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Review #26, by Hilary Black Fallen Heroes

29th December 2007:
This story is implausible, but nonetheless good. I really feel sorry for sirius, but I can understand him, even if I have never felt that way before. I have a talent for experiencing what i read in my head and that was extremely painful and inspiring. thank you.

Author's Response: I am glad you enjoyed it, Hilary ^_^

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Review #27, by hanoverpretz01 Fallen Heroes

23rd November 2007:
so sad i cried so hard u r amazing

Author's Response: Aw, -hands tissue- thanks so much hun

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Review #28, by comic_freak Fallen Heroes

21st November 2007:
Oh MY GOD. I was watching the video moony911 made for this and i clicked on the link...but i didn't have any idea i would find something so.amazing. it has the perfect feeling to it, you know? and the video fits.10/10

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much ^_^ I am pleased you enjoyed it so immensely. She did an AMAZING job with that video, eh?

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Review #29, by hogwarts_girl Fallen Heroes

27th October 2007:
This was so touching! I found my eyes gro hot and wet. Especially over what Sirius said at the funeral. I've always wondered what happened right after James and Lily Potter died, and you gave a possible story! Great!

Author's Response: Thank you very much my dear ^_^

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Review #30, by infested_with_NaRgLeS_14 Fallen Heroes

18th October 2007:
*tear* Lovely, heart-breakingly, lovely. The part where Sirius placed his hand on the coffin and said "There’s nothing more for me. Lead me away.“ "Or leave me lying here." Was heart-shattering, not breaking, but shattering. I'm going to go finish crying now...

Author's Response: Aw - hands tissue - I am so glad you enjoyed it so immensely!

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Review #31, by Rose Wilts Fallen Heroes

25th September 2007:
Wow. That was a really amazing Fic, and so sad too. I think I almost cried. I know it's a book and all, but I always feel so sad when I think about how Sirius muct have felt.
You are a really amazing author and I couldn't find a single thing wrong with this fic. *Applause* 10/10

Author's Response: I too get a tad emotional over Sirius ^_- Thank you very much for the praise ^_^

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Review #32, by xSirius will never diex Fallen Heroes

3rd September 2007:
omg... that was so good. It made me cry

Author's Response: *hands tissue* I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it ^_^

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Review #33, by Cherie8867 Fallen Heroes

2nd September 2007:
This made me cry.

I love it.

Author's Response: *hands tissue* Thank you very much ^_^

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Review #34, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo Fallen Heroes

2nd September 2007:
Aww I love that song...and I love your story as much as I love that song. It's just so well written and beautiful and sad.

Favorite line, “I did not murder my godchild’s parents. I did not murder my brother; my best friend, or his wife. I am not in league with Voldemort.” Black hoods caught his eye from the back of the room and he sighed. “I was told not to come today; that if I did I would leave in the custody of the Ministry officials from Azkaban. They want to put me away for James and Lily Potter’s murders.” Sirius wiped the tears from his eyes. “I have one thing to say to them;

there’s nothing more for me. Lead me away.“

Thanks for writing this, I really enjoyed it. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you very much ^_^

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Review #35, by mochalatte Fallen Heroes

19th August 2007:
Goodness. That really was a good story, and an excellent one-shot. Very good style of writting, and I LOVE the quote of "lead me away or leave me lying here". Good job!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^_^

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Review #36, by lily4evrmore Fallen Heroes

11th August 2007:
Omg, wow. I was just crying throughout the whole thing. That was so sad, and beautiful. I have nothing more to say. Congrats.

Author's Response: Thank you very much ^_^

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Review #37, by delfy Fallen Heroes

9th August 2007:
Love it! this was beautifully written! sorry i favourited this AGES ago and never got around to reviewing it - :S sorry lol. but this really is an inspirational story and its a beautiful song choice (although I couldnt help but think of wild horses when i read it - cause the songs from 'Spirit - Stalion of the Cimmaron' you know?) anyway - it was still really well done and i loved it! delfy x

Author's Response: Heh heh thinking of horses while reading this story would have amused me endlessly. ^_-

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Review #38, by sunshinedreamr Fallen Heroes

9th August 2007:
So beautiful. You have such a real talent with being able to string words together and make it almost sound like a song or a poem. Every night lately I've been reading your stories. You really are amazing, and I've added you to my favorite authors list.

Author's Response: I am honored to be one of your favorite authors ^_- and to have all these wonderful reviews from you!

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Review #39, by inabena57 Fallen Heroes

8th August 2007:
it was absolutely brilliant. I loved it. It flowed between the different time periods perfectly. The way you wrote Sirius was absolutely perfect. You had all the emotions spot on for this fic. i actually started crying. I'm such a wuss... lol It was really very great. I normally not that taken with a fic but I absolutely love this one,plus I do love Sirius and you expressed him perfectly.
Very well written. It deserves more than a ten. 100/10
One of my favorites as :]]
Beautiful story.

Author's Response: -hands tissue- I am so pleased to hear you enjoyed it so very much! Thank you so much!

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Review #40, by xX mOoNdAnCe Xx Fallen Heroes

7th August 2007:
That was absolutely beautiful! It was very well written and wonderfully detailed... I loved it! A huge well done
Love xX mOoNdAnCe Xx

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!

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Review #41, by GryffindorGirl29 Fallen Heroes

4th August 2007:
I have always loved Sirius Black, but this is just the most amazing story about him that I have ever read, it was great. The characters were perfect, the mood was perfect, it was all perfect. And the song went along perfectly.

Author's Response: I love Sirius Black. Truly... he is my favorite character of the entire series. Loooooove him. I am glad you loved this.

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Review #42, by ssb Fallen Heroes

4th August 2007:
This is an amazing one-shot. I actually started crying...I'm a wuss. fantastic job, your a wonderful writer! 10/10

Author's Response: Aw you're not a wuss ^_- I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #43, by xchs_sophyx Fallen Heroes

2nd August 2007:
this was so completely amazing. great job.

Author's Response: Thank you very much ^_^

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Review #44, by The Black Sisters Fallen Heroes

2nd August 2007:
All I can think about was the speech...I cried soo much!

Author's Response: Aw -hands tissue- I am glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

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Review #45, by Ink Laden Quill Fallen Heroes

1st August 2007:
Wow, that was a beautifully written one-shot. I really could understand what Sirius was feeling and thinking.
He didn't do anything wrong, and yet he still suffered. It really is horrible.

Your use of description in this story really brought it alive. A bit vocabulary helped a lot, also.

Keep writing. You're great at it!

Author's Response: Thanks my dear ^_^

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Review #46, by Ophelia Weasley Fallen Heroes

31st July 2007:
I totally give this a 9/10 and adding it to my favorites. I love how you had Sirius talking to Harry at the end. I almost teared up as he talked to the casket. Brilliant Story.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much Ophelia ^_^ I appreciate that a lot ^_^

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Review #47, by Elf_ears13 Fallen Heroes

27th July 2007:
I want to say that you captured Sirius perfectly, but I don't think he could ever really be captured. So I'll say you wrote him really well. =) My favorite part was actually the middle with Peter - I was so afraid that you'd just completely skip him - and that desperation sounds so very much like him. Oh, the funeral! I loved that Lily hated flowers, and that no one else seemed to know that. I also thought it was clever that Remus would've been godfather to a daughter, since I always wondered why James chose Sirius of all people (so irresponsible!). I was really wary about the lyrics part, because I've read some really awful songfics, but in this they all just fell into place beautifully, and it didn't feel like a chore to read them. Just fantastic, thanks for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a wonderful review ^_^

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Review #48, by SpringAngel Fallen Heroes

25th July 2007:
Amazing! I especially loved the ending! 10/10 and I'm definitely adding this to my favorites. =)

Author's Response: Aw wow thank you so much!

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Review #49, by PrincessofGryffindor Fallen Heroes

24th July 2007:
-sniff- That was bloody fantastic, really. But, it had me near tears from about the middle to the end.Really amazing!

Author's Response: Aw -hands tissue- Thanks!

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Review #50, by beating_faster Fallen Heroes

23rd July 2007:
i particularly loved the last line. and i liked how the story brought in new aspects like Sirius' time in azkaban and Harry's birth. Maybe you need to hear the song first, but the parts where the lyrics sort of threw me off...I bet it'll all fall into place when I hear the song.

Author's Response: I highy reccomend the song, it is very moving and increases the story's powerful impact all the more ^_^ Thanks for reading!

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