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Review #26, by KeeganH The Perfect Arabesque

28th April 2013:
Wow!! Just wow! An absolutely amazing story! You are a great writer!!

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Review #27, by Siobhan Faloh The Perfect Arabesque

15th March 2013:
This is actually one of my favourite stories and it has the perfect ending. I like the way that it isn't so cliche that they end up living 'happily ever after'. This story made sense and it actually almost made me cry.
It's also very well written.

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Review #28, by dracos lover The Perfect Arabesque

5th March 2013:
Omg i absolutly love this book, but iv got to admit im crying loads at the moment because i cant believe draco died. was arabesque their daughter??! Anyway please write more amazing books.

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Review #29, by kris The Perfect Arabesque

24th February 2013:
Bravo! I loved this, definitely a favorite. I've read a lot of different dramoine stories, but this one is by far unique and attention grabbing. I got bored with other pieces after a few chapters they all are the same, however I was greatly entranced here. Keep up the great work, as for me i'm going to check out your other stories =)

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Review #30, by 1stTimeCommenter Watch the World Burn

19th February 2013:
I don't mean to disparage the author, but, if you are a heterosexual male, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! Seriously, don't do it! This is a story that only a vapid teenage girl could like. If you are a vapid teenage girl, I highly encourage you to read this story. You will love it. Men, you have been warned.

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Review #31, by falling in love The Perfect Arabesque

18th February 2013:
OMG i just read this entire story in one standing
thiis was amazing! absolutely one of my favourites!
What's the title of ur published novel? (and ur name?)
this was amazing! 10/10

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Review #32, by Cat The Perfect Arabesque

26th January 2013:
I seriously cried at the end of this D':

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Review #33, by Mad Moony The Perfect Arabesque

6th January 2013:
Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Hats off to you . .

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Review #34, by cpete12 The Perfect Arabesque

29th November 2012:
Your story was excellently written. At times it was beautiful and at other times it was completely horrid. I am not quite sure how I feel about the story line though. It was a bold move having him die in the end but more importantly, how did we get there? At one point everyone is going to a nice little ball at Hogwarts and the next minute half of the characters are dead. I understand the disease part and was completely thrown aback when you killed off Ron instead of Malfoy; but why did he have to die in the end? And even worse is that it is just told in a matter of fact way. I felt a great amount of sorrow after I read this and have been pondering the end of the story for a little while now. I am happy you wrote this but it seemed to go from teenage petty problems to sorrow, anguish, and death very quickly. Your writing is very good though and I know it has been a few years but I would like to see a sequel detailing either the two years they were together, or one about Hermione and the daughter. Thank you for a good story, just try to make the next one a little happier.

P.S. I am trying to see where your website is. Is there anyway you could let me know? Thanks

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Review #35, by Anna The Perfect Arabesque

27th November 2012:
Oh wow!
That was amazing, literally in tears right now!

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Review #36, by Lupinlover321 The Perfect Arabesque

26th November 2012:
WHY?! Why would ou do this to me?! My heart just broke! But at the same time I loved it. Your story was so perfect, I can't help but love it, even if it did break my heart. You are a rare author. You took a risk and it paid off.

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Review #37, by Someonetobeproudof The Perfect Arabesque

14th November 2012:
this story is so amazingly beautiful. My throat closed up and tears came to my eyes as i read this last chapter. You are a great writer

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Review #38, by Megan F. The Perfect Arabesque

1st November 2012:
AMAZING! That was amazing! Your whole story was brilliant and I loved it! The way it all came together at the end was perfect. I really didn't expect the ending at all which is kind of nice because with some stories you totally expect the ending. I was bawling at the end, it was sad and beautiful!

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Review #39, by aurora The Perfect Arabesque

28th October 2012:
I cannot even begin to explain how much my heart hurts right now.

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Review #40, by phoenix The Perfect Arabesque

5th October 2012:
the stroy is good but draco sholdnt have died, i mean u already killed off ron, draco and hermione could have just gone to some far off place to live!! theres just too much depression and sickness. more happy scenes required!!!

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Review #41, by PhoenixSparks28170 The Perfect Arabesque

1st October 2012:
OMG! This story is wonderfully heartfelt, i was like totally absorbed in it. this is awesome! I can't wait to read the forsaken ones.

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Review #42, by Serena The Perfect Arabesque

28th September 2012:
Wow... I have to admit I was expecting (or hoping) for a happy ending, that even though Ron had died maybe things would work out for Draco and hermione. That being said, I was almost in tears throughout reading this chapter and I think it was written beautifully and I think it ended the story perfectly. Your story was amazing and really captured moments, metaphors and feelings. Thank you for the story, you really are a brilliant writer.

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Review #43, by Naty The Perfect Arabesque

23rd September 2012:
I read this whole story in a day and absolutely adored it!~ I couldn't stop reading it and WOW the ending was so unexpected and shocking. Bravo!

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Review #44, by newgenerationlover Of Private Lessons and Bloody Feet

22nd September 2012:
Hey i'm really loving the story but there is one thing on my mind. I'm a dancer and i know you have done some research but i just want to tell you that the people in the class should not be on pointe. It takes years to get the strength to be on pointe and if you do not have the strength, it can ruin your ankles along with the rest of your body and most dance teachers would know this and would not put people who are not ready on pointe. Just wanted you to know.

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Review #45, by hazel_eyed_hufflepuff The Perfect Arabesque

16th September 2012:
That story was simply beautiful but so very tragic, I guess a big part of me was expecting the farytale ending, that Draco teaches Hermione to dance the perfect jury and they both go off and live happily together, but I think this ending worked perfectly with th rest of the story, I was almost in tears reading the last chapter and had to hold them back in case someone walked in and saw me blubbering :D The last line is just amazing 'there really was a perfect Arabesque' tied it all together perfectly! I have really enjoyed this story over the past week and I think the idea was perfect, the way Hermione and Draco are drawn together by dance is so very romantic and the whole thing was beautifully written, It can be very difficult to go for the tragic ending but I think you wrote it perfectly, thankyou so much for writing and I am definately reading more of your stories!! :)

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Review #46, by Ari Of Private Lessons and Bloody Feet

9th September 2012:
Really well written,

One note, Hermione would not have been wearing pointe shoes, It takes years and years to develope enough strength to go on pointe. Perhaps she can do the arabesque on Demi-pointe?

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Review #47, by natthebean The Perfect Arabesque

28th August 2012:
This is one of the best fics I've ever read! I've read it countless times and every time i read the last chapter i have to struggle not to cry from the heartbreak that you just describe so perfectly!

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Review #48, by XxSeekerxX The Perfect Arabesque

5th August 2012:
This was beautiful! Only a few minor suggestions. An explanation of why they were suddenly having dance classes would have been nice earlier on. Also, just watch the writing flow in some places. This is by far one of my favourite stories. They heartbreak in this last chapter was perfect. Thank you for an amazing story that was well worth the time I put into reading it!

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Review #49, by Aaliyah Of Private Lessons and Bloody Feet

12th July 2012:
As a dancer, I do love this idea and such, but I must say that it is a bit inaccurate. The girls would not be in pointe shoes that quickly, it takes years of ballet training to accumulate the muscles and strength to go on pointe. Maybe that's why Hermione is not satisfactory at dancing, she's barely been doing it and is expected to be on pointe, pulling off arabesques and triple pirouettes.

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Review #50, by A Reminiscent Old Fool The Perfect Arabesque

29th June 2012:
Dark Whisper:
I don't know if you'll ever read this either, but same as you, here goes-

I too, was/still am an artistic/figure skater. Even though I no longer skate because of life getting in the way, this story called to me so strongly. It was really wonderful to read about Hermione's dancing past. Some day, I want to go back; some day, I will go back, as soon as possible. I miss it day in and day out... performing those jumps, spins, footwork, etc, it was truly amazing to be able to fly, and I hope that I will one day, once again, fly like a bird.

I remember my last performance... I choreographed it myself... I passed my free style test with flying colors with that program... I'm really looking forward to the day when I can meet someone like Draco to skate with. I loved reading this story, and even though I hope beyond hope for a sequel, I doubt there will be one, as there weren't any loose ends. However, I would have liked to know more about what happens between the epilogue and the funeral though. I would like to believe that they lived happily for a few years, dancing, and simply enjoying life before Draco was killed. This was such a sweet, sad story, and I'm sorry it couldn't have lasted longer. Your skill with words is very impressive.

Thanks for a great read. It was great knowing you, Arabesque, and I'm truly sorry it had to be over. Someday, maybe, we'll see each other again. Just know that my next performance will be dedicated to you, and that I will be thinking of you when ever I'm on the ice. Thank you for sharing so much with me, I truly appreciate what you've done for me. Unfortunately, our relationship has to end at some point, Arabesque. I'll miss you greatly, and hope that you touch as many other people's hearts. Thanks for everything. I'll remember you, I promise.

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