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Review #26, by wynter First Lesson In Magic

16th December 2008:
hey are you ever going to finish this story? its one of the BEST i've ever read. I've been reading your series for a year when you stopped at the grim.. keep writing lol :p

wynter nytes

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Review #27, by Richard W First Lesson In Magic

8th December 2008:
I've been reading this series for about a year on and off. There are many things that i prefer in your version of harry potter. I really really really really hope you finish this someday.

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Review #28, by ThePaladin_ First Lesson In Magic

18th November 2008:
I have t0 agree 100% with mr goldfish! Nedved U R AWSOME! Legacies has totally changed the way i think and imagine the harry potter universe!
You have destroyed all the standards set by the books and uve put new ones that actually enchant my imagination more than anything!
I hate it that your verse doesnt give any details about ron's victory over harry and generally the "harry = fearsome new dark lord" era but at least keep up with the brothers in blood story!
Pleasy I love your stories! U can even call me addicted to them!
I've read books 5,6,7 like four and five times each and ive read your story twice as much!!!

p.s: havent reviewed till now (while it has been like a year since i finished reading the whole LEGACIES series) because i was accessing via mobile phone! Yes! I've been reading ur story from my cellphone :D

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Review #29, by Flea First Lesson In Magic

15th October 2008:
Really amazing! I really cant wait for an update, its been really long...have u given up on this story?

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Review #30, by canadianfan14 First Lesson In Magic

15th October 2008:
oh cmon, where are you? has the so called DARK LORD given up? The story MUST go on, so where is it?

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Review #31, by Flea A Hogwarts Family Reunion

15th October 2008:
Please please please update soon!

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Review #32, by SIRIUSBLACK First Lesson In Magic

12th October 2008:
Hey cool story...
a bit too violent but cool none the less...
its really good one...
continue the good work...
waiting for more...
post the next chapter soon...
can't wait to

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Review #33, by Flea Lightning Strikes

11th October 2008:
Ive read all the legacies, they took me years to read as some were not finished and i waited patiently for you to update. As soon as i got to this one, i stopped reading for 6 months, because i thought harry potter would not be in this fic, and i was sad and in denial. But today i told myself it was time to start reading again because i knew that no matter what, The Dark Lord Nedved would never disapoint, and to my great amazement and pleasure, Harry Potter was alive but in the form of the Dark Lord Azrael. So i beg u, please keep writing, as ive noticed this story has been stuck on 4 chapters for a very long time.
Im sure that if u start writing again, all ur loyal readers will be back to read their favorite story.
Thank you!

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Review #34, by harry_125 First Lesson In Magic

2nd October 2008:
WHERES THE REST?!?!??!??!?
come on man you have to continue this story

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Review #35, by goldfish demon First Lesson In Magic

11th June 2008:
Freakin' ridiculous guy!

If I had to pick my favourite thing about this series you have here it would have to be the way it makes me think. When I'm just thinking to myself after reading a chapter I start thinking as if this is the canonical universe of Harry Potter.

'What if's and 'could be's keep coming to my head just like they do when I'm watching TV shows or reading a book.

So, I will thank you for screwing my mind around with your awesomeness and I shall begin eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

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Review #36, by Matthew Henderso First Lesson In Magic

7th June 2008:
Noo! not an end!

This story has been amazing, been reading it flat out for a few days.
Truly one of the best series i've read.

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Review #37, by AutumnKate First Lesson In Magic

7th June 2008:
this is an amazing story (all the way from your first one). I can't wait for your update!

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Review #38, by Proffesor_LeLeon First Lesson In Magic

1st June 2008:

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Review #39, by leO Lightning Strikes

15th May 2008:
i have read all your stories over a week i am thrilled by your work. please continue to right and finish these stories i still cant believe that it ended at the grim like that i am utterly shocked . keep writing! =] i also wonder what do you do as a day job? if harry have a child with Rebecka i will me shell shocked my heart would die! what about Hermione! anywas

good story


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Review #40, by Pheonix Dust First Lesson In Magic

11th May 2008:
This story owns me. Since you finished the Sword of Gryffindor, i have read. And oh my god, what a ride. Exhilararing to say the very least. I was very sorely disappointed at the end of The Grim. I thought it would be a happy ending. I think it would have been best after the horrors and trials. But i cant stay away nonetheless. As i said, i am enthralled by this story. You have a way with words, an imagination that ensnares the mind.

I continue to read in search of that fabled happy ending that i hope for on the horizon. And out of curiosity over what happened during the 12 years you blanked out.

Please continue.

Phoenix Dust

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Review #41, by Harmony_fanboy First Lesson In Magic

11th May 2008:
Awesome fics, I read them once upon a time when you had only just finished The Grim, and only recently found that you had started this continuation from there! One of the best series of fics I have come across on this site and others, all very well written, excellent plot line, excellent grammar and spelling, I give them all 10/10, but it's been forever since you updated! I hope to hear more from the Dark Lord Nedved in the future! You are probably one of the best authors I have ever seen here on HPFF! It's a shame that Rowling hasn't opened up her world to other authors like many other authors did, like Raymond Feist, or Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, as it's a shame that there isn't a published version of your fics and many others I have seen on here! Especially after that pathetic excuse of an epilogue that Rowling wrote at the end of the 7th book! But, I suppose as long as she figured she can suck a little more money out of it all then she never will... aah well, if you changed names and locations in the stories, they would make an excellent series published =) lol

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Review #42, by Black Shadow First Lesson In Magic

10th May 2008:
awsome i love this series it is the greatest thing i have ever read keep up the good work

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Review #43, by KGB First Lesson In Magic

23rd March 2008:
whats up man been a long time since update on this one, you dropping it?

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Review #44, by KH First Lesson In Magic

17th March 2008:
Author's note: Don't worry guys, over the course of the fic we'd get to see what happened over the years. I know a lot of the reviewers had asked about that aspect. Fear not! The Dark Lord Nedved shall deliver in due time. *evil laugh*



Author's Response: eeep! ok yeah i did and i'm like the biggest 'not delivering' guy these days pertaining to fanfiction and i really need to get motivated to write some new stuff....I'm so sorry guys, it's not easy keeping that momentum when the series has finally finished with JK packing up her typewriter and it's kind of disheartening but i think i can really get the spark going again is just the inspiration to do so and the commitment not to just wirte another chap and leave it like that but to continue past that is going to be a challenge.... I would love to say "hey yeah next week" but i would be lying if i did but beleive me , i don't think this is the last you've heard of the Dark Lord Nedved. I will defintely promise you that!

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Review #45, by indrajeet6 First Lesson In Magic

15th March 2008:
man your series is great!
i can't wait for the next post!

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Review #46, by Thedarklordme First Lesson In Magic

27th February 2008:
dude, your stories are the best i have ever read on this site bar NONE, its so addictive and twisting, i have no complaints and only one request, please update more

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Review #47, by copycat Lightning Strikes

21st February 2008:
when are you going to update this story?

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Review #48, by Shibby14 First Lesson In Magic

19th February 2008:
Is this story dead or something? Can you plz let us know if you are gonna continue with Legacies or not?

It would be a shame if you quit, this story is epic.

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Review #49, by brenda blanton First Lesson In Magic

14th February 2008:
i love the story but when are you going to finish it. it has been to long since an update/

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Review #50, by Wolf25 First Lesson In Magic

1st February 2008:
When are you going to continue this series I have enjoyed reading your stories but have noticed that it has been a long time since you have wrote more did you stop taking a break write and tell me at

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