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Review #26, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Worst Type of Hypocrite

4th March 2015:
Youíll wear a nice dressóletís pick something that hugs your curves a little, hmm?Ē


ďThat is an extremely reasonable offer.Ē


Thank goodness for Albus and Lily. His relationship with the two of them has strengthened from chapter one to thirty-two. I feel like Albus and James have a better understanding and James is allowing Lily to grow. I think Bink and Freddie will forgive James. Of course theyíre going to put him through the wringer first but this is a legitimate relationship with real feelings.

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Review #27, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Caught

4th March 2015:
ďHe appreciates me!Ē

Does he Nia, does Darian Bay really appreciate you?

The answer is no.

How much you want to bet she slaps James when she finds out about Avery?

Seventh Year Skip Day.

Because when do they all go to class anyway? By class and they all I mean: WHEN DOES JAMES GO TO CLASS?

Everyday is skip day.

Albus and Paloma were in a tight embrace, making out in the stairwell. Her hair was all over the place and his glasses were askew.

YES! Three cheers for Albus, hip, hip..HOORAY!

I knew Emerson would find them. Emerson, I take back what I said. YOU DO NOT DESERVE LOVE.

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Review #28, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Kiss and Tell

4th March 2015:
ďIím really excited about it,Ē Emerson said. ďI was thinking a fancy dinner in Hogsmeade. Steak probably. Then a stroll around the grounds. Heating charms provided.Ē He snickered at himself. I almost threw up in my mouth.

Me too James, me too. I hate Emerson just because heís a tool but I actually feel sorry for him. He deserves love too. Just not with Avery.

I felt numb. Lily snogged Bink. My best mate. And my baby sister.

NO! I did not see that coming.

Wonderful. No more friends with benefits. Theyíre dating and itís niceÖso far. I know thereís going to be a big blow out eventually but come on he canít mess it up THAT fast. Thatís what we have sequels for.


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Review #29, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Another Kind of Courage

24th February 2015:
My girlfriend.

James is not paying attention. Either he gets hurt or Avery. Heís thinking too much. Not focused.

And it did.



So they donít know. Whew. I didnít expect any of this at all. I was completely blind with predictions with this chapter. Iím honestly really sobbing and I have no idea why. I just thought it was going to go in a different direction and it was going to be a horrible blow out and the game would have been thrown and it would have been Bink and Meta all over again only worse this time.

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Review #30, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Not just Broken (Shattered)

24th February 2015:
And maybe this time Iíll order him a water and tell the waiter heís watching his weight.



I mean not for the team finding out that way but for James finally coming to his senses.

Lily is just too smart. She knew it wasnít enough and everyone was going to find out. She knows James is in love with her or at least falling in love with her because he already loves Avery. She is his best mate.

Iím worried about the Quidditch game. Will they even be able to concentrate?


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Review #31, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Friend Zone

24th February 2015:
I was fairly certain I wouldnít be prepared for anything she sent my way.


She better not give him a big supply of ťclairís. I wonder who got Meta. I wonder if anyone will get anything for Meta.

I wonder if James will send Albus off to kiss Paloma as his gift or something pertaining to Albus because I feel like thatís something he would do. A set-up because they really should be together!

I think Meta is at her breaking point. I'm telling you she's going to ditch the team and what the heck is going on with Abigail? Is SHE pregnant? Or are they just on the verge of splitsville?

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Review #32, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Falcon Cat

24th February 2015:
Caught him going through my trunk



ďSo youíve been acting weird because of Quidditch?Ē Nia raised a brow.





I feel like Meta is just all knowing.

That doesnít mean we canít spend time together and see where it goes. Who knows, maybe something will happen?Ē

Play on, player. Haha. I swear Emerson knows. I think Nia has an inkling but she would never think James would choose someone over her. Sheís going to yell and yell when the truth hits the fan. Her fight with Elizabeth was ridiculous. The two of them should move on they both canít date James. All jokes aside heís not that type of guy.

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Review #33, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Underground Tension (and Squiggles)

24th February 2015:
And I wasnít breathing. One should probably breathe when in a room that has complete access to air. It was necessary and I was thinking about air. I was looking at Avery, slightly aware my jaw wasnít totally shut, and thinking about air.


I was going to make comments about Binkís story but instead I canít because of this Javery moment.


So theyíre just going to be snog buddies, friends with olí benefits because that works NEVER.

Trust me, I have experience in that field. Someone always cares more. Someone always gets hurt. Unfortunately that was me. Haha.

Anyway, so if theyíre just going to be best mates and snog and then thatís it. Really? Uh. I canít see them dating until after Hogwarts though.

Maybe thatís why you have a sequel. Sneaky Mistress!

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Review #34, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Eyeball Torture, A Shower, and Purple Silk

22nd February 2015:
Anyone ever tell you that you have turkey legs? Theyíre like chickens but fatter.Ē

Iím a child because Iím older than these folks and yet Iím laughing like a hyena at my computer desk.

What a chapter. Emerson is disgusting. Heís going to change his attitude to try and get Avery into bed. I think thatís what heís doing. Please, James and Avery are solid. He just needs to accept his feelings and thatís what Avery is doing sheís trying to speed up the process because she knows something is there.

I canít wait to hear about Meta and Bink. So they met in Hogsmeade. Maybe she was upset or nice for once and they hit it off or something.

I KNEW DARA WOOD WAS GOING TO COME BY AND GIVE HIM A TELLING OFF. Darn you, Dara and company. Not cool. James and Avery are better than the code. Come on now.

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Review #35, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Wesley's Confidential Internal Issues

22nd February 2015:
ďItís my nickname for you, silly! You can pick one for me. I am going to suggest sugar or darling or cutie pie.Ē

Go home, Nia.

I donít find that him liking broomsticks is anything short of the truth. He collects the older models like the Cleansweeps. Has fourteen of them at home.

My heavens.

At least Longbottom played along. Heís a good sport. That was really ridiculous. It was not what I was expecting at all so I really loved it. Meta bald, awful. Really really awful. I would murder James.

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Review #36, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Aftermath

22nd February 2015:
ďVictoria could be your mascot.Ē She was talking too fast.

^ I love that Victoria is never forgotten.

YOU GO AVES! Telling him off like that. She's good at that and next she should yell at James for being a dingle berry. Yeah, I said it. When they go back to school I'm sure no one is going to react to the Code punishment well. I'm telling you Meta is going to quit. You're saying alumni are coming. Ooooh! Maybe it's Dara Wood and she'll say the Code is pointless and just get rid of it or maybe she won't and she'll make James feel worse and then he'll push Avery away.

I can't believe he's going to go out with Nia again. Boo.

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Review #37, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Flashes (of Reality)

22nd February 2015:
He smiled. It was so genuine.

I liked the 180 from Harry. I know he still wants James to do more but at least heís on his side. Even though Iím sure he was on his side before anyway itís just James is a hot head and a teenager and angsty at this age. Love Ginny time too with James. Really sweet, great parents.

I miss you so much, James. Itís like a piece of my heart is in Italy. I know I was sour with you the last few weeks and when I found out you went on a date with Lizzy my mind went insane. But youíre right. We werenít exclusive. We might be able to change that sometime this term though, love. I have a feeling we have too much chemistry to ignore it.

Barfs at the computer screen.

Though it explains a lot. Sheís desperate for love this Nia. I guess she doesnít get it from her parents or she sees what her mother does and mirrors it.

Well, I left my muffins in the oven so theyíre probably burnt and Iíll just have to be going so I can get them now!

YES! I mean the kiss not the freak out. Well the freak out was hilarious. Itís now downhill from here. Not completely but James needs to deal with his feelings and I donít think he will for another ten chapters or so. The Code man. He has to get rid of the code.

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Review #38, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Potter Family Extravaganza of Lurvv

22nd February 2015:
ďIím under your bed. Of course I am. I think thereís something growing down here. Is this a sock, James?

Iím surprised Harry and Ginny donít let Avery stay with James but I guess they understand you can fall for your best friend rather easily and not know for a number of years.

Plus, James is extremely hormonal.

Like I could leave Tory back at the castle with all of my enemies.

I guess manís best friend isnít a dog anymore but a Pygmy Puff.

I just canít. Being in Jamesís head is sometimes a bit too much for me. You would think he has a filter every once in awhile. Panicking! Yes, panic my friend! Panic indeed! Avery is a girl. Itís high time you realized that.

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Review #39, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Picking Bones

22nd February 2015:
He stared, open-mouthed with a bit of spittle on his lip. Then he went right to his bed and closed the hangings tight.

You go Aves. I'm proud of you. Stop humoring Emerson. He's a pain. Can we have less Emerson in the next chapters and more Avery and James?

What is he going to do anyway? He can't kick them off the team and yeah he can give them laps. He's not going to have a reserve take their spot for the next game. The Code is useless and I think James needs to realize that.

He will eventually.

Just not soon enough.

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Review #40, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Snowballs Bring Out the Honesty

22nd February 2015:
Just so you know, itís not that common and it doesnít happen to every guy.

^ HA! It's not that common and it doesn't happen to every guy.


Uh, hum, anywho! Woah. I'm still convinced Meta is going to leave the team. A scout probably already got to her but man they were dating? I just thought he was really bad at transfig or gay because he never talked about dating or never seemed annoyed by their jokes or anything of the sort. Meta and Bink, really? I wonder how it first started. And why they ended it in the first place, what was their fight about?

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Review #41, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Salads (Side of Slytherin)

22nd February 2015:
Itís the Slytherin thing to do. It even starts with S and itís green. Youíre betraying your House!Ē

That was a good one. Got a nice chuckle from me.


Iím so hungry.

Grrr, snowstorms!

Elizabeth and Nia need to back it UP! They have no chance. Well Elizabeth as none whatsoever. Nia probably has more of a chance but still girlfriend is going to get cut loose once James and Avery get together.

And Victoria. So cute. Love her.

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Review #42, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Scare Tactics (and ants)

22nd February 2015:
Whoís daddyís little girl? You are. Thatís right

Itís weird but James would be a good dad.

I thought Elizabeth was a nice date. She was better than Nia (sorry) but sheís perceptive and I think she gets thereís something there between Avery and James even though he doesnít exactly realize that yet.

Lily was a wonderful addition to the chapter and Iím glad Albus finally had the guts to ask Paloma out. Theyíre cute together. I hope it works out.

Meta is leaving. I can see it now. Sheís going to quit and then itís going to be maybe Lily on the team or someone related to James. I just have an inkling. I wouldnít be surprised either because she seems like the type especially since James calls her the black sheep and all. Iím sure she has feelings.

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Review #43, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Preposterous Pink Puddifoots

22nd February 2015:
ďWhat kind of underwear do you think she has? Iím betting silk. Sheís a silk sort of girl.Ē


ďYes, but the castle makes me sleepy. Would you mind if I just turned in for the night? Iím already drowsy from running up these bleeding hills!Ē Almost to the door. So close. Almost!

James. Youíre just a bad date. A horrible dater. The castle makes you sleepy? Really? I think heís afraid Nia is going to try and get him into bed and heís going to be humiliated because he would reject her. James has some class but heís still a bad dater and his ego would be bruised and she would probably tell everyone about his virgin status.

Avery, why go on a date with Emerson? Really! Why?

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Review #44, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Allie-poo, Wessy Pessy, and a String Bean

22nd February 2015:
Surely it was greaterósurely he stood up on this huge platform and gave mass speeches about it. Maybe he even gave speeches at the end of every school year.

Does he know nothing about Harry? Really, is their relationship that strained?

Sheís a respectable woman and can make her own choices. You treat her like a prize to be wonóIíll hex you if you ever talk about her like that againólike sheís a little gold trophy you win.

GO JAMES! Emerson is a turd. That speech he gave about Avery being the most beautiful woman and respectable---just snog her already. Forget the code! And Avery, come on, he called you plain. He deserved it.

Albus knows Palomaís favorite color is orange. He reminds me of a girl. Hehee.

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Review #45, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Ramming of Fred Weasley

22nd February 2015:
It was probably a good thing because Nia had a sign reading ďDo Me, CaptainĒ and I didnít think she was talking about Kay Davies. Where were the teachers? How was that sign even allowed?

Honestly though!

which would be fun and it would probably tickle.

Just, what goes on in your head?

That match was great! I donít love Quidditch game chapters but you always know when to stop and when to add action and pull back so itís not a chore reading it. Avery and her Father seem to be making amends. I have no comment.

Well, maybe just one. Donít be too quick to trust him.

Paloma has a thing for the Al man, you go Al.

And Wes and Lily are so going to date. Pft, James has no control over anyone on the team including himself.

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Review #46, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Sunrise on Salmon Patties

22nd February 2015:
ďYep. In my head it was a bit hairy and thatís just strange.Ē

Uh. Thereís only so much I can handle. Iíll have to eat breakfast and read a different story.

Wow. James and Albus went at it. Itís kind of ridiculous though. I mean I get sibling relationships are hard especially when you are such different people but come on Albus, you should understand that James cares about you but he doesnít know how to show it in the way you want and James, you should speak to Albus like a person and not some rando. Heís your brother, therefore you should have nipped the Paloma situation in the bud right when it happened and he said he likes her. I do think they are jealous of each other though.

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Review #47, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Liar, Liar, Doc on Fire

22nd February 2015:
They were lovely, my eyes, but everyone fancied Alís. What a pot of rubbish, mine were darker and deeper and more mysterious.

Drunk James is sober James. I donít know if thatís a good or bad thing.

and the sharp objects around my package gave the room a sense of danger.


Her father is a trip. He deserved being yelled at by Avery. I donít trust him one but Iím sure sheís going to forgive him eventually. Thatís just how it goes. I did and I donít know if it was the right decision for me. Iím still trying to figure that out and Iím not sure if itíll be the right decision for her either. I guess only time will tell.

I wonder what Bink was really doing because come on, you donít do remedial Transfig so late in the day or on Halloween either. Something is fishy here.

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Review #48, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Hex, Hex, Detention (sucka)

22nd February 2015:
Bo Peep from the nursery rhyme and I had never seen so much leg on her in my entire life.


ďThanks, James. I think I will ask someone to dance.Ē He stared at me for a minute, surveying my expression.

Heís going to ask Lily. Oh poor, poor Wes.

Albus and James are going to have a big blow out I can see it now and poor Lily. Oh man and Avery and Emerson? YUCK! Heís a prat and heís just going to try and use her for Ďone thingí to really grind Jamesís gears.

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Review #49, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Tornadoes & Dr. Legace

22nd February 2015:
Note to self: Do not take hair pills while reading this story. Will almost choke as you read and laugh and try to swallow at the same time.

Thanks James, my throat hurts now.

What the heck is going on with Bink? He says heís sick but heís not sick and then he acts I donít know all out of sorts. Heís been better? Whatís wrong? Lady troubles?

ďI wish I saw him more oftenóthe two of you donít spend much time together, do you?Ē



Please just let her get with Albus I fear sheís another obstacle in the way of Avery and James. Not like anything will happen between them because Avery is the only person he would break the code for.

I canít wait for the Halloween costumes because you tend to pick the best ones in all of your stories and Halloween always leads to trouble and drama and revelations.


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Review #50, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Fort Ridiculously Brilliant and Super Wicked

21st February 2015:
ďAs much as I would like to play immature pranks on him all night and watch him wet himself, I think weíll camp out here again for the night. Thanks, Elizabeth.Ē

HAHA. This chapter was awful in a good way. All of their perverted jokes. Kind of reminds me of being in high school I was AWFUL. I thought like a boy and talked like one too.

Nia is just...I'm sorry she's desperate and that kind of grosses me out. Stop being so open and just take me here. Have some respect for yourself and then maybe James would take her seriously even though I can barely take him seriously at times.

Hormones, really.

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