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Review #26, by Kira The One with the Birthday

24th November 2014:
I have many things to say. As usual.

First, did they really hunt down four pieces of roadkill? Jeez, were these dead animals all together already, or did they just wander around the freeway looking for as many dead animals as they could find? How long did that take? Or did they just say, "Accio roadkill!" and become the first wizards in history to utter that phrase? That's horrifying. I feel horrified.

Guys...really? Roadkill? Please, I implore you to get a life. Get girlfriends. Or date each other if that's your thing. You clearly have the same interests. Get a bird. Get a hobby. One that does not involve roadkill. Or at least less roadkill. Just stop. Stop all the things you are doing right now. It's completely and totally pathetic. If one day you have a kid, what if it asks you, "Hey, Dad, did you ever drape roadkill on a guy?" do you really want the truth to be "yes?" Though I'm assuming if you're not above roadkill, you're probably not above lying to children. Bravo.

Dear James,

We have an issue. Let me see if I understand. You wake up draped in roadkill. Which probably means animal blood, diseases, fleas, ticks,'s all over you, sir. Not to mention dirt and dust from the road, your own blood, and god knows what else. You're filthy. You're disgusting. But, it's not your fault.

However, once you manage to get home safe, you take a bath.


Cripes, James, are you serious? Do you know what a bath is? It's when you fill a tub with hot water and sit in it. The water doesn't go anywhere. It just sits there. And you sit in it. Which means that all the fleas, ticks, hair, blood, and so on was just stewing in that water with you. It was IN THE WATER with you. I know there were bubbles, but bubbles don't cancel the other things out. They just can't!

Look, I know you're knee was messed up. I know. But, buddy, no. So much no. Fight through the pain. Or get a new knee. Or have your mom fix it before you take a shower. This wasn't regular bath filth. This was hard core filth.

I'm figuring that's why you drank so much at the party. You wanted to rid yourself of the filth memory.

In conclusion, I think baths should be banned. When I'm President, I'm banning baths for people over 6 years old as well as Black Friday shopping.

I'd complain about not being invited to your birthday party, but I don't even know if I can be around you right now. Please wash your hands before eating anything.


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Review #27, by Kira The One with the Kidnapping

24th November 2014:
Whoa, whoa. These gentlemen clearly need to find a new way to deal with their anger. Yoga. Chocolate. Ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Taking a deep breath.

I mean, thereís this copier at work that I hate. I know that everyone says they hate their copier at work, but this one is special. Itís a sadistic machine that has it out for me, and wonít rest until Iím fired. I canít tell you how many times Iím trying to print proposals and reports and it jams or just plain ole eats the paper. Weíve missed deadlines because of this thing. Itís also burned me before. Literally. When trying to de-jam it, it burned my hand. Thereís a mark. And the worst thing about this copier is that it only hates me. It will work for other people. Other people doing the exact same thing Iím doing. It only screws up for me. Which means my co-workers think Iím dumb and incapable of working with technology. Not true. Just this technology because it wants me dead.

The point is that I hate this thing. I do. Itís ruined my day on more than one occasion, and Iím sure one day itíll get me fired. But, guess what? I would never blindfold this copier, put it in a car, drive it out to a field, and then punch it. On its birthday. I might think about it. I might even dream about it. But, I would never actually do it. Because, then you cross into psychotic zone. I am not so obsessed with this copier that I canít move on with my life. But, since these guys canít seem to move on, weíre going to have words. I hope you can get them a message from me.

Emerson: Really? Look, high school is a pain for everyone. Most people hate each other. Itís just how it is. Everyone is just trying to get through it with as few lasting scars as possible. Itís mostly a terrible thing, but itís also something necessary for our growth. But, good god man, just let it go. Itís not that bad. And, besides, itís not like you were just an innocent victim, Head Boy. You had your moments too. We all have our moments. You know, James doesnít like you either. But, heís not kidnapping you on your birthday. High school is high school, and itís over. I know youíre like crazy jealous of James but, move on a get a life, I beg you.

Mason: I donít know you as well, but I still have words for you. Thereís a point where youíre going to have to ask yourself what you really want and love. Do you really love Quidditch, or do you love the idea of being famous? I would have to say the answer is the latter. Anyone with a deep, actual affection for Quidditch would know that the best player should play. They should. Itís how it is. I used to be my schoolís number 1 singles player. Then, a new freshmen came in and beat me out for the spot. No, I didnít like being number 2, but I knew deep down that it was right. The best player should play, because without it the game loses its integrity. The only way youíre going to make it to the level you want is through practicing and getting better. Play Quidditch because you love Quidditch, not because it could make you famous. And, also, stop being such a jerk. And punching my friend.

PS: David Flynn is a nutjob. And by nutjob, I mean the dude is a total NUTJOB.

I love the Harry/James parts. Those are always my favorite. Iím not sure why, but father son relationship stories always get me. Iím not sure why, because Iíve always had an utterly fantastic relationship with my father. I think Harry kind of reminds me of my DadÖmaybe thatís it. But, I loved it. I read that part over and over.


Happy Birthday!

Considering my owl never returned from delivering your wedding present, youíre going to have to wait for your birthday one. It has something to do with dinosaurs, and Iíll just leave it at that. I also think I might give you a Swiss Army Knife. I feel like youíre someone who needs it. Since youíre a wizard, they probably wonít look for it, and I canít even begin to explain how many times Iíve found it useful.

Iíve had words with both Emerson and Mason (both their names end in *son*) but Iím not sure itíll do much good. Be careful, James. People who kidnap other people are usually off their rockers. And we both already know that David is.

Be strong, chief.


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Review #28, by Kira The One with the Fundraiser

24th November 2014:
ďYouíre grounded.Ē

Yup. I wonít go into details because Iím not supposed to, but I am definitely ďof ageĒ in this world just like James. (Despite rarely acting like it.) And my Mom also still attempts to ground me. And we donít even live in the same state. (Not that I live in a stateÖshoot, no specifics is hard.) I think she just likes saying it. Brings back the old days and all that. Though one time she did withhold Thanksgiving pumpkin bread from me. That was a dark year. The point of this ramble is just the way you manage to capture family interactions. I donít know if all families are like the Potters, but mine definitely are. Reading your stories are so real and so engaging that I literally miss my family. I canít tell you how many times I read some of your chapters and feel then feel the need to contact a family member. Anything writing that can resonate with your life like that is something extraordinary. And, once more, I just have to commend you for that. These stories and characters mean so much to me.

There was always going to be blowback from the drunk wedding fiasco because, really, how could there not be? Press and personal repercussions. I can just imagine the insanity that would occur if this happened to me. I wouldnít be here typing this review, Iíll tell you that much. However, though this whole mess, itís encouraging and satisfying to see James thinking of other people. Despite whatís going on in his own life. Iím going to risk sounding like my Nana here, but watching James grow up in these stories has been fantastic. This whole fund raiser just made me so proud. Like, I was practically bursting with it. Even though I have no part in it and donít actually know James. No, you know what? I do know him. As much as you can know a fictional character. Iíve always known he was a good person. A person who makes mistakes, but good inside where it matters. Itís nice to see him accessing and embracing that goodness for a great cause. He was also very humble, which isnít a characteristic that you often would attribute to James Potter however, at the same time, I always knew he was capable of it. Youíve created such a deep, well rounded character, and thatís what keeps us all coming back. (Itís certainly not just that, but itís a contributing factor.) Itís probably weird to love fictional characters, but I do.


Yeah, the toaster I sent you was not red. However, I think I taped the gift receipt to it so they should let you take it back. I didnít see a red one in the store. This one is regular, old silver. Though, it does have three toast slots because what person has ever only wanted two pieces of toast? Thatís right, nobody.

I am still a little peeved about this whole wedding thing. I know you were drunk, but seriously Iíd like to attend. I know itís rude to invite yourself to a wedding, but once you do this thing properly, Iíll be there. You can invite me if you like, but Iím crashing either way so prepare yourself.

The fund raiser was really nice. You did a really good job. Donít let the fame or anybody change you. Youíre a good guy, and thatís actually a rare thing.

I apologize for the seriousness, but it needed to be said.

However, if it makes you feel less uncomfortable, there is going to be a 4th Jurassic Park movie, which will apparently have a ďmarine zoneĒ in it, which means water dinosaurs. And even though this movie will likely be straight-up awful, there will be moments with water dinosaurs. And, really, thatís what life is all about.



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Review #29, by ohnobeans The One with the Cage

23rd November 2014:
I AM VERY NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW (I wrote this part of the review before I finished reading the chapter)



except I love James's cheek and that makes me mdoerately happy.

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Review #30, by James2009 The One with the Cage

23rd November 2014:
It was great to read a new chapter! After the weekend that is exactly what I needed. I loved James getting all sentimental near the end, i thought it was a great new side to him. Although my favorite part was definitively this:

"We're late," he muttered.

"Oh, good. We're late because SOMEONE had to pause and MURDER other people."

"Quiet," he snapped.

"No big deal, just pausing to murder over here - continue on!"

"Potter. I'm warning you. I will make a call."

It is great that James can stay true to who he is even in those stress full situations. I hope to see him out and playing quidditch again soon (I am serious, he better not quit his career over this). I hope the truth comes out and then he can go back to plating and just be a more mature captain because of it. Anyways, congratulations on the amazing story.

Can't wait for the next one.

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Review #31, by Dobby101 The One with the Negotiations

13th November 2014:
Thanks so much for dedicating this chapter to me! I hope to see another one soon...keep the good writing up!

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Review #32, by Celeste The One with the Negotiations

1st November 2014:
Hey, so I have say that I just read and finished BTQC and I loved it. Also am loving this fic. It's amazing. Your so talented. I'm not a new reader to your fic's either. Just your James and Avery fic. I've read your rose and Scorp fic which was the first one and I'm also currently reading Hormones.

But anyway this story I like how it picks up from where BTQC left off and all that. Can not wait for the next update. Did I mention that you are one mighty fantastic writer? But holy cow talk about having my emotions go up and down.

I really really hope everything works out for James I can not stand David Flynn, Mason or Emerson seriously over a girl and a spot on a quidditch team. They are so crazy. Ugh everyone who believes that James would off his family just to be captain are highly stupid.

Seriously can't wait for the update, and if you decide that you can't give up James just yet I would so read another story.. :)

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Review #33, by N The One with the Negotiations

26th October 2014:
ugh James is such an idiot. your whole family saved the wizarding world, bruh, they could handle Flynn. I want to shake sense into him.

Flynn is literally the worst. He's the worst of all your sucky characters. I hate him.

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Review #34, by merlins beard The One with the Negotiations

23rd October 2014:
Can't wait for the next chapter...

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Review #35, by Lyd The One with the Negotiations

23rd October 2014:
You're killing me here! I want james to go to the ministry and confess everything. I want veritaserum on everybody. I want James to realize that he could've used the invisibility cloak and not make Bink and Freddy dress in drag.
I want all your characters to get their heads out if their (respectful) butts. And I want them to realize they can effin' use magic!! And above all I want to call you and ask why you're doing this to me! I can not wait to read the next chapter..

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Review #36, by Rose The One with the Burnt Pie

4th October 2014:
Wholly Craziness! Update soon,please, not sure i can stand a long wait

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Review #37, by Dobby101 The One with the Burnt Pie

3rd October 2014:
So I broke my main rule about reading fan fiction for this story. That rule is that a story has to be completed before I read it. So I devour Breaking the Quidditch Code and loved it. Then I see that there's a sequel and I couldn't help myself. I thought 19 chapters would take me at least a couple days to read, but no. Despite my busy college schedule, I read all 19 chapters within 24 hours.

24 hours.

So, as my first review to this story, I just wanted to tell you that I love it. Your characters are wonderful and the plot is great. The having to stay married for thirty days reminds me of the movie What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. The plot is completely different, but when I first read that part, that's the movie I thought of.

Well, instead of rambling on, maybe I should take this time before the next chapter to actually get some of my school work done.

Thanks for this story! It is wonderful and I hope to see an update soon!


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Review #38, by ohmymerlin The One with the Burnt Pie

25th September 2014:


why do u hate us

do u not like ur characters 2 b hapi

look uve made me typ like we did when msn was still around omg


i cannot believe dis


Shame on you!

But seriously? That was the best they could come up with? Quidditch isn't THAT serious. As if someone would risk killing their family just for a captaincy. Captaincy is temporary. Family is 5eva (dat mean moar dan 4eva)

I do like how he called out TomCat's name just in case he would respond :P

I also enjoyed how he entered the room. Maybe I should do that next time I do something incredibly stupid (so maybe 2-3 working days? Please allow time for postage)

Ack! Absolutely cannot wait to read the next chapter!!! I can really imagine Lily being extremely snarky to the capturers though. She'd probably just sigh and roll her eyes at the dramatics and ask if she can get back to her popcorn, haha :P

10/10 of course!!!

- Kayla :)

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Review #39, by ohmymerlin The One with the Breaking News

25th September 2014:
Hello again!

Haha, I absolutely loved that little addition where James said Ginny told him Harry was very moody in Hogwarts. DEFINITELY true! :P



Also, typical James locking himself up in the bathroom. He secretly is a teenage girl, isn't he? ;)

But yay I can go and read the next chapter with a bit more relief! :P

- Kayla :)

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Review #40, by ohmymerlin The One with St. Mungos

25th September 2014:
I have legit fear.

The fear is in my bones.


Poor Freddie I can't believe how horrible this is for him. It's like you hate all your characters, for goodness sake. Don't you like them at all?!

Anyway, I'm off to read the next chapter, praying that Amy will be okay! D':

10/10 of course!

- Kayla :)

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Review #41, by hoodwink The One with the Burnt Pie

23rd September 2014:
I am in love with your story and characters! Where do I even begin? James is beyond amazing and a refreshing twist on the character. I've been laughing so much the last week while I've been reading your two stories, so thank you so much for that! But right now I'm so worried for James' family and especially Lily. Flynn is downright horrible and I'm so mad that he's back and messing with James and Avery again (they were sort of, almost, kinda happy, ya know?) he's now not annoying but actually scary, like a legitimate super-villain, all he is missing is the evil moustache twirl and a cat to pet. The fact that he has the owner working with him? Ugh, I just can't see how James will dig himself out of that hole. I feel bad for Bink, I really do hope him and Rose work out. I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #42, by nott theodore The One with the Burnt Pie

22nd September 2014:

Okay. Breathe. In. Out.


Things escalated very quickly in this chapter. I am still reeling a lot from reading this right now, because where did that come from?

Right, so attempting a coherent review I'm going to go back to the beginning of the chapter. I really liked the way that things started to build up from the opening here, after the breaking news in the last chapter about Avery and James's marriage being a sham. The last chapter definitely ended on a more positive note, so I don't think I was really prepared for what was going to happen here!

I think you did a great job at the beginning of showing how much of a strain that the situation was putting on James and all of his friends and family too. I feel so sorry for all of them because they've not really done anything wrong and something beyond their control is affecting every member of the family. I'm glad that they're still around him though and trying to do their best to support him through it all.

Wait, Lindt has been compromised? Wow,I definitely didn't expect that! I was thinking that his persistence in upholding the code was more about the discipline necessary in Quidditch, which is kind of understandable even if the code doesn't make that much sense. But now I'm worried about what his role in all of this plan is and whether James has just given more away by explaining the Avery situation to Lindt now that he's also been compromised and is on the side of David Flynn. I wonder whether the reason that the code's been implemented so strictly has been because Flynn has been behind it all along?

It's really sweet to see the way that James truly cares about Avery, and doesn't want her to get involved too deeply in all of this. I know that he's always wanted to protect her, but I do think that it's a sign of how much he's matured over the course of these stories because he really is starting to understand the magnitude of the problems a lot more.

Ah, Bink and Freddie. Even when they're both going through some really difficult personal times they're both still their for James, doing something dangerous and crazy. At least they're not attempting to disguise themselves as women this time!

The scene with David Flynn talking to all of those people that he's got working for him was really chilling! He's such a good villain and definitely deserved the Dobby - I think I want to know more about him, and find out what his real motives are for doing all of these things, especially to Avery! I want to know what he's got on all of these important people too, to make sure that they work for him and do what he wants - even to the extent that he's released early from prison after a pardon by the Minister! I was so worried reading about all their plans to discredit James, even though you didn't tell us at that point what they were going to do, which made the ending even more of a surprise.

Oh no, they got caught! Poor James with his allergies! Although I loved the fact that even while they were in a lot of danger, there's still humour in his internal monologue. He's such a likeable character to read about!

The ending! Gah, whatever I was expecting, it wasn't that! I have no idea how James is going to make it back from this now, because that's a really serious thing to have blackening his name, even though he didn't do it. And who has taken his family hostage? What's happening? I genuinely have absolutely no idea what's going to happen - when this story began I had such high hopes, then the code was introduced and now I find out that David Flynn's basically trying to get James locked up for the rest of his life and he's got power over half of the important figures in the wizarding world.

Great chapter, although I worry for my sanity if you don't slow down a little with these cliffhangers! :P

Sian :)

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Review #43, by Nora The One with the Burnt Pie

22nd September 2014:
"you think my father sneezed while battling Voldemort" hahaha oh James I love you.

I have replied appropriately on twitter since this darn site won't let me use naughty words in a review.

I am completely shaking right now holy canoli what is going on !? god Flynn is the absolute worst I hate him so much. who the BLANK does he think he is!? gjdlksjg so much rage. god and Mason and Twitwards and JUST WHY IT'S JUST QUIDDITCH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PEOPLE

you must be a pretty good villain to sneak up on Harry and Ginny Potter and take them hostage. Your Ginny is not someone I would take into hostage willingly.

I don't even have words for this chapter. (well obviously I do since I've written quite a few, but WHATEVS). seriously one of your best ones yet in any story. laughing and shaking and anger and hate and just...ugh. I'm legitimately scared for James and Avery and their families. bah

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Review #44, by merlins beard The One with the Burnt Pie

22nd September 2014:
I have two things to say. 1. You are brillint
2. Please, please, please update soon

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Review #45, by Sarah The One with the Burnt Pie

22nd September 2014:
Hey I am loving this story omg
(Also I want to ask if you were the author who wrote Simply Smashing? If so I can't find it :( anyway I hope I haven't embarrassed myself with this question)
Keep writing !

Author's Response: Hi there, Sarah! I'm thrilled you're enjoying the story so far - and thank you for the review! Sorry, I'm not the person who wrote Simply Smashing. I hope you find it!

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Review #46, by meghanthemomo The One with the Burnt Pie

22nd September 2014:
I have read so many stories on here and I can honestly say that hands down, yours is one of the best! Please please please update soon, I can't wait to find out what happens next. I also really hope that Blink kicks Mason's ass; because really? Is he seriously that full of himself ? I mean come on! Sorry for the rant but he is one of those people that I just can't stand, he's almost as infuriating as Umbridge! Anyway, my point is, please update soon and I cannot wait to see what happens next! 10/10

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Review #47, by HarryGinnyLove88 The One with the Burnt Pie

21st September 2014:
oh god, this story get more interesting...

please write soon :)
and but some good james/avery scenes too :)

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Review #48, by nott theodore The One with the Breaking News

16th September 2014:
Hi again!

This story is seriously stressful to read at the moment, do you know that? I guess it means that you're doing a great job writing characters that we care so much about, but it's not always easy to read when I'm worrying that the characters are going to end up at death's door! :P

I'm so glad that James finally decided to tell his family everything. I can understand why he hasn't told them the truth in the past - for someone like him, people will always expect that he's going to get ahead because of his family and James wants to do things because of his own merits. Even so, now that the situation sounds like it could be so serious, he really is going to need his family around him and get all of their help with things that are going on - I feel like it's going to take all the Potters and Weasleys and friends to combat whatever this plan is that Mason and David Flynn have got cooked up!

I love the way that you write Harry in this story - he's still the character that we know from the books but obviously he's changed quite a lot, growing up and maturing to become a father and Head Auror. I liked the mention that the calmness had come over the years through his work and was something that he'd had to learn.

I feel strangely proud of James, reading this chapter. There are so many tiny moments that don't seem at all significant but do really show how much he's grown up and how much his character has developed over the course of this story of BTQC. Things like wanting to try and get Bink to talk about his feelings for Rose, but realising that he should wait until a time when Bink's ready to talk about it, even though he wants to know now. James wouldn't have done that at the start of BTQC - maybe not even at the start of this story. It's just something small and seemingly insignificant but I really love the way that you're showing how James grows in this story - he's so much more real and likeable because of it.

Okay, I really can't deal with all of this tension in the scenes at St. Mungo's! You wrote all of those scenes so well and built up an extremely tense atmosphere, so that I couldn't stop reading until the end of the chapter to find out what was happening to all of the characters, particularly Amy.

I think you captured the scenes in the waiting room really well. That feeling of hopelessness and frustration - people all want to be able to help and do something to help their loved ones, but all they can really do is be there for them and hope that everything's going to be okay. It came through really well.

Ah, I'm so intrigued to hear how Bink really does feel about Rose! Obviously he's trying to pretend that he doesn't care but clearly he feels something for her, given his reaction when she told them about how well her interview had gone. Hopefully we'll get to read about that sometime soon!

Oh no. This plan sounds really serious! I feel so sorry for James and Avery, with the news breaking like that over the Quidditch Network while they're with Fred and he's not sure if Amy's going to survive whatever is wrong with her. That's such an awful time to have to find out and I also think her dad's awful for being able to do something like this to his only daughter, who's never done anything wrong except for thwarting his ambition. It's not going to go well for James and Avery now, particularly James with the code and not being able to play - but I'm worried about what's going to come next as well!

It was really sweet of Bink to go after James though, even though he hasn't been in such a good place this summer. It's great to see that the loyalty and friendship between all of these characters is still going strong!

THAT SCENE WAS CRUEL! I honestly thought that you were going to kill off Amy for a minute, and I was reading and just hoping that she was going to be okay, because that would have been so awful for poor Freddie. I'm so happy that she's going to be alright though, and reading that scene with Freddie telling her how he feels about her was so sweet.

I'm looking forward to reading about what happens next now that people know the truth about their sham marriage!

Sian :)

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Review #49, by Shinicha The One with the Breaking News

10th September 2014:
First of all, sorry that I only now joined in reviewing. I read BTQC and this one in one go and felt bad after every chapter for not stopping to review... >_< Secondly, I really really love this story. I admire you for daring to write from the POV of a hormonal teenage boy (even though admittedly James grew up a lot over the last few chapters) - whenever I look at my younger brother, the way he acts is just a big mystery to me that can only be explained by him never thinking at all. You're doing a wonderful job with your characters, and the sequel is... wow, so much happening, not one sentence that doesn't lead up to the next momentum.
I love that Nia got a cameo. I do miss Haley a bit because for some reason she really grew on me since her date with James.

As for Freddie: You really created a wonderful character there, everything fits perfectly from the shelter to the non-wigs to the way he handled the situation with Amy. Their relationship from its beginning (I loved how he asked her to be his gf) until the accident and her being in St. Mungus was such a convincing subplot it could easily make a novel on its own. But I'm glad that it's part of James story, it makes the world you created even more real and three dimensional to me.

I somehow feel for Rose, because I already left twice for quite a long time, one time leaving behind my first love... and soon I'll be leaving again for 6 months and I don't even dare to think about what happens to me and my boyfriend during this time. Accidently he had similar commitment problems as Bink. Maybe her leaving will make him see sense!

Lindt, for some reason, reminds me a lot of Scrimgeour (I have some difficulties with your, or rather James', conception of Hufflepuff-but he seems very loyal, only I haven't really found out to what. Except his Code, obviously.) Also I have to think of Swiss.chocolate everytime I read his name. Lindt Kugeln are my favourite christmas sweets. Nom.

Also: HOW does damn Flynn have connections from prison to TV and the whole Quidditch world? Is it full of petty criminals?? With his money and reputation gone (and him having friend-qualities [especially not those Hufflepuffers are known for!]) I can't explain it any other way.

I keep thinking whether it'd be better for Avery and James to go through with the divorce-after-30-days or not. I really don't think it would be all that fair to Avery to disregard her carreer and life plans. But then again the damage is done and she already stands in the shadow of her 'husband' who's a star before having played a game. Also it would be stupid to keep the marriage just for the sake of public opinion (even if the consequences are serious). But on the other hand it just seems irrational to get a divorce just to marry each other later on anyway. So I'm really curious which factor will weigh stronger and what they're going to do.

Will TomCat ever be found? :D I started to get paranoid, thinking about the meowing is coming from elaborate spy-device or scheme from Mason and there never even was a cat! For my sanity I hope Tomcat shows himself soon!

Anyway, thank you for your story and from now on I will keep reviewing as you update:)

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Review #50, by babybarakat The One with the Breaking News

8th September 2014:
oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. all the feels. all of them. i simultaneously love you and hate you right now. i want you to know that you are truly one of my favourite writers on this website, i think that you are immensely gifted. i hope you know how talented you are. i am so attached to your james, i love him with all my heart. please never stop writing. ever. i love you and your work :) xo

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