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Review #26, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Birthday

14th March 2015:
Dead animals on my body. Godric Gryffindor.

That’s repulsive I hope Harry throws them in Azakaban without a second thought.

“No one is losing anything,” she said. “Honestly, you lot are impossible. How did you make it through Hogwarts without getting killed?”

I question it too Rosie. I think that David Flynn will do something worse even though he’s in prison. We have a kidnapping but now he’s going to have to hurt the Potter family somehow. Maybe Lily since she’ll be Quidditch captain? Mason will go along with it and Emerson but they’re too brutes that aren’t smart enough to get things done. Emerson is smart but he’s too hot-headed and isn’t level-headed when it comes to James so they’re going to screw up and everyone is going to find out the truth.

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Review #27, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Kidnapping

14th March 2015:
“Are you supposed to consummate a marriage?”

James is NOT ready for that. Not until they actually get married. IF they actually stick this through and then properly get married.

“Because whether you think I do or not, I have some people I can have a word with.”


That’s my ode to Harry. Whitney Houston style.

Emerson “Twitwards” Edwards was there in his best pinstriped suit and tie, arms folded and a smug expression across his face. “Hello, Potter.”






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Review #28, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Fundraiser

14th March 2015:
“Sometimes you have to take a day off from being manly. It’s overload.”

Bawling my eyes out while reading this chapter. The speech. All the speeches. The yelling. All the yelling. The shame. The pressure.

It's all just so much. So so so much. Unbelieveable.

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Review #29, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Vows

14th March 2015:
“Need company?” Bink asked, grimacing. His cheeks were still red with guilt. Like he shoved us down the aisle himself. Was there even an aisle?

Because he probably did. Because it was probably his idea. Oh, Bink!


It hurts to laugh. I’m sick.

This was where I married Avery Flynn. In a dusty chapel between two cafes with no family or friends.

I have to be honest this sounds like my type of wedding. I told my boyfriend my ideal wedding is Vegas with an Elivs impersonator. His ideal wedding is a big spectacle with bacon wrapped shrimp and very other specific things.

I just want to elope one day. My mom is all for it.

She really liked Elvis.

Though I don’t remember it, for that moment I was a groom, marrying the woman he loves.


Please this is going to blow up in their faces. But seriously…CAN YOU HEAR THE BELLS?


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Review #30, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with a Plan for Bink

13th March 2015:
When I was cleaning, I found a tiny microphone in the top corner. The light had been taped over.

I knew it! And now that they’re trying to find out more about Avery they’re probably going to see her father in jail. Oh, what if Mason speaks to her father to try and get James off the team!

“You need to get over that. You’re so stubborn. This is not about you.”

James is off his rocker thinking Victoria could help him. I don’t think she wants to eat his dirty smelly clothes.

“I CANNOT BELIEVE you got MARRIED and I wasn’t even invited.” He was waving a picture in his right hand. A Polaroid of Avery and me.





But maybe…no. Okay, so what if it’s like what was that film Something Vegas with Cameron Diaz? Or that other film, what was it called? I don’t remember but like they get married but they didn’t ACTUALLY get married. They just didn’t remember it. Unless you’re pulling a FRIENDS here. They got married. It’s real. No, it can’t be real. This has to be his loophole. A fake marriage! Photos to prove it.

Come on Javery, you deserve better than that.

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Review #31, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Romance

13th March 2015:
I took a deep gulp of wine.

They’re eating wine and sandwiches.



I don’t believe Ali would do that to James. She’s not a bad seed. I think Mason found out somehow. Maybe he overheard James talking to Ali or maybe he’s trying to get into her pants or something and he got it out of her. There’s something else going on here but I don’t know what.

I honestly thought that might run off and get married to each other. That would be insane though, wouldn’t it? Plus, pot calling the kettle, Avery has a temper and is insanely jealous herself. Of course James isn’t going to want her to be seen with another guy.

I really wonder how the press got to them. It’s a mystery!

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Review #32, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Tea Party

9th March 2015:
“About time you realized,” Avery replied and I could barely hear her over the credits music. “Though I owe Lily ten Sickles.”

Well, I didn't see that coming. Maybe they will get married.

Maybe Lily will get it on with Wesley.

Maybe Bink will come to his senses.

Maybe they should all just stop. Haha. I'm happy for Freddie. I remember how miserable he was and then it just changed. He found a good girl and he genuinely liked her and started to care for her and now he's in love with her. He better not screw it up. She's funny and cute and she can bother James too.

I need everyone to make fun of James.

It just makes me feel better.


I see him more as the Prince in Cinderella. Or the guy with the animal in Frozen.

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Review #33, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Family Wager

9th March 2015:
Dad might even throw us a party. He seemed fond of the idea of Avery and me, but we were still too young to go thinking about things like that. I hadn’t even turned eighteen yet.

If they get married so they can be together that would be a train wreck.

But I would read it.

I don't actually oppose.

I'm glad Avery is being Avery again and James is being James again. Make sense? Yes, in my head. I can't believe Albus and Paloma did...well, it (gotta keep these reviews 12+). The point is they sort of remind me of Harry and Ginny. Albus has that Harry swag but that Ginny fire and so does Paloma which is weird.

Is it weird?

They say men marry women like their mother's.

Avery does have that fire too. Hm. The Potter men really like Weasley-ish women.

Where did Bink go? Probably try to break it off with Rose or maybe he got his letter and is going to finally get his life together or maybe he's with Meta remixing to his 'better' days.

Please no. Just no.

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Review #34, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Honesty

9th March 2015:
“I am not the sort of woman you can play games with. By all means, take my information and do what you will with it, but that will never, ever make you the player James is. And the person he is. So you’d better get lost and sodding do your worst.” Then my darling Avery Flynn got him with a right hook to the jaw.

It's not going to last. James is going to get benched and it's going to kill him because as much as he loves Avery Quidditch is his first love and it's his identity. He was broken when he thought he wouldn't play. But then again I'm not sure because he cared for Avery enough to write that letter and get her a try out. He cared enough to let her father hurt her and lie because he didn't want to hurt both of their careers and her feelings.

I was glad it wasn't Emerson at the door though but man James just makes enemy after enemy in his life. He has bad luck.

He must get it from Harry. LOL.

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Review #35, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Breaking Point

9th March 2015:
You know what, you need to back off. You have no idea what I’m going through. What I’m doing. What I’m dealing with.”

First, please tell me Avery isn't going on a date with Emerson or her next door neighbor.

Second, please tell me her mother isn't going to be like, "you hurt my daughter already James, just let her be."

Third, please tell me James is going to stop doubting himself. Where is this doubt coming from? He's a good Quidditch player but its different from Hogwarts. You're not playing four games and that's it. You're playing several. You're not going to win them all and you need to get your head on straight. He's always in his mind too much. Relax.

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Review #36, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Threat

9th March 2015:
“There has to be a way around this. It’s such a great love story. I love happy endings. But neither of you can quit Quidditch. That’s absurd. Unless she wants to go play Quadpot, which I would not suggest as it bores the -- out of me.”

I'm having an awful day. You see the bus driver refused to let me off the bus so I had to make an extra trek home because he was miserable about his job and wanted me to walk back to my stop so I was scared because he was a big guy and I didn't know where he would stop. So here I am scared and crying over my computer screen and I wanted to go to your story because it's my 'feel good' story.

Oh James. Seriously. You have no way with women. You might as well call it a day and date Bink or something. Leave to basket weave on your free time or get some more cats and pygmy puffs.

They really aren't going to date? Are they? I will be honest with you I like Ali. I think she's a good option and I wasn't too put off with the reserve either. It's nice to see James get proper attention. Not slaps in the face or come-ons trying to get him into bed. He needs a listener and Avery isn't that anymore. I feel like her character has changed from the best to the worse. Go find yourself Avery. Go play Quidditch, which is your dream, and better yourself before you get into a relationship.

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Review #37, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Stolen Car

8th March 2015:
She had said it was her interview dress. At least I knew no one would be fawning over me.

When will he learn?

“Why didn’t we just Apparate?”


Emerson, you already make an appearance. I missed you but not THAT much. At least we didn't have to hear him speak, no contractions and all.

She better not go on a date with him and ew Cooper Bradley, hands off our Aves. If she doesn't date James I don't want her dating you. She can do better. Like 100x better.

James, is, oh, just James. Lily, knock some sense into him.

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Review #38, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the New Code

8th March 2015:
When I’d taken my tour of the locker rooms, I noticed seats in the showers. Scoffing, I wondered why they were there. Why would Quidditch players need seats in the showers?

I wish I had a seat in my shower or maybe even a nice bench or a slide to sort of lay on and just let the water beat against my body after work when every muscle in my body hurts.

“You are not to date a member of an opposing team,” he concluded. “This means the actual team, the reserve squad, and their first farm team.” He was staring right at me. “No exceptions.”

Oy vey. These Codes. Except this one makes sense. You date an opposing team player and they can rifle through your things, find out your secrets when you're tipsy or during...err...intimate moments, etc, etc, etc.

Except it's James and Avery. Now I know they aren't going to get together anytime soon. Ah! By the way my name is Alyssa too. So that was cool no one ever has a character named Alyssa.

Right, moving on. Obviously Avery will get picked. Oh, but forget about that how cute is Fred and his girlfriend? I think they're going to want to live together once she's out of Hogwarts if it lasts, which it will because dear Freddie is finally in love.

Bink needs to pull himself together and put his big boy trousers on.

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Review #39, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One with the Media

8th March 2015:
Mistress! I've reached the sequel. Finally. :D I read this chapter a few hours ago but I wasn't logged in to review. I have to say I was very excited to find out what was going to happen. I wonder if we will ever see Avery's father again and what will happen between James and Avery. I think she will go on a few dates and so will James but then it will finally hit him, "Yes, we can date. It won't be a total train wreck." Or maybe it will and it will never happen because you like to torture us and you said you wanted to do something different with this story.

I didn't think Bink would get a hit for Quidditch. I just don't know what else he'll do. Maybe party planning? I could see that or working a pub or events. He's charming and sociable. He will figure out something. Hopefully he and Rose figure it out though. She's going to want someone with drive and not a louse who sits around all day moping about what could have been and looking back at the glory days.

I also think James will have a hard time with his team but he will get the hang of it eventually. He will make a name for himself but it'll be harder this time around. He has more to prove to the world and he's no longer captain, a transition that might be hard to make since he's cocky.

Avery will do well. She'll wait for James until waiting becomes too much and she'll go on her own. He'll either open his eyes and face reality or she'll be happy with another person. Who? I don't know. Someone that challenges her but has a similar story, shares the same kind of background so she can connect with them. Or maybe someone who is her total opposite.

Will we ever see Edwards again? I might miss him as we go on. Might.

That's a very small might though.

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Review #40, by Jared The One with all the Love

24th February 2015:
I don't have an account but i have read both of your stories along this line. I understand that viewership means alot to the online author, but I agree with many of the others with how well your stories are written and will be sad to see you go. I will keep checking in though in case you have anything else up your sleeve.
Thanks for the memories

Author's Response: Hey Jared! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I won't actually be going anywhere, but if I don't write another James story I'll just write something else. I have 3 novel-length stories going right now and when this one is finished, I may do a Teddy/Victoire or something of the sort.

Don't you worry - I'm not going anywhere.

Thanks so much!

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Review #41, by lhod23 The One with all the Love

21st February 2015:
Wow. Love this so much. Might have shed more than one tear. Again I can't even believe how well-written your stories are!
If you ever write another James story I will be there to read for sure! Can't wait to read the rest of this one and check out your other stories. Nothing makes me more excited then finding an amazing author who happens to have lots of stories to read :)

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Review #42, by lhod23 The One with the Burnt Pie

21st February 2015:

I stumbled upon Breaking the Quidditch Code last week after several years off HPFF. Absolutely adored it and I honestly didn't think it could be topped by a sequel. Totally wrong! I'm so in love with these characters and your plot is fantastic and crazy! I'm loving that I legit believe everything going on. You have a way of writing that builds up to the crazy and doesn't just dump it on at once.
So sorry I haven't commented before now but I had to set up a new account.
I am so curious as to how Mr. Flynn became so powerful in the quidditch world. I have theories but I'm sure the real explanation will be better :)

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Review #43, by dee The One with all the Love

18th February 2015:
this chapter was so cute! so glad james is okay and im interested to know what the loophole is :) congrats on your new job!

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Review #44, by Celeste. The One with all the Love

17th February 2015:
Wo James is on the mend and finally ol David Flynn got what he long deserved. I can't wait to see what Alicats loophole is. Hope it's good.

I'm glad Bink and Rose finally admitted to how they feel towards each other. Took them long enough. But I'm glad those two are very cute.

I'm so glad that James and Avery can finally be happy aswell. They really do deserve it. Also I am so happy that Emerson is finally gone aswell. I have never hated someone in a story quite like I hated him. Mate hate is a strong word but it is really a strong intense dislike towards him. He did everything for the wrong reasons and he couldn't just accept the fact that Avery was in love with James. Sure James may have been harsh to him when they were younger but it's not like he gave as good. He did gives James detentions for breathing after all.

I can't get over just how amazing you are at writing. You are quite positively my favourite writer. I always look forward to your updates for both of your stories I'm currently reading. I love how the James and Freddie in this story are completely different to the ones you have written in your Hormones story.

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Review #45, by Awsomonium The One with all the Love

16th February 2015:
No...the chapter ended :( More please?

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Review #46, by jnk4401 The One with all the Love

14th February 2015:
I don't normally review, in fact this is the second time ever. That being said, at this point I feel like I owe you a review. This is by far my favorite new-era story and up there with my top 3 on this site as a whole.

The number of times I've read BTQC is kind of ridiculous and I just want to thank you for all of the good times this story has given me. You're extremely talented and your characters are truly genius.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us and I wish you all the best.

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Review #47, by JT4HP The One with all the Love

9th February 2015:

Not that I ever doubted you for one second, but you'll worked out. And I live the chapter title, "the one with all the love"...perfect.

I really really hope you'll continue writing on here because I'm pretty sure I'll continue reading, but I get it...not a lot of people are reading as before. And taking a few months makes perfect sense.

Anywaaay, it was really great chapter. I've just grown so attached to YOUR James. He's pretty great. And I can't wait to see what happens with the loophole and the game and all that jazz.

Thanks for being a seriously (siriously) stellar writer. You're awesome. And I love your stories. And yeah.

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Review #48, by James2009 The One with all the Love

9th February 2015:
Hi! Its great to see things wrapping up and I am really looking forward to the chapters to come. I hope we can see a bit of James' quidditch career before the end. I understand the decision as to why not write an epilogue, even though it is a little sad to not know how James' story ends. As always I loved this chapter, and if you ever decide to write more I will love to read it. Congratulations on another amazing chapter

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Review #49, by Nora The One with all the Love

8th February 2015:
perfect perfect perfect perfect ugh so perfect. for awhile I actually thought you were ending it here and it really would've been a wonderful ending, but I love that it's continuing for at least one more chapter!

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Review #50, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome The One with all the Love

8th February 2015:
This chapter made me smile so many times! I love this story so much and am so sad to see it go soon! I can't wait for the next chapter though!

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