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Review #26, by rose The Court Case

8th November 2014:
Best Chapter yet! Ryan was in the zone as a lawyer, she was kicking butt and taking Names.:)

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Review #27, by ruby_slippers The Court Case

3rd November 2014:
Oh my flipping goodness i just freakin love this story!! Haha suck it Zonko!!

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Review #28, by RupertsPheonix The Court Case

2nd November 2014:
Oh my goodness. Ryan is a total genius! Fred should give her ice cream for life. Thanks for a great chapter! Love this fic!


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Review #29, by madness The Court Case

2nd November 2014:
Loved it, as always!

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Review #30, by dracodarlingxx The Court Case

1st November 2014:
I was actually believing that they would lose, because I saw no way that they could win, but then Ryan pulls out that.
p.s. i totally support St Mungos being turned into a doggie day care

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Review #31, by ABookishBeing The Court Case

29th October 2014:
"Thanks." "Frames."
Actually dead. Oh my good graciously amazing god, that was inherent genius. You're too good, you know that? Okay,thoughts, collect yourselves.
So. Fred handled his stress well. What with all of the pregnancy drama as of late, I feel we've been seeing less of Fred's ambitions and more of his family and friend type brilliance. It was a a reminder and a warm anand fuzzy-fier to see Fred so passionate and insistent about the shop. Just. Gah.
I need Fryan. Like,legit Fryan. They need to start insert euphemism-ing. Like now.
Ryan is just a brilliant piece of work, and I love her. Sad she didn't win the Dobby, I thought she would ): congrats on your nomination, anyway.
Are Frames doing a stripping thing for mo.ey. or the fundraiser type thingies from BtQC and the Keeper's Daughter? I feel like those are your signature. Keep Away had one too, I think. Time for a reread.
More Fryan. Please. I need it.
What else to say... Uh.
I've nothing else to say. Poo.
excited for the next update, but this is keeping me content for about a month, and Keeper's Daughter is next in the queue, so patience will come to me.
Brilliant chapter as always, love.

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Review #32, by merlins beard The Court Case

29th October 2014:
Hey. I just read the whole story in one afternoon. I found it very addictive and i love your writing style. Your stories have it all. They are funny, serious, make me laugh, make me swear, make me think about how things could or should be. I'm very happy fred and roxy made up and i'm hoping that fred will realize soon that he is in love with ryan. I can't wait to know the name you picked for the baby or if fred is there when she's born. I love this story just as much as your other stories (i have to admit i'm a sucker for romance)... please update soon

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Review #33, by Javery fannn (yeah, still here :) ) The Court Case

29th October 2014:
SWEET MOTHER OF MERLIN RYAN SHOULD BE A LAWYER IF THE WHOLE QUIDDITCH THING DOESN'T WORK OUT! Forget Quidditch, this is awesome. How did she know about Zonko's threats, though? And was it all machinated by a twelve-year-old?? Seems a bit fantastical, but then again, this is the wizarding world we're talking about; Harry Potter saved the world multiple times as a kid.

I'm so curious what their child is going to be like. How many months along is Ryan again?

I like how James is coming back into focus more. Frames all the wayyy!! I don't really fancy Jollie (James/Ollie), though. She seems a bit lacking in personality - could just be me.

I'm so excited for the rest of what you have planned!! Arses are being kicked all over the place, it's so much fun to read. Until the next update my brain will be imagining all sorts of scenarios such as Ryan going into labour due to stress while battling Zonko e.a. (et army, haha) with George coming to her rescue in nothing but a hospital gown, Angelina being awesome, James masterminding the shop and Freddy taking out his frustrations on Andrew Parise (much cackling, sass and falling from towers and/or changing stairs involved. Also colours, bright colours... Yes, I have an active imagination.)

Have fun writing the next chapter! I know I'll have fun reading it.

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Review #34, by Molly_Weasley The Court Case

29th October 2014:
Thank you so much for updating. I love this story. Ryan is amazing! I'm so happy that WWW won. I hate Zonko so much. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

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Review #35, by Henria A Little Competition

29th October 2014:
I think this is my favorite! I almost peed my pants when I realized this was a Friends reference. And you pulled off my favorite scene ever. You're ruining moving day for us!! Excellent work!

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Review #36, by SourGrapeSnape The Court Case

29th October 2014:
I'm always so happy when I see that you have posted a chapter or this story. I just love it :) Ryan is awesome!!

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Review #37, by Derek The Court Case

29th October 2014:
I love all your stories. Occasional eye-candy made me laugh. James and Fred will be winners in their final Q-Cup finals. Davis will end up marrying Fred and have a career as a Chaser while Fred and James run the business. Still look forward to James explaining to his parents about working at WWW with Fred watching him squirm.

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Review #38, by AIP Alexander The Court Case

29th October 2014:
WOW!! I think I have never read a chapter as good as this one, and I have read every one of your stories as well as countless others both on and off this site. I think i might have fallen in love with Ryan towards the end of the chapter! The way you have developed her character is outstanding and i hope i'll be able to match your character development when i finally launch my story!I really can't wait for the next one!

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Review #39, by Spyci The Court Case

28th October 2014:
You should win all the Dobbys, end of discussion.

PS stop making me want to cry every time I read a new chapter bc they're always perfect but they don't last forever.

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Review #40, by dobbyismyhero22 The Court Case

28th October 2014:
My love for Ryan Davies is making me question my sexuality.

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Review #41, by Irishseeker The Court Case

28th October 2014:
This was absolutely BRILLIANT. I seriously just love this story more and more every time I read it. I loved the court case-it was so different and original and it was good to see WWW and what all George and Fred have been stressing about finally come to an end and they win, YAY. Plus, some serious girl power for Ryan which is fabulous. I seriously can't wait till she has the baby though because they are going to make the cutest parents ermagod.
Brilliant writing as usual and can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #42, by Amberfire The Court Case

28th October 2014:
This was fantastic, thanks for sharing!
I've been reading Hormones since the start, and I thought I should finally leave you a comment because I really enjoy reading this and you deserve some lovely reviews especially if they have been dropping off recently :)
I really enjoy Ryan's personality and the way you portray her as so hard, but we're always able to witness her softer side around Freddie.
I also love the Freddie-Ryan vibe, they're just so cute! The ongoing offerings of ice cream are just the best. And I loved her tirade about her ankles and the Chinese army haha
Look forward to reading the next chapter :)
Amberfire xx

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Review #43, by a rollerball The Court Case

28th October 2014:
i love this story. please update soon :)

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Review #44, by Sunflowers The Court Case

28th October 2014:
Loved this chapter, thank you! 😊

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Review #45, by Shinicha The Court Case

28th October 2014:
Ahh amazing chapter. As always!
I really love how the relationship between Fred and Ryan develops, how they get closer (and are so inventive about coming up with excuses to help each other out)
I was a bit disappointed that Ryan didn't get a Dobby for Original Character, because her character development is just so convincing and I love her so much!

I have to admit though that the court scene seemed a tad rushed to me. I have NO idea about how law works (just those TV shows where there's a "objection" thrown in every few moments)... How come that noone ever saw or bothered to see that the transactions were rigged, even though it was so apparent? And why did Zonko crumble at the first mention? I just thought with all the corruption scandals we're confronted with every day in the newspaper in the "real world", this one was a little bit too easy to overcome. However, I do understand that this isn't but one part in a plot that isn't about wizarding law but something else, so I understand why the main thing that had to be conveyed was Ryan's effort helping, the future of the shop, and James and Freddie making an impact with their new ideas at the store (I'm really looking forward to more store-stories, and how George is going to react to the changes they've implanted)

I was so releaved to read George's letter. It was more of his sparkly self, even though he's clearly unhappy about his situation. It somehow made me feel that after he entrusted his son with his shop that he cares about so much, this letter shows even more that he has faith in Fred, not talking about how to do things, or apologizing, but making jokes and really leaving it up to Fred. That would (on one hand, if it were me in Fred's position) freak me out, but on the other hand assure me that he's trying to get better and trust Fred completely.

Also, I want to punch Zonko.

One thing I noticed, I think here "considered" was supposed to be another verb:

"It considered me she had so many ideas on that subject."

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Review #46, by Spyci Trust

25th October 2014:
I love the fact that I can go back and read this story again and again without getting bored, and that is why it is my favourite of all the stories on this atrociously addictive website.

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Review #47, by youngatheart At the Shop

23rd October 2014:
Loved the father son bonding here and how George knew something was up. I was hoping for him to ease the tension by saying something like "at least your kid will be good at quidditch" or something :) My sister got pregnant in HS and I think she was a bit violent with her hormones in the beginning as well!

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Review #48, by Spyci Trust

21st October 2014:
I legitimately can't deal with how much my happiness depends on whether you update this story or not. It's really bad. And I also can't stop rereading it so I have no time for classes or work. Hormones = better than school.

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Review #49, by potterfan310 Trust

4th October 2014:

OH MY GOD THIS CHAPTER! Talk about heart/gut wrenching.

Roxy is wearing red and gold, this is not a drill. I am SUPER glad she was going to support Freddie/Gryffindor at the match.

"You have to meet my little girl. She's not here yet, so you'll just have to wait around to see how pretty she is." - ♥ ♥ Because I'm not crying right now, Freddie is just adorable and cute and asdfghjkl, George best flipping hang on in there, if he misses his granddaughter's birth there'll be hell to pay!

" I tucked Mum into a cot" - This made me laugh and I have a weird picture in my head now, because I'm assuming you mean something like a camp bed because to me a cot is what a baby sleeps in XD

RYAN! OH MY GOD SHE CAME TO THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT BEING ASKED!! :O Shock horror! And she's being nice to Freddie/comforting him, is this really a changed Ryan I am seeing because finally maybe Freddie has really affected her! SHE CAME OVER HIS FRIENDS! That is saying something in my book, maybe there's hope for FRYAN♥ yet!

"Mom in front of me" - Small typo I'm guessing since practically the whole chapter says mum not mom.

George is awake, at least Freddie gets to talk to him. I love his character so, so much. The way he's joking around despite being ill and in hospital, he's just fab. Fred and George, just perfect in every way those two right down from their characterisation to their talk ♥♥

Can't wait for the next one!

Soph ♥

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Review #50, by hp481516 Trust

3rd October 2014:
I am so glad Fred and George talked! And the line about Mrs. Weasley killing someone once was great!

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