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Review #51, by Flying mandarin Not Alone

11th July 2014:
WHHAHAAHAHAT. This chapter. OMG.

I freaking liked it. That's all there is to say.
Keep writing, I can't wait for the rest

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Review #52, by hai Not Alone

11th July 2014:
yes finally
though i get why they kept it a secret, im really happy that fred helped protect her and it was just cute, and so fryan and it made me happy :) so looking forward to the next chapter

and while i can see james and gemma together, i think theyd become close friends who teased each other and stuff, but i don't think they'd date.

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Review #53, by DoctorUnderwood Not Alone

11th July 2014:
Yes!! This chapter was great! So many wonderful, fabulous, fantastic things happened.

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Review #54, by StellaRose Not Alone

10th July 2014:
LOVE this chapter!! I'm so impressed by this story--it keeps on getting better and better. Can't wait for the next chapter :)


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Review #55, by Gaia Not Alone

10th July 2014:
YES! YES YES YES YES YES! I had no idea how I wanted that to happen but THIS WAS EXACTLY IT! OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS! I was literally sitting reading with my mouth open I was so shocked and excited! YES!

That was perfect!

Ollie is bugging me and she needs to be taken down even more. She is being unacceptable. And Annie's comments about James makes it seem like Ollie might be with him for nefarious/selfish reasons and not true affection. Especially based on how weird and horrible she has been acting. James can do better, even if she does get her act together. Put him with China or something. Speaking of which, when it said that China was on the floor I immediately went "What happened to China? I didn't even know she was there!"

Anyways. Get it Ryan. And Fred is such a goner. He feels too much and too deeply and too quickly. Its beautiful and great and all, but it gets him into so much trouble and gets him hurt too often. Boy needs to learn to be a little more wary. I can't wait for this to explode in his face... I mean I can, because I want him to be happy.

Scoripus is such a doofus! I'm sort of loving it and sort of wondering if its an act. Whatever, I hope he gets a little more comfortable/casual if we see him more. Which I hope we do because ROX IS TALKING TO FRED AGAIN! Family is everything to me, so this is very very very important to my well being.

Ryan is an absolute charmer and I wish I could be her friend. We could open a bar together. I love how complicated she is as a character. And her sass. I also love that.

THAT ENDING WAS PERFECT AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT! Seriously, that part may be my favorite thing you have ever written.

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Review #56, by Rose Not Alone

10th July 2014:
The ending to this chapter was EPIC! Love you stories, original portrayals of awesome characters and story lines.

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Review #57, by Elma_Fudd Not Alone

10th July 2014:
Thanks for your reply to my last review.
Im glad that review helped you out.
I knew you said you would post this chapter soon but didn't realize this soon.
Anyways I just read the chapter and it was that great I had to read it again almost immediately.
I can't wait for the next chapter I hope you get it up soon.

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Review #58, by jollie good x Not Alone

10th July 2014:
OML! Love love love this story. Don't like Ollie though, therefore I'm not really feeling the James/Ollie like I did in the early chapters. You know what could be cool? JAMES AND GEMMA
Loving Gemma how she's like this b/itch but still cares for Ryan and broke the plate over Parise's head. Gemma and James have like this hate thing, I suppose similar to Fred/Ryan, so idk!! Double dating with Fred/Ryan and James/Ollie could get awks though! James and Gemma forever!
Shipping Rox and Scorpius, obviously this story lacks the usual Rose/Scorpius shipping, it's somewhat like a breath of fresh air. Hope Roxy and Fred sort their stuff out! Looks like the road to recovery is beginning though!
Paris is horrible omg! Him and Ollie belong together to be honest! Why did Ollie break up with James in the first place anyway?? Is it because she cheated on him with Parise? Will James end up with Ollie? Or maybe Gemma? Will Parise end up with Ollie? Or maybe Annie? And will FRED AND RYAN SORT THEIR RELATIONSHIP OUT omg L O V E x

Please please please update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter. Hope you continue to write and finish this story. I won't be able to bear it if suddenly you leave and it just sits as WIP for the rest of my life! You are on a role. Great writing. Love love love love! X

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Review #59, by ohmymerlin Not Alone

10th July 2014:







Although it is Freddie's kid so god knows what she'll turn out to be!

But seriously, I am so disgusted at Ollie's behaviour! And I can't believe James took her back! I would have kicked her in the face! Yes, she didn't know about Freddie's involvement but that's no excuse at all! Hasn't she ever heard the phrases if you've got nothing nice to say don't say it at all or treat others the way you want to be treated?

I'm actually so appalled at her behaviour. I do not like her anymore!

But let's move on from the /w/itchy Ollie and onTO THE FACT THAT FRED AND RYAN BASICALLY HAVE A not-totally-friends WITH BENEFITS SCHEME GOING ON?!

It's never good to get into one of those when someone so clEARLY HAS FEELINGS FOR THE OTHER


And then Parise hit on Ryan?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT UMBRIDGER

(I'm replacing bad words with mean teacher's names btw)

I can't believe he had the guts to say something like that directly to her face! I'm glad Freddie beat him up! Usually I'm like """violence is never the answer~~~""" but in this scenario violence was the answer! And good on Gemma for smashing a plate on him and Ryan kicking him!

And I love how Freddie or Ryan didn't even really care that much that the whole school basically knows that they're in this whole pregnancy thing together!!!



But Scorpius why are you talking like an eighty year old man?! CHAP?! GOLF?!

But although admittedly it was kind of sweet that he cared about Roxy and was willing to pull Freddie away from the Umbridger. I really want to use a mature word but I won't because I do love this site and I don't want to be kicked off!


But I'm kind of scared he's going to be kicked off the team and then that Umbridger will get his spot and James will have to deal with him!

Okay, so I clearly loved this chapter! Absolutely loved it!!! oNE MILLION TRILLION GAZILLION OUT OF TEN FOR YOU

- Kayla :)

House Cup 2014 review

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Review #60, by TheCiscoKid Not Alone

9th July 2014:
Can't wait for the next chapter and I just finish this one

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Review #61, by SweetAndSilent21 Not Alone

9th July 2014:
I am absolutely in love with this story. I'm a huge fan of yours as it is, but this story is (just in my opinion) one of your bests. And this chapter is definitely my favorite so far. Can't wait to see what happens next for your amazing characters!

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Review #62, by Abeer Not Alone

9th July 2014:
Jesus, that was brilliance.
I'm really happy that Fred and Ryan aren't romantically attached yet; it doesn't suit them and I feel like lots of authors rush relationships that are physical before they're romantic.
I KNEW IT WAS OLLIE! That little...
James and Ollie (Jollie?), good, good.
Aw. I wish Fred told George.
YES. They're s*ing. YES. She's tolerating him.
Is Annie suspecting Freddo?
I hate Parise. Can he fall in love with a blast-ended skrewt and we can all be done with him? Please?
Not anymore... THEY'RE OUT!
Oh my goodness. This chapter was fantastic. You've done such an amazing job portraying these characters, especially Fred and post-war George. So many fanfics show George as a happy adult, and otthers write him as entirely depressed and you've written the perfect medium. Thank you so much for that.
I can't tell you how much I love your writing, it's like you read my thoughts. Thank you so much for your creativity :) It's a nice escape from a not-so-nice life.
Please update when you get the chance, I look forward to this story the most.

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Review #63, by swxxx Not Alone

9th July 2014:
OMG was just thinking about this story yesterday! So glad you
updated this is genuinely one of my favourite stories on this site.
Love this so much !! Please update soon! Xo

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Review #64, by Lyd Valentine's Day

9th July 2014:
It's been a long time since I last told you how much I adore you,
But actually I just read jk Rowling's new snippet,
And wondered if you already read it and what are your thoughts, especially regarding your story (which I totally consider canon :)
I don't want to spoiler it to you if you haven't read it,
But just know I thought about you and your wonderful story :)

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Review #65, by Lyd Valentine's Day

9th July 2014:
It's been a long time since I last told you how much I adore you,
But actually I just read jk Rowling's new snippet,
And wondered if you already read it and what are your thoughts, especially regarding your story (which I totally consider canon :)
I don't want to spoiler it to you if you haven't read it,
But just know I thought about you and your wonderful story :)

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Review #66, by Elma_Fudd Valentine's Day

8th July 2014:
Im a long time fan.
But this is the first time ive ever reviewed a story.
Ive read nearly all of your stories.
Most of them more then once.
This one is by far my favorite.
Ive read it at least four or more times.
Whenever a new chapter gets put up I can't help but reread the whole thing.
I believe your writing is amazing and if you were to ever publish a book I would absolutely love to read it.
Every single day I check to see if theres a new chapter up on this story and the others your currently writing.
I think your doing an amazing job and I hope you never stop.
Thank you so much for being so good at it.
Even when im having an absolute terrible day I just need to read one of your stories and it makes my day.
Thank you.

Author's Response: Hey there! I tried to find you elsewhere to issue another thanks, but I wanted to really thank you for this review. I had something pretty disheartening happen to me yesterday and I've been in a really bad place today. I have been trying to cheer up by going to my usual methods (reading, retail therapy, watching funny movies) and I've still been dragging.

This review really, really helped me. I know that sounds silly - but it's true. It means so much to me that you are not only reading my stuff, but reading it more than once.

So just know when I'm having a terrible day, I'm going to come back and read this review. So thank you.

And I'm working on that book.

Next chapter of this should be up soon!

Thanks a ton!

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Review #67, by hai Valentine's Day

7th July 2014:
ok so i don't usually like pregnancy stories. at all. mostly because i guess i don't like haracters i care about being put into difficult situations i guess. i want there lives to be good. or sometimes its cuz the characters are written badly.

but you have honestly made me love this story. im a little scared actually, by how much i love it. the way you've portrayed ryan and fred, and its just so perfect and ohmygod. i feel like (and bearing in mind, i'd have no idea) you have'nt tried to romanticise the situation or skipped over important bits in a pregnant womans life. it all seems so real!

ok so now onto the review of this chapter. OLLIEE WHY. tbh, shes been annoying me for the last few chapters, and i hope she gets whats coming to her. I mean i guess i understand that she didn't know the full story about ryan, but she seems like such a b*tch the more we get to know her. i'm really curious about whats going on with her and Parise. becasue honestly, i feel like if she and james had been dating for 3 years, something like this would only have broken them up if she wasn't as into the relationship anymore. did that make sense? ahh i dont know.but I feel so bad for james cuz he seems like such a great guy.

AND THE FRYAN MOMENT wow. you wrote that so well. so well. it was just amazing.

so now im hooked onto another one of your stories ;D
you are honestly such an amazing writer, and even when theres a plotline i dont typically like, you write the characters so well! and then im hooked.

well that was definetely the longest review ive ever left. on anything. sorry about any spelling or weird grammar.its pretty late and i don't wanna re read everything i just wrote :P

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Review #68, by hai Who I was Born to Be

7th July 2014:
okay just a quick note because im not done reading yet (blushes)
but that chapter was so good. i felt so good on the inside because i think fred handled that with so much maturity and im honestly so proud. you wrote that amazingly well, and i just cant ;D

ps. ill leave another review once im caught up ;)

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Review #69, by Rose Valentine's Day

3rd June 2014:
that was sweet in a very ryan and fred way. Absolutely love this your stories,cant wait to read where it goes next

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Review #70, by rupertspheonix Valentine's Day

28th May 2014:
Oh my god. I flipping love this chapter. And this whole story.

I love Fred and Ryan together! So excited to see what else will happen for these two.

Although I can't stand stupid Ollie right now. Can she stop being a jerk to James? Honestly though, you've written frames so well during the break up, and it felt like the right time for something to change between James and Ollie even if it is just momentary.

Great chapter! Looking forward to the next!

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Review #71, by potterfan310 Valentine's Day

26th May 2014:
I absolutely love James and Freddie, they have of the best bromances ever.

Roxy and Scorpius, oh my god. Poor Freddie finding out like that. "The shovel stayed where it was. For now." - Oh Freddie. Although he may need it at some point :p

George always wins father of the year, he is one of the best parents ever. Could he get more fabulous? (Probably) ♥

I feel so bad for James, poor thing. It breaks my heart she broke up with him, James is such a cutie. Ollie was cruel, James didn't exactly deserve it, even if he was a little tactless. At least Freddie cheered him up.

"They had owled to confirm the violin reservation time." - And this is why I love Freddie, he is absolutely by far one of my favourites and you write him so well ♥

Oh the prank, well he had it coming to him. Parise is an idiot.

"I found him in the cell telling the guy next to him about the time he defeated Voldemort, but had a scar." - How, just how could Ollie break up with this loveable idiot named James??? How??

Holy crap, is Ryan insane for getting into a fight whilst pregnant, but she called Freddie out of everyone (well Gemma) to come and get her and it makes me squee with happiness!!!

With the way Ollie's acting I reckon it could have been her being nasty to Ryan but then again it could have been a random person. Hmmm...

OH. MY. GOD *Heavy breathing* YES! FRYAN!!! ♥ ♥ She called him by his first name as well!!! Sque!!! I'm a bit excited can you tell :P New favourite part for sure because Fryan!

I am super excited for the next chapter now.

Soph x

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Review #72, by hp481516 Valentine's Day

23rd May 2014:
I loved this chapter! Especially the end! Go Fred and Ryan!

I'm sad about Ollie and James though, even though I am sure they will get back together. The James/Fred bromance was great, however.

I laughed really hard at this line: "Id been there one time before, in fifth year, to claim James after he got drunk and punched four trees, accusing them of looking at Ollie. They said he was a danger to himself. I found him in the cell telling the guy next to him about the time he defeated Voldemort, but had a scar."

Keep up the great work!

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Review #73, by hp481516 Fairy Tales

23rd May 2014:
Do you know the sex yet?

They did it in a bathroom stall, James said.

Absolutely perfect line. Probably one of my favorites from this story so far.

I loved the ending as well!

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Review #74, by Flying mandarin Valentine's Day

23rd May 2014:

I loved every thing in this chapter, every single thing! You're always so descriptive when writing and that just makes is so much better! I actually can't believe Ollie left James, even though she was kind of a b*tch before. James broke my heart by being so sad and Fred's prank was brilliant. So smart actually, I'm impressed! AND THEN THE BEST PART OF THE CHAPTER. Ryan. She is just so cool and uggh I'm so thankful you write this story because it's so cool.

Keep writing!

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Review #75, by ohmymerlin Valentine's Day

23rd May 2014:

Ryan and Fred are so... ~INTENSE~

I really love every single interaction with those two. It's never a dull moment!

And poor James! He was being a bit of an idiot but Ollie was kind of cruel to him! I can't believe they broke up!

Blergh Andrew Parise. I really don't like him. And YAY Fred for kind of getting back at him, muhahaha

Ooh, I'm excited about the next chapter! It seems like it's got heaps of drama which I LOVE! :D

Anywho, this was an amazing chapter! Definitely 10/10 ♥

- Kayla :)

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