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Review #26, by ScoroseOTP I Think James is PMS'ing

29th September 2014:
Hey Aimee!
(Small world... My sister's called Amy! So strange!)

Bless, I love how Al is all history orientated! He's so cute!
Lily seems really strong willed and very much like her Mum in character. As she's not afraid to tell her family what to do.
Harry and Ginny are super sweet! The way Ginny didn't make her get in the car was really really amazing of her.
James is a pain in the bum. That's what I'm learning. He seems really sweet and then completely flips... he has a serious case of mood swigs. Alas, I kind of love him for it.
I had the exact same reaction to Courtney as Elle did... I wanted to immediately punch her in the face... She just sounds annoyingly perfect! Not cool. I really can't wait to read how that double date goes!
Spain sounds beautiful! I've never been but I might consider it! It seems so gorgeous and full of history which I would totally love to visit!
Charity sounded awesome, she really does care about her sister and I'm very glad that Elle has her.

Now... the thing... Her sister? Norah?
Were they in a car crash or something? And her Mum and her sister died? When they were little? Wait, no, that wouldn't make much sense. Was it ore recently? Because that would be really really sad and explain a lot.
Although that WOULD NOT be fair, if that's the reason why her Dad hates her...

I would appercaite some answers please! ;)
I also would like them to get together in the end... there is too much flirting going on here!

Well done on a fabby chapter!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey again! :)

Al's adorable, isn't it? I just want to create another story just so he can have a cute love story as well :D
And you have no idea how much fun it was to describe James being all moody one second and then a ray of light the next! You'll have to wait and see what happens on the double date AND whether they get together in the end :D
And you'll have to read on and see what has happened with Norah and her Mum as well, it'll be a couple of chapters later but you'll find out eventually!
Thank you so much for such a lovely review!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #27, by Georgie 19th June 2026

29th September 2014:

Author's Response: Hola Georgie! :D
Thank you so much, I'm really happy that you love my story! This review just put a wide smile on my face after having a pretty 'meh' day :D And you'll find out James' reaction soon I promise! Yeah, her Dad is a bit cruel to her especially because she was trying to help! I'm not really sure when I'll upload another chapter, the queue is currently at 7 days and I've already got one chapter in the queue at the moment for another story so we'll have to wait and see!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #28, by Abbey_Rose 19th June 2026

25th September 2014:
Oh my flipping god. This is amazing. So amazing I want to swear and cry and giggle and squeal. And omg I think I might actually cry its so good. Omg I can't breath its so amazing. God god god! Ah ! You are a brilliant writer. And when I first saw the title I though... Oh I might not like this... A bit cheesy. And then I read it... And I am so flipping happy I did. So happy! Its beautifully written and the story is just so engaging! And James and Elle. I actually just squeal every time I think about them. And Lily is just so sweat and I want her to have the perfect thing with that guy she is into! And the whole norah thing... I really don't want James to get angry at her but I'm guessing he doesn't because he is perfff. Ah please update soon! And I love how everyone loves her and like ahhh! I just really want them to just flipping realise they love each other and like get together together without any faking or confusing! Ahhh so mazing! I love it. I am actually in love with it. I could like kiss it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Abbey-Road! Glad that you are seriously enjoying the story so far :D

Aw, you're so sweet! Thank you so much, I think writing has become like a secret hobby of mine :) And you'll see what happens over the next few chapters and see James' reactions :D Thank you for a lovely review! :D

~Aimee xxx

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Review #29, by happyanon 19th June 2026

21st September 2014:
Oh wow okay.. this chapter is like emotional-information-overload.
ITS NOT HER FREAKIN FAULT. NOT HER NOT HER NOT HER. so why is her dad blaming her again? Omg their dad needs to get over it and fast. I mean its an accident! She wasnt even driving!! Wow now i really feel for elle.. i mean it must be horrible to not have your mom, be in am accident on your birthday, also have ur sister half dead and have emotional trauma for life all in one day.. but u know instead of her dad being all like "oh my poor poor kid" he went all "its all ur fault. YOU YOU YOU" omg someone freakin punch him in the face pls. Thank you. Now i have no idea where silly little ellie got the idea that she killed her mother but she didnt. I want to tell her she didnt. That it was an accident and no one wanted it to happen and that her mother would want her to move on and that shes very happy where she is now and shes watching over elle and james fondly. I feel reallt sad for elle. She just cant seem to find this solid happiness and its all i ever want for her. Because someone as kimd as this character deserves good things in life. Elle is more than her mistakes. And James does love her for everything she is and all that shes not. And i think James is lucky to have her and i just hope she can forgive herself and that her father can pls stop blaming her already and stop being so bitter and holding on for one child hes lost and start being there for his other child thats been hurting so much for so long.
What a chapter. I feel very confused and sad and i just wanna hug elle and tell her all these but im sure James will do me proud. :) great chapter dear! I actually read this sooner but my review was late because im currently prepping for my licensure exam but alas, the fanfic world always manage to drag me back. Haha hope to read the new chapter soon dear! Xoxo

Author's Response: Awww, I've been missing your reviews so much happyanon! This has literally made my day! :)

I know! Currently hating on her Dad right now, he's such a pain to write because I just want bad things to happen to him but alas, I cannot be biased when I'm writing so unfortunately, he has to stay and be horrible to a guiltless Elle!

And trust me, happiness is one thing that I really want Elle to achieve as well! It seems like everything bad happens to her but she doesn't deserve it, honestly. She's such a lovely person that had really unfortunate luck! I'm so happy that you really enjoyed reading this chapter and that everyone has had positive reviews about it :)
~Aimee xxx

P.S good luck! I bet you'll be brill!

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Review #30, by Lozzie5152 19th June 2026

20th September 2014:
This is amazing. Please update soon. Can't wait!!

Author's Response: Thank you lovely! I'll try and get it done as soon as possible but I can't promise anything :D
~Aimee xxx

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Review #31, by Clover 19th June 2026

19th September 2014:
I haven't been active on this site much of lately, but I still love coming back to read a good story or two! I absolutely adored this! I couldn't put it down, and read the whole thing at once. I would love for another update anytime when you have the chance; I know how hard it is to manage life and writing at the same time, but I wish you the best non the less, and beg for a new chapter in spite of that (:

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reading my story then! I feel honoured! :) And I part of the way writing the 19th and have had most of it written beforehand but I need to upload chapter 2 of another story first before I do anything else! Which should allow me to finish writing the rest of the chapter 19 of this story :D
~Aimee xxx

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Review #32, by missclaire17 19th June 2026

19th September 2014:
I am absolutely obsessed with your story. I just finished reading all of this in one sitting, and just wish that there were more chapters. I'm not even sure where to begin because I love it so much. I love the relationship between James and Elle, and I love how your plot is so well-structured and organized. I love how the Potters play a major role in this, and your description of them is amazing. I love how attentive James is to Elle's needs; he's exactly the sort of man that I need in my own life xD

Hope to see you update this story soon! :) Awesome job.

Author's Response: *Bows down to you for reading it all in one sitting* And I promise the next chapter should hopefully be uploaded soon (hopefully!) and it should explain a few more things :D Thank you so much, I have a massive word document with all the details of each chapter in it, haha! And I know, I need a James like this in my life ^_^
~Aimee xxx

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Review #33, by crestwood So... I'm Engaged?

18th September 2014:
Sadly, I was beaten to 150!

But like I said, I'm already pulled in. There's no turning back now.

This premise is so unique! I've seen pretend relationships on this site, but obviously an entire fake marriage, even if only for a month, would be a LOT bigger.

I like how matter of fact James just tells Elle "I need you to pretend to be my fiancee. I'm not surprised that she agreed to it because she so desperately does need the money.

You've written James' family so perfectly. I just love them all together. Everyone is so nice and they've practically already accepted Elle into the family. The way she is with Annabel is SO cute oh my!

James and are really good at coming up with explanations on the spot. Molly was really grilling them. She's going to be really, really mad if she finds out that they're faking. I can tell that about her right away.

It's the absolute PERFECT touch to have him go back and get the ring she really wanted and it made the shock seem really authentic and just everything about that was beautiful. This chapter is just awesome and congratulations for hitting 150 reviews on this story, I can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: I just felt like doing an evil laugh when I read that you'd already been pulled in and that there was no turning back. I don't know why but I just had the urge, haha.

At first it was going to be fake girlfriend/boyfriend story but I honestly could not get it to work so I left it, watched a few movies, wrote a few one-shots and then came back to it with a completely new perspective. And that's where this story came from :)

I was worried about how quickly they all accepted her, I wasn't sure whether it was realistic or not but I don't think there's been any complaints about it so I guess it's okay! And I'm really going to enjoy writing what happens when Molly finds out, I think she'd just explode at both of them.

I was going to write it with the ring she originally chose but then I thought if James went back and bought the ring she actually wanted, it would help make the family believe it more so I changed it just before I uploaded this chapter and I'm glad that I changed it :) It sounds better than before.

~Aimee xxx

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Review #34, by marauderfan Welcome to my Crappy Life

18th September 2014:
Hello! Saw your status on the forums and so yeah, now you're at 150! Congrats! :D

This is an entertaining opening chapter. Her family (well, her sister's family) sound like a riot! So maybe some things are really unfortunate about her love life, getting kicked out of her flat, a mysterious thing that happened (which I'm dying to know what it is!) etc. but at least her niece and nephew love her :P

And then the Weasleys come into the picture. I must say, I adore your characterization of Molly as such a go-getter and a party girl! It's unusual to read about Molly like that - but I think it's so fitting, since Percy was a go-getter himself, just more about careers and stuff, so it's natural that his daughter would be as headstrong as he is. I just love that Molly is so wild! :D

Hm, James with a potentially nonexistent girlfriend he's been dating for two years, haha. Seems a bit of a mystery there as well! This chapter gives lots of insight into Elle's current predicament and hints at other things but doesn't give it away, making me want to read on, and leaving me very curious what's going to happen next and how on earth the fake wedding fits in.

Excellent start to what looks like a great story so far!

Author's Response: Woo! Congrats on being the 150th reviewer! *hands over trophy* :)

I'm glad that you find it entertaining, I wanted Elle to still have a loving, happy family image (kind of) with her sister even though things with her Dad isn't quite as good as it should be.

Molly is my fourth favourite character to write because she's such a living-life-to-the-edge kind of person and it's such a contrast to Elle :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story :) And for leaving a lovely review!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #35, by crestwood Welcome to my Crappy Life

18th September 2014:
Hey! I saw you posting about how close this is to 150 reviews on the forums and I thought, "Hey, why not come and get her there, I've got time."

I've seen this story floating around before and I always thought the title was funny and memorable, so I knew eventually I'd end up here. I'm dying to know why this fake wedding is happening. But, that's besides the point of this chapter.

You've already made it impossible not to read on from the very beginning by establishing that something *really* bad happened, but that we aren't going to get to know about it yet. Things don't seem to be going too great for Elle at the moment, staying with her sister and all, but at least she does have a job and does want to get out of the situation it seems.

I wonder what caused her to end up working at a muggle café, of all places. Her sister's kids are just adorable! And I really love the name Ruari, I don't think I've ever seen it spelled like that.

It's interesting that you've written Molly as a party goer. Most times you see her a sort of stuck up, studious type, but I think I like this version of her better. And I love that they're hanging out with Fred and Al too! I just love reading stories full of the Weasley/Potter family. I do wonder about James' supposed girlfriend. I think I share the suspicions of Al in this situation. I think we'll find out a ton more about that as the story goes on, though.

This is a really good start. It pulls you in and gives you an idea of all of the characters, but it doesn't drag on, heaping too much description and explanation into this one chapter. Just a nice, quick set up. Good chapter!

- Joey

Author's Response: First off, thank you very much, Joey, for taking the time to come and read and review my story! It's greatly appreciated :)
And I wanted to make her realistic so I knew she had to have quiet a bad life and want to change that, but it would be hard for her especially considering what happened (hint hint for later chapters). I think it was more to do with her Dad that she ended up at a muggle cafe instead of working in a wizarding one because she wants to appease me (in my opinion).
And that was the many things I knew I wanted in my story. Seen as loads of stories have already had Molly as really stuck-up and rigid, I just knew that I needed her to be the complete opposite :)

Thank you again for reviewing and I'm glad that it's pulled you in to read more, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
~Aimee xxx

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Review #36, by Celeste 19th June 2026

17th September 2014:
Ohh. Wow.
That was yet another amazing chapter. Finally got to learn about Elle's past completely more or less.

It's obvious it's not her fault she was trying to prevent it happening but was too late. I don't like her dad he's being really unfair to her but at the same time I understand that hes hurting cause he lost his wife and is about to lose his younger daughter but he still should be more understanding as Elle lost her mum aswell.

Anyway can not wait for the next chapter and some Jelle action. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm really happy about the positive reactions to this chapter, I was a bit nervous about putting it up if I'm honest! :D
Next chapter should be (hopefully) up soon but don't hold me to that because I'm super-duper busy!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #37, by Grace3 19th June 2026

17th September 2014:
This is so sad...As I read I was thinking NO ELLA DON'T DRINK!! Now I understand why she blames her self but it wasn't her fault it was the other drivers around her and her mother for not ignoring the driver behind her. I cant wait for the next chapter and find out James reaction to the situation. This chapter makes me dislike her father even more. But I do hope James doesn't react badly to the news.

Author's Response: Yeah, exactly! If anything, Elle had good intentions and tried to help but unfortunately, it backfired. And I know, I hold an intense dislike of her Father now! And you'll have to wait until chapter 19 to see James' reaction ;D
~Aimee xxx

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Review #38, by Isabelle 19th June 2026

17th September 2014:
This chapter was great. But...I sort of dreaded it. >.< I wanted Elle to be an angel and just be an utterly perfect human that made no mistakes but alas, nobody is perfect. I kept thinking ' NO ELLE DON'T SIT IN FRONT!' 'NO DON'T DRINK SO MANY SHOTS!'. Your description of the accident from Elle's POV was so real I could almost smell the blood. The
scene played in my mind like a movie. I really love the way you write. You are a fantastic author. Can't wait for the next chapter! P.S Are you American? P.P.S Was that too much of a busybody question? xD If so, ignore it.
I edited this review so many times because I kept changing my grammar as English is not the first language of my country and I mostly improve my English purely on books and YouTube. That is why I was curious about where you are from. If you used US or UK english. =D
- The girl who just vomitted words all over your screen, Isabelle

Author's Response: Hello Isabelle (can I just say, I love the name Isabelle!) :D

I know, I dreaded writing it because it's like I've just told everyone exactly what has happened now and it could go anyway from now on! It's like I've just laid it all bare on the table for everyone to see and I was kind of liking the whole mystery thing with people guessing in reviews :)
Well, thank you very much Isabelle, you're making me blush! And no, I'm from the UK :) It's not a busybody question, trust me!
You're english is very good though, especially if you're learning it purely from books and videos. That's amazing!
~Aimee xxx

P.S Thank you very much for a lovely review, it's honestly made my day!

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Review #39, by LittleMissStoryteller 19th June 2026

17th September 2014:
Omg!! This story is literally amazing!!
I kinda guessed it wod be a car accident, but i didnt think their mum would have been driving. I thought that Elle would have been driving, but she must still feel really guilty cause she moved the wheel. But she had good intentions though! I mean, she was drunk and trying to help, she didnt mean for it to happen. It could have bappened to anyone!
Anyway, cant wait till the next chapter!! We get to find out James' reaction!!! Eeek!! I dont think he'll break up with her, if anything he'll just look after her more. Update soon please darling!! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!
Everyone thinks that it was either Elle or Norah driving! I'm so glad that it wasn't what you were expecting because that's what I was going for. And I feel really sorry for Elle too, she did try and help but it just backfired.
And you'll have to wait until chapter 19 to see what James' reaction will be ;) *evil laugh*
...The good news is that it won't be too long (I hope) until chapter 19 so it's all good!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #40, by caapotter 19th June 2026

16th September 2014:
I figured it was a car accident, but for the way I saw it, it wasn't really Elle's fault. She tried to help but it didn't work out. I'd probably feel as guilty as she does, but I think james will understand and stand by her. Poor Elle really.
Great chapter as always!!' Caa xx

Author's Response: I know, Elle really was trying to make the situation better but it took a nasty turn and she was left with the guilt (that she doesn't necessary have to live with if I'm honest!). You'll have to wait until chapter 19 to see what James' reaction will be :)
~Aimee xxx

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Review #41, by harrypotterfan13 19th June 2026

16th September 2014:
u made us wait a lot for this one...still worth it...!!
I always thought Elle would be the one driving.
pls update the next chapter quickly because now I'm dying to see how will James react to this. One thing which I'm sure about is that he won't break up with Elle he love her way too much for that but yet again i don't knw what goes through ur devilish little mind so i jst have to wait i guess...!!!
update ASAP...!!!

Author's Response: I know *evil laugh* I really tried to get it written as fast as possible but I kept changing bits and pieces to make sure it was fully explained (and let me tell you, that description part actually was a pain in the bum to write!). I'll try and get chapter 19 written but I'm just so busy throughout the week that I only get time to actually edit/write on the weekends! :( It's really bad because I used to have more time last year but because I have started second year of college, they really pile it on.
~Aimee xxx

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Review #42, by LadyofErised 19th June 2026

16th September 2014:
Really great chapter, finally finding out how all of this came about and what happened. Really nice to meet Norah as well and see that Elle's life wasn't always like it is now and she had a happy family and was going to be supported by them to go on to her training. Makes it all the more sad that because of all this, her life took the turn it did and she no longer has these things. At the moment it seems very unfair for her father to blame her for what happened as she did nothing wrong aside from having a night out on her birthday? I'm sure all will become clear and I really look forward to the next chapter! Love it :)

Author's Response: I was so excited to finally reveal what happened between Elle and Norah because most people thought that it was Norah's fault that their Mum died in that car crash! And I knew I wanted to put a heavy emphasis on how much the family image crumpled after the accident so I wanted people to see how close they were before it happened. Hopefully I did it justice!
Well, I think her Dad blames her because she was the one who turned the wheel making the car roll over multiple times so he thinks it's her fault that his wife died that night.
Thank you for such lovely reviews on the last two chapters :D
~Aimee xxx

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Review #43, by Loonylovegood67890 19th June 2026

16th September 2014:
Yes, thank goodness for the update! This is such a sad chapter but I love the way you explained everything with a flashback. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I definitely thought it would be easier to explain it in a flashback rather than just have Elle explaining the whole story in one chapter whilst James listened.
~Aimee xxx

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Review #44, by LadyofErised Meet Norah

14th September 2014:
Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying this story! I love James stories and was just having a look through and yours caught my eye and I have to say having read it ALL last night that your James is definitely one of my favourites ! Aside from loving James, your whole story is really well written and I love how you've kept so true to the characters both JKs and your own throughout. I think you've written all the Potter children perfectly, though especially Lily - so much like her Mum but with streaks of her Dad in there too. Also all your original characters are great, I love Elle, she's very relatable and I think you've created a really great character there. Really hope you update soon as you left it on such a cliffhanger and I really want to know how it all pans out! Congratulations on a really great story and I look forward to reading more as it comes :)

Author's Response: Thank you m'dear, it means a lot when people say they're enjoying reading my story. It's like my little treasure! And I bow down to you for reading it ALL in one sitting!
Oh thank you! That was the main thing I really had a hard time with! I kept thinking throughout the whole thing 'that isn't how he/she would react' or 'that is completely OOC what on earth was I thinking writing that?!' but I'm glad people are telling me different :)
Well, by the time I am writing this, the next chapter should be up and I think you've already reviewed that one :D
So enjoy!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #45, by ScoroseOTP Lily Bought Me Some Really Sexy Lingerie... Yeaaaah, That Happened

13th September 2014:
Poor Charity! I bet she's way beyond angry and more offended than anything that her little sister didn't tell her that
1) She had a boyfriend
2) They'd been dating for 2 years
and 4) She was engaged.
I'd be a little more than angry if my sister did that to me!
Although, at the same time I felt really bad for Elle who has literally just been thrown into the deep end and is having to lie to everyone who cares about her most.
I'm really glad that you've chosen to explore Lily more in this chapter (I have a soft spot for Little Miss Potter!) She seems really sweet to start with and so innocent, especially in contrast to what just happened with Charity.
So they're going on holiday! What could go wrong with that! I'm so looking forward to it!
Bless her! She tried to stop it all but Ginny insisted, that's so cute.
Oh my stars... her Dad does not seem happy... and it's Charity's fault... Ummm... that's not good.
Well that was nice... he changed his mind quickly. I'd really like to know what happened between Elle and her Dad though. That poor girl though, I'm really feeling sorry for her.
But to be fair, you could suddenly get engaged to a much worse person who belongs to a really horrible family. At least she got James, the Potters and Weasleys!
Lily's so sweet, she's really head strong which makes her remind me completely of her Mum, which I'm sure is intentional, but you've done a really good job with that!
Oh my stars (again) that's a lot of money! I'd be the same as Elle if her "fake" almost sister-in-law suddenly started buying me all sorts of stuff. Especially if she decided to buy me sexy lingerie! I would probably die of embarrassment, not too dis-similar to Elle!
I love how Ginny desperately wants to get to know her daughter-in-law! She's so sweet!
I'm so glad that Charity, Darrell and the kids are accepting and care so much about Elle, it's really good to hear.
Were they talking about their Mum? I'm rather intrigued to what that meant, although I assume it's going to make me sad or angry... so maybe I don't?
Harry and Al! That was adorable and the thing is... I don't even doubt that would happen! I love the weird family!
I love how Harry gets in trouble! That's so Ginny!
James! He's really playing this one up isn't he? I quite like it though, he's a lot of fun.
Although not as fun as Elle is! He really had that coming!

I literally love this story! It's really great! I'm glad you'd posted on the Hufflepuff review tag the day I decided to take part! I'm really looking forward to reading on! I hope that they have a fairytale ending and end up together! I really do!

Emz xxx
(Your fellow Hufflepuff friend!)

Author's Response: Hello once again Emz :D hehe!

An extra-long review today! Wow! I'm really glad that you are liking the story and that you took a chance on reviewing one of my stories in the review tag :) And basically, all I can say is you'll have to wait and see what happens with the whole family, it gets interesting... especially the underwear situation. I loved writing her embarrassment because I could just imagine it in my head as I wrote it.
And the ending practically wrote itself, I knew I wanted a witty line and a bit of flirtation between the two so that's the result.
~Aimee xxx

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Review #46, by ScoroseOTP So... I'm Engaged?

10th September 2014:
That is the sign of a good night! I like the idea of her work being so kind and Kelly being so casual about talking about James, because I'm sure that's exactly what waitresses do!
James seems so vulnerable at the start of this chapter, right up to the point she caves.
(Just saying now, I LOVE THE IDEA FOR THIS STORY! It's fantastic. Already!)
He bought her an enagement ring, and shoes. Oh my stars, he's amazing. And really cute!
Ginny! That was so sweet! She just wants the best for her biggest boy! It's so so cute (I'm sorry I keep saying "Cute")
All the questions! Elle is a good actress, I must say, she's very convincing and has some good stories.
The way she talked to Annabel was really cute too, I love little kids!
I actually love the way James pre-warned her! They are really really good at this! They convinced everyone!
I'm seriously intrigued still! I'm defiently going to continue reading soon!

Well done! You're still of writing is really good! I'm impressed!

Emz xxx
(Fellow friendly Hufflepuff!)

Author's Response: Hello again Emz :)

Yeah, I wanted the whole work place to be kind because of all the stuff that's happened to her, it would be just harsh to have a bad work environment to work in :D
Thank you so much, glad that you're loving the idea of the story as I struggled with trying to make the fake girlfriend angle work at first then moved onto the fake fiancee instead :)

~Aimee xxx

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Review #47, by ScoroseOTP Welcome to my Crappy Life

10th September 2014:
I'm very intrigued! I would rather like to know what happened!
I'm feeling rather sorry for her but I like the character you've created. She seems real, which is sometimes hard to create.
I also like all the other characters you've created, her sister and co. all seem really sweet, kind and understanding, so I'd like that to prove true. Her Dad seems like someone to be wary of and I'd love to find out why. Molly seems like a LOT of fun as well as Dom! Fred and Al also seem like a lot of fun and like typical boys! I really want to hear more about James... he seems troubled, I'd rather like to know why!

Going to check out the next chapter now!
Well done!

Emz xxx
(Fellow Hufflepuff friend!)

Author's Response: Hello there! :)

Thank you, that's something that I struggled with, trying to make Elle a realistic character. And you'd have to wait and see in the next chapter (even though you've already reviewed that one at the time I'm writing this, haha).

~Aimee xxx

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Review #48, by Loonylovegood67890 Meet Norah

7th September 2014:
Oh my Gods, I need an update! This was such a cliff hanger and I hope James understands - I think he will be supportive to Elle. I loved reading how she gradually fell in love with him and how he did with her under the circumstances of their engagement. I wonder what will happen when the families hear about it being fake to start with (if of course they do find out?). I felt so sorry for Elle in the last chapter and throughout the story has been written with so much emotion! I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

Author's Response: There will be an update in a few days or so! I have finally finished writing chapter 18 and I need to wait until an edit has been through the queue on one of my other stories :) And you'll have to wait and see what happens with their families, I'm not really sure on which way I want them to take the news as of yet but I'll tackle that bridge when it comes to it!
Thank you for a lovely review m'dear! :D
~Aimee xxx

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Review #49, by Isabelle (again) Meet Norah

30th August 2014:
Hi me again. I asked about the update schedule. But I decided to write a real review. =D I love the way you write because it is so relatable. You explain the emotions of the characters really well. I feel what they are feeling, believe it or not. Especially those embarrassing moments (that seem to happen to Elle quite a lot) make me feel as if I would want to dig a hole, jump in it and never come out. You never fail with the cliffhangers though. I do not like them, but they are what keeps me anticipating a new chapter. =D This is one of my first reviews so forgive me if you find me rambling. I really love your stories! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hello again Isabelle! :D
Thank you, relatable characters has been one of the main things I wanted my characters to be and in some parts, I think I need to work on it :) Oh I know, I feel exactly the same when something embarrassing happens to Elle, I even blush it's ridiculous but then again, at least that's a good thing right?
P.S. You aren't rambling at all! It's a normal amount :)
~Aimee xxx

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Review #50, by Isabelle Meet Norah

30th August 2014:
Hi! This is my first ever review although I have been reading since the beginning! I really love your story! But may I know what is your schedule for posting a new chapter? I check your story every week for updates and get disapointed when I do not see a new chapter. Sorry if you have mentioned this before but I seldom go through reviews.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! I'm really glad that you love it :) I'm just in the middle of hurriedly uploading challenge chapters before the deadline so it'll be a while until the next chapter but I promise it won't be a long time! :D And it's no problem, it was an honest question :D
~Aimee xxx

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