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Review #26, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Midnight Start (with grades)

16th February 2015:
And there I was in my green boxes and freckles.

^ I think you mean boxers. Even though boxes is hilarious.

“I wasn’t purchased to think,” I replied, mostly because she didn’t want to know what I thought. I opened the door for her and walked inside.


James, you're a cow. Honestly, who does he think he is (I still love him though). Antagonizing Lily like that but OH NIA! She is...she has some guts. That's the only 12+ way i can say it. I hope he doesn't date her for my sanity because if I have to hear her say things like 'delicious' or suggestive comments I might vomit at my computer desk. It isn't enough I'm in the head of a hormonal boy.

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Review #27, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Auction

16th February 2015:
Yes, James, I said obsession. Your father and I both think you should concentrate more on your classes and magic instead of spending every waking moment adjusting schedules.

^ WOW! I have never read a story where Harry or Ginny haven't been 100% behind their kids to pursue Quidditch or whatever they're doing. What mom mode. I like it.

though I don’t know what Paloma’s grades have to do with her talent


“Twenty-six!” Why was Al bidding on his brother? Twirp.


AND EMERSON, EW. AVERY, YOU BETTER NOT DATE HIM. HE GIVES ME THE HEEBIE JEEBIES! This was such a fun chapter. I loved the idea of an auction and how against it Avery was at first but she won the most money. If that's not helping your team I don't know what is!

James' inner dialogue= amazing.

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Review #28, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Woman Problems

16th February 2015:
“Aha!” He pulled out some binoculars and a book. “I’ve been wanting to go bird watching for a while and this is the perfect opportunity.”

Heavens. Emerson Edwards is a horrible name. It's like you want me to dislike him automatically. It really grinds my gears. Sounds like a prat alright.

I’m your brother. If you were going to do it you would have done it last year when I put red coloring into the lake to look like the Giant Squid died.”


Anywho! I love the team dynamic and Captain James Potter. I think he's a good captain but his team is going to crumble once he and Avery hook up. It's kind of obvious (sort of) she has a thing for him or maybe it's just me pushing the two together. And I like that Albus was prominent in this chapter as well. I love OC's and everything but to see the brothers interact and know he's there and they have a relationship is nice.

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Review #29, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap To the Hospital Wing (already)

15th February 2015:
Avery and I met on the boats the First Years were forced into
riding across the lake. She was in my boat and she was giving me
cheek about my hair not staying flat so I shoved her in the lake.

I really thought I read a few chapters of this before but I guess not.
I’m already in love. I have a horrible addiction to your stories.

I think this is one of the best opening chapters you have written
since Keep Away. You have the voice of James down in just one
chapter. I already know what kind of character he’s going to be and
his traits just a few paragraphs in.
There were plenty of quotes but I was intrigued by the introduction
of everyone I didn’t want to stop reading. I like Avery already and
sorry but I like Meta too. She seems self centered and annoying but
I think there’s a different side to her or at least she might be
perceptive and give good advice in the future if need be.

But back to Avery, I think she sounds pretty cool and I can’t wait to
see more of her interaction with James. I gather they’re going to
end up together so I wonder how that’s going to hurt the team. Or
will it? Oliver and Jane ended up together and it didn’t destroy the
team. It made them better.

And created a dishy story line.

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Review #30, by Xx To the Hospital Wing (already)

12th February 2015:
This sounds soo good so far xx

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Review #31, by Consciouslyignorant King Henrik

4th January 2015:
I have no idea how long ago this was finished and frankly I don't care. I just came back to this and reread the entire thing on a detour waiting for a Hormones update [Nag nag] (last time this was still a WIP). Anyway on to the review, this is quite possibly the best story ever. It has actually made me laught aloud, snorting and all, so far the only story on the entire site to have done so immediatly.

If I could give you 11 I would. Nuff said.

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Review #32, by PotionPixie Language of Gentlemen

18th October 2014:
I loved this chapter! I was giggling to myself so much that I think my mom wants me to get checked by a doctor haha! You're such a good writer, you should put funny drunk stuff like this in more often c:

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Review #33, by BookLover94 Auction

25th July 2014:
I really like your story and while this is a great chapter in every other aspect, I can't get past the ridiculous amounts they spend on the auction. If it was $50- 60 sure, but this is galleons. 50 galleons is worth about £250, which is about US $500! Which is what makes it seem completely implausible that any of the kids would have that kind of money to spend, let alone for just an auction.

The premise of an auction is a really good idea though, at my high school we had a teacher auction where you could buy a teacher for a day and have them do whatever you wanted. Though the absolute most someone spent was a large group of seniors who pooled their money for a total of about $90- 100.

They have a really great currency converter at the Harry Potter lexicon where you can change galleons into a number of different 'muggle' currencies, which might help you change the amounts properly. Unless you actually wanted them to be spending that much, in which case that's fine but it doesn't seem believable to me.

I know this story is completed and was first published years ago, but I looked through the reviews on this chapter and no- one else had pointed it out, so I thought I would give you a heads up :)

Otherwise love your story! x

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for the review and letting me know that you are enjoying the story. I do know of the Harry Potter fund converter and am very much aware of how much they are spending. In this story, most of these students have access to large sums of money due to their backgrounds and their parents' backgrounds. The point of it was to showcase the frivolity of the whole thing and the willingness the Gryffindors have to spend large sums of money to support their team and try and be a part of the lifestyle. If this were to occur in the other houses, I believe the totals would have been in knuts or Sickles. It's more of a crazed lifestyle showcase. Thanks for voicing your opinion and I totally get where coming from! Thank you for leaving a review!

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Review #34, by Unicorn_Charm To the Hospital Wing (already)

6th July 2014:
Hi there! So I'm really liking this so far. I'm really enjoying your OC Avery. I like how she's quick to put James in his place. I think its interesting how you've made him a Chaser, like his grandfather, instead of a Seeker. James' characterization is really good. He's, from what I can tell, a lot more like the first James Potter than Harry. It's also different how you've made Fred a Chaser like Angelina. Most people have him as a beater like George was.

I couldn't help but laugh at Avery calling him a Pink Pygmy Puff. That was too funny. :) This is truly a fantastic story and I'm really excited to see where it goes from here! Well done on the first chapter. I will definitely be back for more!!

House Cup 2014 Reviews - Educational Decree number 1

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Review #35, by DancingMooncalf Moving Foward

22nd June 2014:
I simply love the fact that they desite to build a blanket ford. Boys!
The whole story is great btw. I love the fact that those boys are real boys.
Lovely story :)

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Review #36, by Mark King Henrik

20th June 2014:
I stopped reading HP fanfiction some time ago, mainly because they were lousy. So many "authors" change established canon characters to make them fit into whatever strange pairing or situation they want. The stories are poorly written and their characters are flat.

Then I randomly happened across this looking for a story about Potter's kids. James irritated the heck out of me. His self absorbed cockiness and arrogance grated on my nerves, so I decided to stop reading your story.

Suddenly, from nowhere, it hit me like an Emerson-punch. I lasted about 3 hours before I was reading it again. I got through all 54 chapters in 3 days. Luckily for me, the General has been away on leave so I didn't have to babysit him (I'm a General's aide in the US Army) and my wife was back in the States visiting her family.

I love your writing style and sense of humor, the dynamics between the various characters, and the pace of the story. Most of all, I loved seeing the character development. Some stories try to pack too much in too fast, and you did very well at pacing yours. You made me interested in who the characters were, which helped me feel hurt when they were hurt, or happy when they were happy (One evening I found that I was ticked off for no apparent reason. Then I realized it was because James was being a selfish jerk. I had to stop and ask myself two questions: "WHY DID I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT A STUPID STORY CHARACTER?" followed by the far more important question "what happens next? I hope he fixes this.")

I do wish there was something more to the James/Haley bit. It felt like it just stopped without much of an explanation. James seemingly used her and she was all "eh, whatever." However, this is really my only... complaint's not the right word, because it wasn't that big of a deal. More of a "what? I thought there was something going on here? Where did it go and what happened to it?"

There are several things I'm really glad you did (or didn't do), though I'm not entirely sure why I am:
1.) I'm really glad that this story ended without James conquering the evil dragon that was Davie Flynnie. People don't always get to win like that.
2.) Though he didn't like her, I'm glad James was able to see that Meta was quite talented. I wish they could have ended up with some sort of mutual acceptance of each other, but that doesn't always happen in life so I'm okay with this.
3.) I'm glad that James grew out of some of his self-centeredness. Not enough to go "woah, this isn't the real James," but enough to realize that he is growing and becoming a better person.
4.) I'm glad that Slytherin caught the snitch. Maybe next time, stress the fact that in the event of a tie Gryffendor would have lost
earlier, rather than at the end. After hearing how James was racking up the points, I started to expect a tie followed by a shoot out, so I wasn't too concerned if Slytherin caught it. Had that revelation been made earlier, I may have fallen into my irritated mood again until I started reading again and see how that ended.

I know it's been some time since you wrote this, but hopefully you still get to read this and that it helps any.

Thankfully, I found this story after it was already completed. I can't imagine how all your followers must have felt actually having to wait for you to post the next chapter.

Very, very well done. Strangely enough, I feel honored that I was able to read this. You are an excellent author and story teller (at least in my unprofessional opinion). Hopefully, you get to continue writing and spinning you tales.

Thank you for being able and willing to stick with this story. I've tried, but I end up letting my business get in the way and the story fall to the wayside. Congrats on sticking it through.

I look forward to reading the sequel.

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Review #37, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome King Henrik

29th May 2014:
I finished and this was one of the most exciting fanfics I've ever read. I'm about to start the sequel because this was just so damn good. I care about the characters, it's well written, good plot. Just truly amazing. I actually found myself stressing when James was stressing, and I got really mad at some characters :P Mostly James because of how he dealt with Avery. Thank you so much for such an exciting and entertaining ride, and all I want is for the sequel to be at least as good as BTQC. I'm starting it right now, and you'll be getting a review when I'm up to date on it :D

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Review #38, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome Language of Gentlemen

28th May 2014:
Okay so I've read up to this point in the past 2 days and this story is brilliant. Truly great. I can't wait to finish it and then catch up on the sequel. You're a great writer so don't stop :)
By the way, when Bink said "Check out this mother f*cking wall" I cracked up and woke my brother up from his sleep. This is one of my favourite chapters because it was so funny. Thanks for being such an awesome writer :)

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Review #39, by madness King Henrik

17th March 2014:
The constant quality of this story just amazed me. Most probably one of the favourite stories I've ever read- I'm moving straight on to the sequel!

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Review #40, by QkStephen King Henrik

10th March 2014:
Im just gonna outright say it. I absolutely love your story. it has really made fanfiction a treasure again. you've taken your vision and JK Rowlings world to create a beautiful story that reverbates in my heart. its everything I could've askedd for and I love you for writing it and having the determination to see it to the end and design its sequel

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Review #41, by Padfoot___ King Henrik

28th February 2014:
Oh my god. seriously. this story was AMAZING! my absolute favourite, you have no idea. I actually cancelled plans with friends on a friday night to stay home and read this. Absolutely amazing

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Review #42, by PotterJAM97 King Henrik

29th January 2014:
Okay, deep breaths. Here goes
1.) I'm jealous of Paloma. It's sad, pathetic, but gosh, she's so awesome!! And she gets to date Al, who I've decided is the only person on the planet who can possible look sexy in a sweater vest. Albus Potter=yumm yumm. So I'm jealous of Paloma, even though that's not the main plot at all.
2.) I love all your characters. Great story, gotta love James, and Aves, and super super excited to read about him going pro. More excited than I was to read BTQC, even though it was great. I just had to write a review to feel closure...but I'm really excited to start DTTT. Last chapter, DEFINITELY the best. Great writing.

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Review #43, by Bronte Cunningham Sunrise on Salmon Patties

28th January 2014:
Happy 21st!!! Im still 18:( 3 more years!!

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Review #44, by hpluvr719 Like Father (like son)

26th January 2014:
Yay!!! I'm so, so, so, glad that James finally found out that (of course) his dad has his best interests at heart. And we got that much-needed Harry and James heart-to-heart! Or something much manlier since Potter men probably don't have heart-to-hearts haha. I was so worried they would never reconcile and James would just keep on growing farther apart from Harry. I'm so proud of James for forgetting his pride for a moment and making up with his dad. I love him even more now! :)
Now him and Miss Avery Flynn just need to get their act together!

Great chapter, great story. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Review #45, by UnofficiallyNotVernonDursley King Henrik

30th December 2013:
I just read this story in about 4 days, and I have to say I enjoyed every bit of it.
It has probably taken me a total of 7 hours or something to read it. It also caused me to only have 4 hours of sleep.
And now...
Javery! Oh man, I wanted Javery since chapter 2, I believe. And the way you ended it was fantastic, by the way.
So, the tutshill tornadoes, I have to go read that.i was alternating between drawing giraffes and reading this, although I did spend about 95% reading this and 5% actually drawing.
I really liked Fred and Bink, how you made them realistic-ish, and their humor killed me about 8 times.
Avery-well, I loved her. Brilliant Keeper.
Ah, James,James James James,one word, PERFECTION. Exactly how I thought he would be.
And Emerson! Gosh, what a loser.
I wonder what number review this is for you.
Now I have to go and read Decoding The Tutshill Tornadoes.
And about Breaking The Quidditch Code-
Out of ten, I think I'll give it a twelve.

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Review #46, by kayleefrank Salads (Side of Slytherin)

16th December 2013:
I hate salad. Man, I don't blame her. I'm not exactly a lightweight, but if I went out with a guy and he ordered me salad, I'd probably slap him and leave (ya, I'm a bit on the violent side. I have 3 older brothers, 2 of whom I was homeschooled with). I love that line and reason.

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Review #47, by queenwombat A Complete and Utter Joke

19th November 2013:
I haven't left any reviews because I got into this story but I just want to tell you A I totally ship blink and Roes B I love James even though he needs to A snog Avery B let his family date people and C I don't actually have a C James is pretty amazing anyway I think he's a great character C congrats on getting married ( I really hope you're happy (everyone deserves happiness) and D this chapter made me cry like a little baby. Or like a grown up watching 7 part 2 or reading 7th or sixth lol anyway thank you for blessing me with this story you're incredible!!

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Review #48, by Emily Language of Gentlemen

10th November 2013:
Why is Harry Robert Downey jr.? And this chapter was great!!

Author's Response: Umm. Because I think RDJ is a good representation of Harry when he's older :) Just like the rest of my character chapter images.

Thank you!

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Review #49, by BaconGreaseOnFries King Henrik

2nd November 2013:
Now that your story has come to an end, do you know the emotional trauma I just went through? Waaahhh You are an amazing writer! Wow! I didn't know how to start this or how to continue this review because there were sooo many good moments in this story! It's amazing how you pulled me in. Made me feel nervous when the characters were nervous. You made me feel scared when they were. Made me feel giddy and happy w/e they were. Are you a published author? If so, I would certainly read your books. I have one critique...YOU LEFT ME WITH SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!! Do James and Avery get back together? Does he finally loose his V-card? To who *wink* *wink* Please write an epilogue if you have decided to discontinue writing this story.

Author's Response: Hi there! There is a sequel to this story, which you can find on my author page. Your lovely questions will be answered there!

I'm so happy you liked the story! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #50, by Awesomeness 2000 King Henrik

30th September 2013:
That was the best fan-fiction i have ever read!!! can't wait to read the sequel! I'm guessing you put a lot of effort into this so well done! you deserve a medal or something, its awesome!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! And yes, you are very right. Hours and weeks and months and years went into this story, so I really appreciate all the wonderful support. Thank you and I really hope you enjoy the sequel!

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