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Review #26, by fairytaled SCHEHERAZADE

24th August 2011:
Last third, I don't want this to be over. I'll miss my regular Cillian dose, I mean he chortles in an irish manner. An irish manner.

I didn't mind the jumpiness to much, it wasn't overly jumpy, like as if the chapter was high on sugar or hyper.

The arabian night reference was very simple and was easy to pick up.

Lovely Chapter!

(Btw, I'm on my phone- so no hearts for you D: )

Author's Response: I never thought about the imminent end in those terms. No more Cillian? No more Irish chortling? ;A; But let's look at the bright side -- ... which I have yet to find. Now I'm depressed. Anyway: yay for lack of sugar-high! And yay for a reference that is actually not obscure! I haven't figured out how to do symbols on my phone either, but since I am not on my phone, here you go! ♥

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Review #27, by HP lookalike SCHEHERAZADE

24th August 2011:
Oh such a short story :( HP

Author's Response: What can I say? Short stories are meant to be short. But there's still plenty to come, too! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #28, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme ELIZABETH

22nd August 2011:
A REFERENCE I GET. Of course, almost everyone ought to get that one and if anyone doesn't, they ought to be out educating themselves this instant, not reading my rubbishy review.

Plot ♥ It was coming and it was lovely and life is good. I'm also really craving chocolate croissants now.

James just...argh, he's brilliant. I feel like reading this lets me jump straight into his brain. I just get him, I get what he's doing and thinking and I know I sound like a broken record but SO MUCH LOVE. Still not overtaking Eugenie, mind you, but he's so close.

Huge resepct for Waverly for being so cautious. I admit I don't feel too sorry for James after her reply. I might by the next chapter but not at the minute. I think she explained herself well and I don't think he has room to argue with her. The relationship and dynamic between them is wonderfully executed. I love watching them together. Helena picked the right word for it: captivating. Absolutely captivating.

Okay, so I'm again a terrible person for not getting to this sooner but at least I'm here now. I can't waiiit for an update ♥


Author's Response: My shoehorning of references works! And please, folks, if P&P is not part of your personal literary canon, go rectify that immediately instead of reading fanfic. Or reading fanfic review responses.

Plot: I have it! For once! -celebratory cake goes here... or celebratory chocolate croissants, which I am also craving now-

I know I've been saying that I don't love James that much in all these responses, but this chapter endears him to me, as much as a character can endear itself to its author. My heart ached a little bit for him while I was writing this all those months ago. And if I may be frank, if James overtook Eugenie, I'd be mortified, because this is utter fluff and /not supposed to be any bit of significant/. Ah, the curse of bending genre expectations: you can't break out of the box that says what genre expectations are in the first place. Siiigh. But of course, it is all very much appreciated and loffed.

My heart ached for Waverly too, actually, but I love Waverly, so that's no surprise. If Ruth hadn't told her what had happened that morning, she would have said yes, an absolute yes, and who knows what would have happened then? Would James have broken her, too? Would they have a happy relationship? I don't know, and that's why I like these two together, in whatever sense of together they are. And I said this to Helena too, I think, but captivating is what I was hoping beyond hope for, because who really gets captivated by fluff, so eee.

Nah, you're not terrible; we all know how behind I am with everything you ever do, but thank you for stopping by this little fic at all. An update is up as I type now, but obviously there's no rush. Just, thank you ♥

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Review #29, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme MARY

22nd August 2011:
"I can't help it if she's only a pseudo-intellectual." - You know, if we ignore how much they fail at life, James kind of reminds me of a mix of Fab and my other housemates for this :P

Ruth. I kind of want to give her a sympathy heart but can't bring myself to. It just doesn't look right. However, I do pity her and I'm amazed by how quickly and smoothly you integrate this mass of OCs into the story. I finish every chapter just knowing how each character would react to most situations and not knowing how I got to that point in my understanding of them. The development is so subtle.

I keep repeating it but James is stunning. The drop-dead gorgeous guy in my head fits with this strong character and voice. He just works in a way that very few characters do. He's there and is and everything about him is perfect.

I'm going to research all your references tomorrow and educate myself in Gubbyland. Brilliant chapter ♥


Author's Response: FAAAB ♥ That is just fab. (Teehee see wut I did thar?)

Eh, I don't blame you for not giving her a sympathy heart. I will, though: ♥ (can you see how much I am abusing these because now I can). To be honest, there aren't very many OCs at all in this fic, just the triumvirate plus Ruth at the moment, but the number of characters doesn't really matter to me as long as the reader understands them or is interested in them, so thank you so much. Subtlety and character development, who would have thought?

Ack, my reservations about James resurface. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy that you love him so (Matthew Goode helps the drop-dead gorgeous image, I think), but as a person, I don't think he's perfect at all. As a character, I can only hope he's interesting and compelling, but thank you (H)

Researching references is fun! I guarantee you'll enjoy them. But 'educate [your]self in Gubbyland' is by no means /fun/. It's kind of boring and has a lot of empty stuff where occasionally sparkly butterflies and pictures of cupcakes float by.

Heee thank you ♥

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Review #30, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme GRACE

22nd August 2011:
Okay, I've decided from now on to stop with trying to leave long reviews that make no sense and just spam a bit.

How you write such relatively short chapters and still allow us to get so much out of them is beyond all reaches of my imagination. I envy people who can do that so much.

HOWEVER, finally I find references I understand ♥ What a relief. "Embryonic hero" made me smile; worryingly, I could hear that in several of my friends' voices. Bless them ♥

I adore James. I think he might slip in just under Eugenie for my favourite character of yours. He's in my head and so vivid and bright and I've got a weird sort-of-crush on him. If we forget that he's a good 4 years (if not more) younger than me here :P

Ruth is -shudders- So...well, imagine a NORMAL Fluff OC getting dumped by Albus (for instance) - this is what I imagine would be left behind. A crazy, shouting wreck.

Loved it, lovely ♥


Author's Response: Spaaam ♥ Always much appreciated.

I miss being able to write semi-concise things D: Now it's just ramblerambleramble, neverending ramble. Also, plotless ramble. But that's pretty much my favorite kind of ramble. I feel at some point I'm going to slip and say Rambo instead of ramble, so I'll stop now.

Hehehe while I was writing the disclaimer for this chapter, I used Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights instead of Charlotte and Jane Eyre. So many Brontes. And your friends, they are so humorous, bless them (:

And that... that is very high praise, because Eugenie is my favorite character of mine. I never thought I'd get attached to this James, because I began writing this for the genre and not the characters (bad Gubby, bad bad Gubby), but I think I kind of like him now? For awhile I looked on him sort of patronizingly, since he looks at everyone that way, but... I dunno, I like him more now, and I'm so happy that you do too. And pshhh, age is just a number, and the rules of reality are made to be broken.

Ruth isn't that bad! -patpat Ruth- I don't think she's crazy (but she is shouting, so I will give you that), and we'll see more of her next chapter.

Loved this :)

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Review #31, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme ARIADNE

22nd August 2011:
I am going to join Helena in the ignorance in relation to the references going on around here. I am no intellectual :P Team that with my horrific memory and you have a terribly ignorant reviewer on your hands. I apologise in advance.

This is what all fluff should be. No inexplicably crazy OCs, daft unrealistic plots and humour so poor it's almost invisible. It should be this. Clever and witty and still thought-provoking, even in its simplicity.

Of course, this isn't simple either. It should be - it probably would be, if any "normal" fluff writers got hold of it (God help us) - but there's still this element of mystery to the characters. Cillian acts as a great go-between between the reader and James. Waverly is really intriguing, and her relationship with James gets the cogs going in my brain. I love intrigue and I love not 100% knowing where this is going. The James/Waverly relationship is so...well, I can't figure it out yet. TOO COMPLICATED FOR MY POOR LITTLE BRAIN. First time fluff's ever done that to me, I can tell you now :P

I'm not sure any of this is making sense, you know. Please ignore me! Onwards ♥

Author's Response: Naww, don't apologize! The references are only teeny in relation to the fic, and James tends to explain why he's thinking them. Wikipedia (and I) is always around for clarification purposes :D

But I /wanted/ conventional fluff D: Not those things you mentioned, as fics that have those things to tend to elicit a grumble from me, but, you know, happy things with squee-inducing moments and the like. Smart!fluff was nowhere on my agenda when I started this experiment, and yet here it is, and I'm so flattered that it's got the response that it has.

Ooh, I like that description of Cillian, because it's very true. Besides the fact that he's apparently a total dish, he is the plebe in the face of the construct of James' persona. Waverly and James together don't really have a complicated relationship at this point (at least I don't think so), but what they do have is a palpable connection, that Cillian and you (yay!) can feel.

I would never ignore you! Too many hearts to bestow on you now that I can ♥

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Review #32, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme WAVERLY

22nd August 2011:
Gubby. Fluff. Gubby. Fluff. Gubby. Fluff.

Excuse my brain whilst it explodes. Well, technically it exploded when I first got wind of you writing this but as it's been several months since then, it's exploding again at the first read of it.

You know, sometimes I think you're just as impossible and totally ridiculous as fluff is. I mean...I'm really just flailing my arms at the screen and saying '' over and over again because everything you turn your hand to turns to pure gold.

The entire thing reads effortlessly. The characters are fantastic, especiallyyy James. Real pull towards him from the word go. Possibly also down to Julia's CI - it's gorgeee. Waverly - strong, gutsy, great dynamic with James. Hugely refreshing to have that kind of relationship between them, too. It's that acquaintanceship ( that a word/spelt right? Looks weird) that everyone has at school with people in their year. It makes such a change to read about it.

Kind of rambling. Stopping. I'm so out of practice at reviewing you. I apologise for the mess that is this. I shall summarise by saying ♥♥♥

Loved it.


Author's Response: Gubby fluff. It's still a weird thing for me. It's easier for me to deal with since it's been done for so long, but I just read these chapters and cobbsquinted my way through them. /I do not remember writing these cute happy smart things/.

Bah, that entire paragraph. I agree that I'm impossible and ridiculous, but only because no matter what I do, I can't actually write any form of fluff. Convention, y u run away from me :(

It's funny you mention the brand new CI, because these are the first I've /ever/ had done (thank you, Julia) and the first review of this fic asked me if I would, to help imagine the characters and whatnot. I responded that the reader's free to imagine them however s/he wants, but I'm starting to see the appeal of CIs more, especially when they have Matthew Goode on them. Waverly makes me happy because she's all of those things you mentioned, and that... acquaintanceship (there is no red squiggly line there, so I assume it's a word)... with James, which is a dynamic that isn't explored enough in fic.

I'm awful at responding to you ;A; but look, I can put hearts in responses now! ♥

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Review #33, by ashleym15 ELIZABETH

22nd August 2011:
i really liked this chapter. and i love pride and prejudice. however cliched that is:) i would love waverly and james together but what waverly said sounds about right:)

Author's Response: P&P isn't cliche, it's classic! I'm glad you liked this one, as I think it's one of the more exciting ones of the bunch. And I'm also relieved that Waverly's explanation sounds right; I was worried that people would be caught up with shipping and overlook James' past misdeeds. But thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #34, by AlPadfootPotter96 ARIADNE

19th August 2011:
Wow, that certainly was intelligent conversation...
I've never really seen or thought of James portrayed in this way, as an intellectual, but you played it out very nicely here. :)
Great writing!

Author's Response: Heh, I tend to get lost in my banter, especially the intellectual stuff. I hope you liked it anyway ^_^ James' characterization is pretty much the backbone of the fic. I like to think of it as my play off what I've seen done with James in a lot of other fics -- a playboy, an enigma, a mischief-maker -- but I'm glad that you liked it. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #35, by AlPadfootPotter96 WAVERLY

19th August 2011:
Haha, I really like this!
The whole idea isn't exactly new, but you display a fresh take on it - very nice. :)

Author's Response: I think the point of fluff a lot of the time is to make something of your own out of contrivance or trope, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by Loony_Scorpy ELIZABETH

19th August 2011:
Loved it :D can't wait for your next chapter :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #37, by TallestTower ELIZABETH

17th August 2011:
HI CILLIAN ♥ And hi Gubby too, I guess, but most importantly hi Cillian. James is so confident and charming and croissanty (yes, croissanty), he makes me nervous. I really liked the way he went about the conversation... there was something so cosy and intimate about breakfast in the common room. I really liked the detailed description of her too, I felt like I was seeing her with James' eyes.

I liked how it wasn't melodramatic, but it was definately captivating. I loved this sentance:

"She didnít seem melodramatic at all, but the way she tossed the scrap of chocolate-stained napkin on the floor indicated that she at least felt mournful."

Beautiful ♥

And finally, a reference to something I've actually read! Either I'm smarter than I thought, or you're dumbing this down to appeal to the masses. Or, my least favourite option, I'm woefully standard. ;) ♥

Author's Response: CILLIANNN -squishes- Oh, and you too, I guess. If I had known while I was writing that Cillian was such a hit, I might have written more of him. :P But I do like James too, and the conversation made me happeh because I was really really craving the amazing chocolate croissants I had all the time between classes last year. (I kid you not, there are very few reasons I'm looking forward to school again, and those croissants are a very big one). I was going for the cosy (lol Brit spelling) and intimate vibe, and I'm happy it worked. And eee, captivating!

Tbh this was a throwaway reference to me. I had almost forgotten to fit one in and was thinking about something that could fit, and it was taking me awhile, so I thought "... blech, let's go with P&P". So I'd say it is I who is woefully standard, because how could you be with such a wonderful review? ♥

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Review #38, by TallestTower MARY

17th August 2011:
So, I'm pretty sure I'm your only reader who has read this alongside watching Pingu. And believe me, it adds a whole other dimension.

From the above statement you can see how much of an intellectual I am and how I definately got all the references -shifty- But, I am young and foolish, one must remember (as if you'd forget), there may be hope for me yet.

But, despite not having read A Hero of Our Time, I hope my humble opinion that this is lovely still counts ♥ I really loved how you've characterized Ruth - I hate the way we often a relationship, and the other is left woefully uncharacterized, but Ruth isn't just the crazy ex, she actually cares... has real, justifiable motives for being against Waverly/James.

So your characterizations are brilliant as always, so in depth, I feel like you really know the characters in a way that is more like original fic than fanfic, I feel like they really are your own, in a good way ♥

Author's Response: I can't even begin to fathom the insights you've gained by reading this along with watching Pingu. It seems like such an enlightening experience, I should try some time.

Baww, I've told you before, the references are only a teeny fraction of the fic! And you know where to find me if you ever have questions. Also, Wikipedia. And there's always hope, loff, the doors of lit snobbery are open to all!

Any opinion that compliments me is welcome, all else can check out at the door. (LOLJK I HEARTS YOU ALL). I also dislike the trope of the significant other who we're supposed to hate solely because s/he (usually she in fanfic) is with the love interest, even though it's such a tempting one to use. Ruth happily has a bit of a backstory to her, and I'm glad that she works as a character ^_^

Gah, in-depth? Fluff? I still can't believe that's what this fic has managed to do in such little space. And I feel like I write to give people the /impression/ that I know my characters well -- you should know by now how little planning I actually do. I was lucky on that count that there were just a few characters in this one, and once I figured them out, it was really quick and relatively painless to get down. But thank you for everything, as always ♥ (I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT NAO)

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Review #39, by HarrietHopkirk ELIZABETH

17th August 2011:
OH HEY GUBBEH, HOW'S IT GOING? Once again, it's lovely. You pull off sophisticated fluff with such style and grace, I am jealous. And Elizabeth Bennett? Classic. Well done. ♥

Author's Response: HEY HATTEH, WASSUP WIT' CHOO GURL? Once again, I am so happy to hear that. This kind of fluff might just be the only type I can pull off, so at least it's sophisticated. Elizabeth Bennet, my reference-pandering. Thank you loff ♥

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Review #40, by fairytaled ELIZABETH

17th August 2011:
Loved this chapter. ♥

I thought Waverley would be the one to initiate the relationship, not James. I like his attempt to ask her out, I like how he didn't go all out romantically which would have been a bit sickly. This was cute, but wonderfully in character for James.

I'm thrilled they didn't kiss, I hate stories where the love interest and the main character kiss to early, it makes me cringe.

I love Cillian even more, and I love the fact he's irish (have I mentioned that before?), I love myself some cute irish guys with cute irish accents.

Lovely pride and prejudice reference by the way, it fit perfectly with the chapter.

Update soon!

Author's Response: Aww, grazie, dear! I am at surprised at that guess. I don't think it's off-target, either; I'm sure that if James hadn't had his conversation with Ruth in the previous chapter and hadn't worked up the courage to talk to her, she would have asked him out at some point. But he did talk with Ruth, and both girls know now that James never really had good intentions going into his previous relationship, and thus -- Houston, we have a plot!

I agree that James being all /romantic/ would have been sickly and vastly out of the norm for him, at least this early into the relationship that could have been. Cillian does not in this chapter that he can pull off grand romantic gestures if he really wants to, or if he likes the girl enough, but he's only now beginning to... defrost?... so anything really grand wouldn't be his first choice right out of the gate. I agree that this would have been too early to kiss -- we've got to have some kind of build-up, right? (I am a sucker for unresolved sexual tension -- the build-up, the banter, the smouldering glares of hate/lust -- although admittedly there isn't much ust in this fic.)

I don't recall at this very moment in response-time whether you mentioned that, but I will take it with a big grin because /everyone/ seems to adore Cillian. I love Irish boys with Irish accents too, even if there aren't many of those in my neck of the woods, sadface.

And eee, a reference that fits! From this chapter on I began to kind of scramble to find something to shoehorn in, and I worry that it's become forced. Oh, well, I guess we'll see, hehe.

Thank you so much for the review, as always ^_^ ♥


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Review #41, by Violet Gryfindor GRACE

11th August 2011:
The dynamics in this chapter are fantastic, wow. I'm blown away by the way you've written these characters and developed them over the course of this chapter alone. It started out along the same humourous lines, but the middle section was very meaty with drama, and it really added to the story overall - it makes for a more perfect story to have a balanced combination of both genres.

Ruth is an interesting character. She is the "ex", but she also provides a foil to Waverley - another female character who offers... wait, forces, her own opinion on both the two boys and the situation in general. Waverly isn't an average girl, so it was good to include that other point of view. Is it safe to regard Ruth as a nemesis? I can see her continuously throwing wrenches in their way to get back at James.

Speaking of James, he's quite a reader, isn't he? It's great to see, as so often in the Potterverse, it only seems that the witches are well-read, both in canon and in fanfiction, so your James is refreshing. He's also very sweet with his "I don't think I'd ever break your heart." - total AWWW moment there. But he's not effeminate at all - his maleness comes through during and after that altercation with Ruth, so overall, he's a very well-rounded character and yet very different from the James's of next-gen stories.

This is a fun story and I love how unique you've made it from other next-gens and humour/fluff stories. Your stories are always fantastic to read, Gubby, and I always enjoy popping in for another taste of your talent. ^_^

- Violet Gryfindor (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: What are you even talking about? This is nowhere near blow-Susan-away status! I refuse to believe it! (I will accept the compliment but I still refuse to believe I am worthy.) I don't know if this will be a disappointment to you and others or not, but much of the story continues in that sort of dramatic vein, with a bit of the humor that defined the first part going on the backburner. It's hard to sustain fluffy humor with fluffy drama (if the latter exists).

I agree that Ruth is Waverly's foil -- two girls who seem to know, or think they know, James very well, and yet have vastly differing opinions about him and the situation he's brought them both into. I don't think Ruth is a nemesis, though. We see this more in the next chapter, but she isn't out to destroy James. She isn't even out to destroy any hopes of him getting together with Waverly.

Haha, James is indeed quite the reader. I didn't realize until you mentioned it how rare it is to see well-read wizards, but I did want to tell the story from his point of view because a fluff fic narrated by the boy is rarer, so there's that, hehe. And thank goodness he doesn't come off as effeminate, either, because, being a girl, I'm not the best at male narration XD And eee for well-rounded, and different from other nextgen James's, because it's no fun sticking to convention, is it?

Eee, so much squeeing! I still refuse to believe that this silly little fic is worthy of anything you say about it, but it makes me happy that you keep stopping by anyway :') Thank you so much, as always, for the thoughtful review!

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Review #42, by fairytaled MARY

9th August 2011:
I absolutely adored this chapter. I like Ruth, she's not the crazy raging ex here to ruin everything just because she's heartbroken, but because she genuinely feels that James isn't 'safe' to go in a relationship with. And I just love that.

I giggled when Waverley said 'embryonic?' and when Cillian called her a psuedo-intellectual.

I love the comparison of James as a byronic hero, which immediately made me think of Stephen Dedalus and Phantom of the opera. I've read some of Lermontov's poetry, but never read A hero of our time, I must go pick it up!

Great chapter < 3

Author's Response: I've always had a thing against the current/ex significant others of whoever the love interest, the ones who are more devices than characters. It's an easy trap to fall into when you're trying to complicate a budding relationship, but I am so glad Ruth isn't one of those types of device/characters. She has an actual, justifiable motivation to be against Waverly and James getting together, and we'll see what effect her stance has on whatever happens next.

Teehee the embryonic/Byronic pun was one of my favorites. Possibly the best nerdy pun I've ever come up with. And Cillian calling her a pseudo-intellectual is sort of to reiterate a point I didn't actually realize was there until, um, this point. In the first draft, Waverly was a full-on intellectual, who could reference literature and mythology and history with James, but I started thinking that was too convenient, you know? Which is why I dumbed her down a bit -- you could say she knows what she's talking about, but she knows when to stop. James, by that definition, doesn't exactly know.

Ooh, Phantom of the Opera seems like a good Byronic hero for James. (I end up thinking Gerard Butler but with Michael Crawford's voice and now I am mentally drooling). I am extremely partial to Russian literature and history and took a class on its culture. Bela, one of the short stories in A Hero of Our Time, was on the syllabus. Naturally I didn't actually read it until weeks after the lecture about it (coincidentally just before finals period), but when I did, my mind was blown. There's an excellent copy of the entire novel online, actually, which is just a webpage and it's free, and it captured my imagination for weeks to come. One of my favorites.

Anywho, enough of my rambling. Thank you, dear, for such a lovely review :D

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Review #43, by HarrietHopkirk MARY

8th August 2011:
GUBB3H[!!] Well done. I really love this chapter. I now kinda like Ruth - scandalous, I know - simply because I can totally see James as Pechorin. She's so right, you're so right. I love this story. ♥

Author's Response: H@TT3H[!!!]. Eee, thank you so much! I'm glad you like Ruth - $candalous indeed - because she did go through so much. Falling in love with a crazy Byronic hero is never easy. (Also I have been squeeing ever since I saw this review because you know of Pechorin and so few seem to. Anyway.) Thank you so much and I love you too, darling.

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Review #44, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap MARY

6th August 2011:
Magic aside I feel like I'm reading an actual novel. You have shaped the characters (mainly James because is part of Rowling's creation) in a way where I don't think about Hogwarts, I don't see it. Instead I see something else, some place else. Where? I don't know but that's what makes the story good. It's beyond fanfiction in my opinion.

Author's Response: I'm really shocked by this review -- in a good way, I promise. Taken aback a bit, because at its most basic form, fanfiction is supposed to invoke the original work. But at this fic's most essential, it is a fairly in-depth character study of James, and I am so, so happy that that is interesting and captivating at all. Beyond fanfiction is something I've been trying to do for a long time in originalfic, but I have such a short attention span that it usually doesn't work out. But that is one of the most wonderful compliments I've received in a long time, so thank you, thank you, thank you. I am unworthy, but here, have a -heart- anyway, for being so lovely.

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Review #45, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap GRACE

6th August 2011:
I'm upset with myself that it has taken me forever to read this chapter but hurrah because chapter four is posted so I get two in one! I love the dynamic between James and Waverly. Waverly is something else, she fits in perfectly with the other boys as well. I think James takes the spot as my favorite though, the things that come out of his mouth actually make me think. He's not superficial and all 'I'm James Potter, you know me, you love me, I'm hot' and so on. He's just James. I like 'just' James.

Author's Response: Aww, worry not! I wasn't even here for most the past month, so you and I both are very behind in fic-related things D: James and Waverly are so good together it's kind of sickening to me, because of my general aversion to happy things. I also like that James isn't superficial, but doesn't have the ~mysterious depth~ that many characterizations of him include. Of course, that may just be because we're reading from his point of view, not Waverly's or, heaven forbid, Ruth's. I wouldn't say that he's "just" James, merely because the entire "just James" persona is a construct, but it is a nice construct anyway. And when he thinks about things beyond what he's forced himself to believe in, he is kind of nice.

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Review #46, by Loony_Scorpy MARY

6th August 2011:
Awesomeness :D Waverly seems like a pretty cool character and I like her more for siding with James ;P haha I love James too, he's a pretty top bloke ;D heh well I love this story and I can't wait for your next chapter :D

Author's Response: I find that reaction to that whole conversation very... interesting. Not unexpected, but interesting, to say the least. You'll see what I mean next chapter :P Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I hope you enjoy what comes next!

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Review #47, by justonemorefic GRACE

11th July 2011:
Hand. Haaand ♥

Just keep doing that James. I hate Byronic heroes anyway. Theyre emo and kind of greasy, like snape, except I like snape.

Also, tagline! Tee hee you slipping in your wordplays like that. All clever and not overabusive like my poor puns.

I feel vaguely more intelligent after reading this.

Miiiss yous ♥

Author's Response: Feel free to imagine a beating heart here. Or a stationary one, whatevs, it's the internet.

I adore Byronic heroes, but I am a sucker for that sort of thing. I do not like Snape, actually. As a character, he's brilliant, but that doesn't mean I /like/ reading about him. Pre-HBP a friend of mine wrote a Marauders fic about how Snape was secretly friends with Lily and everyone's like LOLRUCRAZY and I was like oohthatcouldwork. /irrelephant anecdote.

What came first, the quotation or the tagline? Answer: the quotation. You were getting ready for banner-ing and you were like "Who's your James?" "I DERNO" "Who's Waverly?" "OOH THAT I KNOW" "Tagline" "Ummm oh wait, here's a quippy line, use it!" Otherwise, my wordplay is basically nonexistent (has that word always had an e? I could have sworn it was an a... anywho).

I no longer miss you because I is home, but I did miss you when I saw this. -insert heart-

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Review #48, by justonemorefic ARIADNE

11th July 2011:
The touchť of it all. Hee.

It's so cute and intellectual and I understand the references and James is such a dumb pondering mind really. He's all philosopher, none of the sensible, I may look like a peeping peeves. Pain is knowledge, James.

Head pats :3

Dithering again. Dithering I shall remain.

Author's Response: Heee touche things. I would put the accent mark in but again, lappy and/or response box does not like atypical symbols or punctuation marks. It becomes gibberish like -7096854er7hw instead and it makes me sad.

Cute and intellectual yaaay, but I am mildly disappointed that you caught the references because you know I like one-upping you at every opportunity. (Thwarted again!). James is actually really dumb, which becomes clear later on. He has no idea how the world works because he makes it a point to know how it works.

Baww, you're making my limbs go all wibbly :) (dithering reminds me of SA reminds me of the word wibbly -- SA reference in a response, beat that.)

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Review #49, by justonemorefic WAVERLY

11th July 2011:
Hearts forever. This might be formatted oddly because I'm typing on an ipad (I wanted to post capers today but I got dragged to my uncles. Eternal sadness.) Also too lazy to put heart icons.

Of course gubby fluff is as elitist and long-worded as expected. And glorious, but mostly the first two. It's cheeky and snappy like ljfic, oh how I miss those. Small insignificant happenings that mean the whole world and call upon Joseph Conrad.

But I digress. James is hot like a thousand suns and Waverly is as cool as liquid nitrogen. Onward!

Okay, one heart ♥

Author's Response: Reviewing from not-strictly-computer devices, ie iPads and iPhones, is extremely difficult. I don't even know how to put heart icons through those!

Gubby fluff is weeeird, and barely fluff at all, but I will stick with the name because that's what brings people in. I actually wouldn't think this is like ljfic because I always thought that was shorter and more concise, but cheeky and snappy are happy adjectives so I'll take it. Joseph Conrad D: and yet -heart- at the same time.

There's probably some law of physics (took two tries to spell that right) that requires James to always be hot, which means that whoever is paired with him must be ice cold like an Eskimo. You can say a lot about my writing, but never say that I'm breaking the laws of the universe.

Even my lappy doesn't let me put hearts in responses, so feel free to imagine one here in place of a period

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Review #50, by HarrietHopkirk GRACE

11th July 2011:

But make sure it's not TOO simple -- you get me? :D :) :P Here's a load of smiley faces so that my constructive criticism -cough, cough- doesn't seem so mean. LOGAN LERMAN ♥

Update soon, GUBBEH! ♥

Author's Response: BAWW BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH, you're too kind. Natch Ruth is a horrid witch because she dares accuse our perfect(ly constructed) James of being a zombie, AND OBVIOUSLY WAVERLY WILL MELT HIS ICE KING HEART. Right, right?! Well, you never know with me. I am a fluff-sucker. I have a vacuum app on my phone that I use to suck up all happiness in fic.

Too simple? You know how much I overthink, Hattie. Simple is not in my otherwise extensive vocabulary. At all. Here is the word 'heart' repeated muchly, because my response box doesn't like me putting actual hearts in here, and also because I wub you. -heart heart heart heart-

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