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Review #51, by XxSeekerxX The Perfect Arabesque

5th August 2012:
This was beautiful! Only a few minor suggestions. An explanation of why they were suddenly having dance classes would have been nice earlier on. Also, just watch the writing flow in some places. This is by far one of my favourite stories. They heartbreak in this last chapter was perfect. Thank you for an amazing story that was well worth the time I put into reading it!

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Review #52, by Aaliyah Of Private Lessons and Bloody Feet

12th July 2012:
As a dancer, I do love this idea and such, but I must say that it is a bit inaccurate. The girls would not be in pointe shoes that quickly, it takes years of ballet training to accumulate the muscles and strength to go on pointe. Maybe that's why Hermione is not satisfactory at dancing, she's barely been doing it and is expected to be on pointe, pulling off arabesques and triple pirouettes.

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Review #53, by A Reminiscent Old Fool The Perfect Arabesque

29th June 2012:
Dark Whisper:
I don't know if you'll ever read this either, but same as you, here goes-

I too, was/still am an artistic/figure skater. Even though I no longer skate because of life getting in the way, this story called to me so strongly. It was really wonderful to read about Hermione's dancing past. Some day, I want to go back; some day, I will go back, as soon as possible. I miss it day in and day out... performing those jumps, spins, footwork, etc, it was truly amazing to be able to fly, and I hope that I will one day, once again, fly like a bird.

I remember my last performance... I choreographed it myself... I passed my free style test with flying colors with that program... I'm really looking forward to the day when I can meet someone like Draco to skate with. I loved reading this story, and even though I hope beyond hope for a sequel, I doubt there will be one, as there weren't any loose ends. However, I would have liked to know more about what happens between the epilogue and the funeral though. I would like to believe that they lived happily for a few years, dancing, and simply enjoying life before Draco was killed. This was such a sweet, sad story, and I'm sorry it couldn't have lasted longer. Your skill with words is very impressive.

Thanks for a great read. It was great knowing you, Arabesque, and I'm truly sorry it had to be over. Someday, maybe, we'll see each other again. Just know that my next performance will be dedicated to you, and that I will be thinking of you when ever I'm on the ice. Thank you for sharing so much with me, I truly appreciate what you've done for me. Unfortunately, our relationship has to end at some point, Arabesque. I'll miss you greatly, and hope that you touch as many other people's hearts. Thanks for everything. I'll remember you, I promise.

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Review #54, by LumosEmmaFaye The Perfect Arabesque

12th June 2012:
I literally can't stop crying :( this story was so beautiful and i wanted to wait until the very last chapter to leave a review! you are an AMAZING writer, you convey emotions in your writing so well it brought me to tears, i am honestly lost for words! well done!

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Review #55, by Grifferin The Perfect Arabesque

2nd June 2012:
WOW I've wpent the last few days reading yur story and I have to say that it is truly one of the best i've had the pleasure to read. I almost cried when it was all over. It is truly innovative and a wonderful twist to the typical dramione pairing. I loved every minute of it.


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Review #56, by Janey The Perfect Arabesque

13th May 2012:
AWW SO SWEET :') Really LOVED this chapter to bits(:

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Review #57, by Daisytutu The Perfect Arabesque

6th May 2012:
It was so touching I actually cried.wish Draco didn't die tho

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Review #58, by Hello there! Of Professor Dianna de Loustre and Triple Pirouttes

5th May 2012:
Love it so far! But did the professor's name just change?

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Review #59, by Hulia Watch the World Burn

28th April 2012:
awesome... :) :( ./

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Review #60, by Dark Whisper The Perfect Arabesque

21st April 2012:
I don't know if you will ever read this, but here goes...

I cried in your last chapter, but not because of it's Dramione sadness. It helped with the tug in my heart, but I cried because of something else.

I was an artistic skater.

So many years have gone by and if I close my eyes I can still feel the wind in my hair and in the hairs on my body as I sped along, taking flight and spinning myself in the air and landing the jump perfectly. For a split second in time, defying gravity high off the ground... freedom like a bird.

Personal accomplishment, the confidence that came with it, and the praise for being one of the best.

Ah, the years have indeed gone by and I do miss it.

Life gets in the way. Marriage and mortgage. Children and their sports... not artistic skating... hockey instead.

And as I watch the artistic skaters attempting their jumps and spins, I want to yell at them... "Point that ugly toe!" Or... "You'd get it if you'd stop slowing down before your jump. Keep the speed and fly!" But then I am reminded that I am not their coach... only a spectator, watching them in my jealousy that I can no longer join them. *tears*

When my old coach died, I went to his funeral and caught up with many of my fellow skaters. You try to tell yourself that you could go back anytime you want to... to skate... as if marriage and kids were a pause and you'll go back someday. But when your coach dies... reality sets in and you realize that thoughts of ever 'going back' dies with him.

Your story reminds me of those days of flight. And I find myself asking... when my boys grow up, will I go back to coach someone? Or is the love of the sport dead in me? Not dead, ever. But could I possibly go back? It would never be the same... I'm old. It's almost as if my love for it actually keeps me from it. I don't want to be reminded that I am too out of shape and old to ever experience it again. I suppose that is where I am at now.

Oh, how I wish I could strap on those skates and take flight... feel the rush of wind against my skin, forget my worries and obligations and just fly. But then I remember that Coach is gone and that was a lifetime ago. It is too painful to skate again... and I'm not talking about physical pain. How I loved it so very much. *more tears*

It's a 'good' cry. At least I have my memories and the experience of it.

But like Hermione and her dance... I just can't do it. I just can't.

Thanks so much for your story. It really is beautiful and has evoked emotions in the masses.

Congratulations on your success and I wish you all the best in writing your original fiction.

I noticed that you haven't posted anything in years, but I hope that means that you are busy dancing your dreams.

And if you ever find that life seems to be getting in the way of dreams... I want to encourage you to keep persuing your dreams and somehow... figure out a way to do both.

God bless and God speed...
Dark Whisper

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Review #61, by miluv The Perfect Arabesque

11th April 2012:
AW! That was gorgeous! I have to admit, when I started this story I was a bit turned off by the long paragraphs, and then I started reading and I couldn't stop! I read the whole thing in day, during which time, I cried, laughed, smiled, shivered, and closed my eyes and thought about life in general. You're an incredibble writer and your story? INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLE! Kay, bye, and thank you!

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Review #62, by lumosnight88 The Perfect Arabesque

25th March 2012:
this was the most beautiful story i have ever read :D i love it. Thank you for giving it to me and teaching me things i never learnt...

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Review #63, by serena_lilian_snape The Perfect Arabesque

22nd March 2012:
I started reading this last night, around 2am, and read until I passed out around 6, the woke up today and went right back to reading. I was a little hesitant of the genre mix at first, but it was perfect the way you managed to keep them flowing properly and you mixed them together so well. This story kept me captivated from the beginning and it's one of the best stories I've read on here! The dialogue was just amazing, and your wording was beautiful. Absolutely awesome story and I can't wait to go read more of the things you've got on here and more to come!

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Review #64, by Anneliese Of Professor Dianna de Loustre and Triple Pirouttes

18th March 2012:
Ha! I would love to see Tom Felton try that... I almost tripped over myself trying. with almost 11 years of training. I'm pathetic. :)

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Review #65, by Kokuei The Perfect Arabesque

18th March 2012:
OMG I want to cry now TT^TT. Beautiful story with a bittersweet ending. I absolutely loved it!

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Review #66, by Anonymous The Perfect Arabesque

28th February 2012:
I truly love this chapter. It is one of my favorite chapters and I love the way that you convey all the emotion and sadness in the story. That emotion truly made this story deep for me, something I never thought a fanfic could do.

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Review #67, by Anon3000 The Perfect Arabesque

21st February 2012:
God, I hate you. Well, actually I don't because I don't know you so I can't pass judgement, but really. You. Have. Issues. What in blazes goes through your head to enable you to write something as disturbing as this? It's beautiful, but in a very sick, twisted way. I severely dislike you for making me feel this level of sorrow, loss, and desperation, a level in which I never should have experienced by this age (14), and considering how depressed I have been in my life, that is truly saying something. Nothing in the story ends happily. Hermione and Draco's child is simply a cruel reminder for her as to what might have been. Ron's dead. So's Narcissa. Lucius and his minion are fine. Have you, EVER, heard of a HAPPY ending?

Sorry for making this so long, but I had to get my feelings out.

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Review #68, by Harry potter lover The Perfect Arabesque

29th January 2012:
This was a beautifully written story. I loved every second of it and cried at the end. I loved how you didn't make this story like every other story on Harry potter fan fiction. You didn't make it a happy story all the way through with little break ups along the way. You showed the reality of what might've happened and you didnt coast over the sad parts. I felt every emotion possible in this story and I see why it was given a donny. It was unpredictable. I never would have guessed that hermione would endure all that suffering and Ron was that in love with hermione and Lucius was that crazy and narcissa was that good and pure. I never would have guessed that both Draco and Ron were willing to give their lives for hermione. You did an amazing job with this story showing what true love really is. Thank you for blessing us with this work of art.

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Review #69, by Connie The Perfect Arabesque

25th January 2012:
OMG this is the best story that I have ever seen. Every time that I read this I cry. This is my go to story.

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Review #70, by brewglorybottlefame The Perfect Arabesque

22nd January 2012:
omg the ending. jesus christ. i was bawling. and i rarely ever cry at anyything but are you fcking serious that was horrific, i am forever mentally scarred.

next time, reading the genre first. i read it cause it was like 3rd favourited so i was like "okay! this has to be good right?" and it waaas but in all the wrong waays!! i felt so betrayed, i dont think i wanna read anymore fanfic. this must be what it feels like to have your fiancee cheat on you. I THOUGHT WE WERE GONNA BE TOGETHER FOREVER!! okay yeah im extremely emotionally unstable because of this story. excellent writing, but honestly. easy on the killing-off-everyone-the-audience-might-feel-any-attachment-to-and-leave-the-main-character-forever-mentally-scarred. ya know?

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Review #71, by sanni The Perfect Arabesque

20th January 2012:
The tears will not cease.

I am a very empathising reader. I get absorbed to the tale I'm reading; I find it most distracting that I often do not know, what has happened in real life, what is fiction and what i have only dreamt about. Earlier in AN you were writing about some sort of accident - I don't know whether the last chapters were there to help you to recover. I had intended to take a break for D/H, this story was to be the last one for a long time, but I simply can't live with the image, that Draco - a friend, a brother, a lover, even me - would be dead. I wish you had not killed him.

The story as a whole was a pleasure, but this last chapter was just too much for me to bear at the time (that's why the low grade, even though it would stylistic and linguistic deserve more). And I would've loved to see their child named after her grandmother.

Peace and love, dear. When I'm ready for surprising twists and endings, I shall return to read your stories.

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Review #72, by sanni Of the Nature of the Ultimate Sacrifice

20th January 2012:
oh my, i cried.

i love the way the chapters are named, although sometimes they are way too revealing.

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Review #73, by HermioneBellaDracosLover Of the Death of a Loved One and Isabella the Unfortunate

7th January 2012:
oh oh i found a way to post the video! (hi, remember me, chapter 18 review? haha)

its at a tumblr site with the beginning url as "pointeintherightdirection"

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Review #74, by HermioneBellaDracosLover Of The Long Anticipated Ball and Long Anticipated Battle

6th January 2012:
i LOVE this story so far:) dramione is my favorite couple and the story fits so well with my life since ive recently started learning ballet!

In order to show my appreciation for your hard work, I have made a video based on your story. Unfortunately you can't see it on youtube because of copyright issues with the songs I used:(

If i find a way to get it to you (email maybe?) or you know of a way that'll be awesome

Anyway you're a great writer, do keep writing stories!=)

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Review #75, by hannahlouise1994 The Perfect Arabesque

6th January 2012:
wow, so worthy of its dobby :) arabesque kept me from revision and sleep :P and i normally dislike the child ending, but here it just worked so well, and arabesque was a lovely touch :)

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