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Review #51, by Something Kick

12th December 2013:
So I just read this entire story in one sitting. I could write a ginormous review telling you what I think of this story, but I will just leave you with this:

This story is amazing. I love it. Don't ever stop writing.

'Nuff said.

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Review #52, by Flying mandarin Kick

9th December 2013:
Yay an update! ^.^
Whaha fred wanting to brag about his kid being a trucker, that would be some sight! And Ryan omg she is getting cuter and funner (is that even a word?!) by the chapter!
Fred is so nice, an Ryan letting him touch her belly was one of the most endearing things in the history of endearing!
I've said this before and I'll say it again but Fred is one sassy guy!
Wow Ryan saying things as they are! I like the fact that we get a little view in Rox's life it's interesting. And everything Ryan says makes me like her a little more! Though I hoped Ryan and Rox would have had a shouting session this is actually much more interesting to read!

I really like this chapter! I'm looking forward to the next so
keep writing!

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Review #53, by Reggie Kick

9th December 2013:
You have an impeccable talent to create funny without cheese and it is evident in all of your stories. I am an avid fan and I was very sceptical about a teen pregnancy story but you have completely 100% won me over. Your characterizations are also exactly on point and are evident in every decision the characters make. Basically I love everything you do. Especially the fact that you update regularly :) Cheers!

Author's Response: You are seriously the best! And so kind!

I'm really happy you gave this story a chance. To be frank, the reason I started it was because so many pregnancy stories annoyed me and I wanted to write it how I thought it would happen, while keeping things true to both pregnancy and the characters. So I'm thrilled people who are giving it a shot are really responding to it.

Thank you so much for the review and I hope you continued to enjoy the story!

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Review #54, by potterfan310 Kick

8th December 2013:

AWW they got her a Christmas present! Nice to see their warming to Ryan already!

I love George, he is the best dad around. Him and Angie are cute together and he's just all around awesome.

Glad to see Freddie's still not giving up on the hope of having a puppy :P

I think my heart just complete and utterly melted . AW! Ryan telling Freddie that she was glad it was him she ate tequila chips with is just the darn cutest thing to possibly have come out of Ryan's mouth. ASDFGHJKL, this proves she cares about him. I will not give up on Fryan happening, ever!

Aww Freddie got her a present, well for the baby but that still counts. Haha, I love it! Freddie sure is the best and I don't care if he's fictional he will make a great dad! One thing, it would be 'mummy has' rather than 'mommy has'.

Ohmygod! Ryan and Freddie! and the baby kicked, got a feeling this may be one of Freddie's best Christmas' :D

Ryan and Roxy's talk is perfect I think and especially because Freddie listens in. It had to be said and Ryan was the perfect one to say it to Roxy. Not only to get to see Roxy's side of the story but I think it really hit home to Ryan as well. No wonder she follows Scorpius, if she has a crush on him. Uh-oh, do I sense trouble brewing?

I definitely think Ryan loves Freddie even is she wouldn't ever admit it and I love how she knows he wants to get in the bed and that he's at the door. So sweet :)

I love this chapter so, so much!! So much Fryan action.

Can't wait for the next one although I hope that when Ryan gets her hands on a Zonko product that it doesn't hurt her or the baby in any way!

T'was my favourite chapter so far!

9 Billion/10

Much love,
Soph x ♥

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Review #55, by BaconGreaseOnFries Kick

8th December 2013:
What needed to be said and done has been said and done by the sassy davies. Love it

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Review #56, by newgenerationlover Kick

7th December 2013:
Love it! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

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Review #57, by Amy Kick

7th December 2013:
Heyy OMG I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! I'm a huge Hormones fan, it's my favourite from your stories at the moment, I love all the characters and am really digging the Ryan Roxane interactions, and George of course, duh. So basically so glad you updated :D

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Review #58, by bruce_wayne Kick

7th December 2013:
Hello! I'm new to this story and I really love it. Ryan and Fred's relationship is very good and not rushed. Great writing!

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Review #59, by Twinklestar Kick

7th December 2013:
I love love love this chapter. It made me feel so warm inside because Ryan was spending Christmas with Fred and his family. So perfect!

xx Haley

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Review #60, by a rollerball Kick

7th December 2013:
awesome chapter, please update soon

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Review #61, by Hope's Mom Kick

7th December 2013:
Ryan seems to be fitting in just fine with the Weasleys. They have been understanding with her and she is (I think) learning to appreciate Fred. I loved her conversation with Roxanne. Maybe she'll try a little harder with her real brother. Great chapter - thank you!

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Review #62, by Lululuna Kick

7th December 2013:
Hi! :) It's been so long since I've left you a review (like, forever) and I'm sorry! :( But this chapter was so great and I have a few extra minutes to leave some lurve.

I just adore this story so much: the characters are so three-dimensional and real and developed, and it's a real joy to read. I think Fred is such a great MC in how sensitive and human he is, and how imperfect he is as well, which is tricky to come by. I loved all the Christmas-sy scenes here and how domestic and warm it felt- yes, I actually felt warm and contented when reading as if I was there opening presents and drinking cocoa too! :P The little details like the tree being too large and George making an amusing comment about Rox's friend's parent really bring the story to life.

Ryan was really great in this chapter, I like how she's softening up slowly but surely as the story goes on but still maintaining her sass and edge. I think it's really cute how Ryan and Fred are so comfortable around each other and know each other so well, like how she knows he wants to come up onto the bed and feel the baby kick, and how she knows he's listening at the door.

I think the Ryan-Rox conversation was really great as well since we finally got to hear Rox's side of the story and have Ryan get into her head a little. I think that her point of view is very sympathetic actually: how she was disappointed in herself and took it out by being haughty. I think that makes a lot of sense and is actually something people can relate to, even though from Fred's POV it's just sad and hurtful. And Rox has a crush on Scorpius, uh oh!

I'm loving all the little Ryan and Fred moments too, but I like how they haven't just jumped into each others arms, but are sort of comfortable friends. There's lots of time for them to decide to be together in the future, for now it's the baby and communication that are important. When Ryan said she was glad it was him with the tequila chips instead of anybody else I think my heart melted a bit.

Wonderful chapter! ♥ Looking forward to the next one! :D

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Review #63, by hp481516 Black Mold

17th November 2013:
Wow! This was a great chapter! I love Ryan's backstory and where this story is going! The dialogue and chemistry between Ryan and Fred was marvelous in this chapter, as well. Keep up the great work!

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Review #64, by Hope's Mom Black Mold

16th November 2013:
Poor Ryan - she has had such a hard time. I hope she stays with the Weasleys. She deserves to have someone take care of her and care for her for a change. I am glad to read that Roxanne is out of line - what is her problem with Fred, anyway? Angelina was amazingly understanding. Thank you for a great update!

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Review #65, by Holly_Mist Black Mold

15th November 2013:
Things i normally say while reviewing this story:
- I feel so bad for Ryan
- Aw Freddie is so cute
- this scene was really touching
- why is roxanne being such a (insert insults here)
- i love james and fred so much like why

Well in various forms or the other, these points do come out :P Well it's no point repeating them again ans so i'm just going to remind you how awesome this story (and your other stories as well) is and what an amazing writer you are! :)
see you soon! :D

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Review #66, by a rollerball Black Mold

12th November 2013:
awesome chapter as usual, please update soon

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Review #67, by potterfan310 Black Mold

12th November 2013:

This chapter has certainly been worth the wait, I mean Ryan's back story!!! It's so nice to know especially as she's quite a guarded/private person.

Yay, Ryan is there after all.

Even running down a street at night, Ryan can't help but take a jibe at Freddie. I swear deep down she really loves him and uses insulting people as a defense mechanism.

I love how she notices his bow, good on Freddie for saying bow-ties are cool!! (Is he secretly the doctor? :p)

I feel so, so bad for Ryan. I can't imagine coming home to find an empty house and no one around. I have so many feels right now and I just want to hug her tightly, she deserves it! Since she was eleven no wonder the girls so private about things.

Ryan having a pony? Ha that's something I never would have thought she would have, she just doesn't seem the pony type.

Aww Ryan, I have no words but she certainly gets all the hugs!! I am super glad Freddie took her home with him, and I have a feeling even if she didn't go he would have made her somehow.

Gahhh!!! Is Roxy insane??

"Dad already knows. Mum figured something was up and right now theyíre probably arguing in hushed whispers as to why Dad didn't think it was a good idea to tell her." - This has got to be my favourite line, not only that I think it describes George and Angelina's relationship perfectly

I love Freddie and Angelina talking at the end, it's nice to see him and his mum bonding together. The thing about George crying made me laugh mind.

"That's because you're in love with me." - Freddie face it, she's sussed you out and yes you are madly in love with her just admit it already!!

Best chapter yet!!! I literally love all of the characters and how you've characterised them especially Freddie

Cannot wait for the next chapter and you're 'up next' has certainly got me intrigued. I can't help but wonder if Ryan is going to kick Roxy's ass and I definitely wouldn't put it past her. Ryan at the Weasley's Christmas makes me happy.

9 billion /10
Soph xx

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Review #68, by newgenerationlover Black Mold

11th November 2013:
Absolutely LOVE the chapter. Ryan's back story really helps the story and shape her character to be who she is. Can't wait to read more.

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Review #69, by drifting Black Mold

11th November 2013:
I liked this chapter a lot. You've drawn out two characters (next gen) so well your version of these characters are going to be how I'll always imagine JKR's next gen. One is James from BTQC - one of my favorite fanfiction characters. The other is Roxanne from here - who you've written well and with restraint, and who I really dislike as a person now.

I read your note about also working on your own book also. Best wishes for it. I think you are a good writer and I particularly like your OC characters. Look forward to your work - original and fanfic.

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Review #70, by drifting Textbook Weasley Reaction

11th November 2013:
Well written cliffhanger. No Ryan for two chapters and the way you ended this had me despairing that it would be a while before we saw her again. But the author's note gives hope.

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Review #71, by Flying mandarin Black Mold

11th November 2013:
OMG I screamed, a chapter dedicated to me wow, thanks!
"Suddenly the night became far more eerie. The wind was howling down the lane." way to build up suspense! Goosebumps :)
Fred had a very funny way to describe things.. It's entertaining.
Poor poor Ryan, that must have been hard seeing Fred instead of her parents, her disappointment and self anger are quite obvious.

Oh my god so much cute how do you go from angst to cutsie in like 3 words? Wow Fred is such a romantic it's just far to cute! (I feel like I use cute to often, this chapter is though)

Omg Rox, such the little sister, doesn't know when to shut up! Very realistic! A bit mean though to bring Scorpius into it..

aahw George crying just like Fred that is sososo cute! (gosh again that word!) I'd say Angelina takes things rather well! I'd have expected her to be a little more disappointed or angry at Fred for getting someone pregnant (and ruining their immediate future) but she isn't! Good for them.

And now Fred has to endure a grumpy Rox and Ryan this is going to be amazing! Can't wait for the fight :)

I've tried a new methode of reviewing in which I just write everything down while I read, I hope it's useful. I felt like I should make my review extra special, I'm still not over the fact that you mentioned my name.
May the inspiration meet your way.. lol me being dramatic. But still I hope the waiting part you mentioned won't be to big?!

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Review #72, by ruby_slippers Black Mold

10th November 2013:
BLOODY LOVE THIS STORY. Seriously you are brilliant. Thanks ever so much for the delightful entertainment.

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Review #73, by maraudertimes Black Mold

10th November 2013:
Poor Ryan! That's horrible!
But yay for Angelina! Good for her!
And is it okay for me to slap a fictional character? Because if so, Roxanne deserves at least two.
And yay! Bonding time for Fred and Ryan! And Christmas! I loved this chapter so much, so please update soon!
Lo :)

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Review #74, by dobbyismyhero22 Black Mold

10th November 2013:
I'm really glad you updated. You're one of the only ones on this site that still updates regularly and you have no idea how much I love that. I really liked Ryan's backstory and it makes sense with who she is as a character. I wanted to punch Roxanne for what she did, but it was definitely entertaining. I love Angelina's response to it. I loved her talk with Fred in the morning. They have such a cute family. Great chapter. I can't wait for the next one!

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Review #75, by Ashley Lovegood Black Mold

10th November 2013:

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