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Review #26, by mickeybee Flower In The Fire

3rd February 2007:
awww...this makes you feel bad for pansy. most authors wouldn't have been able to pull this off but you did a great job! yay!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #27, by PennyH Flower In The Fire

3rd February 2007:
i loved the way you protrayed Pansy in this. i knew she had a soft side to her. I've been thinking about writing a fic with her having similar characteristics. Well..great job..again. i loved it..You ROCK


Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #28, by Hushabye_Mountain Flower In The Fire

21st January 2007:
There's not enough stories about Pansy around, I'm very pleased you wrote one about her, she's a good character no matter what people think, they're just jealous of her *sighs* that’s when the FAN takes over the FICTION I do believe...
Anyway, I loved this one, it was moving and sad, and showed a different side of both characters, I loved it because it was in Pansy's POV for the most part, it was refreshing to read, congrats on another brilliant piece :) Love, Kate xxoo

Author's Response: I'm very fond of this piece ^_- Thanks so much Kate! You're reviews are a sparkling bright spot in this massive three pages of reviews I'm attempting to respond to this morning

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Review #29, by Sammy Ray Flower In The Fire

12th January 2007:
Wow! I totally wasn't expecting that! I'm so glad you did a story with Draco and Pansy, but kept it tied to the Draco Hermione thing. That was really great!

Author's Response: Thanks babe!

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Review #30, by nicole Flower In The Fire

10th January 2007:
i love it!!! i love the ending! it was so unexpected! i also liked that u didnt put what the pairing was gonna be cos that was gonna totally ruin the story..=) such a dramione fan! i never liked pansy and never will though in this fic i almost felt sorry for her. almost anyway..cos i thought she was hermione.. =)) heehee..though if it was her then it wouldnt explain how they were friends since they were born..and pansy almost looked kind here..u know..i mean at least she wasnt all whiny and pleading or stupid...keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks Nicole ^_- I'm glad you enjoyed this fic!

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Review #31, by Brooke Granger Flower In The Fire

29th December 2006:
That was really good. You are an excellent writer. I was very intrigued throughout the entire thing. Keep up the wonderful work in everything else you write.


Author's Response: Thanks Brooke!

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Review #32, by Goddess182 Flower In The Fire

24th December 2006:
I love it! I was wondering... i loved ur banner so much could you make one for me? Its for a dramione where Hermione and Ron are dating for a bit and draco gets asks Lavender out for a dare and hermione gets all jealous and eventually they end up together. If you can make me a banner, send it to thanx and great story!

Author's Response: I can but my reuesting rules are different from everyone else's. lol. Because I am so busy and get so many requests I only take the ones delivered to me in person on AIM or MSN and then I fill them that moment. Immediately. With my scheudule I cant do the whole que line thing unfortunately lol. Go to my website adn it iwl direct you

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Review #33, by almost_witch Flower In The Fire

23rd December 2006:
Interesting story, I like it :)

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #34, by Toms_Gurl(not logged on) Flower In The Fire

10th December 2006:
O.K I know i've reviewed this one-shot before but i have to do it again. I don't think i emphasized how amazing it is. It is...amazing. lol. No, but really. Since, the first time i read it, i don't know how many more times i've re-read it. I can't say how much i love it. It's so sad n so different. And just the, enough said. I can just feel Pansy's hurt, only because you described it or else i hate her. lol. I just wanted to say, i commend your writing and only wish i could write half as well as you do. :D

Author's Response: aww I love double reviewers! Im so glad you were so greatly touched by my story!!! ^_^

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Review #35, by crazy_shamel Flower In The Fire

3rd December 2006:
i love herm/draco pairing and dont like pansy, but, you were goshawfulmean to her.

but, still good.

i love your banner for "let it rain" scarlethearedlioness and all the ones you make for yourself. please check out challen, my story.

Author's Response: Thanks love ^_-

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Review #36, by hpdude_4life Flower In The Fire

12th November 2006:
well, i wouldve never guessed that the mysterious girl was pansy parkinson.
i though ok hermione.
shows u can never know when it comes 2 fanfics.
and wot can i say?
c l a s s

Author's Response: lol thanks ^_^

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Review #37, by Gabby_Nini Flower In The Fire

7th November 2006:
this is reallly good it shows different views of Pansy and Draco

Author's Response: Thanks Gabby ^_^

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Review #38, by Lea Flower In The Fire

1st November 2006:
I LOVE THIS STORY! I am going through the same thing with a friend of mine! I love this story and your other stories. Please keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Lea!

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Review #39, by Elysium Flower In The Fire

2nd October 2006:
A beautiful contrast to the usual depiction of Pansy's relationship with Draco. Subtle and very moving.
Beautiful work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that review Kylie! I also love your penname ^_-

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Review #40, by tuppence Flower In The Fire

9th September 2006:

Perfect! This was an amazing look into Pansy's character. It's so easy to make her cold, heartless, and stupid, but you've made her into something much more. She's a real girl, here, and she has a real heart. Beautiful is the only word I can think of.

This was, of course, wonderfully written. Love from the perspective of the losing side is always intriguing, and Dramione done in such a manner is superb.

Thanks for writing this, Celtic. It made my evening! 10/10.

Author's Response: lol and ANOTHER mega awesome review from you. Dear Merlin that makes my day.

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Review #41, by Cheeky Monkey Flower In The Fire

3rd September 2006:
kwl one-shot

Author's Response: thanks cheeky ^_^

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Review #42, by xcandygirlx Flower In The Fire

1st September 2006:
Hi don't know if you remember me. Okay, I really liked this story. I thought it was nice how the ending ends, because I had to read the last few parts again to understand. I liked the twist. I thought that it was Hermione who was talking to Draco the whole time. It's really good.

Author's Response: heh heh fantastmic! Im really glad you liked it ^_^

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Review #43, by Dracana Flower In The Fire

28th August 2006:
Stunning. Absolutely beautiful. what a lovely idea - very well done indeed CelticKisses. I can't really portray how lovely this was. And very sad. A beautiful banner by the way, do you have to request one on your website, cos it wasn't working?
Anyway, very well done, this is definately a favourite. A very powerful piece. xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Because my life starts once again this wednesday . .I wil lonly take certain requests and the requests I will accept have lots of prequisites . .. but if you do fit them I would be more than happy to squeeze yo in there. You can email me at

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Review #44, by MystcFaySttcRynFgttnPhenx Flower In The Fire

24th August 2006:
I have to tell you you have for a while been one of my favorite offer "To just disappear is my favorite fanfic out of the hundreds i've read. You make everything so real you make me feel never stop writing

Author's Response: gah thank you ever so much! Tahnk you!!!

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Review #45, by Natty Flower In The Fire

19th August 2006:
Wow. Thats amazing. I've always hated one-shots, but I have to say that this is an exception! The way you write it, not letting the readers know whos talking tntil the end is great!

Author's Response: Thanks Natty ^_^ ... . I like to think One Shots are my gift in life ^_^

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Review #46, by AmericanRonnyBabe Flower In The Fire

16th August 2006:
Oh My Goodness. Wow. I love this fic, especially since Pansy is one of my more favored characters. Good work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Im relaly glad yo uenjoyed it!

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Review #47, by Amor Vedalitas Flower In The Fire

14th August 2006:
lovely story. amazing. i liked pansy's reaction, and how draco tried his best to comfort her. very nice.

Author's Response: Thanks Amor ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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Review #48, by the know it all Flower In The Fire

2nd August 2006:
your story was pretty good! I'm sorry to say it wasn't as good as I expected it to be when I read you're reviews, but other then that, it was brilliant!!! Terrific! Amazing! Take a look at my stories if you have time, and I need some help with a banner still! Great Story! I'm delighted I got to read it! The end was defiantly the best!

Author's Response: Sorry you were disappointed. Are you sure you requested a banner? I dont recall your penname .. .

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Review #49, by gryffindorgirl16 Flower In The Fire

26th July 2006:
Aw, that's so sad!

Author's Response: *sniffles*

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Review #50, by HPFrk17 Flower In The Fire

30th June 2006:
I thought i'd never say this but here it goes...I feel bad for Pansy. wow, I never thought that would happen! yay for Hermione though! Is this gonna be a Dramione thing or a Pansy/Draco thing?? I hope dramione!! love the 1st chapter! I shows a side of Pansy you thought was never there.

Author's Response: I know isnt that weird?! I ahte pansy! But I love writing her and Narcissa!!! This is actually THE chapter. lol its a one shot ^_^

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