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Review #51, by hp481516 The Nursery

13th September 2014:
Oooohh I want to know what happens next! This was another great chapter!

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Review #52, by Javery fannn The Nursery

10th September 2014:
Aaargh don't leave us hanging (yes, I'm going to muster up all the un-funny jokes I can think of. Got nothing else to pass the time, dangling from this here cliff, see).

This chapter things seemed to be looking up for Fred (sure, he now has fellow students and Prophet readers alike gossiping about him, but that's bringing Ryan only closer to our dear Freddikins. So close he can taste it... forget I said that.)

And then - pregnant pause - "It's Dad." I hope Dad's not dead, because although dead Fred would appreciate the company up there, Freddie's not ready for a dead Daddy yet. (You know, hanging from this cliff no one can appreciate my rapping skills. It's a waste, really. You should totally let us cliff-hanging folks come down; don't let us down ;P.)

Or leave me up here, because I don't think I'll ever come down from the high of this story. (Sappy smile.) Rock on, hahaha.


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Review #53, by potterfan310 The Nursery

9th September 2014:

First off the CI, that's freakin' adorable!

FRYAN ♥ They're at it again, those two. I love them more than anything when they're together like this. Ryan needs to give into her bloody feelings and admit she actually likes Freddie, because she does. I know she does, deep down she really does. ♥

AWWW, ASDFGHJKL. THE NURSERY, RYAN AND FREDDIE IN THE NURSERY JUST ASDFGHJKL, CUTENESS! ♥♥ I love that there's a Raven and a Lion. Them talking about her first words and dating, babies! ♥ I really, really hope their daughter ends up being a mini Ryan with the most fabulous traits from Freddie, and is in Gryffindor just to really annoy Ryan :p

"And we didn’t fancy each other. Obviously." - LIES FREDDIE! You love her more than anything.

HA, George, I swear he will always win the best father of the year award. Embarrassing Freddie, love it.

Parise, urgh. He's an even bigger jerk than before. Urgh Ollie, she's just as bad.

NOO, GEORGE! Please say the damage control on his end went badly. No!! I hope Zonko senior wasn't the one to do anything bad to him and that's he going to be fine. Freddie cannot lose George!

Cannot wait for the next one, mainly for explanations.

Sophie ♥

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Review #54, by tre The Nursery

8th September 2014:
Mean cliff hanger! still awesome story, so ill forgive it

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Review #55, by ABookishBeing The Nursery

7th September 2014:
Thank you loads for the chapter dedication, made my day!
I got my dose of Fryan, I think I can hold up until the next update.
The raven-lion canvases made me so happy, Angelina is the best and most considerate mother in the world, I feel like she's exactly what Fred needs even though he's closer with George. The fact that she'll always be there no matter what eases Fred's stress a little, what with George's episodes and whatnot.
I really want to see China's reaction to Fred's coming out.
You had to get back at me somehow. You just had to.
Was George not able to handle damage control? Is it an episode? Is he at St. Mungo's? Is he fine and Mr. Weasley is the one at St. Mungo's? I don't think you're the murdering type, no ones going to die, yeah?
Brilliant, as always. Looking forward to the next update :)

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Review #56, by Consciouslyignorant The Nursery

7th September 2014:
Is it too much to say I hate you? It is? I'm sorry.
Really really sorry.
Just don't stop the Quidditch, I really, *really* what to see Zonko take an unfortunate bludger to the... everywhere even if he is twelve.
So yeah great stuff.
*insert generic bit of begging for/demanding a/threatening you life over a speedy update*

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Review #57, by ohnobeans The Nursery

7th September 2014:
I like how you're trying to make us forgive Ollie. Hopefully it's working for other people, but I still think she's a massive b word.


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Review #58, by Irishseeker The Nursery

7th September 2014:
This chapter was so perfect. The Fred and Ryan fluff was just perfect and it killed me. I cannot wait until the baby comes and it's just going to be an explosion of cuteness and aghhh. The cliffie was awful but I love and hate it at the same time. Every time you update it makes me love this story even more though I don't get how I can possibly love it more than I already do.
Brilliant writing and can't wait for the next update! :D

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Review #59, by RupertsPheonix The Nursery

6th September 2014:
Ah cliff hanger! You're posting the next chapter as I write this, right? ;)

This was a great chapter. I loved the scenes between Ryan & Fred, especially how Cosy they were in Fred's room and their moment in the nursery. :)

Looking forward to the next chap!


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Review #60, by Spyci The Dragon's Nest

3rd September 2014:
I just. No. I can't. I just love his way more than should be possible.

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Review #61, by Consciouslyignorant The Dragon's Nest

1st September 2014:
“One day she’ll realize your full name is just Fred,”
Its throw away lines like this that make this so unbelievably funny and yet believable.
I properly laughed out loud and everything.

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Review #62, by RupertsPheonix The Dragon's Nest

30th August 2014:
Good chapter! I enjoyed hearing from the family again, especially Angelina and George! Good convo between Fred and Roxy too. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!! -Kate/rp

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Review #63, by hp481516 The Dragon's Nest

17th August 2014:
I love this story so much! It was great to see the Weasley clan. I love Mrs. Weasley for promising to make Ryan a Weasley sweater. It makes here part of the family. Plus we got some great Fred/Ryan moments. When Fred kissed Ryan's cheek when they were fake bickering about whether Ryan cared if Fred like Annie I had to stop reading to take a moment to squeal. I am so glad Fred and Rox talked. I have been waiting for them to resolve their issues. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #64, by Rose The Dragon's Nest

16th August 2014:
best chapter yet! love your writings, reading almost all of your stories.

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Review #65, by potterfan310 The Dragon's Nest

13th August 2014:

Urgh Parise is an idiot. At least Freddie told the whole truth, bless him. Bless Annie for apologising, she's a good girl at heart.

You fancy her, Freddie, don't lie to yourself. You probably more than fancy her because she's Ryan sodding Davies and is carrying your kid. I will never give up on any hopes of Fryan, ever! ♥

Oh my god, Molly wants Freddie AND Ryan at The Burrow, boy is that going to be a barrel of laughs.


Ginny slapped him and I have tears from laughing so much. The interrogation is just brilliant, bless Freddie. Angelina's painted a nursery and this makes me so, so happy!


Roxy and Freddie talked, hallelujah, and hugged! At least Malfoy isn't around to ask if he wants to play golf XD Aww Molly is making her a Weasley jumper, she's certainly part of this family whether she wants to be or not.


Can't wait for the next one!

Soph :D

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Review #66, by Twinklestar The Dragon's Nest

12th August 2014:
Loved this chapter! Fred and Rox finally talking was just great. I really do love how far along this story has come its become such an amazing story! You really do know what you're doing :)

Xx Haley

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Review #67, by hai The Dragon's Nest

11th August 2014:
that was SOOO cute :D

I love how after the initial scaryfamily part they became happyfamily and curiousfamily and welcomefamily. and yes, more fryan ;') i like fryan ;')

I think what annie tried to do was sweet and stuff, but at the end of the day, the only reason she felt that way was cuz of freddie. but at least freddie wasn't being mean to her about it or anything. and im glad that ollie was in her dorm. i didn't want to see her reaction this chapter.shes mean :(

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Review #68, by ohnobeans The Dragon's Nest

11th August 2014:
SO MANY FEELS. it feels like this is a turning point for them, like how much worse can it get?

I'm so happy Ryan is finally starting to soften towards Fred eep they're so cute and dysfunctional, I love it.

will we see the nursery in the next chapter!? I hope so I'm curious as to how Angelina would have decorated!

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Review #69, by a rollerball The Dragon's Nest

11th August 2014:
awsome chapter as always, please update soon

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Review #70, by Irishseeker The Dragon's Nest

11th August 2014:
I loved how the whole Weasley bunch got together for Fred and Ryan's arrival and it really made the chapter. I also really liked how Annie and Ollie reacted and how you said when people don't know they really say what they think because that's so true.
Loved the Fred/Ryan moments as usual, getting more perfect and adorable every chapter.
Brilliant writing and 'Hormones' is definitely one of my all tiem favorites on HPPF, thank you!

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Review #71, by s.w The Dragon's Nest

10th August 2014:
OH MY GOSH I'VE BEEN waiting for you to update FOR OVER A MONTH! seriously the whole of JULY i was like WHY WHY WHY but now it's here!! Fred and Rox wow they made up! Love it, can't wait for some more Fred and Ryan interaction because there wasn't that much in this chapter as it focused on the Weasley family and Ryan as a whole. Keep it up please don't ever abandon this story! Thanks so much for updating and hope you update soon! X

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Review #72, by ABookishBeing The Dragon's Nest

10th August 2014:
This chapter gave me sanity. I've been thinking about Fred for days. Thank you, just, ugh thanks.
This chapter was tame, for a change. I've not much to say except that I'm glad that Fred and Rox are speaking.
This is shorter than my usual reviews... I'm excited to see the next chapter :)

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Review #73, by hp481516 Not Alone

24th July 2014:
Such a good chapter! This story has been getting so intense/exciting and I love it! The hook-up scenes with Ryan and Fred were great and the fight with Parise was awesome.

I will be looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the great work!

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Review #74, by hp481516 Not Alone

24th July 2014:
Such a good chapter! This story has been getting so intense/exciting and I love it! The hook-up scenes with Ryan and Fred were great and the fight with Parise was awesome.

I will be looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the great work!

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Review #75, by Spyci Not Alone

21st July 2014:
YES, Fred Weasley, just yes.

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