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Review #26, by Emandem sour as

14th May 2011:
This is so... so crazy and I don't know what. It was sort of scary, truth be told. In a god way, though, mind you.

My favourite character was Corinna. I liked the part she played within her group of friends, the interactions between them felt real. In my opinion, she, not Cata, was the somewhat reasonable one. But that might be because of the high horse thing and how she doesn't voluntarily get swept up in everyone else's drama, or stupidity.

After her, my favourites were Robbie, because of his rock star nonchalance, and Oliver, because he's, and I quote (or paraphrase, I'm doing this from memory) a "bloke with muscles and a smartass mouth."

The plot was pretty pointless, especially during the first half of the story. Then it was a bit pointfuller. But it was all really fun. And sort of wickedly awesome.

I like that Corinna didn't get to live happily ever after. She just got an infatuation with a bloke who knows how to get to her and uses said information for his own crazy advantage.


Author's Response: Crazy is my favorite, followed by scary. I kind of get how it can be scary (reality and ridiculousness and whatnot), so I'm glad you said it.

I must admit, I adore Corinna, despite what I do to her. I said for a long time, while I was writing the first 3/4, that her relationship with Oliver was totally secondary, and it was she and the girls who I cared more about and liked writing. It's interesting that you say that about her and Cata. I don't disagree, but Corinna obviously has a warped sense of her importance in her group of friends. I think you're right: Cata has the sense to be able to step back, even if she ends up dwelling on things. Corinna lets herself be swept up and I think sort of enjoys it; I think she likes being the one to whom everyone turns in their respective times of crisis. She'll whinge about it, of course, but she does want to help, or at least likes the idea of being helpful.

Oh, Robbie, how I adore thee. His pretension and perfectness make him kind of irresistible to me, to tell the truth. He was a lot of fun to write, as were the other band members (Michael is actually my fave of that set). And Oliver. Oh, Oliver. I was kind of in love with his obliviousness, his interaction with both Corinna and Gemma, his righteousness. Also, I cast him as Tom Hardy, which helps.

I kind of don't believe in plot, so that doesn't surprise me; I have a habit of thinking of these and a few other of my humorfics as ensemble TV shows in which there is a lot of meandering, with some sort of general forward plot momentum that isn't always clear. I'm surprised the plot turned out the way it did, actually. I did intend to entertain and hope to be a little awesome, so thank you for that.

I've said in responses before that I do like Corinna, and as a reader/eternal fangirl, I would have loved it if she and Oliver did end up together. It was never (entirely) about purposefully turning the hot-in-fanon-canon-character/oc cliche on its head, and I never explicitly intended to give her an unhappy ending. I like that you describe her emotional state at the end as an infatuation, but I'm not sure that Oliver only uses her. He does, of course, use her, but I think there is a huge element of mutual respect and care in their relationship; I'd like to think they aren't (as) dysfunctional as, say, Oliver and Gemma, and I'd like to think that he and Corinna genuinely like each other, in a vaguely antagonistic but affectionate way.

I know this is a ridiculous response, but I was really happy to see this review. Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #27, by callmedaynuhh sour as

21st April 2011:
I feel like their love story isn't over. But oh well.
I enjoyed this.

Author's Response: I don't disagree that their story isn't over. But I never intended for this to go that far into their lives, so I ended this where I did because this is the end of /this/ story. I don't doubt that the future for Corinna and company is full of more ridiculousness and pseudo-drama, but I didn't feel that that was the point for this particular story. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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Review #28, by Love Goddess sour as

19th April 2011:
No pls write a sequel a one-shot anything I know that's how life really is and everything but I'll die!!! I love Oliver and can't imagine him with bitch Gemmma pls!!!

Author's Response: I've said it before: I have no desire to write any sort of follow-up to this. I've always thought, really, that half the fun in stories, whether published or fanfic, is imagining what comes next. I of course have my opinions, but isn't flexing the imagination the best part of a story ending?

But I do appreciate this review and the sentiments expressed in it. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that you feel so strongly. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Review #29, by TallestTower sour as

11th April 2011:


Okay, so I was blatently lying when I said I knew it, because I didn't know it. Reading this story, you've continued to surprise me throughout. But from my last review, I can kind of prove that I had a sneaky suspicion Corinna wasn't going to end up with Oliver. Because that wouldn't fit in with the mocking, sarcastic, cynical tones of the story. Because the point (seemed to me) to be that everything was silly and dramatic and a lot of the time insincere. Corinna has seen through that so much throughout that I had a feeling she wasn't going to settle for the expected ending after all this madness. And it was perfect, it really was absolutely perfect. This is how the ending should have been, and as I read that last conversation between Corinna and Oliver, as lame as it sounds, I swear my heart was thumping from all the drama.

I love this story so much. Perhaps I seem to be endlessly gushing, but I really do. Corinna is so amazing, and as I've previously mentioned I adore her as a main character. She's been so interesting throughout, and I feel like her character was developing all the way through, which is really lovely to see in a fic, because Corinna is so interesting and amazing, while all the time being a completely realistic and understandable teenage girl.

I shipped Oliver and Corinna, but it doesn't matter that they didn't end up together because the tension in that last scene was amazing, I loved it, and because Corinna admitted she had feelings for him and that was the ultimate satisfaction-ending. And yeah, I don't think they should have ended up together. I absolutely loved the ending Gubby, even though, I hate Oliver for going back to Gemma, but it's all so right and how it should be, and this ending is a million times better than one that would go along with my shipping wishes.

I loved the incorporation of the title into the final chapter by the way, that was so satisfying in an ending kind of way.

Congratulations on finishing this! :) You are incredible, your talent seeped through this. Off-kilter almost seemed self-mocking to me at times, I don't know if that makes any sense. It was all brilliant and I'm so sad it ended. I'm so happy with the ending though, and it's all ridiculous and I still maintain that I kinda saw it coming, a little bit.

Oh and I can't finish this without saying how amazingly fitting it was that she bumped into them on a food trip. And I love Piper and Cata and I love Gemma just for being an absolute lunatic, and I'm a bit confused as to whether we ever found out if she was a spy or not but I think it's best you don't, though maybe you do and I didn't notice.

Congratulations, congratulations. This was amazing, as I've said, and I've rambled and gushed and spammed in this review because it's the final review I can leave for this and I don't know how to convey my love for this fic but I really rather enjoyed it, indeed, you know ;) Your writing was brilliant and I can't wait to read some of your other stuff.

I love the feeling of continue-y-ness to this, that the cycle started again. Not in a... to be continued kind of way, just in a, I can imagine them all going on living their lives kind of way. It's all madness and circles and sheer brilliance. This is amazing, your amazing and I had so much fun reading this. I should make a fan-girl t-shirt or something, clearly.


Author's Response: THIS REVIEW. THIS REVIEW. And now:

HAH. HAH. Bah, humbug is probably the best reaction I could expect. But believe me, if I could travel backwards through time and space, I would get you that violet blanket and baked goods (red velvet cake) and a hug (I've got a giant teddy bear that would work wonders for any residual sadness). And BAWW ADRENALINE RUSH FOR FIC? Capslock spam isn't nearly as rare, knowing us, but adrenaline rush? BAWW. EEE. SQUEE. Moving on.

I was curious about how different segments of readers would react to this ending, so I'm relieved to count you amongst the ones who get it, even if they aren't squeeing about it, precisely. I don't know if "insincere" was one of the tones of the story, because I don't think anyone was blatantly two-faced; if anything, there was a lot of ambiguity, but I should hope there wasn't insincerity. Cynicism does not equal insincerity, I think, and Corinna is very point-blank about that. And I don't think that this was made to make fun of the typical Hogwarts romance -- turn it on its head a little bit, without a doubt, and show that a lot of times it /is/ silly and juvenile, but at the same time, isn't cynicism a bit juvenile? But I digress: Corinna and Oliver could not have come together, as much as I personally ship them, at this point. It wouldn't have fit either of their characters, so I'm relieved that even knowing that, their last banterific exchange made your heart pound (it made mine, too).

Character development? What is that? :P Seriously, though, I do worry that my characters are static because no one really learns anything. But Corinna, being the main one, does sort of improve? Or at least, I think she comes to terms with her situation as of the last line and that's huge progress. But yay for realistic! I do strive for realistic. And I can't think of anyone who is expressly happy about Oliver going back to Gemma, but it is what it is. I think an equally hilarious fic could be written just about them (I won't do it, but the idea makes me giggle) because they are an intriguing couple.

I do think this has been largely self-mocking. Off-Kilter is slotted into this genre of wacky-seventh-year-Hogwarts-relationship-story, which means that it is everything it purports not to be. I know that, and I like working within the genre, hopefully showing some new elements in a tried-and-true formula that has made the rounds at the archives.

No, we never found out whether Gemma was a spy or not. If you really want to know what I think, feel free to ask, but I don't think it was important. But Piper and Cata, the poor things, I do wish the endings of their character arcs had been a bit more charitable. But, as I said in the above paragraph, Off-Kilter is ultimately just another Oliver/OC, which means that all characters who aren't Oliver or the main OC must fall to the wayside to some degree.

You sensed the "and so the cycle continues" vibe, hooray! I said this in another response, but I don't think this is any real kind of end. This is not a definitive ending, it's merely the ending of this chapter in the story of their lives. I could easily chronicle the rest of their seventh year, go into their post-graduation lives, the marriages and whatever comes next, but what's the point of that? At some point, the characters' futures belong as much to the reader as they do to me. Of course I know vaguely what happens in that future, and you can see evidence of it in fics like The Confectionary, but the madness and the "brilliance" isn't just mine anymore, is it?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your rambling, spamming, and gushing literally made my month, and I reread this all the time and I get the hugest smile on my face and this lovely fuzzy feeling and it just makes me happy that I could cause someone to squee so effusively. Andandand, no one's ever made me a fangirl t-shirt, or even mentioned one, but squee, thank you thank you thank you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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Review #30, by TallestTower sweeping as

11th April 2011:
Oh god. One-before-last-chapter. I'm kind of panicking now, because off-kilter is about to be over and that's going to suck. Wow, so. I love Corinna and I absolutely love her cynicsm, because that who she is, and I'd hate it if you changed her in some kind of soppy-valentines-day-finale. But still, I can't help but want to shove the two together. And I love Oliver for not doing-a-cedric, and demanding her undying attention, even though he tried to make a romantic gesture- I guess he took her reaction pretty well. The tension is unbelievable. And I don't care that it's all so silly and adolescent because that's the point, and I love it, and Corinna's amazing and Oliver's amazing and I don't want this to be over, but who knows what will happen in the last chapter? And if it's nothing, that wouldn't be so bad, because Corinna always has her dysfunctional, crazy, sometimes neglectful but lovely group of friends to go back to if nothing does :D P.S Cedric is hillarious, and ridiculous ;)

Author's Response: No, don't panic! If you panic it'll make me panic, and then where will we all be?

I didn't even realize the ending would be on Valentine's Day weekend until I sat down with the Lexicon's calendar and set out dates. (I was very neurotic about the dates in this fic, because I insisted on them lining up with canon). I am relieved that you understand where she's coming from, and unsurprised/grateful that you want to shove them together! At this point, who doesn't?

However, I think you misread this chapter. Yes, Cedric tried to make his romantic gesture to Corinna, but Oliver was never doing that. He does not love Corinna. He tells her as much: the macaron thing was merely a friendly gesture. Corinna assumed that he was trying to declare his love for her, but she was wrong. That explains why Oliver's reaction is so muted -- there's nothing to react to, except for his amusement at her jumping to such a ridiculous conclusion.

But eee, that rest of the paragraph made me happy. It was important to me that the scope of the story went beyond Oliver and Corinna, giving basically equal amounts of attention to their friends. I've said this many times, but for awhile it appeared to me that I wasn't writing an Oliver/OC fic as much as I was writing a fic about OCs and Oliver. Which, I think, is just as worthy a goal, but it wasn't what I started this for and it makes me happy that the newer direction still works so well. So eee. :D

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Review #31, by TallestTower panicked as

11th April 2011:
Ah, I have absolutely no idea where this is going. Well I suppose she's going to end up with Oliver, but now there are so many men in her life I can't keep track. And maybe she's a 'bad' friend, but hey, they've got sugary goods to occupy themselves.
I love Corinna's attitude to 'wooing' in this chapter haha, and her internal mockery of Micheal's idea of romance. Maybe she is too dismissive of cliché wooing attempts, or maybe she's just lying to herself that she doesn't actually like it, because I thought it was pretty cute haha :) But only two chapters left! That makes me so sad. See you in the penultimate chapter :(/:) x

Author's Response: I like going for the unexpected and catching the reader off guard, so believe me, it's a good thing. For me. For you, I don't know. There are a lot of men in Corinna's life, I suppose, because ensemble comedies are kind of my thing, but I didn't realize it was difficult to keep up with them all? Hmm.

I'm sure you would have guessed by now that Corinna's idea of romance isn't necessarily romantic, you know? So her panic and disgust at what Oliver seems to be doing is totally in line with what we've seen of her personality. I don't think, though, that she was necessarily mocking Michael's approach to romance; all she's really mocking is Michael himself, because he's lazy enough to go along with the expected stuff. From there, you could guess that Corinna would want someone to really go out-of-the-box and be creative if that person really is going to woo her. She is dismissive of how cliche it is, but maybe not for the reasons you're thinking. As far as lying to herself goes... well, you never know. They say that a lot of cynics are just the way they are to protect themselves from getting hurt. Maybe that's her deal, and maybe it isn't. With two chapters left, though, we're sure to find out.

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Review #32, by TallestTower wonderful as

11th April 2011:
YAY OLIVER/CORINNA :3 Ehem, you may not have noticed, but I ship them. And they're adorable and Oliver is adorable around her and even his Quidditch obsession becomes kind of adorable ♥
In conclusion, this chapter was pretty adorable.

Poor Corinna, haha. I only laugh because while it's painful to watch everything mess up, it's also hillarious. Especially because Corinna was clueless ;) I loved her badass snitch throwing confrontation at Cedric! See, I knew he was an idiot even before he kissed her, just because of his dramatical pacing, a theory that apparently Micheal agrees with. And hey, I'm talking about fictional people like they're real, which is fun. 0.o

And I love Corinna's determination to keep Piper 'oblivious and miserable'. That reaction seems very true to her character, and completely understandable. Poor Corinna and Piper :')

Why is so much Oliver/Corinna cuteness involved with baking? Haha, I don't know but I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D I absolutely loved his sneaky shuffling, and the fact that Corinna said halt. YAY. ♥

Author's Response: I ship them too, to be perfectly honest. Shipping goggles go on when I think of them together, although whether my fangirly dreams will become fanfic reality has yet to be seen ;)

Oh, absolutely, the humor is in how dreadful the whole situation is. At least I think so, but my sense of humor is more than a little warped. I liked Cedric before the concert and I like Michael still, just so you know. And talking about fictional people like they're real = everyday occurrence at HPFF, I would assume. Because, eee characterization continuity! It's difficult to maintain over the course of a long-ish WIP like this, so I'm relieved that her motivation makes sense; I've noticed a lot of times that authors kind of lose track of their characters the longer they're writing, if that makes any sense. Or maybe that's just me? I don't know. Ahem.

Baking is inherently cute! You know what should be done? Evil baking. Poisoned baking! Homicidal baking! Which was kind of in this fic, but not really. Perhaps that will be my next goal -- actual homicide biscuits. Hehe, excuse my randomness, it's very late but I wanted to finally get around to these responses. LOVE POUR VOUS!

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Review #33, by TallestTower awkward as

11th April 2011:
I want to say: lol...?
You're so evil and author-y. Everything is so ridicolous, and nothing goes right for these people :') It just makes me want to laugh quite a lot actually. Poor Corinna, why the heck is she surrounded by lunatics. Hahaha, I love it. And why is Corinna also surrounded by boys who happen to be drama queens!? You've got Robert with all his put on mystery and pretencious sunglasses, and you know, I read him as being not as soulful as he thinks he is but I don't know if that's how his character is supposed to be. And then Cedric. Ha! I love how he was supposed to be 'looking for her' but that entailed of him pacing his dorm playing with a snitch, probably looking brooding and absolutely gorgeous. Uh, Cedders- I don't think your going to find Corinna hiding in your dorm. Nope, instead she gets sent up! Everything is messed up, and I'm finding it completely amusing :D Of course I feel bad for Piper (♥), but I love Corinna's character so much I'm actually a bit more sympathetic towards her at the moment, as everyone around her, and possibly her, seem to have descended into insanity. Good god, I love this :D

Author's Response: You should know by now that ridiculous makes my world go round. Because perfection/getting what you want is boring in story terms, don't you think? So naturally I try to extend the crazy as far as I can before giving up and ending it for the love of Merlin. Corinna is surrounded by lunatics (I like to think they just come to her, like moths to light, you know?), and yes, Robert is pretentious. He's like a wannabe hipster indie rocker, which is why Corinna constantly references how put-upon the whole musician schtick is with him. But teehee, I never even realized that bit about Cedric! I imagine that he had been out and about looking for her before giving up, at which point Michael delivered the message. Piper is such a sweetheart and I felt a little bit bad for her (and mostly glee because from a "plot" perspective it was a bit priceless), so I'm glad you did too! And also super glad that you like Corinna so much; I know she's not the easiest person to like. But eee, this review :D

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Review #34, by TallestTower chocolaty as

11th April 2011:
I don't really want to write you a review. I just want to write 'awh' and use the most adorable smiley in my repetoire, except my smiley vocabulary is lacking. This moment was absolutely adorable, and makes my dedicated Corinna/Oliver shipping worthwhile. I don't know what it is, Oliver is nuts and yet somehow they are well suited.

I like Corinna's vague worry about them all being terrible friends. I love how you've taken a group of (powerful and realistic) characters, and built this story about them, and it's also believable because even for just your average group of friends their is a lot of emotion and drama. And perhaps they're not always caring to each other, but that doesn't mean they don't care.

Corinna, Corinna, Corinna. I adore her. And she makes baked goods. What's not to love? ;)

But this moment was adorable, and I can't help but feel Corinna's getting herself into something she shouldn't. So it's like, fluff mixed with impending doom. Brilliant. ♥

Author's Response: My smiley repertoire is not that extensive either, sadly. But yay for adorable! It's so difficult to be adorable, especially in this context. I remember I was upset about all the /feelings/ coming up in this fic, and someone (I suspect Gina) told me to write about biscuits or chocolate to make everything better. So I did.

They really are terrible friends :P But I'm glad you phrased it that way -- "built this story about them" -- because it was conceived as an Oliver/OC fic, but in the process of writing, I began to look at the ship as secondary. It was the girls who I really cared about, and then the boys (although I still love Oliver and Robert and the band). And that last sentence in that paragraph is pure love, which I would denote with a heart if review responses let me.

But eee, fluff and impending doom. I like that description.

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Review #35, by TallestTower catatonic as

11th April 2011:
[oh, I just realized as I read over my review for chapter 14 that I put like zilch of the things I actually wanted to put :'( But I think Corinna deserved what she got thrown at her, and her defensivey-self-preservation reaction was exactly what she deserved.
- written before reading chapter 15, so who knows, my opinion may change haha, but I'll keep this here. On with reading the chapter!]

In that first sentance, I read 'hovering' as hoovering, and had this image of Corinna hoovering over a sleeping Robbie. Weird.
Moving on...

Ah, I love how you tied together the inevitable break up of Oliver + Gemma with the arrival of the letter. You started talking about their break up coming soon and then it swapped to the letter coming soon, and there was all that tension and then - boom. We're back to Oliver and Gemma. Very dramatic. I can't help feeling that despite their understanding of their group dynamic, the friends don't seem to always like each other an awful lot.
I wonder why Gemma was so accusatory of Cata... perhaps she overheard Oliver + Corinna talking, but that's the only guess I can hazard. Or maybe she's just taking it out on her inadvertantly accurately. Although it's not all Cata's fault, and I'm tempted to say poor Cata, but I guess she doesn't really deserve that either. Aghck :(

Author's Response: [I agree, she deserves everything Oliver threw at her. It was something I only belatedly realized, so I'm glad you thought so too!]

Heh. Hoovering over a sleeping Robert. Now I can't get the image out of my head, teehee. Anyway.

Hah, is it weird that I didn't explicitly think of it like that? I didn't link the two things entirely on purpose, but I do remember that this chapter took a long time to write, so I guess I smashed these two inevitabilities (Oliver and Gemma breaking up was not always an inevitability, I should say) together and hoped it was coherent.

It's interesting that you say they don't seem to like each other a lot. It's something a lot of people have said about their dynamic and I tend to agree. Of course they are friends and they love each other, but they grate on each other a lot. Gemma didn't overhear Corinna and Oliver, she was just taking out her frustration about the break-up out on Cata. There's also the fact that Cata has been "actively" trying to break them up, or at least has been negative about their relationship since the beginning, so that's what Gemma meant. It's not a big deal -- you can imagine with a personality like Gemma's a lot of these sorts of things would happen -- but I'm glad you felt bad for Cata. People seem not to like her, sigh.

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Review #36, by TallestTower real as

11th April 2011:
Corinna is one of my favourite OCs ever, even rivalling the Gryffindor Quidditch supporter who wears Red Spandex and Sparkly Gold Tophats I came across earlier today. Like I said, I just really like how relatable and intricate her character is. And I love how this fic is oozing with cynicism and sarcasm. And I feel I need to admitt that I'm a bit intimidated by your intelligence. o_o

So much tension and release of tension, this chapter was brilliant. I loved Corinna's rant and Oliver's anger. It was a bit hypocritical that he got all judgemental on her for 'thinking she was better than the others'. But all so believabubble. And and, I don't know whether to like Oliver or not, because the guy is clearly nuts, but I want Corinna/Oliver to happen. ahhh. ♥

Author's Response: CONFRONTATION~

And eee OCs! I actually despised writing OCs for the longest time because I couldn't think of something not-that-cliche, but suddenly it just happened and now I can't /not/ write them. Although I find it incredible that silly Corinna can possibly compete with someone who wears spandex AND a top hat, I am so happy to hear that! I'm relieved that she's relatable, as I was worried that she'd come off very specifically as a complex that lives in my head, not someone who could conceivably be a character. If that makes sense? Anyway. You know very well my philosophy about cynicism and sarcasm in fic (the more the better!), but intelligence is something I only aspire to, not what I have. No need for intimidation!

But yes, this was all that tension coming to a head, which I thought was pretty necessary after all the ridiculousness. I was scared of doing it, because there's always a confrontation in these things and I didn't want it to be really weird and contrived, so I'm relieved it worked. It is interesting that you see it as a bit hypocritical on Oliver's part to be upset at her for that, but it makes sense now that I think about it. I do happen to like Oliver because he's so nuts, but as for the latter thing... well, we'll see. :P

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Review #37, by TallestTower judgmental as

11th April 2011:
Oh off-kilter, I've missed you so. -hugs banner- It's raining and I'm armed with tea, duvet and Gubby's sometimes cynical and satirical Oliver/OC. Yay :3

Poor Piper! I love the friends understanding of each other and their interactions which each other, and this was a great chapter for that. I think Corinna comes off as quite knowledgeable for her ability to understand her friends, although, of course she doesn't always (read: Suspicious Gemma). But maybe she is defensive. You write her so well and characterize her so brilliantly, she really seems like an actual person, which makes her kind of an intricate puzzle. I'd love to see some more of Cata, I find her interesting too ♥

Author's Response: Helena, how Off-Kilter has missed you as well! I don't think it's raining here, but I too am armed with tea and my duvet as I respond to your always lovely reviews ^_^

The girls have some of my favorite character interaction anywhere, I must admit. Corinna is indeed quite knowledgable when it comes to them, which is why she usually ends up being the one to whom they turn in their times of crisis. I'm so glad you like the characterizations, of her especially! *love*

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Review #38, by peppersweet unsupportive as

9th April 2011:

I love these cheerful little romance oliver/oc stories. I have a sudden and overwhelming urge to write one. But yours & Gina's are like the queens of the oliver/oc world. (I might start calling this genre olive for short, it kind of suits my typing laziness).

'So I let the door shut, and trooped determinedly off to find Crazy and Stupid.'
I like this ;D

Good chapter two! I will come back and read the rest soon (once I've finished beating up Draco, which is top of my priority list strangely.)

Author's Response: Gina and I had a decent laugh at "cheerful little romance oliver/oc stories." Just thought you should know. I am not even going to be so presumptuous as to put myself in the same popularity rank as Gina, but you should! Once Starving Artists is updated cough.

But SUAVE OLIVER indeed deserves a heart (which I cannot insert because it turns into weird jumble of letters). And eee, quotes! I love seeing quotes! Anyway. So glad you enjoyed, love, and go beat up Draco for the both of us~

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Review #39, by peppersweet reasonable as

9th April 2011:

I know I'm supposed to be writing an essay about Mao's china/packing/tidying my room/revising the great gatsby/beating up Draco right now, but I've been meaning to read this for ages and I couldn't resist.

So I thought I'd compromise and just read chapter one to get me started, but...but...chapter two is very tempting and I think china/packing/room/gatsby/draco will just have to wait.

I like this introduction. The characters are set up well. I like the chapter titles too! IDK why I'm picking up on that, I'm a strange person. But I do love it. Much. (maybe it's just the presence of another hot Oliver in my life, or the fact that the first time I typed that it came up as Olive. HOT OLIVE.)

looking forward to chapter two! ♥


I'm supposed to be writing an essay about Girondin France/reading about the Napoleonic Wars/being semi-nice to Draco now, but I am so honored that you stopped by here and thought I might as well respond.

Intros are the hardest part of writing, I've found, and since I had literally no idea what this was, I sort of just went with it and hoped that we'd all discover these characters together XD And teehee, chapter titles are the closest I can get to vaguely not-12+ without actually being not-12+ (I am devious like that). And again, Tom Hardy/Hot Oliver is all you really need. Olives, I'm not so sure. I choke on olives. They're gross.

Ahem. :)

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Review #40, by Whisperer sour as

7th April 2011:
Again...totally unexpected!

I am amazed with this story. At first I thought it was boring. I thought "why isn't anything happening?" and "I'm confused". But, gradually I got into your style of writing and I really got into this story. Nothing was what it seemed to be and instead of "confusing" it became "intriguing".

You did wonders with a limited 1st person! Even though I thought I knew Corinna (she couldn't really hide her flaws through 1st person), you still surprised me at the end when with that powerful outburst of jealousy. Really, it was amazing!!!

This story has been confusing, absurd, funny, and jaw-dropping--all in one.

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Congratulations on completing this story, and I can't wait for more of your work :)

Author's Response: Oh, yay for unexpected! And amazement! I admit, I was at first a little baffled by the "boring," but I realize that my utter disregard for anything resembling a plot can be a bit disconcerting :P I am happy that it became intriguing instead of confusing, though!

First person in my eyes can't be anything but limited, and playing with that was a lot of fun for me. The evolution in the ending, starting from her exchange with Oliver, was a great exercise in showing that she feels something, but she doesn't quite understand what that is. (A sinking feeling in her stomach, her head spinning, "every molecule in [her] body shuddering with disgust," etc -- she justifies it at first as disbelief that he and Gemma are together again, but only at the end does she realize that disbelief stems more from her jealousy than anything).

Yay for all of those adjectives! I did hope for all of that and I'm ecstatic that you saw all of that. Thank you thank you thank you for such a lovely review and I hope that you enjoy whatever else you may come across. :)

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Review #41, by DefyingBoundries sour as

7th April 2011:
Is there more? Somewhere? Anywhere?
I think this story has made me insane o.O"

Author's Response: You will not find any more anywhere, I promise you. And I hope it's a pleasant sort of insane! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #42, by Sara_Sj sour as

5th April 2011:
Well THAT was unexpected. Hahaha. I'm honestly torn. A part of me wants to scream and yell and DEMAND you make it so that they end up together and...
another part of me is saying that it was.

I mean, who would've thought? So I'm torn. I'd like to shake your hand and I'd also like to shake my head at you :P hahaha.

But really, I REALLY wasn't expecting that. AT ALL. I don't know why. I mean, Oliver /did/ say he loved Gemma. But ahhhkhh. Yeah. This hasn't happened to me on HPFF since...ever. Like, only one other time.

I congratulate you for not giving in to cliches.
I loved the story itself, I loved Corinna. She wasn't a Mary-Sue. In fact, she was full of flaws, but instead of making her worse, it made her more lovable, more believable. And I liked that.
I also loved the fact that she was into baking and such :P It was cute.
But, I kind of feel like you've left a few ties loose. I can't help but feel this was a bit abrupt. But again, amazing story all the same.

Is a sequel too much to hope for?

Author's Response: That dual reaction was something I wanted to see, so yay! I love being unpredictable, so the reaction I've been getting for this ending has been incredible to me.

Yes, Oliver does love Gemma. He never really stops in the whole story (the first relationship and break-up period didn't involve love), but I think his affection for Corinna can match that love in its own way. I do think HPFF in general has a habit of embracing the reader-friendly happy ending, but it's always heartening to me to see things that thwart convention and challenge the audience.

Corinna is very close to my heart as a character, so thank goodness. Before the last few months I hadn't done much work with OCs ever, and then suddenly it exploded into this, so I'm so relieved you didn't think her cliche or Mary Sue or anything.

As far as loose ends go: I know the ending was a little abrupt, I agree with you. Arcs such as Piper's obsession with Cedric and Cata's crush on Oliver are as resolved as they can be in the context of the story: Piper will one day find out that Cedric never liked her, she will be upset, but then bounce back. Cata never truly intended to go after Oliver himself, holding herself to a higher standard than stealing her friend's boyfriend, and she'll grow out of it and move on.

I don't look at this ending as The End. There's obviously much more to the story than we see. This isn't the end. This doesn't mean that the others don't get happy endings, or unhappy endings, as it were. This is one episode in their lives, and sometimes things aren't tied up neatly and presented with ribbon. So I totally get where you're coming from, but I meant to leave some plot points a little ambiguous. Closure is a tricky thing in endings, and as much as I like the '80s credits montage of What Happens Next, I didn't think it fit this particular story well at all.

There are no plans for a sequel, but I'm flattered that you ask. Thank you so much for such a thought-provoking review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #43, by Holly sour as

4th April 2011:
AMAZING. Completely brilliant... but please tell me there will be a sequel?

Author's Response: Yay, thank you so much! Sadly, there are no plans for a sequel, but thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #44, by liza_potter sour as

30th March 2011:
I feel like doing a list now since that's the way it ended. XD And so I shall.

One: IT'S OVER D: Gahh, Gubby! Don't you know one crazy Scot is enough? There doesn't need to be two!

Two: WHY ARE THERE TWO CRAZY SCOTS TOGETHER? I will forever ship Corinna/Oliver because I'm stubborn like that. :P

Three: The ending was perfect, of course. Even though I still ship Corinna/Oliver and think the two of them should ride off on his broomstick into the sunset. Though I suppose that's not very realistic.

Four: I can't tell you how much I loved the last line. It tied everything together perfectly. And it reminded me of all the c-box talks, with 'Feelings' being written in a very small size. ♥

Five: I will never be able to look at what goes on in the Hufflepuff common room the same way again. All I'll think about are concerts and baked goods.

Six: Was it because of all the baked goods the ending was like that? Too much sweetness and fluffiness? Corinna/Oliver FTW!

Seven: I loved every second of this & ILY

Author's Response: Creative reviews! I love!

One: Jordan said the same thing, so I am amused. And my answer is, two crazy Scots are irresistible.

Two: Because they're irresistible! Actually, ever since the baking explosions chapter, I've been intrigued by the dynamic of their relationship and that chemistry is too good to pass up. Although I am secretly a Corinna/Oliver shipper myself. Shh.

Three: Oh, good. That's really all I was concerned about: does it work within the rules of this story and the character arcs. I do still ship Corinna/Oliver, because I am a very shallow fangirl (Tom Hardy!), but as an author, I have to. Tis my job. And I don't think it's unrealistic, as Corinna does get her happy ending eventually.

Four: Yay! I'd been meaning to use that line elsewhere, perhaps in the chocolate cookie chapter, but it just never happened and then I saw the opportunity and my face lit up and was like YES. But yes, tiny *feeelings* inspired it.

Five: Hufflepuffs know how to party. I realize this now.

Six: Haha, Jordan also asked about this, in a way. I didn't consciously use baked goods just to contrast their sweetness with the ending's bittersweetness, but it does make an interesting parallel now that I think about it. I think Corinna and Oliver both realize they use macarons to stand for their relationship, but... yeah. Not entirely conscious.

Seven: Baww, thank you, sweetheart. So glad you stuck with the story and enjoyed it. :D

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Review #45, by ericajen sour as

30th March 2011:
Eee! Several things: I was mentioned in the a/n and the story is finished and it's amazing and Corinna and Oliver and Gemma and Piper and Cata and Cedric and and and! I don't even know. Just. This story was really awesome Gubby. You're a fantastic writer. I envy you and your skills. :P ALSO Gemma and Oliver are idiots. And I feel bad for Corinna, even though she is kind of allergic to feelings. AND THAT IS ALL.


Author's Response: Of course you get a mention! :D

Baww, thank you so much, darling. I don't deserve your envy at all but thank you. It always warms my heart to see such popular, respected writers lend me a little undeserved praise :D I must agree that Gemma and Oliver are idiots, but who isn't? I don't know if Corinna needs to be pitied or that you need to feel bad for her, but I'm glad you do at any rate.

ILY2 and the fact that your reviews literally make up 1/5 of the ones I've received so far and eee, thank you!

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Review #46, by Essie sour as

30th March 2011:
Such an amazing story, very very clever: I was guessing right to the end what the heck was going on with Corinna and Oliver.. it was very does she/doesn't she. It was refreshingly free of fluff and sugar coated sentimentality so I did feel that it was realistic.. teenagers are cynical, paranoid and angsty beings and I thought this story captured that perfectly! well done!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! I am glad that it remained unpredictable to the very end. Yes, it was a do they/don't they relationship, the dynamics of which I adore; and on that note, I also like seeing one resolved nicely (stretching it out too long makes it aggravating more than intriguing). Fluff and sentimentality are two words I very much dislike, especially in the context of this story, and realism is something I adore. As a cynical, paranoid being myself, I have to agree. Thank you so much for this lovely review :)

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Review #47, by FoundriaPenguin sour as

30th March 2011:

Anyways, WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS SO BITTERSWEET? GAH. Was that some kind of secret symbolism with the macarons (macaroons?) because of the too much lemon thing? "Too sweet, too sour," etc. I STILL SHIP CORINNA/OLIVER. WHEN WILL YOU WRITE A HAPPY ENDING, GUBBY? D: GEMMA/OLIVER JUST...eugh. One crazy Scot is enough by itself. :P

hehehe, the last two words of this chapter made me think of the tiny words "felings" scrolling across the cbox (and/or skypeland) XD But at least they had banter. ♥ Some sort of strange, Gubby-esque banter, anyway, haha!

I love this story and I'm so sad that it's over :( WAH (now imagine nile-esque tears rolling out of my eyes.ooh that's a weird image o.O)


p.s. btw, did i ever tell you i thought corinna was a super pretty name? i love that name now. gubby, your stories convert me like no other ♥

Author's Response: Jordan likes being mentioned :D

I can't help myself! Bittersweet is too much fun to pass up! I do think Corinna and Oliver use macarons (yes, macarons not macaroons -- there is a difference!) to mean something in regards to their ambiguous relationship. It isn't a secret: they know they're doing it, especially in that last tense banter exchange. But I think we're all Corinna/Oliver shippers at heart, myself included. Trust me, the fangirl in me would squee loudly if they got together. But as the author, I couldn't let it happen; Gemma/Oliver is too good to pass up.

Why do people think I don't write happy endings? I like happy endings! Many WIPs that never will be finished would have had happy weddings. I guess I never get to finish the happy ones and do finish the unhappy ones :P

Teehee, *feeelings* is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to use that line before, but it didn't fit until now. And I imagine there was a lot of banter afterwards, as ambiguous friends, if that makes you feel any better.

I am so, so happy you loved it, dear :D I'm not especially sad -- a little sad, yes, but more relief -- but I'm so touched that you are :)

PS. Yes you did, in another review. I'm just happy that I can corrupt people too! (Take that, Gina.)

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Review #48, by bowloforanges sour as

29th March 2011:
Oh my. Those last lines KILLED me (in a "oh-merlin-why-can't-they-just-be-together?!" type of way), but I loved every second of it. I'm seriously going to miss this story.


Author's Response: They killed me, too, actually. Then I cackled evilly and rubbed my hands together and cackled some more. :P I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the review!

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Review #49, by sidlicide sour as

29th March 2011:
Ah! This story was fantastic, right down to the very grin-inducing end. Seriously, I can't stop smiling.

Something inside me wants to say 'I knew it!' but you did such a convincing job that I don't think it's true. It's just me, wanting to be right.

Anyway, I'm happy you've completed this wonderful catastrophe (and I mean that in the best sense of the word) and I will certainly be sticking around to see what else you come up with.


Author's Response: Haha, smiling is not something I necessarily expected, so yay! I do like being unpredictable, and I got worried, as my true colors started to show towards the end, that the ending would not come as any sort of surprise :P

Teehee, wonderful catastrophe. I like it. It's very apt. And thank you for stopping by at all, and I hope that you enjoy whatever else you may come across. :)

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Review #50, by miss_aurora sour as

29th March 2011:
This is over? Gah... And I havent been around long enough then somehow this is over? Oh well...

This story is strange and I mean it in a good way. I love Corinna, I love her weird life and its complication. Her friends are...weird, some psychotic, but lol they make me laugh a lot. Cedric amuses me so, I almost forgot that he'll somehow fancy Corinna because of Cata, but hey suddenly he's there. Oliver, well I don't know what I should say about him because I thought well, Corinna and Oliver chose not to be together but then you wrote the last few lines of this chapter. Ah, I'll definitely miss this story a lot.

Congratulation for finishing and I'll be around to stalk your other stories! :D


Author's Response: The end of an era, I know. As always, I like being strange, flouting convention, all that fun stuff. Corinna and the gang are all delightful (to me, at least) and I'm so happy they and the boys were endearing in their own semi-psychotic ways. Oliver is just... I will miss him greatly. His obliviousness, his idiocy, his decency, his devotion. He and Corinna were my favorite pairing (as people, not as relationship potential) in the entire story, and I'm sad but relieved to see them go.

Thank you so much for all of the reviews and support, dear, and I only hope you continue to enjoy whatever else of mine you stumble upon. Thank you!

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