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Review #26, by Romina Stephanie darling

5th January 2011:
asdfghjkl. i am at loss for words. mostly, because i'm still not entirely sure what's going on (totally going to read chapter one again when i'm done reviewing), but also because i love how you left out the fact who the narrator was until the interaction between her and Dominic; i was getting impatient *blush*. but anyway, yes. i like your portrayal of the narrator (won't name her, just in case), and it's very different from the usual portrayals i've read, which is always a plus. can't wait to see how this story unfolds. you've got a great start here, Gubby :) keep it up.

Author's Response: I saw this review and was blown away. I miss you so, so much, Steph and I hope you're doing well and are happy and everything.

Anyway. As I've said before, even I'm not sure what's going on, but It scares even me. I'll say this, though: the triumvirate of Clara, Olivia, and Dominic are... well, they're not awful. But they're pretty close. I figured readers would get impatient, so I thought I'd stick it in at that point, because that line is very important. She (I'm okay with identifying the narrator as she) and Dominic's relationship, if they have one, escalates as we go on. It is very different from the mainstream understanding of her, and I hope she becomes more of a character instead of a name as we go on.

Really, this review floored me. I'm so glad to hear from you and I genuinely hope you continue to enjoy. *heart*

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Review #27, by Winky the House Elf baby

22nd December 2010:
yes yes. guacamole ftw. because it tastes better. ^_^

Anyways, oh, my dear Gubby, THIS IS fANTASTIC! Probably my favorite out of all your stories that I have read so far (and I haven't gotten very far down your author's list, haha xP).

I've always loved these stories that meddle with the psychology of the characters. Like the "follow the men in the white coats to your room now" kind. :D I dunno, I suppose I'm messed up in my own way, but I always thought this kind of stuff was interesting. SO I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THIS TO COME OUT! *flails* And it doesn't hurt to mention that the awesome banner that Gina made you is just.well, it's MORE THAN AWESOME. IT'S AT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF...AWESOMENESS.

/crazy rant

Can't wait to know the back story of Clara and whoever the narrator is! *cheering* I LOVE THESE KINDS OF STORIES.
Oh goodness, I wonder how I survived without your stories my entire life. *hearts because less than 3 doesn't work in the review box for some strange reason*

your adoring fan,
Winky the House Elf

Author's Response: OH, WINKY. HOW YOU FLATTER ME.

I actually don't like guacamole. Sue me.

But aww, thank you! I'm quite fond of this, too. Except for the part when it scares me.

I should tell you now, there are no men in white coats. There is no intervention (I think). It is almost entirely all the characters acting in the vacuum they want to create for themselves, but yes, they are all severely messed up. And I think it's interesting, playing with them, seeing how they bounce off each other (although this comes later). Also, Gina's banner just gives me the chills and the fuzzies (because it's epic/creepy and because it's on my page ^_^).

Clara and the narrator... they're interesting people, let's say that. Not at all people you'd cheer for.

I don't know how I've gone my whole life without your reviews! They really made my season that much brighter, and I can't thank you enough! *heart*

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Review #28, by WitnesstoitAll baby

21st December 2010:
Gubby. Holy beans. I am in love with this fic. I'm not entirely sure what is going on, but I'm certain that I am not supposed to know just yet. The whole tone of this fic is very chilling, and while reading it I imagined the two characters sitting in a dark interrogation room. So when I got to the last bit about the two sitting in the common room, my mind was blown.

Fabulous job!! Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, Mel! If I may be honest, I'm not entirely sure what's going yet either. But I'm sure we'll all figure it out at some point :P The location was supposed to be ambiguous (everything was supposed to be ambiguous), so I'm glad that it came as a shock! There's nothing quite like Hogwarts intrigue, after all. Thanks for reviewing, love, and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #29, by Elesphyl baby

14th December 2010:
I loved the way you ended this! And Clara -- what a lovely (Hah. Hahahahahaha. :|) twist to have her be so cold at the end. I didn't know what to expect. Which is usually the way I feel about your writing, which is always good, as you very well know. I've favorited this, and I can't wait for more updates. The narrator (:P) is subtly, perfectly thrilling. I think ... I think this line was my favorite:

There are other ways - better ways - to ruin someone. And you deserve the best.

Just because ... WHAT THE HECK?! The best? Oh, my God. So, so scary. And I actually just remembered that I have a great (if albeit somewhat intense and rather long and perhaps not to your tastes) fic that deals with mind-warping and destruction of self, so if you ever need any help with that (not that you would, but you know me xD), just shoot me a PM. BUT YEAH. This is beautiful, not that I would expect anything less, and very, very creepy.

Also, kudos to whoever made your banner (Gina, wasn't it?). It's absolutely amazing.

Again, another perfect work! But that's not much of a surprise, my lovely Gubster. Do carry on. I already can't wait for the next chapter. Mwahahaha.

Much love,

Author's Response: I didn't actually see it as Clara being cold at the end, and if she is cold, doesn't she have something of a right to be that way? After the way our narrator treats her? I thought it was more defiant than cold, but Clara is something of a frosty person, isn't she?

*blush* You know I haven't written for awhile, so it's wonderful to hear that I still have something up my sleeve! And if you don't know what to expect, I sure as heck don't know either. My ideas are very hazy/unclear as of yet, so we're both in the dark right now.

Oh, the narrator. I really do like that person. I've been trying to imagine what the narrator's life was like before all the craziness started, and it's hard to do! It's like I can't separate non-crazy from crazy, which is a very dangerous thing, so I'm worried. But hopefully it will turn out well, and I will definitely ask you about this fic of yours (plus, it's an excuse to read more stuff of yours!).

Gina actually blew me away with that banner. It's actually influencing the tone of the story more than I expected (but that happens to me literally all the time) so I'm in love with it.

Please don't say perfect. It does horrible things to my ego. :P But THANK YOU for all of your help with this story and for this lovely (oh, no, I can't use that word anymore -__-) review. Love you! (:

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Review #30, by Bellatrixy baby

11th December 2010:
this is really good. please write more

Author's Response: Thank you! And I'll make sure to update before Christmas, I promise. Thanks for reviewing, as well! (:

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Review #31, by prettywishes baby

8th December 2010:
So I found this creepy and yet awesome at the same time. I really think the fact that you didn't make a lot of facts clear right away really helped the creepiness of it all. I'm not quite sure if Clara killed anyone or not, but the way that the narrator was treating her made all sorts of questions come up which I think helps in an opening chapter. The chapter quickly drew me in and made me wish I could read faster because it was so good! The fact that we also don't know who the narrator is yet helps to add to the creepy factor. I also really want to know how you kill someone without killing them xD

And that was a really sporadic review, hope you don't mind xD

Author's Response: I was definitely going for creepy, but hurray for awesome! You'll find out everything (most things) soon enough, but I thought I'd up the ante in this first chapter, get your mind racing, etc. (Also, I had no idea what was going on.) Clara is an ambiguous character, and so is our equally enigmatic narrator. You'll find out who that is very soon, and again... you'll find out everything in due time. (AKA, as soon as I straighten it out myself).

Of course I don't mind sporadic reviews, I love them! And thank you very much for stopping by at all, I hope you continue to enjoy! (:

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