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Review #26, by Lucky! Look to the Past

11th April 2008:
oh my..tht was cool.
Ginny has either been possesed or put under sum kindda curse isnt it??
pls update soon...

Author's Response: Well i'm lad it was so cool :) haha, Ginny ? fairly good guesses i suppose. very intuitive. i thinkk thats the word to use anyhow. keep reading to find out though, maybe she really just tripped and fell. cheers

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Review #27, by xXx Look to the Past

11th April 2008:
ah Ginny's been possessed or something!! Creepy. Glad you updated again...keep going!

Author's Response: Is she? wow, that's news, good idea though... lol thank you somuch for your review!

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Review #28, by hanoverpretz01 Look to the Past

10th April 2008:
really sad
go fred! you find mione!!

Author's Response: is it? Oh dear, maybe i'll have to remedy that in the chapters to come... or maybe not. But anyhow thanks so much for your review and what about Ron? don't you want Ron to have his way??...
cheers :)

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Review #29, by hogwartsdearest Look to the Past

10th April 2008:
wow. they should all know better than that. obviously ginny has some sort of evil in her. sorta of like when harry and voldemort was connected and they would always twist their heads. geeze. well great chapter as always

Author's Response: Oh ha! should they? Ginny merely fell over her own feet nothing to worry about. Though that is a great idea. :) Thanks for the review as always, it provides sunshine in my day.

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Review #30, by Lucky! Easier to Forget

10th April 2008:
its so nice...mysterious...
one thing I dint understand though..actually two...are Ron n Harry dead??
if yes thn wat abt the letter..?/did harry write it b4 he died.

Author's Response: Thank you, i do try ;)
Ron and Harry dead? I would suggust to continue reading. The letter though i can answer, that he did write it before he was a goner. Hopefully that answers your questions. About Ron, well i wouldn't want to give away the plot would i?

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Review #31, by Christy86 Look to the Past

10th April 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: Hey christy:) i will try, though i'm going through a headfull of midterms right now i'll try. thanks for the review :)

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Review #32, by Dru Dreams Look to the Past

10th April 2008:
Great chappie! Can't wait to find out what happens next! Please update soon!

Author's Response: :) thank you so much!

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Review #33, by HurtfulEyes In Somebody Else's Arms

25th March 2008:
Nooo! :(
Poor Fred!
I'm really not sure which i want hermione to end up with... well I do, I want her to be with Fred but I don't know how to feel about Ron... first I don't like him and think he's selfish, and then you go and put a sad memory of how he thinks they're meant for eachother!

Author's Response: Oh it is sooo confusing isn't it? haha. With Fred you think? Hmmm.. thats novel. And Ron... what a character right, first you think that the path is clear for our two dear Herms and Fred but then whamo here comes Ron. I hope that it ends to your satisfaction :) thank you so much for your review! keep reading!!!

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Review #34, by hogwartsdearest In Somebody Else's Arms

14th March 2008:
this is such a good story. i love it!

Author's Response: aw. thank you so much! i hope you continue reading it and letting me konw what you think! cheers

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Review #35, by none In Somebody Else's Arms

13th March 2008:
well, missy has quite a few that will do anything to find her.

Author's Response: yes she does, what a popular little girl she is now ain't she? ;) thank you so much for your review! cheers :)

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Review #36, by harry_lover_09 In Somebody Else's Arms

11th March 2008:
good chapie update soon

Author's Response: i will and thank you soo much! cheers!

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Review #37, by Christy86 In Somebody Else's Arms

11th March 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: haha me neither eh? i've ahd a glitch and forgot most of hte chapter at home... so i can't write for a little bit till i get that part, It really sucks but thank you so much for hte review keepy checking for updates! cheers!

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Review #38, by xXx In Somebody Else's Arms

10th March 2008:
oh come on!! yikes, nice cliffhanger. Arrrgh can't wait for more!

Author's Response: hahaha, isn't it though? i really meant to update sooner then this even but, well i forgot half my chapter at home so considering i'm quite far away now i have to wait till i get back :( hopefully you can hold on that long. cheers and keep lookng for updates!

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Review #39, by hanoverpretz01 In Somebody Else's Arms

9th March 2008:
soo sad
update really soon

Author's Response: i will, as soon as i possibly can! thank you so much for your review:)

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Review #40, by Dru Dreams In Somebody Else's Arms

9th March 2008:
Fred is going to go nuts worrying about her. Maybe this will give him the strength to fight for her!

Author's Response: Aye you never know what could happen to our dear Fred. He is very unpredictable. :( cheers and keep looking for updates:)

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Review #41, by TheOneAndOnLy Just Maybe

21st February 2008:
o0o0ooo things are starting to unravel.
I like this story, you're a very great writer.
I could have never of come up with something like this.
good job :]

Author's Response: I know one day everything will be answered... thank you though.
i bet you could come up with something like this, i never thought i could come up with anything before i started to do this or anything, so really i'm sure that it's in anyone if they like to write. cheers

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Review #42, by Hunky Dory Just Maybe

8th February 2008:
UPDATE SOON!!! ITs awesome!!

Author's Response: thank you so much :)

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Review #43, by Alix Just Maybe

2nd February 2008:
KEEP WRITING! I am really engrossed in this story. That's not the end, is it? It can't be! Write on..

Author's Response: Well lovely, i'm glad that it has you wrapped around it. I'm trying, little difficult because i forgot half the story up at school, but we'll move on without it i suppose. thank you, cheers.

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Review #44, by maria Just Maybe

27th January 2008:
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz update!

Author's Response: :) trying to! forgot half of my story up at school so... that kind of sucks. Thank you though. cheers.

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Review #45, by Angelina Ze Insightful Amid Strangers

20th January 2008:
Oh my geez, I'm only on chapter one and I'm hooked.

Author's Response: Hahaha, well thats good! i hope you continue readind and reviewing the rest. cheers and thanks so much for your review!

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Review #46, by none Just Maybe

10th January 2008:
update soon, that was a very evil cliffie.
great story

Author's Response: It was wasn't it? oh dear, well i'll to finish the next chapter soon! cheers and thank you so much

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Review #47, by bizinhavieira Just Maybe

7th January 2008:
ah! cliffhanger! You are evil! *lol* Great chapter!
Kisses and Hugs
~~Little Bibi~~

Author's Response: Oh dear, i am aren't I? hahaha, oh well, it keeps you guys on your toes. Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #48, by Bianca_Potter Coward's Doing

4th January 2008:
Oooh interesting! Cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: thank you! cheers!

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Review #49, by xXx Just Maybe

4th January 2008:
wow I really like the plot! it's great!

Author's Response: yeah, i kind of like it too ;) cheers thank you for your revieW!

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Review #50, by mrs_f_weasley Just Maybe

3rd January 2008:
All i have to say is when is the next chapter being added im hooked!!!

Author's Response: Oh good, next is on its way! thank you!

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