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Review #26, by jesi lily The Last Horcrux

4th April 2007:
I cried so much, you really captured the emotions, and i think it was written brialliantly.
Jesi xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much Jessi - hands tissue-

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Review #27, by blackpearl_ The Last Horcrux

24th March 2007:
This story was really powerful and moving. The only thing is, Voldemort wouldn't make Harry the seventh horcrux. This is because Voldemort wants to kill Harry; he wants to dispose of him. Because of this, Voldemort himself would have to destroy one of his horcruxes, since he was so certain that he would kill Harry (all evil people believe that they will always triumph). Nevertheless, this story was amazing. 10/10

Author's Response: Ah yes, the beauty of fanfiction is I et to write whatever I want ^_^ Thank you for the review

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Review #28, by harrypottersangel The Last Horcrux

24th March 2007:
Eh a little too angsty and confusing for me.
First off, it read that Harry had been killed earlier in the story, and then suddenly he was alive again.
Secondly, it made me want to hold my head, I was so confused.
A little revision on it would do the trick. I would advise either a beta or a close friend rereading it for you (or both).
Keep writing!
Love ~K (7/10)

Author's Response: I believe you mistook some of the information, because it doesn't say Harry has died anywhere in the story. (Well... until the end where he kill shim self that is ^_-) I'm sorry it was confusing for you dear.

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Review #29, by Lions_Rule8065 The Last Horcrux

7th March 2007:
No! That was so sad! I'm seriously crying over here! I can't believe that he would surely be the last remaining Horcrux, but in some way, it made me realise that it could happen in the REAL books... that can't happen either, I don't want Harry to die! This was so full of emotion it was unbelievable... first Ron died, and then Harry! At least Voldemort died, whoo hoo! But all in all, it was really good and I will read another one-shot too! :)

Author's Response: -hands tissue-. I know exactly what you mean. ^_^ Thanks so much love!

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Review #30, by lexiiiii The Last Horcrux

4th March 2007:
omgsh this was really good. i loved it.such a sad ending, but very powerful.

Author's Response: Thanks lex ^_-

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Review #31, by not_that_girl The Last Horcrux

4th March 2007:
that almost brought tears to my eyes! i'm jealous of your writing talent.

Author's Response: Aw thanks so much love! I'm glad you liked this one, I'm particularly fond of it ^_-

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Review #32, by taylorj828 The Last Horcrux

1st March 2007:
Wow. I so envy your ability to write a complete and full and woderful story line in a one-shot! It would take me so long to write this story, and yet it's so great! I definitely love your Trio stories. I sorta love the Trio, and I like reading about them best. There's such a purity in their friendships, such a ... wonderfulness. And they're such full, deep, rounded, and dynamic characters, ah.. (o: Wonderful story here!

The paragraph about the 500 students fighting the Death Eaters at Hogwarts. Wow. I got shivers from those couple of sentences. I love when young people really take a stand and do something big and fight back. And they were protecting Harry, that's so amazing.

"Everything happened so fast that she only had a moment to register that Ron was dead after the cry of Avada Kedavra had stopped echoing in her mind." This line gave a wonderful description for me. I heard the spell echoing in the air, and felt the shock that came in realizing that Ron had died. And so quickly. *sigh* But that's how Voldemort works, except when it comes to Harry.

I like in the letter when Harry called Ron 'my brother.' I like that he didn't say "like a brother," but that he was his brother. It conveyed a lot of meaning to me - I had images of Harry as an only, and lonely child, and what it means to him to have a brother... They've been through so much together... wow.

I love your writing of Harry and Hermione's friendship. I love, after Ron dies, that Harry and Hermione are in the room with the sleeping bag and from Harry's PoV he talks about Hemione like his sister. I know it's tempting to throw them together as falling in love, but this is a beautiful story because it perserves their innocent and pure friendship-love. That's such a beautiful thing, you know? And the fact that they're crying together and holding each other, and it has nothing to do with being romantic and being lovers - there's something about that that I love!

"There is no force on this earth that will stop me from coming with you! I started this journey with you and I will finish it with you!" That is SO Hermione! Perfect, that's her voice to the core! She would never let him go on alone, and I love her list of all the things that she went through with him. Just great.

Oh, I was so wondering about the seventh horcrux. I thought I'd missed it and was prepared to go back and count them out again. But wow, Harry. I know this is a big fad in fandom right now, though I don't really go with this idea, but I think it's a good story idea. (o; And it's so... terrible! He knows what he has to do. And Hermione knows. There's no way around it. A great heart wrenching scene with that.

Just so sad!! You successfully left me with a wonderfully defined SAD feeling. Hehe. And Poor Hermione dear! However will she cope, all alone? I think it'd be so unfair... I know I'd be angry, if both of her boys died. Wow. Poor Hr. Can't imagine.

Another fabolous story, friend! (o:

Author's Response: Wow. I don't know know what to say. Thank you so so so so much for just.. all of that. Every single word. I.. heh... no words. I've never recieved a review that left me speechless... wow. Thank you my love.

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Review #33, by hogwarts_girl_5 The Last Horcrux

18th February 2007:
omg!! this is so sad!

Author's Response: *hands tissue* ^_^

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Review #34, by mickeybee The Last Horcrux

3rd February 2007:
another simply beautifully written story by you. yay you!

Author's Response: Thansk hun!

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Review #35, by Hushabye_Mountain The Last Horcrux

21st January 2007:
I personally believe that Harry's going to die in the books, for the same reason you've got here, he's a horcruex, and... I'd be upset if he didn't die to be honest, the only fitting end I can see for the series would be JK killing him off, not to mention she said she'd be killing off two main characters, one who I believe is Harry, the other I think (aside from the obvious Voldemort and/or Snape) would be Hermione or Ginny.
I'm rambling, either way, this was a brilliant one shot, I loved it so much because it echoed my thoughts exactly, or near enough lol :) it was a very powerful and emotional piece of writing, I’d be damn proud of this one if I were you ;) Love, Kate xxoo

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! I AM NOT CRAZY EVERYONE!!! He is going to die. How else can these books end??? There is no other way!!! I don't think Hermione iwll die, but I think Ron will. lol thanks alot Kate ^_^

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Review #36, by lil3angel The Last Horcrux

15th January 2007:
OMG that was so sad... i swear im nearly crying. that was brilliant. loved it. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much lil angel!

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Review #37, by Sammy Ray The Last Horcrux

12th January 2007:
I love how orriginal this is. You got it all into a one shot too, which is great. How amazing would it be if that was how it really all ended?

Author's Response: I am convinced it iwll end this way. No buts about it ^_^

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Review #38, by dragonrider800 The Last Horcrux

28th December 2006:
oh mi gosh that was so sad, so good, so great, so scary, so creative, so original, so... if i told u everything on my mind it would be so long i could publish it as a book "The Inspirational Author:CeltiKisses" Seriously that was so good. where on earth do u get ur ideas from? I am going to read every single one of your stories no matter what genre, rating, amount of words etc. You r just great.

Author's Response: hahahhaah you're too cute. Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews all over the place ^_^

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Review #39, by kylekool148 The Last Horcrux

20th December 2006:
Learn. To. Spell. Grammar helps too.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #40, by FayeMalfoy The Last Horcrux

9th December 2006:
Beautiful, this story was full of a powerful emotion that can become true in the real harry potter books and about TFO when the plot ends and the story is done I think you should create your own story and become an author. You are a creative artist, you use words on paper like colors on a canvas.

Ariane Anderson(from TFO)
FayeMalfoy(from HPFF)

Author's Response: Why thank you. What a decadent review ^_- ♥

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Review #41, by blackcat05 The Last Horcrux

21st November 2006:
that was awesome, you are a terrific writer.

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!

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Review #42, by hermione_rory7 The Last Horcrux

21st November 2006:
wow. that was really deep. it was sad. it was good though. you have a really great talent. i see that you make banners. i was wondering if you could make me one? email me if you will at

Author's Response: Thansk love ^_^ If you contact me on AIM or MSN (you can find them on my website) than we can talk about a banner request, I do still take them.

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Review #43, by Gabby_Nini The Last Horcrux

7th November 2006:
this is so sad!! how can Harry die!?!? its so sad!! thats why its good i am a huge fan of your writing

Author's Response: awwww yay fan! Thank you!

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Review #44, by SasquatchJeff The Last Horcrux

5th November 2006:
I have an idea that JK is gonna end it kinda like this.

Author's Response: In a way I hope so .. but . .. Id ont.. you know? But how else can it end? lol

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Review #45, by antlers The Last Horcrux

28th October 2006:
i hope thats not how it actually turns out!!
that was super good, youre amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yay! Im amaziing *dances!

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Review #46, by JasmineIris The Last Horcrux

13th October 2006:
i never thought i would actually be crying over a fanfiction, but this one.. brought alot of tears to my eyes! the ending is so sad and powerful! anyways, i like this plot, of Harry being the last Horcrux.. good possibility in the actual books! good job, i love it! just how i love you're other stories!

Author's Response: oh thank you so so so so much!!!!! This story is really near and dear to my heart so im glad you like it!!!!

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Review #47, by Heavensshortie The Last Horcrux

12th October 2006:
I so think harry is actualy the final horocrux (depressing eh?) i love this, its really heart wrenching.

Author's Response: I totally agree! He HAS to be! I think I might be all mad at Rowling if he isnt ^_-

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Review #48, by bitterbutsweet The Last Horcrux

31st August 2006:
Oh my, oh my, oh my. That is so beautiful and sad that words can not convey what I am feeling. The banner is amazing. I must admit to you that your words in thi story have brough tears to my eyes.

I have now read two fics (including yours) which say Harry is the last horcrux. I hate the idea but it does seem so perfect. The prophecy makes sense.

But please, take my compliments are continue to write breathtaking stories.

Yours, bitterbutsweet

PS- On a happier note, do you make banners for other authors (i.e. for me?) if you do could you write to me at
if you don't, thanks anyway. I will most probably come back to read more of your work. :)

Author's Response: DOESNT IT SEEM SO PERFECT?!?!?! lol I cried when I thought of this .. I relaly did . . ti's so horrid .. but . . . how can it not be??? you know??? lol I almost hated writing it ^_- lol I do make banners but because so many people request from me it leaves so little time to make them all! Soooo if your story fits the requirements than you can definetly request from me. *Im just about to put the request form onmy website tonight * ^_^

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Review #49, by slytheringinny (not signed in) The Last Horcrux

14th August 2006:
Heehee, remember me? I reviewed a LOOONNNGG while back and I came across this again (Forgot to save it in faves) and I finished reading it, went down to leave a review, and it said I already left one. So I spent the remainder of some time going through your reviews and hunting for the one I left. Then I logged out so I could leave another to tell you some good news.

I just saved a load of money by switching my car insurence to Geico.

...Just kidding! Once again, you've done a brilliant job (you did edit it and revise it very well!) I'm not a shipper of H/Hr, but a sucker for angst and so the little H/Hr parts nearly seemed like something a brother/sister relationship would produce.

Congrats on a good story. I have remembered this time and added it to my faves.


Author's Response: lol hey you!!! Thanks for adding it to your favs this time ^_-

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Review #50, by Vera The Last Horcrux

2nd August 2006:
Wow I didn't really see that coming! And I see almost everything coming! Good Job! Keep writing. Practice make Perfect! (ok thats sounds corny but it's my way of saying you have IT) :)

Author's Response: lol thanks

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