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Reading Reviews for Hormones
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Review #26, by Carmela xx The Next Step

14th February 2016:
I can't believe it's actually over! I'm on the verge of crying I've held this fanfic so close reading each amazing chapter you write one after the other, I'm going to miss Ryan's awsome witty remarks and bad ass attitude. James being all quirky and cute and espically Fred who you really brought to life with your words. I'm really going to miss this fic but I'm so glad that I came across it. So congrats! Because this was an amazing fanfic and you wrote with so much detail and care that it was a delight to read. Most amazing fan fic ever and will forever be the best on this site.

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Review #27, by madness The Next Step

14th February 2016:
This was great. It's all great. I'm sad this won't pop up as being updated again, so I suspect I'll keep rereading it! I've loved every chapter, thank you xx

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Review #28, by Sharonnn The Next Step

14th February 2016:
Just beautiful. I'm at a loss for words. It will be sad to no longer see updates from this story. Great job. Truly. Good luck with your other works and hope to hear from you again :)

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Review #29, by Allhales The Next Step

14th February 2016:
Ugh!! Tears! Okay so I have loved this story right from the beginning. Right when we started talking about this idea and of course I was 100% into it. Every plot you touch becomes gold and I am so so so happy you went with Hormones. It became one of my favorite stories ever. Fred was hilarious and sweet. Ryan was independent and brave. Everyone was amazing. This story is beautiful, and there will be millions of times that I will visit it again. Thank you for writing an incredible story where thousands of teens in Ryan and Fred's shoes can relate, and others who can relate simply because your writing is just that good.

Xx Haley

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Review #30, by Rosevina The Next Step

14th February 2016:
Gonna miss this fic so much, it's definitely my fave fic from you so far! Thank you so much for writing this fic; I've been extremely enjoying each of your upadates these past 4 years! Can't wait to see more of your works in the future~

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Review #31, by ABookishBeing The Quidditch Final

13th January 2016:
WHAT I NEVER REVIEWED THIS you have permission to kill me, as you are slowly doing to my heart.
I'm so proud of how far this story has come, and how far we've been able to see you come as a writer! I am absolutely thrilled for the final chapter, even if we're closing a book that has been so impactful to me.
Can I still beg for a sequel with baby Georgia? Or post-grad Fryan like with Hide and Seek and Joliver? PLEASE
Best of luck to you saying goodbye to this fanfic, and thank you for your writing. (:

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Review #32, by Anon The Quidditch Final

9th January 2016:
Amazing story!! I really, really, really love ryan, and her relationsHiP wItH fRed i CaN'T

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Review #33, by Scarcrossed_lover7 The Quidditch Final

9th January 2016:
This story is amazing!!! I don't want it to finish either! I'd be more than happy if you changed your mind about a sequel! Would really love to know how they get on after graduation and all that!

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Review #34, by Awsomonium The Quidditch Final

7th January 2016:
Ok, here's the thing. You're absolutely one of the best writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading from. Seriously, you could easily write professionally imo (is that a thing you're thinking about, cause you should). I read the "Breaking the Quidditch Code" and "Decoding the Tutshill Tornados" a while ago and loved every chapter.

I should have done individual reviews for each chapter (sorry that I didn't) but I downloaded the story into an epub file so I could read it on my phone cause so I didn't have to stop when I left the house.

Here's the thing, I very rarely read fanfics that are incomplete because I hate the inevitable cliff hangers I'll get to. I figured since it was a long I could take it slow, read it over a few weeks and the final chapter would be out by the time I got to the end.

I read the first chapter and that went out the window real damn quick. I got hooked again the same way I did with BtQC and DtTT. Knocked it out in 3 days (would've been one if life and sleep weren't all that important).

The characters feel real people that truly exist. Ryan was easily the star character (though I do want to throw heavy things at her mum/dad). The story from Fred's perspective and Fred himself are amazing. The relationship with Ryan and how it all developed were so amazingly well done. Even James/Annie/Ollie/ didn't seem eclipsed by the main story. The banter between the characters is amazing and hilarious.

The way you balance plot lines without one overshadowing another is masterful. I just love all the bits of this story. The bit when Ryan first felt Georgia kick, the bit when Fred found her in her flat (still want to throw something heavy at her parents for that, please tell me that's a thing). The chapter when Fred found Ryan unconcious in Ravenclaw Tower in the bathroom (cried a little there), the bit where he talked to his dad in Hospital while he was unconscious (cried there to).

Most of all I loved the little bits where Ryan softed a little at a time towards Fred.

I can't wait for the final chapter. Thank you for being such an amazing writer and keep at it. Keep being awesome.

P.S. The Lily II/OC idea sounds interesting. There arn't enough fics with Lily II as a protagonist.

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Review #35, by RupertsPheonix The Quidditch Final

29th December 2015:
Oh, gosh. This was a great chapter - a fantastic match to read about, and a really sweet moment between F & R. :)

I am eagerly waiting for (but also dreading) the coming last chapter... I love these characters so much, and your whole story is so entertaining - I want to see the closure but don't want it to end!!

Happy writing,

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Review #36, by babybarakat The Quidditch Final

14th December 2015:
oh god i so don't want this to end. i never thought i would get more attached to a character as i did to your james, but fred has surpassed him - i honestly love him with all my heart. thank you so much for this story, keep writing - you truly are amazing at what you do xxx

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Review #37, by Reggie The Quidditch Final

10th December 2015:
What a great chapter. Seriously amazing. I absolutely loved this story and this was a great way to end it. I honestly had no idea who was going to win or what was going to happen.

But I also seriously hate that last conversation. I'm really not down for Ryan just randomly being a stay at home mom and acting like quidditch isn't her passion. I think your characterization of Ryan throughout the story was too good. My understanding of Ryan's character is very solid and this conversation just doesn't work. If the idea that she only played quidditch for her parents had been developed earlier maybe I could believe it but unfortunately here, I don't. It just doesn't fit with who she is. She loves quidditch and acting like its some huge issue for her to keep playing is demeaning.

I am still obsessed with this story but will probably alter the ending in my mind.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for the review - and all of your awesome reviews! I promise to get to answering the rest of them as soon as possible. I'm hopelessly behind and the worst.

I'm not ready for it to end! There's still one more chapter after this one, but I haven't finished it yet and I think I'm probably putting it off on purpose, especially since the rest of them were written back in the spring/summer when I went on a writing kick.

Though I did want to mention from your review that Ryan didn't say she wanted to be a stay at home mom. She doesn't - what she said was she didn't want to be a professional Quidditch athlete. She believes the time involved and the time away from the people she loves wouldn't be worth what she'd be missing. She does love Quidditch, but she doesn't love it enough. Not anymore. Before, it was her only ticket to survival - which is why she was so furious she couldn't play at the start of the story. Fred didn't know at that point Ryan's parents had abandoned her, so it was downplayed given Fred being the narrator. When she went ahead and trained to play in the final, that was Ryan's way of proving to herself she had it in her to accomplish anything she put her mind to, and she did. Fred being an unreliable narrator kind of skews things, but I placed them in - I just must not have placed enough! That's the hard part about writing a story over four years, haha.

That being said, Ryan hasn't picked out what she wants to do yet, but she didn't say she was just going to stay at home, though I can see how it was read that way. There will be more on that subject in the final chapter, though.

Sorry for the long-winded response! Thank you again for following along all these years :)

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Review #38, by Giù9 The Quidditch Final

10th December 2015:
This story is truly amazing. I've loved reading every single chapter. I'm so sad that it's over...I love Freddie and Ryan

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Review #39, by Dee Star Chaser

22nd November 2015:
YAY FINALLY! I'm so happy she finally kissed him publicly and totally burned parise :D can't wait for the next chapter - I don't want it to end though!

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Review #40, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Star Chaser

20th November 2015:
“Get it!” cried James.

^ In my best real housewives voice: YAS HONEY!
You go Freddie. I knew she was going to say something about playing. Come on, she's Ryan Davies and keeping secrets aren't fun! :P I'm so excited for the ending. Let's be real--Ravenclaw will win. I think it'll be a fair but tough game though. I would root for Gryffindor but Ryan needs this! She really does. It could mean leading the life she wants--a professional player, with Freddie, the baby and the family she always needed and wanted.

Because in retrospect Freddie has already won. James has won, Ollie has won. Rose will be sad and sour about losing but sometimes winning the game isn't as important.

Maybe I'm rambling. I'm in my feelings right now.


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Review #41, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap On the Prowl

20th November 2015:
“Really glad I wasn’t naked when you called,” Dad said absently. “I like to sleep naked.”

^ HAHA. NO! WHY! I really don't like Ollie. UGH. WHY CAN'T JAMES BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE? Not Annie but someone nice like her. Whatever. I've never been fully invested in their relationship so moving on--

Ryan is going to play? I like that you made it realistic of course she would be off her game after not playing for 9 months. You come off from an injury or whatever and you need practice. No one comes back in 100%.

I like how they freaked out because she wouldn't stop crying. That was essentially me when my niece was born and I would watch her. Wailing on no end. I have anti-child repellent.

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Review #42, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Better Brother than Roxanne

20th November 2015:
I smiled. “We’re going to be happy,” I said and truly believed it.

I'm on vacation from one job and this is my reward and the first story I get to read coming back to HPFF. YAY! I really loved this line. I don't know why but it made me a little emotional and teary eyed. Ah, happiness for Freddie at last.

I have to say I've never liked Ollie. I just don't get the appeal. James loves her, blah blah blah. Sometimes love isn't enough and I think she's in denial. She obviously likes rat face and pot calling the kettle--she's jealous of Freddie and James's relationship, the success of the store and even though she apologized about Ryan I still think that's a loss there. James is growing up, Ollie needs to too.

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Review #43, by a rollerball Star Chaser

20th November 2015:
Awsome as per. you know the drill, update soon

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Review #44, by Gryffinclaw Star Chaser

18th November 2015:

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Review #45, by ABookishBeing Star Chaser

17th November 2015:
No, I'm not crying because there are only two more chapters. That's definitely Hurricane Patricia in my eyes. No tears.

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Review #46, by The Justice League Star Chaser

15th November 2015:

{Sorry for the mild yelling i got excited}

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Review #47, by madness Star Chaser

15th November 2015:
I LOVE IT. Amazing, as always. This is far and away my favourite book on here (and I've read a lot of them.)

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Review #48, by a rollerball On the Prowl

10th November 2015:
amazing as usual, just keep on posting

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Review #49, by Shindig On the Prowl

30th October 2015:

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Review #50, by lhod23 On the Prowl

27th October 2015:
I literally giggled through this entire chapter. Everything was just too stinking cute

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