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Review #26, by M The Day After

25th June 2014:
Hey there!

Only a quick review...a really nice chapter. More light and humorous, which I enjoyed. It's great to see Dom more cheery.

A great gift from James and the kintsukuroi idea is a great analogy of James feeling for Charlotte.

Thanks for the chapter and I love your work

Author's Response: Hi again.

So happy that you're still enjoying this and thank you so so much for the review. Probably said it before, but I'll say it again, knowing people like what I write keeps me writing. So thank you. Hope you have a great day!

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Review #27, by M Christmas Miracle

24th June 2014:
Yay! Great chapter (for obvious reasons)

James and Charlotte are finally together (yay!). A really good chapter. Charlotte's gifts to James were so thoughtful and amazing. What are Charlotte's connections to the Quidditch world? I'm thinking Charlotte got the tickets from Ginny. That's the only person that I can think of who has the influence to get those tickets. Unless it's a completely new person.

It's always a pleasure to read your work

Author's Response: Hi there!

Finally, right? Glad you like this one. :D

I honestly hadn't thought about Ginny being the connection. HP fan fail there. I was considering making it someone new entirely, but Ginny makes a ton of sense. I'll have to factor that in at some point with whatever I settle on.

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Review #28, by M Christmas Eve

24th June 2014:

A really nice chapter. The tension between James and Charlotte is now reaching a boiling point. They need to confess their love for each other soon. James pretty much did it with his rant to Charlotte's dad, a part which I loved by the way. I also liked the little moment James had with Ginny. It seemed to me like Ginny understood James' feelings and was encouraging him to confess his love to Charlotte.

Anyways a great chapter and onwards to the next one!

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Review #29, by HPFAN What Once Was Lost

24th June 2014:
Once again, James the sad puppy. I still find it silly. Anyways that was a great moment between James and his dad. It showed how maturation takes time and comes in different ways for everyone. I feel like it was a good sign for James. Rose on the other hand may have almost Killed James. I am actually surprised he didnt try to fly over to Scorps house right then and there. I do love the advice she gives and how she voices the families opinion that Charlotte isnt just another girl, almost an echo of what James has been saying. I love all these chapters and updates and I completely understand if it takes a bit of time until the next ones. I hear that someone may have another story I can start reading? As always thank you for the chapter and for the story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this one. It felt like a bit of a side-step to the normally story, but it was a good James chapter, I felt.

Yes, I do have my newest story up (the first three or four chapters anyway). It's called Puzzle Pieces. Go read it if you want to. It's very different. :)

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Review #30, by AIP Alexander The Day After

24th June 2014:
Quick review; take into consideration that James has already gotten Charlotte a gift before (and a very nice one if i could say so myself), so i don't know if the comment on the gifts is something you forgot to change, it still goes for everyone else other than Charlie, or he was like that before his change.

Author's Response: Hi! I didn't think about it that way, but it still stands. James would have been, and might continue to be, a horrible gift giver to everyone but Charlotte. Her comment about the gifts was more about the stories she'd heard about his gifts, than the one he got for her previously. Hope that makes sense.

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Review #31, by HPFAN The Day After

24th June 2014:
Loved and still do love the idea of kintsukuroi. I think I may have mentioned that in the first review I ever left on this story but it stays true to this day. It is a perfect way to put James' feelings into words. Once again the comedic relief provided by the supporting characters was done with spot on timing. I feel like James would look like a puppy that is being left home for the first time when Charlotte left for her trip. Anyways thanks again for the chapter and the writing and fantastic choice with queuing up all these chapters, it is making my day.

Author's Response: Haha.. yea. I saw that there was like a one hour wait time and just kept posting what I had. The only thing that means is that I have to get my butt in gear writing new stuff, otherwise there may be a brief period of time where I'm not updating because there's nothing new and/or edited to post. Don't kill me.

Glad you still enjoyed this chapter the second time around! :)

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Review #32, by HPFAN Christmas Miracle

24th June 2014:
AHH. Finally. James and Charlotte as they are meant to be. Together. I also had no idea that this was uploaded so it was a pleasant surprise. The gifts that Charlotte got James were the ultimate combo. Sentimental and amazing, and somewhat alluring. "I have a quidditch connection, ok? Thats all I'm going to say" Talk about an aire of mystery. As always all I can do is thank you for your writing and this story. It is a true joy to read.
p.s. I can completely visualize the look on Harpers face while she was holding her hip and I am still laughing at it.

Author's Response: Yay! Happy readers equals happy writer. :D

I've been debating about coming up with the answer to Charlotte's Quidditch Connection. I wasn't sure I was going to do it, but I might have to fit that in somehow.

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Review #33, by HPFAN Christmas Eve

24th June 2014:
I remember reading this chapter when the story was still in the O.G. form and loving it. Still the same today. I really enjoyed James' speech/rant as well as how knowing Ginny seems. I now feel that both Charlotte and James need to just fess up to each other and practice the mattress mambo. I kid... kind of. I am also looking forward to the story behind James' gift toward Charlotte. Every time I type what I am looking forward to i remember more that happens in the story later on and I get even more pumped for these updates. As always thanks for the story and your writing. I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi!

That chapter you are looking most forward to should be up by now, as well as the two after that. :) There was like zero wait time yesterday, so I queued up a bunch of things.

Hope you're doing well. :)

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Review #34, by M This Is Where The Healing Begins

23rd June 2014:
Another high quality chapter. I've come to expect nothing less now; you're consistently writing chapters to a high standard.

It was a really nice way for Dom to say goodbye and hopefully now allow her to move on with her life. It seems like the ceremony lifted some of her sorrow. However with wounds like these, the only thing that can fully heal it is time.

It's also very frustrating as a reader to know the only thing that separates Charlotte and James from getting together and playing tonsil tennis is Charlotte telling James that she's broken up with Asher. A little dramatic irony never hurts anyone though.

Also I think there's a typo. It says "slid on my favourite books" in the 6th paragraph. Should it say "boots" instead?

Anyways, love the chapter, love your work and thank you for writing this fix.

Author's Response: Thanks for the notice about the typo. Someone else said something about that too- so I went back and fixed that. I type really fast, and read really fast so I sometimes miss things like that. Ooops!

So glad you're liking the story! Reviews like yours really warm my heart and keep me writing. Pushes me to keep writing to a high standard too, so I'm glad everyone is liking them.

Yes, time is what Dom needs. She won't ever forget, but she will move on.

As for James and Charlotte... in due time. :) The next two chapters are in the queue (and should be up soon), and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy those. ;)

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Review #35, by HPFAN This Is Where The Healing Begins

23rd June 2014:
Fantastic chapter as usual. It was a nice way for Dom to say good bye. Who knows how long it will take to get back to normal, or if she ever truly will but its nice to see her moving in that direction. It's times like this that I want to Charlotte to get some sense knocked into her so she can just tell James and they can do the horizontal tango and get on with their lives. But hey, whats a few more chapters right? As always thank you for your writing and for this story. I'll be sure to check our your new story soon so expect to see more reviews. Thanks again.

"slid on my favorite books and figured out what else to wear."

Author's Response: Gah! Once again you help me with a typo. I just went in and fixed it.

Just a few more chapters! I promise. Lol! Both the Christmas chapters are in the queue and should be up soon. :)

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Review #36, by AIP Alexander This Is Where The Healing Begins

22nd June 2014:
Sorry for my rather long hiatus! I haven't had the chance to read the last three chapters so i have skimmed through them in order to leave you a little review. The first and most important thing i want to do is congratulate you! When you had first finished the story, you had only written 24 chapters and you had neglected the story for @ 6 months before you came back to finish it. As of right now, you have written 27 chapters, and they are all much, much better than before. I know how hard that is, and as a reader i can't express my gratitude enough! I'm sorry i haven't been able to review lately, but i just wanted to congratulate you as well as leaving a little review to assure you I'm not dead and i'm hoping to leave you a review of astronomical proportions with my opinion on every chapter in the next couple of days.
AIP Alexander

Author's Response: Hi!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Hope things are well with you. Your review is what set me on this course... so really... I should be thanking you. :)

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Review #37, by M Winter Break

18th June 2014:
Hey there!

The break up was obviously inevitable. Firstly because of Charlotte's feelings for James. Also, Asher only sees Charlotte as a broken person and that he can fix. The relationship would never have worked in the long term because Charlotte has to fix her own problems and Asher doesn't seem to understand that.

I loved the section with Scorpius asking Charlotte what to give Rose for Christmas. For some reason I always imagine him as this excited little puppy. Maybe a Rose & Scorpius spin off story? There seems to be great potential there. However it can be a bit of a cliche; it's basically Romeo and Juliet.

It's also nice to see Dom to make some small, tentative steps to recovery. I have a feeling the next chapter, given the title, will be around the small ceremony and maybe involve a reconciliation with her family. Can't wait to see what's next.

Also some nice sexual tension between Charlotte and James at the end there. A preview of what coming up over Christmas, I presume ;)

Love your work and I wait for your next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi back! :)

Thanks a million for the review. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Yes, the break up was inevitable and now onto the part everyone wants to read. lol.

I had planned to have a lot more about Scorpius and Rose's relationship in my sort of spin off story called The Silver Queen, but unfortunately, I haven't been that inspired with that lately. One of these days, I'll get back to it.

Enjoy the next few chapters. ;)

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Review #38, by HPFAN Winter Break

17th June 2014:
Poor Asher. He never really got Charlotte. Even if James wasn't the object of her desire they wouldn't have worked. He was trying to fix something that wasn't his to fix. Its good to see Dom feeling a little better and to see James not acting like a complete bludger. Although its James so who knows how long that will last. I also noticed that Avery was mentioned this chapter. Dun dun dun. Anyways loved the chapter as always. Thank you for the writing and the story. Its truly a joy to read your work.

Author's Response: :) There will be a new chapter next, and then the Christmas stuff (which I'm not changing all that much cause I still feel like it's about as perfect as it can get).

It warms my heart to get these reviews, and it really does help me keep writing, so thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. You're amazing. :)

Also, in case you're interested... I just posted the introduction to my newest story, should be up in a day or two.

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Review #39, by M Boys will be Boys

17th June 2014:
Ah yes, Quidditch!! There's nothing like it to get the testosterone rampaging and emotions spilling over.

A really good chapter. It's different to your previous chapters; there's more emphasis on the plot whereas in the other chapters, there's more focus on characterisation. I guess it was a good way to set up the christmas section of the storyline. Can't wait to see what happens i.e. how James manages to muck things up.

Also a special mention to Lily in this chapter. Such a spitfire!

So overall great chapter and I'm waiting impatiently for the next one!

Author's Response: So glad you like it! :D

Thanks so so much for the review. Very much appreciated. The next chapter should be up soon! :)

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Review #40, by HPFAN Boys will be Boys

16th June 2014:
Ahh quidditch!!! I loved it. That was so good. James getting some sense knocked into him, Charlotte being torn, and Lily is always amazing. I do feel bad for Charlotte in a way because she really only wants simplicity and her life is the antithesis of that. I stand by that this is an extremely character driven story yet it is great to read your action writing, especially in such a pivotal moment in the protagonists character arch. I love everything about this and I also learned how long it takes for your stories to post once you put them in the queue so thats always good to know. Thank you again for the writing and this story and I cannot wait to see how James manages to mess up being with Charlotte for a whole 2 weeks.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! :D things are coming together quite nicely, I think.

It does sometimes take a while for new chapters to get posted, and other days it takes a few hours. The next chapter is in the queue now, but might not show up for a few days.

Hope you keep enjoying what's next. I'm probably going to be posting a new chapter to Arise, the sequel and possibly the intro and first chapter to my other new fanfic (Puzzle Pieces) soon as well... so keep an eye out for those.

Hope you're doing well and as always, thanks so much for the review. :)

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Review #41, by HPFAN Confession

11th June 2014:
First of all poor Dom. I had an inkling that is what happened to her but you almost never want to be right about those things. That situation is so hard for people to understand because there is the stigma around teen pregnancies but the body had its own agenda. No matter how against it you are your body will act on its own accord to prepare for birth. It's good to see the three girls bond the way they did and for Charlotte to focus on someone besides James. As for the man himself it seems like he is finally getting it through his head how he should be acting towards Charlotte even if she is still with Asher. Poor, poor Asher. Not helping much to disprove the "nice guys finish last" saying. Its not his fault though, the heart wants what the heart wants. As always thank you for the writing and the story. Absolutely fantastic. Can't wait for the next chapter. Also a special thank you because "maelstrom" is my favorite word and I love seeing it used.

Author's Response: Hi hi!

Maelstrom is a great word... I should use it more often! lol.

I've known a few people who have miscarried, and it's always devastating. It happens to teens too, even though people don't like to talk about it. It seemed like the right thing to do with Dom's character and I'll have to keep building that into her story arc.

As for the two boys in Charlotte's life... I hope I'm right in guessing that you'll enjoy the next two chapters. When I wrote this story the first time, Asher wasn't in it enough for me to feel attached to him, now I kind of do.

As always- thanks a million for the review. I love reading them. Makes me all happy inside.

Hope you are doing well, and have a fantastic rest of your day. :)

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Review #42, by M Confession

11th June 2014:
Hi there!

I stumbled across your story a week ago and I've fallen in love with it. So I'm all caught up with the story and it's about time I gave a review of it.

It's a beautifully written story with a really compelling plot to it. I like the love triangle you've created. It's a good way of showing the great potential of Charlotte and James' relationship. I do feel bad for Asher though. He's such a sweetheart, but not the right person for Charlotte.

Also poor Dom! Such emotional trauma for such a young person. I intrigued about how that's going to play out.

Love your work and I can't wait to see the next chapters.

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so so much for the review. It means a great deal to me. :)

I'm thrilled you're enjoying the story so far, and I truly hope you enjoy what's coming next. Next chapter should be up soon, and I have the next few ready to go after that.

Have a fantastic day (or night- depending on where you are) and thanks again for the review!

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Review #43, by Ciara Beginning of the End

11th June 2014:
This is so amazing. I don't even know you and yet I love you for writing this. It has everything; romance, drama, correct punctuation, I love it! In a perfect world, it would be complete already, but who am I to judge? It takes an extraordinary amount of courage to share your ideas with complete strangers, yet you do it so well! Please keep going, and if you publish a novel, I would absolutely love to read it. Sincerely, Adoring Fan.

Author's Response: First... thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. Means the world to me.

Second... your review is making me tear up. sniff sniff. It's kind words like yours that keep me writing, because it makes it feel worthwhile.

I hope to have the story completed in the next few months, and then I'll be going back to work on the sequel and another new fanfic.

I will try and let everyone know when my novel is published, for those, like you, that seem interested.

Once again, thank you so much for the amazing and kind words. Made my day! You're the best. :D

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Review #44, by HPFAN Beginning of the End

10th June 2014:
Ahhh what a great chapter. A nice set up for some quality James and Charlotte time that I am pretty sure James will somehow ruin. I am also very interested in what is going on with Dom. Poor Asher, he tries and tries, but he always ends up with the short end of the stick. Anyways as I have said I love the story, great chapter as always and Thank You for your writing, this story really does make my day better.

Author's Response: Glad you like everything! :D The next chapter (that should be up in a day, I think) explains what's going on with Dom. Hope you enjoy that...

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Review #45, by HPFAN Trapped in a Maze

10th June 2014:
Yet another fantastic chapter. You just keep showing how even if someone is perfect from an outside perspective, if there is no spark or mutual understanding, than it will just not work. Poor Charlotte knows this and the pain of leading someone on is only exacerbating her problems. I really cannot wait to see the other changes you make to this story. Each one is a delight.

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Review #46, by HPFAN Party

10th June 2014:
This chapter is a great way to show just how well James and Charlotte go together. From the costume choices to the fact that Charlotte allows herself to sing so James can hear. All the signs are leading to their relationship and I think you placed those signs perfectly. Great chapter as always

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Review #47, by Lena Twenty Questions Part Deux

9th June 2014:
Can I just say that in a story I might be writing I have a
character with dark brown curly hair and grey eyes and her
best friend has a barn owl named Athena? I'm LOVING the
story so far- just the right balance of tradgety, romance and
comidy for me.

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you like the story so far. Hope you continue to enjoy it. Nothing wrong with dark brown curly hair, gray eyes, and owls named Athena. :D

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Review #48, by Terra Falling Uphill

7th June 2014:
What about chapter 21?

Author's Response: Chapter 21(Party) is still in the queue waiting to be validated. Anything after this chapter (Falling Uphill) is either waiting to be validated, or old story.

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Review #49, by - Trapped in a Maze

5th June 2014:
Loving the story so far I'm glad I came back to it and found so many new chapters. Just wondering are we missing a chapter before this one?

Author's Response: Huh... odd. Yes, there is a chapter before this one. Trapped in a Maze was an old chapter... I changed the name and edited some things. You might have read the old version. The chapter before this... that will make everything make sense again is called Party, and should be up in a day or two. Sorry! Hope that didn't mess you up too much, don't know how or why that happened.
I'm glad you like the story! Thanks so so much for reading it and for reviewing. :)

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Review #50, by Mizikal Falling Uphill

5th June 2014:
Love love love the story! I didn't read the original write up so I've only read what's edited. Any chance you could put the date instead of just the month on your AN's? (Like June 4th 2014 instead of just June 2014) I read a bit ahead by accident and I know I can't be trusted not to do it again. :-X

Anyway, again I'm really loving the story as edited. Really digging the James/Char dynamic. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so happy to hear that you love the story. Makes my day.

Yes, I can start including the date. :)

There should be at least two updated chapters to read within a week... I hope. :)

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