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Review #26, by Jared The One with all the Love

24th February 2015:
I don't have an account but i have read both of your stories along this line. I understand that viewership means alot to the online author, but I agree with many of the others with how well your stories are written and will be sad to see you go. I will keep checking in though in case you have anything else up your sleeve.
Thanks for the memories

Author's Response: Hey Jared! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I won't actually be going anywhere, but if I don't write another James story I'll just write something else. I have 3 novel-length stories going right now and when this one is finished, I may do a Teddy/Victoire or something of the sort.

Don't you worry - I'm not going anywhere.

Thanks so much!

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Review #27, by lhod23 The One with all the Love

21st February 2015:
Wow. Love this so much. Might have shed more than one tear. Again I can't even believe how well-written your stories are!
If you ever write another James story I will be there to read for sure! Can't wait to read the rest of this one and check out your other stories. Nothing makes me more excited then finding an amazing author who happens to have lots of stories to read :)

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Review #28, by lhod23 The One with the Burnt Pie

21st February 2015:

I stumbled upon Breaking the Quidditch Code last week after several years off HPFF. Absolutely adored it and I honestly didn't think it could be topped by a sequel. Totally wrong! I'm so in love with these characters and your plot is fantastic and crazy! I'm loving that I legit believe everything going on. You have a way of writing that builds up to the crazy and doesn't just dump it on at once.
So sorry I haven't commented before now but I had to set up a new account.
I am so curious as to how Mr. Flynn became so powerful in the quidditch world. I have theories but I'm sure the real explanation will be better :)

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Review #29, by dee The One with all the Love

18th February 2015:
this chapter was so cute! so glad james is okay and im interested to know what the loophole is :) congrats on your new job!

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Review #30, by Celeste. The One with all the Love

17th February 2015:
Wo James is on the mend and finally ol David Flynn got what he long deserved. I can't wait to see what Alicats loophole is. Hope it's good.

I'm glad Bink and Rose finally admitted to how they feel towards each other. Took them long enough. But I'm glad those two are very cute.

I'm so glad that James and Avery can finally be happy aswell. They really do deserve it. Also I am so happy that Emerson is finally gone aswell. I have never hated someone in a story quite like I hated him. Mate hate is a strong word but it is really a strong intense dislike towards him. He did everything for the wrong reasons and he couldn't just accept the fact that Avery was in love with James. Sure James may have been harsh to him when they were younger but it's not like he gave as good. He did gives James detentions for breathing after all.

I can't get over just how amazing you are at writing. You are quite positively my favourite writer. I always look forward to your updates for both of your stories I'm currently reading. I love how the James and Freddie in this story are completely different to the ones you have written in your Hormones story.

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Review #31, by Awsomonium The One with all the Love

16th February 2015:
No...the chapter ended :( More please?

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Review #32, by jnk4401 The One with all the Love

14th February 2015:
I don't normally review, in fact this is the second time ever. That being said, at this point I feel like I owe you a review. This is by far my favorite new-era story and up there with my top 3 on this site as a whole.

The number of times I've read BTQC is kind of ridiculous and I just want to thank you for all of the good times this story has given me. You're extremely talented and your characters are truly genius.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us and I wish you all the best.

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Review #33, by JT4HP The One with all the Love

9th February 2015:

Not that I ever doubted you for one second, but you'll worked out. And I live the chapter title, "the one with all the love"...perfect.

I really really hope you'll continue writing on here because I'm pretty sure I'll continue reading, but I get it...not a lot of people are reading as before. And taking a few months makes perfect sense.

Anywaaay, it was really great chapter. I've just grown so attached to YOUR James. He's pretty great. And I can't wait to see what happens with the loophole and the game and all that jazz.

Thanks for being a seriously (siriously) stellar writer. You're awesome. And I love your stories. And yeah.

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Review #34, by James2009 The One with all the Love

9th February 2015:
Hi! Its great to see things wrapping up and I am really looking forward to the chapters to come. I hope we can see a bit of James' quidditch career before the end. I understand the decision as to why not write an epilogue, even though it is a little sad to not know how James' story ends. As always I loved this chapter, and if you ever decide to write more I will love to read it. Congratulations on another amazing chapter

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Review #35, by Nora The One with all the Love

8th February 2015:
perfect perfect perfect perfect ugh so perfect. for awhile I actually thought you were ending it here and it really would've been a wonderful ending, but I love that it's continuing for at least one more chapter!

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Review #36, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome The One with all the Love

8th February 2015:
This chapter made me smile so many times! I love this story so much and am so sad to see it go soon! I can't wait for the next chapter though!

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Review #37, by Rachel The One with all the Love

7th February 2015:
ohmygosh :) It makes my day every time you update (any one of your stories), and you are by far my favourite author on HPFF! Thank you so much for writing these amazing stories - your writing style, and characters and dialogue and just everything is so perfect. I love it so much. I'm not very good at leaving reviews...but I wanted to say how much I enjoy your work, and to say a big thank you :)

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Review #38, by Rach The One with all the Love

7th February 2015:
I love your stories so much! Please, PLEASE keep writing about James! Your characterizations are spot on for me! I can't read any other next gen fanfics centring on James, since they never live up to the image in my head built up by your fics!

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Review #39, by Aftaminas The One with all the Love

7th February 2015:
Yes,I agree that it might seem weird, finishing your story apparently so fast. But it makes so sense...

Don't feel pressured, please. It will end just as you feel it has to end. We (okay, me) will understand and enjoy that finale.

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Review #40, by ScarletRoses The One with all the Love

6th February 2015:
OHMYGOODNESS. No. It can't be coming to an end. That just isn't right. I'll cry. I promise you, I'll cry. I let my television babysit my newborn child because I need to read your story (which is something I'm actually totally against, but whatever. This is important).



But my Mason is ten times better than the twit Mason. Just sayin'.

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Review #41, by MrHJPotter The One with the Green Light

2nd February 2015:
Harry to the rescue!! Hoping James is still alive! Is the next chapter almost ready??

Author's Response: Hello! Hello! Yes, it's in the queue now. Sorry for the delay - I was moving and interviewing and trying to not wig out buying a new bookcase. Thanks for the review - I really hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #42, by Kira The One with the Green Light

28th January 2015:
Well, I know that James isn’t dead. How do I know? Because you like me. Well, I think you like me. And if that’s true, you would never do that to me. You would never build all this drama, have them almost escape triumphant from that drama, just to have him die. You just wouldn’t. Right? RIGHT?!

I’m going to pretend you answered favorably, and try and calmly go on with my workday. I am also going to pretend that you wrote this chapter just for me. Though I’m sure that’s not true, and I’m likely coming off as a little creepy, I am going to accept this chapter as mine. It’s one of my favorites. Ever. I’ve gone on and on in reviews how James/Harry parts are my favorite things in the world. They are. And this chapter was just chock full of them. (Did you know that for the longest time I thought it was “chalk full”? I also thought that it was “wheel barrel” instead of “barrow”. Anyway, I love James and Harry parts because there is just so much heart there. It radiates off the page. It warms me. Which is perfect as it’s freezing here and my heat doesn’t work. I love that James finally said all the things that needed to be. I think too often we just assume our parents know we care and, while that’s likely true to an extent, I do think they need to be reminded how much influence they’ve had on our lives. I LITCH-rally (I’m super into Parks and Rec right now; hopefully that means something to you) called my father after reading this chapter and told him that I loved him. He answered by asking me what I’d done and if I needed bail money. I do love that man. I could go on and on about your writing in the aspects of humor and story-telling. That talent has always been evident. But, what astounds me the most and, really, what I admire the most is the tremendous heart that your stories have. They feel real, and they generate real feelings in your readers. Your writing brings me a lot of joy, and I really owe you for that.


Are you dead? If you aren’t, I’d like to shake your hand and also ask you a bunch of questions about blowtorches. They sound neat. If you are dead, I have a mission for you. A ghost mission. There is this jerk-face at my office who is super condescending, berates everything I write, and basically makes me feel bad. I need you to haunt his office. Not all the time, just during the work hours of the week. Make creepy noises, make things move across the desk (both when he’s looking and not looking), take and hide important documents so he gets in trouble, that kind of thing. Then maybe he’ll move on account of not wanting to work in a haunted office. Then, you can follow him wherever he goes. Sounds fun, right?


PS: Please don’t be dead.

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Review #43, by Aftaminas The One with the Green Light

19th January 2015:
So last week around Tuesday I discovered the one shot of Ron proposing to Hermione.

Then I read 30 Days of You and Me.

Then I started reading BTQC last Thursday or Friday.

Yesterday, I started DTTT. And now I'm feeling anxious. And feverish. And unable to concentrate on studying chemistry for my college exam x) please, do continue.

PS: What is the queue? Sounds like something that stands between readers and new chapters. I'm about to have kittens, here --'

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Review #44, by DancingMooncalf The One with the Green Light

11th January 2015:
Oh my god! I was so happy to find that everything was okay and than it ends like this. Please make James not be dead. That would be a horrible ending. He has to marry Avery properly and live happily ever after. Please!
What a spectacular chspter this turned out to be!! Waiting desperately for thr next one!

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Review #45, by rose The One with the Green Light

5th January 2015:
These cliff hangers are going to be the end of me...otherwise amazing job!

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Review #46, by ohnobeans The One with the Green Light

3rd January 2015:
a few minutes into reading I realized Green Light could mean Avada Kedavra and if that's true then I AM JUST SO DONE.



i don't know how i feel about this cliffhanger. capslock didn't feel appropriate and neither proper capitalization. meh.

BUT WHAT A CHAPTER! my goodness James and Harry and Avery and everyone's alive I hope and the green light and James appreciating Harry and Harry scolding James for language even while rescuing him from a psychopath.

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Review #47, by dee The One with the Green Light

31st December 2014:
I've been reading this story for ages and let me
just say thank you for writing something so
amazing! James is one of my favourite next gen
characters and what you've done in terms of
character development and plot with him is just
awesome :)

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Review #48, by GreenEyedHarry The One with the Green Light

29th December 2014:
Hey Guys, if you are having trouble getting to the newest chapter, just press the printer friendly version button on the chapter page and then scroll down. It should work while HPFF is fixing the original page

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Review #49, by Dobby101 The One with the Green Light

28th December 2014:
I can't get onto the chapter!! Wah! It's saying there is a file error on every chapter in your story...I'm going to try to contact HPFF to see if we can get it fixed (:

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Review #50, by Celeste The One with the Green Light

26th December 2014:
Just as I was ready to do a happy dance David Flynn strikes again. So I'll sit back and wait for the next chapter and for James to figure out if he's alive or not. So if James isn't dead then I'm sure everyone will realise he was set up cause why would his dad and wife lie and say that he took them. Why they even thought that in the first place is beyond me.

As always really love your story think I'll read the first one again while I wait for the update and to find out what happens to James and his family.

Can't wait for the next chapter :)

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