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Review #26, by ohmymerlin The One with the Distractions

31st May 2014:
[heavy breathing]

oh god

what's going to happen

and ahh James being for real about not being ready! I'm so glad to see that you have a story where the boy isn't ready! I actually don't know any guys like that in real life but I know that there are guys like that and I love to see it being portrayed! But it really made me laugh when he was in the lingerie store! :P

Also, I wonder what on earth is happening with Bink! I'm so curious!

Anyway, I really liked this chapter! I can't wait to read the next one! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #27, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 The One with the Distractions

31st May 2014:
NOT AMY OH MY GOD NOT AMY PLEASE LET HER BE OKAY! Oh boy poor James all he wanted to do was play quidditch! Why is Avery's dad such a freaking menace?? Can't he leave people alone?? And this whole code thing about dating other people like it makes more sense to ban inter team dating!!! The rest of the league should be fair game!! They're all adults it's just aggravating haha. Anyways I LOVE YOUR STORY, I didn't think anything could be as awesome as BTQC but your sequel is turning out perfectly! I can't wait for another update!



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Review #28, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome The One with the Distractions

31st May 2014:
I love the way the story has gone, and I still think you're an amazing writer. Now that I'm up to date on this series I can't wait for you to release more. I have dedicated the last 3 or 4 days of my life to reading BTQC and DTTT. These are great stories and I cannot begin to express how much I really like them. This is a great look into James's life, and I think Avery is an amazing character. I'm worried about Amy. When James is stressed about his life I stress too. Now that is a sign of an amazing piece of writing. Keep your amazing story going because I can't wait to read more

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Review #29, by James2009 The One with the Distractions

29th May 2014:
Great Chapter like always! I just can't understand why James won't turn to Harry for help. I mean I understand but at the same time I don't, very frustrating feeling. I feel that Harry can help James through all of this, and it is not fun watching James throw away his personal and professional life because he thinks he doesn't need help.
Hopefully things will start working out soon, cause its sad to see someone as good-hearted as James and Avery suffer.
All the best,

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Review #30, by hai The One with the Distractions

28th May 2014:
ahh loved this. the lingerie scene was cute. worried for the next chapter though. sorry this is so short :P its really late.

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Review #31, by Tom The One with the Distractions

27th May 2014:
Really Aves? Francis? Avery you were supposed to wait for James, there would have been fireworks and happiness and James commentating on it like a Quidditch match...
James, man up, take care of business, then go home to your loving wife and go at it like you're supposed to do at Hogwarts.

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Review #32, by omgjamespotter The One with the Distractions

26th May 2014:
ga;fa omg javery feels ~AALL THE WAY

like james is so precious and avery is so nice about it and i KNEW she didn't have her v-card!!! seriously wth francis, who do you even think you are…

Also can I just say how amazing it was that James didn't start freaking out and try to kill francis? he is growing up so fast

And amy?? No! Ahh! Aww Freddie!


Sorry I just had to get that rambling out… whooo. Ok.

I'm really really excited about how this story is moving because throughout all these years you have always remained so true to your characters, and that is super refreshing. One of my favorite parts of BTQC and DTTT ever was when James and avery are sitting on the couch, and he confesses his love and stuff… it was just so breathtaking and simple, but perfect, because it fit exactly with how we all imagined it to be. I'm also so SO glad you didn't make james immediately jump into bed with avery after that talk, because it really makes us appreciate how special and caring james is.

Seriously I just love you and this so much, and I'm really thankful for the update.

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Review #33, by omgjamespotter The One with Fern

21st May 2014:
Back about a year ago, I started reading BTQC. I think that time it wasn't completed, but very near done; and I read the whole thing in about a day. That is a credit to your amazing writing, which literally keeps me on the edge of my seat and makes it incredibly easy to fall in love with all of your characters. Since I first read it, though, I stopped reading HPFF regularly.

However, I have come back every once in a while to catch up on my favorite stories, and every time I end up binge-reading BTQC - the entire thing, and also DTTT.

I know a lot of people say stuff like that, almost in a cocky way, like "Wow, I'm so good, I can read 50 chapter fanfics super fast" - every time I hear that I just internally groan - but seriously, the reason I am able to read your fanfics so quickly has absolutely zero to do with me: they are incredibly compelling and well-written, and that is all to do with you.

I've also read Hide and Seek and Keep Away, but this series will always be a favorite of mine.

For me, I think the main reason for this is that James and Avery are both amazing individually, but even better together. Let me just start with James, because what the hell, that boy is actually the greatest. You would think that he might be a bit cliche, with the way he is obsessed with Quidditch and pretends not to be emotional or whatever - like the "no i can't LOVE her, I have to think manly" type stuff in crappy fics these days - but your James is just so refreshingly real and complex that it doesn't come across this way at all. I think, also, that one of the greatest examples of why James is so great is in the way Avery is described in the story: obviously, we all love her so much, because she comes off in such a bad af, lovable, emotional way - but we also can't forget that it is from James's POV that she is described. He obviously just looks up to her so much and basically treats her like a goddess, and it just shows how much he values her - I wish all guys were like this, hahah. Not saying that Avery is any less amazing - she might just be my favorite anyways. I mean, how can you not love Avery?? I don't think there are many people who would say that they wouldn't want to be similar to her if they could.

Anyways, I just felt like this review was long since overdue, seeing as I haven't written any of those times I've binge-read this story. I hope you update soon because your chapter preview sounds very compelling!!

Thank you so much for the consistency you have in writing this story and just for sticking with it - it honestly restores my faith in there being well-written HPFF, lol.


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Review #34, by 12tmnt34 The One with Fern

21st May 2014:
I just signed up for an account here so I could write this review. I spent the last 2 weeks binge-reading this and BTQC (great btw) for the simple reason that it is awesome. Great stuff! While the style isn't exactly JK Rowling, its some of the most believable (in context of canon books) that I've ever read.

That being said, where is James going with this? Clearly he's in over his head - at some point he's going to realize he needs help from someone responsible, right? Henrik? Harry? Neville?

PS: Is 'King Henrik' a reference to Henrik Lundqvist (also a keeper/captain who is ridiculously good looking)?

Cheers! Looking forward to an update.

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Review #35, by Anon The One with Fern

4th May 2014:
This is my absolute favorite story ever. It's so funny. Love it!

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Review #36, by ruby_slippers The One with Fern

28th April 2014:
Ahahaha Avery is the greatest!
"She did. I found out the next morning when Avery sauntered in and tossed Emerson's St Mungo's bracelet on my chest. "One down." She said. "He won't be asking me to dinner any time soon.""
Such a crack up.
I reckon James should go to his dad now. This definitely wouldn't make him look soft this is a pretty massive problem hey. Anyway can't wait to see where you take this - love your work!
God Bless

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Review #37, by QkStephen The One with Fern

27th April 2014:
Man o Man I love your work. David Flynn seems to be
the character I love to hate

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Review #38, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 The One with Fern

23rd April 2014:
I knew I always loved Avery, but this story... She's a goddess 😘

I HAVENT REVIEWED OR READ IN FOREVER AHHH IM SO SORRY! I love your stories!!! I just was super busy, but I'm kind of really sick right now so more time to read lol. So keep working! This is already a beautiful sequel! I love how James and everyone especially Bink are dealing with leaving hogwarts, it makes the story so much more real. Fred and Amy are the couple I would like to be one day lol. Well I have lots of time to do absolutely nothing now, so keep updating! But no pressure :)

10/10 because you're brilliant!


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Review #39, by AgentPH22 The One with Fern

22nd April 2014:
Yay!!! You updated that means you're alive! Pretty please with sugar on top update sooner I cannot deal with the wait

Author's Response: Yes, I'm alive :) Thank you for the review! I'm actually updating 3 stories (it was four, but I just finished one) so I update them in order. That's usually why it takes a bit longer for one story to be updated.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #40, by whykay The One with Fern

16th April 2014:
Haha! 'Ordering her a salad' - James is such a kid! :) - you've brought out that aspect so well - and so teenager!

And Avery - go girl!! Ha! That was awesome.

Update sooner!

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Review #41, by ohmymerlin The One with Fern

16th April 2014:
[superhero theme song plays as Avery walks in the room]

But seriously, David Flynn, is a flopping psycho. What is the MATTER with him?! Avery is his DAUGHTER. Not his mortal enemy!

And ew Cooper and Mason and Emerson. Yucky.


And aw bless, Lily knows what's wrong with James in a heartbeat :') I love reading stories when siblings are close (it's because I'm close with my brother and two of my cousins are like my brother and sister so I definitely have a soft spot for those types of stories) and you write them so sweetly :')

I loved the interview James did, it was great, haha!

I love how even though this is about James and Avery OVERCOMING ALL THE OBSTACLES OF THEIR LOVE, it's more about the psychopath, David Flynn. It definitely gives it a nice and surprising twist.

Also, can I just say that I can't believe that you're already up to chapter 15! I still feel like you just finished the prequel!! :O

Anywho, this was another great chapter! I can't wait to read more! :)

- Kayla :)

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Review #42, by hai The One with Fern

16th April 2014:
ahhh why. i hat david flynn sooo much
why cant he leave javery in peace :(
pls update soon.the 'up next' bit has go me so interested haha
i wonder what james learns? and also james in a lingerie store ;)

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Review #43, by AlexFan The One with Fern

15th April 2014:
Avery Flynn is my spirit animal. I seriously respect this girl, you have no idea how much respect I have for Avery Flynn. Thank you for thinking up such a brilliant character. She's attractive, she's smart, she's a hell of a Quidditch player, she's funny and she doesn't take no bull droppings from anyone. I admire that about her.

That ending was absolute gold, I swear to God. It was all just so perfect. I punched my fist into the air and grinned so wide you wouldn't even believe. You don't mess with Avery Flynn people because if you do, pray to Jesus that she doesn't kill you. Edwards is most definitely going to be avoiding her from now on. But at the same time, I feel like he might want to help take down Avery now because she beat him up and just generally made him look like a fool and stomped all over her pride so I'm a little worried about her. At the same time, she may actually get away with it in which case, woohoo!

David Flynn is the scum of the earth. I swear to God, what is up with this man, he just won't quit, will he? Someone needs to put an end to him because this is just getting ridiculous. James should really go to his dad about this, I have a feeling that if Harry knew what was going on things would get done a lot quicker. Why doesn't James just go to the ministry about this? He has the memories to prove that it actually happened and wouldn't the ministry be forced to do something? I mean, Edwards and Mason could be charged with kidnap and assault. It might not enough to land them in prison but I'm pretty sure Edwards would get fired on the spot as well as fined and Mason would most certainly be fired.

David Flynn, I got my eyes on you boy!

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Review #44, by merlins beard The One with the Birthday

14th April 2014:
I found "breaking the Quidditch Code" when looking for something to read and it took me 2 days (with everything else i have going on at the moment quite an accomplishment) to read through that and then "decoding the tutshill tornados". i couldnn't stop myself, i had to know how the story would continue.
This, for me, is what defines a well-written story.

I love how you always show what james thinks and feels, even though he wants to hide it. It is awesome to even get to see him mature more from chapter to chapter (with a slipping up a little -and getting married - in between).
Maybe getting married will turn out to be a good thing for them.
One thing i had to get used to was that i did not recognise Harry and Ginny - they changed a lot in the 25 years after the war.

I really liked how you can make me laugh, cry and even be afraid for what happens to James next.

I am very much looking forward to the next chapter (something i do not say often because i usually only read completed stories) and i hope you will be updating fairly regularly. Thank you for putting in so much work.

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Review #45, by UnofficiallyNotVernonDursley The One with the Birthday

1st April 2014:
What're they gonna do?
This chapter was really good :)

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Review #46, by AlexFan The One with the Birthday

24th March 2014:
I can see that Mason and Emerson are the type of people who think either go or go home. I'm pretty sure the roadkill wasn't really necessary but it might've just seemed like a nice touch.

I loved the James/Avery interactions of course, the two of them always make me happy. I'm pretty sure that Avery is going to kill someone by the looks of it, I wouldn't put it past that girl to seriously harm Edwards. Speaking of Edwards, I think it's safe to say that he shot his chance at getting Avery to date him in the face so that was brilliant.

I kind of wish that James had actually told Ginny who had done everything to him because I'm pretty sure it would've been amusing to see Ginny beat the absolute hell out of Mason and Edwards and send them scampering.

But anyway, I look forward to seeing how James and Avery handle this entire situation.

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Review #47, by Harrypotterlover-dips The One with the Birthday

24th March 2014:
Love this story and BTQC!!! Lurve it... Can u pls try to upload the next chappie a lil quick?? I get seriously irritated waiting u noe... Noe wat? i hav starting using a lotta 'James lingo' nowadays.. :P

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Review #48, by LooHoo The One with the Birthday

23rd March 2014:
I've quite literally done nothing this entire week except read your stories. I found a link last week from the Dobby's and can't stop reading. Didn't study for midterms or finish my semester project for a design course because I was too busy worrying about Javery! Seriously, this is so good and I can't wait to hear how they handle the situation. Your narrative style sucks readers in and all your characters are so unique. Update quick please!

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Review #49, by McGonagallCat The One with the Birthday

19th March 2014:
Hahahahahahah you write drunk people so well! Definitely one of my favorite stories on this website. Keep going with the updates :)

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Review #50, by meghanthemomo The One with the Birthday

18th March 2014:

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