them feel at home in their old lives again was really exciting. Ron with his broomsticks and Hermione with her books... The two of them really felt at home again. And their celebrity obviously hasn't faded during their time away. Wow, so Lavender still fancies Ron, I see. I love Hermione's rather visceral reaction to seeing that! Too bad it couldn't coax a little hex out of her. What a hilarious way to find your magic again!

You always manage to create this incredibly warm tenderness between Harry and Hermione. There's an implied trust there that runs so deep that her memory loss doesn't seem to matter that much. I really love what you do with the two of them. In a very subtle way, he's so much better at steering her back toward Ron than Ginny is. He just helps her doubts get out of the way of her heart, if you know what I mean.

Ron and Hermione's differing reactions to Ludwig were well-written, I thought. It's such a funny contrast, how Ron is generally more comfortable and "at home" in this world full of strange people and magic but Hermione is much more comfortable with the particulars. In fairly short order, Ron seems to have absorbed some of the prejudices of the muggle world that are based on appearance. Then again, he always was a bit like that.

Wow. You did a great job of writing Ludwig's attempts to penetrate Ron's memory block with Legilimency. This is how I've always imagined that it worked: both the Legilimens and the subject seeing the subject's thoughts and memories playing out sort of like a movie being rewound or fast-forwarded at high speed. But he's unable to get past the barrier that separates Ron's past from his "new" life. Not only that, it seemingly attacks him for trying. Very interesting! This all seems more and more deliberate as the bits of evidence unfold. And what is this about things being dusty? Intriguing...

As disappointing as the outcome of their session with Ludwig was, I do like the fact that they've going shopping for new wands. Maybe reconnecting with their magic will help?

All in all, another terrific chapter. You're still delivering the story at a very deliberate, engaging pace that doesn't feel rushed or pokey. Just right, I think. Until next time!

Author's Response: Thank you for spotting that typo, I'll go change it later. Writing Ludwig was one, especially in regards to the whole wizarding psychology aspect. I imagined him helping George progress through his grief a little. I don't know why I gave him such a bad appearance, lol, probably wanted to make him interesting. And you noticed that right, Ludwig hit a brick wall and it reacted. You're also good at guessing that the memories aren't completely gone and I'm looking forward to explaining it. Thanks for complimenting the process of a Legilimens breaking into someone's mind, I really tried to make it believable. :)

The scene where Ron goes away to take a walk was inspired by the DH and Ron walking out. I like adding these little parallels, history repeating itself sort of...that time he left and Hermione didn't catch him, this time he wasn't leaving and she caught up with him, and it rang as something significant.

Lavender likes to rub it in Hermione's face that she had Ron first, I guess, and although Hermione couldn't care less, she can't help but feel agitated. Women. :D Putting Ron and Hermione into the familiar place of Diagon Alley was wonderful and I like writing about Harry and Hermione's friendship over and over again, so thank you! :)

I'm still in so much awe over these lovely long reviews. They're like dreams come true. Thank youuu! :)

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Review #50, by thedinokid Searching, Finding, Running

21st November 2012:
A very great story! :) I am so glad that I have stumbled upon your story. It gives me a great perspective on how strong Romione can be.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading. :) Romione is amazing and I'm happy I made you believe in it.

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