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Review #51, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Proposal

12th February 2015:
A group of fifth years made a sport out of jumping out of a
window and levitating back up. A Ravenclaw woke up with no
memory of the previous six months. A portrait was vandalized with
red finger-paint.

I want to be invited to their parties. Geez.

I was a horrible boyfriend. I didn’t even find her when I got
there. I was dancing with Ryan Davies of all people.

First off, there’s no reason EVER for a girl to hit a guy or vice versa.
Shame on her. Secondly, she clearly has a thing for Andrew and he
has a thing for her. Let’s be real. Once her and Freddie end it they’re
going to end up together and her nice girl act is going to stop.

Loved the Ryan and Freddie interaction. A small glimpse at what
could be even if what could be just means they’re only going to be
friends. I don’t necessarily think because they’re having a baby
they’re going to end up together. Trying would be nice but I don’t

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Review #52, by ruby_slippers Delusions of Grandeur

11th February 2015:
If Fred goes back to Annie then that is not okay Freddie. Not okay. Ryan stop being stubborn, you no you fancy him ;)

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Review #53, by RupertsPheonix Delusions of Grandeur

10th February 2015:
Oh, bless our sweet little Fred. He's hopeless.

I LOVE Ryan, even if she is a little harsh and tries to scare people off - she really is a well-rounded character overall. I can't wait to get to the stage of contentment between her and Freddo. :)

Waiting in anticipation for the next chapter!!

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Review #54, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Hazy Future

10th February 2015:
“You’ll never find out,” Ryan said, shoving the door open. She looked both ways before starting into the hall, which was vacant.

^ She's not going to let him be a father, is she? That's unfair. He's trying. She wanted to keep the baby. She could at least let him try to be by her side. She's so stubborn and I get that's how she is. Maybe she was raised by herself? Her mother or just one parent and thinks she can do it or maybe she just doesn't trust him. Or maybe she's going to have the baby and put it up for adoption instead.

Uh this is frustrating! I don't understand what's going through her head. Ryan Davis is a difficult woman.

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Review #55, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Wrong about Ryan

10th February 2015:
My fingers moved into her hair. She shuddered, but didn’t shove me away. Or punch me. Her hair was soft. Everything about her was soft.

^ I kind of feel bad for Annie. She's back burner girlfriend. A sweet girl but come on, even though Ryan is hard to deal with they're going to have a child together. Freddie is for trying and eventually she will be too. Then sometimes I think how angsty this story can be and if you'll really have her have the baby. Maybe she'll miscarry. Maybe something will happen when she gives birth or maybe everything will work out in the end but I think it's going to be a roller coaster of a ride.

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Review #56, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Little Competition

10th February 2015:
YES! I was going to say this happened in FRIENDS so I knew they were going to win. Love Friends! Best show ever! This was a nice light hearted and fun chapter. I mean he told James which I'm proud of and we got a look into the past with one of George's episodes, which is really depressing and upsetting but besides those two things it was easy breezy. I'm starting to get attached to these characters and Freddie's unborn baby. I think Ryan puts up a front but she's going to need him eventually and she's going to open up to him soon.

Imagine she has twins? Nah, I don't think so. Would be nice though. I think she'll have a little girl. That would really mess with Freddie, his very own princess.

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Review #57, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap At the Shop

10th February 2015:
Maybe I thought one day she was just going to snap and go off on me. Or that one day she was going to tell me she didn’t want me in her life anymore. I didn’t know what it was that I feared, but it was there.

Scared of my little sister.

Threatened by Scorpius bleeding Malfoy being her new brother.

You must hate me. I feel awful because for one I left HPFF and you placed in my challenge and I never wrote you your reviews. I guess I’m making up for lost time now. Also, I seem to have left in so many stories in the middle of the story so here I am reviewing chapter seven after I reviewed the previous chapters about two years ago. But then again maybe you don’t remember me and I’m just rambling and apologizing but err…I’m sorry.


Sorry my reviews sort of suck. But I remember the first chapters vaguely. I don’t ever go back to re-read because I’m lazy and I like to be thrown back into the mix of things. I have to feel bad for Freddie. This is definitely one of your more angsty pieces.

He’s jealous of Scorpius taking over and of Roxanne pushing him out of his life completely. I get it. I mean I have a sister and she’s annoying but she was always pushing me away. Granted she’s eight years older than me so I did the same thing to her as I got older but we’re at a better place now. Growing up is hard I guess.

Made me sound like a hugging Hufflepuff.

Though I had to admit, I was fond of hugs.


Wow. What a chapter to jump back into. The conversation between George and Freddie was great. I like how you tackled it because I couldn’t see him freaking out once we got into their relationship. I wonder his mother is going to react and James and Annie. I feel like Annie will take a step back and be on the back burner because he’s having a child. I don’t think she’ll be mad but I think she’ll be upset that he didn’t tell her anything but it’s really not her business or his to tell. He’s not the one that’s pregnant.

I wonder how he’ll cope with being a father. He still has a lot of growing up to do. I also think he and Rox will have at it once she finds out and that’s going to be awful or maybe that’ll bring them back together.

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Review #58, by ohnobeans Delusions of Grandeur

28th January 2015:
F ING PARISE but yay James for FINALY DOING SOMETHING. for goodness sake Parise is such a pratty pants.

hahahahaha oh James hahah "And I have to talk about her dives on the pitch because they’re way off.” I love him why is he perfect? crying.

I have a really bad feeling I am going to end up capslock raging at some point in the chapter. you're tricky. :P

"Besides, Gemma could talk her out of being on solid terms with me again. I could come back in a week and get another right hook to the jaw." I think I need a Gemma centric story. She's such a bamf.

“Parise?” Ryan scoffed. I mean she really choked laughing. “Come on, Weasley. He’s a complete (t-word that HPFF won't let me post even though it's your writing). Why do you continued to be threatened by him? ~~~ typo, I think you mean continue not continued!

Nope. Not capslock rage. Sadness. Darnit Ryan.

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Review #59, by hai Delusions of Grandeur

25th January 2015:
ohmygod no my heart actually just broke. IT WAS SO PERFECT AND THEN BAM sad freddie=sad me
it was super cute though, and I can't believe he didn't see it at first and NAMESSS i'd completely forgotten they hadn't got a name chosen yet! (im super excited for that now tbh)

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Review #60, by ABookishBeing Delusions of Grandeur

24th January 2015:
Why why WHY must you tear my heart out of my chest and wring it out like that, Janice?! Aw, Freddie... And poor Ryan. She shouldn't have this much stress as she's getting closer to her due date. ): I'm mildly sad.. Very sad.
Nice chapter, though.
Thank you for the update!!

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Review #61, by Irishseeker Delusions of Grandeur

24th January 2015:
Oh gosh.
That was heartbreaking.
The chapter kept getting better and better and then just went to an all time low.
I really liked the idea of the vacation away-it was different and of course the cuteness of Fryan (is that their ship name? I'll just go with it for now) there was beyond perfect. Like a glimpse into their later married life or even dating future and them on holidays. Which we don't know will ever happen because Ryan needs to stop denying her feelings and just be with the immaculate god that is your Fred Weasley.
Amazing writing as usual and I can't WAIT for the next update.
xx IrishSeeker

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Review #62, by TheCiscoKid Better Off

8th January 2015:
Love this story I just went back and reread the previous chapters keep updating

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Review #63, by Chloe Better Off

5th January 2015:
Dude your lack of updates lately is kinda killing me.however i absolutely love this story the characters are brilliant,Ryan is like every thing I want to be (except up the duff at like 17) Ollie I despise I probably shouldn't but whats a girl to do!! I need Freddie and Ryanto admit their feelings to each other soon or I might die .just saying !!! Such a fab story well done!!@

Author's Response: Hey, Chloe! Thank you SO much for reading! As you probably know, I am updating three stories at once and also there was a queue closure for holiday break - so my stories couldn't be updated during that time. I'm so glad you're enjoying Hormones. This story is so much fun for me to write. Thank you for the review and I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the story!

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Review #64, by RupertsPheonix Better Off

28th December 2014:
Another great chapter. I am shipping FRYAN so hard every time I read this fic. Though I'm a little tired of Ollie--used to think she was cute, but juxtaposed with Ryan, she seems so immature (which I'm figuring is intentional). Anywho, great job with this story, and I can't wait to read more!

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Review #65, by ohnobeans Better Off

16th December 2014:


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Review #66, by Irishseeker Better Off

16th December 2014:
Brilliant, as usual. I just need Fred and Ryan together please and I can't wait for the next chapter ohmygod the 'up next' sounds AMAZING. Fred going to a birthing class? Yes freaking please.
Can't wait for the next chapter and merry christmas! :D
IrishSeeker. x

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Review #67, by ABookishBeing Better Off

15th December 2014:
Sorry to hear about your frazzled-state! Hope you'll sort this out soon.
Chapter,The chapter. It was English and had words. Okay.
Annie and Fred as friends= good, makes for pleasantries.
Ollie wasn't even in this chapter and she's annoying me a tad.
I have my fingers crossed for a Fred/Gemma bromance-with-a-girl because they'd be hilarious. Making jokes at Ryan in labor. GAH.
Mrs. Davies is an intriguing character-- reminds me of Ryan a tad, but a bit like Angelina to...
What else--ROXANNE. YES! Roxanne and Fred and sibling and brilliant.
Also, no Zonko or Parise in this chapter, very nice indeed.
Nice chapter. I'm going to fantasize about the whereabouts and reasonings and explanations and story of the Davies, and OOH a prequel of Ryan's richie-rich life.
Brain. Think. Excellent chapter, a bit tame. Offers introspection and character development. I'm happy. Thank you for updating. Happy holidays, you deserve a break from the craziness that is HPFF and demanding readers.

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Review #68, by dobbyismyhero22 Better Off

15th December 2014:
Another great chapter! I knew Ryan would blow up at Fred but I'm glad they ended okay at the end. I'm excited for the next one! Good luck with your move xx

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Review #69, by potterfan310 The Hogsmeade Branch

12th December 2014:

FRAMES! They're back together once more ♥ And Ryan! I swear this pregnancy is making her a nice(ish) person.

"Ryan moved to my lap" THIS, JUST THIS. FRYAN ♥

I am so, so happy that everything is out in the open at last. First George/Freddie bonding and now Harry/James bonding of sorts. I LOVE that Harry gave them a loan, especially because of the reference to the books/Diagon Alley shop. There has to be a plauque, haha :D

Slacks, are they trousers?

RYAN IS BONDING WITH THE WEASLEY'S. I never thought this day would come.

I really, really want Freddie to end up living above the Hogsmeade branch with Ryan and their baby girl.


"In every situation I imagined, though, Ryan was there." YES, YES, A BILLION TIMES YES! It needs to happen.

Something extreme that Ryan wouldn't do/maybe not like, WHAT!? Even George is surprised by what ever it is.


I cannot wait for the next chapter, squee.

Sophie xx

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Review #70, by ohmymerlin The Hogsmeade Branch

7th December 2014:

But I hope that this doesn't make Ryan super mad at him and never want to speak to him again but logically I know she won't do that. She'll probably be mad at him for a long time (maybe forever) but she'll have to at least pretend to play nice for the sake of their daughter! BUT I'D RATHER THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YOU NEVER FINISH OFF YOUR STORIES THAT WAY


I can't WAIT to read the next chapter! They're always so great! It just never stops being great! ♥


- Kayla :)

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Review #71, by ohmymerlin The Court Case

6th December 2014:
[world erupts in confetti and cheering music]


And oh thank god that WWW isn't going out of business/bankrupt etc. And that means they've got a spot in Hogsmeade, right?! :D

I really liked how you showed James' role in the business. I never totally understood it until now and you did a mighty fine job of that! It's interesting to see how clever he was in the business-y side of things :)

Absolutely LOVED this chapter! And I loved how boss Ryan is. She's the absolute best. I just LOVE her!

10/10 of course!!

- Kayla :)

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Review #72, by ohmymerlin Trust

6th December 2014:
Oh thank god George is okay (ish)

And aw, that father/son bonding moment was so sweet! You wrote that really well!

I also loved how you showed that Ryan is such an important part of Fred's life and she really does impact him, she's just not some random

Although I admittedly did tear up, I think you wrote this phenomenally. You're such a fantastic writer and you deserved every Dobby nom you got :D

Off to read the next chapter!


- Kayla :)

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Review #73, by drifting The Hogsmeade Branch

5th December 2014:
Good chapter. Really like how the story has developed. I like this more than DTTT now. Your OCs are very well developed and the Ryan/Fred pairing is just as good as Avery/ James.

I find more depth to Ryan as a character compared to Aves. Probably because the backstory is more and somehow (for me) the personality of Ryan is even more intense than Aves.

Hope you also write original fiction. As always, really like the humour in the story too.

Look forward to the rest of the story.

P.S. I'm sorry I missed voting for you in the Dobbys; haven't been on the forums for a long time.

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Review #74, by ohmymerlin The Nursery

5th December 2014:

Jokes, I'm not as mad because I can just click the next arrow but I have a feeling I will not like the chapter that follows this because as we are all fully aware, you are a very evil person :P

I'm with Fred, though. Still don't really trust/like Ollie that much. It's one thing saying things behind peoples' backs, but to actually call that to her face is pretty horrible. Like, Ryan is going through so much already but UGH WHY MUST U BE SO RUDE

ANYWAY, this was such a great chapter! I love when Fred and George talk. You write their relationship so fantastically! ♥


10/10 ofc

- Kayla :)

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Review #75, by ohmymerlin The Dragon's Nest

5th December 2014:

And omg Molly was fitting Ryan a sweater. Absolutely typical! Just loved it :P

I loved all these Freddie and Ryan moments. It was so, so, so, so sweet ♥ I just love how they interact and that they're tolerating each other and totally are on the way to falling madly in love :'D

Loved, loved, loved this chapter! Everything about it was so amazing!! ♥ ♥


- Kayla :)

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