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Review #26, by templar132 Laid to Rest

23rd December 2006:
i have to say i have mixed feelings about this new fic. Harrys training seems a bit sudden, but overall, its another amazing piece of work by the dark lord

Author's Response: I guess the training is sudden because now Harry finally realises how important his role is since Dumbledore's assassination. He realises that dumbledore's reputation as the 'greatest wizard of our times' did not make him invincible. Also, he has come to terms with how close he was to losing the war altogether by being beaten and humiliated so easily by Severus Snape. I don't think it is 'sudden'; i think he now realises that he needs to get serious and this fic shows that. Why wait? He knows it is better that he starts to make a concientous effort asap.

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Review #27, by Yornoc Laid to Rest

23rd December 2006:
I like the tone of it so far. The idea that Harry will train up is pretty cool and it works well for the story. I can't say I am not dissapointed that there is no more Legacies, but this is still really good so keep it up.

Author's Response: I'm not quitting legacies yet. I may still come back to that, but right now I have some even cooler ideas for this story than Legacies (which i must say, I felt like the end of the grim was as good place as any to stop) However, I wanted closure, and i found the dynamics of being the heirs to a legend a really cool theme so I decided to contiune with the next generation and the trio being adults.

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Review #28, by _Harry_Potter_ Laid to Rest

23rd December 2006:
Looking good so far. I am wondering if this story will contain any ships. If it does, which would it be? I would be most pleased if it was your previous ship of Harry/Hermione, which is also my ship.

I look forward to reading on in this story and your others. I wonder if you have read my stories? If you haven't, please read Harry Potter and The Four Heirs, then Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic and then finally my newest release of Harry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords. The other two stories on my author's page are terribly written and I need to get around to rewriting them in the future.

Author's Response: Wel, it will be a more canon attempt, so I presume shipping would come into play but don't expect this to be a romance/fluff story.

I'm back into reading fiction these days so I'll check yours out too. heh- this is cool, Harry Potter himself is the first to review my Seventh year effort. Roar! Respect man!

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