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Review #1, by blueirony Together

19th April 2014:

I had to sit here for a while and digest this. I don't really know how to put what I'm thinking into words, but I'm going to try.

I originally clicked on this because I know that your stories (though I haven't read them in absolutely ages) are amazing for distracting me. You have an amazing and quirky sense of humour that comes across really clear in your stories and you have a way of crafting your characters which makes them very lovable. I wanted that. But I didn't get that when I read this.

I got something much more.

I have this thing with nature. I think that stories that are written with a backdrop of nature are beautiful. Soothing. Poetic. When I read those kinds of stories, I get this feeling. I don't know what it is. But it's one of beauty. Of vulnerability. Of joy. Of simplicity. And I got that here. In every chapter.

You wrote Rose and Scorpius with this... wow, I don't even know how to begin to describe it. I'm going to say that you wrote them simply. Which is absolute insanity on my part because they were both so complex. But they were beautifully simple. Just two people in the world who had a need for each other. Nothing more. And, then, of course, you manage to add a few hundred layers on top of both of their characters that made them both absolutely lovable and so real and easy to relate to.

It also doesn't hurt that I'm basically in love with the Scorpius in this story. Nod.

The ending is ambiguous, yes. But I think it's fitting. I almost didn't want a happy ending. I understand where you went with this. It was just 30 days of living inside Rose's head. And I got that. It's, again. Simple. But complex at the same time.

I'm still scratching my head as to how you managed to write something so beautiful. But you did.

And thank you.

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Review #2, by AlexFan Together

17th April 2014:
I really enjoyed this chapter even though the story has come to an end and I'm going to miss Rose and Scorpius.

I love how the relaxing the chapter was, it wasn't anything dramatic, it was just Rose and Scorpius being who they were and enjoying each other's company. I loved that they went shopping and how embarrassed Rose became by all of the lingerie. I feel like Scorpius was trying his best not to start laughing at Rose and was enjoying her discomfort.

I will forever and always love the relationship between Rose and her father in this fanfiction. The two of them get along so well and they just get each other and each other's humour. There was more evidence of that when Rose was talking to her father about his use of the term, "street cred," (which does, admittedly sound pretty lame). I can just picture Ron trying to be all hip and cool but failing at it.

I'm so excited for Scorpius! I can't believe that he's going to be in a commercial, that's such good news. And he'll be getting paid for it as well. He may not live until a hundred but at least he'll have an exciting life!

I loved this fanfiction and I promise that I will eventually get to reading the Keeper's Daughter eventually! And just so you know, this is also for the Huffleclaw/Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza!

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Review #3, by merlins beard Together

15th April 2014:
I found you over some of your other stories and i always had a soft spot for Rose/Scorpius stories. I have read my fair share of them over the last few years.
I have to tell you: i have never enjoyed one of them more than i did this.
I LOVE YOU for writing this, for not tying up everything nice and neat. I love the ending. (Happy, perfect endings are nice but - lets face it - not true)
I simply love the whole plot, the whole story... making me giddy with happiness about all the fluff happening...
I'm really really hoping for a (LONG) sequel, since this is simply to good not to be continued.
I said it after reading "breaking the quidditch code" and i'm saying it again now: THANK YOU for putting your time and energy into this - you are amazing. Please keep it up as long as you enjoy it. I'll keep reading your work and i'll be on the lookout for more...

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Review #4, by ilovehpfanfiction Together

14th April 2014:
Oh. My. Word. First off, I'd like to say I absolutely have no doubt in my mind that this one one of my favorite stories ever. The fluff was amazing, and the twist and turns in every chapter had me on the edge of my seat, ready for the next chapter. I have no trouble understanding why this has been so popular. You deserve everything that has been given to you - you've worked hard for what you've earned.
I wanted to also thank you for writing this story. I love reading, and you make my experience so much better. You're descriptions and the way you tell a story is just amazing. You give justice to all your characters and I absolutely love it.
You put your heart and soul into everything and you seriously are an inspiration.
Now for the story(-:
Rose and Scorpius have a relationship that everybody's dreams of, flirtatious, young, full of adventure, sneakiness, love, mystery. You sprinkle a little bit of everything on the top of the cake, making it very fitting and perfect.
The mysterious disease was unfortunate, but there's always got to be a little tragedy in a story, right? I know people may not like it, but it really tied the story together.
I feel a sequel would be unnecessary, yet fun to find out what happens to the two late in life. Or maybe Rose in her final year at Hogwarts? I would definitely read it.
You really did this story justice.
Thanks again. Your work is absolutely amazing, and there were a couple moments where I had a good, hearty laugh. Keep writing. as if you need my permission, lol.
You're a one of a kind.

xoxo - Kaira

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Review #5, by kayleefrank Together

14th April 2014:
I loved this story. I usually don't read stories that aren't completed yet, but I'm really glad I did.

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Review #6, by ReeBee Together

12th April 2014:
JANICE. YOU PERFECT PERSON. I swear, I'm too emotional. It was really perfect!! I've only followed for seven months but it's too perfect. Really. I love love love it. And I'll love it forever. You know how many turns I've read this! Really love it!

And I'm so sad it's over. Like depressed. But happy! And the ending was perfect. Really! Prefect! I hope you write more of this! :D it would make my life ;)

Great job!

-Curie :)

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Review #7, by ilovehpfanfiction Silence

11th April 2014:
Ugh. Please excuse me while I try to recover from the heart attack I had at the end of the previous chapter.

I'm curious to find out what did that to Scorpius.

Well. Of to the next chapter!

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Review #8, by ilovehpfanfiction Date

11th April 2014:
I think I'm going to cry.

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Review #9, by rblumenfield98 Together

11th April 2014:
Amazing :) this fic kept me coming back to this site no matter what. Fantastic story, writing, and everything

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Review #10, by PatronusFlight14 Together

10th April 2014:
I just wanna say thanks for writing such an amazing story :) I've been following it since last year, and I made it a point to check for an update every single day!!! And the ending was perfect, it was exactly what was needed to close off the story...I wish I could write like you do!!

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Review #11, by ohmymerlin Together

9th April 2014:
*cries softly*

I love writing endings with loose threads - it's a sickness (WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT?!) - but I hate reading them ahahaha espECIALLY IF SCORPIUS MIGHT DIE FROM IT

Anyway, you wrote this whole story fantastically, Janice, and I think you finished it extraordinarily well. I've absolutely loved reading this story. You're a truly phenomenal writer and you definitely have some serious, hardcore talent.

I don't know what else to say except I'm going to miss reading Rose and Scorpius but I think you ended it on a good note.

Sorry for this shoddy review but I really don't have that much to say except how amazing you are at writing :D

A definite 10/10

- Kayla :)

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Review #12, by ilovehpfanfiction Town

8th April 2014:
Ugh stop. Scorpius is just too perfect, if I didn't know any better, I'd have thought he was Channing Tatum. Damn. THEY JUST NEED TO KISS. They're the perfect fit. They're too cute together. (-':

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Review #13, by ilovehpfanfiction Lake

8th April 2014:
You continue to be amazing. I could get used to this...((-:


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Review #14, by ilovehpfanfiction Trust

8th April 2014:
Wow. I absolutely love your writing, hands down. Rose's personality is so hilarious, along with Scorpius'. You're an amazing writer and I WILL read all of your stories.
You're really original, and I mean completely original. Your stories are the most original fanfics I've ever read.
Ugh. I love it.


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Review #15, by GrangerDanger76 Together

8th April 2014:
Wow. This is it. It seems so weird. I can remember exactly where I was when I first found this story. There were only 3 chapters at the time and I was totally obsessed. Two years later and I still am. THANK YOU so much for such an incredible story, I loved the adventure, the twists and turns, and for writing a character I see so much of myself in. I have loved this story since the start, and am SO happy that it went out with a BANG! So proud of the way Rose and Scorp dealt with everything and their immense character development throughout. I love their chemistry, and all the dirty jokes you'd throw in (WHICH MAKE ME LAUGH LIKE NO OTHER). I love the way you wrote Ron in such a unique and beautiful fashion, the most realistic portrayal I've ever read on the site, and the most cannon (if this was cannon!). Ron was a masterpiece. I love Rose and Ron's relationship and the way they love each other, because that kind of unconditional love is rare, yet so very refreshing in fan fiction. I adore everything about the malfoy parents as well, from "parent speak" (which I got immediately, without having to read Rose's translation) and the way they deal with Scorpius' illnesses/sleeping-but-not-really-sleeping with a girl. I love the reality mixed with the fantasy and the substantial plot. This story rides on the fact that the two main characters are so lovable, and you want nothing more for them to be together, but then through the twists and turns you want nothing more than for them to stay together, which is remarkable as they do it, not without some failure which is REAL and how true love is. I just feel so lucky to have been able to follow this story form being just a baby to being completed. Congratulations on a job (VERY, VERY) well done.

With much love,


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Review #16, by Hope's Mom Together

7th April 2014:
A little fluff is sometimes just what is needed! This chapter (and story conclusion) sure had lots of it. It was nice that the story ended with the affirmation of their love and their shared hope for the future. Ron (in his cameo) was once again the funny, hip(?), understanding parent I have always thought he would be. Thank you for sharing your story. It was a privilege to read.

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Review #17, by Hope's Mom Together

7th April 2014:
A little fluff is sometimes just what is needed! This chapter (and story conclusion) sure had lots of it. It was nice that the story ended with the affirmation of their love and their shared hope for the future. Ron (in his cameo) was once again the funny, hip(?), understanding parent I have always thought he would be. Thank you for sharing your story. It was a privilege to read.

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Review #18, by RupertsPheonix Together

7th April 2014:
I have enjoyed this story so much. Rose is clever, funny, and flawed, and it is the most refreshing interpretation of her. Scorpius is courageous and cowardly at different points, and I love him in both roles. Ron is a wonderfully matured versioned of the Ron we know and love. Thank you for a legitimately wonderful fic.

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Review #19, by Horcrux844 Trust

6th April 2014:
Very well written first chapter. If it were me, I'd probably be wary and a bit more defensive about sharing too much with him physically. Which I think is true for Rose, too, but still. I guess that's why the chapter's called Trust.

I think it was interesting when Scorpius equated modesty with lies, as well. I suppose that must be the excuse of the immodest, but you could also reverse that. I think it really just depends on the context.

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Review #20, by hp481516 Together

6th April 2014:
Congratulations! I really enjoyed this story/ending and I am looking forward to continue reading your other stories. Great job and keep up the good work!

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Review #21, by Victoria Together

3rd April 2014:

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Review #22, by AriesGirl40 Together

3rd April 2014:
I just got my laptop fixed. In all my time without internet, I kept thinking about this story. Kept hoping you didn't kill off Scorpius on the 30th day! lol

I liked your ending, it had hope. The reader could end it any way they wanted, and it would always be the best ending the way they saw it.

I think I will imagine them finishing school and vacationing back in the mountains where Scorpius will fish and Rose will paint. Later a little wine, an engagement will be asked, then Rose just might give Scorpius a preview of her skimpies she's been saving... or not. lol

It's been quite a story, and I enjoyed the ride :)

Bless you in all you accomplish

Patty (AriesGirl40)

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Review #23, by HazelMidnight172 Together

1st April 2014:
I really have enjoyed reading this story. Both Scorpius and Rose showed a lot of growth in character throughout. I love how you left the ending open... I was worried that something terrible would happen in this chapter, and it is great to see two teenagers dealing with their situation in a mature and optimistic way. In my head, everything turned out well for them. Thank you for a wonderful story. :)

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Review #24, by Dirigible_Plums Together

31st March 2014:
Absolutely loved the entire thing

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Review #25, by LightLeviosa5443 Together

31st March 2014:
I'm literally on the verge of tears.

I can't believe this story is over. I loved loved loved loved loved the way you ended this. It was powerful, and beautiful, and I don't even care that it was ambiguous because it was beautifully so! I loved the way that Scorpius kept asking about the lingerie and Rose kept saying no.

The way that Ron walked up behind Rose and Scorpius and what happened last time Scorp tried to paint. Ugh, and then the whole scene where Rose was panicking and then she was just so happy for him. Like it was just such a perfect relationship moment. I'm literally dying from cuteness.

I love the way you do fluff, I'm sad you won't write a sequel (Well, as of now, I can hold out hope, right?) but I love the way you left this. I am going to go read the rest of you stories. Cause woah.

xoxo Sarah

P.S. please never stop writing.

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