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Review #26, by Misty_Rey Chapter One

15th December 2005:
Awwwwww, shooo cute!!

Author's Response: aww thanks =)

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Review #27, by Life after death Chapter One

10th November 2005:
Its so sweet!

Author's Response: lol thanks =D

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Review #28, by Paige Weasley! Chapter One

31st October 2005:
I love this story.It is sooo sweet.I can't wait to read the sequel.

Author's Response: Thank ya! Glad you like it and hope you liked the sequel :D

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Review #29, by Mozzarella Chapter One

27th October 2005:
Awesome..i've read both

Author's Response: Thanks; glad you liked em :D

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Review #30, by islandson007 Chapter One

23rd September 2005:
great story!!!

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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Review #31, by Marauders_4_Ever Chapter One

10th September 2005:
awww, that was cute! thx so much for sharing it! =)

Author's Response: your welcome :D

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Review #32, by daqu Chapter One

7th September 2005:
this is SO cute. you made me smile!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Im glad I made you smile :P

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Review #33, by Ginnys_Double Chapter One

30th August 2005:
Very cute!

Author's Response: thanks ;P

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Review #34, by Allie102189 Chapter One

26th August 2005:
Oh that was so sweet!!! And she has my name lol okay im off to read the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks. LoL, supposdily alot of people have that name :P

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Review #35, by punk in drublic Chapter One

15th August 2005:
Actually, i just had a proper look at your banner, and it' actually quite lovely. It's just those two people that i hate. sorry, ingrid and author.

Author's Response: err okay ...

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Review #36, by punk in drublic Chapter One

15th August 2005:
ew, i hate your banner. no offenece to ingrid, but it looks like linday lohan *retches* and an old filipino guy. they're both really ugly.

Author's Response: err .. okai. *raises eyebrow*

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Review #37, by ginnyrox2004 Chapter One

8th August 2005:
i think it's awesome!!! ur waaay better at riting ff than me...!!!

Author's Response: aww, Im sure ur great at writing :D

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Review #38, by Tiger_Cruise_Ginny Chapter One

6th August 2005:
i really like it......alison is so cute !

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #39, by Trina Potter Chapter One

29th July 2005:
Its very nice. You're a pretty good writer. :)

Author's Response: Why thank you ^_^

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Review #40, by Lizzy Marquez Chapter One

28th July 2005:
so cute!!! loved the name Elizabeth!!! (i wonder why?)

Author's Response: me 2. It just ... clicks :D

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Review #41, by SillySkittles Chapter One

28th July 2005:
It's a good start to a new generation of students at Hogwarts! I thought it was very sweet and funny, plus I love Harry/Ginny stories so I think I might be a little biased! Can't wait to see how far the sequels will go...!

Author's Response: Thank yah:P

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Review #42, by KT_Midnight Chapter One

10th July 2005:
very fluffy, but a good story... besides, I could use some good fluff now and then...

Author's Response: Yes; everyone can. ^_^

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Review #43, by HPsmartone32 Chapter One

10th July 2005:
oooo i like this and it is so going on my favorites!!!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #44, by Entropy Chapter One

9th July 2005:
That was really sweet, made me smile.

Author's Response: Thanks :P

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Review #45, by MischieFxxManaged2345 Chapter One

2nd July 2005:
cute one-shot i loved it! its so going on my favorites!

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^

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Review #46, by Rochelle Chapter One

30th June 2005:
all i can say is cute! oh and i like the name its my sisters and u spelt it exactly like hers lol

Author's Response: lolz really?

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Review #47, by buttonlady Chapter One

30th June 2005:
good story

Author's Response: thnx

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Review #48, by kittenxox Chapter One

29th June 2005:

Author's Response: LOLZ

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Review #49, by DiVe7.0 Chapter One

27th June 2005:
just not my kind of story

Author's Response: thats okai :D

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Review #50, by BellaPotter017 Chapter One

26th June 2005:
Ahh thats so cute i love that name Alison.... I can't wait for the sequel

Author's Response: The sequel is already being posted at SIYE: And once I finished the story there, I'll probably start posting it other places. Check it out.

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