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Review #51, by katethemuggle Lake

25th June 2015:
Hi there! It's me, Kate, back again because I just couldn't help myself - I had to read more! You have no idea how much this story has captured my attention.

Okay, I'm a colossal nerd and I took notes as I was reading so I would remember what all to talk about (I know, I know, it's pitiful) soo...I hope you're prepared for/don't mind having another long review left on another chapter of your incredible story (which I just so happen to want to binge read every chapter of)

Soo here goes...

First off, I believe that in my review of chapter one, I forgot to mention that the artist who created your banner is crazy talented and that it is just...beyond beautiful. Ugh, I love it. Completely lovely, I love the colors, quotes, fonts, and character images. Perfect.

Now, the chapter image for this chapter: Was that meant as Scorpius? Hmm...I wouldn't mind being in the woods with him, he's pretty attractive. And as a major fan of collar bones...gah, yes. I have always loved them and have strived to make sure mine are visible (in healthy manners, no worries) and I never realized they were attractive on guys but they are. Very.

I found it very funny that in the beginning when Rose was sneaking out to be with Scorpius that there was that part of her wanting to be reading - very Hermione of her. Although, she had a fun day with him earlier and between that and his sheer attractiveness and pretty great personality, I don't know why she would turn down the opportunity, I know I wouldn't.

“Put on a brave face, Gryffindor. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.”
I really liked that, it felt like he was challenging her to prove herself as a true Gryffindor and I just really like that, I like that challenge, I like him pushing her in a non-obnoxious way.

Awh, Rose is scared of storms? I know the feeling. Haha I used to never be, but then we were hit with several back-to-back storms and even a tornado ripping through my town a few weeks ago and now I'm scared of them so I understand her fear!

Hiking is a super fun activity as well so Rose needs to not be a kill joy, it's fun! I loved that they went on that little trek, I thought it was adorable.

I found it interesting when Rose was talking about how most people say they fear heights, but they really fear falling. I like to say, as my sister once said, that it is not the height or the falling that's scary - it's the fear of hitting the ground. Rose...realize that!

I like that they both realize they could be spending time with their families doing mundane activities and are instead together, super cute. I mean, they deserve to make some memories and have some adventures of their own - I mean their parents all had plenty of adventures on their own, at least Rose and Scorp won't be killed by an evil wizard!

“Why are you skeptical of everything?”...“I don’t see the point, I guess.”
SO much Hermione right there!

“Do you trust me?” he asked.
Reminded me so much of Aladdin!

I loved that that went cliff diving (or cliff pushing haha :p) Talk about a dream date (even though I know it was not an actual date in their case) but it sounds so romantic and very fun. And Rose probably wouldn't have done it so I'm glad that he made her. It's better to regret things you did do than things you didn't, afterall.

I like how Rose will break rules, but she's picky about the ones she breaks, I found that pretty hilarious.

Why was this boy always half-naked?
I literally laughed and found that way funnier than I probably should have, it was very amusing.

I also found it completely hilarious that she said he has a naked problem. That was too funny, and it was clear she was trying for a comeback but was at a loss for a really good one.

Lucius and Narcissa died? How? Although I'm not too saddened by it, just for Draco's sake. Although they're better off without Lucius...but Narcissa wasn't as bad - she just wanted her baby protected.

Their talks about their families seemed so genuine and touching. When Scorpius talked about his family, I felt how awkward I'm sure he felt due to his dad's past - but I'm glad they can all get along. And when Rose admitted to punching James, it reminded me of when Hermione punched Draco. Oh, the irony.

I liked your idea of making him the prefect and not her - different from other fics.

It's also adorable that their first meeting has made such a lasting impression on the both of them! I probably would have forgotten, honestly.

When Rose stormed off it was funny because it was crystal clear that the reason was because he was right about her and she didn't like that. Haha I laughed at that as well.

Then Ron trying to cook...I can't even imagine. :p
Hugo's annoyance about the bugs reminded me of Ron's spider fear. Then when Rose mentioned the Malfoy's it was good to not see total hatred, just distaste from Ron!

Only Ron would nickname his child Turkey and accuse Hermione of putting a spell on his kids to rid the redhead gene! haha

The ending was so great with Scorpius stealing her clothes right back. Karma is real, Rose.

Another adorable chapter.

Thank you for this story!


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Review #52, by katethemuggle Trust

25th June 2015:
Hi there! :)

So, I typically gravitate toward stories that are strictly canon and have happened in the books, this was merely implied as potential, and I often have trouble with ships that I do not for 100% sure happened...but when I came across your story I was immediately interested. It kind of made me realize that perhaps I was being too close minded I am.

And I am beyond happy that I gave it a chance - it's good! I haven't read enough yet to know exactly how much I like it, but if it continues at this rate, I certainly will be reading every chapter. Very good, I enjoyed this first chapter very much - plus the chapter image was very lovely.

Now, fair warning, I typically leave long reviews so I hope that is not an annoyance. I just want to get all my thoughts out there and give you something to actually work with, with specifics.

Here we go:

The plot: Ah, I love it. Being an American, I know more about life here and that makes it a little more relatable to my life and I don't need to research where she is - I know about it. If she went to (say for example) Portugal (random, but first place I thought of for some reason) I would personally feel the need to research so I could get good visuals in my head of what it looks like, the culture, etcetera. So, I love where this is set. It's new, it's refreshing, I like it. Plus, the Smoky Mountains are beyond beautiful, I could stare at pictures for hours. Plus, I adore the idea of going there and having a vacation myself, so yay. Very relatable and I enjoy it a lot.

Now for the characters...

Rose: Another one of my weird quirks is that I am very picky about first person narrative. This is true in both fics and the books I read, I'm just very critical I guess, but I'm learning to be more open-minded. Often, I find first person annoying - but not in this. Rose is funny, and anything but static and bland - which is what I find so often. I like her personality a lot, I see lots of her parents in there. She's smart like Hermione and sarcastic like Ron, for examples. Just in this one chapter I have also seen the Gryffindor come out in her, I like that. I would not care what house she was sorted in, I just want her to meet the qualities of the house she is sorted in - and she already does. Ha, the sneaking out bit reminds me a good bit of the Trio at Hogwarts, constantly getting themselves in trouble. So, I like that I see Ron and Hermione in her, but I like that ultimately she's her own person. I see a lot of myself in her already too, especially her love of painting, because I love to draw as well. I look forward to seeing more of this story through her eyes. Also, before I forget, I love that she isn't a redhead! Not that making her a readhead is bad, but everyone makes her that way - I like that she got Hermione's hair in more ways than just the texture!

Scorpius: Gah, he got my attention. From the beginning when they were 11, I knew I would like him. I'm against people who act like boys have to be macho al the time without fear and that girls are dainty and helpless - and even as an 11 year old it was clear he didn't view them that way. Thank you! Also, when he and Rose first stumbled across each other in the woods, I got a very clear image in my head of this scene, I felt like I was looking at them! I like his personality. Like Rose, I see the Slytherin qualities and qualities of Draco, but as well I see qualities that I imagine Astoria has, from the little of actually know of her. And the idea of Draco trying to cook on a grill actually made me laugh. It's a quite humorous idea. Also, I'm glad you wrote him as attractive but not too attractive. I always dislike stories with perfect characters who have Greek God like bodies and who all the girls/guys fawn over, etcetera. I like realistic people. So good. It was acceptable of Rose to like what she saw - what girl wouldn't be attracted to the situation and young man described? I mean let's be real. So, I really like him a lot.

As far as Ron and Hermione go - I think you captured them completely canon, especially Ron. Good ole Ron Weasley.

Hugo had be laughing so much and made me think back to when I was fifteen and was just as moody. My sister who is a young teenager and experiencing all that angst has me constantly glad I'm over that stage in my life. But, it also made him realistic.

Also, I liked how in the beginning when you talked about past vacations you talked about how Hermione wanted to explore the cultures, Ron the food and Hugo the girls - all very canon for Ron and Hermione and realistic for all parties.

I also love that they take family vacations! Family vacations have always been a big and important part of my life and I'm glad to see those values in the lives of the Weasley family, very fitting.

Altogether, thoroughly enjoyable chapter and start to a story. I'm very intrigued and will be reading more as soon as I get the chance.


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Review #53, by lhod23 Together

26th February 2015:

I adore Rose/Scorpius fics. They are probably my favorite couple. And yes, this had some good fluff, but also some drama!

Love, love, love.

Also, I have read several of your stories and I am blown away with how you make the same character (Rose for example) completely different but believable in each one! That takes some talent!

I'm reading Hormones now and loving it :)

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Review #54, by Lynne Together

21st February 2015:
To story made me remember just how much I love scorpius x rose. It's been a while since I've found/read a well written scorose. :)

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Review #55, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Together

14th February 2015:
“I love you, you know that?”

Scorpius didn’t reply right away. He slipped his hand into mine and brought me closer, his other hand finding my hip. “I do,” he said. “You just told me.”

I say this to my boyfriend all the time. Well, I say I love you like that and that's his response so I liked that part it was familiar and heart warming.

We come to the end and somehow you have made the ending feel like a beginning. A new chapter awaits them even if it is one filled with many ups and downs. I imagine Scorpius would get sicker and there would be no cure but they would be happy until the very end. Rose would paint beautiful paintings of their time together and then one very special one for just Scorpius that'll hang in her flat or small cottage. She would feel lonely but she would move on but she would do his memory justice by doing things out of the box, traveling around the world.


I see his disease as Muggle cancer. Something that just can't seem to find a cure for though there are medicines to prolong the process. I think they might have five or six years, maybe a small wedding, maybe an engagement or maybe they don't need any of that and just each other.

Romeo and Juliet, the supposed greatest love story ever told.

Scorpius and Rose, thirty days, a great love story that needed to be told.

Wonderful job my dear Mistress.

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Review #56, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Hope

14th February 2015:
It's Valentine's Day and what better way to spend it then to read the love story of Scorpius and Rose.

To read the next chapter means the end. I am sad. I am not ready. I know you won't write a sequel and I don't think I would want to read one. I mean I would read it if you wrote it but I think the story ends next chapter and that's that. I'd like to let me imagination run wild with thoughts on what could be.

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Review #57, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Positive

14th February 2015:
I knew it was coming. I was prepared. No tears. I am dry. I hope Rose and Scorpius stay together and go on adventures together and do whatever they can with the time they have left.

I have decided your writing reminds me of John Green. That is a compliment in case you do not like John Green. Your writing is powerful, thought out and emotional, just like his. I guess what I'm trying to say're a writer. No, you're an author and one day I hope to go into the fiction section and see your book on the stands.

You should pen it as Mistress. An ode to the fan fiction stories you've written all these years and plus it's mysterious. People might think you're writing the next 50 Shades of Grey. Don't though. I would not be able to handle that.

Too much blushing.

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Review #58, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Home

14th February 2015:
I'm hopeless. I think I might cry. Okay, I am crying. See? Hopeless? Rose really needs to keep her nose out of his personal journal but at least she was able to learn more about him and about well...them.

It was nice of her to see Danielle and apologize. Very un-Rose like because if it was different circumstances I don't think she would have done that. If Scorpius dies in the last chapter I'm coming for you, Mistress.

With cookies and ice cream with sprinkles because I will be a wreck and I'm sure you were a wreck if you had to write that final chapter.

Can I ask you a question. How do you do it? How do you write four stories or three stories at once with all of these characters and different situations and ideas? I can barely write one story let alone two.

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Review #59, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Awake

14th February 2015:
Wow. So he knew. No wonder. As I reach the end I'm a little apprehensive. I don't want to find out what happens next but I do. Is that silly, you know when a book is so good you don't want to read the last chapter because it's finally over. After you've spent all these hours invested in these characters they are no more?

That's how I feel. I don't want to know what happens because I know in the end even if you don't show it that'll be it. Scorpius can't survive. It's unfair and neither can Astoria.

At this point in time I feel for Draco terribly.

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Review #60, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Okay

14th February 2015:
I seriously thought Astoria died. I thought that's where you were going with this by the end of the 30 days she would be gone and they would back to reality and maybe just maybe they wouldn't have their happy ending or they would it would just be a little painful.

And then I see Scorpius is in the hospital. Does he have the mysterious disease his mother has? I can't even. What happened? Exhaustion? The attack was greater than they expected. Is he sick too that's why he was doing all these devilish things because he knew he had a short time to live and he wanted to live like he said in one chapter because he was afraid of not being able to.

Mistress, you're sneaky. For shame.

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Review #61, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Fight

14th February 2015:
I wanted to paint bravery. But if I had to paint bravery, it would be in the image of the canvas Scorpius already had on his dresser.

^ Yes.

My reviews are absolute rubbish. I'm sorry but there's never anything more I can think to say except WOO-HOO THAT WAS AMAZING. I WANT TO BE YOU.

Is that awful? Yes, it is because you can only be you...unless you send me a piece of your brain or eerrr...mind. I don't think the husband will appreciate that.

This review is weird. What was I saying again? Oh right.

I'm glad they figured it out. Sort of. At least they talked it over and it's real, all Romeo and Juliet jokes aside, what they have is very much real. I like that. To fall for someone in thirty days, not love, but to fancy them and to be with them and to know that this could be something more is nice. You make very believable stories and moments.

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Review #62, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Grounded

14th February 2015:
Was there a person on Earth who didn’t like bacon? What a


Scaling the side of a house, how very Romeo and Juliet. I see what
you did there. Naughty author. I'm supposed to be at the gym or
eating lunch. I haven't decided which but I'm here instead glued to
my chair. You write conversations so well I'm convinced I am Rose
and Scorpius is mine.

Scorpius, oh, Scorpius!

I'm actually happy she was grounded. She deserved it. The good
parenting award goes to Ron and Hermione Weasley. Many claps.

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Review #63, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Silence

14th February 2015:
He was covered in a thick sheen of sweat, clothes sticking to him and his hair pressed against his neck and forehead. Immediately he was at Scorpius’ bedside, hands around his son’s.

I jumped from Hormones back to this because I can't not read and review your stories. I don't know how i'll start reading James's story and the sequel you have out now. My boyfriend might have to miss me for the next month.

The reason I took this part out was because the entire chapter was great don't get me wrong but to see Draco act as a father, and a good one at that, was I wanted desperately more interaction between him and Scorpius and I finally got it. Unfortunately I got it under terrible circumstances. I wish you would write a story from Scorp's point of view but then again I want to demand another Oliver story (ha-ha) and so many other things from you you might never be able to leave HPFF.

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Review #64, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Date

12th February 2015:
“Go take a shower,” he muttered. “You smell like rain and Malfoy.”

Haha! Ron, I love you.

At least Mum didn’t wear ugly things with shoulder pads.

Shoulder pads are in right now Rose.

(What? I like a good shoulder pad!)

No! Where would he go? What happened? I figure it might be something to do with his mother or maybe he fell asleep and got lost. Or maybe he went to go paint a portrait somewhere.

Sorry, I’m tired. My what if’s are rubbish.

That was some kind of date though. Ron interrogating him was cute. Do parents actually do that? If anything my mom just says all my boyfriends are nice and what did I do because she thinks it’s my fault when the relationship ends.


I also really liked you had Hermione help her get ready for the date. Again, do parents actually do that? It was nice because she has been on the backburner lately we see so much more of Ron and even he’s in small scenes but he packs a powerful punch.

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Review #65, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Blunt

12th February 2015:
I told her I wasn’t in the correct place of my life to give my heart to someone, as it was currently with my mother.

Oh, Scorpius.

Maybe it is not my entire heart that belongs to my mother.



Oh, Scorpius.

Where art thou Scorpius?

Honestly, all jokes aside, that was beautiful. It was heartfelt and stayed true to his character. He’s actually very deep and filled with a lot of emotions and I like that you explored that throughout the story but also here as well.

I like that it took Rose so long to come to terms with her feelings for Scorpius just like it did for what she wants to do with her life. She’s evolving but that doesn’t mean she can’t be scared to take the next step so it took her awhile. She’s very calculated even though we’ve seen her do daring things like jump off cliffs and what not. They compliment each other well.

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Review #66, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Letter

12th February 2015:
I hated how bad those words stung. Like a curse straight
through the chest.

Poor Rose. Poor Danielle. Boys suck.

“Going to tell me what happened today, Coffeecake?”

I like how all of the nicknames he comes up with involve food.

At one point I told my father I was just going to grow up and
live off of his money. He told me that was fine, just as long as I wore
a thick coat on dates.

I told my mom I wanted to be a comedian. She said she would be
my momager. She actually believes I can be a comedian and is still
hoping for it one day.

Typical Rose. Won’t listen to Scorpius. I can’t blame her but I know
she’ll come around and I think we’ll hear from both sides from your
author’s note. Ha-ha! Good luck on your original novel. Something
tells me it’s going to be amazing. I'd like a small dedication that
says, "For Deeds, thanks for believing in me and the reviews."

Haha. Just kidding.

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Review #67, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Journal

10th February 2015:
“Just saying. You might get cold. Or a sunburn. Jackets are nice.” I could tell he wanted nothing more than to cover up my shoulders. Mum shot him a look that quickly shut him up, but I walked over and hugged him.



Oh, ho, ho. He better not have another girl and make this a little fling with Rose. Ron will really have to buy a gun.

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Review #68, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Insecure

10th February 2015:
When Scorpius comes into her room through the window it reminds me of the show Clarissa Explains it All. Am I aging myself? The show was still before my time but I've seen it because of my sister.

I liked we got more insight into Scorpius. Hearing about his mother and seeing where he gets his sense of adventure from and why he knows how to do so many different things. It's nice. The two compliment each other, him and Rose. I hope by the end of the story his mother doesn't pass away but I suppose that's what's going to happen soon. It's incredibly sad. The story of Draco and his wife, their love, even sadder but it happens. Sometimes in times of tragedy you forget the others around you, no matter how much you do care about the.

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Review #69, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Paint

10th February 2015:
I kept kissing him. He didn’t pull away. I didn’t pull away. I didn’t want to pull away. I couldn’t remember the last time a boy kissed like that – passionate, but not sloppy. It wasn’t until his teeth found my bottom lip in a way that made my whole body almost melt that I gasped and pulled away.

^ HOT.

But I didn’t not like him. And just thinking about him pulling me onto his arms made something flutter in my stomach I wasn’t comfortable with.

^ I like that she doesn't out right like him. She's confused I mean she does but she doesn't like him so much where she feels the NEED to be with him. Know what I mean? I think as girls we tend to jump the gun a little and want to be someones girlfriend and want to have a boyfriend or a significant other. Rose is very calculating. She likes him. She can admit it but her feelings aren't going to overpower her and make her thing it's more than what it is until it IS more than what it is. She's not in love. She's in lust. She's in like.

Man can barely handle a wand when he’s emotional.

Haha! Ron. Poor Ron. Always the brunt of the joke.

Dinner was awkward but it was sure lovely. Ron was great when he first saw him but I didn't expect any, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" or something dramatic like that. They're pleasant people and Ron might hold a grudge to someone like Krum (ha-ha) but I think if Harry can be cordial with Draco then Ron can be nice to his son. Especially since his mother is sick. Those Weasley's! Such nice folks.

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Review #70, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Distraction

10th February 2015:
“Pretty sure this family vacation has been a wonky honeymoon for your mother and I,” he commented. “With you gone all day and Hugo yelling at the television … not too shabby.”

Ron, I love you. I wish he was my father.

This chapter was wonderful I like to think of it as the turning point of their relationship. Now Rose knows about his mother and she's not going to turn against him or be as moody I think. She's still going to be snarky and sarcastic Rose but she's compassionate as well. She's doing something she probably wouldn't do for another boy--let him stay with her because he needs someone.

Helps that he's wildly attractive too.

Or does it?

I felt bad but I knew Hugo was going to tell. Especially with Ron's questioning nature. I knew he was going to upset he keeps trying and you have to feel bad for him. He just wants family time and his children are well, they're teenagers and they're annoying and they're growing up and it must be hard for him. I love the family dynamic you have going on though. It's very real and familiar and true to the characters I love.

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Review #71, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Storm

9th February 2015:
Could I get any more awkward? I blamed my father for this.

Scorpius glanced around him for a moment. “I’m going to, erm, lay down. And you can … you can just lay down.”

I’m gagging! In a good way! I can’t stop laughing. HOLY! I’m actually blushing.

I feel a little awkward too.

Getting married, moving to Colorado! You’re quite the adventurous author.

I’m sorry my reviews make no sense. So Mrs. Malfoy is on the mend. Is the woman maybe Daphne, his Aunt or someone else he’s related to? We know it’s not a lady friend for him. I mean it could be a friend but not a romantic one.

I’m sure Rose isn’t going to ask him about it but it’s going to come out somehow because she’s so awkward. You know what I realized I like about this story? I love all your other stories because they have great sarcastic characters and wit but they’re all really…well…even if they are awkward they’re still err…sexy. You know, trying to keep this review 12+ so I can’t think of…alright, they are well versed in…err..sexual relations.

God, I feel awkward.

But Rose isn’t like that and I like that about her and Scorpius isn’t a pusher and I mean the story is from her POV but he doesn’t seem like a hormone raging monster. Roses hormones clearly mess with her head a bit but I don’t know they’re not jumping each other’s bones. Not to say that’s what your other characters do because your other characters have just as much substance.

I’m rambling I’m sorry. #worstreviewerever

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Review #72, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Berries

9th February 2015:
He paused for a moment and I had no idea what that meant.

^ He wants to snog you! Girl, you should carry some lip balm (with SPF of course).

Hugo and I have decided to be Team Hughmione. Isn’t that sweet

^ OH. OH. YES. That is too sweet. It’s sickening.

I’m for Team Ron. It’s very original I think.

“I think I saw her trip you,” he said with a nod. “Want me to take her out during the obstacle course? I’ll do that, you know.”

^ Oh my heart melts for Ron. This is the family interaction I’ve been waiting for. As much as I love imagining Scorpius’s abs there’s nothing like a little family fun to shake things up a bit.

Hm, the conversation about Scorpo’s parents seemed tense and awkward. I wonder if he really was spending time with them or if they’re even there. They have to be, don’t they? I don’t know there was something off putting. Like he made up the story because Rose spent time with her family when really he could have been lurking around and watching them hangout.

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Review #73, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Town

9th February 2015:
“C’mon, Juliet, or I’m going to steal your balcony.” He was having way too much fun with that.

^ Love the Romeo/Juliet thing they've got going on even though it started with a fish and Romeo/Juliet is horribly depressing. I mean, I don't want Rose or Scorpius to die at the end, you know what I mean?

They're so...comfortable with each other. I mean Rose is SO obvious. At least Scorpius is better at hiding his attraction to her with amusement. She gapes at him like she's never seen a boy before.

Can't blame her though.

I might do the same thing.

Heck, I do do the same thing. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts because I'm always checking him out.

What? He has junk in the trunk. Haha. That was an overshare. Anyway! I wonder what Ron and Hermione would say or Scorpius's parents anyway. We don't really hear from them and I get maybe they aren't a major part of the story but I would still like to know because if this does turn into a Romeo/Juliet type of thing (sans the death) I wouldn't be upset about it.

Two campers, both alike in...I'll stop before I go any further. Haha! Glad you had a fab wedding!

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Review #74, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Fish

9th February 2015:
“We’re going to cook it and eat it,” Scorpius repeated, grabbing some stray wood and throwing it on the ashes.

“You say we. I’m a little perplexed by the word we,” I noted. “Considering my wire is still stuck in a tree.”

^ How adventurous are they. Real campers these ones.

Man I haven't read this story in ages and by read in ages I mean I never got past chapter two since I had left HPFF when you started writing this gem! I get to start off when I left off and live vicariously through Rose and Scorpius since it's icy and snowy and nasty outside and they are in wonderland.

Or the woods.

Maybe not my ideal situation since I'm more of a glamper. And by glamping I mean staying home on the computer and writing this review as a vacation.

I like their interaction so far. I remember Rose was really witty and sarcastic in the first two chapters and Scorpius is more carefree. Maybe he's part farmer because I have no idea why he knows how to do these things. Or hunter?

So since I'm reading this super late I must give you a late congratulations! You're married! That's exciting!

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Review #75, by BellaLestrange87 Journal

25th January 2015:
Okay so I've been engrossed in this story for about a week now and I figured that I should probably leave a review.

I love the bickering between Rose, Ron and Hugo. It's so family-like, and so much fun to read. And Ron's description of what he was doing when he was seventeen... I think it sounded normal simply because we were used to reading the series from Harry's POV and reading about all the shenanigans he got up to, but Ron's right: it's definitely not normal.

I love the debate about where Scorpius should hide. Even though Ron and Hermione have accepted him, he stills apparently thinks that he's going to die when Hugo catches him kissing Rose. That's very funny to read - I think this story has made me laughed the hardest I've laughed all week.

Even though Hugo seems to be a general pain-in-the-neck (for lack of a better 12+ word), I have to sympathize with him. That is not something I would want to see.

Danielle! Who is this Danielle? Oh, it's such bad luck that Rose finds out about that when she's over for dinner - she's either going to confront him about it and dinner's going to be awkward or she's going to stew and dinner's going to be awkward. Either way, unless Scorpius does some really smooth talking, she's going to return home angry/sad and Ron and Hermione aren't going to be all that impressed.

I know this is an older story so you might not care but I found two typos:

“You have at tattoo?” Scorpius asked, abandoning any tact he’d entered with. - have a tattoo

I put on a simple silver necklace and earrings and charms my hair to stop frizzing (okay, Mum did that). - and charmed my hair

They were very minor though (and if they haven't been mentioned yet that's why) and I almost didn't notice them.


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