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Review #51, by Tre Opening Day

20th May 2015:
BABY! Oh i cant wait to read the next chapter. Love your stories and writing style, great job as always

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Review #52, by ohnobeans Opening Day

20th May 2015:
I am not ready for both DTTT and Hormones to be over :(

almost started crying when Fred started crying over the shop. ugh all the feels


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Review #53, by Javery fannn Opening Day

20th May 2015:
OMG THE CHAPTERS ARE DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!! You're amazing. No matter how long the wait, I'll certainly stick around.

Freddie fainted... Hahaha why does that make me laugh. He's such a sweetie.

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Review #54, by madness Opening Day

20th May 2015:
Pahahaha amazing! Typical Weasly reaction.

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Review #55, by Irishseeker Opening Day

20th May 2015:
Ryan is in labour.
Oh my god.
I think I just died a little inside and most definitely screamed.

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Review #56, by a rollerball Opening Day

20th May 2015:
awesome chapter as per. please update sooner, i miss this

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Review #57, by Chloe Opening Day

20th May 2015:
Omg this story is so amazing!!! I can't believe Ryan's in Labour its unreal much I can't wait for this baby you'd swear she was real and mine hahaha.your descriptive writing skills are amazing well done!

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Review #58, by dobbyismyhero22 Opening Day

19th May 2015:
My love for this story is so unreal. I can't believe Ryan is in labor!! Ahh, I can't wait for the next one!

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Review #59, by Spyci Chicken and Waffles

3rd April 2015:
Every chapter is continual proof as to why you are my favourite writer.

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Review #60, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Chicken and Waffles

30th March 2015:
I didnít mention Victoire was considering being a nun. I also didnít mention whether or not Uncle Bill had been serious when he told me that.

HAHA. You got me there.

I really thought James was going to propose to Ollie, not that she might have had her own bun in the oven. I'm glad you didn't go that route. It really wouldn't have added much to the story for me. I just want to focus on one pregnancy and besides Ollie still isn't my favorite. Freddie can let it go but I can't. I guess i'm mean like that.

A baby shower and Ryan Davies actually stayed and was charming. But she's charming in general, isn't she? Wish she would open her eyes and her mouth and say Freddie, I am falling in love with you too.

I mean. It's obvious, right? ISN'T IT? COME ON MISTRESS.

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Review #61, by ruby_slippers Chicken and Waffles

29th March 2015:
All kinds of cute! Looking forward to the baby being born!

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Review #62, by Nora Chicken and Waffles

29th March 2015:

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Review #63, by Fryan4ever Chicken and Waffles

29th March 2015:
PLEASE UPDARTE THIS IS MY FAVOURITE STORY ON HPFF Fred and Ryan forever !!! Would LOVE to see James and Gemma get together but I realise that ollie and James are tighter than ever. When they broke up I was hoping for Gemma and James!!! Who knows maybe in the future!

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Review #64, by a rollerball Chicken and Waffles

28th March 2015:
amazing chapter as per. please update soon :)

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Review #65, by Celeste Chicken and Waffles

25th March 2015:
I really do love the portrayal of Freddie in this story. Even his more serious moments seem to be pretty amusing.

I am so glad is ex is gone. Did not like her at all.

Ugh is it too much to hope that Ryan will eventually get feelings for ol Freddie boy. Ha I can't wait untill they start to think of proper baby names or come up with the perfect baby name.

Going to wait patiently for the next chapter and dream about tequlia and wonder if hot chips dipped in tequlia will be nice at all.

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Review #66, by merlins beard Chicken and Waffles

24th March 2015:
I feel exactly like Freddie does. I fall more deeply in love with your story with every new chapter. I CAN'T WAIT for the rest of the story to be posted.

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Review #67, by RupertsPheonix Chicken and Waffles

24th March 2015:
Oh, how I adore this story!

Fred is so sweet, even in the aftermath of his post-epiphany freak out. What a good dad-to-be going to a totally pink and girl-laden baby shower!

Ryan is so in love but just can't see it! I love how she remembers all of that stuff and slightly started to get over herself to apologize to Fred. :) I also love how freaked out she is when she gets to the Burrow. Priceless!

Sweet little interaction with Rox too. :) Nice touch there!

Wow, Ollie and James and their baby scare. Yikes. I think that was a good addition - makes Ollie a little more relatable and makes Fred a little more aware that she's just human, even if she is attached to James more often than not.

Another great chapter! :) Thanks for posting, and I look forward to Chapter 36!

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Review #68, by Molly_Weasley Chicken and Waffles

24th March 2015:
I love this story so much. Thank you for updating. I can't wait to see what happens. I love Ryan and Fred's relationship now, but I also want them to actually be together. This story makes me really happy. You're an amazing writer.

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Review #69, by ilovebeatlesx100 The Court Case

23rd March 2015:
OMG I was nervous to read this chapter just because of what might happen. But it went great! I was reminded a little bit of when Harry, Ron and Hermione were trying to find a way around the second task in the Triwizard Tournament, and Dobby saved the day, only this time it was Fred saved by Ryan. YAY!

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Review #70, by happyanon Rebound

19th March 2015:
You know I spent more than a year trying to ignore this fanfic. I always stumble upon it but i always feel like I'm not ready to face it. Doea that make sense? No? Whatever. Hahahaha but jere I am now. I READ IT ALL IN A DAY. HALF A DAY. omg omg.. freddo!!! I wanna hug freddo and be his best friend. I love how he and james are so close. Frankly not a fan of Ollie and Annie since day one. Hell I like China and Mox better! Hahaha i do love Ryan but i hoped she'd feel the same towards fred by now. How can you not fall in love with someone who does all of that!? Personally i think until she resolves the issue she has with her parents that she wont be fine with the whole love shebang. Im glad she has Gemma tho. I wish her well and the baby. Can't wait till shes born. I enjoy this fic and im incredibly sorry of how long ive tried to ignore thiS. I look forward to the next chapters. P.S Andrew is foul git shit face and i hate him, same with that zonko brat im glad he got what he deserved. Oh George Weasley, I'm sure Fred would want you to be truly happy but I understand how tough this is. Much love! Xoxo

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Review #71, by a rollerball Rebound

11th March 2015:
amazing chapter please update again soon

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Review #72, by N Rebound

9th March 2015:

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Review #73, by dracodarlingxx Rebound

8th March 2015:
Woah. Alessandra. (yay I got it right! Much love to you for the mention! :D )
She's awful but I actually really loved the part where she beat Ryan in the library (yes, not literally)
And it makes me sad that Fred is so desperate to get over Ryan, and that he keeps falling in love with people who don't love him back. And I adore James. And hate the fact that loving Alessandra led to Fred crying in a wine cellar. Because he's sweet and honest and deserves so much better.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #74, by Elma_Fudd Rebound

6th March 2015:
This chapter is amazing.
Tho the whole story is.
I've actually lost count of how many times ive reread this story.
Im very impressed with how Fred handled himself in this chapter.
I can't wait to find out the name of the baby im very curious.
I know what I would name her if I was writing the story.
Your fanfics have got to be the best fanfics I have ever read.
On top of this one I am also reading the other two you are currently writing.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
Thanks for such a good story

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Review #75, by RupertsPheonix Rebound

5th March 2015:
Oh wow. I kinda wish the drunken Fred bits were longer and more fleshed out - I bet there's probably some frustration even with James, who gets the girl he loves despite Parise and despite gossip and all that jazz. Just a thought. :)

I really love Ryan. She is such a good character, and I can't wait to read more Fred/Ryan interactions. I just love her sass and wit and her backstory.

Alessandra. ugh that girl. Good job writing her though, because I totally do bit want her and Fred together. I think that means you accomplished your goal lol.

Another solid chapter! Looking forward to more!


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