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Review #26, by ericajen where can i find talent agents and swim trunks?

28th March 2011:
GUUBBYYY. :D Izzy is so funny. She does not fail to amuse me. AND AND AND! ALBUS! He was in this chapter! EXCITING. Because, you know, he's Albus Potter and he's super hot. Of courseee. I don't think I have anything else to say, except I hope Gina and you finish up chapter three soon. :P And also I should probably go read Gina's story at some point.

Author's Response: ERICAAA. :D I love Izzy. She drives me insane but I loves her. And Albus just needs to appear at some point, amirite? You can't just have a hottie like him around and not bring him in! But Gina is writing at the moment at the pace of an essaying Gubby (that means really, /really/ slowly) which means there is still a wait to be had until the update! Thank you as always, love ^_^

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Review #27, by eoz where can i find talent agents and swim trunks?

26th March 2011:
This is great! Please update super duper speedily :P x

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! Again, never a guarantee with updates when Gina writes at the pace of a lame alpaca. But there is plenty to come, I assure you! :)

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Review #28, by FoundriaPenguin where can i find talent agents and swim trunks?

25th March 2011:
So I almost forgot that I'd read the chapter beforehand, but oh god, GINA'S VOICE. It is echoing in my head right now, despite the fact I have turned up the music. >___>

IZZY IS SUCH A DITZ BUT I LOVE HER. SHE IS TOO ENDEARING ♥ All the stuff about Faith makes me snerk like no one else! LOL "a choir of angels and jealous Hufflepuffs" xD

I'm so glad you already have the next few chapters written, unlike SOMEONE WE KNOW *coughcough*GINA*cough* because I wanna know how Izzy gets herself in trouble 8D I mean, I HAVE COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAITH IN HER. :P I guess I might have to wait for Gina's next narration, though!

Now nag Gina. xD


Author's Response: GINA'S VOICE WILL NEVER ESCAPE ME. Ever. She is Izzy. Izzy is her. But Gina and I also have the same brain. So I am Izzy. She is Izzy. She is me.


IZZY IS SUCH A DITZ I agree. She worries me slightly. But she's also somewhat competent! Sometimes! That's good, right? Also, Faith. I hate her so much. I haven't even written her that much and I hate her reflexively. (Izzy is me!)

I am on Chapter /FIVE/, Jordan. Chapter FIVE. So yes, Izzy's troubles start to multiply like bunnies at Woodstock in the next chapter. Things get craycray. There are dragons. Roses. Stuff.



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Review #29, by liza_potter one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

14th March 2011:

Your Al/OC child is brilliant. Really. You should be proud. This fic will be the one going to college, I can tell you. ;) And I have no idea where I was going with that last sentence.


It's crazy. It's like a big explosion that somehow makes sense. And I love the banner. Gina is beast. It's perfect for the story. Skittles colours and whatnot. I can taste AND feel the rainbow. That was meant as a complement, btw.

Morbid curiosity FTW!

Author's Response: LIZAAA!

You know I totally did not plan this baby ever being conceived. But then it happened and then it was born and Gina and I were kind of like WHAA. I can only hope it survives the lethal toddler stage and, as you say, make it to college. (When I can be rid of it forever, obviously. Except for when it needs laundry done.)


Crazy is my specialty. It happens in some way, shape, or form in nearly all my stories. Making sense is not nearly as common a thing, so hurray and yay! Also, Gina is such a beast, I don't even know how she does it. Skittles colors~ are so perfect. So is Selena/Logan, my OTP. I want Skittles now.

Morbid curiosity ftw forever! Thanks so much, loff!

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Review #30, by mugglemania one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

13th March 2011:
Haha this story is pretty funny so far. Update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hurray for pretty funny! I will try to update as soon as possible, but there are rarely any guarantees from me. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #31, by ericajen one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

6th March 2011:

This is my favorite Selena/Logan fic. Because Izzy is ridiculous and awesome and, YES, excited as a toddler about everything.

I've been reviewing too much today to actually write something with substance/meaning, but I think you will forgive me that injustice. Because I'm so awesome. Rawr.


Author's Response: Oh, Erica! *hug* Selena/Logan is obviously my OTP so it means so much to hear you say that. Izzy, as I've said, drives me mad but she really is awesome. Sort of. Kind of. She'd like to think so. Ahem.

REVIEWING MACHINE, I tell you! I don't know how you do it but it's amazing that you do and that you stopped by here. AWESOME REVIEWING MACHINE. Thanks so much, as always :D

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Review #32, by Aderyn one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

25th February 2011:

so i officially like this new story of yours. it's quirky and funny and Izzy is a great character. I can't wait for more!

And the tutoring part was quite funny as well.

Author's Response: Hi, Haley, and gosh, I'm so glad to hear it! Izzy drives me mad because she's all kinds of ridiculous, but at least she's endearing. And at least the fic is funny! So glad you enjoyed, and thanks for stopping by!

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Review #33, by beta friend one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

25th February 2011:

Besides clutching my sides and generally dying at the extent Gina engages in this, I absolutely LOVE this. (Not because I'm biased towards confectioneries in any way.) But yeah. Brilliant.

Also, Gina just exclaimed, "DARN IT, NOW SHE'S BEATING ME IN REVIEWS!" And she won't stop talking like Izzy. Her thoughts are also narrated by Izzy. She may or may not be telling her Izzy voice to shut up.

Author's Response: tga;owhugzdj/lz

I literally had a whole big freakout about this. Gina probably will tell you if she hasn't already, but in case she doesn't: this review made my month. Like hoooly crap. I don't know what to say. EEE. Super super super EEE.

But really, Gina narrating this is the best thing ever. I want her to podcast it and put it up so I can listen to her brilliant Izzy (who was not my original idea of Izzy but now I CAN'T ESCAPE IT AAGH). And I can't imagine why anyone would be biased towards confectionaries. They just sell sugar. Whatever. Seriously though, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I kind of idolize you. Like you don't even know. I actually squealed aloud.

I don't know why you're complaining about Izzy!Gina. It is a masterful portrayal. So engaging. So inspiring. Never change, Gina. Or rather, Izzy!Gina, who just might be my favorite Gina ever.

Also, you. Eee ♥

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Review #34, by jennyangelface one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

24th February 2011:
"No matter what we do, we all end up working sexy, prestigious Ministry jobs anyway."
Loved that :D

Glad I decided to read this after all because: Narcoleptic + Cynic = :D

Author's Response: Haha, I did too, actually! And how can a narcoleptic and her cynic (practically nihilist, now that I think about it) best friend not equal hijinks galore? Glad you gave this story a chance and even reviewed!

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Review #35, by TheOddRavenclaw one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

23rd February 2011:
Oh sweet sugary Jesus!
I am in love with this story :)
You must feed me more of this!!

Author's Response: I distinctly recall that Jesus was not actually made of sugar. Hmm. I shall blame that lapse in knowledge on senile professors. But I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter, and hopefully you'll continue to enjoy!

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Review #36, by SiriuslyMe one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

23rd February 2011:
:) Its really good so far, cant wait for the next chapter !

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! Hopefully the next chapter will come sooner rather than later, but no guarantees.

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Review #37, by Ellerina one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

22nd February 2011:

oh, I can't keep that up for every long, but you already know how this makes me laugh and laugh. It's good to see you using your humor skills for good, haha. I must admit that all I can hear in my head when Lizzy talks is Gina, which is terrifying. BUT IN A GOOD WAY.

No matter what we do, we all end up working sexy, prestigious Ministry jobs anyway. I giggled over that one for about 200 seconds. I love you for it.

Great job darling, especially trying to ship Libby and Scorpius together. She sounds like she hates feelings just as much as I do. I can't wait to see her interact with someone she actually likes lol.



Ick, I can't do it either. But srsly, thank you so, so much! Without you two, obviously this never would have happened. My humor skillz have recently been reawakened by awesome things (cough Friendship for Dummies cough), so I only do what I can. And yeah, I hear Gina in Izzy's voice too (so that's basically all the time. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT).

Teehee. Tis true. Although I totally see Izzy as this broke twentysomething, going from au pair job to au pair job (she steals their biscuits and the husbands, if he's hot enough) and pining after her latest obsession. (But of course we don't actually know what will happen in Izzy's life, so discount this all as vindictive thinking).

Libby/Scorpius is so awful and brilliant at the same time. She hates feelings as much as I do, which you know is a lot. She barely likes Izzy, but Scorpius... ahem. Scorpius is a different story.

Thank you so so so much for stopping by, my lovely. *hug*

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Review #38, by justonemorefic one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

22nd February 2011:

Okay, I narrated this out loud twice, so that's enough of me on the half I've already read. BUT NARCOLEPSY. I'm liking this running gag. I mean, it can be the new plot device! Better than alcohol. Why did this happen? NARCOLEPSY! It's catchier too. Maybe I can write a song about it.

Does this plot seem arbitrary?
Nonsense -- it's narcolepsy!


BUT SERIOUSLY. HILARIOUS. Like you just pull all this wit out of where the sun don't shine either. THE TUTORING BIT: GOLD. LIKE. GOOOLD. Who cares about plot? I've got a better word that begins with a P. PONIES. And you've got that too.

♥ Fellow crazy.

Author's Response: PARTNER IN CRIME~

I've said this countless times: when I hear Izzy talk (so basically the entire fic), I hear you. Like, I can force myself to hear the version I thought of, but you're just inevitably there, floating in my brain. (SEE HOW THOROUGHLY YOU HAVE CORRUPTED ME?) Narcolepsy is my new go-to sleep disorder; insomnia is so overrated. And you know why it happened (it's a reference, response-readeres). Izzy's possible narcolepsy gets worse. There will be possible narcolepsy dreams. They are vivid.

*What, did you say epilepsy?
Are you at a cemetery?
Not at all, I'm sedentary
And suf'ring from narcolepsy!*


But GRR HUMOR. This stuff should not come so easily. I fear what you've turned me into. (NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING or anything). But yeaaah, plot can go crawl up in a ball of Libby-esque emotional distance and terror. Ponies *greater than* plot every single time.

*heart* Corrupter of formally normal-ish minds.

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Review #39, by thethreebadgers (not logged in) one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

22nd February 2011:
This is awesome! Like supercalifragilisticsuperalliocious awesome and whatnot. I like candy corn. Do you like candy corn? You seem like the kind to like candy corn and such. Well, my dog is barking at squirrels and or neighbor children so i must be off! You'll miss me, wont you? Yes. Yes you will.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! Lovely to hear of awesomeness. And as it happens, I don't like candy corn. I guess I'm missing out. Will I miss you? Yes, I think I will. Thanks for dropping by!

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Review #40, by Rosie one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

22nd February 2011:
AH!!! I LOVE IT!!! This chapter had me roaring with laughter, seriously (no pun intended), my sister was giving me weird looks, I swear one of these days shes going to throw me in a loony bin...ANYWAY!!! Whats narcolepticy?? I know I didnt spell that right, but I'm too lazy to look it up. Don't Judge me. Hmmm I've been saying that an awful lot today...guess it's my phrase of the week, you got one of those? You should, their funny man, legit. Anyway, back to the chapter, sorry I tend to ramble, So Isolde (?) had me pooping laughter hahaa, shes so funny I could pee! I love this story so far...very original plot you have. And justonemorefic is writing it with you? OOO I love her story Game. I cannot wait for chapter two!! Hopefully Albus will make an appearance, and Scorpius Malfoy too? For Libby of course (btw SHES AMAZING TOOO), cuz of course I don't have a crush on a fictional character!!! Pshhh, I'm not that lame...moving on: Favorite Quotes!
Made me laugh so hard I could pee:
Bitch had tulip bulbs and smiles shining out of her cute little arse.

Faith was also the one who hired me.

Faith also has tulip bulbs and smiles shining out of her

Libby rolled her eyes. I still think its weird that you always say that her arse is cute.

Its not a complete disaster, is it?
Oh my merlin...I was gasping for air! Love it! :)
-Bowing down to your greatness,
P.S. Logan Lerman: DROOL

Author's Response: Ohmigosh, wow! Thanks so much! Of course, that's exactly the reason why I avoid reading fanfic in public -- I don't like the idea of living in an asylum, thank you very much. :P

Narcolepsy, as the ever reliable Wikipedia tells us, is a "chronic sleep disorder... in which a person experiences extreme fatigue and possibly falls asleep at inappropriate times." Since Izzy is either eating or sleeping, Libby likes to say she's narcoleptic while Izzy maintains that she isn't. (And no judging at all! Reviews are no-judging zones. Also, I don't have a phrase of the week. But maybe I should. Shall consider it.)

Hurray, I'm glad you like Isolde! She drives me mad because she's all kinds of ridiculous, but at least she's funny! And no, justonemorefic (Gina) is not writing this particular fic with me; we're both writing separate Albus/OC fics at the same time (hers is up too, and you should totally check it out if you haven't already). I can make no promises about update times, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. As for who makes an appearance and who does not... ahem. My lips are sealed. Also, yay for quotes, especially that one. Izzy's internal monologue and how it relates to her dialogue intrigues me.

Anyway, thank you ever so much for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #41, by Winky the House Elf one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

22nd February 2011:
Gubby, where was I while you were displaying this to the rest of the world for the first time? D: AT LEAST I SNAG FIRST REVIEW! YAY!

THIS IS SO DIFFERENT FROM SNOW RED AND NAPOLEON AND...a lot of your other stories. I hope that you find this venture into Logan Lermer banner land full of unicorns, rainbows, and sparkly Skittles colors. :D I HAD SO MANY FAVORITE LINES IN HERE. I must have LITERALLY (*keels over laughing*) laughed out loud a dozen times or more throughout this chapter.

"No one did homework at Hogwarts unless it meant getting someone hot to tutor you. Like Albus."

"I live off of biscuits and jam, but who wouldn't want to?"
--BISCUITS! So fitting with the confectionary thing. I love how Izzy runs a confectionary at Hogwarts, btw. I totally missed that when Gina showed me the banner. VERY EXCITING STUFF. I can picture pretty pastries and lots of biscuits. And Izzy's personality..well, you did a good job with that, Gubby. I APPLAUD YOU! She is the perfect amount of utter ridiculousness.

I love your multiple-words-separated-by-dashes sequences. :P Like this, for example..."I'm-sorry-I-didn't-realise-you-were-traumatised-during-a-Quidditch-match bad." ^_^

I will be waiting eagerly in the wings to see how this story turns out, Gubby! Brilliant job as always! Even though this is different from your normal stuff, you've managed to sneak in a distinct "GUBBY" touch ;)

your adoring fan,
♥ Winky the House Elf

Author's Response: OH WINKY. You were asleep when first this premiered, but first review is always a huge plus.

I swear, this is Gina's fault. You've read pre-Gina fics (Snow Red and Napoleon, which I actually like). And now... she makes me do this. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING or anything, I love it and haven't done flat-out humor for a long time (I did, once upon a time). So yeah, this is totally new to me in more ways than one, and I'm just relieved it's worked on any level. Logan-Land (teehee) has been treating me fairly well, I must say, although it will end up eating my spare time and my brain cells. Whatevs.

Tutor!fics are so contrived and yet so lovely. I couldn't help myself. And biscuits and jam -- gosh, I want to live off those things. I basically do, except for when I realize how totally unhealthy I'm being and then stuff a salad down my mouth to make up for it.

I explained this already, but in case anyone else needed clarification: Izzy does NOT run a confectionary as in a sweets shop. She runs a party-planning "business" whose name is The Confectionary. But of course, sweets are an integral part of any successful party. Pastries and biscuits, really.

You know exactly what it means for me to write Izzy. She drives me mad but I adore her to pieces because she's so many kinds of stupid. And yet competent. (Also, yay for dash sequences!)

The thing with updates is: you have to nag Gina. And me. We're wondering how well this will go, but hopefully something good comes out of it?

*heart* as always, my favorite house-elf.

(BTW, do forgive all the house-elf smack-talk that goes down in this fic. Izzy's a driven businesswoman and the elves are ruining everything. You can't blame her. Or them. ... *runs away before embroiling herself in political scandal*)

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