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Review #51, by madness Fairy Tales

15th May 2014:
Love this story so much!

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Review #52, by LightLeviosa5443 I Remember When

10th May 2014:


I loved this chapter. I actually read it last night, and was just so tired I couldn't leave a review. BUT I WAS SO GOOD I DIDN'T MOVE ON AND LEFT THE TAB OPEN. So now I'm reviewing to tell you how amazing this chapter was.

I want to see what you do with Freddie and Ryan. Right now she's so... Mean and mad and angry, and he's just so... I don't even have words for him. But I'm intrigued. I kind of want to see them in a relationship, but I don't even know how that would work. I just. Gah. I also can't wait for the baby bomb to be dropped. I'm anxious to read that one.

Okay, I can't even pretend to focus on this review because I'm so anxious to read the next chap.

Wonderful, wonderful job, as usual.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #53, by LightLeviosa5443 Letís Start at the Beginning

9th May 2014:

I finally found time to come over and read this story. I remember listening to the chapter on FFAB, and of course me with my short attention span barely caught a thing. But I remember really liking the tone of the story.

Then I realized I just love everything you do. I'm literally in love with this story. I'm in love with the way it flows and just the natural feel Freddie's narration gives. I'm in love with the language, and the dialogue you've put into it. I'm in love with the other minor characters you've intoduced.

I'm so excited to keep reading and see how Ryan and Freddie develop their relationship, and how this little mention of James and Ollie go on. I'm so intrigued and captivated and just in love with this story already. I wish I could read it all in one go to catch up like I did with 30 days, but that's okay. I think I won't mind taking my time.

Plus it means I won't be upset when I realize I've actually caught up and have to wait and pretend I know how to be patient.

But everything you write is so wonderful, that it's worth the wait. Oh man, I've gone SO off topic here. Sorry! I loved this chapter, I'm going to keep reading now and stop rambling. ♥

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #54, by Pepper Imp Letís Start at the Beginning

6th May 2014:
This story is already making me happy simply because I've already seen Joey Richter's beautiful face twice and it's only chapter one

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Review #55, by Pepper Imp Letís Start at the Beginning

6th May 2014:
This story is already making me happy simply because I've already seen Joey Richter's beautiful face twice and it's only chapter one

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Review #56, by are you sirius Fairy Tales

3rd May 2014:
Quite possibly my most favorite story from you.. Can.not.wait. for the next chapter!!

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Review #57, by a Fairy Tales

27th April 2014:
Oh my gosh this story is fantastic. Please continue, you're a great writer.

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Review #58, by moony Fairy Tales

24th April 2014:
I NEED YOU TO UPDATE NOW!!! PLEASE!! I swear, I'm dying here.How am I supposed to live this long without Freddie and Ryan? Please update. I THINK I'M GOING CRAZY. Sorry, I'll calm down now. Lots of love for Freddie and Ryan and this story and you of course. You're amazing :) Once again, update please. Can't wait to see what next.

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Review #59, by Spyci Fairy Tales

17th April 2014:
I need you to update this before I kill someone.

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Review #60, by RupertsPheonix Fairy Tales

16th April 2014:
I love this story, more than I can say. Freddie is an amazing guy and Ryan is so realistic and I just love them together. Also, in some very ironic and strange way, their kid will probably be incredibly balanced. Lol! Great chapter of a great fix!
Kate/ rp

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Review #61, by ohmymerlin Fairy Tales

16th April 2014:
Aw, Gemma knows! And she reacted exactly how a best friend SHOULD react, haha ;D

And ahh Frames. They're the best, I actually love their whole conversations all the time and no I don't care if that doesn't make sense I'm just kinda letting my thoughts run wild :p

And naw, the last scene with Freddie and Ryan :') I feel so bad for Ryan but it's so nice to see that Freddie is there for her and is actually being helpful rather than an idiot :')

Anyway, I really loved this chapter! I love all of these chapters, to be quite honest.

Anywho, it's a definite 10/10 and I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #62, by skye Fairy Tales

15th April 2014:
OMG i have been waiting for this for ages!! Please update ASAP! thaaank you omg this is my favourite story!

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Review #63, by Moony Fairy Tales

14th April 2014:
Aww!!! Fred and Ryan are so amazing together. You're a brilliant writer and I really love this story. Update soon!

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Review #64, by Rose Fairy Tales

14th April 2014:
Aww, Fred and Ryan moments are adorable and crazy.

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Review #65, by potterfan310 Fairy Tales

14th April 2014:
I get really excited when I'm reading this because it's so perfect and I love it and Fryan needs to happen and just asdfghjkl ♥♥

James and Freddie baby shopping is fab, there's bound to be some fun with those two about. Yes James trying to get into pushchairs, he's such a big kid. This is why I love him and Freddie so much. Frames ♥

James, I have no words for him and the assistant. Though I have a feeling Freddie is going to kill him when they get back for embarrassing him.

"Do you know the sex yet?"

"They did it in a bathroom stall," James said.

That is just beautiful, may be in joint winning for my favourite line! James is fab and I want one :)

Bless Freddie, I think shopping with James has made him one hundred times more scared than he already was, poor thing. I really hope that he will be able to get his own back one day if James ever has kids.

Ahh this is why I love George, I think he is by far one the best characterisations of him I have read. He's still got that spark of mischief even as a grown up.

I can't believe Gemma knows it's Freddie's! And Ryan found them! Gemma and Ryan;s friendship is great, I love how she questions about Freddie. Ollie better not put Annie and Freddie together, it's Fryan all the way.

Frames is good, I always need more Frames in my life :D

Ahh Freddie and Ryan on Valentines so going to be soo good, I can't wait to read it :D Loved it!

Soph ♥

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Review #66, by a rollerball Fairy Tales

14th April 2014:
awesome chapter, just wish it was longer :'( please update soon

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Review #67, by Flying mandarin Fairy Tales

13th April 2014:
These chapters get to me so much. Ryan and Fred are just the most bizarre yet very cute couple I've ever met in fiction and in real life (well except for dumbledore/luna which would be some complicated sh*t but still)

I just really want them to be together but on the other hand I like them like they are right now.
Gemma finally figured it out. I would've thought as a Ravenclaw that she would've known earlier but whatever.
No Zonko. Great Chapter.

You are taking a lot of things on, 3 jobs a book and a business?! Well I just hope you keep writing because that valentine's Day chapter sounds like something I'll have to read asap!


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Review #68, by ruby_slippers Thursday

23rd March 2014:
oh my goodness a little girl how flipping exciting!! Fred is gonna me a mess! and his dad ahaha i can't wait!!

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Review #69, by BaconGreaseOnFries Thursday

14th March 2014:
Aw, what a lovely ending. I am so looking forward to chapter 24. :)

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Review #70, by Sofia We Should get a Puppy

8th March 2014:
Arrrghh I cannot stand Ryan. I literally feel like slapping her. Will she get any better? I rly hope so, because she's been acting like an a-hole since the beginning of the story.

Great story so far though!

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Review #71, by Aubreeeey Thursday

1st March 2014:
I think Fred and Ryan are in love. Even though Ryan is a sarcastic introverted biarch who is said to not have many feelings, she secretly feels "something" for Fred. And Fred is already there, already in love with Ryan and we're waiting for Ryan to realise that she too is in love. Can't wait for the remaining chapters leading to the birth, and eventually to Fred and Ryan confessing their love for each other and ending up together (if they don't get together, I will shoot you).

Another great chapter. Can't wait for the rest of the story - update fast! Don't you dare leave us at the most crucial part of the story!

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Review #72, by lana Thursday

1st March 2014:
Omg please update! Please please please I'm addicted to this story! Best story on hpff plleeeaaassee update I am desperate for more! You are such a great writer omg. Team Fryan for life!!

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Review #73, by Rose Thursday

25th February 2014:
aww, a little girl! Im kinda hoping Fred and Ryan end up falling in love but at the same time, i dont. Im very conflicted. Great job so far.

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Review #74, by a rollerball Thursday

24th February 2014:
amazing chapter, was not expecting a girl for some reason. please update soon :)

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Review #75, by potterfan310 Thursday

23rd February 2014:
Bless Freddie for what knowing what she meant.

Brutus the pygmy puff! Oh what a name :p

Nice one Freddie, trying to encourage China to ask Scorpius, maybe he thinks that then he won't be around Roxy so much.

"Ryan Davies was letting me back into her life. It was probably because I was forcing my way in, but Iíd take that as a win." - I'd take that as a win too, Freddie, because it means FRYAN! ♥ (well hopefully)

Freddie and Ryan together are just asdfghjkl the banter between them is what makes them, well them. Love it when Freddie plays/annoys her with his inner child, even thought she has a child within her.




Where can I get one? Because he is just fab-ulous.

"We already had the sex and Ryan doesnít like talking about it," I said.

That is legit my favourite line so far out of all twenty-three chapters, talk about making me laugh until there were tears :D

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I was partly right about it being a girl but ahhh it's so sweet. Ryan grabbing his hand, that she thinks they're living in a fantasy pretending they're together as a couple.

My emotions are everywhere right now, between Freddie reading a slightly dirty book and putting it in Ryan's bag (Boy, that'll be fun explaining when she finds it to) to finding out that Ryan and Freddie are having a girl.


I'm beyond happy right now :D I cannot wait for the rest of the chapters now, I'm even more excited, probably as excited as Freddie :D

Loved it!

Soph x

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