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Review #51, by ShoCk_ HoRroR Hexed

14th March 2011:
OMG. That was INTENSe

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Review #52, by ShoCk_ HoRroR Past and Present

14th March 2011:
Whoa. Intensive. dsergt84tq034

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Review #53, by ShoCk_ HoRroR Swing Low

14th March 2011:
:)0 Goood YAYAYAYAYay

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Review #54, by ShoCk_ HoRroR The Talk

14th March 2011:
Eh. Ok, fight was alright.


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Review #55, by ShoCk_ HoRroR Catching Up

14th March 2011:
Eh, It was alright. Nothing that interesting happened, so no suprises, which I like.

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Review #56, by ShoCk_ HoRroR Hello, Daddy

14th March 2011:
Yay! Awesome chapter

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Review #57, by ShoCk_ HoRroR As the Months Pass

14th March 2011:
Really quick transitions...

Good story, however.

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Review #58, by ShoCk_ HoRroR The Party

14th March 2011:

No comment, it was ok.

A little more dramaticness, I guess?

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Review #59, by Anna The Party

3rd February 2011:
I loveee your story so far-- but in this chapter you mention Tonks.. Umm, Tonks passed away in the 7th book-- idk if you remember that or your not going by the book facts..
But, just in case i wanted to let you know. other wise. i love this.

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Review #60, by iDreamOfDraco The B.A.T

23rd December 2010:
You're an excellent writer! You should be very proud of yourself for working full-time and still finding time to write an amazing story! I usually only read dramione fanfictions, but this one is irresistible! When people constantly say "update now," I know it can get frustrating and seems rude, but take it as a complement. It just means they are obsessed with your writing and can't wait for more ;)
I'm a new writer, so if you have any tips or advice for me...I'd love it!!! Thanks so much, and keep writing!!

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Review #61, by iDreamOfDraco As the Months Pass

22nd December 2010:
Awww! Such a good story! My heart broke at the last sentence :(

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Review #62, by TheProphecy Epilogue

23rd November 2010:
:D i really liked this, i hope that you continue to write like this even with real life in the way. I think you did really well with Ron and Hermione's characters and made them realistic and you kept ron the idiot he is which was infuriating but it made the story better. Well done :)

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Review #63, by galt89 Epilogue

20th November 2010:
I first read the story in 2006..the story is as good today as it was then...great job with the editing..excellent characters..still one of the hp fanfic gems..

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Review #64, by Sandaru Epilogue

4th November 2010:
Well done ! Keep it up !! Enjoyed it very much !

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Review #65, by e Swing Low

25th October 2010:
Have you read any other of the Harry Potter books? Like the sixth and seventh? They contain a lot of info which your story, I'm afraid, is sorely lacking. I like the story, but suggest you do some extensive research.

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Review #66, by Potternerd1997 Epilogue

10th October 2010:
You are an inspiration to me, to say the least! I've only been on this site for a couple of months, and I feel like a amateur; I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with all these story ideas swimming around in my head--Should they break up? What's her name? Should this involve Molly? Wait...what time is it again? It's aboslute pandemonium in there!

This story is--for lack of a better word--magnificent. I felt you hit the characters' personalities right on the nose and you managed to make the events and dialogue all work.

I congratulate you on a wonderful story!

-Hailey (Potternerd1997)

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Review #67, by Potterholic72 Epilogue

26th September 2010:
Oh Ron. He's so wonderful!!!

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Review #68, by Jamie Epilogue

16th September 2010:
I love it! It was So sweet!!

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Review #69, by rromildavane Epilogue

8th September 2010:
really good, but i think tha hermione and ginny should have had a better plan that they secretely put into action behind rons back leading up to the break up at the end. really enjoyed it though.

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Review #70, by SeverusLove Epilogue

4th September 2010:
It was really good. I like your writing style but it was just...uhm...OOC considering the fact that it was Ron and Hermione. I mean, looking back to DH, it was Harry and Ginny who had three children and Ron, one. And Ron seemed just as childish...and he really fit that part perfectly.

And I also didn't like the part about "And then there's people like that bastard Snape, who had no one and died alone, unloved and unprotected." since I'm a huge fan of Snape. That sentence was true but it was a pretty harsh way of saying it, considering the fact that Snape died like that because he loved so much.

But aside from that, it was really nicely written and if you could make up characters of your own, you could probably write your own book!


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Review #71, by dreaming of forever Epilogue

27th August 2010:
I absolutely love this :)

I don't really like reading Ron/Hermione but you wrote it really well x

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Review #72, by Dream Painter Epilogue

10th August 2010:
"Keep an eye on your best friend." LOL! That's awesome! ^^

I really liked this tale! It was very sweet, but not nauseatingly so, and it was also well-paced. A very delightful read - thanks for sharing!

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Review #73, by jessmalfoy Epilogue

1st August 2010:
This story was so fantastic. I absolutely loved it. I just wish it could've been longer! It was amazing though. I'll definitely be looking into your other stories.

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Review #74, by HannahGranger Hello, Daddy

18th July 2010:
Great ending :) :) cant wait to find out miranda's reaction- i already dont like her ;)

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Review #75, by HannahGranger As the Months Pass

18th July 2010:
wow. that totally just broke my heart! poor hermione- she did everything right, but nothing is going well for her! I can't wait to continue!

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